For the Right Noble
Sir Balthazer Gerbier

From the Lady Eleanor.

INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Isa. 30. 9, 10. “This is a rebellious people, lying children,
that will not hear the Law of
the Lord.
Which say to the Seers, ‘See not’; and to
the Prophets, ‘Prophesie not unto us
right things: speak unto us smooth
things, prophesie deceits’

Printed in the Year 16491649.

A1v 2

For the Right Noble,
Sir Balthazer Gerbier

From the Lady Eleanor.

Sir, Having Intelligence of your
Academy near the City, in imitation
of Paradice, wherein of Rarities
such variety; and not at all doubting,
but for his Throne there you
have reserved a place, to whom we
owe all our utmost service: By your
admittance, shall for an addition to
those requisite Sciences specified in
print by you, present the happy place
with the Book of Life, Cum Privilegio,
“Blessed that readeth, and they
that hear the words, &c.”
“The light shining A2r 3
shining in darkness, and the darkness not
comprehending it”
, the word of life;
to us testifying, “If we say we have
fellowship with him, and walk in darkness,
we lye”
, &c. (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Joh. I.) or if gainsay
what he affirms, we make him a lyar
: who although the prophet
Joel on this wise, “afterwards I wil pour
out my Spirit upon all flesh, Men-servants
and Maid-servants, prophecying
in those days before the terrible day of
the Lord come”
: And our Lord himself:
“Behold, I am with you all days, until
the consummation of the age”
; his last
words or farewel: Notwithstanding
by them of this gross age, as if any
thing too hard for him, taught as an
Article of our Creed, setting up their
pillars, beyond the Apostles dayes
that the Spirit not transmitted extraordinary,A2 ordinary, A2v 4
because of prophecy ceased,
therefore extinguished, likewise
of Miracles, that when those twain,
the witnesses which we expect (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Rev.
shall have power such, we may
fulfil the prophets, as did they, Crucifying
the Prince of Life
; which
great City called Spiritual Sodom and
, such sinfulness for, and hardness
of heart, the Gentiles departing
from the faith as declares; so cannot
be the Romish Church impeached,
but only they to whom the Holy Ghost
, most like first to visit his own, resisting
true tokens and signs: the very
unpardonable trespass, to which
our Church in a nearer relation,
holding in his appointed time “for him
any thing too difficult”
; in danger with
those vipers, of breathing out like vapours,pours, A3r 5
confined to that Pit or Abyss,
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Rev. 9. those heavenly lights obscuring
with Fogs “the third part of them;”
the Sin against the third person, that bids
of it beware: with that loud voyce
from the Isle of Patmos, “He that hath
an ear, hear what the Spirit saith”
, &c.
whilest Great Britain as though asleep,
had a pass or dispensation not
concerned in any such Alarms, made
their pastime as Bedlam for entertaining
the Holy Ghost, by this City, &c.
such an offence, The Word of life,
the leaves whereof expels the old Serpents
, darkness for unchangeable
light exchanges, confutes ignorance,
abates lust, and the like; like
“Pearls cast before Swine”, &c. Such
Grapes and Figs, our Thorn, the
Rose and Thistle affords; forewarnd though, A3v 6
though, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”
(INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Matthew the 7. for Lex
, and what Distraction and
Division of late amongst them,
that think to silence, those Cloven
to quench them; when as for
prevention of which, that Allegory
Supper (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Luke 14.) “A certain man
made a great supper, bad many, sent
out a servant at supper time”
; with
sleeveless excuses set light by, prophetical
admonitions, so grown out
of date: whereas in truth the letter
but dead
, observed onely in a History
way, without the Mystery going
therwith understood; company none
craves of his, saying, “Behold, I stand
at the door and knock; if any man hear
my voice, and open the door, I will come
in and sup with him”
, &c. faring thereafter:after: A4r 7
witnes that Summons issued
forth, saying, “Write, Blessed are they
called to the Lambs supper”
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expresly said to be “The Spirit of Prophecy”
(INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.ver. 10.) “The witness of Jesus”;
for contempt of which, the fowls
that know their time, they mustered,
“called to the supper of the great
, those birds of prey, “to eat the
flesh of Kings, the flesh of Captains, and
horse flesh, of small and great”
, without
respect of persons in that carnal estate
worse then theirs “lying to the holy ghost”
Acts, &c. or his folly, he that “offered
to buy it with money of the apostles”
, thus
to belye and outface this, shed out
again so impossible held, professed
not a man of them should so much as taste
, the excommunication of the
Clergies profession foreshewed, Author
of all our evils.

And A4v 8

And for this here shewed, so much,
such indignity offered to the holy
Spirits feast, vouchsafing “to sup with us”;
toward which craving from your self
Sir this favor only, the table to take order
may be furnished with “fine linen and
, stiled, “The righteousnes of Saints”,
the judgement of those Students
with you; upon this question, touching
prophesie, supposed out of request,
Whether higher disobedience
in the one, to credit feigned miracles,
or not to believe true ones? Also
when made death to touch the forbidden,
and others rejecting these, “The
Spirit and the Bride saying, ‘Come’”
; and
“Whosoever will, take of the water of life
; which of them deserving the
Name of a Church, or excluded rather
to be out of Paradice.