By the Lady Eleanor:

“For it is the day of the Lords vengeance:
and the yeare of recompence for the controversie
of Sion”
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Printed in the yeare 16441644.

A1v 9

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“And I saw a New heaven, and a
New earth, for the first were passed away.”

“And I John (Joh:annes) saw the
holy Citie, comming downe from Heaven
as a Bride prepared”
, &c. shew’d by
one of the seven Angels (to wit) Winged
(the 17001700. yeare) which had
“the seven Vials full of the seven last plagues,
saying, ‘I will shew Thee the bride the
Lambes wife’”
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The spring in her variety of Colours,
the Earth in all her riches, who begins
with; it: for Times farwell, shewed or

A2 But A2r 8

But to bee briefe herein, as every
Moneth of the Yeare shews, Named
severally, by the Tribes and Apostles
Names, written on those Gates and
Foundations twelve in number: where
Juda for January and the like, and the
Wall answerable thereto twelve thousand
furlongs all bidding time farwell:
So by the measure of the Angel, Time so
swiftly fleeing
a father of so many generations,
even the Yeare 16441644: “is measured
by those Cubits 144”
. With the foure
quarters of the Yeare
, three moneths alotted
each: “Of such even Length and Breadth, all
: “Three to the East, and three
to the West”
, &c. where the equall Day and
Night put into the reckoning or ballance.
“And so every Gate of one pearle”, one and
thirty dayes apeice: The most of these

And A2v 7

And farther for the very place thus
figuring aged time: the Tower of Londons situation
represented, the Cities safety, that
great store house even shew’d St. John
then newly done: unreparable now not worth
your beholding to what then was
: turned into
a prison, a place of teares and death, together
with the street of this Citie “not unknown
of pure Gold like transparettransparent glasse”
: the
mint on both sides lettic’d: With that
“Christall Spring proceeding out of the
Throne of God and the Lambe”
, as Agnus
for Anno Dom: and Mensura for Menses,
&c. And so “the tree of life which
yeelds itits monthly fruit for the healing of
whose evill incureable without it.
to wit, The last day revealing their only
remedy: “That water of life, free for every
one come and take it”
, so farre from being forbidden
within the compasse of any curse or A3r 8
or point of curiosity that it is become a
blessing, no lesse then one of the commandements
to doe it.
As the second death appointed
to be their portion the fearfull and unbeleevers
which shall add or doiiminish
from the words of this book and faithfull
prophesie shewing the Lords second

Seconded thus in the 7. Chap. and Chap. 14.
Where concerning the great blow in such a yeare
all going upon that great number. “And I saw foure
Angels standing on the foure corners of the earth holding
the foure winds, that the wind should not blow”
, till
a hundred fourty and foure sealed
,or compleat:
As it were our great
Army: twelve times twelve bidding times adeue,
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Heaven likend to five wise Virgins and five foolish”
, no
doubt pointes at the blessed Virgins feast, not to be
unprepared, then.approximately 1 letterflawed-reproductionnye yeare
begins so
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yeare 16451645:
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