to the
People of Wapping
and its Environs.

by Mrs. Cooper.

Printed for the author,
and sold at
No. 12, Russels Buildings, Bell Dock, Wapping

Price One Shilling.

A1v A2r

Poetical Address
to the
People of Wapping.

Hail thou favourite muse of Satire, play

Upon the follies of each Knave, and say

Or sing those beauteous truths which ever flow

From the ingenuous heart with hectic glow.

Whatever pain it costs the feeling mind,

Thus nature polish’d and the soul refin’d,

The supplicating eye benignly look

And from superior power feel no rebuke;

Each promise to the fatherless was given

Which yields to the superior will of Heaven.

Thus genius cherish’d in the The Author educated by an English Clergyman who enjoyed his Living
in the Gift of the Delaval Family.
letter’d school,

To court the Muse or paint the vacant fool,

A favourite of Apollo sure may meet,

The Tenth Muse. Sapho it is who claims the lyric speech.

How A2v 4

How difficult to harmonize or paint

Each Hypocrite, each Sinner or each Saint,

Reduce the Numbers, make the flowing verse

Glow with poetic fire, and Truth rehearse.

Oft hath the Genius travers’d on the Globe

In theory’s school, and in the letter’d robe,

But now to sing of envyous knaves and fools

Derogatory, reverse to former schools.

Sapho now sings, and sings but of her wrongs,

Of native truth which beauties would prolong,

But, alas, dismiss those beauties of this Isle,

Mechanic themes must now the hour beguile.

Farewell, awhile, to elegance and ease,

Thus form’d to charm, to captivate, and please

The senses of each Enemy in power,

Sapho, then hail, and greet the wish’d-for hour.

First o’er the penal laws we’ll take a view,

Abandon th’deeds which Latitat late drew,

Who e’er can run, may read his ragged doom

That letter’d Latitat that ******* ******

To betray th’ Client in th’ public house,

Swears, Lyes, descends to low abuse.

So did the Jewess thus her promise keep

To Latitat; Paunch and Cleave, should have a peep,

Who A3r 5

Who perforated holes and in her Jakes

The Lady with her Friends did thus partake.

To see a sight, as may be never seen

On Cleopatria, or Bethsheba’s Queen.

The Bath discover’d, and as Sapho stood

To receive from Husband to the Author. Nauticus the showry flood.

The Physicians Order, to dissipate the groan

Of Sapho, to brace and raise her drooping Soul.

Then why expose each beauty or defect

Of naked Charms, which only you detract.

On Mr. Paunch and libidinious Jews,

The velvet cap, or feather’d Mercury’s Shoes,

O’er feather’d Nymphs e’er cast your pitying looks

On each their follies, who read romantic books,

Jingle the Piano forte, twist the bonnet,

Fillagree and titter at each Sonnet.

Repair’d he next to Staple’s Eminence

Adorn’n with Justice, and most polis’d sense,

Who took his verbal brief, against his wife

And swore the punk endanger’d, e’er his life.

T**** Freehold Tenements **** **** *** one

The conveyancing and Signatures are gone

From Latitat that spurious tool in law,

His claims, so with the Devil must withdraw,

To A3v 6

To consult the Herald painters of the Day.

Vide Don Quixot. Membrinos’ helmet draw without delay,

To paint his knocker with emblazon’d Arms,

The brandy bottle and a lady’s charms.

To recruit his carious wither’d leggs,

His Ideas with his hat, hang on the pegs.

A black Eye’s graceful, in the common pleas

With custom ** ** ****** ****** fees

**** Client or defendant, ’tis the same,

Then Deamons eternally, attend thy fame.

Thus leave him in Esculapius’s hands,

Daniels’s Rhapsody we shall command.

For who can view him and his tatter’d Muse,

With bad prose written for the Parish use.

But inebriated Men with youthful charms

Is e’er unwelcome to a Ladies Arms,

The clammy skin, the odorifis mouth

Is irksome to the beauteous cheek of Truth,

The Matron too and Sapho ee’r will say

Who prefers Adonis, as the new born day.

Now lovely One of the Furies. Aegle chose her umpire seat,

Made choice of A lake of Hell. Avernas to bath her feet,

And A4r 7

And sting the mind with injuries opprest,

Turning her callous mind to sue distress.

Unconscious Sapho exciting thus the spite

Of haggard fiends, untoward on a night

To lacerate, and comforts wish to blight.

Conspicuous Aegle, in an apple Stall

Decreeing vengeance on Sapho to fall,

’Twas thought some Law Lord must pass the decree

Lord Kenyon would most courteously agree

To strike the Scoundrel off the Rolls, indeed

’Twould lop the law from Petty-foggers breed.

Have the Apathy ready to traduce

The Muses favourite by your low abuse,

Sure Madam A Lady in Sampsons Gardens who made it her business to advise a Prosecution
against the Author for a recent Publication.
’tis to you addrest,

To scourge presumtion, equally confes’d

On your infirmities shall be, compassion

Shewn your exterior, e’en let it be the fashion.

Like on a day with truth it may be told,

An honest Tradesman made so very bold,

When op’d the door, this man so grissel’d stood,

’Twas thought this man lay dormant since the flood,

His A4v 8

His Oakum wig was stuck upon his skull

With curls suspended, one by one, in full,

Pin’d trim’d, and resting on his neck, in form

His swoln pockets hung finished and adorned.

Said he

“My name is A forger of Jupiter’s Thunder. Brontis, a small bill,

What I propose is much against my will,

The expence must be, all unto yourselves,

I have many bills laying on my shelves,

And Mr. Burt has got them all in hand

I’ll have my Money got at his command.”

True friend, but will you give the ear

To learn the doubt that enemies are here,

To add, that you are quite enough explicit,

’Tho e’en come, this Money to solicit:

You shall be paid when Nauticus returns,

But should fate decree that he should be in-urn’d

Your Charity, your prayers are understood

For others wellfare, and diffusing good.

But A Baccanallian. Eleus with his iron hand doth sway,

(Tho’ well assured that Nauticus will pay)

Brontis withdrew to make his lawyer’s brief

And thus treat Sapho, as a common Thief.

Thus B1r 9

Thus complicate the Essence of th’ stomach

Two Bilious Spinsters recently did vomit,

With each malicious or th’envious tale

O’er the Goblins, where they could prevail.

Invulnerable Winsor’s Novel brains

To polish her Manners, as she comes from Lane’s

Coarse as a Horse from Flanders just arriv’d,

To amsue with scandal, or keep alive

The Assembly of a grim motly throng

Long waists and ears, respectively belong.

Eleus now joins with his Boatswain’s voice

Who made him Captain, had an able choice.

Addressing bred a Yorkshire Carpenter. Eleus, like the sound of hammer

Now Madam Winsor pray apply to Hannah.

How is the story of that tecnio rule

To measure Margate Pier, and so run foul.

When salvage made, stoutly blam’d the Pilot

Who ***** the shaving Varlet, for the riot.

Suffer a Critic, to set you somewhat right

Settle this dispute, and throw a little light

On each your shades, and dress, th’picturesque

Then don’t unman Eleus at his ruling desk.

B. Harder B1v 10

Harder e’en, than when the shining The false Teeth of a Slopseller’s Wife, dropt from her Mouth on
the Day of her Marriage.

Drop’t on the Ladies plate, would you believe’t.

Who til’d the House, from o’er the Widow’s head

With rain or thunder, on her naked bed.

Who Levy’s for his Rent at Quarter day

Who Levy’s distress, on her, who cannot pay,

Check the Muse, or what would the Muse not say.

The Western Ocean, any boy may sail

The Trades are ever blowing, easy gales.

But making the land, and then, alas!

For poor Eleus ’twas e’er Substituted by illiterate Eleus, for Honduras. Bendoras.

When taking an Altitude ’twas with his plane

Shiver or keep her full ’twas all the same,

Stand by the Anchor, let the fore sheet go,

When Cordage The Ship’s Cordage whistles on the approach of a Gale of Wind. whistled, was watchful e’er below.

To keep his reckoning was ever ready

Charging the Helmsman to keep her steady.

His Plane his Quadrant, ever at his bench

O’er Grog would e’er involuntary belch.

Hand B2r 11

Hand here the Gimblet, make fast the tiller rope

Down flies the Helm, as quick as Eleus spoke.

Answering, the Cund, steady lads meet her

So lads obey your Amphibious Master.

Of brails and buntlines he has taken leave

Hugging his Pillow, pudding in his sleeve;

His Anchor gone, with his Mandarin

Staving together, thus they may be seen

Under the Mulberry, that convenient tree

Where many Doves doth pair, as well as they:

Who Bill’s and Coo’s, and Loves’ their time away

Darling, what do you want? what do you say?

Where was the Text this morning? did you look

In that most Holy, that most precious Book?

Good morrow, Mr. Cant, how do you do?

Pretty well; Mrs. Spinster: how are you?

O! Mrs. Spinster, ’tis a righteous thing

For our salvation, ’twill from ruin bring.

Lord, how them Hussies dresses, did you see?

The South Seaman’s Wife, her that sat next me.

Their watches, patches, and the bushy wigg

And Powder— The Yorkshire illiterate Pronounciation. Pouther’d Earings like the very pigs.

If Christ but saw them, he would send them down

Headlong from each mountain on their crown.

B.2 What B2v 12

What jades, what hussies, spending all the money

Then when their Men arrives, nothing left but ――

Did you see Robin with his goggle eyes

His Pockets stuff’d up with Penny pies?

O! yes, I met him, just by Wellclose-square,

What could he, think ye, be a doing there?

Nay, for what I know, picking Turkey wings

Slyly to the Parlor and all the Errands brings.

Lord bless Mr. Ratlage, who gives us better food

Emitings, sweatings, and all for our good,

I’m invited there to Day, to take my dinner

Who would not then, be a Pye-house sinner.

An Arduous Task, to haul the Rogues to Heaven

Bitter the Pill, and ever Sour, the Leaven.

Go on thou Muse, invigorate the mind

To tell the Injuries, by each combin’d

This Bill of Middlesex before the Eyes

The Virtigo o’er the rapid senses flies.

Our Landlord settled with, and Royal King

Who then in Wonder, can this Action bring?

Now Sapho’s business is on Burt to wait

And learn the issue on depending fate.

Saw but Chief Clerk to Mr. B**t. Mr. Fee, pondering o’er the laws

This declaration ’tis hop’d you will withdraw.

Withdraw B3r 13

Withdraw said Fee, the Copy’s in a hole

Then why not sooner thus come cheek by jole.

Lord Cheek by Jole, with such a mouth

Salivad and hackney’d ever in the truth.

The Nose so isicled, bending o’er the Spencer

Breeches secured, like a merry Dancer.

A forceable entry on a Woman

A thing unheard of, and a thing uncommon.

A Rape committed on the Understanding

Impracticable as Gallics with their landing.

A Rape not Brutus on Lucretia made

Had she kept firm the left and silence paid.

The right knee turned, defends the Lyric view

From all attack of Man and Lover too.

Confute a Monarch and his pensioned Willis

As leave advance a Rape upon Achillis.

No preparatory letter e’er ye sent

To impart to Nauticus your kind intent,

My absent Nauticus, fatigu ’d with toils

Suspects no outrage, or domestic broils.

Twice late embark’d, compelled to bear away,

Strong winds at South, how? tarry or delay,

How could he make the Downs on such a Day.

His B3v 14

His house attack’d by Officers of Law

No Sherriff’s man my Nauticus e’er saw,

His Maratime Commands, ne’er will delay

The Commerce and the King equally obey,

His open heart, and yet more open mind

Is sacred to a Friend, and ever kind,

Untainted by the Commerce of the shore,

Few Women, but, might Nauticus adore,

His manners soft, and naked is his heart,

Ah! who? can act so foul, so black a part.

Why doth our Legislator thus delay?

But regulate the costs for each to pay;

More than the Debt the Costs are to defendant,

Well to our Laws, may add the Code amendment.

Permit me Mr. Fee, the ear, and to convey,

The recent conduct, that happen’d on a day,

A first floor empty by two Mendicants,

Who could supply all their pilferring wants;

Of dish clouts, dusters, and the tarry wood,

Who e’er did warm them, portended little good;

For gouty Bottle Nose with Hannah ran

About the streets, to Brontis, such a man,

And set their Vulgar Engines all to work

Who treat a Debtor, as they do a Turk,

The B4r 15

The Arabs wild, they live by open plunder,

But private Rogues, may snip the World a-sunder.

But hark, the sloppy efforts of the day

Amid these Jarring sounds, which now convey.

Two Loyal Sloppers, hail’d, for Olives ground,

To drill and halbert he that is unsound.

A Black Sheep indeed with Lilly Face,

His head awry, and trim’d with trowser lace.

Armorial bearings, Sheers for his Crest,

No Liver in his Belly, ’tis confess’d.

Who e’er would Summon for Thirty Shillings

Is a petty Rogue, a Scoundrel and a Villain.

Drub those two Sloppers at the drill

But care on their Calf-ish blood, let none spill.

For presuming their betters to distress

Born in the lap of Plenty, and caress’d,

Confusion attend who’d e’er depress a sailor

Confes’d the superior of any Taylor.

Light Infantry, next th’thought engage

Soap, and Tallow, the glory of the age,

Forget not Collecting Clerk to a Brewhouse, a Man of Honor in the Female
World, and Conspicuous all over the Suburbs for a
remarkable Cock’d Hat.
Harriot with his warlike cock

Who greets with joy the face of every sot.

His B4v 16

His face so pink, so white, and slovenly gait

Who longs to see the Coporal break his pate.

Right about, and wheel him in the ranks

Coporal, do your duty, on his flanks.

Make an ensign of Plumb picking Ledger

Hail’d from the Plow, a ditcher, or a hedger.

Who’s no stranger to the Livery Coat

Late wore his Stockings scarcely worth a groat

Untill Sophia’s Money, pilfer’d from a school,

To grace his Shelves, his Counter and his scull

Give thanks to brother footman and his trull.

Alderman Blubberbrains in the rear

These Troops well disciplin’d, dispel the fear.

For Meally Bags, will surely take the hint

Brush up his Firelock, and make sure of flint.

Care on their Carious Bodies, and so scurvy

Coporal, be sure you turn them topsy turvy.

Take care, and of Officers make choice,

From the War department, let the general voice

Prevail, and regulars will grace

Corps well disciplin’d in every place.

Bear rule Lieutenant-Colonel on each Morn

The Earl of Harrington doth much adorn.

His C1r 17

His honour’s undisputed, for the King

Grants him high Favors, and his Children bring

To Royal Tables, as Paternal he

Looks on his Lordship with benignity.

And truly, Sapho, knows his Lordship’s looks

Who can but read, and read but Men and Books.

But to return and close with Mr. Fee

To pay the Debt, with Costs, thus will agree.

Was ever Woman, ever so entrench’d

By Yorkshire Dæmon’s void of common sense.

To take a brief of this same grizly client

Worse, and much Worse, than pale cheeck’d Briant.

Who summon’d each Lady to the Vestry

And not the Altar, for fear of ******

Your Clausum Frigit dims the very sight

Why on an Autumn Day, bring such a blight?

When Laws and Constitution e’er observant

So Mr. Fee, your obedient, humble Servant.

Hold sacred, ever, that most sacred part

Of Character, as private in each heart

Of Man, reveal not ever sacred names,

Or who can stem the Satires torrent vain.

C. Thy C1v 18

Thy shade O! Bolingbroke, O! Chesterfield

To your living works, Sapho’l ever yield.

Who was the Juvenile Companion late

Pellew, now Edward Sir, but such is fate:

Refer to Scenes, which only sad the days

Of polish’d Wit, and check the Poets lays.

Oft at the Sires table have you seen

Sapho re-echo, as the Empress Queen

O’er each the Guests, and tho’ were never few

The heart of Approbtion ever drew.

Of Fraternal Love, in want, yet why complain?

Sadning the heart, increasing but each pain.

Lord Viscount Middleton who holds command

O’er rude tumultuous and Northern bands.

This heart so form’d, so sensitive was given

So form’d, Lo! the peculiar gift of heaven.

Does then the blood of Roxbrough cease to flow

In the veins of Sapho? yes, her cheek it glows

That noble Roxbrough is to her allied

Betray this truth to whom it is applied.

Now wrongs rekindle o’er her pallid cheek

The injured heart in unionunison may beat.

Beat C2r 19

Beat on their Callous Souls, Ah! hopeless thing

Report each truth, injurious, or bring

Each the complaint; before the Savage Patron to the Author. Warriors’ chief

To make, and of the Tale be ever brief.

He’ll say ’tis ludicrous in the high polish’d mind

T’regard the Plebean, or cast the thought behind.

But honored Sire, report the menial’s plot

Tho’ how an Earl of Rivers deal in slops.

Except to see the Bull Dogs of the Nation

Well clothed, and every seaman at his station.

To re-animate those Heroes of the Mars

What British bosom, bleeds not for their scars,

Fight on then Heroes for so just a cause.

O! Tax then Pit, for the National Fame

Ne’er let a Briton, bear a tarnish’d Name.

Late exiled Sidney, contrary to the law

Of Nations; ne’er sheath until the cause

Be amply revenged, O! weep ye sons of Fame

Nor sacrifice his great, his He’ven born Name

To unsaciate Hounds, but stem the thirst

And o’er their Heads, let rolling Thunder burst

Distruction C2v 20

Destruction’s Engines on their guilty souls

Who dare dispute, our Sovereign controul.

Triumphant Reign ye, Neptunes of the Deep

Saciate revenge, and hurl their souls to sleep.

Fox why Aloof? Ah! join your Princely mind

Join with each Nestor, as the Foe combin’d.

Ne’er mutilate, but take the Active part

The duty to your great, your polish’d heart

Aid with your Council, as shake the torrid zone

Revenge our Daughter’s, and our Widow’s groan.

Nor let Biographic Writers e’er relate

False supinious decree impending fate.

O! Fox, ’tis Sapho greets thy Mental power

Say that the British Lion shall this Foe devour.

But now domestic thoughts arrest the theme

To sooth my Nauticus from the general teen.

From wrongs so recent in the midnight hour

As prowling Wolves, that range the desert bower.

Nauticus thus struck on Sapho’s nature soft

Soft as the Zephyrs Breeze, tho’ ah! it cost.

The magnanimous, direful invoke

Born to the ruin of each flattering hope.

Ah! Nauticus, Ah! Sapho’s sacrified

Why paint each flowing Truth, so realiz’d.

Tell C3r 21

Tell but each sorrow to the whispering breeze

To Luna re-murmer thro’ each fluttering tree.

Consign then Sapho, all your sorrows past

To God of the Romans, supposed to keep off Misfortunes. Averancus worship as her last.

Hist then thou Muse, let but th’languid mind

List for the shores of sweet Northumberland.

Where is in view her sacred honored The Author’s Father died of an Apoplec Fit on her leaving

Intomb’d thou Hallowed Earth so much admired.

Admired, convulsing thoughts, O! sacred urn

O’er thy hallowed Grave, incessantly I mourn,

Again awake the soft, the melting song

And all those pleasing joys I would prolong.

Unskill’d in Arts, but those which love has taught

Now sickning o’er each doom in intense thought.

Wisdom with passion can ne’er unite

The first perplex, the second too delight.

Then Gods dispel each briny tear away

And sink Remembrance of each cruel day.

Revert to Overtures, most fondly dwell

And e’er so envyed, and to thee I tell.

’Twill honor thee, and vouch it here I must

Be librated by the lettered man I trust.

A C3v 22

A votary to the sacred shrine of Love

Sure each form fair is so decreed by Jove.

From reciprocal Lips tho’ silent speak

And Hectic thrillings, thro’ each fibre beat.

Stay hasty Love, renew impetuous joy

Hush all alarm, nor fear to prove *** ***

O! yes, I fear thy Evidence may pass

The Central all Elisium overcast.

Beat Pulses high, to each are jointly given

Nauticus replied, the record is in heaven.

O! sweetest draught, delusion fondly greet

Pure tides of Love this soul can fondly meet,

At thy approach, all burning passions hurl

Emitings frail all through the pulses burn.

By sacred Altars, or Holy reliques vouch

The tell-tale bud may issue from it’s couch.

Had Died by the Bite of a Serpent. See Roman History. Cleopatria viewed those envious dames

A Queen may prove a right to Cæsar’s name.

The hissing Viper, there in clusters lay

That poisoned Bite, alas! we feel this day.

Such Roman Emperors ill fates decree

In Senate House crushed down upon each knee.

†His C4r 23

sar stab’d in the Senate House. His Cloak threw o’er to veil his Laurel brow

That long sway’d Roman Arms, in honours true.

The Egyptian Beauty, like from fetters free

Gave up the Ghost, and so must thee and me.

Who e’er insult the injured in distress

Or pain that heart o’ercharg’d with grief, opprest.

A curse on him, to Cerberus such commit

Who vainly sport her name in box or pit.

Of meetings, greetings, assignments vainly tell

Him I’d consign to deeper Pits than Hell.


A variation on the symbol of the Prince of Wales: a fleur-de-lys composed of three feathers and a ribbon bearing the inscription “Ich Dien”, meaning "I serve."

“Ich Dien”