Tobits Book,

A Lesson
Appointed for Lent.

Expreſsing, foreſaw upon his being anointed. And from the ſeven days celebrated Nuptials ſucceſs: the Churches glorious eſtate at laſt. After that order put to flight, under the conduct of Aſmodeus, or delivered up to Satan: Enemies of the Lambs Marriage-Supper.

1652Printed in the Year, 1652.

A1v A2r


Concerning the Angel his chaſing away the Evil Spirit bound or confined to thoſe remote parts. And of Tobit reſtored to his ſight. By a Fiſh made whole. Then &c.

And here our Lord. As in theſe troubleſome days of ours ſhut out of doors Excommunicated thus. His word Entrance none admitted. By whom preferred Fishermen.

Even his words recommended old Tobias Story anointed with the Fiſh gaul. Where in ſhort, not impertinent though for this preſent Frozen Age. Inſiſting not on that ample A2 confeſsion A2v (4) confeſsion of his uprightneſs related by him: Or fatherly Inſtructions ſuch.

But with the matter proceeding of Raphael the Angel (ſo called) one of no mean deſcent ſent for their cure. In that obſcure maner diſguiſed who took their Journey together forthwith. The yong man Tobias accompanied with his Dog as at other times probable amongſt whom. Alſo by their Overſeers what credit given unto Prophets. As in theſe days particular Revelations how valued, evident ſoever held uſeful as Scaffolds. The Structure being erected. To them ſuch anointings not ſuppoſed appertains with whom. New Lights. But like a candle at Noon lighted to behold the Sun.

Such A3r (5)

Such an Egyptian Ecclipſe or blindneſs of their underſtanding the face or ſtate of the Church under. By all degrees of men undervalued. Notwithſtanding whoſe aſſurance, Nothing ſo ſecret and reſerved which ſhould not revealed be at laſt. Even whatſoever ſpoken in darkneſs, manifeſted not in Cathedrals. But on the Houſe-top. No obſcure place &c. as here whether they will forbear or hear, offered theſe Bleſſed Declarations, whoſe Houſe this left unto them, Behold deſolate. Verily ſhall ſee him until they ſay, Bleſſed that cometh in his Name.

Eliah his Spirit (to wit) Even a new reſtoring all things firſt. Witneſs (Cor. 4.) Therefore judge nothing before the time of the Lords coming, who will A3v (6) will lighten things hid in darkneſs. Namely the ſame Spirit by which they were Pen’d or Written, to be explained. Of which refreſhing Times the Spirit again pour’d out. The Apoſtle again thus (Tim.) I charge thee in the ſight of God, who quickneth all things, That thou obſerve the commandment until the appearing of our Lord, which in due time he ſhall ſhew, teſtified on this wiſe. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The alone Potentate and ſole Biſhop (as much to ſay) then the aforeſaid time &c.

And ſo farther touching the Church returned to its perfection: arrived the Harbor of reſt. He foreſhewed when he was yong that girded himſelf &c. (Peters) mentioning which Myſteries A4r (7) Myſteries (ver. 15.) Wherefore Gird Up The Loins of your mindes, be ſober, and truſt perfectly in that grace brought unto you in the revelation of Jeſus Chriſt, &c.

In the mean time inhibited, doting about queſtions, begeting ſtrife, far from ſobriety, bidden prefer rather agreeable to godlineſs, wholeſom Doctrine, as for the other but frivolus and vanity.

And ſo much for them charged to try the Spirits, a point of ſuch conſequence, dreamt not of their Tryal ſo nigh. And for gold their Godſlaves thereto, blinding the eyes of thoſe innumerable Angels as though immortal &c.

Go forward ſhall with the former that of this Fiſhing Voyage: where the A4v (8) the dumb Fiſh for expeling the dumb Spirit named Aſmodeus from Demon, derived That Grand Tempter. He bound as declares in Egypt, ominous to our days miſerable Slavery that Imports. The Gaul prefiguring Judgement ſeals it: Since no removing ſuch Scales without it, or able to clear the fight together with the heart and liver, That compound Cordial againſt Obſtructions, of that nature: where buried in the Bride-bed ſo many from poyſonous infuſed Spels. Forewarned not one by anothers example, or convinced Judgements upon Judgements notwithſtanding.

And paſsing on with the good Angel, a Door or Paſſage opening in Heaven. The Abyſs its darkſom hold, whenas B1r (9) whenas free to and fro for Apoſtate Spirits and Fiends to aſcend. He gotten looſe taken with her. Unacquainted with Tobias Tobacco dryed on thoſe coals, affrighted with the ſmoak and choking ſcent removed his Lodging.

Unto what time extends other amplification requires not. Then thoſe twice aſsigned ſeven days, for ſuch Rites ſolemniz’d &c. together with thoſe Angelical drugs Operation, emblems of the Spirit, its Elixir powder er of the aforeſaid Heart and Liver of the Fisſ ready to devour him, as though would have ſwallowed him.

Where the one as betokens a ſcourge from his immediate Flight. Thence ſo in what Century the other informs, without doubt about B the B1v (10) Floods age. The Gentiles their Tryal or Refining time. Signed with the Fiſh leaped out of the Flood Tygris: of which except the Intrails reſerv’d for Medicine, the reſt roſted.

Sacraments or pledges of Scriptures firſt their hiſtory part for the Churches preſent ſervice or uſe. Afterward to be imparted thoſe ſubtilties revealed the myſtery of it. Alſo ominous Prototypes of the Age preſent its Bloody actings from his being aſſaulted. By the Fiſh prefiguring the eſcaped Danger of this Encounter with the Diabolical ſpirit. Blown up in ſuch a moment unexpected.

Whereupon after his ſhort effectual Prayer, aluding to Eves temptation. Sarah his wife who conceived with child (a myſtery none of the leaſt) B2r (11) leaſt) joyning both in Prayer. Barren ſo long. Maugre the Old Serpents rage at length bound by the Angel. Sions ſtate ſhadowing forth her Fields unmenur’d: ſo long laid fallow. Ploughed again nevertheleſs as in primitive days.

Laſtly thence of their departure. The Angel Raphael returned ſent about the money. The ſworn days a Fortnights ſtay ſworn by Raguel: which time of abſence in regard of his Father ſeeming much longer, took their leave with the Bride and large bleſsing: together with the ſaid Dog following to his blinde Maſter, not a warning piece little beneficial.

In the next place: How they went afore the circumſpect Guide and Tobias, to prepare things in readineſs B 2 for B2v (12) for unexpected Gbueſts ſuch. His Father meeting him, by whom healed forthwith: forerunner of the ſtumbling Age ſignificant dictates; on the future of a ſupernatural bleſsing: when ſwallowed up in diſpare, at their wits end.

According to whoſe expreſs charge obſerved, not to take a ſtrange woman to wife. But of his people one of a holy deſcent: withal above others, namely of Pride to beware: his ſeed that they might inherit the Land. Arrogancy (not unknown) the Mother of want, inſeparably joyned with a ſervile condition. Concluding with the beatifical Viſion the true healing Angel, diſcovering himſelf unto them: one of the ſeven Angels or Spirits in preſence of the Throne: B3r (13) Throne: preſents the Prayers of the Saints (to wit) in reference to the Sabbath, alludes to the Sabbatical Century. Raphael ſignifying The Medicine of God.

As his vigilent parents for his return, alſo to watch all: So from whoſe ſtumbling mentioned in what obſcurity the laſt days. Dreaming of ſuch anointings as much or ſupernatural participations.

His Grave whenas prepared abroad and at home both: their ſon by whom ſhe conceived (as it were) returned into a New World: ſuch a change cloſed with Father Tobias Trumpets Alarm or Prayer: by the Angel preferred, withal pointing to his cloſe Impriſonment in the Whales womb, three days in Travel of him: heard B3v (14) heard whoſe cry out of the Deep, who acknowledges brings up from Hell, &c.

And Hell and the Grave, one and the ſame word Gehenna expreſsing both as in that ſimilitude from unlikeneſs.

And in Adam as all died, ſo in Christ all made alive, Cor: 15. O the depth of the wiſdom and knowledge of God. By the Ancients Origin, Trertullian and others: no queſtion made thereof with whom all things poſsible, but to be implacable abſolutely.

And ſo much for theſe, the childrens teeth not ſet an edge for the Fathers default. Captive Angels put into the Liſt. The word Everlaſting, That canſell’d alſo being determinable ſignifying Ages: and farther, paſsing B4r (15) paſsing for ad infinitum. Whenas ſpared in tender conſideration of one Heathen City, wherein ſo many thouſands diſcerning not the right Hand from the left. And Eve hers as a thouſand for one how much more ſpotleſs in that nature. Then why thus incenſed our Jonases againſt them Abraham ſtiles Sons worſe then annihilated a million of times, whoſe love a thouſand times ſurmounts his hate: By that Jewiſh envious elder Brother as figured, expoſtulating with his Father, &c. where in truth a prefixt ſpace of time ſignified, more proper then of place fixt, &c.

Prayed O ye ſinners, therefore repent, turn and do Juſtice, ſhew mercy, who knows whether he may extend commiſeration to this ſinful City: as in behalfhalf B4v (16) half of thoſe Innocents, whoſe ſittuation not far from Paradice.

As by the Fiſh taken in Tygris River of ſuch vertue &c. O make ye friends of the unrighteous Mammon, That they may receive you into everlaſting Habitations: obscuredp:mbehrent.nesnting to the tranſitory whe obscuredp:mbehrent.nes ſet up their reſt, all dote. So obscuredp:mbehrent.nesiſhed his magnificat Tobias, that Brides incomparable Luſt obscuredp:mbehrent.nes or preparation: New Jeruſalems. pPrecious Edifice ſo raviſhed with it.

From the Lady Eleanor

Tobias ſignifying good, for Good-Friday.