The Houſe of Bread: or War.

Whereof informs,
Whoſo takes a ſmall Roul to taſte
cures forthwith Diſtraction in the
ſupreameſt Nature; with
ſuch vertue indud.
By thoſe tormenters Firy serpents
as they when ſtung, were heal’d a
view by taken of the Brazen one.

Ezekiel 16.

Cauſe Jeruſalem to know her Abomination , &c.

Printed in the Year, 16521652.


Touching the healing of the preſent Evil.

Shews (as not unknown their influence) the better that we may judge of things to come; from Examples in vain not recorded of things paſt: Achan as his ſtory for one Epitomizes: By whom the golden Wedge or Tongue hid, wchwhich treſpaſs until diſcovered of his, thus and thus, &c. no peace or preſence of the Lord any more. So whence as follows, Cauſe the city to know, &c. for recovery of health, to have knowledge of the diſeaſe ſince the firſt ſtep thereto.

Acters or conſenters, know ye or be informed, oſof one and the ſame nature:ture: B2r 3 ture: that of the one Talent buried alſo by him or not improved, &c. where ſo much for the better ordering the Medicine or preſcribed Rule: ſhewing how in days of thoſe late high Prieſts it came to paſs Anno Dom. above 36. By them after what execrable maner Crucified the Oracles of God, their late Altars for that purpoſe prepared; to be ſhort, over which a Gyant Crucifix being erected; The value not of a Napkin to cover, &c. expoſed to the view of all to kneel before it: like as in Golgotha that Fridays diſmal Day bowed the knee: Then his humble Servants alſo.

Which Goliah portray’d with the Crown of Thorns, wanting neither its Superſcription, done by that in his Holyneſs Chappel, a true Copy brought B2 over B2v 4 over by Father, &c. Whileſt that Original as ſhamefully covered the Ten Commandment at the Eaſt end plac’d: to their low obeyſance at every turn, leaſt an Eye-ſore.

Had contrived under colour of an Altar Hanging, faſtned down to the wall of courſe purple Woollen, even to Ecclipſe that Light of Lights: whereby to cover the Ten Commandments no obſcure buſineſs as befel: Brocht in Litchfield Minſter: where this Monſter Table appointed with the Centurion, armed at all points, mounted on this Courſer: the Beaſt worſhipt too.

Unſufferable to behold, the one not more ignominiouſly expoſed, then the other obſcured: to give free paſſage to whatſoever abomination.

Where- B3r 5

Whereupon, O accurſed, as obliged for bringing to light the ſame Court and City to awaken: Their Lord Major that year a Litchfield man: reſolved to ſet ſome mark upon their purple Covering, whereon ſhe caſt a Confection made but of Tar, mixt with wheat Starch, with fair Water heated, &c. Them poſſeſsing with ſuch outrage flocking about it, ſome Gunpowder Treaſon as though: upon whoſe fright, poſt a Sergeant at Arms was ſent down at Candlemas to carry her up: Carriers unable to paſs after that Summers drought, when as much wet again: At whoſe Arrival, though Higher Powers certified by the Sergeant at Arms, of ſuch cauſleſs Panick Terror: yet ſaid, in regard who knows what ſhe may do in other Mother B3v 6 Mother Churches: Held it fit to commit her to the Cities Cuſtody; one as it were buried quick in Bedlems loathſom Priſon, infected with thoſe foul Spirits day and night Blaſpheming: where was ſhut up by the ſpace of two years ſufficiently publiſhed or bruted by that time.

When began, the War kindled in Scotland: And ſo much for that deſigned place Bethlehems Hoſpital, alias Bedlem: Bethlehem the Houſe of Bread ſignifying, or War, &c. undergon in behalf of that crying cauſe, cauſleſs Jealouſie of hers.

Never that was called to appear or anſwer whether Guilty, but ſurprized in that ſort, or the Adverſary againſt her appearing: Conſcious of their abominable Cauſe, of whoſe proceedingsings B4r 7 ings by Luke thus recorded: in which aforeſaid City dwelt a Judge, ſaying within himſelf not difficult to judge when Though I fear not God nor reverence Man: yet leaſt this never ceaſing Widow by her Writing, &c. inlarged thus no ordinary Aſſeſſment were mentioned: who by caſting into their Treaſury thoſe two mites, from that ſeeming Paradox outſtript them all, as Englefield Manor for one devoured, &c. accompanied with the unparalleld laſt troubleſom times Deſcription: when that Famine of Faith a fore-runner of his coming.

Return ſhall to the former of thoſe precious Tables, able to diſſolve Millſtones: Like as when rent the Temple- vail, Stones and Graves unable to containtain B4v 8 tain, &c. men whileſt more obdurat as in the Bladder of uncircumciſed Hearts, which nothing penitrates.

Oyes, himſelf Weſtminſters Cryer, in the mean while much People gathered, ſeveral Soils thoſe, proclaims Earth, Earth, in relation to her Ears not few: how difficult to bring forth fruit in kinde, three for one miſcarrying: He that hath ears, &c.

Which Ten Commandments laſtly how were Reſtored; although yielded not to pluck down the aforeſaid Cloth that Altar Ornament, appointed nevertheleſs in an Azure Table the Law engraven to be in gold Letters: Hanged up in all Churches, bearing date, 0037Anno 37.

To be buried in ſilence neither, where by accident in the Priſoners Chamber: B5r 9 Chamber: when brought into it, beheld on the wall the two written Tables in Moses hand coming down out of the Mount, the onely Ornament or Picture there, hang’d up on a Nail: not long after rent down by the Keeper; becauſe unto ſome ſhewed or as a token then what done by them in Churches: not calling to minde; As viſits unto the third and fourth Generation, That hates them, ſo mercy, ſhews to Thouſands that love his Commandments.

And ſo return to their ſufferings: As teſtifies Apocalips cap. 11. The Tables of the Law thoſe Lights incluſive with two invincible Witneſſes, Where the Lord Crucified, &c. Waters converting into Blood: whoſe inſulting Enemies rewarded thereafterB after B5v 10 after with Core and his Companions in that Earthquake, &c. as when Prebends and clerk Vicars forced, were afterward for fear of the Parliament Forces to bury it in a Donghil, not one would harbor it, ſo low obeyſances had made thereto afore: And this in Stafford-ſhire their Lord Major aforeſaid of that County, fulfilling what honor his anointed ones to expect: If the Maſter of the Houſe call’d Devil or Beelzebub: Bedlem no diſhonor for them, eſpecially whileſt Grandees in that meaſure their Houſe infected.

As moreover for that aforeſaid Shire or intire County of Stafford, not long ſince belonging to whoſe Anceſtors the houſe of Audley of no obſcure Denominations. Audley of England B6r 11 England from whence derives her Antiquity. Touchet of France, the Paternal Name. Caſtlehaven in Ireland, thence her Precedence alike concerned in each. From the Province of Wales that of Davis: and Douglas of Scotland the Doughty: ſuch a one of the ſeveral Nations as intimates no leſs: A Prophet ſhall the Lord like unto me raiſe up unto you of your Brethren, him ſhall you hear, &c. And every ſoul which will not hear, ſhall be deſtroyed from among the People: Acts 3. ſo a Deliverance time, whoſe word a Law: ſtoops to no Bulls or other like actings: Prophets howſoever buried in the Land of Oblivion: which Nations, as much to ſay, avenge her ſhall of her Adverſary thus ſupported: My hand ſhall hold B6v 12 hold him faſt and my arm ſhall ſtrengthen him, nor gates of Hell ſhall not prevail againſt her: O Hell or Fleet-Priſon (to wit) where is thy Victory now.

And for a leading touch, theſe ſuffices for this ſpreading ſoar, its ſwellings to aſſwage threatning, no leſs then Ears and Throat: By our Achans for the accurſed thing put among their own ſtuff, as upon his Humiliation ſhewed them: And for this Analogy between the Times of ſpiritual Egypts Map. And for that prophet parallel’d with Moſes, by whom the Golden Calf conjured down by his Serpent Rod: Thoſe firſt and laſt of Prophets. Containing a Brief of a like Diſpute as between them about Moſes Body. Jude.

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