The bleſſed Feaſt

Writs, By the La.Lady Eleanor.

Let the Heavens rejoyce, and let the Earth bee glad: Let the Field be joyfull, and all that is therein, before the Lord, for he commeth, for he commeth to judge the earth: he ſhall judge the world with righteouſneſſe, and the People with his truth.

Printed in the yeare, 16461646.

A1v A2r

To the Isles of Great Brittain theſe; from Patmos Ile:

Because the time ſhort, as here ſhewed in the name of God, Amen: ſhall name the Child, Name ly the bleſſed lambe extold ſo, and magnified in the Apocalyps: Even the weeke of Easter, (as much to ſay) when the generall Resurection time: And this is the interpretation thereof; of which aforeſaid Feaſt covered under no few figures, Metaphors and the like: Thus, obscuredye revelation

A2 Given A2v 4

Given with ſuch a ſpeciall charge, to keepe the things written therein; verſe 3 (to wit) containes Infalible fore-runners and ſignes, when the End of time at hand for the Churches Preparation to ſtand on their gaurd, left ſurprised unawares.

And as here Times and Seaſons miſtery proclaim’d with Times treble voices: grace and peace from him which is, and which was, and which is to come: And from the ſeven ſpirits before (or in ſight of) the throne, ſo ſhews withall His day of comming a greater then his proclaimed by great Brittain, whoſe feaſt ſolemnized about the Reſurrections feaſt, --03-27March 27.: Thoſe firſt and laſt Princes, or Kings; Of which laſt time the Prophet Daniel Thus in his laſt; And at that time ſhall Michael ſtand up the great Prince &c. who ſeales it with theſe, Dan. 12. And many that ſleep in the dust, ſhall awak,&c. including those obſerved Feaſts aforeſhewed, for an expreſſe token of the generall Reſurrection in their Reigne, and at that very time and ſeason.

Touching which turning again to the Revelation

A3r 5

And with the Signe of the Lamb, proceeding lation, bearing the ſame date, vers. 5. And from Jeſus Christ the faitfull Witneſſe, the firſt begotten of the dead, Prince of the Kings of the Earth: That loved us, and waſhed us from our ſins in his own blood, concluded With theſe, and hath made us Kings and Prieſts, &c. To Him be glory and dominion, for ever and ever, Amen.

Behold Hee commeth, &c. Saying, I am Alpha and Omega: Even ſo upon the Lords day ſhewed unto that happie man: The Diſciple whom he Lord above the reſt entruſted, The likeneſſe of the dreadfull day of judgment ſtanding in the middest of Watch-lights, ſaying; feare not, I am the firſt and the laſt King; I have the Keyes of hell and death: Write the things which Thou haſt ſeen, &c. And he that hath an Eare let him heare the Spirit of Prophecie, and repent. Behold, I ſtand at the doore and knock, to Supp with him who holds the ſeaven Starres in his Hand, The evening of Times Enſigne.

And A3v

Andbriefly beyond hope, that prevailed to open the ſeVven Sealed Booke of Times Myſtery; after his much weeping, becauſe no man was found worthy to read, or look thereon: No not the Prophet Daniel, who more then once was bidden go thy way, (Dan 12.) for the words are referred for the end of time.

Thou ſhalt reſt, &c.

Even ſo, Glory, Honor, and Peace, be aſcribed to the Lamb, (Easter our Rest) before whoſe face (Rev. 6.) Kings of the Earth, Mighty men, Great men, Rich men, and chiefe Captains, then taking their flight, as who able to ſtand in ſuch a Storm of confuſion, then commeth the great day of the wrath of the Lamb.

Revel. Chap. 7.

As here the yeare of Grace 16441644. followes, when. accompliſhed (Or Seal’d) thoſe pernitious Windes till then not let looſe.

And the Seales being ſealed or oppened, thus proceeds.

And after theſe things, I ſaw foure Angels ſtanding at the foure corners of the Earth, holding the fower Winds, that the wind ſhould not blow: Saying hurt not the Earth, nor the Sea, till Wee have ſealed the Servants of God in the Foreheads. And A4r 7 And I heard the number of them that were Sealed, and there Was ſeald a hundred and forty &c. twelve times twelve, ſerving both for the months and yeare, and the equall houres divided between day and andnight, when thoſe unreſtrained windes.

And as he heard the number of the one: Thenafter that (or the following yeare) which no man could number, ſo he ſaw of all Nations ſtanding before the Throne, and before the Lamb, ſaying ſalvation to our God that ſitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb; the yeare of our ſalvation (to wit in the month of March) renown through the world beginning about Eaſter. And as by ſitting on the throne expreſſes the Reſt or Sabboth day when it began alſo, obſerv’d by Christians ſo loung, likewiſe every one by thoſe Palmes in their hands Enſignes of Victory and Peace, even proclaiming the Joyfull yeare 16451645. this victorious time of ſuch thanksgivings, wherein Babylon is blown up, and thus the laſt yeare, and the New Model ſignified hand in hand who have waſhed their Robes in the bloud of the Lamb, and made them ſo fayre.

Wherefore there needs no further question to be made of that Albion Army, who they are that ſerve him day and night, ſince not unknowne the condition A4v 8 condition of ſouldiers, companions of reſtles time, of whoſe ſervice hard to judgejudge between the ſtate of priſoners, where deſired, death flees away, and ſuch liberty as they enjoy, which to be preferred or deſired, (as the Prophets, Eſay 49) ſhewes or bindes them together here. That thou mayeſt ſay to the priſoners go forth, and them that ſit in darkneſſe, ſhew your ſelves. They ſhall hunger no more, neither ſhall the heat of the Sun ſmite them: The Lamb is their leader, aſmuch as to ſay Eaſter ſhall bid them welcom to the Lords table, and thus from their eyes teares wiped away by the Lamb in the midſt of the throne, when peace and the day of judgement together going.

Revel. Chap 14.

And following the Lamb whether he goeth, and his Albion Troups in their Virgin ſpring aray, his fathers name having in their foreheads, ſuch a year of God, of the interpretation whereof as followes. And loe a Lamb ſtood on mount Sion, and with him a hundred forty and foure &c. where again the foreſaid yeare of our redemption, witnes theſe words.

Theſe B1r 9

Theſe are redeemed from among men, being the firſt fruits unto God and the Lamb, And theſe whereas ſinging a new ſong before the Throne, which ſong no man could learn but ſuch a certain number a hundred forty foure which were redeemed from the earth, no other then ſome watch word given (as it were) ſhewing When ſuch a New time come to paſſe of Reformation, That then our Redemption drawes neere; As hereby ſhewed the houre come of his judgement, This for another ſigne Babylons fall, firſt her NumerousNumerous Idols caſt downe its faln, its faln; The time expreſt in that overflowing Wine preſſe of hers, a thouſand ſix hundred bearing date.

Wherefore no marvell though Syon tunes up her Harps, ſo long out of tune, for ſuch a bleſſed day where rthe Cup or Chalice of his indignation, not in a corner or in privat adminiſtred, but powred out in the Preſence of the holy Angels, and in the Preſence of the Lamb: Even no more of their reall presence and the like, to wit, who have no Reſt day nor Night, with ſulphorous Smokes ſuffocated, in their own kind rewarded for the bleſſed Sabboth dayes violation, That ſolemne rest prophand.

B Even B1v 10

Even ſo again on the other ſide write, Bleſſed are the dead which dye in the Lord henceforth, that they may reſt from their labours, and their workes follow them. Shewing also for them with ſuch Vallour and Courrage that have followed the Cauſe, theſe their everlaſting Epitaph.

And ſo much for the New Time, and for Bablyons judgement, the day of judgements forerunner, Her grapes being cryed full ripe, the houre unexpected Come, the Wine preſſe trodden without the Citie up to the Horſe-bridles, the horſes too drinke their fill of blood without meaſure, the ſixteen hundred yeares being fulfilled, ſerving for the measured compaſſe of this Iſland, 1600 myles also, Thoſe furlongs. And this the contents of the Apocalyps 14 Chap. where Like the fruitleſſe tree after the fourth yeare cut downe, ſufferd to ſtand no longer.

And proceeding on, Revela. Chap. 19.

For the great dayes Preparation, as here: a greater priveledge then thoſe Writs of Parliament to bee cal’d hether, to partake of The Lambs B2r 11 Lambes marriage Supper; a bleſſing to bee desired muchmuch more Then the beauty of Lillyes, to beare her Company, granted ſhe ſhould be arrayed in fine Lynnon, cleane and white: As cleare by ſuch voices and Acclamation: Of which marriage Writs to be publiſhed; briefly as followes: Requiring rather a quire of paper, Then circumſcribed within the Narrow limmits of a ſheet or two.

For ſuch a meeting ſo long waited for: Repreſented (as it were) by the gheſts invited Now to the Lords table the Eaſter-weeke: when as that Deciple about to fall down and worſhip, Charg’d; See thou do it not: not the firſt caveat entred to to flee Idolatry.

But going on with the Seaſon and Time, a thing of ſuch Consequence, as here the Virgins day in Lent, after which, when Marriage licences ſo frequent, accompanied with the victorious Bridgrom, clothed in his Eaſter robes: a Veſture dipt in blood, proclaimed King of kings, and Lord of lords, that in righteouſneſſe makes war: his Coronation feaſt then, as crownd with ſo many Crowns, followed with his Saints, mounted orn white Horſes every one; a greater ſhew then St. Georges his coming at hand, or any other.

B2 Whoſe B2v 12

wWhoſe Name called the Word of God, that unknowne Name in another language (as it were) written, Not unlike thoſe words: Rex: Parliament: Peers &c. ver. Where ſhewd lastly the fowls feaſted on fleſh, the Storke and Crane &c. Not ignorant of their time of comming, in the Spring time; as the Horſe (Chap. 14.) ſwimming in blood up to the neck, which know their owner; called unto the ſupper of the great God, to aſſemble and muster themſelves to eate the fleſh of Kings, the fleſh of Captains, the fleſh of mightie men, even Licenced by the Lamb, all the fowls to bee filled: All but ſo many tokens, or Enſignes diſplayed proclaiming when the houre of his Judgement, Come.

Revela. Chap. 21.

And as cald to witneſſe here, a Reformation ſet forth before the End; a new Modell, a new Heaven and a new Earth, new Jeruſalem prepared as a Bride to meete her Husband, where no more paine, tears, and the like, but like the Peacable Spring; when painfull Winter past, to ſuch infirmities ſubject, as that heavenly voice making known; Behold I make all things new, former things are paſt away, ſaying, it is done: I am Alpha and Omega; ſeales it with that unſearchableunſearchable Name, the quinteſſence of Miſtery and Mercy.

And B3r 13

And (in the ſecond Moneth The first vials the Flood) of the dayes of Noah, returned in that Angelicall name incluſive Thus ſhewing and, there came one of the ſeven Angels unto me, which had the ſeven vials full of the ſeven laſt plagues, ſaying, Come hether, I will ſhew the Bride the Lambs wife; The ſeven teenth Century having its Vials, as from the Creation to the flood ſo many, being Baptiſmes figure, in the Fiſh preſerved alive, thoſe Creatures.

When the ſhining Bride at that time, preparing her perſon, whereunto Solomon in all his Luſture, Odors, and Ornaments not comparable, as inſues; no, Not the Indies and Virginæ like the Churches glory before the End: accompanied then with the Spirit of Prophecie, to bee powred forth that odoriferous Oyntment, ever murmured at and envyed though.

And walking thus about Sion, counting her Towers, alſo of that golden meaſure: Meaſured a hundred forty and foure Cubits, by the meaſure the Angel (Winged time) whoſe Viall or laſt glaſſe running: The meaning whereof having ſhewed afore, to be the accompliſhed yeare of grace 16441644. So long before peace and truth to meet: ſhall paſſe by this point; where her Virgin reigne too of 44 years pointed at: together with B3v 14 with thoſe daies between Aſh wedneſday & Easter, as preparatives both, unmeet to be drowned in oblivion in this divine Calender.

Where the foure times three gates of that foure ſquare City, even the foure ſeaſons, each three Moneths allotted, and every gate, one pearle (or Margarit) there one and thirty daies (to wit) So the moneths every one, with the Apoſtles names written in them, in this new Jeruſalem, this no newes to ſhew it further, nor difficult to diſcerne by Sions impregnable Towers: the Tower of London its deſcription: But then finiſhed in St. Johns daies: when old Jerusalem at that time demoliſhed, of which great ſtore-houſe, with all its priviledges, let this ſuffice: Theſe golden tranſparent ſtreets being not unknown, letticed like glaſſe on both ſides the mint: onely unlike in this, Thoſe heavenly gates not ſhut at all: where no night there, no other then (as much to ſay) This Booke to bee unſealed of the Revelation; And faithfully interpreted, whether or No approved; Whether They heare or feobscuredare.case

Revela. B4r 15

Revela Chap. 22.

And as afore: By ſuch a lightſome Citty expreſt, how clearly the Truth to be revealed at Laſt: so againe, ſeverall Demonſtrations not wanting, and Simiſlituds by a Chriſtall ſpring proceeding out of the Throne of God and the Lamb, that pure river of Life; ſhewes the Reſurrection Time not unrevealed, in that cleer Mirror ſhall ſee His face, as it were.

And ſo for this place, another Paradiſe, or Celeſtiall ſpring-garden ſet forth, let this ſuffice. A Garden and a Cittie both, where like the precious ſpring Times priviledge, no more Curſſ, there needs no Candle, there ſhall be No tedious Night verſ 2. As by the tree of life, on either ſide the river: And in the midſt of the ſtreet, &c. Being this New Paradice its deſcription. The preſent times face.

Where like the Communion, and Faſt-dayes; yeelding her fruite every moneth, alſo Those golden Leaves for the healing of the Nations in such endleſſe diſtreſſe and diſtraction on every ſide, were it not for the Angels ſaying, I come quickly: Who takes his Leave as He began: I am Alpha and Omega: Blessed is he that keeps the ſaying of this Booke, even the laſt Will and Teſtament of our Saviour given to his Diſciple, who tooke and eate it up; that rtree of life had the favour B4v 196 favour again to kiſſe his Maſters hand that way, with ſuch a charg to read & hear the ſame, commended by him to the Churches; only adding theſe, becauſe he comes ſo quickly now too late to repent or amend, he that is unjuſt, and unholy, let him be ſo ſtill; ſleep on, and take their reſt as it were, the houre is come, when theſe Things come to paſſe: fulfilled ſuch a time.

And again, John ſo taken with theſe things, ſeen and heard, who could not forbeare or refrain; but fell at the Angels feete, again forbidden, ſee Thou do it not, worſhip God, concluding with that bleſſed time Thus. And the Spirit and the Bride ſay come, and he that heareth Theſe, let him ſay come: Bearing date the bleſſed Virgins day, 16461646. And him that is a thirſt come; and whoſoever will, let him take the water of life freely; And thus as invited to this Temple, forty six yeares which was a building, the Reſurrections banquet to partake thereof. So theſe to be underſtood, together with the Sacraments divorce: (the ſeparation of the Cup from the Bread) That he that ſhal take away alſo from the time prefixt of the Lords bleſſed comming, inclosed in this Booke, ſhall not enter into, or be admitted his Reſt. Whoſe reward is with him, about Easter, to give them their wages every one.

The grace of our Lord, &c. Amen. Finis.