Appearance or Presence
of the
Son of Man.

as the father
justifying the
Sonn: the
Sonn likewise
justifis Heapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction
Hee the Image
of god: Shapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction
The sonn of
mans &
both one “who
dispises Them
dispises Him”

& so Him &
His father both
approximately 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Psal. 48. “Thy right hand is full of righteousness,
Let Mount Sion rejoyce,
and the daughters of Juda be glad,
because of thy Judgements.”

Printed in the Year, 16501650.

A1v A2r 3

“Even as I received of my Father”,
&c. “He that hath an ear let him

And proceeding herewith in
another place what he saith,
“who had not concealed it were it
otherwise; That in his Fathers House
were many mansions”
: reserv’d Mysteries,
all revealed not at once, as
much to say, “Men therefore left
without excuse”
: of the iron rod the
Ax bid beware, reiterated so:

even “He that hath an ear” (to wit)
on pain or peril of his head, &c.

Proclaiming no other then the
Supreme Order or Authority, their
unlimitted Commission:“That wch was
from the
“Things before
Hand shews”
The Spirit
after absent so long, how (as it
were) stands knocking at the door”: whereof A2v 4
whereof these the sum or substance
of no inferior consequence: A greater
then the Conquerer, Parliaments
Prerogative not exempted: saying,
“To him that overcomes, and
keeps my works unto the end, I will give
power over the Nations, shall rule
them with a rod of iron”
: His insulting
Enemies necks made his footstool.

“Who speaks the word of the Lord,
and done it is:”
Those Heathen Potentates,
but “like to Potters brittle
Vessels broken in pieces”
, scattered,
suddenly a Printers Press like. As
the aforesaid herewith consenting
shews expresly (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Psalm) “The Lord
said, ‘Sit thou on my right hand, until
I make thine Enemy’
, &c. shall send
the rod of thy power out of Sion, Be thou A3r 5
thou ruler”
, &c. And so much for this
the prophetical everlasting Order.

Whose Prison-commons put
into the reckoning, “In the days of thy
(saying) shall the people offer
thee free-will-offerings”
, &c. Bread (to
say) for the Lords sake, and running
water: “Therefore shall he lift up
thy head”
: “The Lord thy keeper”, “hell
gates shall not prevail against her:”
clear truths as Noon day, not unknown
come to pass: Notwithstanding
by you, “As for this Moses
we wot not what is become of him”
with one consent “afraid all to come
nigh with him, terrified with them, because
of that lusture on his vissage”
&c. “The two renewed Tables
coming down with in his hand”
: Shadow- A3v 6
Shadowed out directly in those revived
Witnesses two (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revel. 11.)
when supposed to have heard no
more news of them: Those lights
deem’d had utterly been extinguished,
like to the day of Judgement,
when those rebels at the same time
swept away in that cities earthquake:
And sacrificing all to your own inventions,
how requisite some real
Demonstration then extraordinary,
such unruly winds, where broken
loose Trees whose fruit withers:
Not for ought good without applyed
means supernatural, not to be
tamed or ordered: Even appointed
this anointing faithful and true saying:
These from her overshadowed
with the same hand, as he Aarons god A4r 7
god that was ordained, like Beams
of Divinity participating, and Oyls
odirefferous, an Elixer not of man or
flesh and blood: “She whose Throne
heaven, earth her footstool from the uncreated,”
saying, “‘I am A.Alpha and O.Omega first
and last, both beginning and ending’
, ‘by
whom all things were done’”
: “Not
without her any thing done or made”
Trinity in Unity, of Manhood the
“Who of Death have the Keys
and Hell”
: Then “the Queen of the South
a greater”
, “born a greater not of Women:”
Melea,a compound
of His Name
“by Interpretation,
Queen of Peace”
, or She-councellor.
And so much for this without contradiction,
she his Executor, “Made
like unto the Son of God”
, the ancient
of days likeness: owner of that Title
of Tythes, to whom “the Patriarcharch A4v 8
offered a Tenth”
, “from the
slaughter being returned of those
; preceding that Cities day
of Judgement prefiguring the final;
for which interceding none might
avail: “Even the Lord upon her right
hand, wounding even Kings in the day
of his wrath; judging among the Heathen:
Heads of divers Countreys
smiting assunder”
: such headships of
the Church
, of such no more.

And weak sights moreover lest
offended overcome with light, for
quallifying the said Deity, or to moderate
the same. Imprimis, first and
formost saying “I am A. and O.” alias,
Da:Davies and Do:Dougles by her first and last
marriage so subscribes, that beginning
and ending Dowger, &c. in
the next thus. Item, Daughter of Audeleigh A5r 9
Audleigh, or Oldfield, in the Saxon
Tongue, also no created Peership:
a Saxon Baron afore the Conquest,
As unto this day, preferring the
act of time Antiquity, before Titles
subject to be revers’d; and so
far for that beginning and ending,
of Kings and House of Lords.

Also Baron Touchet of France,
Castlehaven in Ireland, Douglas of
Scotland: Honors three, consisting
in a fourth, Audeley: Of those Nations
no obscure Denominations,
which late ruined old house of this
Kingdoms fall a forerunner, “Je Le
its motto, “Hold fast till I come”
(INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Rev. &c.) a derivative therefrom:
like unto the Tabernacles work
to a loop, and holy Garments or
Coats adorned with several preciousB cious A5v 10
Stones, following that patern
in their true fiery colours display’d,
consuming dross, “a Refiners fire,
of whose discent, Genealogy
of his noble Prophets no novelty
to be kept, suffices so much in
refference to the Morning-Star,
usher of the day: That honor received
from him, giving the seven
Stars or Plannets: The Creations
coat, arms born: By vertue hereof,
(ver.) “He that keeps my works
unto the end”
, “as I received of my Father,”
&c. whom invincible Prophets,
his followers with whom no
shrinking or back-drawing, till they
have made it good: so much for
their Charge.

Where lastly, by consequence,
Heaven how comes to be her Ioyn- A6r 11
Joynture, place, being no unnecessary
circumstance thus going on:
Thou Bethlehem or Berkshire, not
the least, first of Counties: Even
shewing the words of the most high
God, at Englefield Mannor-House:
That Morning-Salutation for ever
blest, where that voyce came unto
her, speaking down as through a
Trumpet, these words.

Saying, “There is Nineteen years
and half to the Judgement day, And
you as the meek Virgin.”Even “Mene Mene” &c.

Where farther, by way of
Priority thus walking about Sion,
counting her Towers, those
Right-hand years, in the first of
his Reign, AoAnno 16251625, first of his
name of these Dominions, moneth B2 of A6v 12
1625-07-28July, 28. so after the first Roman
Emperor called: He slain, &c.
shewing not to vulgar apprehensions
difficult, in this Cosmographical
Table of New Heaven and Earth:
How under the Gallery of the aforesaid
Englefield-House, where awakened
with that unexpected
Alarm in English: the Western
Road lies a Thorowfare under a
high Arch for Travellers: Also a
place called Hell of old, a Mile or
two distant therefrom, full of pits
within the royalties: The Harbor
of such decrepid with age, and their
Associates blinde and halt, craving
relief nigh the Highway-side,
no Critick observation in the
County of Hartford:
whose Joynture the Manor ofwch maner
sold awaye
by the E:Earl of

bought by
the Marques
of Wincester

and since made
an Example
so it hath
fired wth
theirs Ashbey House: &c. Baszeing Toapproximately 4 lettersflawed-reproduction.
Pyreton A7r 13
Pyreton (fire in Greek) consisting
of a Tythe or Impropriation, shews
1648AoAnno 48. the same year of that Kings
slaughter or execution: she restored
Trinity Term(Her Heldflawed-reproductionapproximately 3 letters
put into Possession of
the said Tythe: By the Sheriff
a Writ Moveas Manus, by vertue
of it, to that Patriarch, sometime
appertaining Abbot of St. Albons:
sold away 1633AoAnno 33. in the days
of her durance, not difficult a little
to regain it; the oftner Argued, the
more Ambiguous, until by the Barons
of Exchequer, in writing the
same appointed to be put down;
so Intricate, &c. Of which holy
Appurtenances Consecrated,
things too exactly which cannot be
observed, 1625AoAnno 1625. Since when, not
any thing acted or come to pass: From A7v 14
From Germanies Desolations, Rochels
Siege, until Irelands Blow, and
what since followed; like one waves
pursuing another, forerunners of the
moments great change and general
Judgement, when persons or Sex,
without such respects
: even which
Passages not unforeshewed by
her hand, together with the aforesaid
Golden Number of Nineteen
years and half to Ao 16441644
. extending
the A.B.B.to Laud his January Account
not onely, but the late Charls when
became a prisoner, Nazeby, &c.Dan: “the stone
cut out wthout

not all
approximately 1 wordflawed-reproductionall the prophet
And watch all &c.
Peter appearing
of our Lord &c.

That day of Judgement, Ao 164545.
current; afterward tasting of the
said fatal Moneths cold Cup: as
Buckinghams August Moneth, him
foreshewed, whereupon (boading
to that Nation a lash) she wan that Acts And a prophet
like mee
approximately 2 wordsobscured
the 4 lettersobscured
approximately 3 wordsdamaged“shall not see Him ’till
, &c
And “Elijah restoring all things” Husbandmen.
approximately 3 wordsflawed-reproduction
A8r 15
that wager to his smart: The typifying
Breeches of the SotchScotch man her
Husband, against such wimzes of
hers who laid them, as he then termed
it, passing not scotfree, &c.

And these with other like, a world
not able to contain them:Imprimis
Dr. Giffords
Wife so maapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction
for many yeapproximately 3 lettersflawed-reproduction
presently mapproximately 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
perfectly approximately 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
approximately 1 wordobscuredItem
Captain Mapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction
the next.
Item Mr.
long in disapproximately 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
Item cast
out of a yapproximately 4 lettersflawed-reproduction
att Rattle
a dumb sapproximately 4 lettersflawed-reproduction
possest wapproximately 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
also this
for another, 16471647. by the same token
that Night a bold Star facing
the Moon (1647-04-02April. 2.) passed through
her Body, at which time served that
Writ, bearing date the 1647-04-02second of
: “I send thee to a rebellious
, &c. INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Ezek. 2. and INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.cap. 12. she
prefixing Penticost ensuing, as
when such a “mighty rushing wind”,
to beware them like as when they
all assembled, &c. witness Southwark:
That Mornings ghests unexpected
“And att supper time
Hee sent out a servant”

“a crye att midnight”
“Hee yt Hath an Eare”
accompanied with such a Thun- A8v 16
a Thunder-clap from above, and
darkness: To the upper House
a warning piece their discharge.

And lastly, a second like unto it,
witness, 1650-071650 July, Jubile, that judgement
by fire in Holborn, and other
parts of the City: Instantly in the
same week she cast out of her lawful
possession of Englefield, by that
Counties Sheriff, being by due
course of Law put into the same:and after Her
husband SrSir
Arch. Dowglas

approximately 2 lettersflawed-reproductionst strikne
approximately 1 wordflawed-reproduction maddnes
the physitians
approximately 3 lettersflawed-reproductionld of an
approximately 2 lettersflawed-reproductiont the spirit
of prophisie
in Him
approximately 1 wordobscured riddles.

But in the Whitson-week, the like
unheard without being impleaded:
for the same Sheriff with pistols and
Weapons to break up doors, done
as he said by a mighty power: All he
had to say for himsefhimself, authorized by
Committees Order, for swallowing
a Widows Estate up after that
maner:And Lastly
1 worddamagedtheire skirmish By Sea
foreshewd from Tobias fishing with
His Dog, &c.
And fasting, under pre-tences approximately 1 pageexcerpt