Crying Charge.

Ezekiel 22. Now thou Son of man, wilt thou judge, Wilt thou judge the bloody City: yea, thou ſhalt ſhew her all her Abominations, &c.

Printed in the yeer 16491649.

A1v 2

To the High Court of Juſtice, appointed for the Tryal of Charles Stuart King of England. By the Lady Eleanor Douglas.

Shews The Kings conſent therewith, how Mervin E. of Caſtlehaven, Lord Audeley, unmercifully was ſentenced to death Eaſter term 16311631, and in May cruelly executed at Tower-Hill, accuſed falſly of two Crimes, what lewdnes could and malice produce; one, Of this being acceſſary to a Rape committed on Ann his wife, done by a Page, one Broadway; and, Of Sodomy (made death H: 8.) committed with an Iriſh Footman, Fitzpatrick O Donel; which aforeſaid Lord Audeley indicted of Felony,lony, A2r 3 lony, brought to his tryal at weſtminſter, the K.King Attorney where ſhew’d, The King like God, would extend to the priſoner all mercy: Likewiſe the Lo:Lord Keeper that day Lo:Lord High Steward, becauſe the cry was great of Sodom, would ſee whether thoſe things were ſo; the Witneſſes whereupon call’d to appear, ſhe a common Whore her husbands accuſer, without ever appearing in Court, or taking any Oath, had there contrary to the Law, one of her conſorts that ſaid, My Lady upon her Honor ſaith thus, &c. or, It was true.

The other Witneſs, the Iriſhman, he a vagrant, had ſerved under the Emperor, although a Papiſt, had contrary to Law, his Oath taken at the Bar, refuſing the Oath of Allegiance; where askt by one of the Judges the maner, confeſt, Not the act, but somewhat of a foul A2 na- A2v 4 nature, &c. what ſuch malice & the like might invent, promiſed to be the Queens Footman. The Attorney, one not to ſeek of his Errand, ſaying, Howſoever, it was an act of Uncleanneſs; prayed the Court to proceed upon it: My Lords, ſaid he, you have heard this odious Crime, how dark and myſterious ’tis grown; you must be curious therefore how you admit of any mitigation: who accordingly his counſel took, &c.

Upon which pronounced, Lord have mercy upon thee the priſoner, to loſe his life fortwith, of ſuch promiſed mercy enjoyed the firſt fruits.

All which undue ſiniſter proceedings by way of humble Petition ſigned to the K.King when perceived to what a low ebb the cry was faln and his Chaplains, Deans and others appointed to attend the priſoner,ner, A3r 5 ner, partly by their relation, he thrice in their preſence had taken the Sacrament upon it, He was not guilty of thoſe criminals; was pleaſed by them to let the priſoner know his gracious Anſwer, He ſhould dye like a Peer of the Realm, be Beheaded, and not Hanged like a common perſon: whoſe Servants, his Page the principal, who ought to have ſuffered, before the acceſſary; he and his fellow-ſervant the Footman were brought to their tryal the next Term.

In behalf of whom the aforeſaid Broadway, came up divers Gentlemen of the County to inform the King, able to teſtifie of the Youths coming home to his Fathers houſe, more then ſix moneths afore the time put down by her of the Raviſhment, this Broadway come away from his Lords ſervice.

Who A3v 6

Who at laſt caſt; when upon the Ladder ſo far proteſted both his Maſters innocency that way and his own; taking God to witneſs, A virgin he came into his ſervice, and a virgin went forth of it.

O Donel praying to St. Dennis, cryed out upon ſome of the Privy Councel that told him, He muſt ſpeak for the King, and thought not to be ſerved ſo.

And this mans houſe utterly ruined, chiefly, becauſe had declined Popery, before his untimely death ever ſuſpected; endeavoring to reform his Family, by which means caſt himſelf upon the mercileſs times. Mervin Earl of Caſtlehaven, that faithful Martyr, ſuffering (as it were) between thoſe twain, one on the right hand, the other on the left, the honor having to be the firſt entred into the A4r 7 the joy of his Lord, of whom not withſtanding the worſt any in the world could world could ſay, was, He had the beſt things in him of any, and the worſt: Upon the Scaffold making this his Confeſsion;

In the Name of God Amen.

I Mervin Earl of Caſtlehaven, being in my full ſtrength and memory, thanks be given unto my Maker, having been branded and openly accuſed for change, alteration, and doubtfulneſs of my Faith and Religion; I thought fit like a Chriſtian man to give ſatisfaction upon what ground I ſtand for my belief, and to expreſs it under my hand, for the ſatisfaction of all charitable people and Christians.

Firſt, I do believe in the bleſſed and glorious Trinity, three perſons, one eternal and overlaſting God, God the Father, God my Redeemer, and God my Sanctifier.

I do relye upon the merit, death and paſsion of our bleſſed Savior Christ Jeſus, and upon his mediation for the remiſsion of my ſins.

I do A4v 8

I do believe and uſe with most humble reverence our Lords Prayer, the Creed of the Apoſtles, and the ten Commandments, as they are ſet down and allowed in the Church of England.

I do believe the Canonical Scriptures, and that they are written by the inspiration of the holy Spirit.

And for the reſt of my belief, I do refer it to the true Orthodox Faith of our Church of England. And from the Articles received at this preſent in the Church of England, and confirmed by authority of Parliament, I do not differ in any point, renouncing all the Superſtitions and Errors taught or believed in the Church of Rome or any other Church; in which Faith I will, God willing, continue to my lives end: In teſtimony whereof, I have hereunto ſubſcribed my Hand this firſt of May, 16311631.


Pſal. 116. Righteous in the ſight of the Lord is the death of his Saints.