By the Lady Eleanor:

For it is the day of the Lords vengeance: and the yeare of recompence for the controverſie of Sion: (Iſaiah 34.)

Printed in the yeare 16441644.

A1v 9

Revelation. XXI.

And I ſaw a New heaven, and a New earth, for the firſt were paſſed away.

And I John (Joh:annes) ſaw the holy Citie, comming downe from Heaven as a Bride prepared, &c. ſhew’d by one of the ſeven Angels (to wit) Winged time (the 1700yeare) which had the ſeven Vials full of the ſeven laſt plagues, ſaying, I will ſhew Thee the bride the Lambes wife; Even this approximately 1 wordobscuredAgni: The ſpring in her variety of Colours, the Earth in all her riches, who begins with; it: for Times farwell, ſhewed or ſignified.

A2 But A2r 8

But to bee briefe herein, as every Moneth of the Yeare ſhews, Named ſeverally, by the Tribes and Apoſtles Names, written on thoſe Gates and Foundations twelve in number: where Juda for January and the like, and the Wall anſwerable thereto twelve thouſand furlongs all bidding time farwell: So by the meaſure of the Angel, Time ſo ſwiftly fleeing a father of ſo many generations, even the Yeare 16441644: is meaſured by thoſe Cubits 144. With the foure quarters of the Yeare, three moneths alotted each: Of ſuch even Length and Breadth, all foure-ſquare: Three to the Eaſt, and three to the Weſt, &c. where the equall Day and Night put into the reckoning or ballance. And ſo every Gate of one pearle, one and thirty dayes apeice: The moſt of theſe Unions.

And A2v 7

And farther for the very place thus figuring aged time: the Tower of Londons ſituation repreſented, the Cities ſafety, that great ſtore houſe even ſhew’d St. John then newly done: unreparable now not worth your beholding to what then was: turned into a priſon, a place of teares and death, together with the ſtreet of this Citie not unknown of pure Gold like tranſparettranſparent glaſſe: the mint on both ſides lettic’d: With that Chriſtall Spring proceeding out of the Throne of God and the Lambe, as Agnus for Anno Dom: and Menſura for Menſes, &c. And ſo the tree of life which yeelds itits monthly fruit for the healing of Nations whoſe evill incureable without it. to wit, The laſt day revealing their only remedy: That water of life, free for every one come and take it, ſo farre from being forbidden or within the compaſſe of any curſe or A3r 8 or point of curioſity that it is become a blesſing, no leſſe then one of the commandements to doe it. As the ſecond death appointed be their portion the fearfull and unbeleevers which ſhall add or doiiminiſh from the words of this book and faithfull propheſie ſhewing the Lords ſecond comming.

Seconded thus in the 7. Chap. and Chap. 14. Where concerning the great blow in ſuch a yeare all going upon that great number. And I ſaw foure Angels ſtanding on the foure corners of the earth holding the foure winds, that the wind ſhould not blow, till a hundred fourty and foure ſealed,or compleat: As it were our great Army: twelve times twelve bidding times adeue, &c. And farther for Mat. 25. Where the Kingdome of Heaven likend to five wiſe Virgins and five fooliſh, no doubt pointes at the bleſſed Virgins feaſt, not to be unprepared, then.approximately 1 letterflawed-reproductionnye yeare begins so approximately 2 lettersflawed-reproductionints at ye yeare 16451645: Current approximately 7 wordsobscured