Great Brittains Visitation.

By the Lady Eleanor

Printed in the Yeare, 16451645


The Apocalyps Prologue.

Wherein a revolution or returne, Expreſt, as in thoſe dayes it came to paſſe, when as City and Countrey oppreſt ſo: By ſuch an univerſall impoſd taxx: Inns ſo full that for our only Saviour to be borne in. No place but an open Stable afforded: And thus like the truth Pwhich π1v which no Corners or Curtaines requires. The joyfull tydings they in the wide field, Firſt ſaluted with them: Shepheards that kept watch the glory from the Lord by night which ſhone round about them.

So laſtly at his ſecond comming, or returne, alſo reveald to be afore hand, the watchfull Paſtors ſaluted: over Spirituall Flocks from him, ſaying: I am Alpha and Omega, the morning Starre and evening both: the firſt and the laſt. As this the Lord of Sabbaths Angel whoſe countinance as the Sun, and lighted at the evening of time with the ſeven Starrs, &c. And Golden Candleſticks all watch Lights round about him, even ſo farther for the little Booke of Life, who had its Swadle—Bands (as it were unlooſd: with Sevenfold Seales bound ſo faſt up, when wonderfull acclamation ſuch in heavenven. π2r ven & Earth (Revel. 5) as came to paſſe with the Angel; a multitude of the Heavenly Hoſt ſuddainly praiſing God: Luke 2. ſuch Coriſpondencie ever between the Son of God, and Gods Word which for ever and ever indures. Maugre the Old Serpents malice. And his Angels, let looſe againe, as in the dayes of the Goſpels firſt progreſſe. reveln 9

And therefore to ſay the truth, Though the Bottomleſſe pit freely opend, no wonder: affording beſide evill Spirits their Fellowſhip, Munition alſo of all Kinds, And the winds let looſe out of their Priſons, And Wrathfull Vialls the laſt powrd out, Who ſhall commiſſerate their Condition? when open houſe or Court (as it were) kept in Heaven, inviting all, Darkeneſſe notwithſtanding preferd at laſt ſhall be before Liflawed-reproduction3 characters Like thoſe frivolous and light excuſes made of marriage: its mutability preferd above the eſtate π2v eſtate of Angels: And before eternall life: Farmes their Leaſes or the like, as ſold their life in bleſſed Paradice for ſuch a toy.

Thus no marvel, although the infernall pit opend, where thoſe Legions of Wormes or Locuſts ſwarming out. Our Pruining Hookes have turned into Swords, our union into diviſion; And ſo much for theſe preſent vigilent dayes of ours from which nothing conſeald is, or hidden, even the things in the little golden booke as with no little expedition are preſented here.


The Revelation of Jesus Christ Interpreted.

Shews how one Iſle calls unto another, The Ile of Pathmos, unto the Iles of Great Brittaine. The great day of the Lords coming revealing it: Whereof let the Iſles be glad, Now or Never.

Of A1v 4

Of whoſe Viſitation from him which is, and which was, and which is to come: what date the time beares, the firſt witneſſe theſe, And from the ſeven Spirits in ſight of the Throne or neareſt there unto, verſ. 4. Which as it ſignifies or figures the preſent Century, or the laſt ſeven hundred years Alſo points at the preſent reigne, when it began, about Eaſter, witneſſe theſe: And from Jeſus Chriſt the firſt begotten of the dead, And the Prince of the Kings of the Earth, Unto him that loved us, and waſhed us from our ſins in his owne Blood, verſe 5.

Even as two for failing can witneſſe A2r5 witneſſe, Sonne and Father both: crown’d or created Kings, about the aforeſaid Reſurrection feaſt kept, concluded thus: And hath made us Kings and Prieſts unto God and his father, to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever Amen, verſe 6. Behold he cometh, &c. as much as to ſay, the laſt father and ſonne of that kind from the Conqueſt: ſince when hath been 24. of them, making up the bleſſed Prophets and Apoſtles number.

And ſo farewell the bleſſed yeares of Grace, and time to be longer as in the yeare 16251625. was reveal’dA2v6 revealed to his Hand-maid, the firſt yeare of his reigne, to whom the day of Judgement being at hand declared: was dedicated in a booke by her: And the generall Reſurrection to bee in his dayes as from the Prophet Daniels mouth given to underſtand: concerning the aforeſaid time: And at that time ſhall the great Prince Michael ſtand up, which ſtandeth for the children of the people or defender of the Faith, even Great Brittaines troubleſom time, pointing thereat with the plagues purſuing one another for mortality as never ſince a Nation the like: Of whoſe Inauguration or ſtanding up atA3r7 at the aforeſaid Reſurrection feaſt thus ſignified: Many of them that ſleepe in the duſt of the Earth ſhall wake, ſome to everlaſting life, &c. Dan. 12.

And for a faithfull witneſſe So goe thy way Daniel, as no few in their Mother Earths Boſome dayly take up their lodging of free coſt, till Michael his alarme awakens them, where alſo the yeare 16251625. (untill which dayes Daniels viſions to waite) Thus caſt up two Hundred & ninety daies and three hundred and five and thirty, 625. Dan. 12.

But going on with John whoſe nameA3v8 name to no Nation better known then unto Ours,who ſtiles himſelfe your Brother and companion in tribulation, in the Iſle that is called Patmos, where confined was on the Lords day viſited by the Holy Ghoſts Angel, the Firſt voice ſaying, I am Alpha and Omega, and what thou ſeeſt write in a Booke and ſend it, &c. Wherupon being turned, ſaw that dreadfull appearance, One all looking from head to foot like fire, that ſtood in the midſt of thoſe candle ſtickes of Gold, and therupon falling dead at his feet by a touch of his Septer, the ſeven Starrs in his right hand, being againeagaineB1r9 gaine revived come to himſelfe: was againe charged to write the things to come, the miſtery of the ſeven ſtarres which he ſaw in his hand, the Lord of Sabbath Even to diſplay times Coate by Charles Waggon or Wayne, to wit the ſeventh preſent Century, about the midſt of it, even to looke for the generall Reſurrection time, as preſent, paſt, and future here with times voice teſtified from him which is, and which was, and is to come.

Wherefore in the day of Judgements likeneſſe was preſented unto him the Booke of the Old and new BTeſtamentB1v01 Teſtament, that Alpha and Omega: Whoſe Body as it were clothed and girt. The Bible in gilt paper bound with braſſe Claſps which in ſuch a yeare beares date, 17001700. When interpreted the booke of the Revelation as whatſoever ſpoken in darkeneſſe or in the Eare aſſur’d to be made cleare as the light. And he that hath an eare let him heare what the Spirit of propheſie ſaith, and in time repent and amend, or expect a blow for his paines, when he ſtands at the doore and knocks ſo long, the Comforter ſent ſaying, behold I come quickly. And he ſhall Sup, and ſit with mee that hears my voice opens the doore.

Cap. B2r 11

Cap. 4.

Though haſtning with winged time: yet ſome more Evidence requiſit in this a matter of ſuch weight the day of judgement: And ſo ſhewes a doore opened here, as much to ſay, Nothing conſeald or hidden, as heavens cathederall ſhewed here, the voice ſaying come up heither, I will ſhew thee things to come. The Reſurrection propheticall alarme verily, like that afore, I am he that was dead and am alive, &c. and have the Keyes, &c. Firſt ſaw where the ancient of dayes ſate, B2in B2v12 Inthroned under a Canopey, raine bowe like: Where all in Prieſtly Veſtments round about thoſe Elders with reſtleſſe Thundering voices extolling his name who lives for ever and ever. And Holy, Holy, Holy, crying out as it were glory be to the Father, &c. Amen. For whoſe pleaſure all things created. As for the lamps before the Throne, to wit the year of God call’d the ſeven Spirits of God, of the ſame influence with the ſeven Stars, requires no farther repetition being both one: Neither theſe in the likenes here of Saints and Angels, in Heaven whoſe wings ſo full of eyes beforefore B3r13 fore and behind ſignifying thoſe eye witneſſes their watchfullneſſe and as perſonating the bleſſed Prophets and Evangeliſts: So laſtly farther for the myſterie or morall of theſe crown’d Elders expreſly ſhews, How many intered Princes in this Iſle ſince the conqueſt which in the ſpace of ſeven hundred yeares laſt paſt in Alabaſter Shrowds clothed, That have caſt their Crownes before the Throne or before the great day.

Cap. B3v 14

Cap. 5

And without boaſting or amplifying, theſe the truth in few words: This bleſſed Booke firſt cryed, He that hath an eare let him heare. And here by a ſtrong Angel proclam’d: Who is worthy to open the booke in the right hand of him ſitting upon the Throne: No other then the miſterie of times and ſeaſons, in the yeare of the worlds Redemption, 16251625. to be reveald or unſeald. And becauſe this ſo difficult (no man found worthy &c) John that therefore much wept, by that Elder willed to weep no more B4r15 more. Informed Ecce Leo radix David, vicet, to open the booke and looſe the ſevenfold ſeales: being not improper to explain this likewiſe, as he ſaid, I am Joſeph, ſo am I David, This name of mine enterd here: by that Elder even Daniel, as much to ſay, Goe thy way John, let thoſe words ſatisfie thee ſpoken to Daniel: The words are ſealed up untill the time of the end, Thou ſhalt stand in thy lott, &c. Dan. 12. Reſervd till a time and times and halfe: Pointing to the preſent Century ſo ſignified in behalfe of it, three periods and a part, &c.

So dignus eſt agnus, viz. Anno Domini, B4v16 Domini, in ſuch a yeare of our Redemption, the firſt yeare of ſuch a reigne. Theſe Sabbaticall Seales unlooſed witneſſe, For thou haſt redeemed us and made us Kings and Prophets and we ſhall reigne.

Even ſo let us every Creature in the ſea, namely the Iſles Bleſſe thoſe right hand yeares, with that Grand Jury, the 24. Elders before the Throne falling down. Who give up their Verduit, Davids Keye hath prevaild honour, glory, and blesſing, &c.

Cap. C1r 17

Cap. 6.

And the Sonne of Thunder this fourth Evangeliſt that heard the day of Judgements Sommons, The noiſe of thunder as it were, one of the ſeven Seales being unlooſed: One of the foure Beaſts ſaying come and see. As much to ſay, display’d times and ſeaſons miſtery: In the ſeventh Century, And unto what Nation, this new Song of the Lords comming dedicated: as no unneceſſary circumſtance time, a thing obſerved of old, when the word of the Lord came unto them.

C For C1v 18

For evidence here of the Conquerer & Rufus, here behold their ancient Seales: Where firſt ſaw a White Horſe, and He that ſate on him a Bowe, and a Crowne given unto him. The English bowe renoun’d farr and neere: (verſe 2.) Whereby cleere as day given to underſtand the Sonne of God reveald out of the Scripture to theſe very Iſles. Wherefore liſten O Iſles.

And this miſterie of time ſealed with the yeares foure ſeaſons, their diſcriptions, The Sun like a Conquerour: And Gods word like the Sunne which overcomes whatſoever Diſpells all darkeneſſe, ſaying: Hee C2r19 He that hath an eye come and ſee: The worlds eye, like an expert Horſeman upon his Carreer: running his reſtleſſe courſe about, who firſt enters the victorious crowned yvory Ramme, the Wholeſome Spring more then Gold to be embraced, the Odorifferous Spring giving to every creature Life.

The ſecond Rider ſo furious, he on the Red Horſe, giving all one word, Come and ſee: Not difficult to be diſcern’d, the Crabb at all points armed, Summers ſcorching rayes: when red as fire all: Slaying in Armes as it were with Sythes and ſuch like no ſhort weapon.

C2The C2v 20

The third a Blacke Horſe, he that ſate on him, a paire of Ballance in his hand, in his proper colours and complexion ſignified not inferior to his fellowes, as Automes voice cleeres it, who theſe Celeſtiall Horſemen, or Riders were, a voice heard in the midſt of them, ſaying, A meaſure of Wheat for a peny, and three meaſures of Barley. And hurt not the wine and oylel, even the Sun in his circuit pasſing by the Equinoctiall, weighting equall houres to day and night: Thus all the world come and behold alſo the fourth ſeaſons miſterie, explained in this new Calender or Prognoſtication.

The C3r 21

The fourth a pale Horſe, he that ſate on him called Death. Or like the laſt day ſo gaſtly and paile the grizled Goate with his Beard. Hoary Winter its wann viſage that ſtarvs with hunger young and old, ſhaking every Limbe.

And theſe Characters pointing at thoſe foure Beaſts, Aries, Taurus, Leo, Capricorne, Like as the foure Evangeliſt. By winged Beaſts foure, full of eyes. Which Motto, come and ſee, may ſerve them to which reſts not Day nor Night.

And after foure of the Seales opend C3v22 opened the miſtery ſhewed of the foure ſeaſons, the Suns reſtleſſe courſe (to ſay) finiſh’d. The next offer’d to conſiderations veiw, in this Story or Treatiſe, is the bleſſed caſe of thoſe poore Soules intreated a little Seaſon to reſt: till their Fellow Souldiers and Brethren killed as they, Whoſe Blood for the Teſtimony they held crying ſo loud, How long Lord, &c. to wit, to the day of vengeance, as behold defferd no longer the day of Judgement immediatly which followes in its dreadfull likeneſſe, when as fulfilld, white robes given likewiſe to the reſt of their brethren arrayed, toC4r23 (to wit) in cleane Shrowds.

Then Time to his untimely end comes, whoſe thride of life ſuddainly cutt off, of whoſe ſable Hearſe thus, & what mourners accompanying the corps of time, about 44. aged in the mideſt of his dayes: Firſt the quaking Earth Mother of all in ſuch a conſumption. The Sunn next as blacke as Sackcloth of haire, coverd all over. And the Moone overwatched with her red face looking like blood, the condoleling Heavens ſhedding their ſtars inſtead of teares as faſt, impatient windes as loud: their ſhrill Throat ſetting forth, ready to rent C4v24 rent all aſſunder with Sighes hollow Grones.

So all departing as they came: the Heavens as it were quartering thoſe Ancient Coates the foure Seaſons, which were like Scutchens roled up together like a Scrole: The Iſlands carried away with the violence of the Seas uproare: Each acting a part, the Kings and Great men ringing out ſuch a Peale, all flying away and hyding themſelves for the great day of his wrath to come as who able to ſtand, routed all, ſurpriſed in such a moment darkneſse.

Cap. D1r 25

Cap. 7.

And theſe like Jacobs Ladder reaching at laſt to Heaven Gate:(Aſcendentem abortu ſolis:) Behold ſaw foure Angels ſtanding on the foure Corners of the Earth holding the foure Winds that they ſhould not blow, &c. Even gives to underſtand in what year the Finall blow, ſaying: hurt not, &c. till we have ſealed ſo many, And there were ſealed a hundred forty and foure, &c. of the ſervants of God in the fore heads, as much as to ſay, the yeare of God, 16441644. when compleat, then the Ddiſolution D1v26 diſolution comes quickly or is at hand. And thus like the Covenant of late ſealed, where ſo many names alſo the months of the yeare, ſetting their hands as it were twelve times twelve. verſe 4.

And as including the yeare compleat or accompliſhed, 44. till when thoſe pernitious winds reſtrayned not to hurt the Earth nor any Tree: So Aludes to that fruitleſſe tree after the fourth yeare to be for borne, no longer interceded, for in the Goſpel. Wherefore Sir, theſe are to let you know it is ſpoken to your Majeſtie, the laſt of thoſe crowned foure and twenty Elders D2r27 Elders, being full forty foure aged, and reigning ſince aged 24. ſaying Sir thou knoweſt who they are, verſe 14.

That Albion Regiment, theſe Folke in white Robes fleeced and famiſhed as yee ſee, the very condition of Priſoners taken by you: The Prophet Iſaiah gives notice of it, They are his words too, Liſten O Iſles, &c. 49. Cap. That thou mayeſt ſay to the Priſoners goe forth, to them that are in darkneſſe they ſhall hunger and thirſt no more, neither ſhall heat nor Sun any more ſmite them, for the Lambe in the mideſt of the Throne having the ſeven eyes, D 2which D2v28 which are the ſeven ſpirits of God, ſhall wipe away all teares from their eyes.

And more over for theſe words aforeſaid, as ſerving for the mideſt of the Century, about the yeare, 44. So points at the very halfe yeare, about Michael the Arch Angells Feaſt, the aforeſaid Blow, or laſt Blow, there about till when thoſe hurtfull winds reſtrained, Michaelmas riggs ſo called.

As aforeſhewed forbidden to hurt the Wine and the Oyle: all ſpeaking as it were with Automns boyſterous voice, a greater Blow then great Babylons, when that hand writing appeared, writenten D3r29 ten by that Angels hand, that Prince affrighting and his numerous Peers, not a little.

Cap. 8.

And like as about halfe an houre after the clocke had ſtricken, ſhews about the ſpace of halfe an houre there was ſilence in Heaven, after the ſeales were opened which imports not only when a vacancie in the Church. Theſe Angels their ſtanding before God then, preparing themſelves to ſound, but ſhews withall a ſpace of time allotted to repent of their contempts ſtood in, and cruelties before his menD3v30 men of warre ſent forth. But the marriage of the Lambe being ready they unworthy that were bidden: The cenſure fil’d with Alter Coales is caſt downe the curſe defer’d no longer, the aforeſaid ſeven Angels ſo highly preferd, ſound fire and ſword, woe to Land and Sea.

And ſo the great Ship its being lanchd forth, ſhewed at large, ver. 12. likened to Etnas burning mountaine with like Sulpharous ſmoaks ſmiting of Sunne Moone, and Starrs, the third part: and with ſuch a ſpacious Lampe like a Starre even well named Wormewood: verily the Arch Biſhops Charecter,recter D4r31 recter, His lanching out or advancing both goes together: Biſhops and Ships able both to choake all with their ſmoakes and the like. The very root of bitterneſſe made of it, and this the meaning of this unluckey Starrs falling burning as a lamp. the contriver of this third kingdoms cumbuſtion this aforeſaid high Officer in the Church, alſo with the yeare of God 16331633. September accompanied, when he tranſlated as in truth this Prognoſtication ſerves from the yeare 16251625. untill 44. compleat. The third Angells proclaimes it: Witneſse Woe, woe, woe, treble woes to the Earths Inhabitants toD4v32 to wit, England, Scotland and Ireland. And ſo much for theſe Angells alarme imparted concerning the third part of creatures in the Sea diſtroied: and the third part of Ships. And the third part of the lights of Heaven ſmitten, and to ſlay the third part of men, Saying come and ſee or behold great Brittains Mapp, as viſible as the Heavens foure Seaſons ſhewd in the Calender.

Even Lucifers being caſt downe lik lightning in our dayes Firſt the Arch Biſhop in whoſe cuſtodie the Keys of the AByſsDistinctive capitalization here draws attention to the Archbishop. power given him to impriſon, Levie Taxes, wage warre at his pleaſureE1r27 pleaſure, and looſe Reines laid on his Necke that breake his owne the portion of that aſpiring Hypocrite full of the miſterie of Iniquitie: And ſo much for the miſterie of that malevolent Starre.

Cap. 9.

Proceeding one with theſe calculated for this Kingdom ſhewing, as Heaven open’d and thoſe horſemens comming proclaim’d come and ſee. Alſo open’d the bottomleſſe pit, ecclipſing the Sun and Ayre, ſet open by him the Sonne and Heire of perdition, father of that generation of Vipers: So Dragons and Deeps, like the evill ſpirits confeße and praiſe God when men faile. For Ediſco_ E1v29 diſcovering whoſe comming at hand the day of judgements ſtanding at the doore, the very current coine demonſtrated of this Kingdome all horſemen, money made their Gold that odored Maſſe occaſion of evills all, Begetting ſuch uunaturallunnaturall doings, Warrs, and Impriſonments, deſired death where it flees away, of late like Hell throng’d as full every where. Of which flying current halfe crowne peices Currentium in Bellum, with Crownes on their heads, what peices of Plate they are no need to aske or goe farre to inquire, whoſe Image with deformed haire, Hermophradite Locks, none of that mayden Queens doubtleſſe with Breaſt E2r25 Breaſt plates all, &c. ſuch tormenting doings and Dolers unknowne in her dayes.

And ſo much for thoſe ſignes with that ſtar of the bottomleſſe pitt in the likeneſſe of Scorpio and Sagitarious, with faces like men, but as the noſe in the face or the like ſo difficult whoſe to diſcerne, whoſe ſuperſcription or diſcription, & with our old Gold plainly called the Angel of the aforeſaid AByſsDistinctive capitalization here draws attention to the Archbishop. (that Diſtroyer) not without a double ſignification like thoſe names, Abbadon and Apollyon, giving to underſtand withall as under the Angels feet the Scorpion or DraAnglia giving the Angells name fatall to the Old Serpent to receive their his fall.

E2And E2v 26

And here one woe is paſt (The ſower of debate and diviſion Anatamiz’d) And two woes more comming after, pasſing over how farre Civill warre exceeds other. the Navyes preparation comes next, thoſe winged Horſes of the Sea with Lyons heads and Serpents tayles.

The winds withall prepared for an houre, a day, a moneth, and a yeare, which Angels foure commanded to be looſed bound in the Eaſt as it were: or Babylons great river Euphrates, not only points at that ſuddain hand writing ſent but to the yeare of 16441644. paſt as much to ſay, then the third woe the day of judgement comes after or quickly, like a theifeE3r32 Theife. Of which Horſe men even bound in the narrow Seas ſaying. He heard the number of them or liſt of their names, with fire and ſmoake and Brimſtone iſſuing out of their tayles the very firie Lake, to behold with ſtinging great Gunns or peices chargd as here peices of all kinds numberd, of late ſince diſcovered the Indies, And ſo farre for a diſcoverie of the time alſo, and theſe ſerving to explaine the reſt: And the reſt of the men that were not killed, &c: verſe 20. repented not that they ſhould not ſerve Divels of Gold and Silver, &c.(Dæmonia) neither repented they of their murthers E3v31 murthers, Fornications, and Theifts. As much to ſay, which had quarter for their lives, being Priſoners, yet ſo beaſtly as it Were come of the breed of bruit beaſt rather then mankind, like theſe monſters between a Horſe and a Foule, ſome Griffins winged or the like, with ſuch renting teeth Ruffins of the pit of Hell halfe Divels: So to them, calling themſelves Biſhops but are none theirs the Keye of the kingdome of darkneſſe.

Cap. 10.

The Miſterie of God open in the Angels Hand (whoſe Face like the Sun) to give a touch againe of it not amiſſe, as crownd with the dayes of the Flood being 1700 yeares after the creation. So the very yeare 16251625. under his hand beares date before this Odoriferous little Booke to be reveal’d, The Burthen E4r28 Burthen of God Word received from Angelicall hands, the bleſſed Sacrament or Seale eaten of the Lords comming at hand, & therfore commanded to be publiſhd even proclaimed beyond Sea alſo, wherefore to his Lyons voice adds his ſpeaking poſture the one of his firie feet ſetting upon the ſea the other on the Earth pointing to Heaven with a high hand, ſweares in his wrath the apointed time is come.

By him above who lives for ever and ever, calling withall Heaven and Earth and Sea to witneſſe with the things that are therein that time ſhall be no longer.

As diſplaied afore by things Celſtiall and Terreſtriall from the celeſtiallſignes 3 charactersflawed-reproductionices of coine and ſhips & great peic4-5 charactersflawed-reproductionc. And as having ſhewd this booke his commisſion no leſſe ſweet thedthen Manna to his mouth, how diſtaſtfull ſo ever to others (perſecuted by Antichriſt,) Moſt willingly is taken thoughE4v30 though not unforetold how bitter a pille it would prove: So might be inſiſted on his writing to a Ladie (willing her) not to ſalute with Godſpeed them of the faction of Antichrist. But unwilling to be voluminus to intrude too farr on the bounds of patience in diſtracted times.