1 A1r

from the
A:lmighty The “A:” also represents Alpha. O:mnipotent. The “O:” also represents Omega.

Lady Eleanor Davies —wife of Sir John Davies. Poet — late married Sir Arch. Douglas

I have an Errand to thee O: Captain.

2 Kings 9.5.

Printed in the Year, 16511651.

2 A1v

For the Armies General, His Excellency.

My Lord


Your Intereſt in the Nations unparaleld Troubleſom Times: The Flaming Sword for expelling the Man in your hand, which Crowns with no Inferior Honor that Name of Yours: Hereof by her Hand a touch preſented. Derived from his own, namely, A. & O. Letters of no mean Latitude: Armed beſide with his Sword: Sun and Moon when as ſtood in Admiration, witneſs ☉ ☾ These characters symbolize several things. The first is the Sun and the Moon. They also represent the “eye and the horn of the lamb.” The characters are also supposed to evoke “O C” for Oliver Cromwell. their Golden Characters, ſtiled Eyes and Horns of the Lamb, &c. Their voice gone out into all Lands, Pſal. (Rev. 5.) Like theirs here, every one when the fifty days at an end, heard in his proper Language, &c. (Acts 2.) 3 A2r (Acts 2.) The Prophet Joel as foreſaw and others: By whom Decypher’d that Generals Thundring Donative his the Crown and Bended Bowe (Rev. 6.) That Seal or Box of Nard opened; as much to ſay, O:Oliver Cromwel, Renowned be Victorious ſo long as Sun Moon continues or livever.

Anagram, Howl Rome: And thus with one voice, come and ſee, O:Oliver C:Cromwell Conquering and to Conquer went forth.

My Lord, Your Humble Servant,