For the Right Noble
Sir Balthazer Gerbier

From the Lady Eleanor.

Iſa. 30. 9, 10. This is a rebellious people, lying children, that will not hear the Law of the Lord. Which ſay to the Seers, See not; and to the Prophets, Propheſie not unto us right things: ſpeak unto us ſmooth things, propheſie deceits.

Printed in the Year 16491649.

A1v 2

For the Right Noble, Sir Balthazer Gerbier Knight:

From the Lady Eleanor.

Sir, Having Intelligence of your Academy near the City, in imitation of Paradice, wherein of Rarities ſuch variety; and not at all doubting, but for his Throne there you have reſerved a place, to whom we owe all our utmoſt ſervice: By your admittance, ſhall for an addition to thoſe requiſite Sciences ſpecified in print by you, preſent the happy place with the Book of Life, Cum Privilegio, Bleſſed that readeth, and they that hear the words, &c. The light ſhining A2r 3 ſhining in darkneſs, and the darkneſs not comprehending it, the word of life; to us teſtifying, If we ſay we have fellowſhip with him, and walk in darkneſs, we lye, &c. (Joh. I.) or if gainſay what he affirms, we make him a lyar likewiſe: who although the prophet Joel on this wiſe, afterwards I wil pour out my Spirit upon all fleſh, Men-ſervants and Maid-ſervants, prophecying in thoſe days before the terrible day of the Lord come: And our Lord himſelf: Behold, I am with you all days, until the conſummation of the age; his laſt words or farewel: Notwithſtanding by them of this groſs age, as if any thing too hard for him, taught as an Article of our Creed, ſetting up their pillars, beyond the Apoſtles dayes that the Spirit not tranſmitted extraordinary,A2 ordinary, A2v 4 ordinary, becauſe of prophecy ceaſed, therefore extinguiſhed, likewiſe of Miracles, that when thoſe twain, the witneſſes which we expect (Rev. xi. ſhall have power ſuch, we may fulfil the prophets, as did they, Crucifying the Prince of Life; which great City called Spiritual Sodom and Egypt, ſuch ſinfulneſs for, and hardneſs of heart, the Gentiles departing from the faith as declares; ſo cannot be the Romiſh Church impeached, but only they to whom the Holy Ghoſt ſent, moſt like firſt to viſit his own, reſiſting true tokens and ſigns: the very unpardonable treſpaſs, to which our Church in a nearer relation, holding in his appointed time for him any thing too difficult; in danger with thoſe vipers, of breathing out like vapourspours, A3r 5 pours, confined to that Pit or Abyſs, Rev. 9. thoſe heavenly lights obſcuring with Fogs the third part of them; the Sin againſt the third perſon, that bids of it beware: with that loud voyce from the Iſle of Patmos, He that hath an ear, hear what the Spirit ſaith, &c. whileſt Great Britain as though aſleep, had a paſs or diſpenſation not concerned in any ſuch Alarms, made their paſtime as Bedlam for entertaining the Holy Ghoſt, by this City, &c. ſuch an offence, The Word of life, the leaves whereof expels the old Serpents poyſon, darkneſs for unchangeable light exchanges, confutes ignorance, abates luſt, and the like; like Pearls caſt before Swine, &c. Such Grapes and Figs, our Thorn, the Roſe and Thiſtle affords; forewarnd though, A3v 6 though, Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew the 7. for Lex talionis, and what Diſtraction and Diviſion of late amongſt them, that think to ſilence, thoſe Cloven Tongues to quench them; when as for prevention of which, that Allegory Supper (Luke 14.) A certain man made a great ſupper, bad many, ſent out a ſervant at ſupper time; with ſleeveleſs excuſes ſet light by, prophetical admonitions, ſo grown out of date: whereas in truth the letter but dead, obſerved onely in a Hiſtory way, without the Myſtery going therwith underſtood; company none craves of his, ſaying, Behold, I ſtand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in and ſup with him, &c. faring thereafter:after: A4r 7 after: witnes that Summons iſſued forth, ſaying, Write, Bleſſed are they called to the Lambs ſupper (Rev. 19.) expreſly ſaid to be The Spirit of Prophecy (ver. 10.) The witneſs of Jeſus; for contempt of which, the fowls that know their time, they muſtered, called to the ſupper of the great God, thoſe birds of prey, to eat the fleſh of Kings, the fleſh of Captains, and horſe fleſh, of ſmall and great, without reſpect of perſons in that carnal eſtate worſe then theirs lying to the holy ghoſt Acts, &c. or his folly, he that offered to buy it with money of the apoſtles, thus to belye and outface this, ſhed out again ſo impoſsible held, profeſſed not a man of them ſhould ſo much as taſte thereof, the excommunication of the Clergies profeſsion foreſhewed, Author of all our evils.

And A4v 8

And for this here ſhewed, ſo much, ſuch indignity offered to the holy Spirits feaſt, vouchſafing to ſup with us; toward which craving from your ſelf Sir this favor only, the table to take order may be furniſhed with fine linen and clean, ſtiled, The righteouſnes of Saints, the judgement of thoſe Students with you; upon this queſtion, touching propheſie, ſupposed out of requeſt, Whether higher diſobedience in the one, to credit feigned miracles, or not to believe true ones? Alſo when made death to touch the forbidden, and others rejecting theſe, The Spirit and the Bride ſaying, Come; and Whoſoever will, take of the water of life freely; which of them deſerving the Name of a Church, or excluded rather to be out of Paradice.