Old Historical
John. Fellow.

Judgements But it 1 or 2 wordsflawed-reproduction
Modell. didabout 3 lettersobscured Douglasse

By the Lady Eleanor Douglas.

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Printed in the Yeare, 16461646.

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A2r 3

From the
La:Lady Eleanor Douglas.
Upon the 7. Chapter of the

The Time come to remove,
the Covering having No
short space been shutt up
in the Arke, our
present state also have presented an Olive-
Leafe plucked from the Tree of Life, of
the Waters abate dryed up
, as it were,
those Teares from the face of the Earth, as
appeares finish’d a tedious Vale of Vanity:
for soules imprisoned without releaseA2 lease A2v 4
and restlesse, till Times utmost
minnit run out, or Expired.

So of the Doves-Last return
findes “rest for the Sole of her foote”
, as followes:
Revealed even the most holy
and reserved of Time and Seasons conseald
; Except that of the unknown
Day and Houre imparted Not to
Angels: Namely, Not Yeares; But
forty dayes, The day of Judgements Last
Warning-peice; As the number of
forty no stranger to the present either:
which here bears date from Easter-weeke
16461646. torINTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that substJoin is unmatched. the Assension
thereabout, for appearance before the
Judge of quick and dead; His great Tribunall
extracted out of that sealed Number,
“a Hundred forty foure &c”. Saying,
“he heard the Number of Them” INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Revelati.
7. Chap.
Wherefor the Keeper of the great Seal,
and the Cryers voice, Thus INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.verse 2.

Where A3r 5

Where farther contains These, belonging
to Our Clymate or Iland described
for a Tryall before a Thron of Judicature,
Not heard till such an appointed

Time: witnessed by those restrained
Winds foure, withall points at Easter
Terme in May, the first Terme;
WinesseWitnesse the fresh Boughes in their
hands, (all in white Robes) Where the innocent
Lambe, as it were, araignd before
: And by Them also evident,
where the Jury called by Name Judah,
the Fore-man of those Twelve godfathers
or Elders sealed in the Foreheads, or swornmen;
And such innumerable attendants
as thoughthough the great day “Come: Such Legions
of Angels standing about
the Throne, and about the Jury”
, where
face to face the foure Witnesses
all Thronging to heare their Testimony
Namely the foure Beasts, what they produce,A3 duce, A3v 6
These makes it plaine enough:
About this Prisoner, his holding up the
hand at the Barre, the very
Model of a Court, representing
it: where shewes withall in the Peerlesse
Lambs Livory and posture; This
his humble Servant, (by the Lambe represented)
presents his Person before the
Throne, together with the woefull state
of so many Prisoners at this Time, being
accompanied there-with:

But proceeding with this, the day of
Judgements Usher; doubtlesse where
made by Them, such Lowe Obeysance
to Him sitting on the Throne, subscribing
& submitting to his Pleasure, saying,
“Amen, &c.” (verse)

And so the Jury also, those Elders No
ordinary Men: declares this Prisoner
one of their owne degree: No com- A4r 7
Common One, pleading Not guilty,
neither deserving death or imprisonment:
The Lamb acquits Him here, though
Condemn’d. Neverthelesse; The
white Robes
suffers, where so many
hands (as it were) held up; As goes
the Verdict: So the sentence
Lord have mercy on Them; And so
theirs the Kingdom of Heaven
as declared; The Lambe hath Compassion
on them; Him-Selfe shall
Lead Them to Living-Springs and Fountains:
Cœlestiall Fountains
and Springs, which never fayle,
or shall be taken away,
intayld so sure.

And in which portion of Scripture,
as inclusive Whitsontydes mistery: Shadowed
too under the White Robe, (as
much to say) The great and dreadfull day in the Moneth of May: No more A4v 8
more Whitsontides, as by the Suns not
Lightning on them, &c.

And so much for Easter and Penticost, a
feast observ’d by Jew & Christian, cleerly
exprest by that sealed Number, and by
the others without Number of so Many
severall Nations
, whereas Noting withall;
Baptisme, and the Lords
Supper adminstred (only) at those two
Feast-times, as heretofore an Old
custome: (vers) “So they shall Thirst
no more, Nor hunger either in that
, an unlawfull restraint, without
doubt points at the Present.
Where Virgins excluded from living
Waters those.

Herewith, one Thing more: Making
known, touching That question
By one of the Grand-jury Elders, sayinging, B1r 9
(verse) “‘What are These which are
Arrayed in white, and whence come They?’”

Answered Him, “‘Sir, Thou knowest’”;
(as much to say,) The present Reigns
or Colours: Serves both for
the Yeare 16441644. to bee accomplished
before the Church her Triumphs or rejoycing
shew: And his Crownation
solemnized in 1624-03March 1624. compleat
about Easter: He, the foure
and twenteth since the Conquest, of those
Elders In-Thrond: As Not unknown,
both Father and Sonne about the aforesaid
Resurrection Feast
Crown’d. Who needs Then inquire
what Strangers These?
Much like as in the Glasse, one knew
not his owne Face: Or these in
the Spring, as it were, going a
Precession, with those Palms
in Their hands
, extended from the B yeare, B1v 10
yeare, 16251625, to the yeare, 16451645. That
deliverance Time: Hetherto forborn,
(as it were, the Winds restrained) as since
Yeare, 16051605 so long since for that Powder-

Revelation, Chap. XIIII.

And thus, abrupt for Expedition
sake; Farthermore a touch of This
the finall blowe, for the sake of his Chosen
As the Time shortn’d in consideration of
, the hastened End, So shewes
how the Worlds mistical Weeke
, how much; Before the houre
of His Judgement: By
that great Armey a hundred forty &
fourefoure Thousand, singing both one song
, with
the former sealed Number, as Chap. the
7. informes: Extoling such a Yeare
accomplished of our Salvation,
with these harping The same Note, The
yeare of our Redemption
, 16441644. to bee accom- B2r 11
accomplished, Accompanying the Day of
Judgements houre, immediately
which followes, Who before hand
tune the Marriage-Song,
so all following the Lamb whether soever
he goes
. Also for which Number includesing the 4000.
yeare of the world, his Incarnation Then INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Chap. 21

And so much forWhere the Bride, prepared
the Lambs Wife: Compared to
such a uniform Citie, wherelikewise a Hundred
forty foure Cubits
the measured wall;
(called Salvation, INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Isaiah 60.) Namely, the aforesaid
Yeare of God, and serves for Dayes and
Houres too, with the 4000 yeares (afore-shewed
of the World, our Saviours being born of the
worship Him
that made Heaven
& Earth &c
:vers &c

And forapproximately 2 lettersobscured so for the Misticall-
of six Thousand Yeares
current, Thus exprest in the Number of
the Lambs followers: The Hundred forty
and foure, &c. standing on the Mount

Even the Houres fulfilling of Six B2 Dayes, B2v 12
Dayes, amounting to a hundred
forty foure Houres
; or Six times 24. (or
12 times 12.) As the equall Houres distributed
to Day and Night
about Easter: And six dayes,
and six thousand yeares, all one with
Eternity, so much suffices.

Where also for forty odd Dayes,
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By his sitting on the White
proclaimed, One like the Son
of Man crown’d
; (to wit) Whitsontyds
figure or expreßion

As this for another, Cast in the same
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“Him that satt on the White Horse”,
with his Albion-trayn
. And again,
“Hee, who satt on the great white Throne:
from whose dreadfull face, Earth
and Heaven fled away”
; And hell, B3r 13
hell and death delivering up their Prisoners,
as the sand of the Sea
: as the World
Then to receive Condigne reward, No
better which have improved their precious
of Time, sixteen compleat
Centuries since Our blessed Saviours
, proved
by Scripture account.

Witnesse since that Universall imposed
Taxe, in the Yeare One and Forty
of sar August-reigne: which
Of the present heavie dayes since
(16411641) comes short: Of whose difficult
Number 666. so obscure. The truth
of it
, even so many Moneths 1 or two lettersobscured as stiled the
Number of a Man. And the
Moneths of Woman her Reckning
; So Fullfils His 55. Yeares
Reigne and a halfe. Wherein the
peace-maker, the Lamb of God, came intoB3 to B3v 14
the World
: confirm’d by the 42 moneths
(or yeares 3. and a halfe) of the cruell
Beast, “bearing seven heads and tenne horns”,
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Chap. 13. That who needs then to be
unresolv’d, who the Man of sin; Or what
date that writing in Her fore Head bears “mistery Babylon”
Or whom it Concerns INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Chap. 17. No
lesse then the day of Judgements expresse Character, by those Sabbaticall heads, and
sinfull horns ten
: when as the Man of sin,
the Roman Beast aged 17. Centuries.
And By the servants of the Lamb as sealed
in the foreheads with his Fathers Name
Likewise the Beast with his marke (the Agnus Dei) shews
what Communion his Factors (papists)
have, with obscured1 or 2 wordsThe Name of their Father. the pope

And thus in the 15. Yeare of Tiberius
Reigne, (as Saint Luke beares witnesse)
Our Saviour about 30 Yeares of age Then, That
was about the age of Yeares 15, When as Augustus
He deceased
, since when the Moneth of Augustgust B4r
Continues in the Name of the Beast
ever since; So then the aforesaid Monethes
his Numbred reigne. Who that Other, with
two Horns like a Lambe, That exerciseth all the
Power there, of the first where No Man buys or sels, Except them
of His Name
or Haveing
the crucifix
more but referred to themselves.

So prayse him the ancient of dayes, for ever more
Day and Night, his ancient servants, Hee that hath
begining None or ending.

Lastly, for which premises concerning Prisoners
araignd, These keyes of darknes, excluds Not these,
of expressing the Churches power of binding &
loosing: As here The Model or patterne Therof:
What Discipline Agreeable with the
Apostles, Rules Included: where The
Peoples approbation and Consent:
As it were shadowed under That Multitudes
Holding up their Hands, with Those
Sealed Elders Verdict or Judgement,
joyning Their Voyces, saying: “Amen”, &c.
As directed to Eastern and Western Churches both,
(INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Verse 2) By that Angels ascending from the East.

And thus concluding with the Number of his
rageing Reigne, the Antichristian Beast: Even
since that Sea-Monster 88. With that Admirable
, Just 666. monethes, or 55. Yeares and a
halfe; So just and true are Thy wayes: Thou King of
Saints. &c.