A1r 1

Ezekiel the Prophet

Explained as follows.

His writ served of Rebellion Lamentation Mourning and woe

So many having attempted the ſtraits or paſſages of this Labyrinth, and loſt their labor who went about it, could not but drop a word, have thought it not amiſſe or unſeaſonable, as wiſe as they are that miſſed their mark, a taſte or touch to give them, of the tree of Life, otherwiſe cald the myſtery of Times and Seaſons, reſerved for the laſt time, this Sacramental little Rowl, with ſuch a ſolemn proteſtation bound touchingA ing A1v 2 ing times being no longer, which precious Manna, the Prophet Ezekiel and John the Evangeliſt both taſted of, not longed for a little (Acts I

But haſtning on Cap. I. now in the Thirtieth year, &c. And I looked, and behold a Whirl-wind came out of the North, a great cloud, &c. where thoſe winged creatures four, &c. repreſented by the Tabernacle; alſo the Lamp, &c. as it were thoſe Curtains, every one of one meaſure joyned one to another with ſo many loops or eyes, and rings above ſo high, beſides their running ſideways, like thoſe ſwift creatures who went on their ſides when they ran, their diſplayed wings ſending forth ſuch a noiſe, of a ſpherical work, &c. And A2r 3 And ſo much for theſe Curtains of his Pavillion, typifying the four Evangeliſts agreeing in one, ſaid to kiſſe or touch, &c.

Whereof Apocalyps the Fourth thus, of the aforeſaid four Beaſts, and the Lightning proceeding out of the Throne, ſhews firſt of the Lamp; And there were Seven Lamps of fire, which are the Seven Spirits of God, &c. Cap. 5. The Seven Spirits and Seven Eyes ſent forth into all the Earth, as their Characters ⊙ ☾ read through the world.

So to ſhew the truth of it, even the full Moon deſcribed its paleneſs in the Saphir-like Firmament, and no other likened to the Amber, and Fire its brightneſſe, when this conceptionA2 ception A2v 4 ception of gift of the holy Ghoſt, &c.

Giving withal to underſtand, received or rejecting it, notwithſtanding how Propheſie ceaſed not, nor the Spirit (as the world would have it) totally is quenched; But the Writ or Label of this little ſealed Rowl being firſt ſerved on them, cald a houſe of Rebellion, or a rebellious houſe ſo often; afterwards to be ſerved again, reſerved even for our days, as if any be pleaſed to obſerve, directed to our 1600–1699ſeventeenth Century, by the ſlain Lamb, Redemptions figure, Cap. 5. having ſeven Horns, and as many eyes; alſo witneſſe the grand Jury, thoſe Twenty four Crowned Elders, ſo many times mentioned, and A3r 5 and as ſhewing ſince the Conqueſt Four and twenty Crowned, ſo Seven hundred years ago thereabout.

And thus going on when this ſacred Writ to be ſerved, how it came to paſſe; how diſtaſteful to them, hony in the mouth, bitter in the belly; compared to a womans travel, or as fares with Officers earning a Fee venture their lives upon Arreſts, even the ſum of this Viſion reſtleſſe Priſons deſcription, clouded under the glory of the Tabernacle, ſets forth a Chamber-Bedſted and appurtenances, the Gatehouſe priſon, in the year of Redemption, 1634-09-241634. September 24. full Moon the everlaſting Lamp, priſoners fire and candle, who from the Angel ſent thither the Holy Ghoſt, that by the ſpace A3v 6 ſpace of an hour, the Bed his throne reſted thereon, from his mouth for a farewel received a ſalute; and for another farewel, that had on his right hand an Amber glove, leſt ſuch an odoriferous ſcent when he was gone, all oyled with Amber- greece, the ſpirit thereof proceeding from the Leather, ſo far beyond expreſsion, as it were inviſible food, like when as ſaid, Cauſe thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels, the hand being ſent to him with the Rowl or Book ſpread, &c. a Holy, holy, holy day, by whom obſerved ever ſince.

And for Lamentations, Mourning and Woe, ſuch cryed up and down: So much for this time cryed unto, O Wheel, cap. 10. beſides pro- A4r 7 proclaims winged Times reign includes years, containing the four Seaſons, Moneths, Weeks, Days and Hours, not returning reſtleſſe time, with the Clock wheel its motion, likewiſe Rings out the Abbey Bells, thoſe mounted wheels, Verſe 18. Verſe 19. like theſe living creatures likened to burniſhed Braſſe, with their aſcending and deſcending; and for the dreadful Rings ſo much, &c. Cap. I. ver. 18. that were ſo high, their ſound or noiſe like great waters, the Voice of the Almighty coming from Heaven, as it were: And ſo farther for that ſpacious round Window, the glaſſe its curious work compared to the Beril of a Sea-green colour, as the dreadful Chriſtaline Heaven all with one voice A4v 8 voice proclaim the dreadful Judgement day reveald at hand, to a City moſt rebellious.

Given under the hands of thoſe Cherubs, under their wings that had hands, with that hand ſent, &c. ſeals and ſignifies it, rings out Times farewel: And for the word of the Lord expreſly ſo much. Rev. I. Write the things which thou haſt ſeen, and the things which are, and the things which ſhall be hereafter.