Tobits Book,

A Lesson
Appointed for Lent.

Expressing, foresaw upon his being
anointed. And from the seven days
celebrated Nuptials success: the
Churches glorious estate at last. After
that order put to flight, under
the conduct of Asmodeus, or delivered
up to Satan: Enemies of
the Lambs Marriage-Supper.

1652Printed in the Year, 1652.

A1v A2r


Concerning the Angel his chasing away
the Evil Spirit bound or confined to
those remote parts. And of Tobit
restored to his sight. By a Fish made
whole. Then &c.

And here our Lord. As in these
troublesome days of ours shut
out of doors Excommunicated
thus. His word Entrance none admitted.
By whom preferred Fishermen.

Even his words recommended old
Tobias Story
anointed with the Fish
. Where in short, not impertinent
though for this present Frozen
. Insisting not on that ample A2 confession A2v (4)
confession of his uprightness related
by him: Or fatherly Instructions

But with the matter proceeding of
Raphael the Angel (so called) one of
no mean descent sent for their cure. In
that obscure maner disguised who
took their Journey together forthwith.
The yong man Tobias accompanied
with his Dog as at other times
probable amongst whom. Also by
their Overseers what credit given unto
Prophets. As in these days particular
how valued, evident
soever held useful as Scaffolds.
The Structure being erected. To them
such anointings not supposed appertains
with whom. New Lights. But
like a candle at Noon lighted to behold
the Sun.

Such A3r (5)

Such an Egyptian Ecclipse or
blindness of their understanding the
face or state of the Church under. By
all degrees of men undervalued.
Notwithstanding whose assurance,
“Nothing so secret and reserved which
should not revealed be at last.”
“whatsoever spoken in darkness, manifested
not in Cathedrals. But on the
. No obscure place &c.
as here whether they will forbear
or hear, offered these Blessed
, whose House this left
unto them, “Behold desolate”. Verily
shall see him until they say, “Blessed
that cometh in his Name”

Eliah his Spirit (to wit) “Even a new
restoring all things first.”
(INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Cor. 4.) “Therefore judge nothing before
the time of the Lords coming, who will A3v (6)
will lighten things hid in darkness.”

Namely the same Spirit by which
they were Pen’d or Written, to be
explained. Of which refreshing
the Spirit again pour’d out.
The Apostle again thus (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Tim.)
“I charge thee in the sight of God, who
quickneth all things, That thou observe
the commandment until the appearing
of our Lord, which in due time he shall
, testified on this wise. “King
of Kings and Lord of Lords. The
alone Potentate and sole Bishop”
much to say) then the aforesaid time

And so farther touching the Church
returned to its perfection: arrived
the Harbor of rest. He foreshewed
when he was yong that girded himself
&c. (Peters) mentioning which Mysteries A4r (7)
Mysteries (INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.ver. 15.) “Wherefore Gird
Up The Loins of your mindes, be sober,
and trust perfectly in that grace brought
unto you in the revelation of Jesus Christ,”


In the mean time inhibited, doting
about questions, begeting strife,
far from sobriety, bidden prefer rather
agreeable to godliness, wholesom
, as for the other but frivolus
and vanity.

And so much for them charged
to try the Spirits, a point of such
consequence, dreamt not of their Tryal
so nigh. “And for gold their Godslaves
thereto, blinding the eyes of those
innumerable Angels as though immortal”


Go forward shall with the former
that of this Fishing Voyage: where the A4v (8)
the dumb Fish for expeling the dumb
Spirit named Asmodeus from Demon,
derived That Grand Tempter. He
bound as declares in Egypt, ominous
to our days miserable Slavery that
Imports. The Gaul prefiguring
Judgement seals it: Since no removing
such Scales without it, or able to
clear the fight together with the
heart and liver, That compound Cordial
against Obstructions, of that nature:
where buried in the Bride-bed
so many from poysonous infused
Spels. Forewarned not one by anothers
example, or convinced
Judgements upon Judgements notwithstanding.

And passing on with the good
Angel, a Door or Passage opening in
Heaven. The Abyss its darksom hold, whenas B1r (9)
whenas free to and fro for Apostate
and Fiends to ascend. He gotten
loose taken with her. Unacquainted
with Tobias Tobacco dryed
on those coals, affrighted with the
smoak and choking scent removed his

Unto what time extends other
amplification requires not. Then those
twice assigned seven days, for such
Rites solemniz’d &c. together with
those Angelical drugs Operation, emblems
of the Spirit, its Elixir powder
er of the aforesaid Heart and Liver
of the Fiss ready to devour him, as
though would have swallowed him.

Where the one as betokens a
scourge from his immediate Flight.
Thence so in what Century the other
informs, without doubt about B the B1v (10)
Floods age. The Gentiles their Tryal
or Refining time. Signed with the
Fish leaped out of the Flood Tygris:
of which except the Intrails reserv’d
for Medicine, the rest rosted.

Sacraments or pledges of Scriptures
first their history part for the Churches
present service or use. Afterward to
be imparted those subtilties revealed
the mystery of it. Also ominous
Prototypes of the Age present its
Bloody actings from his being assaulted.
By the Fish prefiguring the escaped
Danger of this Encounter with
the Diabolical spirit. Blown up in
such a moment unexpected.

Whereupon after his short effectual
Prayer, aluding to Eves temptation.
Sarah his wife who conceived
with child (a mystery none of the least) B2r (11)
least) joyning both in Prayer. Barren
so long. Maugre the Old Serpents
rage at length bound by the
Angel. Sions state shadowing forth
her Fields unmenur’d: so long laid
fallow. Ploughed again nevertheless
as in primitive days.

Lastly thence of their departure.
The Angel Raphael returned sent
about the money. The sworn days
a Fortnights stay sworn by Raguel:
which time of absence in regard of
his Father seeming much longer,
took their leave with the Bride and
large blessing: together with the said
Dog following to his blinde Master,
not a warning piece little beneficial.

In the next place: How they went
afore the circumspect Guide and Tobias,
to prepare things in readiness B 2 for B2v (12)
for unexpected Gbuests such. His Father
meeting him, by whom healed
forthwith: forerunner of the stumbling
Age significant dictates; on the
future of a supernatural blessing:
when swallowed up in dispare, at
their wits end.

According to whose express charge
observed, not to take a strange woman
to wife. But of his people one
of a holy descent: withal above others,
namely of Pride to beware:
his seed that they might inherit
the Land. Arrogancy (not unknown)
the Mother of want, inseparably
joyned with a servile condition.
Concluding with the beatifical Vision
the true healing Angel, discovering
himself unto them: one of the seven
Angels or Spirits in presence of the Throne: B3r (13)
Throne: presents the Prayers of the
Saints (to wit) in reference to the
Sabbath, alludes to the Sabbatical
. Raphael signifying The
Medicine of God

As his vigilent parents for his return,
also to watch all: So from
whose stumbling mentioned in what
obscurity the last days. Dreaming of
such anointings as much or supernatural

His Grave whenas prepared abroad
and at home both: their son by
whom she conceived (as it were) returned
into a New World: such a
change closed with Father Tobias
Trumpets Alarm or Prayer: by the
Angel preferred, withal pointing to
his close Imprisonment in the Whales
, three days in Travel of him: heard B3v (14)
heard whose cry out of the Deep,
who acknowledges brings up from
Hell, &c.

And Hell and the Grave, one and
the same word Gehenna expressing
both as in that similitude from unlikeness.

“And in Adam as all died, so in
Christ all made alive,”
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depth of the wisdom and knowledge of
By the Ancients Origin, Trertullian
and others: no question made
thereof “with whom all things possible”,
but to be implacable absolutely.

And so much for these, the “childrens
teeth not set an edge for the Fathers
Captive Angels put into
the List. The word “Everlasting”,
That cansell’d also being determinable
signifying Ages: and farther, passing B4r (15)
passing for ad infinitum. Whenas
spared in tender consideration of one
Heathen City, wherein so many thousands
discerning not the right Hand
from the left. And Eve hers as a thousand
for one how much more spotless
in that nature. Then why thus
incensed our Jonases against
them Abraham stiles Sons worse then
annihilated a million of times, whose
love a thousand times surmounts his
hate: By that Jewish envious elder
Brother as figured, expostulating
with his Father, &c. where in truth
a prefixt space of time signified, more
proper then of place fixt, &c.

Prayed “O ye sinners, therefore repent,
turn and do Justice, shew mercy,
who knows whether he may extend commiseration
to this sinful City”
: as in behalfhalf B4v (16)
of those Innocents, whose sittuation
not far from Paradice.

As by the Fish taken in Tygris River
of such vertue &c. “O make ye
friends of the unrighteous Mammon,
That they may receive you into everlasting
: obscuredp:jmurel.tyw4-5 lettersnting to the
transitory whe obscuredp:jmurel.tyw4-5 letters set up their rest,
all dote. So obscuredp:jmurel.tyw3 lettersished his magnificat
Tobias, that Brides incomparable
Lust obscuredp:jmurel.tyw2 letters or preparation: New Jerusalems.
pPrecious Edifice so ravished
with it.

From the Lady Eleanor

Tobias signifying good, for