A1r Revelations


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“And they sung a new Song before the
Throne, and before the four Beasts
and the Elders;”
ver. 24. “And no
Man could learn that Song, but
the 144, &c.”

Printed in the
Year of our Redemption, 1649-12Decem. 1649.

A1v A2r 3

The Holy Gospel,
According to the Evangelist,
By the Lady Eleanor.

Even the same, that which was from
the Beginning
, then believed in,
magnified “unto the end of the
world, as until the consummation of
the Age”
(saying) “‘Lo, I am with you,
without end whose Kingdom’”

How it came to pass shewing, in
the first year of his Reign, first of his
Name, Charles of Great Britain, in
Berks the first of Shires, she then at
her House Englefield Manor, of Englands
Realm, Daughter of the first
Peer, 1625-07Anno 25. the Moneth of July
in, so call’d after the first Roman Emperor,
he slain, &c.

Where the word of the Lord of A2 Hosts A2v 4
Hosts, when came to her, the Heavenly
voyce descending, speaking as
through a Trumpet of a most clear
sound these words: “Nineteen years and a half to the
Judgement, and you as the meek

Awakened by which alarm early
in the morning, whereof thus, signed
with Divisions character, the years
being divided, this magnified morning
Star, story of Jerusalem of the
Gentiles, Great Britains blow foreshewing,
1644Anno 44. accomplished:
The same though come to pass, who
nevertheles in stead of their acknowledged
error, like those “Priests and
, first who setting a Watch”, then
underhand by such large Doctrine en- A3r 5
endeavor to stop the peoples mouths,
that do as they are taught, promised
to be saved harmless, the old Serpents
policy, &c. And with this Revolution
thus going on, in the first of his
Reign, the beginning in of the year,
when a Star within the Horns of the
New Moon
enclosed, of some judgement
at hand, the ominous Forerunner:
First, of the Wise-men coming
from the East, as follows; whose
flight taken westward, through that
heavy hand occasioned; the Cities
unparalleld Plague, Bills to be Canceld
never, or drowned in forgetfulness,
encreased to no less then weekly
Five thousand five hundred and odde,
the Age of the world; decreased as
suddenly about the midst of Summer:
all one as their being fed, that blessing A3v 6
blessing thought upon, when the five
thousand men with those loaves five,
&c. no more then the fingers of their
hand, any matter made of it, so thankful:
Whereupon (the aforesaid
Visitation) the Term kept at Reding,
County of Berks, other Courts at
Maidenhead Town, the Parliament
posting to Oxford, doing all homage
to this “New born Babe, ruling
with the iron Scepter”
, them forewarning
all in vain, “Be wise, O ye Kings,
Be learned, ye Judges”
; that in such security
held themselves then, and so
much first for that, and his powerful
word displayed, the priority thereof,
thou Britain not the least, &c. And
of his wrath then kindled, shewed
great Blessings and Corrections inseparable
companions: Wherewithwith A4r 7
proceeding, namely, without it
done nothing that was done
, its mouth
the Oracle, Beginning and Ending of
Monarchies, inheritance and whose from
East to West extends; concerning the
aforesaid golden number, Nineteen
years and a half
, being in a Manuscript
inserted, containing Germanies
woful Occurrences, and Great Britains
both, with what sign confirmed;
shewing further thus, who immediately
after with her own hand within
two days delivered it to the Archbishop
, he then at Oxford, of University
the first, in presence of no
few; with this for a Token given, the
plague presently to cease
, of whom took
her leave, the Bishops “Amen” whereto
went round.

The Bills obeying the same beforefore A4v 8
the Moneth expired of August,
witness when scarce deceased One
of all Diseases, whereas afore
so infectious, five children dying for
one aged, next Term supplyed with
others fled returned; so that of its
late desolation appearance, no more
then of Change or Amendment amongst
them, none at all.

And so pursuing the Prophetical
History in the next place, “That it
might be fulfilled”
out of the Low Countreys,
. as the Virgin when undertook
her voyage, she fleeing for the
Babes preservation thither; also constrained
for printing the same, to go
into Holland, those plain swathingbands
for wrapping it in, pretending
in her husbands behalf the Spaw obtained
a License, since none for printinging A5r 9
to be had here, inquisition and
hold such, among them imprisoned
about it formerly, till afterward all as
free, Cum Privilegio out of date become.

Where thus passing on the mean
while ere her return thence, George
deceased, 1633Anno 33. unhappily
whose hands imbrued in innocent
blood, Archbishop Laud, 1633-09-1919
of Septemb
. translated, &c. reigning
in his stead, successor of him, in stead
of the Stag who shot the Keeper, presaging
what Murthers him coming
after, when-as for another her soul
pierced in no mean degree, what honor
to be “a Prophet amongst their own
nation and rank”
; for example as specified
on Record: no sooner arrived
then apprehended, of her childe ravished,B vished, A5v 10
a greater then the Parliament,
the Word of God: And how recompenced
for their service, referred, &c.
where after a Candle being sent for,
about the third hour in the Afternoon,
that with his own hand had
burnt it, saying, “She hath taken good
long time, till 164444. for Dooms-day then;
My Lords, I hope I have made you a
smother of it”
: in truth his own fatal
hour, those years of Nineteen and a
, reaching to his Execution Moneth
and Year, 1644-01Anno 44. January,
when parted head and body, like that
aforesaid divided year, shewed afore
sacrificed by his ungracious hand,
Author of this Division or Distraction,
a cup filled to the brim afterward,
as that Judgement day, 1644-06June Anno
fourty four
compleat: The restrained four A6r 11
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them, extending to forty eight, that
Blow January also, all standing at the
stroke of Four; the foursquare
City New Jerusalem wherewith agrees:
Micah the Prophet (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.cap. 5.)
his alarm to awaken the Age, speaking
no parable, BySo of her goods seized
on, wherewith given the Oath, such
and such Articles for answering
to: In which case not much
to seek, of Scandalum Magnatum in
that kinde, against “those little ones,”(order of ye prophets.) the
penalty of it, “touched by whomsoever,
a milstone a fitter ornament”
, &c. she
not slow in appearing to receive their
wilde Sentence; the Dragon of Lambeth,
Laud, his venom discharging
last of all, even 1633Anno Etatis 33. measured
out by our Lords age, when B2 as A6v 12
as brought to his Arraignment by
wicked hands, how sacrificed this
Testimony of his; a word also as ensues.

And thusof like measure 1633-10-23October 23.
she committed close Prisoner, Excommunicated,
Fined to his Majesties
use Three thousand pounds, and
to make publique Recantation at
Pauls Cross, as extant on Record,
Twelve Hands Signed by; also Edge
fight, and the Irish Massacre --10-2323
of October
, and Twelve of them at
once Voted to Prison, for that Order
of theirs nothing to stand of force
there done without them: His Majesty
lastly Fined his three Kingdoms
to the use, &c. As for Pauls, a habitation
for Owls, those Noats set
up, to set forth the residue, where the A7r 13
the time would fail how the first
Blow at Edge-Hill in Oxfordshire, the
second Newbery, fought within a
stones cast of her house at Englefield.
And thou Bedlam-House, too little
the Thousandth part to contain of
them distracted since thence her coming,
“well knowing if the Master of
the house called Devil, &c. what the
Servant to expect”
; where so much
for this time, accompanied with the
Universal Tax, no Inferior Rack set
upon in these days C. Stu. his Reign,
as sometimes in s. August. second
of that Monarchy, no small oppression,
as the lineage of David a witnes
of it: closing it with these from her
Name, Rachels, signifying a Sheep,
rendring Charles This soil for the Golden
fleece bearing the Bell: so whom he A7v 14
he hath joyned of her Lamentation,
&c. His Jacobs saying, “‘Some evil Beast
hath done it’”
, needs not ask “Whose Coat
also in pieces rent,
since our British Union, &c. not
without cause “weeping, because they
are not”
; and so all “doing they know
not what, even forgive”
, &c. And again
, since “Thus it was written,
and thus it behoved to suffer, and to rise

The New-Years-Gift to all Nations
and People, Jubile.