Gatehouſe Salutation

From the Lady

Revelat. cap. 4.

Serving for Weſtminſters Cathedral,
their old Service.
And Courts of Weſtminſter, thoſe
Elders ſitting, &c.

1646-02February, 1646.

Printed in the Year 16461646.

A1v A2r 3
Revel. cap. 4. Poſt hæc vidi, & ecce oſtium apertum in Cœlo, &c.

New Psalm or Song;

The Contents.

The Holy Ghoſt firſt knocks, ſo high extold, ſhews the end come, by New writ witneſſed and Old; in whoſe Kalender the time ſet out, a week expired of Centuries thereabout: When as Twenty four from Normand Race ſprung, caſt their Crowns down, Times hourglaſſe (as ’twere) run.

So opend the aforeſaid gate or door, what winged Beaſts be thoſe four; what reſtleſſe eyes thoſe day and A2 night; A2v 4 night; The firſt ruff a Lyon like: The other ſmooth as a Calfs skin ſoft: The fourth an Eagle flying aloft: Midſt them one viſag’d as a man, which knot unlooſe he who can: what eyes theſe before and behinde, Holy, Holy, &c. all of one minde; Which was, which is, which is to come, ſay, Glory to Father, Spirit, Son. Inthroned, powther’d within whoſe Robe, in right hand whoſe the Starry Globe, the likeneſſe of the Judgment Day, as Reſurrection robes diſplay.

Benedicite omnia opera.

The four Beaſts, &c.

Bethlems Manger ſometime the Throne, as its deſcrib’d, where ſhe did grone; a Feather-bed cald otherwiſe, ſome Dormix curtains wrought with eyes; A3r 5 eyes; their work both ſides alike doth ſhew, full of holes, beſides all eaten ſo; A Rug and Blankets thereon laid, a woful priſoner, the aforeſaid, whoſe companions tedious hours, no better Church then priſoners towers: As Elders white arrayed ſo ſhine, Four and twenty firſt crownd of time: Seaſons four, alſo with Feaſt days, crowns reſign; aloud him praiſe, all proclaiming Eternity, away with tyrant Time they cry.

All Bleſsing, Power, Honor, ſay, to him dedicate a third day; worſhip no Throne but his alone, beſides whom King nor Prieſts is none: Like as with twain that covered their face, other twain with flying apace, their feet covered alſo with twain, Time paſt, preſent, and futures reign.

So A3v 6

So Tabernacles three let us make, one for Moſes, Chriſts, and Elias ſake, as for thoſe that adore the Beaſt, no Sabbath have, day nor nights reſt.

Lo Moonday ſhe cœleſtial virgin Bride, as Behold, I make all things new, Gates wide, new Earth, &c. Jeruſalems peaceable reſt, Spouſe of the Sun, our ſplendant new Moons feaſt, Monethly, as the golden Tree of life like renders its fruit, no more pain, priſon, ſtrife: As ſpar’d a million of Belial Sons, better then touch one of thoſe ſacred ones: O kiſſe this precious Altar Coal, purges diviſion, makes ye whole.

Away with former faſhions old and paſt: New Lights appear, new Song record at laſt, he that is otherwiſewiſe A4r 7 wiſe at his peril, as he that righteous is, be he ſo ſtill.

So Gates and Priſon Doors be no more ſhut,

The King of Glory comes, your ſouls lift up.

Farewell. To the Tune oſof Magnificat.