As not unknowne, though hath long beene deferd: Neverthelesse this Petition or Prophesie (on Record) not uncomplished: witnesse the present yeare, 16441644. When as he on a Friday morning was killed or sufferd then: Who little supposed such a sop prepared for his Lordship Mat. 24 Saying, The Lord of that servant shall come in a day and an houre hee lookes not for: Even unprepared, as much to say, fore-warn’d. Although, that because the day and houre none knowes. Therefore thinks to put off the Time made knowne of His comming, with that Shift: Who shall cut assunder that false Prophet, or as the Word renders it, Cut off (to Wit) his Head, with that Arch Hypocrite gracelesse Judas, bursting Assunder His very sentence, both served with one Writ.

Doubtlesse an houre and a day, Not dreamed of in his Diarie, where sets down the 1633-09-1919. of September, 1633. Was translated to be Arch BB But not by whose high authority the Lords day cut off, the Sabboth translated into a day of such prophanation.

And thus having shewd: The Beast like his Sabbaticall reigne finishd, seven yeares compleat and eight current that was Arch BB. of Lambeth (or Bethlam) before his going into Prison rewarded as he had shut up and silenced others.

Also for his Majesties reference thus, how presumptious so ever the imprinting seemd then of those Books, where prayed to beware the hand writing, yet how true: Not behind hand with Him, in applying great Babylons judgement at hand. Dan. 5.. dedicated unto the present reigne; needs no other but referrd to such raging division the Occurrents of the Present. And with that for another of the great Prince Michaels standing up, when such an unprralleldunparralleld troublesome Time Cap. the last also shewd to be directed to our distracted Nation of Great Brittain, in the Arch Angels name, given to this Island. So notwithstanding these stiled presumptious and detestable: Have made bold presumd to publish the fore-shewing of them in the yeare 16331633. When little expected such a blow so nigh, His Majestie then crowned in Scotland, with the Arch B. hornd here, whose absence and Acts, weighed with his the last of those Assyrians, found as full of Levity, or No lesse wanting.

To the Kings most excellent Majestie.

The humble Petition of the Lady Eleanor. 16331633

Most humbly sheweth to your Matie.Majestie

That the word of God spoken in the first yeare of Your happie reign unto the Petitioner, upon Friday last did suffer early in the morning: the b:beast ascended out of the Bottomlesse pitt: having seven Heads, &c. seaven Yeares, viz. making Warre hath overcome, and killed them: Bookes sealed by the Prophets. By the Bishop of Lambeth horned like the Lambe, harted like a Wolfe, are condemned to be burned at Pauls-Crosse, where our Lord crucified, &c. This is the third Day, that their dead Bodies shrowded in loose sheets of paper. Lye in the streets of the Great Citie, &c. more cruell and hard harted, then other tongues and Nations, who will not suffer them so to be buried. If your Highnesse please to speake the word the spirit of life will enter into them they will stand upon their feete, &c.

Craving no other pardon, humbly as in duty bound shall pray for your Matie.Majestie.

The word of God to the King,

Revela: 17. The beast that was, and is not: Even Hee is the eight, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

His Majestie doth expresly command the Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterburyes Grace, and his highnes Commissioners, for causes Ecclesiasticall. That the Petitioner be forthwith called before them, to answer for presuming to Imprint the said bookes, and for preferring this detestable petition.

Sydney Mountague:

Concordat cum originale factâ collatîone per me Thomas Maydwell, no librum publium