Of Barnardine
Of Sena

frutefull, and very neceſſarye for
all true Christians
tranſlated out of
Italien into

1548-07Anno Do.M.D.XLVIII
Menſis Iulio.
A1v A2r

The Interpretour To the gentle reader, healthe in Chriſte Jeſu.

Death (Good Reader) as ſcripture declareth, and our dayly experiēence practeſeth, to all mankynde is a thing moſt certeine and ſure. For who is he that ſhall lyve & not ſe nor taſt of deathes cuppe: the longeſt lyvers at length dyed, neyther kyng ne keyſar can avoyde the duyte of death, but of neceſſitie, as al are of earth and aſſhes, ſo ſhall they returne into the ſame.

Notwythſtandynge thys that ſure we be to dye, yet when it ſhall come, the Lord hath lefte ſecret to hys owne wyſdōom, chefelye bycauſe we ſhulde ever kepe watche, and warde, & be ſtyll in aredines wyth our lāampes burnyng to wayte upon A.ii. the A2v the bridegrom, whych cōommeth we can not tell whēen, whether at mydnyght, or at the cockes crowynge, wherfore our mayſter Chriſt gave us warnyng that we ſhulde be alwayes wakyng, and loke vigilāantly for he cometh cloſlye lyke a thefe, wythoute warnynge us, at what houre he wyll come.

Then as he findeth every māan, ſo wyll he judge hym, and where the tree falleth (whether it be towarde the South or North) there it lyeth: there is then no reſpite to be had, but ſtreyght waye due execution of goddes juſtice ſhal come upōon all fleſhe, happy is he therfore, whome hys maiſter at hys returnynge fyndeth wakynge, for hym ſhall he put in auctoritie over all hys treaſure.

And for ſo moche as then the matter ſhall hange al together in clear- A3r clearenes of conſcience, whyche at that tyme ſhall accuſe a man, or defende hym, acordynge as he hath kepte it cleane with vertues, or ſtayned wyth vices (for in the booke of mēennes concience are all theyr dedes layed uppe, to be opened at the audit day of our death) me thynk nothyng can be a greatter ſtaye to the concience of man, then to know how he ought to go owt of thys preſent lyfe, and what to cary wyth hym to hys account, or leve behynd hym in the world.

In conſyderation wherof I have tranſlated into my natyve ſpech out of Italiēen a ſermōon of maiſter Barnardine Ochin teaching how a true chryſtēen ought to make hys laſt wyll: and for ſo moche as the divell is at that inſtant of deth very bragging buſyly wyth man, and diverſly troblith hym, and the A.iii. juſtice A3v juſtice of god on the other ſide fearith hym, I have, to ſtaye & ſtrēengthen the cōonſience on thes behalfes, turned into engliſh two ſermons enſtructyng us how to aunſwer the divel whēen he tempteth us at what tym, & by what meanes to quiet our myndes, as touching gods juſtice, other two have I alſo tranſlated, whych enforme us of the true workes that god requireth of us, and the way to go to heaven, and that our ſaviour chriſt Jeſus hath by hys moſt preciouſe death purchaſed for us paradiſe with out our deſervynges.

Wich fyve ſermons taken out of the firſt part of maiſter Barnardine ſermons, as they be wrytten and publyſhed of good zeale to the wealth of many, ſo it is thy curtiſye (gentle reder) to accept them in good parte, & pardon my groſſe tearmes A4r tearmes as of a begynner, and beare wyth my tranſlation, as of a learner obteynynge thys of the good reader I ſhalbe redye and wyllynge hereafter when god geveth better knowlege (accordyng as my talēent wyll extende) to turne mo godly ſermōons of the ſayd mayſter Barnardine into Engliſhe for the enformacion of all that deſyre to know the truth. For they truely conteyne moch to the defacyng of al papiſtrie, and hipocryſie, and to the advancement of the glorye of god, and of the benefytes of Chriſt Jeſus. To whom wyth the holye ghoſt be all honoure and glorye for ever and ever. So be it.

God Save The Kyng and graunt us the truthe of hys Worde.