A1r 1

Apocalyps, Chap. 11.

Its accompliſhment ſhewed from the Lady Eleanor.

Thus Reader in a word to thee, what the unſealed words of this Propheſie imports; We even in the ſame Eſtate with them, called well Spiritually hardned Egypt, and ſinful Sodoms great City (pointing expreſly to the Spiritual calling the laſt days what incurable Blindeneſs Arrogancy begets: Here impeached of the ſin againſt the Holy Ghoſt, guilty of the blood of theſe his ſacred Ambaſſadors ſlain by them: the Prophet Daniel and John, no inferior prophets, their Books being interpreted by the ſame Spirit they wrote, and theſe ImprintedA printed A1v 2 printed at Holland, Anno 16331633. immediately ſeized on, ſhrowded in a looſe ſheet of paper: their embalmd bodies about Doctors Commons, the good hour waiting for of their reſurrection wounded in that barbarous manner, aſſaulted by mercileſs, deſperate men, unto a ſenceleſs, ſaltleſs age ſent; bidden, Remember her looking back, Lots faithleſs Wife, who neither diſcern the time, know not the voyce of the prophets, enemies to the Churches deliverance (Micah 4.) promiſed, at laſt, the downfal of her foes, come upon themſelves have fulfilled it: By filling the meaſure up, reaching to Heaven: an account but current heretofore, never compleat till now the holy Ghoſt in ſuch manner blaſphemed: The invincible truth tearm’d madneſs,neſs, A2r 3 neſs, the Prophets Teſtimony as extant on Record, and publiſhed, ſentenced deteſtable, as if any thing were too hard for the Lord in his appointed time: whoſe dead bodies trodden underfoot daily, or ſwept out like weekly Occurrences, thoſe truths; and proceeding with the bruitiſh fact committed on theſe ſacred Witneſſes, or Ambaſſadors arived what their entertainment; though not ignorant what power extraordinary indued with: wonders of the higheſt kinde at their word, waters turn’d into blood, War foreſhewed, Heaven ſhut, and the like, ſmite the Earth with plagues as often as they ſpeak the word, yet theſe raſh wretches ſuch a vexation their preſence, clad in Sackcloth, &c. gratifie with preſents making merry, A2 as A2v 4 as the maner by ſtoping one anothers mouths, to make up the Breach; triumphing over their corps ſlain by the Beaſt coming out of the ſmoking pit or Abyſs, as appears, making War with them, with his furious Train, armed at all points this Britiſh beaſt.

Not a little wilde concerned in it, becauſe ſhewed in this manner: He muſt be killed (verſe) which harms them, touches a leaf of the Tree of Life, a violent death, whoſe doom be he whatſoever, verſ. 5. cap. 11.

And though ſince ſee it true, viſible as their unexpected Reſurrection and Aſcenſion, beheld by their very Enemies, eye witneſs of it: Gentlemen no leſs ſlighted, then by thoſe impious perſons inſenced at their Teſtimony, ſuppoſed ſuch an impoſsibility in A3r 5 in thoſe profane feaſting days, adored by his riotous Lords, Courted by his Concubines, with Belſhazzar, born under a like malevolent Planet: And though needleſs any farther ſhewing, concerning in the laſt time, the laſt days approach to be revealed out of the Prophet Daniel and the Apocalyps, one a Phenix of great Babylon, the other an Eagle, his flight from Patmos Iſle, of times tyranical Reign cut off, and his caſhiered Generation; ſuffering for which glad tidings murthered by wretched caytiffs (verſ.) confirmed both by their Reſurrection and Aſcending: & whoſe ſealed writs reſerved for the end, not opened to be till then or ſerved. Notwithſtanding of Times myſtery thus, his being bidden, Ariſe and meaſure the Temple; after A3v 6 after the ſeven thunders voyces uttered, proclaiming of a certain in what century, ſworn in his wrath, Times being no longer; He forbidden to meaſure the Court, leave it out, given to the Gentiles; of whoſe treading under foot 42 moneths the City, as follows, ſignified by the Temple of God, the year of God how about 16421642. from his leaving the High Court, &c. unto Nazebies blow given him, juſt three years and a half, even from 1641-01Jan. 1641 unto 1644Anno Dom.. 1644. compleat, that Aſcenſions feaſt and cities ſolemn thankſgiving. And thus as the heavens one contained in another, under that great victory obtained, ſhadowed out the general day of Judgement not far off, whereat the holy prophets and Elders not more rejoycing, then the A4r 7 the ireful Nations inraged; like thoſe ſo many thouſand priſoners brought up, &c. filling every place like Hell, likened to that great Earthquake 16451645. after the aforeſaid feaſt, when a Liſt returned with Names, &c. ver. a remnant onely eſcaping, giving glory to God, or took their flight, as ſhewed (v. 13.) all pointing to the preſent century; as moreover 7000 ſlain by the cities fall, the tenth part of it in the ſame hour, &c. confirm’d by the divided number of Seven, a time and times and half (or part.) And ſo much for meaſuring out of theſe times of diviſion never ſuch; and the third wo ſaid to come quickly, ſhewing the other two are paſt: what ſigns and woful tokens viſited with (to wit) monſtrous levied Taxes devouring yong and old, and Engines of war thoſe pieces in a moment deſtroying, men A4v 8 men by Sea and Land innumerable, as though Hell let looſe, the Devils ſhort, &c. And for theſe in ſpecial, let ſo much ſuffice of Heaven opened, or the Temple of God, &c.) with the two Candleſticks, and two Olive-Trees anointed ones, paſsing over the General, what war hath bin waged againſt the Old and New Teſtament, and two Sacraments, the ſum of it, oyl in their lamps, or watchful; &c. including your Holland Ambaſſadors welcom, & that the Cedar if not ſpared, or the root, let the Firtree beware, the branches muſt not be too bold, between whom (the King & Biſhops in hot blood) to judge referd to thoſe two divided brethren, one returning a croſs anſwer, the yonger as free of his fair language, prohibits deferring to give God the glory, or going about to deceive him, with I, I, &c.