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Hells Deſtruction.

The Lady Eleanor Douglas.


Behold, the Devil ſhall caſt ſome of you into Priſon, that you may be tryed; and you ſhall have tribulation ten days, &c.

Printed in the year 16511651.

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Hells Deſtruction.

Behold, the Devil ſhall caſt ſome of you into Priſon, that ye may be tryed; and ye ſhall have Tribulation Ten days, &c. Apoc.

Moſt Learned and Honored Judges, with whom ſo precious reſtles Time, of which as who can be over frugal, ſhunning therefore Multiplicity; long proceſs but weariſom to the wiſe: Seeing then our Laws how ballanced with Gods Law its profound Precepts, ſaid to be founded thereon, and Reaſon in its purity conſonant thereto, otherwiſe hath with it no affinity.

Emboldens to preſent this Paradice A2 Poſey, 4 A2v 4 Poſey, durable preſidents which too circumſpect wherein ye cannot be, hereof as enſues.

Adam that firſt Lord Chief Juſtice or Judge, before whom the Lord God brought every Creature formed of the Earth, to ſee what he would call them; and whatſoever he called every living Creature, that was the name thereof: of a certain admits of no wrong or contrary Names whatſoever in any Courts of Record to be legal or anſwered unto. As theſe inform, accords with the former, the Judge of Conſiſting of about 6000 Foot and 700 Horſe, the length of Times Foot, the diſtracted Time Aged near 6000 years, he Legion alſo, &c. The Dutch ſtiled Gravs and Boors their late loſs put into the Reckoning, Mat. 8. Mark 5.Luk.&c. quick and dead; where demanded firſt, What his Name was? before obtain’d a paſs for that Baptized Herd the Gentiles Prototype doubtleſs, the Devil his Godfather; who made anſwer, ſaying, Legion, for they were many; he 5 A3r 5 he reſident (as it were) in Hell, among the Graves Diſtracted, &c.

Thus as we ſee and know irrational Creatures, theſe of ſeveral kindes retain their proper Names; and very Devils not debarred theirs. Nevertheleſs that Dominion have over them, Man the Little World to Angels not much inferior, deemed no little Wonder, as though confined to a lower Region then they, ſuffer our ſelves, worſe then Bruits undergo Names enjoyned utterly falſe, inſtanced as here the dead childe-like in ſtead of the living laid in her Boſom, diſputed in Solomons preſence; whereby no leſs then bereft both of her good Name and Liberty, witneſs this their erroneous Warrant of Arreſt, Ecce vera copia.

Eleanor 6 A3v 6

Eleanor Lady Davers alias Douglas, committed to Woodſtreet Compter by Steedman Officer to the Lord Major 1646-07-17(July 17.) 1646. As true that might have ſtiled her Lord Major, &c. for any relation between Davers and Douglas: But by a Non-ſence Alias a ſeeming connexion far from Holy Writs Example, Slime in ſtead of Morter, and Brick-bats for firm Stone, with it diſpenſes not; Confuſion of that conſequence.

Whence follows next Simon Magus alias Peter, &c. Saints and Devils become fellows; alſo Fool and Racha: what not? as out of the path of his Commandments: of warrants that latitude allowed them, one Name becauſe lighted on, matters not how many falſe beſide, ſo at all with 7 A4r 7 with Logicks definition or Reaſon, agrees not, authorized by the proviſo (Alias) the meaning of it; ſometime or otherwiſe &c. though ſhe never afore at any time called by the aforeſaid Name belonging to another Tribe or Family; He that calls the Stars by their Names (as it were) Male and Female, thoſe lights: where joyns names, no ſuch Bills of Divorce tolerates neither what Antiquity or Cuſtom either occaſions, as referred to thoſe judicious, the Sequel of what concernment.

Laſtly wherwith even whoſe additionals Abraham & Sarahs, conſiſts but of a letter both alike old and new conſenting in one. Alſo Paul for Saul, one ſo cautious that way, witneſs in mentioning the ſaid Patriarks Bleſsing as well 8 A4v 8 well obſerves, ſaying, Not Seeds, as of many, &c. but Seed, &c.

And ſo much for that, They would have ſaid, &c. in ſtead of Aliuas: All they can alledge or ſay for themſelves ſo contradictory to Senſe and Verity, better to be juſtified by ſome blinde ſlow Belly Cretians ſuch Vipers, then by thoſe intereſted in the Name of Chriſtians, who would be unwilling to Subſcribe to any other.

And hereupon of her falſe Impriſonment undergone; ſo many years, If when the cauſe of the Law ceaſes, then ceaſes the Law it ſelf: wherefore when the Adverſary detains the work, for which the Bond was entred into, occaſioned it, why ſhould he keep it, and her perſon in hold both? or by what Juſtice and Equity ſtands 9 B1r 9 ſtands ſuch an Execution any longer afoot or in force, ſhe having been ſince put to the charge for Imprinting the ſame all over, for which was acknowledged the ſaid Obligation of Sixty pounds, no benefit whereby accrewing to her, by a certain Printer, one Pain, upon whoſe importunity and proteſtation ’twas obtained.

Another Quære thus, ſince Scandalous Names bear Action to be termed Bankrupt, &c. why unjuſt Cut-Throat Actions ſo many as the Adverſary pleaſes, no Redreſs in that caſe; as amounting to Hundreds no few by this Broken Printer and his Conſorts, the Burthen of them, no ſhort furrows plowed, &c. By City unmerciful Adonizebeks, unmindeful of his Confeſsion, as he had done, God B had 10 B1v 10 had requited him, Threeſcore and ten had diſmembred them, &c. And Abimelech how rewarded, doing execution on his Seventy Brethren, a woman his Executioner (Judges 9.) laying on himſelf (as it were) violent hands, cauſed one to ſlay him, not impertinent here.

The Milſtones lighting on his Head, unominous either to the Preſs, with thoſe ſeveral Tables under which ſo many fed by him, ſealed wi th his Thumbs and Great-Toes, to unmerciful Executions of all kindes which extends.

And what Figs and Grapes ſuch Thiſtles and Thorns produces, proceeding therewith the plot of this Cut-Throat Fellow; which aforeſaid Arreſt in his own Houſe, who to draw her thither fain’d had loſt the Copy, 11 B2r 11 Copy, &c. The ready way for compaſsing their deſperate Ends, ſuppoſed in having her life at mercy, being ſent to the Compter, lock’d into her Chamber by the Keeper: Not long after (ſhe all unready, &c.) between two of them carried down thence, inſtantly ſhut and bolted was into the Dungeon-Hole, Hells Epitomy, in the dark out of call or cry, ſearching firſt her Coats pockets, at leaſt expecting ſhe ſhould have made ſome proffer, &c. Fruſtrate that way, with the Key took away the Candle, there left on the wet floor to take up her lodging, beyond any draught, by ſo many poyſonous Vermin harbored: Like diſquieted Spirits ſetting up fearful ſeveral Notes, courſing about, &c.

B2 About 12 B2v 12

About an hour after, when as no need of Sun, Moon or other (1646-07-17Anno 1646. July 17.) whereof notice Extraordinary taken about the City, they brought her again to a Chamber, That Night till day break, the Heavens without intermiſsion flaſhing out Lightnings, as Noonday; The Element like a Caſemate ſtanding open, without Thunder at all, or any Rain, thoſe continued fireworks notwithſtanding.

Which time Twelve Moneth that Adonizebek the Lord Major was committed to the Tower, and his Brethren (1647Anno 47) when the Armies unexpected arrival at the Whitſontide, &c.

As for the perfideous Printer how hapned with him, ſoon ſpued out of Houſe and Home, his Wife within few 13 B3r 13 few days dead, in whoſe Brothers unhappy Name the Bond taken, he dead alſo.

And ſo when the ſmoaky Bottomleſs Pit to be opened, oppreſſed Captives, when ſeaſonable for Elevating their Heads, not to deſpair longer, Signs in Heaven and Earth, Sea and Waters as recommended, contribute their teſtimony, no obſcure Tokens, like the floods voice uttering theirs, unbound as it were, clapping their hands for company; perplexed people at their Wits end (Luke 21.) on all ſides in that unparalleld Thraldom, That better unborn, then the Uncircu mmciſed their Commiſsions date expired.

Of which ſhortned Days for the Elects cauſe thus, not unparalleld with 14 B3v 14 with the ten Perſecutions, Ten days ſhall have Tribulation; The Myſterious Beaſts Reign, Crown’d or Mitre’d with his Ten Horns, no leſs then charged with open Blaſphemy, againſt the Tabernacle, the preſence of God (to wit) &c. opening no narrow Throat, repaid Lex talionis, that leads into Captivity, &c. Rev. 13.

And ſo much for the year of Redemption, lifting up your heads, &c. Tokens of it likened to the Springs infallible Meſſengers of Summers approach, the Fig-tree and the reſt, proclaimed to be by Heavenly Heralds, higher Powers that bids beware the Tree, ſhaken like thoſe Boughs, &c. ſo to expect fruit forbids it, of the Nations unſpeakable travel, until thoſe wonders, &c.

VVhere 15 B4r 15

Where not to be drowned in Forgetfulneſs, our New Star in Caſſiopei, the French taking eſſay of its influence, that Herodian Maſſacre not long after it, ſeen 74 years before the year 16441644 our day of Reckonings forerunner; of which Great-Seal day John heard the number (Rev. 7.) even ſealed the year of God 1644Anno Dom. 44. obſerving the motion of the former, that in the Eaſt 74 years afore Jeruſalems Judgment, ſworn in his wrath as it were By Heaven, &c. the numbred Time of our Captivity or coming out Shewing they have a King over them, &c. (of the Roman Faction) where thoſe cald Cavaleers or Royalists, and coyn Dollors and Half Crown Pieces adored (Dæmoniæ) (he heard the Number of them) with Pieces of Ordnance, the Fleet or Navies preparation by thoſe hideous Hieroglyphicks ſignified, &c. of Heathen Babylon, of whoſe Habeas Corpus Writ out of the ſmoky Abyſs, (Rev. 9.) commanded not to harm any, but thoſe not ſealed (viz.) marked as for Murther and Theft, ver. 20.

And for myſteries thoſe Oracles however grown out of requeſt among our Rabbies, 16 B4v 16 Rabbies, prefixt or ſet times ſaid to be but a certain time for an uncertain, & the like, queſtionleſs of higheſt concernment thoſe undervalued moſt, becauſe flatters not or torments them, termed wilde notions and brainſick, &c. as much attentive and grateful for precious things caſt before ſuch: ſuffices theſe, and like that Diſpute about her having five (Ioh.) Bidden Go call her Husband: whence follows, if Davers one, then (Alias) otherwiſe called Douglas, he none of hers either. As farthermore for their farewel, tedious Apprentiſhips canceld forthwith; together with that granted, What is not true is falſe; Ergo, Libel baſtard ſlips, and ſiniſter actions impoſed on his people, unlawful to be fathered on Gods Word, his Law thereon either erring not in a tittle.