A1r 1


The heavy hour at hand, that it ſhould not as a Thief ſurprize us in the night, Babylons ſcattering whirlwind our final or utter blow; or leſt ſhould ſay, There had not a Prophet been amongſt them, could not refrain giving thee warning, though like rolling the reſtles ſtone, prove but labor in vain.

Where Line upon line, no vain repetition stiles them A houſe of Rebellion, and Moſt Rebellious, Cap. ver. &c. Nay (as it were) had been ſent to the houſe of Auſtria their Churches, replyed, Had long ere this in ſackcloth and aſhes; or to a People of a deep lip, of another language, &c. The firſt-fruits of which Ambaſſage, ſhewing Iſrael being cut off, as by Ezekiel taſted of, watchman over the rebellious houſe of Iſrael, made to eat the roll or writ, Lamentation, Mourning and A Woe, A1v 2 Woe, ſuperſcribed within and without; ſo by all ſigns and tokens without doubt ſerved on our three ſinful Kingdoms, home charged with open Rebellion, neither hearkening to the Prophet bidden, ſtamp with the foot, ſmite with the fiſt, with the breaking of thy loyns ſigh, their muſick, but made and ſong, The Lord of Hoſts when uttering his thundring voyce, roaring as a Lyon, the tokens of his coming, an end come on the four corners of the earth, ready to fall aſleep, or ſitting in the ſeat of ſcorners, All their elbows grown to the pillows, they and their fathers.

And ſo farther informing whether ſilent or otherwiſe, as it came to paſs in the fifth year of ſuch a Kings captivity accompliſhed (Ezekiel Cap. I.) the hand of the Lord when upon him, his word coming expreſsly to him, ſaw the great Viſion of God, he amongst the captives; Alſo from this place, the Kings Bench Priſon amongst this Society, give to underſtand, to accompany this warning piece of the Turkiſh Armado’s preparation, added a ſign, as Iſaiah ſometime gave one of the Suns going back ſo many degrees retiring, before their captivity at hand A2r 3 hand foreſhewed then; Another given of the Moon, from his giving the Three half Moons, whoſe Army harbors at Argier, attending Sions being delivered up into his poſſeſsion: Theſe Iſlands three to be under his laſh of Juriſdiction, drawn from which premiſes theſe, for his Creſt or Coat-Arms who gives the Half Moon, not far off his houſe called Sion, committed to whom three priſoner Princes, one of no inferior eſtate, under Babylons Baſhaws, typyfying even our eſtate, thoſe Mahometans our guardians, the third Earldom of this Realm, aſsigned thereby to Algernon Earl of Northumberland by Name, ſometime Admiral of the Seas, paralleld with that Northern ſcourge, The Aſſyrian Army, how given up into his protection the houſes of the Lord.

And ſo much (Reader) for this flight of ours, and this new ſign of the New Moon going before it, where cannot paſs over Ezekiels portraying our Cities ſiege, ſhewed by thoſe battering rams or brazen Engines, ſo to the life their ſwift doing execution; and dreadful wheels motion and thundring voyce, in thoſe living creatures (as ſha- A2v 4 ſhadowed under the Seraphin work of the Tabernacles Curtains, the Lord of Hoſts Pavillion, each loop of which not without a Myſtery, as obſervable Fifty in one curtain, and fifty in the other, (Exod. 26) containing the myſtery of winged time, the midſt of the Century, even directed to, joyned like thoſe Cherubin wings of theirs.

And of this your day drawing near, whoſe ſilver and gold the ſtumbling block, Author of unhappineſs all, as he unto all the people of Judah, ſaying from ſuch a year of the King of Judah, even unto this day, that is, the Three and twenty year (Jer. cap. 25) Alſo the word of the Lord have I ſpoken unto you, riſing early, but, &c.

23. of the preſent Reign.