When was
Preſented the likeneſs of a Hand, &c. for a present
(Kings 18.) as Likewise this Hand or monster Foot

Mark 13.

But when ye ſhall ſee the Abomination of Deſolation (or maketh deſolate) ſpoken of by Daniel the Prophet, ſtanding where it ought not; Let him that readeth underſtand, &c. (Dan: 9 1 letterobscured) Abominable Armey (or approximately 3 lettersflawed-reproduction Wing in ye original)

Printed in the Year 16501650.

A1r 3

Elias Interceſsion preferr’d.

O Lord of Hoſts our God, How long thou Lord of Sabbaths, thus ſhall ſilence be in Heaven? How long whileſt they ſuppoſe like their ſitting Gods thou likewiſe faln aſleep, ſlumbreſt, or heareſt not at all; as theirs purſuing the Enemy, or on a march; thy thundring Voyce refrain no longer: O this day be it known That Thou art God, I beſeech thee, I thy Servant alſo, hear me for thy Words ſake, above all haſten to Anſwer, hear me, bidden in thy Name but ask Fire, fire, from the Wheels of thy Seraphin Throne,Wittnes Bapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction so many Bapproximately 2 lettersflawed-reproduction 1651-08-23August 23: 1651 That Thunder &c. vouchſafe the light of thy preſence, a ſpark thence to lick up at once or Reconcile (a Deluge of ſuch Diviſions) threatning no leſs then quenching Celeſtial flames; Thy Incenſe ſmoke to A A1v 4 to extinguiſh thus arm’d to re-edifie Babel-Rout theſe Gyants then as fared with thoſe falſe Prophets16511651 as Mr. Love &c. both of one Spirit, Lo crying from morning to night too, Let none eſcape either, deſpiſing not the Birthright onely (ſure Promiſes) But where thou bleſſeſt, filling up with inveterate hatred the meaſure of ſuch Long-ſuffering, the World, made believe thy Spirit confined in the Hemiſphere of their Studies; That the Jews how much bleſt, uncalled in ſuch revolted times, where beſide Confuſions Mark ſet on the Age preſent, confounded alike as that firſt Generation after the flood, their aſpiring Towers Erecting when ſcattered, whether then turned Turks and Saracens, that mother of Abomination, bear witneſs, Mahomets Blaſphemous Alcoran alſo, at Pauls, A2r 5 Pauls, Cum Privilegio the Great Whore ſtilled well Babylon, never more Bruitiſh after once inlightened, the Night paſt, that whoſo runs may read, not a tittle failing, whoſe preſence likened to Lightning out of the Eaſt, ever ſhining unto the Weſt, coming not ſhort of the Jews Viſitation, notwithſtanding in as much want (if not more) to be reingrafted ſtanding themſelves, to Babylon lo returned.

As moreover witneſs to this day in the firſt place, without Baptiſm; ſupperleſs both; Nuld by them ſuch a Deed of Gift beſtowed on thoſe Maſters of Art our Rabbies, whereas in the Ark its firſt figure all at full Age, till after the Flood none born unto them; impoſed nevertheleſs by theſe Gog and Magog AdmintſtratorsAdminiſtrators on ſuch, knowing not the right hand from the A2v 6 the left, retaining other Character, none but hearſay; together with the other left off, or taken as ſome morning potion, and other like Tradition: armd with thy Brimſton Bow, appeal to thee, O righteous Judge, thus where turned into Wormwood, the Waters of Life no few periſhing that way the Springs of Juſtice anſwerable, if weighs not Naboths Caſe down Ahabs ſword, inſtead of Solomons ſeaſon’d in the ſtrife of that now deſpiſed Sex, of Turkiſh ſlavery more then a taſte partaking, Widows Eſtates put into the Ballance, in the Worlds ſtate of Infancy, that if repenteſt at the heart, thou madeſt him not a Beaſt. Rather, leave it to the world alſo of ſuch an Expreſsion the extent how much ſince concerned in it, that in Expectation of New Jeruſalemslems A3r 7 lems Nuptials were it not, better a Thouſand times the Gentiles Church ſince the Apoſtles Age, to have periſhed in that foreſhewed Siege and Deſtruction, not a ſtone left on a ſtone, alſo they as obdurate.

Which Petition wherein without farther Proceſs, not like Attorneys Bills, ſuppoſing to be Heard for their much Repetition.

Where laſtly to be ſhort with the time like that little dark Cloud a Hand like, to the waiting Prophet no ſmall welcom token, as gathered therefrom theſe of Palmiſtries Science, extending to the preſent Jubile or Number of Fifty; ſo points to a Blow when as much attention lends to their Note, as they of ſuch took notice ſent from him, thoſe Baals Sons the Image of God both alike, as the Baboon or ſuch like A3v 8 like theirs carried with the current of the Cormorant Times. And ſo far for them drinking at the Brooks ſide their farewel, Four hundred and fifty, for Fiſh and Fowl ſuch an unexpected evening Banquent.16511651 Banishd & thus sold att Chelsye &c And for the peoples hearts turned back, truſting in heartleſs Leaders, attended with that bleſſed ſhower expected as little, ſo long after the Heavens reſtrained; and in Iſrael no few Widows too, but unto none of them, ſave to Sareptas Widow of Sidon, &c. As thereby that line behold meaſured the preſent Abominable Age its coming to it ſelf again, cleanſed the unparalleld Leprous Time.

By Eleanor Tichet.