The House of Bread: or War.

Whereof informs,
Whoso takes a small Roul to taste
cures forthwith Distraction in the
supreamest Nature; with
such vertue indud.
By those tormenters Firy serpents
as they when stung, were heal’d a
view by taken of the Brazen one.

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“Cause Jerusalem to know her Abomination,”

Printed in the Year, 16521652.


Touching the healing of the present

Shews (as not unknown their influence)
the better that we may
judge of things to come; from Examples
in vain not recorded of things
past: Achan as his story for one Epitomizes:
By whom the golden Wedge
or Tongue hid, wchwhich trespass until discovered
of his, thus and thus, &c. no
peace or presence of the Lord any
more. So whence as follows, “Cause
the city to know, &c.”
for recovery of
health, to have knowledge of the disease
since the first step thereto.

Acters or consenters, know ye or be
informed, osof one and the same nature:ture: B2r 3
that of the one “Talent buried also
by him or not improved, &c.”
so much for the better ordering the
Medicine or prescribed Rule: shewing
how in days of those late high Priests
it came to pass Anno Dom. above 36.
By them after what execrable maner
Crucified the Oracles of God
, their late
Altars for that purpose prepared; to
be short, over which a Gyant Crucifix
being erected; “The value not of a
Napkin to cover”
, &c. exposed to the
view of all to kneel before it: like as
in Golgotha that Fridays dismal Day
bowed the knee
: Then his humble
Servants also.

Which Goliah portray’d with the
Crown of Thorns
, wanting neither
its Superscription, done by that in his
Holyness Chappel, a true Copy brought B2 over B2v 4
over by Father, &c. Whilest that
Original as shamefully covered the
Ten Commandment at the East end
plac’d: to their low obeysance at every
turn, least an Eye-sore.

Had contrived under colour of an
Altar Hanging, fastned down to the
wall of course purple Woollen, even
to Ecclipse that Light of Lights:
whereby to cover the Ten Commandments
no obscure business as befel:
Brocht in Litchfield Minster: where
this Monster Table appointed with
the Centurion, armed at all points,
mounted on this Courser: the Beast
worshipt too.

Unsufferable to behold, the one
not more ignominiously exposed, then
the other obscured: to give free passage
to whatsoever abomination.

Where- B3r 5

Whereupon, O accursed, as obliged
for bringing to light the same
Court and City to awaken: Their
Lord Major that year a Litchfield man:
resolved to set some mark upon their
purple Covering, whereon she cast a
Confection made but of Tar, mixt with
wheat Starch, with fair Water heated,
&c. Them possessing with such outrage
flocking about it, some Gunpowder
as though: upon
whose fright, post a Sergeant at Arms
was sent down at Candlemas to carry
her up: Carriers unable to pass after
that Summers drought, when as much
wet again: At whose Arrival,
though Higher Powers certified by
the Sergeant at Arms, of such causless
Panick Terror: yet said, in regard
who knows what she may do in other Mother B3v 6
Mother Churches
: Held it fit to commit
her to the Cities Custody; one as it
were buried quick in Bedlems loathsom
Prison, infected with those foul
day and night Blaspheming:
where was shut up by the space of
two years sufficiently published or
bruted by that time.

When began, the War kindled
in Scotland: And so much for that
designed place Bethlehems Hospital,
alias Bedlem: Bethlehem the House of
Bread signifying, or War, &c.
in behalf of that crying cause,
causless Jealousie of hers.

Never that was called to appear
or answer whether Guilty, but surprized
in that sort, or the Adversary against
her appearing: Conscious of their
abominable Cause, of whose proceedingsings B4r 7
by Luke thus recorded: in which
aforesaid City dwelt a Judge, saying
within himself not difficult to judge
when “Though I fear not God nor
reverence Man”
: yet least this never
ceasing Widow by her Writing,
&c. inlarged thus no ordinary
Assessment were mentioned: who by
casting into their “Treasury those two
, from that seeming Paradox
outstript them all, as Englefield Manor
for one devoured, &c. accompanied
with the unparalleld last troublesom
times Description
: when that
Famine of Faith a fore-runner of his

Return shall to the former of those
precious Tables, able to dissolve Millstones:
Like as when rent the Temple-
vail, Stones and Graves unable to contain,tain B4v 8
&c. men whilest more obdurat
as in the Bladder of uncircumcised
Hearts, which nothing penitrates.

Oyes, himself Westminsters Cryer,
in the mean while much People gathered,
several Soils those, proclaims
“Earth, Earth”, in relation to her Ears
not few: how difficult to bring forth
fruit in kinde, three for one miscarrying:
“He that hath ears”, &c.

Which Ten Commandments
lastly how were Restored; although
yielded not to pluck down the
aforesaid Cloth that Altar Ornament,
appointed nevertheless in an Azure
the Law engraven to be in gold
: Hanged up in all Churches,
bearing date, 0037Anno 37.

To be buried in silence neither,
where by accident in the Prisoners Chamber: B5r 9
: when brought into it, beheld
on the wall the two written Tables
in Moses hand coming down out of
the Mount
, the onely Ornament or
Picture there, hang’d up on a Nail:
not long after rent down by the
Keeper; because unto some shewed
or as a token then what done by
them in Churches: not calling to
minde; “As visits unto the third and
fourth Generation, That hates them, so
mercy, shews to Thousands that love his

And so return to their sufferings:
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Tables of the Law those Lights inclusive
with two invincible Witnesses,
Where the Lord Crucified, &c.

“Waters converting into Blood”: whose
insulting Enemies rewarded thereafterB after B5v 10
with Core and his Companions
in that Earthquake, &c. as when
Prebends and clerk Vicars forced,
were afterward for fear of the Parliament
to bury it in a Donghil,
not one would harbor it, so low obeysances
had made thereto afore:
And this in Stafford-shire their Lord
aforesaid of that County, fulfilling
what honor his anointed ones to
expect: “If the Master of the House
call’d Devil or Beelzebub”
: Bedlem
no dishonor for them, especially whilest
Grandees in that measure their
House infected.

As moreover for that aforesaid
Shire or intire County of Stafford,
not long since belonging to whose
Ancestors the house of Audley of no
obscure Denominations. Audley of England B6r 11
England from whence derives her
Antiquity. Touchet of France, the
Paternal Name. Castlehaven in Ireland,
thence her Precedence alike concerned
in each. From the Province
of Wales that of Davis: and Douglas
of Scotland the Doughty: such a one
of the several Nations as intimates
no less: “A Prophet shall the Lord like
unto me raise up unto you of your Brethren,
him shall you hear”
, &c. “And
every soul which will not hear, shall be
destroyed from among the People”
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whose word a Law: stoops to no
Bulls or other like actings: Prophets
howsoever buried in the Land of Oblivion:
which Nations, as much to
say, avenge her shall of her Adversary
thus supported: “My hand shall hold B6v 12
hold him fast and my arm shall strengthen
him, nor gates of Hell shall not prevail
against her: O Hell or Fleet-Prison”
(to wit) “where is thy Victory now”.

And for a leading touch, these suffices
for this spreading soar, its swellings
to asswage threatning, no less
then Ears and Throat: By our Achans
for the accursed thing put among
their own stuff, as upon his
Humiliation shewed them: And for
this Analogy between the Times of
spiritual Egypts Map. And for that
prophet parallel’d with Moses, by
whom the Golden Calf conjured
down by his Serpent Rod: Those first
and last of Prophets
. Containing a
Brief of a like Dispute as between
them about Moses Body. Jude.

Elea:Eleanor And: Touch:Touchet Castleha:Castlehaven
Da:Davis & Do:Douglas