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For the moſt Honorable
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The words of Amos, &c. And the Lord ſhall roar from Zion, and utter his voyce from Jeruſalem; and the dwelling places of the Shepherds ſhall periſh, and Carmel ſhall wither: Thus ſaith the Lord, for three tarnſgreſſionstranſgreſſions and for four, &c. And will cut off the inhabitants of B. and the Scepter ſhall periſh out of Beth. Thus ſaith the Lord, for three tranſgreſſions and for four, &c. Together with Diviſions character, viz. By the ſame token, ſaith the Lord of Sabbath; When Biſhops Land ſold, Rhetoricks flowers out of requeſt, Great Britains Union diſſolv’d, or cut aſſunder, puts down their Kings, he Beheaded, Four and twentieth from the Conqueſt; aged Seven times ſeven, in the 1600–1699Seventeenth Century. Thus ſaith the Lord, In that day I will raiſe up the Tabernacle of David that is faln down, &c. and will build it again, as in days of old. Amos cap. 8.

London, Printed in the year 16491649.

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For the Right Honorable, The Councel of State.

From the Lady Eleanor, 1649-10Octo. 1649.

As known to all, the true way or touch-ſtone, other none to try them by, but that Salt the life of all things, All things whereby were inſtituted, without which (his word the Way and the Truth); where Legions of diviſion the like unknown, a like poſsible to expect peace one with another, as to thrid Needles with a Cable, or in a day build Pauls.

And ſo behold, all like as when ſtung by fiery Serpents, were healed by another in that likenes; alſo of thoſe Legions entred into that wilde man, as enſues, a taſte or tryal of them tendreddred 3 A2r 3 dred to theſe reſtleſs days, wherein every man in his proper language, hears the wonderful word of God, as in a chryſtal mirror preſenting the viſage of the preſent, extracted from that diſtracted Mans recovery, ſent hither to Preach (askt What his name was?) declaring What God had done for him (no infant or babe) directed to the Gentiles, a light for the laſt days, as though askt Great Britain, and Germany, their Names ſhould anſwer Gergeſens, they both a compound of it; from Gadarens as alſo derived Gallia or France (lying over againſt England) as that Region over againſt Galilee; ſo Whether thence comes any good thing, like that ſaying of old: Alſo former Marriages (what ſucceſſes have had) who wots not, A2 ſhall 4 A2v 4 ſhall come to the matter (Mat. 8.c.) of our Saviors pilgrimages or weary progreſſes.

And when he was come to the other ſide of the Countrey of the Gergeſens, there met him two poſſeſt with Devils, which came out of the Graves, very fierce, ſo that no man might paſs by that way. And the devils beſought him, &c. and he ſaid, Go; whereof in a paraphraſing way thus proceeding, verily their paſs for Graveſend thoſe twain Rup. and Maurice, returned to Grave Maurice, Couſen Germain with the Boors, iſſue of the late Palſgrave of the Rhyne, that German Prince turned out of his Countrey, making in the Low Countries his abode, whoſe Offspring thoſe furies or fiends broken looſe here, ſent home again: To this 5 A3r 5 this day which Family are conſtanly viſited with a Spirit before the death of them, a thing known to all; and thus as though a Babe new born ſhould ſpeak the hardeſt Names.

Mark 5. on this wiſe going on with it, of the aforeſaid unclean ſpirits baptized in the lake, &c. certainly emblem of the Gentiles being return’d to wallow in the mire, as waters of troubleſom times giving warning; where thus, And when he was come out of the ſhip, there met him incontinently out of the Graves a Man that had an unclean ſpirit, who had his abiding amongſt the Graves, bound with fetters and chains &c. neither could by any man be tamed, his Ghoſt (as it were) that Bear Canterbury, brought ſo often to the ſtake or Bar on his knees; where beſide 6 A3v 6 beſide his Habitation, where thoſe Monuments in Cathedrals, whose House at Lambeth with its ſcituation not onely pointed to, but of its denomination borrow’d from the houſe of Bethlam, otherwiſe called Bedlam: As his Name withal whence derived from the Grave-maker or Sextons Office, their digging or opening vaults, not unlike to be one of his Godfathers, ſo much of his raving fit, that bad our Savior avoid: foreſhewing had thoſe times been in his, had given him that oath of forſwearing himſelf, or his own accuſer to be, as forced no few in that undue kinde, his own Obligation ſo well obſerving, queſtioned not his ſpirit of continency, any more then whether the name Puritans a perſecutor of, or given 7 A4r 7 given Judas paſs, gone to his own place, Canterbury the laſt of his name on a Friday executed, the day on which our Lord was buried for his long ſervice, that in a field Gules gives the Halter or rope, from henceforth a chain left to hang their Keys in. And ſo much for him and them both anſwering, For we are many fryers, whoſe twelve Godfathers withal beſought, (as it were) Him not to torment he adjures them; which concerns more then any Lord Majors Oath, or his Show on the water.

So each in his order, where follows Great Britains laſt King, or Englands late Tyrant, into whom many Devils were entred from ſeveral parts; but one above the reſt (no ſhort time) vext with moſt, whereof Luke 8 A4v 8 Luke 8. thus, And when he went to land, there met him a certain Man out of the City, which had a Devil a long time, and he ware no clothes, neither abode in houſe, but in the Graves, and he commanded the foul ſpirit to come out of the man, for oft times it caught him, &c. therefore he was bound in fetters, as the cauſe of his binding ſhews, ſo from thoſe words, that it came out of the man, as much to ſay, a woman, his Vaſthi put away or departed, bereſt of the Breeches, &c. in recompence Crown’d by her Servant German. And ſo much for this miſled Man, went away from his Houſe of Parliament and Hampton-Court, turned out of City-houſes and Country both, took up his reſtleſs Lodging among the ſlain in the field, afterward in in 1 or more pagesother