From the Lady
Eleanor Davis
Her Blessing
to Her Beloved
The Right Honorable Lucy,
Countesse of

The Prophet Daniels Vißion:
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Belchazer Rex, &c.”

London 1644-09-23Sept: 23 Printed in the Yeare, 16441644.

A2r 3

From the Lady
Blessing to Her beloved
Daughter, &c.

Whose new Interpretation,
not with Froath
filled up, or Interlarded
with differing
Opinions of others,
such old peices having No affinity and
agreement with this British garments
or displayed Coate by blessed
Prophets pend:
So what the Veritie of
those “fouer great Beasts, divers one from A2another, A2v 4
, which should arise &c.”
Who so
would understand & know their mistery for
this very time reserved, hitherto with the
Kingdome of Heavens great seale shut up.

Distinguishing not only Nations
but Times: The very truth of it: N’other
then the severall Coate, Armes,
given or borne by him, the first of great
Kingdoms or Monarchie.

Not unlike Jacobs united Familie
his Wives Children, and Children of the
The aforesaid Crowns
foure, concerning whose peice of super-artificiall
Heraldry unknown to those Heralds
of the King of great Babylon
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at hand proclame the ancient of
dayes, “the aproach of that great day of his”.
“So goe thy way Daniel, for the words are
closed up and sealed till the time of the end”
, which A3r 5
which: Not only the Time, but unfolds
unto what Nation or Language, revealed
those glad Tydings, as by the Word
given to understand thereby.
Even where the great Seale the Impression
thereof, those fouer Coates or Beasts, styled
“Kings which shall arise, &c.”
And the
Coine stampt therwith and the like, &c.

And so the first “in the likenesse of a Lyon
with Eagels wings, &c.”
first displays the
armes of England and France, and then
standing upon the feet like a man”, a Lyon
rampant (to wit) Scotlands coate, where
the other the Irish Instrument, or
Harpe evident also out of Tune, &c.
That no need to say, “‘I am Joseph’”, or over-verball
to be in this case.

No more requisit then their asking A3either A3v 6
either “whether or no thy sonns coate
this of so many colours or peices”
, as in
the field, now those inumerable colours,
&c. That were He living, our
Father Jacob would say, “‘some
evill beast had devoured us’”
, to behold
such blood shed amongst brethren and
cruelty, as Since the Creation such a
flood, the old Serpent never casting out
of his mouth, and so like “Joseph sold to
the Midianits”
, our wofull estate, sale
and rapine made, by Malignant brethren
But such miserable Shipwracke
with us being no news, shall returne
to those misteries of Heraldry.

The frequent OramentsOrnaments of your House
wherefore to explain them farther, but
needlesse; nor endlesse Figures here
borrowed out of old Orators Bookes
, suffices for A4r 7
for figurative Demonstrations such, to
render their meaning truly, “running the
way of the plaine”
rather for the “ancient of
his comming to “prepare the way”. So
for my Commission thus.

And farther as to you not unknown
especially at what time your Mother
became a Writer or Secretary, concerning
the unsealing or interpreting
this obscure peice to open the Vission of
Daniel, though no obscure persons of the
seed of the Kings and of Princes.
Even in the yeere 16251625. undertaken
this burthen, following his steps,
who declares when He wrote first in
Belchazars first yeere, the last
of those Caldeans of great Babylon.

Also shewed in that great plague yeere,
when the City shut up: This Vission then opened A4v 8
, whereof even Then a Signe roor
Token, not without a touch given in those
But “thou O Daniel shut up, &c.”
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word a mistery, cannot passe over them,
as none of the least His being so often
saluted or stiled so highly of the Angel:
“‘O Daniel greatly beloved man’”, as much
to say, too, “O King of great
as Kings and Prophets; Brethren,
“Let him that reads Daniel understand.”

And as it extends to this time also,
beares 1644Date forty foure; directly the
present Yeare as these beareing Record
of time and place, &c. of whose storming
daies thus. “And Daniel spake and
said, I saw and behold upon the great Sea,
the foure Winds strove, and foure great
Beasts came up, divers one from another to B1r 9
(to say) from beyond sea’”
, the occasion
of such divission, ready to be swallow’d
up in these swelling Seas.

“The first like a Lyon, and Eagels
wings, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Daniel 7. I beheld till the
Wings were pluckt thereof: And lifted
up from the Earth, and made stand upon
the Feete like a Man: And a
Mans heart was given
unto it”
, viz. The Lyons Passant
(regardant) turn’d into the Rampant,
&c. After her decease, a Virgin Princesse
of renown’d Memory,
England stil’d great
, and then these foure severall
Coates given, &c.

(And this Sayling on; or pursuing
the Subject:) “And behold another Beast, Ba B1v 10
a second like to a Beare, and it raised
it selfe upon one side: And had
three Ribbs in the mouth of it, between the
teeth of it.”
N’other then as it were displayed
The three Lyllies: The
Armes of France, to the full
given by this Kingdome,
where Nothing but a meere Shadow,
or the bare Coate of it Left, Leaves in
stead of Fruite:
Besides, how by a She-
Beare, as this N’other: Three devided
Kingdoms rent in peices.
The Ribbe or Side, beares Witnesse
thereof, The second Sexe its Character.

And so farther from This saying, too
well prooved
, (“Arise and devoure much
) even what Date it bears
needlesse to say: Her Motto the B2r 11
the Mother not of the Living Child
but of Divissions and Massacres, where
inclusive the ador’d Sacrament called
the Masse: Thus uttered Her
Voice, “‘Let it bee neither Thine, nor
Mine, but devide it’”
: destroy it utterly,
No such Coate then, like to have
any Affinitie with Solomons Ivory Rament
or Robe: as the Ensigne of Peace,
the “Lilly of the field”
, but rather a
Slippe come out of the Bear-garden,
unworthy to behold the Sunne: became
degenerate and so wild: Sometime
to none of the Flowers of Parradise

“And another like Leopard”,
Lyon-like Scotlands Coate
the truth of it displaied Thus: “Which
had foure Heads, and Foure Wings
on the backe of it”
, as it were a Heralds B2Coate B2v 12
Coate or King at Arms,
&c. So great Britains
foure Kingdoms or Crownes
proclaimes by them: And this the
Summe of it; shewing Then revealed
the time of End, when united
These foure aforesaid, &c. As hereby
farther appeares.
(“And Dominion
was given unto it:”
) No small addition,
after Her dayes raigning forty foure
Yeares, for Scotland to give such a
Large Coate by a Prince as unfortunate
in His Progenie and Successor; As in his
or Parents: Wherefore
liken’d to the Leopards
Spoted skinn those sable spots or drops.

And behold a fourth Beast
like a Harpye, or some such
Monster, having great Iron Teeth, and B3r 13
and Nayles of brasse”
, to be short, the Irish
Harpe demonstrated
, likewise the very
wrest as it were “a little Horne”, of
which Instrument not a little out of tune,
as insues, stamping all underfoote” Gods
Law, Humaine Law.

And so farre for the Harpe, Like the
very forequarter or ribbs informe or likenesse,
as strung in that manner ribbwayes,
whose short Horne the expresse
Character of tirrants of no long continuance,
raising up and setting lower, like
the wrest according to their will made
a law, changing and altering when they

Informing moreover concerning the
blaspheming blasts of the little Horne
, “that
had eies like a man, and such a mouth”
, as much B3v 14
much to say, that mouth speaking such
great things, a Womans and no Mans.

Her Proclamations at her command,
“the great Seale the Elders and the
, to with the Story goeing on
of that Idolatrious time, “Come see now
that cursed Womans spirit, she cast downe,
&c. cunjuredconjured up”
, as it were, walks up and
, that like her selfe of her unnaturall
Dogs, Acteon like eaten (“of her none
left to bury”
) Jezebel by name, Woe to the
, whose signification, so no other
than a stolne peice by the Poet, very
like to be, as that for another: Borrowed
from Elias, Elevation, also the fable of
, That Prophets being sought
for as though some where had salne or

Whose B4r 15

Whose misteries or morralls in so
high esteeme among the Heathen a
gainst many may rise in Judgement, of
whom reverenced no more Divine Oracles
further more, to weigh or unite those
times, with our heavie dayes, Likewise
, though voiced, “Jacobs voice like
and the hands of Esau”
, yet such divisions
and slaying of all hands, nothing but
, put the question as though he
sought nothing else
, “‘is it peace’, and thus
saith the King, ‘is it peace.’”

And ever and againe, “Thus saith the
King, &c. Is it peace, Jehu’”
. New
Propositions as it were. And Sir as
long as her Sorcerors inforce doeing
what she pleaseth, “what hast thou to doe
with peace”
, also at her last cast (when this
Motto, “who is on my side who”) “who troode
Her underfoote”
, her inchanting voice, Had B4v 16
“‘Had he Peace that slew his Master?’”
(As it were to looke to his Head) This
blood-thirsty Mistres of Charmes and
Spells like Satans falling those aspiring

So alike the time possest, now see
what a double portion powr’d out of
the curse what one leavs, another taks,
“He that escapes the Sworde of Hazael Jehu
slayes, and hee escaping Jehus Sword
Elisha slayes”
, because the Land devided
as those waters by him parted with the
mantell of Elias, wherewith Sayled over
Jordan River
, and such virtue in it, being
worne out by them, much more vigere
then and Spirit in their Books being
perused and studyed upon.

And Mother and Daughter alike
too. Now she cast into a languishing bed C1r 17
bed consumed to nothing an Anatomy,
&c. scarce any thing to bury.

The occasion of this Lands
deep Consumption
And wast made thereof: Woe to the
House of God
, and the House of Parliament
both, the nursing mother
of Dragons, those Sonns of
Beliall in armes, for as her name
is, so is she Marrah: The Gall
of bitternesse

But because the “‘Daughter of a King’”
as Jehu speake, Here forborne the Remainder,
buryed in silence
, for so births
Prerogative surmounts or goes
before that gain’d by Marrage as desent
and blood, a Character not to be blotted
out, wherewith follows the state of CVirginity C1v 18
Virginity, the presidence theirs,
Not in subjection as others.

And for Elias progresse in the
Spirit: The returne of those long
expected dayes, Let the Reader
be pleased for his satisfaction to turne
but (to the INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Apocalyps the 11) And see in
his Commission to the Gentills.
What date it beares there, concerning the
revealed time of the Resurrection, &c. even
behold the 1600–1699Sevententh Centurye it measured
out by months and dayes, amounting
unto three years and halfe, the
halfe of seaven like the time nothing,
but divission, including the great misticall
weeke, exprest severall & divers
wayes. A touch of which time folded
up with that sevenfold marriage, put the
question in the “resurection whose wife”, &c.

Wherefore of the last (turned) Houre- C2r 19
Houre-Glasse of time, Thus INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revel.
“And in the same Houre a great
Earth Quake and the tenth part of the City
fell, and slaine Seven Thousand, Decima
, &c.”
and thus pend with the
Character of the present when Elias his
dayes shall appeare againe, their Resurrection
or Revolution, as it were by a
beseiged City its modell, and yeelded
or rendered up by the affrighted remnant,
when such publike Thanksgiving,
saying, “‘Wee give thee thanks O
Lord God Almighty, which art and
wast, and art to come.’”
Utter’d (times) treble
voices, to weigh the time, &c.

And as a Reformation time, to the
greatest part hatefull & unsufferable: so
the day of Judgements tydings as wellcome
like the writs of Parliament that news to C2many C2v 20
many also dreadfull, and detestable to
the world, these makes it sufficiently
plaine, “and the Nations were angry the
time of the dead was come that they should
be judged, &c.”
(ergo or viz.) to be manifested
to the Gentills, and so like the last
Supper aforehand, shewing his death,
likewise commands the little booke open’d
to be received and eaten
, as much to say
The last day revealed to be or afore shewed
the Lords second comming, &c.
Also by
two witnesses, to witt, the Bookes of
Daniel and St. John, although reproved
for his firy Spirit
: That he was forward
and sudden in calling for the day of Judgment
as it were
: “Then who knew not of
what Spirit he was.”

And here like Elias and Elijah not to
be parted (those twain goeing along further with C2r 21
with the last time
, those aforesaid mourning
moneths 42. And a Thousand two
Hundred and Sixty dayes, and three
dayes and a halfe, &c. INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revela. 11. all
but sounding the great dayes Alarme in
the 1600–1699seventeenth Century
: Then to
watch as the time for the Elects cause promised
to be cut off and shortned
, to witt its
comming short of 2000. yeares, and so
much for times sentence, to be no longer.
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revela. 10. And the Sacramentall
tree of life
, or Bookes of the old and new
, afore mentioned, “And he
therefore that shall add or deminish
the set time written by those witnesses
let Him expect the plagues also proceeding
out of their mouths, Pestilence and Warre,
otherwise that might have escaped
death no few with Elias have been taken
alive up, debarred from entering the C3v 22
the rest, &c. as that figure of the Resurrection,
double, witnessed by Elijah a
touch of whose Corps therby one raised
up againe, but let downe into this

So againe looking backe to Daniel
touching the little Horne declaring or
sounding the brevitye of great Brittaines
Monarchie, (“Whose looke more
stoute then his fellows”
) “more over thus I
considered the Hornes
, And there came
up another little Horne, before whom three
of the first Hornes were pluckt up by the
, the truth of it as much as to say,
That he the first Heire of the red rose and
the white.
Whose Isue three of them
Crown’d Princes childlesse, deceasing
without Heires of their body
, the Crown
of England fell to Scotland, and great
so stiled
, then wherefore blazonedzoned C4r 23
by those great Beasts foure being
from name of Bruite derived
, whose Unicorns
Horne become as short as his
fellowes. Lookeing of late as though al
by conquest had been his, so according
to his will wresting and altering whatsoever,
and possest with no little willfullnesse
as well as pride, proceeding
from Ephnesse and Shallownesse.

And so from Henry the fourths
taking possesion of the Kingdome, regained
by Edward the fourth of
those royall Rose ten in number (giving
the dunn Cow) so many even
from the House of Lancasters usurpation,
untill the diadem fell to be Scotlands
lott, all which displayed by those Horns
ten and another little Horne, &c.
as Corone
being derived from Cornua, and
Carolos a Diminative, &c.

For C4v 24

For sayling on, the Wind serving
faire still, or for proceeding with the Map
of great Brittains last Parliament, so
, that whose Image this, who
needs to doubt, as a little farther, I
shall hold on, &c. (I beheld, then because
of the great voice of the word
which the Horne spake
, I beheld even
till the Beast was slaine and his body given
to the burning flame”
:) Some may say
“‘hath God care of Oxen?’” Yes doubtlesse
beholds even such a Den or Draught
of restleße beastlineße day and night, St.
so called
, not without
Cause their Priviledge of late abolished:
As hereby appeares the Modell
every of those Courts put downe:
Where so long such Lawlesse doings
there, &c.

(“As for the rest of the Beasts, They had D1r 25
had their Dominion taken away: But
their Lives were prolonged”
) as Hee no
little or inferiour Beast for one, whose
voice set a Note lower
, brought to the
barre, though so long deferred, yet
whose Judgement sleeps Not.

“And then the Ancient of dayes, sitting
in his Judges Robe, and Locks like
, Even the day of Judgement clothed
in the Parliaments likenesse:
the Parliament clouded under, or shadow’d
out by the day of Judgement.
His comming in the Clouds, so all in their
pure wooll, set forth & wooll Seats
, and thus
much for that: “The judgement shall sit,
and the Bookes were opened”
, the Bookes
of the Old and New Testament also:
“Nothing covered that shall not be disclosed
too, and proclaimed.”

DLikewise D1v 3626

Likewise by those Legions of Angells,
beside the Parliaments everlasting
sitting, the warre raised, by them set
forth, like Dooms day as it were, when
the Elements melting and the Heavens
shaking, & Stars falling, like those
Valies of Thunder-Bolts with lightnings,
such a firy Streame now making way:

the generall dayes Epitome & the conclusion
of all these, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Dan. 7.

(“And the Kingdome and Dominion,
and the greatnesse of the Kingdome under
the whole Heaven
, Shall be given
to the Saints of the most high (Or Rulers)
whose Kingdome is an everlasting

As to no other given such a high
stile, except unto this Kingdome, &c. Hitherto D2r 27
“Hitherto is the end of the matter concerning
the end, and as for Daniel his
countenance changed
, and his cogitations
. The troublesome time before
the change, fore saw even our
evill times
, His heart bleeding too, &c.
And as Daniel signifying the judgement
of God
, so that Monsterous fourth
, as much to say; a Viperous generation:

Herewith is signyfied like Josephs &
Pharaohs dreams doubled, even the
1700seventeenth hundred yeare: By this
very measure doubled to bee likewise:
a “Time and times, & the deviding of time”,
or three and a half, (viz. 7.) “Surge
& metire templum”
, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revel. 11. followes
“tempus & tempora, & dimidium temporis”.
The Resurrections time hereby measured
even in the present Century cut in D2the D2v 28
the midst too
(as it were) “Paradventure
fifty there, &c.”
And “paradventure there
shall lacke five of fifty”
, exprest in the
day of judgements very language, as
“shall not the Judge of all the earth doe right”,
and Abram he but Dust and Ashes

With whom saying, “‘Now I have
taken upon me to speake’”
, cannot here rest
shewing farther, as “Noah outlived the
Flood, three hundred years and dyed”
two thousand years after the Creation,
likewise now the time abated or comes
short 300. years, wherefore the disolution
in 1700the seventeenth hundred yeare,
and thus cut off so many yeares, like
the shortned dayes of Enoch whom God
, who lived three hundred yeares
and Eternitys forerunner “begat Metheuseliah,”
thus five hundred years amountsmounts D3r 29
to a Period, as deeply
sworne “the Time should be longer”
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measured by the Creators
“his right hand lifted up”, “Tempus
non erit amplius, sed in diebus vocis
septimi Angeli”
: Times mistery revealed,
as promised to be witnessed by
the Prophets, his servants concerning
times Trumpet then put to silence
“time no more”, &c.

And lastly for 1644-09-29Michaelmus
That happie halfe yeare herein included,
“a time and times and halfe also”,
to disperse the Forces, &c. INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revela. the 12.
and INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Dan. the 12. concerning Michaels
, there signified and so like a
Thiefe in the night as this fearful night
vission, appeares even the end stolne
upon the whole world, or comming as
the travel of a Woman misreckoning sometimes D3v 30
sometimes taken before She looks.

Also farther for this last of Parliaments,
& whereas Gods word able to speake
for it selfe of full age
, other argument
whatsoever, needlesse, it being of a
quicker returne, shall presse another place
of Scripture
, as briefly explaind as others
afore, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Reve. 10.9. Concerning that
Albion Army, and “Aleluja” voices where
even the revealed time of the Lords comming.
And the writs of this happie Parliament
sealed up in one: “Scribe Beata”,
&c. They that are called to this meeting,
&c. All sealed with the Unicorne in
pure Paper, as it were mounted on
white Horses, or like the great shew.
both going together: as noted &c.

“Nomen scriptum quod nemo novit”, the
Parliaments name in another language
, viz. D4r 31
viz. “et vocabant nomen ejus verbum dei.”
“The Word, &c.” “et cum Justitia judicat, et
“And upon his head many Crowns”
“with a garment dipt in blood, deep Scarlet
, “and on his vesture, and upon
his legg written, &c.”

Namely the Colour and Garter of the
order the Knights of St. GorgeGeorge
(“Ecce equus
) likewise from Chival and
Equus. And thus the Knights and Esquires
of both Houses displayed, of
what house, and so from the name of
Oxford, thus, “et vidi Beastiam et Regis
terræ et exercitus”
, &c. INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revela. 10.9.

And for the aforesaid warre so farr, as
for the motive, “Meritrice magna qui
corrupit terram in prostitutione sua, &c.”

Hath bin shew’d afore where she paintedted D4v 32
like her Images that downfall of
Hers before theirs.

Also added these to the premises because
injoyned not to part, or put asunder
what is joyn’d, shewed Farthermore,
“The great Image”, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Dan. 2. even armed at
all points
, the verity of those foure Metals,
“ore Argent, &c.” the very same likewise
divers one from another. Apertains
to the foure great Beasts the one rising
out of the Earth, the other out of the

So contains sars Superscription
even the Roman Empires age, written in
in those Characters of the 3. Ribs, 4.
Wings and the 10. Horns and then
those Eagles wings so lifted up pluckt too,
notwithstanding Germanies manly
looks, that Saxon state: like this great Statue E1r 33
Statue unable longer to stand upon its
feet, not unlike Irelands estate, the modell
of that Empire in such a flourishing
condition, and as the blow then in 1642the 17
yeare of the present reigne
, so the other in
the 17001700. &c. broken so soon in peices:
Wherefore the world but like a Dreame vanished:
Like his suddain awaking in a
moment forgotten all, &c.

But now returning to great Brittains
brittle condition
againe: That union dissolved
and broken in peices since his dayes
: He
the “head of Gold”, as by those peices
called Jacobus, after his name,
&c. And he the Roman Spanish
Emperour by his tribute of
late, since the Indies discovery, who makes
up the head of Gold too
: And all this but
to manifest and shew. “That God is a RevealerEvealer E1v 34
of Secrets”
in these dayes also
: “Reveales
the deep and secret things”
, “And
maketh known what shall be in the Latter
, by divers & severall demonstrations,
as this for another: Of the Axe laid to the
roote: That tree or pedigree whose fruit
much of such a hight
, reached up to Heaven,
this Jacobs Ladder, &c.: And now
but the Stump end remains as yee see.

The very Woods every where
proclaims it, where the Axe never put
so to the Root, such felling, &c. And so
the Axe, that fell into the water, by a sticke
cast into it, caused to swime
: The Morrall
thereof no other then the Resurrection
time revealed to be by the Spirit of prophesie.
As much to say, As the late hand
writing for a seale or signe of it, a sufficient
propheticall proclamation though not on E2r 35
on the Walls, &c.
in the Banquetting-
House, yet not unknown to Lord
no few how these applied. “Thy Kingdome
numbred, and thou found wanting”
&c. and come to passe too, as published
and printed, 16331633 sufficiently known,
in meeter to his Majestie from great
transferred to great Brittain

And so this but the truth of it (shewed
in the
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.12 of the Revelation) How
Satan because he “knows his reigne or
time to be short”
: is ready to devoure
the Woman even for the truth of the
Resurrection time revealed, as most proper
to be performed by that sex, a Woman by
whom death came to be the Messenger of
And so, “Woe to the inhabiters
of the earth,
and of the sea, &c.”

And since a pleasing Theame (as E2tis E2v 36
tis said) makes a good Orator, and
sure I am a worse time then this never
known or ever heard of, so then the
time the end discovered, although pend
somewhat hastily or unperfectly, &c.
being like the hony: and like the hony
gathered out of so many parts, I shall
the lesse need to excuse it unto such as
have a ful knowledge of the Scriptures,
That should it be written at large a
Chronicle or a booke as ample as those
tables, of the Mapps of the World
could I suppose not contain it.

Not sutable to the little book, being
but an Epittomie as it were, and so much
for being not voluminous, especially
when the time so short too: as by Tyrant
time his reign expired
, shew’d to be
and these apointed Scutchins for his E3r 37
his Hersse apeared, those winged Beasts
devouring times likenesse, &c.

As by this one wittnesse more produced
or set forth: asigned to the present,
even in the dayes of these Kings, or united
Kingdoms: “Shall the God of Heaven
set up a Kingdome which never be distroyed.
And the Kingdome shal not be
left to other, &c. And shall breake in
, even to the same effect, with
that INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Dan. the 7. “The greatnesse of the
Kingdome under the whole Heaven, for ever
given to the Saints (or Rulers, &c.)”

“which shall breake in peices, &c.” viz.
By those ordinance or orders of Parliaments,
and feild peices, &c.

And yet not so strange as true, notwithstanding
such a troublesome time O E3v 38
“O let Ismale live” as it were prefer’d before
Isaac to be his Heire, And Absolons
life before Solomon the wise (“O Absolon
my sonne Absolon”
) Like Egypts Leekes
& Garlike before Canaans Grapes, &c.
And so preferred this worlds vanity &
folly before everlasting Righteousnesse,
endlesse Joy, life eternall, and now
ended thus this point of Honour, displaying
the Ancient of dayes his Kingdome
your portion
to you dedicated: that
so punctually have discharged that duty
of the first commandement with
promise, in so much and such dishonour
endured, have bene your mothers
Copartner, even You, her alone
and sole support under the Almighty.
So “Veni Domine Jesu”, gracia Domine,