A1r K Cartwright 17

of the

For the Repealing of the Act of
Parliament for their banishment
out of England.

Presented to his Excellency and the
generall Councell of Officers on
1648-01-05Fryday Jan. 5. 1648.

With their favourable acceptance thereof.

Also a Petition of divers Commanmanders,
prisoners in the Kings
, for the releasing of all prisoners
for Debt, according to
the Custome of other
Jan: 6 Countries.

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To the Right Honourable,
Thomas Lord Fairfax,
(His Excellency)
Englaneds Generall,
The Honourable Councel of Warre,
Conveaned for Gods Glory, Izraells Freedom, Peace,
and Safety,

The humble Petition of Johanna Cartenright, Widdow, and
Ebenezer Cartwright, her Son, freebeorn of England,
and now Inhabitants of the City of Amsterdam.

Humbly Showeth,

That your Petitioners being conversant
in that City, with and
amongst some of Izraells race, called A2 Jewes, A2v 2 Jewes, and growing sensible of their heavy
out-cryes and clamours against the intolerable
cruelty of this our English Nation,
exercised against them by that (and other)
inhumane exceeding great Massacre
of them, in the Raign of Richard the
, King of this Land, and their banishment
ever since, with the penalty of
death to be inflicted upon any of their return
into this Land, that by discourse with
them, and serious perusall of the Prophets,
both they and we find, that the time of
hereall draweth nigh; whereby they together
with us, shall come to know the Emanuell,
the Lord of life, light, and glory; even
as we are now known of him, And that
this Nation of England, with the Inhabitants
of the Nether-lands, shall be the first
and readiest to transport Izraells Sons &
Daughters in their Ships to the Land promised
to their fore-Fathers, Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob, for an everlasting Inheritance.

For the glorious manifestation whereof,
and pyous meanes thereunto, your Petitionersners A3r 3
humbly pray that the inhumane cruel
Statute of bannishment made against them,
may be repealed, and they under the Christian
banner of charity, and brotherly love,
may again be received and permitted to
trade and dwell amongst you in this Land,
as now they do in the Nether-lands.

By which act of mercy, your Petitioners
are assured of the wrath of God, will be
much appeased towards you, for their innocent
blood shed, and they thereby dayly
enlightened in the saving knowledge of
him, for whom they look dayly and expect
as their King of eternall glory, and both
their and our Lord God of salvation (Christ
.) For the glorious accomplishing
whereof,- your Petitioners do, and shall ever
addresse themselves to the true Peace,
and pray; &c.

This Petition was presented to the generall Councell
of the Officers of the Army
, under the Command of
his Excellency, Thomas Lord Fairfax, at WhiteHall
on 1648-01-05Jan. 5. And favourably received with a promise
to take it into speedy consideration, when the
present more publike affairs are dispatched.

A3v 4

To his Excellency, Thomas Lord
, and his Generall
Councel of Officers

The most humble Petition of divers Commanders, Prisoners
in the King’s Bench, whose names are hereunto subscribed
in the behalfe of themselves, and all other their enslaved
Brethren, imprisoned for Debt.


That your Petitioners with all seriousnesse
revolving the admirable
mercy of God, vouchsafed to this
Nation in preserving and carrying on
your Excellency & Pyous Army through
the many dangers and difficulties
(and according to the desires of your Petitioners
and all good men) in Crowning
you with Victory, and putting this long
wisht for opportunity into your hands, of
procuring a speedy administration of Justice
for the impartiall punishment of all
offenders, to the relief and comfort of the
oppressed; your Petitioners are hereby im- A4r 5
imbouldned and by your Proposalls and
late Declarations encouraged to make
their humble addreßsses to your Excellency,
and the Generall Councell of the Army.

That your Petitioners with all humbleneßsse
and earnestnesse beseech your
Excellency, who is the patern and Patron
of Souldiers, first to consider their
sad condition (being imprisoned contrary
to the Law of God, the fundamentall
Laws of this Kingdonme, and the practice
of all States) and peruse their Petition
hereunto annexed, containing their
grievances and desires, and as soone as
your weighty affaires will permit to take
such order (either by presenting the same,
or otherwise for your Petitioners just relief
and liberty, without prison Fees, as to your
Excellency and the Generall Councells
grave wisdome shall seeme expedient, where- A4v 6
whereby they may be enabled to attend
your Excellencies Command in the Army
or else where.

And further your Petitioners hmuumbly
pray, that you would please with all convenience,
mature some course for the releasing
of all Prisoners for debt, espetially
the well affected, and in the meane times
according to your practice of other
Countries, cause their Creditors to maintaine
them according to their qualities,
that noe more perish through want, as
very many have done already, whose innocent
bloud cryes for vengance to the
Almighty, and doubtlesse is not the least
cause of our present colamities, and of
Gods judgments upon us.

And as in duty bound, your Petitioners shall pray &c.