Of the Lord Sounded forth unto theſe
Three Nations,

As a Warning from the Spirit of Truth; eſpecially
unto Thee, Oh England, who art looked
upon as the Seat of Juſtice, from whence
righteous Laws ſhould proceed.

Likewiſe, unto Thee, thou great and famous City of London
, doth the Lord God of Vengeance ſound one
Warning more into thine Ear, that (if poſſible)
haply thou mayeſt hearken unto him, and amend thy
life before it be too late.

With a Word of wholſome Counſel and Advice unto thy
King, Rulers, Judges, Biſhops and Prieſts, that they may
prize the Day of their Viſitation, before it paſs away:
As alſo, a Word of Propheſie of the ſore Deſtruction that
is coming upon them if they Repent not.

Together with a few Words unto the Royal Seed, which
is choſen of God, and ſeparated from the World, to
do his Will for ever.

By one who is a Sufferer for the Teſtimony of Jeſus, in Newgate,
Esther Biddle.

London, Printed in the Year, 16621662.

A1v A2r 3

One Warning more from the Lord God of Vengeance, ſounded forth unto Thee, Oh City of London.

Oh London, London! The dreadful Lord God of Everlaſting ſtrength, which faileth not, his notable, terrible, and dreadful Day is coming upon thee as at noon day, and from it thou canſt not eſcape, neither canſt thou quench God’s Fire which burns as an Oven, which is overtaking thee: Oh the burden of the Lord concerning this Treacherous and Backſliding City! Oh! Calamity, upon Calamity, Miſery upon Misſery, Plagues upon Plagues, Sickneſs upon Sickneſs, and one Diſeaſe upon another will the Lord God of Power bring upon thee, and the Lord will deſtroy thee from being inhabited, unleſſe thou doſt repent from the bottom of thine heart, and lead a new Life, and abhor thy ſelf in duſt and aſhes; The Everlaſting Counſellour and Prince of Peace is come, and coming to take Peace from thee, and to hide comfort from thine Eyes.

Oh! wo is me for thee, my heart is even broken within me, and mine Eyes as a Fountain Floweth forth before the Lord in thy behalf, that the bitter Cup which thou and thy joining Siſter hath to drink, may be taken away, if it be his will. Oh! that thou wouldſt return unto the Lord as Nineveh did, who received the Meſſage of CGod; And the King came from his Stately Throne, and humbled himſelf before the Lord, and his Soul was obedient unto the higher Power, which is God, and all that had a being in that City, both Man and Beaſt, was covered with Sackcloth and aſhes; Three dayes and three nights they humbled themſelves before the higher Power, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who is Governour amongſt the Gods, even he repented himſelf of the Evil which he thought to bring upon them, and accepted of their Humiliation.

A2 Oh London! A2v 4

Oh London! it would be well for thee to conſider thy wayes, and Worſhip, and Religion, and ſearch with the Light, and let the Light ſhew thee whether thy wayes and Worſhip, and Law is pure, which is given forth in thee; if it be not ſo, I pray thee as in Chriſt ſtead, let his Light lead thee into his way and Judgements, and Worſhip, and Religion, which are holy, that thy Soul may be ſaved in the Terrible Day of the Lord; for there are hundreds in thee, that do not know their right hand from their left, neither can they diſcern the Power of the Lamb from the Power of the Beaſt. Therefore hath the Lord ſtayed his fury from breaking forth upon thee; yet a little while and the Mighty hand, and out-ſtretched Arm of the Lord, which is ſtretched forth from Sea to Sea, will come upon thee ſuddenly.

Oh thou City! ſaith the Lord, who formed thee in the womb, and gave thee Life and Breath, and hath been as a tender Father and loving Nurſe even from thy Cradle; have not I made the Earth to bring forth her Corn, and Oyl, and Wine for thee? have I not cloathed the Earth and Graſſe, and the dew to deſcend upon it, and the ſoftly Showers of Rain? have not I cauſed to diſtill upon thy Flowers and Vines that they might give a Fragrant Smell unto thee? how have thy Streets and houſes been dreſſed with the glory of them? and have not thine eyes beheld the Glorious Collours of the Flowers and Workmanſhip of my hands, the which many of you ſhall ſee no more becauſe of my deſtroying Angel.

Oh London! have not I who am the God of the whole World, placed a glorious burning Fire in thee, which all the water in the Sea cannot quench, which gives light in thee, and unto thee, and all Nations; which is my witneſs in every man, which ſtands up for me againſt all manner of Sin? hath not the Lord broken up the Seals of the great deep, and opened the Fountain of Everlaſting Life in the midſt of thee, to waſh thee from thy Leproſie, and to heal thy putrifying ſores: Oh! thou art full of running ſores, from the crown of thine head, to the ſole of thy foot, there is not a free place; have not I opened a well of pure water to bathe and make thee white? I the Lord of Hoſt hath cauſed my Sons, and Daughters, and Handmaids to leave both A3r 5 both Father, and Mother, Houſe and Land, Wife and Children; and indeed all outward things, to come unto thee, riſing up early in ſore Travels and labours, to warn thee, and call thee to Repentance, that thou mightſt be ſaved before my dreadful ſtroke be ſtruck at thee, which will not fail: have not they ſhewed thee many things which hath come to paſſe? I have ſhewn and am ſhewing Signes in Heaven and Earth, in thee, which ſhall make the keepers of the houſe to tremble; have not the dead been raiſed, the blind made to ſee, the Lame to walk, the dumb to ſpeak, the Leopards been cleanſed in thee? have not I made the Elements to melt with fervent heat, the Powers of Heaven have been ſhook by me, the Sun have I turned into darkneſs, and the Moon hath loſt her Light: The old Heaven, and the old Earth hath the Lord made to paſſe away at the Brightneſs of his coming; and as I have worked and ſuffered in you, ſo I will do until I have made up my Jewels, which I am perfecting through ſufferings in thee; And until I have gathered my Seed from the four winds in thee, into my Boſom, from whence it came, until then will I work, and bear the burden of iniquity, even until the Seed ſuffering meaſure is come to an end; and then ſhall not my eye pitty, nor hands ſpare thee, but I will bathe my Sword in thy blood, and I will give thee blood to drink, even as thou haſt done by my Innocent Lambs, even ſo will I do by thee; and as they have ſeen their blood lie in thy Streets, ſo ſhalt thou ſee thine, and the day will be hot and terrible that is coming upon thee, unleſſe thou doſt repent; I the Everlaſting God have looked down out of my Holy Habitation, and have beheld the Sufferings of my People, notwithſtanding the noble and worthy Acts that have been done by my People in thee, how haſt thou Bruiſed, Beaten, and Knocked down, Killed and Spilt the blood of my innocent Lambs, and haled them into thy naſty Priſons until they die; Oh! the blood of the innocent is found in thee, which cryeth aloud for Vengeance unto my Throne, Drunkenneſs, Whoredom, and Gluttony, and all manner of Ungodlineſs, Tyranny and Oppreſſion, is found in thee; Thy Prieſts Preach for hire, and thy People love to have it ſo; Rioting and ungodly meetings, Stage-Playes, Ballad Singing, Cards, and Dice, A3v 6 Dice, and all manner of Folly (not in corners only, but in the high places of thy ſtreets) wicked works & actions are not puniſhed by thee, and hundreds may meet together to commit folly, and take the name of the pure God in vain, and cauſe his ſoul to mourn, and abuſe themſelves with his Creatures, until they can neither go, nor hardly ſpeak; Taverns and Ale-houſes are frequented day and night, and are ſeldom diſturbed by the Magiſtrates, or ſent to Priſon, or Bruiſed, or Knocked down; but they that are Innocent and cannot lift up a hand, or bear Arms for or againſt any man, and have no evil or hard thought in their Hearts againſt any one, neither do they ſpeak evil of things they know not, or contemn Magiſtracy, but reprove Sin in the Gate, and ungodlineſs in the Streets, and ſo have made themſelves a Prey; theſe are they that are Puniſhed by thee, and whoſe Sufferings are deeper than any People upon the Earth beſides.

Oh London! the ſins of the old world is found in thee; art thou guilty or not guilty? for thy time draweth near, wherein thou muſt give an account unto me, who am a dreadful and moſt terrible Judge, unto that Spirit which leadeth thee into Perſecution: Oh! thou art grown numerous, and very great, thy beam reacheth unto Heaven, and thy Glory unto the end of the Earth, and thou haſt Crowned thy ſelf with Dignity, and haſt built thy Neſt among the Stars, and ſitteth as a Queen, thou haſt made thy ſelf ſtrong, and haſt ſaid in thy Heart, Thou ſhalt not ſee Sorrow; thou ſeeſt no Scarcity within thy Gates, but Fulneſs within thy Pallaces: But know this as from the Lord, thou bloody City, thou ſhall know his terrible ſtroak, who is God Almighty; He will plead with thee as in the Valley of Jehoſaphat, even with the Fire of his Wrath, and the glittering Sword of his Spirit.

Oh! thou famous and beautiful Harlot, who art beautified with the Glory of Egypt, thou haſt played the Whore with many Lovers; Oh! thy Bed is defiled, and thou haſt forgotten thy Creator, which maketh my Soul to mourn; thy ſtrength ſhall become weakneſs, and thy Glory ſhall periſh, thy beauty ſhall be turned into aſhes, and thy honour ſhall become contemptable, becauſe thou art covered with a dark Cloud of Sin and Tranſgreſſion, and ſo cannot behold the Lord; Envy hath miſled thy mind, A4r 7 mind, which hath cauſed thee to Impriſon his Meſſengers, not only them of thy own City, but Strangers, who hath forſaken all to viſit thee in Bowels of Everlaſting Love; and thus haſt thou rewarded them, which is contrary to Chriſt’s Command, which is to love Strangers.

In the Dayes of Old, they received Strangers and waſhed their Feet, and gave them to eat and to drink; but thou briuuiſeſt and knockeſt them down, and keepeſt them in Priſon from their Families; and haſt ſaid, The Pariſh will look after them: Oh thou mercileſs City! doſt thou think to obtain Mercy from the Lord? How many Families haſt thou ſeperated, the Wife from the Husband, and the Husband from the Wife, and the Mother from her Children, and the Servant from the Maſter, not ſuffering them to ſee each other for a time; The Lord hath ſaid, Curſed is He that ſeparateth a man from his Wife; and duſt not thou bring that Curſe and many more upon thy head? we have been found in no Plots nor Riſings, but have ſeeked the good of all Souls, and the Proſperity of all Nations; in Olivers Dayes, and ever ſince we have been gathered out of the Worſhips and Vanities of this City, and could not Bow unto Hammon, we have been a ſuffering People, and nothing could be found againſt us but concerning the Worſhip of our God, which muſt diſanul all unjuſt Laws made by Man: The Medes and Perſians had nothing againſt Daniel, but concerning his Faith; and I know Daniels Spirit liveth amongſt us.

Therefore conſider what thou art doing, for in vain doſt thou ſet up Briers and Thornes in Battle againſt the terrible God, for by the brightneſs of his Coming ſhall they be burnt up; for aſſuredly the Lord will ariſe mightily for his Seeds ſake, for as a Lyon rouſed up, is he come, who is the munition of Rocks, and as a ſhe Bear bereaved of her young Ones, will he roar and diſquiet all thy Inhabitants.

Oh London! God hath a remnant in thee, which he hath marked for his own, which ſhall eſcape the Wrath that is to come; Glory, Glory, Songs of Everlaſting Praiſes be rendered unto the living God, who hath not left himſelf without a witneſs in thee; Oh London! If thou wouldſt return ſaith the Lord Almighty, I will heal thy Back-ſlidings, and forgive thee all thy Sins; A4v 8 Sins; I will withdraw my bitter Cup which I have filled full of my Indignation, and I will cover thee with my Garment of Everlaſting Love, and I will be married unto thee, even as a young Man marrieth a Virgin, never to be ſeperated; I looked down from the Throne of my Glory, and I ſaw thy diſtreſſed Condition, thou art all Sheep without a Shepherd, as upon the Mountains of Prey, and art ſcattered hither and thither, amongſt the Clouds of Religions; thou knoweſt not which way to turn, thou art like the Dove, thou canſt find no reſt nor footing for the ſoal of thy foot; thou art liable to be torn by the Woolfs, and devoured by the Lyons; thy Teachers are removed into corners, and thou art diſpoſeſſed of thy wonted Houſes and Service: Therefore ſaith the Lord, do I pitty thy Condition; and if thou wilt hearken unto me, who am near thee in thy Heart, and in thy mouth; at thy down lying I am with thee, and in the night ſeaſon I viſit thee, and at thy upriſing I call thee to repentance: how many years have I born with thee, as I did with the old World? but my Patience came to an end, and my Wrath waxed hot, and ſo it will againſt thee, if thou wilt not hear my beloved Son, which I have ſent a Light into the World; and if thou wilt learn of the Light which ſhines in thy Heart, then thou wilt be on heaps no more, neither will thy Teachers, and Worſhips, and Church, by any more removed into Corners, but thou wilt be built upon Chriſt, the Pillar and Ground of Truth, who is the Church of the Firſtborn; then wilt thou have Fellowſhip with the Lord, and thy Glory, and Crown, and Beauty ſhall never have an end, but thou ſhalt be the Glory of the whole Earth, and the Beauty of all Nations, and Kings, ſhall come to thy riſing, and Princes to the brightneſs of thy Glory; there is no City upon the Earth can ſay as thou canſt in this latter day, for the Power of the Lord hath been ſhed abroad in thee, and thou haſt been viſited more than any; therefore prize the Son of the Lord, leaſt thou art caſt into utter Darkneſs; for it is I the Lord that chaineth Leviathan, which no man can tame, who am God, and there is none beſides me; by my Wiſdom the World was made, and the Heavens framed; I created the Sea, and cauſed the Rivers to run into it, and have ſet the Sands, as ſwadling bands that it cannot over-paſs; and this is my decree which I will have ſealed B1r 9 ſealed unto my people, I am the Quakers God, and will be with them unto the end of this World, and in the end they ſhall be with me in my Glorious Kingdome, where they ſhall be kept from their Perſecutors, and lye down in joy, peace and tranquility, with the reſt of my holy Martyrs, and Prophets, and Apoſtles, in years paſt: and I am utterly againſt all that do oppoſe them, who am a terrible God, and will bring the wickedneſs of the wicked to an end, but the righteouſneſs of the righteous doth live with me.

This is my Decree, and it ſhall live for ever, and remain World without end; and if thou canſt cauſe the rain from raining, or the Stars from ſhining, or the Sun from going her Courſe, or giving light to the Nations, then mayeſt thou alter my Decree with my People, whoſe ſeed ſhall be for number as the ſand upon the Sea ſhore, and for Multitude as the Stars of Heaven, and they ſhall ſhine in Glory more brighter than the Sun at noon day, in the Firmament of my Power, when the generation of the wicked, ſhall be caſt into the Lake, which is prepared of God, for the King of darkneſs and his Subjects.

The Trumpet of the Lord ſounded forth unto England, Scotland, and Ireland; with a Word of wholſome Advice and Counſel to the King, Rulers, and Judges thereof.

Oh King! this is my Counſel unto thee, and thy Rulers and Judges; Oh! hearken unto the Light of Chriſt in your Conſciences, that it may bear rule in your hearts, that you may Judge for the Lord, and oppreſſion may be expel’d in your Dominions. Oh! that you would do Juſtice, and love Mercy, and walk humbly with the God of heaven, then would the Lord give you length of dayes, and a long life, Peace and Plenty ſhall be in your Dominions, every one ſhall ſit under his own Vine and Fig-tree, and none ſhall make them afraid, joy and tranquillityB lity B1v 10 lity ſhall be in your Palaces; this ſhall you ſee and know to be accompliſhed, if you will leave off oppreſſing the Righteous, and ſet the Captive free.

Oh ye Rulers, Judges, and Juſtices, and all People high and low! be it known unto you from the mighty Judge of Powerful Majeſty, that he is riſen, who will ſcatter Rulers in his anger, and will pluck down Kings in his wroth. Oh! the anger of the Lord waxeth hot againſt all workers of iniquity, and he will ſet his oppreſſed ſeed free, which cryeth unto him for deliverance; and know this, what cruelty ſoever be in your hearts againſt us, the Lord will confound it and bring it to nothing; for the Lord is on our ſides, and we fear not Impriſonment, Baniſhment, Fire or Tortures, or whatever the wrath of man can inflict upon us; for our hearts are firmly fixed upon the Lord, and we are freely given up in Body, Soul, and Spirit to ſuffer for God’s Cauſe: Oh you Rulers! if the Lord ſuffereth you to Baniſh us, I know that the Lord will go along with us, as he did with Abraham in a ſtrange Land, but know this, we ſhall leave a ſeed behind us, which ſhall be your tormentor, and ſhall witneſs for us when we are gone.

Oh Lord! I commit our caſe unto thee, who art faithful, and keepeth Covenant for ever, and I know thou wilt fight our Battel, and plead our cauſe with the mighty on earth, who would deſtroy us from being a People if thy Power did not preſerve us; Glory and Honour be given unto thee, who hath compaſſed us about with ſongs of everlaſting praiſes; and we may bleſſe the hour and time that thou raiſed up a People in the North, even a dreadful and terrible Army, who Marched ſwiftly in thy Power through the Nations, and by them we were convinced, and turned towards the Lord, and they ſhall be the dread of all Nations, and God hath crowned them with an everlaſting Crown, which neither Men nor Devils ſhall be able to take from them.

Oh you Rulers and Judges of theſe Nations! do you think to overcome us or make us yeeld by keeping them in Priſon, which you think are our Teachers, and Ring-leaders? nay, Chriſt is our Teacher, and he cannot be removed into a corner, who is the Antient of Dayes, and will cauſe us to increaſe dayly, and to B2r 11 to grow as Calves in the ſtall; we are not like the World, who muſt have a Prieſt to Interpret the Scriptures to them, and when he is removed, they are ſcattered and knows not what to do; but my friends, we witneſs the Scriptures fulfil’d, who hath ſaid in the latter dayes, He would pour out his Spirit upon Sons and Daughters, and they ſhould Propheſie; and they ſhall all be taught of me, and great ſhall be their peace, and in righteouſneſs ſhall they be eſtabliſhed: So the Lord doth not ſpeak unto us in an unknown Tongue, but in our own Language do we hear him perfectly, whoſe voice is better than life; and for this cauſe doth the unlearned hate us, and uncircumciſed revile us, becauſe we cannot own the Teaching that is of this World, but that which cometh immediately from God, and that is pure and refreſheth the Soul, and holdeth up the head in the day of Battel, and it cauſeth us to meet together, to worſhip the Lord as we ought to do; and Oh you Rulers, and People! it is in vain for you to ſtrive againſt us, for the God of heaven is with us.

Oh England, Scotland and Ireland! but more eſpecially thou O England, that art the moſt fruitful and famous Land, in which the Lord hath been pleaſed to make manifeſt his Life and Power, Beauty and Glory, more than in any Nation under the Heavens; in ſo much, that he hath raiſed his ſons and daughters from death to life, and hath made them bold and valiant Souldiers for his Teſtimony, which he hath given them to bear forth unto all Nations; and by the Glorious and Powerful Word of Life, which hath proceeded out of their mouthes, hath thy Judges and Rulers been convinced of the evil of their way, and have been made to confeſſe to the Truth, both Prieſts and People, both High and Low, Rich and Poor, hath the Lord viſited in this day of great Salvation, and everlaſting love; ſo that none could plead ignorance, but many like Demas hath denyed the Truth, and Imbraced this preſent evil World: And now Oh England! will the Lord try and prove all thy Inhabitants, from the King that ſitteth upon his Throne, unto the Beggar that ſitteth upon the dunghill, even all ſorts of profeſſors and prophane; Oh! the Fire is kindled, and the Furnace is even hot, in the which your works and worſhips, Faith and Religion B2 muſt B2v 12 muſt be tryed, and that which will not remain in the Furnace, muſt be conſumed by the Fire of the Lord; for the moſt high and Glorious King is a trying and purifying his Children in the Furnace, as Jeruſalem, that they may come forth as polliſhed Silver, and well refined Gold; and he hath brought many through the Furnace, and hath ſet them as Pillars in his houſe, to bear forth a Valiant and Noble Teſtimony of what they have ſeen, taſted and handled of the Word of Life, unto thy inhabitants, and unto the whole World, that they may fear that dreadful God, who made Heaven and Earth, in whoſe ſight the whole World is but as the drop of a Bucket, and at whoſe preſence the heavens ſhall wax old as a garment that moths have eat, and the Element ſhall paſſe away with a great noiſe, the Earth ſhall be diſſolved, and all things therein ſhall mourn, and the ſouls ſhall fail before him which he hath made.

Oh! let your King and Queen, Dukes and Earls, Lords and Ladies, Judges and Rulers, and all Biſhops, Deacons, Prieſts and People in theſe three Nations, and all the World, conſider their wayes, worſhips, and religions, and fear and tremble before the mighty God, who hath the hearts of Kings and Rulers in his hand; times, and ſeaſons are with him, the Dominions of the World are at his diſpoſing, who is the high and lofty One, and doth Inhabit Eternity; what is the Pope or the Kings of the Earth, will he not bring them to judgement, and turn them to duſt again from whence they came?

Oh you high and lofty ones! who ſpendeth God’s Creation upon your luſts, and doth not feed the hungry, not cloath the naked, but they are ready to periſh in the ſtreets; both old and young, lame and blind lyeth in your ſtreets, and at your Maſſehouſe doors, crying for bread, which even melteth my heart, and maketh the ſoul of the righteous to mourn: did not the Lord make all men and women upon the earth of one mould, why then ſhould there be ſo much honour and reſpect unto ſome men and women, and not unto others, but they are almoſt naked for want of Cloathing, and almoſt ſtarved for want of Bread? and are you not all brethren, and all under the Government of one King? Oh repent! leaſt the Lord conſume you, and be aſhamed, and cloath the naked, and feed the hungry, and ſet the oppreſſed free. Oh

B3r 13

Oh King! thou art as head under God over theſe three Nations, & the Lord hath ſet thee as overſeer, to ſee Juſtice and true Judgement Executed in thy Dominions; Oh! let all unjuſt Lawes and unrighteous Decrees made in thy dayes, and before thy dayes, all diſanul’d and made of none effect, and henceforth let there be good and wholſom Lawes Eſtabliſhed, that all the honeſt hearted in thy Dominions may worſhip the God of their Life, without any moleſtation; and if thou decreeſt any thing, let it not grieve the Lord, for the Lord God of Iſrael looketh for better fruit at thy hands than he did of all that are gone before thee; for in the time of Ignorance God winked, but now is the glorious Light of the Morning riſen, and God calleth all men everywhere to Repentance.

Oh you Rulers, Prieſts, and People of theſe three Lands! I moſt humbly intreat you to learn Wiſdom before it be too late, and prudence before it be hid from your eyes. Oh! leave off your old wayes and Worſhips, and obſerving Dayes, Times and Seaſons, and learn the new and living way, which is the way in the Wilderneſs, though a wafering man or a fool ſhall not err therein; this calls for Holineſs and Purity, without which you cannot ſee the Lord; therefore conſider you are but Men, and made of the duſt of the Earth, and you know not how ſoon you may return to your long homes, and ſhall be ſeen no more; have you the length of your life, or the number of your dayes in your own hands? have you the command of Death, or can you ſtay its ſtroke? nay, you are but as potſheards broken by the hand of the Potter, you are here to day and gone to morrow, your Beauty is as the graſs, and your glory as the Flower thereof, cut down by the hand of the Mower; your Crown is mortal, and will fade away; Ah, poor duſt and aſhes, why do you perſecute us even to Death, for no other cauſe but for worſhiping the God of Heaven? Oh! do you think that the Lord is ſuch a one as your ſelves? or are you ſo vain to believe, that he winks or joyns with you in Perſecuting, Knocking down, and ſpilling our blood in your Streets, and Murdering of us in your Priſons? nay, nay although he hath ſuffered such things to be done, for the Tryal of our Faith, and the filling up of the meaſure of your Iniquity, which is near full; Now will I ariſe, ſaith the dreadful and terrible God, B3v 14 God, who am cloathed with Vengeance as with a Robe, and with Zeal as with a Garment, and I will tear and devour, and for Sions ſake I will not be quiet, and for my beloved Jeruſalem I will not be ſilent, but I will roar and thunder forth my voice out of my Holy Mountain, and the Beaſts ſhall tremble, the Earth ſhall be as a ſmoke, the tall Cedars ſhall fall, and the ſtirdy Oakes ſhall be plucked up by the Roots, and all things of this World ſhall be afraid; the Bats ſhall go into their Holes, and the Lyons into their Dens, when the Lord appeareth in his Beauty, to make Inquiſition for blood, then ſhall your hearts fail you for fear of thoſe things that are coming upon you; in that Terrible Day, all your lovers will do you no good, and your familiars will ſtand afar off; then muſt you be left to the Judge of Judges, where you ſhall ſee the Book of Conſcience opened, where your Indictments will be read at large, and he will Judge you according as your deeds ſhall be. Oh then! if you have not done Juſtice, nor loved mercy, or did the thing that was Juſt in the ſight of the Lord, then ſhall you be Baniſhed from the preſence of the King of Heanven for evermore, into utter darkneſs, where is weeping, wailing, and gnaſhing of Teeth, and you ſhall be a ſtink to Ages to come.

Oh! bleſſed and happy will it be for thoſe Judges, and Rulers, and People, who hath clean hands, and pure hearts, and have not joyned with the wicked in perſecuting the Innocent; ſurely there reward will be great in Heaven.

My Friends, I was once of this Religion which is now in Power, I was ſigned with the ſign of the Croſs, & baptized into the Faith; my Godfathers and Godmothers Promiſed and Vowed, that I ſhould forſake the Devil and all his works, the Pomps and Vanities of this wicked World, and all the ſinful luſts of the Fleſh, and that I ſhould keep Gods Holy Will and Commandments all the dayes of my life; and when I was young, my Father had me Biſhop’d, thinking thereby to gain a bleſſing for me: I ſpent many years in Oxford, where the carriages of the Schollars, did trouble me in that day, they were ſo wilde; after the beſt ſort of Religion and cuſtom of the Nation, was I brought up; then the Lord drew me to this City, where I applyed my heart both Evening and Morning, and at noon day, unto reading and hearing the Common-Prayermon- B4r 15 mon-Prayer; when there was but one place of Worſhip left in this City, I went to it, and when there Books were burned, I ſtood for them, for my heart was wholly joyned unto them; and when the King’s head was taken off, my heart and Soul was burdened, that I was even weary of my Life, and the Enemy waited to devour me; then did the Lord take away my hearing that I was deaf as to all Teachings of Men for a year; then that Faith which I was baptized in, did no good, for all that the Man and Women had promiſed, and vowed, I ſhould do, I could not forſake the Pomps and Vanities, and ſinful luſts of the Fleſh I run into; and they ſtood alwayes before my eyes, my cry was continually unto the Lord, that I might put off that body of death, which hindred me from his preſence; then did the Lord carry me to a Meeting of the People called Quakers, where I was filled with the dread and Power of the Lord, and it raiſed my Soul to bear Teſtimony to the Truth, and after a little ſeaſon the Lord ſet my ſins in order before me, and every idle word which I had ſpoken was brought to my remembrance, where I received a juſt reward from the Lord, and ſo came to have Peace of Conſcience with my Saviour, which I never could obtain whilſt I walked with thoſe People.

Oh my Friends! I can truly ſay, ever ſince I was a Child, the witneſs of God purſued me, and what ever I did, I had no Peace in this worſhip, or Service, which is now in being; it tired and vexed my tender Soul, to ſee what a ſad eſtate I was in; but now Glory be to the Lord, I am ſet at Liberty from this vain Religion, which never profited me at all; and would you have me to conform to this Religion, which keepeth the Soul in the grave? nay I ſhall never conform unto this worſhip whilſt I have breath, but ſhall bear my Teſtimony againſt it, for I know the powerful CGod is riſen to throw it down, and wo be to all that uphold it.

Oh your Rulers! be it known unto you, if you will not do Juſtice and eaſe the oppreſſed, and ſet the Captives free, the Lord will overturn you, and deſtroy you from being a People, as he hath done in years paſt; for his ſword is in his hand, and it will cut you down, unleſs you do repent, ye ſhall likewiſe periſh.

One B4v 16

One Warning more to the Biſhops, Prieſts, Deacons, Friers, and Jeſuites.

Oh! Woe be unto you Biſhops, Prieſts, Deacons, Friers, and Jeſuites, and all other Officers under you, for the Lord is riſen in Power, yea, he is riſen in dreadful and terrible Wrath; Oh! I have ſeen, I have ſeen this Night, the dreadful Flames which the Lord God will caſt you into; Oh! your Communion- Tables which you ſacrifice upon unto Devils, and not unto the living God, your Altars which you bow down unto, and make an Image of, will the dreadful Lord of Vengeance overthrow in his fiery Indignation; your Surplices and Tippets, and all your loathſome Robes, which you dreſs your ſelves withall, which are like unto a menſtrous Cloth before the Eye of the pure Jehovah, he will rent them all off, who is the Biſhop of our Souls: Oh you Biſhops, Prieſts, Deacons, Friers and Jeſuits! once more will the Judge of Heaven and Earth plead with you, becauſe you are a blood-thirſty Generation, you are building of Zion with blood, and Jeruſalem with Iniquity, as your Forefathers did in the dayes of old: Therefore will the Lord of the Harveſt caſt you heaps upon heaps, as ſtones in the ſtreet, and as mire in the high-way; the Lord of Heaven and Earth loaths your Worſhips, your Singing, and the Noiſe of your Organs doth the Lord abhor; and inſtead of your Inſtruments of Muſick, will the Lord make you howl and lament bitterly, in ſo much that the Earth ſhall be aſtoniſhed, and your Downfal ſhall be ſo great, that Nations ſhall fear and tremble before our God; your Communion and Union is with Devils and unclean Spirits, and not with the powerful God, which creats a new Heaven, and a new Earth; and this ſhall you ſee fulfilled in its time and ſeaſon; for the Lord hath determined your utter Deſtruction, both Pope and Biſhops, both root and branch, from off the face of the Earth: Oh it haſtens, it haſtens, and Wrath will not ſtay. In C1r 17 In this glorious day, in which Zion is rayed in beauty bright,To ſtand in her ſtrength againſt this dark Night;Whoſe Clouds are ſo many, and Skie ſo dim,That Zions Beauty can hardly be ſeen;But the Lord is riſen in this his glorious Day,To ſweep Biſhops, Prelates, and Clouds away.

Babylons Deſtruction is very near, let all the World fear for evermore.

A few Words unto the Royal Seed, which is choſen of God, and ſeperated from the World, to do his Will for ever.

Oh Friends! bleſſed are you of the immortal God, who are centred in the City of refuge, which is made without hands, which indeed is the lot and inheritance of the unſpotted Lambs, whoſe Hearts are after nothing but the Glory of God, which is the Crown and Cauſe of rejoycing of his Sons Daughters, who do inhabit in and about this City, who are come to the Church of the Firſt-born, and to the innumerable company of Angels, and to the Spirits of juſt men made perfect; Oh! my beloved Ones, your Life is above this City, and denies the Vanity of it, and it loaths the Worſhip that abounds in it; Oh! it is well with you, for the Lord hath made you up as his Jewels and Pillars in his Houſe for ever: Oh! my Friends, who do inhabit in and about this City, who are convinced of the Abominations and Uncleanneſs that is committed in her; I am moved of the dreadful and terrible God to warn you, that you do not joyn with her Spirit neither in word nor thought, for aſſuredly the day of her pain and ſorrow is at hand, in the which ſhe ſhall weep bitterly and ſhall make all aſtoniſhed, who are from the Power and Life of God; Oh my Friends! keep to the Power and to the Judgements of the juſt Judge, that that eye and thought that would look out at her Glory, C and C1v 18 and that would think to ſit at eaſe in her Borders, let that be judged and accurſed for ever, that would have any Life below the Son of God: Oh my Friends! call to mind the years paſt, how pretious and freſh was the Love of the Lord in your hearts; when he firſt viſited you in this City? Oh! did you think any thing to dear for him? could you not have laid down your Lives for his Truth? were you not glad when you were robbed of your Glory, and bereaved of your choiceſt Jewels even for the Lords ſake? Oh my Friends! I can bear you record in the ſight of God, who was a fellow feeler of your Integrity and Faithfulneſs unto the Lamb.

Oh! you tender Ones, with whom my Soul hath Union, keep to that pure and undefiled Love, even to the meaſure of God’s Grace, that it may teach you continually to deny all things that is of this World, and unclean in this City, that you may ſtand every one in your meaſures, as Lights in this dark City; for the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, hath placed you in and about this City, as he hath done the Sun, Moon, and Stars and there you in the Firmament are to ſtand fixed in him, who is the glorious morning Star, you muſt not wander leaſt you ceaſe to give Light in the place, where you are ſet; for remember they that wandered were reſerved in Chaines of Darkneſs until the Judgement of the great Day, which is near at hand, to give unto every one a juſt reward.

Oh! you beloved Friends of God, this I have to ſay unto you from the mighty God, although you are ſet as marks for the mighty men to ſhoot at, and as a by-word in the mouth of the Beggars, and are reckoned the worſt of all People, not worthy to live upon the Earth; yet know this, that the Covenant of the Lord is made with you, and his Power and Life ſhall not depart from you, nor from your Seed for evermore; Glory, Praiſes, and Power eternally be rendered unto the Lord, who reigneth in the Heavens, who never altereth, but liveth a God for ever. Oh my Friends! this is the earneſt deſire of my Soul, that we may keep cloſe unto our Maker, even to bear a pure, holy and faithful Teſtimony in our Generation, againſt all that do oppoſe the Lamb in this City, as the Prophets, and Apoſtles, and holy Martyrs, have done in their day, againſt all falſe Gods, C2r 19 Gods, Worſhips, and Worſhippers; we have the ſame Spirit to fight againſt in this City, as they had in the World before: Therefore my Companions, and fellow Sufferers, have we not need to ſtand up for God’s Cauſe, for the which we have, and are called to bear forth our Teſtimony, in ſo deep Sufferings as we have come through? and if we are to drink of a deeper Cup, yet let us be thankful unto the Lord of the Harveſt, for it is for the gathering of the Exiles into Abraham’s boſome, and the poor thirſty Soules unto the place of broad Rivers: Oh! rejoyce, and give Praiſes unto God on high, who hath begun his Work, and will finiſh it in his time: Oh my Friends! let us keep clear of this City, let us not taſt nor handle any of her Works, for her works are Vanity and falſhood, the Poyſon of Aſpes is under her tongue, and Deceit is in her hands; therefore it is good that we bear a faithful Teſtimony for the moſt high againſt this Generation, and if our lot be to die, and we appointed to be Slain for the ſame, it will be well with us, our Souls ſhall be received into the boſome of the Father, where we ſhall glorifie God day and night, and ſhall be free from Oppreſſion: Oh dear Hearts! be not afraid of the threatnings, or proud looks of vain Man, which is but like a bubble, he can but kill the Body, but cannot kill the Soul; Oh! be continually prepared to die, that none may be afraid of Death when it comes, for it may come ſuddenly, when ye are aſleep, or in the twinckling of an Eye; Oh! that then the reſt which God hath prepared for his People, may be entred into, or elſe Miſery and Pain will be found, which is the Reward of the Slothful and Diſobedient; the Way of the Righteous: in Life Eternal, and the Path of the Juſt is a burning and a ſhining Light, which our Eyes have ſeen, and our hands have handled of the Word of Life, by which we have been preſerved unto this day; and I am certain if thouſands of thouſands ſhould riſe up againſt us, they ſhall not prevail, for the Lord the mighty Jehovah is with us, and will fight our Battel, and plead our Cauſe with the mighty Ones of the Earth; we need do nothing but ſtand ſtill in Gods Salvation, which is the ſaving health of all Nations; and will plead with all Tongues and Kindreds of the Earth, who do oppoſe Him; And his Lambs and Babes, C2 who C2v 20 who walketh in his holy Path, which is Life to the upright in heart. Oh! the Wiſdom, Power and Glory of the unlimitted God, what tongue is able to declare it, or what heart can conceal the infiniteneſs of the Riches of the Judge of Heaven and Earth? it even fills the Heart with Love and Life, and over-ſhadows the Soul and Mind with the Glory and Beauty of the unſpotted Lamb, which taketh away the Sins of the World; Oh! the weight of his Glory, I am even ſwallowed up with the incomprehenſibleneſs of it, Oh! the height and the depth of it is paſt finding out, by the Wiſdom of this World; Oh my Friends! is not that God amongſt us, who created Adam in Innocency, and Eve of the Duſt of the Earth? did not he cauſe Abraham to leave the Land of his Nativity, and go into a ſtrange Land? and did he not compaſs him about with Strength and Power, and gave him Favour in the ſight of the People? and is he not the ſame God ſtill? Yes, although the Earth may wax old, and Heavens vaniſh away as ſmoak, and the Elements with fervent heat, yet he remains unchangeable, who is our head; Oh! What is all the World before him, who is Judge of Judges, and King of Kings? it’s but as the drop of a bucket in his fight; and a thouſand Years is but as one day with our God: Therefore it is expedient for all Friends to watch and wait, and Pray leaſt they enter into Temptations: And this have I ſeen my beloved Friends this night as from the Lord, that there muſt be a watching and waiting for the Inviſible Power of the Lamb to ariſe, to move, to pray, to ſpeak, and then it will be a pure and a holy Sacrifice which the Lord will accept: Oh my Friends! let us whilſt we have breath ſacrifice our Sighs, Tears and Groans, Prayers, and Faſtings, upon God’s holy Altar, that a ſweet Savour may aſcend into the Noſtrels of the Moſt High God, that ſo we may receive a Bleſſing from Heaven for evermore: And this the Lord hath put into my Heart, and I cannot forbear but Write, that if any prayeth or ſpeaketh unleſs in the holy Power of the dreadful God amongſt us, it is as water ſpilt upon the ground, and it will bring a Curſe rather than a Bleſſing; the Lord looketh for a holy and clean Sacrifice from us, above all the People in the World, becauſe he hath raiſed up his own Life in us, and choſen us to be C3r 21 be his People, and the Lot of his Inheritance, and the Place where his Honour dwelleth, is with us; and I know Sacrifices have been offered by us, and is to this day, which the Lord’s Soul loves, and He doth delight to make us his choice; He is our God, and we have none in Heaven nor in Earth to plead our Cauſe but He, that Suffered, and layd down his Life on Earth, but now ſits in Majeſty and Glory in the higheſt Heavens, who is our chief leader and guide, and doth lead us into his Power to meet together, and to ſtand in awe and Sin not; and if (Friends) we ſhould not meet together, we ſhould Sin againſt God, and ſhould miſs of his Preſence, who hath ſaid, where two or three are met together in my Name, there will I be (ſaith the Lord) and this is my Teſtimony as a Witneſs to this thing, I never went to any Meeting ſince I knew the Truth, even from the firſt Meeting to this day, but I was filled with the Living Power of the Lord; Oh! the ſweet ſhowers that doth deſcend from the preſence of the Lord, and the pleaſant rains that falleth from his Throne like ſilver drops, it doth diſtil upon our Hearts, whilſt we are in our Meetings in the Name and Power of Jeſus, who is amongſt us, and hath raiſed us; and is raiſing us from the Dead; and hath, and is quickning our mortal Bodies, that they may be like unto his glorious Body; he hath and doth turn us from Darkneſs to Light, from Satans Power to his own: Oh! can we forget or refuſe ſuch glorious Benefits, which we have received from the God of our Life, in our Meetings together? I know my Friends, you are not unſenſible of this great gain, by loſing the Love of the World, to meet together with the King of Heaven and Earth, whoſe preſence is better than Life: Oh! how hath he opened the Sluce of Everlaſting Mercies and Love, that it hath poured down from the crown of our head, to the ſoal of our foot, ſo that we have been waſhed throughout by the endleſs Goodneſs of the Lord in our Meetings: And this is my mind, and I hope you are and will be of the ſame with me, and I do believe the Lord will carry me on to the end; I had rather die the cruelleſt Death that ever was, or can be deviſed by man, than to neglect or abſtain from Meeting together in his Name; for I know who ever doth it, neglects their own Salvation, and the C3v 22 the day of their Viſitation. Oh my beloved Friends! if we Suffer Impriſonment, or loſs of Life upon the account of meeting together, let us rejoyce, for it is for Chriſt ſake that we are Perſecuted, for great is our reward in Heaven; Oh! Chriſt is our meat and drink, he is become our Table in the midſt of our Perſecutors, our Cup doth overflow, when we are in cloſe Priſons, Chriſt is with us, who cannot be expoſed from us by the Wrath of Wicked men; when we are brought out of Priſon, and had before the Rulers, then Chriſt goeth along with us, and teacheth us what to ſay; He is a Mouth, and Wiſdom, and Utterance, we take no care what to do; when we are ſent back again to Priſon from the Rulers, if it be into a naſty Hole or Dungeon, our Saviour goeth with us, and he teacheth us Patience, and Meekneſs, and poureth upon our Head and Hearts his holy Oyle, which maketh us ſing for joy of heart, that he hath counted us worthy to Suffer for his name: So my Friends, if they fight againſt us, they fight againſt God, for God is with us, and it is his Cauſe we ſtand for, and Suffer in Goods, Body and Spirit: And therefore ſeeing it is ſo weighty a thing that we lye at ſtake for, we value not what Men, or Devils, Spirits, or Angels can do unto us, for our Hearts and Spirits are firmly fixed upon the Lord and his Cauſe: and for Meeting together as long as we have breath; Oh all you my Friends! who are young and tender, and all you are looking abroad to ſee what will become of us, and cannot joyn with us, becauſe of Perſecution, have a care, I warn you in the Preſence of the dreadful God, ſtand not in that ſlippery place, leaſt the day of Mercy paſs over whilſt you ſtand gazing, and Repentance be hid from your Eyes, then would you give the whole World if you had it, for one hour to repent it, but then it will be too obscuredlate: Therefore I beſeech you not to look at us, but to mind your own Salvation, and what the Lord ſaith unto you by his witneſs in you; for every one in the day of God’s account ſhall anſwer for himſelf, and receive a reward according to their Works; the Lord is no reſpecter of Perſons, the King as well as the Beggar ſhall know the ſtroak of God’s hand, when the Book of Conſcience is opened, wherein their Sins are written C4r 23 as with the point of a Diamond, and I know that there is nothing can blot them out but the blood of the Lamb; and therefore do we utterly deny and abhor any Pardons from the Biſhops, for I know they cannot pardon themſelves, nor keep their own Soul alive; our confidence is in God, who hath tryed our Reins and ſearched our Hearts by his living Power; Glory everlaſtingly be given unto the higher Power, to whom our Souls are ſubject, and in whom we live, and ſhall do world without end.

Oh Zions King! thy Beauty bright,

Hath fill’d our Hearts with great delight;

Thy City pure our Eye doth ſee,

In which alone dwells Purity:

Oh! rejoyce ye Saints of Zion all,

For God hath ſav’d you from the Fall:

It’s no matter if our Bodies dye,

Our Souls ſhall live Eternally,

With God who ruleth in the Heavens High:

A City pure God hath prepar’d for us,

When our Enemies hath laid us in the Duſt:

Thy Day and Beauty doth declare,

An open war with Sin and Sinner;

Who doth thy Name, defame.

O Lord unto thy Glorious name all knees ſhall bow,

Of things in Heaven, and things below;

The Seed Royal, that Glorious plant,

Which thou into the World hath ſent,

A Light, is content with Puniſhment.

From Sinners Hands, who like Iron Bands

Againſt thy own Seed ſtands,

Their Hearts is bent, with full conſent, thy ſeed to rent.

O Lord thy Seed to Heaven doth cry for Delivery,

In this Day of Perplexity;

Thou righteous Judge, thy ſuffering Lambs in Priſons lie,

Until C4v 24

Until they die for thy Teſtimony,

Which ſhall remain when all is ſlain,

Which doth increaſe, our Joy and Peace.

Oh! bleſſed be the day our Sins were waſht away,

And we ſet free, to follow thee,

From the Gulf of Miſery, who art a God of Purity:

O Lord we will ſerve thee, whilſt we have breath,

For thou art Judge of Heaven and Earth;

Honour and Glory is thine alone,

And be it rendered to thee for evermore.