to the Dragon
and All His

INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Luke, XXI. “Take heed to your selves, lest
at any time your hearts be
Marke yee
this wicked
persons, &
yee friends
of the unrighteous

over-charged with Surfetting
and Drunkennesse, and the
Cares of this life, and so that
day come upon you unawares.
For as a Snare shall it
come on all them, that dwell
on the face of the whole Earth.”
A snare o Devil

Printed. 1625M.DC.XXV.


A Generall Epistle,

The fold and Flocke of Christ,
and to them that are gone astray, that
say they are Apostles and Catholiques
and are not, &c.

Grace be to you and Peace
from God the Father, and
from our Lord Jesus
, who gave himselfe
for our Sinnes; and in the absence
of his Body for a remembrance the Blessed
Supper, till his second appearing. As
often as we taste thereof, he takes it as a
token we are not unmindfull of his tender
mercy that tasted Death it selfe for
us; so many melting trials and torments,
the innocent Lambe for a brood
of Vipers, whose damme is Death Aiij A3r
whose sting is Sinne, he that washed us
in his owne Blood unto whome there is no
accesse but by Faith; Behold hee commeth,
and every eye shall see him. To
him be glory and dominion for ever and
ever. Amen.

It seemed good unto me, having a perfect
understanding given mee in these
things, and the dispensation of them, an
office not a trade; to roote out, to pull
downe, to build, and to plant, by the
grace and bounty of Jesus our Lord
God. To present this Visitation to your
view, joyning you together of the first
Arke, and universall great House vessels
of Honor and dishonor, some cleane and
purified, others having need of purging.

Former things are come to passe, and
new things I declare unto you; no age so
weake, nor sex excusing; when the A3v
Lord shall send and will put his words in
their Mouth. He powreth out his Spirit
upon his hand-maidens; the rich are
sent emptie away even so Father for it
seemed good in thy sight.

Pressed and constrained with obedience
to him, and Duty towards you;
saying no other things then the Prophets
and Apostles did say should come to
passe, that yee might know the certainty
of those things, wherein yee have beene
instructed, whether you will heare or whether
you will forbeare.

It is a salve to annoint and open the
eyes of the blinde, to bring them that sit
in darkenesse a light, to leade them out
of the Prison-house; others by meanes
of remembrance, (whose annoynting
long since teacheth them all
thinges) to stirre them uppe; A4r
It is a true looking-glasse, a large houreglasse,
Phisicke for the sicke, wholsome
for the whole, milke for the young, and
meate for the strong. It is upon Record
due, an olde debt One and Twenty hunyeares
since; Unto me is given this stone
to polish, unto me this grace is given.

It is as it were a new Song to be sung
before the everlasting Throne, a salutation
for Strangers and the Brethren; if
we love them that love us, if we salute
the Brethren only, what doe wee more
then others; yea but they come at the last
houre, others having borne the heate and
burthen of the Day.

Shall not the lost Son be found againe,
the Father of these that Blaspheme and
are found lyers; But in the eye of our
weakenesse their prosperitie will weave
the webbe of envie; murmure not at the the A4v
good-man of the House. Is it not lawfull;
is it not wrong (as he will) to dispose the
riches of his owne goodnesse; nay, rather
may we not all say, we are unprofitable, we
have both gon out of the way, there is none
that doth good, no not one; nay, are not his
Judgements according to truth; O man
grudge not his grace, dispute not his justice.

But they have bin, and will be to the
worlds end, our persecutors and slaunderers,
need they not so much the more our
Prayers; recompence no man evill for evill;
Therefore let the Congregations of
the faithfull Pray for them, poore, blind,
distracted, naked, wretched people, and
give glory to God, who hath done away
the vaile from these hidden mysteries,
that hindred our stedfast sight, Though to
blinde mindes and deafe harts, this vaile
remaines still untaken away.

a a1r

Wherein for mine owne part, I challenge
little, not so much as those that
brought to the Tabernacle guifts of their
owne spinning of Blew and other colours;
But rather to be in the number of those
servants, that drew out the wonderfull
Wine for the Bridegroomes Feast, to
beare it to the Governor and the Guests;
though to cast in my myte with others I
was never unwilling.

Finally, to those that require a Signe,
or thinke this Confidence; Boasting that
high stiles are not steps for the declining
age of this weake world to climbe, my
defence is no shorter then free.

Least any should thinke of me above
or better then he seeth me to be, as others
to suspect a forged passe; To present you
with Pearles of that sort or holy things,
I forbeare at this time.


If the debt be paid the secret of the multiplyed
oyle is to my selfe; Though I shut
the Doore or shadow my name, I feare no
faces, smiles nor frownes, for the hope of
Israel, to me no chaines are heavie, it is no
bought nor stolne fire, my ability nor boldnesse
extending so high; yet a Candle too
high mounted for Sathan, and all his attempts
to blowe it out, thrived the Gospell
the lesse, rejected of the Jewes.

But all alike hit not the marke, they
presse forward, wranglers started aside
like a broken Bowe, the match is wonne,
one Foord is not knowne to all Passengers;
eleven strikes the clocke saith he,
twelve saith she; doe these contradict
those that are not against us or with us;
Antichristians those that are not against
us, are with us; Even so, glory be to him
alone (the Set is ours) the houre and set aii B1r
time of whose IudgementJudgement is at hand; and
O Lord remember thy servants Abraham,
Isaac, & Jacob, & looke not to the
stubbornnes, nor to the wickednes of this
People, turne their harts, preserve thy
Church, and his victorious Matie. to tread
downe the power of his enemies, our Soveraigne
gratious Lord and the Queene, annoint
them with thy holy Spirit, Crowne
them with Grace; and forren Princes, especially
the Kings excellent Sister with
a happie life here, and eternall life hereafter.
Be gratious to the remnant of Joseph,
heare I beseech thee the Prayer of
thy servant.

The Servant of Jesus Christ:

O A Sure Daniel
Daniel, — I end Al.

Postscript To maske my name with boldnesse to unmaske Error Icrave
no Pardon, the manner let none dispise; Dreames in times
past have beene interpreted, our Fathers in divers manners
have beene spoken unto, the Winde bloweth where it listeth.

B1v Pag. 1.

Eleanor Audeley
Reveale O Daniel,
the Great Prince,
the Kinge of Great Britaine,
France, and Ireland,
Defender of the Faith

The Interpretation of
the Visions of the Prophet
Daniel, revealing the Man of Sinne; And the
Morning Starre, before the comming of the Day.

In the Visions of this
Prophet are revealed the
same things contained
in the Revelatiõ, which
God gave to Jesus
, to shew unto his
Servants things which
must shortly come to passe; things that are
not, to bring to nought things that are: And
as he signified to his beloved Servant John, B B2r 2.Pag.
the Contents of the secret Booke by his Angell;
Even so the Lambe slaine by the eternall
Decree purposed from the foundation
of the world; Declared the same things to
the man greatly beloved, his servant Daniel,
unfolded in this present exposition;
drawing the juice of many sorts wanting
roome and leasure, to lay things in order,
wherein the Scripture will repaire the want
of methode. Being not willing for the lighting
of a Match to make a fire, when the
stroke of a Flint is of more facilitie; Speaking
not to a People of a strange Speech and of a
hard Language, but to the House of Israell;
Avoyding mans enticing words; things
without life, give no life, that revealeth not
the testimony of Jesus; at whose Name, a
name above every name, Let every knee
bowe. Heare all yee Children of my people
harken O Earth!

The first vision of this holy Prophet, was
in the 1. yeare of the raigne of Belshazzer,
King of Babilon; from which spirituall
Babilon takes the denomination. One
and Twentie hundred yeares since.

B2v Pag. 3.

Wherein he saw the foure Windes of Heaven,
or the losed Angels bound in the great
River Euphrates the auntient bounds of the
great Roman Empire, that strove upon the
great Sea, and the foure great Beasts, that
came up from the Sea divers one from another.
These blowing Windes had no power
to hurt, till the servants of God were Sealed
in the foreheads, at what time that Cõmonwealth
became a Monarchy, persecuting the
Church of God being then with Child, Travailing
in birth, crying and pained to be delivered
of the man Childe, roaring like a Lyon,
the whole Forrest ringing, ruling all Nations
with a Rod of Iron; that breaketh in
pieces and subdueth all things: He is Alpha
and Omega, so have the servants of God a
Two-fold sence. Besides man including
some other of his Creatures, bearing the
names of men, yet being neither Man nor
Beast; Praise yee him Sun and Moone, &c.

I heard the number of them: And here
ended the Sealing of the first Covenant, a
yoake which our Fathers were not able to
beare, to establish the second which is Spirituall,Bii B3r 4.Pag.
to put his Lawes in their mindes, with
the Pensell of his Grace to write them in
their hard harts, a light Burthen, for the letter
of the Law, graven in stone is the sentence
of death; But the Spirit giveth life to stony
harts, that were dead in trespasses and sinnes;
yea, the whole valley of dead Bodies, turn’d
into Stones and Earth, from Abell the
first Borne, to the last man taken up in the
Field, they are all holy unto the Lord, their
iniquitie is forgiven and forgotten, as a Father,
hee remembreth their sinne no more.

Of these were Sealed to bee of the seed of
Abraham, one hundred forty and foure
Thousand, twelve times twelve Thousand:
Of which faithfull Number Jesus Christ
the Saviour of the world, the only begotten
Sonne of the living God, in the likenesse
of sinfull Flesh without Sinne, the Lyon of
the Tribe of Judah, was sealed on the Eight
day of his Nativitie; The Lyonesse bringing
but one, and but once in her life.

That with the sprinckling and shedding
of his Blood, both Covenants might be sealed;
These were the first Fruits unto God, B3v Pag. 5.
and to the Lambe, having the Token of the
everlasting Covenant, of the great mysterie
in those times, concerning Christ and
his Church, put in the Flesh a Figure of the

Which first Covenant remaines to us a
Patterne of tendernes, not made with hands,
the Heart by a mutuall respect being now
the Closet or secret part, whereby wee Gentiles
are made the tender Spouse, the habitation
of God, fellow heires of the unsearchable
Riches, joyned to Christ the head, that
in times past were the Children of disobedience
and wrath, Aliens from the commonwealth
of Israell, Strangers from the Covenants
of promise, having no hope (without
God) in the world, are now, who were somtimes
farre off; of all Nations, Kindreds and
Tongues; uncircumcised Philistines not of
his Brethren; not of the House of his Father,
By the blood of Jesus Christ made
nigh members, of his Body, of his Flesh, and
of his Bones; greater love and felicitie can
none expresse.

Of which great mysterie, Hipocrites, next Biij B4r 6.Pag.
Harlots, whose counterfeit beautie deceives
not him, whose praise is of men, and not of
God; false Gods, are no partakers; the outward
Token, being common to both. To
assure us of which, receiving the earnest of
his Spirit, that abideth, not crying Master;
Carest thou not, that wee perish; but Abba

Thus our tackling lost without Anchor,
to repayre the ruines and weaknesse of these
decayed, sunke weather-tempest driven bottomes
such Treasures of Millions expended
and bestowed, what burthen, what prizes,
what things God hath prepared to bee the
lading of these vessels of honour; Eye hath
not seene, eare hath not heard, neither hath
entred into the hart of man: To which, all
the Transported affections felt or fained, injoyed
without paines or feare, may seeme
but light dotage as Light and Darknesse
compared, compared with the Crowne and
weight of that Eternall blisse.

The Foure windes prepared for an houre,
and a day, and a moneth, and a yeare; are
the powers of these foure great Beasts shewing B4v Pag. 7.
their degrees of residence; also the finall
Blast is included; The Sea are the Nations
of the Earth.

The beginning and the ending, thus saith
hee to the Sea: Waves drowning one another,
swelling into Mountaines, for glory
foaming out your owne shame. Saying,
haile to the Wood awake, according to your
owne understanding, you have made Idols
and Images, not by my direction, but after
the invention of the Craftsman, and have
exalted your hearts and forgotten mee, giving
my Praise to graven Images, and my
glory to another for your God, (not setting
me before your eyes) you have gotten a Divell,
a false Prophet, whom I sent to prove
you; that takes my lawes in his mouth, not
of love, but for strife and envie: Thinkes he
to say; Lord, Lord, in thy Name wee have
cast out Divels, Preached, and Baptized;
my answer is not unknowne to you both,
though you thinke to plead ignorance, persecuting
and dispising the number of my
little ones.

You onely have I knowne, of all the Families C1r 8 Pag.
of the Earth, whose transgressions doe
hasten your Judgement; Therefore I will
punish you for your iniquities, you shall bee
like the Morning Cloud, and the early dew
that passeth away as the Chaffe that is driven
with a scattering whirle-winde out of the
Flower, as smoake out of a Chimney vanishing
away; And I will bee like a Lyon, as
a Leopard by the way I will wayte and observe
you, and as a Beare that is bereaved of
her Whelpes, I will teare the Kall from your
harts and devoure you; But to the faithfull
I will bee a King, a Saviour; as an Eagle
stirring up her Nest, fluttering over her
young, bearing them upon the wing; So
I will preserve mine inheritance, my Portion
as the Apple of mine eye.

These are the words of the First, that was
like a Lyon, his strength shall overcome the
rest, and take their Dominion away, having
no number of finite parts expressed; the
time of whose undevided Kingdome is infinite
and alwaies; As his yeares have no end,
his Crownes are many; This is the Lyon of
the Tribe of Judah, having of Flesh a tender hart C1v Pag. 9
hart; a mans hart was given unto it; The
Prince of the Kings of the Earth, the first
and the last; And because he is the roote,
and made of the seed of David; Hee is
here accompted amongst these Beasts; This
is hee that sate upon the white Horse the
Circle of the Earth, to judge and make War;
beholding the Inhabitants like Grasshoppers;
and a Bowe and a Crowne was given
unto him; Hee is the Lord of Lords, the
King of Kings, and of his Kingdome there
is no end.

The second Beast like a Beare the Seaventh
head, that had Three ribbes in the
Mouth betweene the Teeth of it, signifying,
Three hundred yeares; this is the devouring
Raigne of the Heathen Romaine Emperours,
which lasted so long, licked by the
Divell; In the Infancie of which Empire,
the Sonne of God was Crucified, and the
Citie of Jerusalem destroyed, wherein the
yearely Sacrifice or feast of the Passover was
solemnized, that in her might be found the
Blood of Prophets and Saints, and of all
that were slaine upon the Earth, in which C C2r 10.Pag.
first seventie yeares, the Apostles and seventie
finished their testimony what they had
seene and heard, after which followed the
over-spreading of abomination spoken of
by our Saviour, making the Sanctuary desolate,
defiled with Carkasses which can
neither see, heare, nor walke, abominable
carrion the house of Prayer, made the Gallery
of the Divell, for his devices stand in.

And this is hee that sate upon the Red
Horse, Having a great Sword given unto;
him, to make Warre with the Church of
God, devouring much Flesh, Burning, Scorching
it with fire, Haile mingled with Blood,
destroying Trees, and all greene grasse,
smote every Herbe, and brake every Tree
and here ended the first Woe with this second
Beast, all fire and horrible Cruelty
such as there was none like it in all the Land
of spirituall Egypt since it became a Nation
and shortly after began the next Woe, where
the fire is not mentioned, because the
smoake is so great thicke darkenesse or heresie,
false doctrine extinguishing the Light
of truth, which shall continue untill the C2v Pag. 11.
third Woe, Hell fire, and Brimstone or Blasphemy,
issuing out of their Mouthes, a great
crye from him that sits upon the Throne,
when Rednesse shall be turn’d into Palenesse
to the Maide behinde the Mill, the Captaine
in the Dongeon, free and bond, because of
the last Plague the second Death.

The third Beast that was like a Leopard,
or halfe a Lyon, an Ape betweene Man and
beast, whose feete or first footing, were as
the feete of a Beare, that had upon the back
of it foure Wings, like a Fowle or painted
Bird: Two of the Eagle, and two of the
Dragon; signifying his time, Foure hundred
yeares before the comming in of Antichrist,
then came the King of Babylon to
Jerusalem, and besieged it, taking the advantage
of the Night, what Linkes or Torches
brought him thither I reade not, but Moonlight
there was little, though hee were on
his way or Wing, but letted Two hundred
yeares before.

Bearing also foure heads, foure standing
up for it, shewing the devision of the Empire
into so many parts, being then too Cij C3r 12.Pag.
large and great for the government of one
man. This is the Dragon of Egipt; that
Monarchy that began with the Christian
Emperours whose deadly wound (Death
to the Soule) was washed in the Blood, and
healed by the Stripes of the heavenly Samaritan
There is now no healing of the
Bruise, it is putrified the Wound is grievous;
the Leopard cannot change his spots; binde
thy Tyre upon thy head, forbeare to cry:
O Virgin daughter of Egipt, in vaine shalt
thou goe up into Gillead and take Balme,
or use Medicines, thou dost runne in vaine.
And this is hee that sate upon the blacke
Horse the Ethiopian cannot change his
skinne, lesse man then the Minataure; more
Monster then a Centaure, ingendred of black
Cloudes, carried about of every Winde,
to whom is reserved the Blacknesse of
Darknesse for ever: Blacke will take no
other hew; having a payre of Ballances given
into his hand without respect of persons,
to measure to all men, rich and poore,
free and bond, a measure of Wheate for a
penny, and three measures of Barley for a C3v Pag. 13.
penny; Hoe! every one that thirsteth, and
hee that hath no money, Come buy and
eate, give not your money for stones in
stead of Bread, say not Ignorance is better
then Knowledge, Neither hurt the Oyle and
the Wine Touch not the Lords annointed,
and doe his Prophets no harme, that Nourish
you with truth and understanding.

The last Beast the fourth, that is the
Eight, and was Seven heads and is not, and
is of the Seven, and goeth into perdition,
that had great Iron Teeth, that devoured
and brake in peeces, and stamped the residue
with the feete thereof, and was divers
from all the Beasts that were before it; having
a Miter of Tenne hornes, signifying
also, though the Crownes be not here expressed,
so many hundred yeares his Limitted
time, the Tenne dayes of tribulation in
the Apocalips, wherein the Divell shall have
power to cast the faithfull into Prison; (After
the Tribulation imediately of those
dayes; Two shall be in the field, &c.) Nine
of which number are expired, and some
part of the last hundred, but how many are Ciij C4r 14 Pag.
to come; by these hornes precisely cannot
be aymed at without the Art or Science of
Chronologie; This is Judas the Divell, the
King of Babilon and Egypt, the raigne of
Antichrist Pope of Rome, count the Letters
of his name for it is the nomber of his time,
whose name is Death; hated mortally the
King of Rome and Italie: This is hee that
sate upon the Pale Horse the sonne of Perdition,
of all Complexions the darkest, neerest
to corruption, threatning alone, a hart
charged with so much wickednesse and malice
as the Red Horse, all the sanguines in
the Rayne-bow, and the Sword cannot set
out more of Bruitish crueltie; had he winges
to his will, and of time length to the height
and bignesse of his insatiable minde; Nero,
Titus, Domitianus, these beasts of the
Earth, their hearts and policies parraleld
would seeme but a Curre coupled or compared
with this greedy Woolfe. A Bull as
bloudy as the Beare.

Whose land is covered with Locusts and
Darknes; even darknes that may bee felt rising
out of the depth of the bottomlesse pit C4v Pag. 15.
of Sathans malice very grievous; yet had all
the faithfull light in their dwellings that
they might not loose the way; for it was
Commanded these Armies of Scorpions besieging
the holy City having pernitious
stings, both wayes voluptuous and malitious,
The power of the Enemy that they
should not hurt the grasse of the Earth, neither
any greene thing, by any meanes nothing
should hurt them, but only drye
Trees or boughs, bearing no fruite of repentance,
those men that have not the Seale of
God in their gracelesse foreheads, that they
should not kill these wretched blinde miserable
People, but that they should bee tormented
five Moneths, as in those dayes the
most part, most Lamentable in the siege of
Jerusalem by Famine were tormented so long
compassed with a Trench, kept in on every
side, Seeking death, and desiring to dye, &c.

This did the Lord because the Princes of
Egipt, harkened not to milde Moses; but
hardened their harts, and did evill in the
sight of the Lord, after the Abominations
of the Heathen; Therefore saith the Lord, D1r 16 Pag.
I am against thee ô Dragon, which lyest in
the Hart (the middest of the Rivers) which
said my Rivers ate mine owne, I have made
it for my selfe; I will put hookes in thy
Clawes, and leave the Throne into the Wildernesse,
where there is no water; and all
the Inhabitants shall know that I am the
Lord, because they have beene a staffe of
Reede to the house of Israel, when they
tooke hold of thee by the hand, thou didst
breake and Rent all their shoulder, and
when they leaned on thee, thou brakest, and
made all their loynes to be at a stand, with
the Burthens of Bricke and Rubbish thy
Officers did lay upon them.

Thou hast given them Stubble for Straw
vapor of smoake for Victuall; thou hast
made their lives bitter unto them; Therefore
the Lord is against thee whose healed
Wound is festred, turned wilde againe, become
Antichristian and incureable, thou
that haddest the Ballances in thine owne
hand; Thou that art like a Leopard or a
young Lyon of the Nations, as a Dragon;
or a Whale in the Seas with thy Diadem of D1v Pag. 17
of Ten hornes, crowned with Ten Crowns,
so many Antichristian hundred yeares, Nine
of which accompt are cast, past, and expired.

Troubling the waters with thy feete and
fowlest their Rivers; the whole Sea of Rome,
the third part of the maine Sea is become
Blood Behold the Lord is against thee and
against thy Rivers, which are turned into
Wormwood (woe due O Rome) and Hemlocke;
Even the Third part of the waters,
the streames of Justice and Mercy are become
poyson and Bitternesse; I hate and despise
your Images, Feast dayes, Processions,
Solemne assemblies, saith the Lord; who
required those things: I cõmanded, Judgement
should runne downe free as water, and
Righteousnesse as a mighty streame; Woe
the Bloody Citie

You are impudent and disobedient Children,
as the day of your Visitation, so are
your sinnes hidden from you, when you
shall say for shame to the Mountaines Cover
us and to the Rocks and Hills fall upon
us; you will know your transgression, the D D2r 18.Pag.
long Wings of the morning, the Caves of
Makadah shall not preserve
tening, Thundring Cannons, the whole
Globe at a shot, shivering your Bodyes, sinking
your Soules, and making your harts to
hop: Eare never heard, neither hath entred
into the hart of man such horror, forsaken
of all, but the Divell and his Angells, burned
and buried alive, of all the Creatures
not a drop of water remaining, of Light not
a sparke, Rebells these terrors as Shot or
Hailestones from Heaven Pell-mell, shall
drive you into a Bottomlesse gulfe headlong;
the great day of his wrath is come,
saying to the fiery Lake; Hide us from the
face of him that sits upon the Throne.

When the faithfull scattered People shod
with the everlasting Ghospell of Peace, after
all their labours and travaile in this Wildernesse,
shall enter into the Land of Rest:
Here is the Body of the Beast destroyed;
Pharoah and all his Multitude of unbeleeving
Lowzie orders; even all his Host
of furious Horsemen as Locusts, eating every
herbe and all the fruite of the Trees D2v Pag. 19.
the haile had left, drowned in Hell Fyre the
bottomlesse red Sea, that may boast rather
of their Blaines and Boyles then Vermin,
which their owne Magitians denie not to be
the manifest finger of God; vaunting they
winne by their Cosening game term’d Chastitie
the Joyes of heaven, and Secret bosome
Almes in breeding Lice Such uncleane
Ragges past mending, I did meane
to cast away, but since you will not heare
Moses and the Prophets, I will bestowe
some labour to ayre them for you, and your
patch’d Coates waxen olde and bad to
make bags for heavenly Treasure, well may
they stoppe Bottles when your Reward is
weeping and gnashing of Teeth; in those
dayes, all the Water I finde the Saints will
supply you with, to coole your blistered

Masters though to simple People you
seeme to make straite steps, it is no newes to
say you incline too much on the left hand.
Thinke yee the Crownes like Gold can deceive
us; or hayre as the hayre of Women;
The vayle of shamefastnesse, shewing Dij D3r 20.Pag.
sobriety and subjection: Thinke yee those
long locks like separited Nazarites can cover
your notted crownes from the Raizer,
or hide your pined Bodyes pinch’d of Provender
like neighing Horses prepared to
the Battaile, It is not unknowne to us, the
golden Cup, and these gilden counterfeit
Crownes like false Haire to cover Baldnesse;
Both came out of one Furnace: they are yet
unpaid for.

Though Esau should lend you Teares,
yet shall yee come and worship before the
feet of them, you now dispise and persecute;
There is no blessing reserved, the Mourning
day is at hand, the Armour you beare shines
with the Brotherly affection you beare us,
wee feare not your furie; Go yee Cursed,
heere is your farewell, receive the Portion of
Hipocrites, and eate the fruit of Lyes rejoycing
and trusting in your owne counterfeit
Righteousnesse, painted flames, such false
Coine will not passe. Eternall life is free
guift purchased by Grace; receive the wages
of Sinne; venemous Armies, the power of
the Enemie led by the Starre called Wormewood, D3v Pag. 21.
To those that have not or
smoak’d out their eyes, as visible as Lightning
or a Lampe fallen from Heaven, threatning
Warre, Famine, with Pestilent Mortalitie;
the fourth part, the whole Christian
world infected by that strumpet Hagge
Rome and Italie. Lastly, the name of his Palenesse
was Death because hee is the last, and
Hell followed with them with deadly malice,
Raigning till the day of Judgement,
after which hee shall swimme with his fellowes,
and bathe in the Lake that burnes
with Fire and Brimstone.

These three Beasts signified by the great
Citie devided into Three parts, so many severall
persecutions of the Church under
great Babylon, With a bold stroake, the last
is not drawne in cullours least to the life;
the fourth Beast (the false Prophet, their
Popes falleth,) the bitter Starre turning
Judgement into Gaule of Aspes falne from
Heaven, Signifying the losing of his Keyes
(pride will have a fall) for which hee was
cast out of the presence of God: God and
Mammon cannot be served together; here Diij D4r 22 Pag.
hath hee the command of the bottomlesse
Pit, smoaking with Heresie and ignorance;
The Keys of the Kingdome of Hell, which
trust so much hee boasteth of, given him
by the Dragon the Divell, to deceive them
that dwell upon the Earth; saying in the
sight and opinion of men; Let it be knowne
this day, that I have done all these things at
thy word; that these are thy Keyes; I am
thy Apostle; and if I be the man of God,
let fire come downe from Heaven and consume
all those, that obey not my orders, and
Lawes; and at what time yee heare the
sound of my Instruments; fall downe and
worship the Image, that I Nabuchadnezar
have set up, whose breath is in my
hand, and whole are all my wayes to glorifie
mee; and who so falleth not down, &c,

This Baals Prophet the last Beast, having
devoured and broken in peeces the Roman
Empire, exercising all the power of him
whose Rome he usurpeth; the Lord saying, I
that forme the Light, and create Darknesse;
I that make Peace, and create evill, I will
strengthen the Armies of the King of D4v Pag. 23.
Babilon, and put my Sword into his hand.
But I will breake Pharoahs Arme and
and he shall groane before him, with the
groaning of a deadly wounded man; Moreover,
thus saith the Lord of Hosts that
keepes backe no mans pay.

The King of Babilon caused his Army to
serve a great service against Childric
King of Tirus, every head was made Bald of
his Race, and every shoulder peel’d, yet had
hee no wages for his Armie; Therefore the
Land of Egypt shall bee his for his labour,
because they wrought for mee saith the
Lord; for there shall be no more a Prince in
Egypt whose brightnesse was Excellent, and
the forme thereof terrible to all the world;
But rather a painted Image, a Vassoll that
the working of the poysoned Potion in the
golden Cup, the mysterie of iniquitie bee
not hindred, A base Kingdome the basest
of all Kingdomes, neither shall it exalt it
selfe any more above the Nations; for I will
diminish them, it shall be no more the confidence
of the house Israell.

Having now the spoyle of the Land for E1r 24 Pag.
his Armie and the Sword and Ballances in
his owne hand to make a prey of mercy and
truth, with his Hornes and heeles as weapons
to warre and weare out the Saints given
into his hand untilla time and times;
and the deviding of times Three dayes and
a halfe Two and fortie Moneths Three
yeares and a halfe, halfe the mysticall weeke,
untill the Day of Judgement; to make Merchandize
of every thing, that no man may
buy or sell without his Marke, marked with
his fiends foote; which is his Seale, the signet
of the Fisherman that beareth the name
of the Beast.

The nomber of his name is then the nomber
of a man, which is the nomber of his
Age or Dayes, but this is the nomber of his
Moneths; Naturall Beasts not living so
long, the yeares being not so many as the
dayes are to few. As one saith, the nomber
of his Moneths are with the Lord; Also
halfe the mysticall Weeke is delivered by the
same measure. The latter Six Moneths added
to the former Six hundred, making as
compleat Fiftie, as Threescore make Five yeares; E1v Pag. 25
yeares Here is Wisdome the counsell of
times and seasons revealed, according to the
eternall purpose, which the wisedome of
the Father put in his owne power, God hath
numbred thy Kingdome and finished it
thou art weighed in the ballances, thou tyrant,
that boastest of thy wit, and art found
wanting graines innumerable, thy Kingdome
is divided, and given to the people of
the Saints of the most Highest, whose Kingdome
is an everlasting kingdome &c. Therfore
let him that readeth count this number
well, and well marke, the marke of the Beast,
is the Signet of the Fisherman, which men
take in their right hand, wherewith his
Band are branded in the foreheads, and this
is the Caractor and colours that distinguisheth
his Traine-Souldiers from the followers
of the Truth.

Therefore thus saith the Lord to the King
of Babilon, Antichrist thy dayes be few, The
great day of my wrath is at hand, even for
the Elects sake, and the Soules that rest under
the Altar, crying for Execution and Vengeance
upon thee, whose Bodyes thou hast E E2r 26.Pag.
beheaded, burned and buryed alive, slaine
for the Testimony they held, the time is
shortned, thy Bishoppricke shall bee voyde,
and become a habitation for Divells; and
because thou remembrest not to shew mercy,
by swift destruction thy memorie shall
be cut off from the Earth, thy Damnation
slumbreth not, as a theefe in the night, and
as a snare it shall come shortly upon thee;
Thou hast loved cursing, in blessing thou
hast not delighted, but as a cloake for Covetousnesse,
selling to thy Marchants for
money, those foule oyntments to fill thy
Bagge, calling and crying from thy Exchange
and darke shoppe; if any man Thirst
to commit Whoredom spirituall or carnall,
Treason, or Murther, let him come to mee
and drinke of my Golden Cuppe, Incest or
Parricide; Hoc misterium firmiter profitemur
what doe yee lacke; wee can sell you for
Gold, Silver, and pretious stones, thin Wood,
Brasse, Iron, and Marble, all manner of Vessells,
in Nunneries or Stewes, what will yee
give; These execrable odors, and thy Brazen
browed Bulls, casting flakes of Fire and E2v Pag. 27.
fulminations in the sight of men from their
noysome Nostrills and Thundring throates,
as with a Garment thou hast cloathed thy
selfe, thou hast robbed mee even of this
whole Nation, therefore prepare thy selfe
thou cursed for everlasting fire, prepared for
the Divell and his Angells, which shall enter
into thy Bowells like water, and soake
with thine oyntments, as oyle into thy
Bones, and mingle with thy marrow; thus
let the Enemies of the Lord bee rewarded,
yea, in the meane time let them be their own
executioners; let one Judas with Poyson
burst out the Bowells of another; let their
hope be as the giving up of the Ghost, and
their righteousnesse wherein they trust, in
thy remembrance as water that passeth away;
Let them curse, but Blesse thou ô Lord
to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thy
selfe, lift up thy selfe thou Judge of the Earth,
and to this proude man of Sinne render a
reward; let him not have the upper hand,
sitting upon the Throne of Iniquitie in thy
Temple, shewing himselfe that hee is God,
Consume him ô Lord with the Breath of Eij E3r 28.Pag.
thy mouth, and destroy him quickly with
the Brightnesse of thy comming.

Lastly, this Beast his habitation is compared
to a woman for Sorceries, shamelesnesse
and gorgious trimming, arrayed in
Purple and Scarlet, the Virgin daughter of
the King of Egipt, is become the Whore of
the King of Babilon, the faithfull Citie is become
a Harlot, having in her hand a Cuppe
full of abominations, Witchcraft and Blasphemy,
viz. worshipping Idols of Gold and
and Silver, Brasse, Wood, and Stone, mixing
holy things with filthy excrements, remission,
the forgivenesse of sinnes, and calling
the foule Sinagogue of Sathan, the Church
of God, and these are the spices and spirits
wherewith her Cup is brewed; and this is
the Golden Cuppe wherewith the Kings of
the Earth have been made so drunken with,
a Cup of Sodome, Wine mixed with the
Blood of Dragons, and stirred with the
stings of Aspes; Is this meate indeed, and
drinke indeed, the sawce commeth after;
Is this the true Mother; is this the Woman
shee is taken for, with Eagles wings her E3v Pag. 29.
childe caught up unto God and to his
Throne, and having a crowne of Twelve
Starres in no wise in her there is no Bowells
of a Mother, though they strive to the end
of the world.

Her Judgement followeth; And a name
was written upon her forehead Babilon,
The Mother of Harlots, and Abominations
of the Earth the Print is not
small, yet not so large as the mysterie is
deepe; It was written, and therefore to bee
read: Thus, the hidden mystery of this Enigmaticall
writing is here, the secret of
numbers to teach us to number her dayes;
The numbers are these, and I heard the
number of them, Two hundred thousand
thousand horsemen having breast—pl
fire and Gunpowder or hiacinth, force and
furies in stead of faith and love, alluding to
the double number of Ninus Horsemen
wherewith he subdued so many Nations in
Seventeene years: The double confirmation
of this mysterie seventeene hundred yeares
also, being the limited time fixed to finish
her warre, which began with the Lambe, Biij E4r 30 Pag.
and ended in subduing his Saints and Servants;
And as the fiery Army needing no
fuell, were to the Army of Ninuus, consisting
of Twenty hundred Thousand, amounting
a hundred to one, so is the accompt
of the time, when the spreading Vine
of the Earth, the clusters of her Grapes being
ripe, she shall be cast into the great winepresse
of the wrath of God. These Tyrants,
(here is wisdome to looke into these accompts)
shall make her desolate and naked,
and eate her flesh, and burne her with fire,
for God hath put it in their hearts to fulfill
his will, when Babylon the glory of Kingdomes,
shall be as Sodome and Gomorah, the
time is neere, the dayes shall not bee prolonged.

The Father of this goodly Baby, (yet
auncient, no novice in her whoredome) for
so hee nameth himselfe, there is no need to
name him (at whose entrance the Fourth
Angell or Winde was loosed) as hee is sufficiently
notorious, so is he mistaken Sathan
that old Serpent, begetting the Impe of Fornication,
before ever the Beast and his false E4v Pag. 31.
spouse came together, deceivers as seldome
wanting cloakes of craft to hide their shame,
as their of-spring faile in Lyneaments and
likenesse to their Parents, seven heads no
lesse markes then Mountaines seeing as incredible
as superfluous and monstrous, were
it not the Evidence and demonstration of
that Sinagogue to prove her title and visibilitie,
drunken with the Blood of Saints and
Martyrs, In steed of her Mothers milke and
breast shee sucks her hart-Blood, whose Father
was a Lyer and a Murtherer from the

To Administer the rites of their unrighteous
mistery; This City Bab hath Citie
Gossips, Ninevy is not invited; she repented
at the Preaching of the poore Prophet,
shee is none of them; But Babylon for
her Pride and impudency at this Antichristian
solemnity or shew of Christianitie;
The Mother of Harlots; for her stiffe neck
is preferred before her, whose name this
shamelesse place, never to be outworne or
blotten out, beares in her fatall brazen

F1r 32 Pag.

Besides, this Lady sitting upon her Beast,
seventeene Kings to beare up her Traine,
decked with Gold and pretious Stones, and
Pearle, whose name is also Semiramis or
Jesabell, for magnificence millions of men,
viz. a hundred times Twenty hundred
Thousand; Her Altars, Images, Sorceries,
and Blood of Prophets and Saints, Saying
in her hart, I sit a Queene and am no Widow
a Lady for ever, I am, and none else
besides mee; there are Seven Kingdomes.

Five are fallen downe dead drunke, upon
whom the Lord hath poured out the spirit
of deepe sleepe, and closed their eyes, they
shall revert nor rise no more; After slumbering
the other Two, (though they have
falne from the truth,) shall stagger and
come to themselves againe; and that Must
now growne sower and stale, their lust shall
be little to taste thereof againe; The first
Kingdome or one is are the Brittish
Islands, the right Inheritance of King
James the first of that Name of Great
Britaine and Ireland;for the Iles feared the
Judgement of the Lord and saw it; Even the F1v Pag. 33
the ends of the Earth were afraid and drew
neere. The other is not yet come and when
it commeth, it can continue no long space,
the end of the world is so neere.

O sencelesse poore Beasts who hath bewitched
you; why lye yee still, who hath
bitten you; arise, choose not Death rather
then life; how are yee swolne, why should
your Carcasses be dung, and meate for the
fowles of Heaven? Why will yee dye, stand
up; why goe yee backward; what astonishment
is this that hath taken you; be recovered,
understand, halt not, yet heare the
word of the Lord; curst cattell, backsliding
Heifers hee delighteth in Mercy; provoke
not him with your strange vanities and
Brutish abominations; The day of the Lord
is at hand.

Therefore awake yee Drunkards, weepe
and howle all yee drinkers of Wine, because
of the new Wine the Deepe Cup, the day of
the wrath of the Lord is at hand; yee Kings
of the Earth and Rulers of Sodome, who
have commited fornication, and lived delitiously
with this indgulgent Witch, the F F2r 34.Pag.
mother of Harlots; when yee see her
brought to the stake and utterly burnt with
fire; how will yee stand, for strong is the
Lord who Judgeth her; what will yee say;
yee shall stand a farre off, or wish in vaine
the Mountaines to cover you, howling and
gnashing your Teethes for feare of her Torment,
whose sinnes as the smoake of her
Burning have reached up unto Heaven;
saying alasse, alasse, Sodome, alasse, Babylon,
Rome the great Citie, the head of the Monarchy;
for in the twinckling of an eye, an
houre unlookt for, thy Judgement is come,
is that a time to cast dust on your heads?

Never more shall we heare in thee the
voyce of Harpers and Pipers awaking and
calling for rewards to Saints and our Lady;
and Trumpeters when wee doe our Almes;
Never more shall wee see in thee Idolls or
Images so auntient, the curious device of
the Crafts-man, nor the sound of the grinding
Milstone; our Altars decked as a shop,
shining with the light of so many Tapers
and Candles. Nor the voyce of the Bridegroome,
called the head, and the Bride by F2v Pag. 35.
Prelates and so many Kings our holy Mother;
The Net is spread, shee is taken in the
Snare, in grinding the face of the Poore,
shee that so much glorified her selfe, in a day
and an houre her Plague is come.

The Thrones of these Earthly Kingdomes
cast downe the auncient of dayes
shall appeare his long Traine, and the great
white Throne whereon he sate, from whose
Face the Earth and the Heavens uncleane in
his sight fled away, in whose presence ministred
Thousand thousands, and Ten thousand
times Tenne Thousands; also the
Two Witnesses are brought forth the Books
of the Law and the Prophets, to Judge every
man by his workes, or according to his
faith, for if they beleeve not the writings of
Moses; how can they beleeve his words
of whom Moses wrote; These Bookes
shall accuse them, the witnesses which God
the Father beareth of his Sonne; The other
Booke is the Booke of Life, written with
the names of Saints that shall live for ever;
To whom the iustjust Judge shall deliver the
possession of that Kingdome that shall never Fij F3r 36.Pag.
passe away to be destroyed, but remaineth
for ever, even for ever and ever.

The foule Beast, some of his purtenances
will be wanting if his hornes be not farther
Considered; foure came up out of the
North part of his head, the French Emperours;
of the South-side sixe Spanish; before
whom, there were Three of the first, their
Race pluckt up by the Rootes; amongst
these came up an other little Horne about
the midst of the time: in this Horne were
eyes, like the eyes of a man, in workmanship
striving to set Nature a patterne; curious
in all Arts, and doing honour to vertue,
but wanting the gift of grace, opened a
fearefull Mouth; the King of the East, whose
looke is more stout then the highest of his
fellow Hornes.

Hitherto is the end of the matter of these
earthly Monarchies, and the day of Judgement
hath beene also declared the matter of
the end: The Story is yet but chalked out,
Therefore in these following Visions is
contained more at large, the occurrence of
those dayes before mentioned, even to the F3v Pag. 37
end of the world; Wherein my desire is, not
as hee that rowleth a stone to returne upon
himselfe but to make it a twisted Threefold
Cord, to draw up the weight that presseth
so hard of infidelitie.

The Prophet beheld till the auncient of
dayes did sit to Judge the quicke and the
dead, and the Beast cast alive into the Lake
Fire, his Body destroyed and given to the
Burning flame, to be tormented day and
night, for ever and ever.

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In the third yeare of Belshazzer
a Vision appeared unto Daniel alone,
even to himselfe, and hee heard a mans
voyce that called, saying; Gabriel,
make the man understand the Vision; so
he came neere unto him, and said; O Sonne
of man, the time of this Vision extends to
the end of all things; behold therefore I will
make thee know what shall come to passe,
even to the last day, the great day of Wrath Fiij F4r 38 Pag.
and Indignation, for at the time appointed
the end shall be.

Medes and Persians } {
The roughe goate

Send mee Spaniards
The Gothe roague.

The first matter given him to understand,
is the breaking in peeces of the Roman Empire,
which spiritually is called Sodome and
Egipt; where also the members of our Lords
Body are Crucified, signified by the Ram,
the Hee Goate is the Turke; The Roman Emperours
the Two hornes in the East and
West, are also signified by the Kings of Media
and Persia. The foure Kingdomes standing
vupp out of that Nation, are the Isles of
Great Britaine, France, Spaine, and Turky.

Lastly, the Goate himselfe shall be hunted
by a King of a fierce Countenance, not
regarding the person of the old, nor shewing
favour to the young, casting downe
some of the hoast of Pharoah, and of
the Starres to the ground: For the transgression
against the daily Sacrifice was the
Hoast given over A King understanding
darke sentences which are some part of the F4v Pag. 39.
holy Scriptures, through policie and supposed
wisdome, he shall cause the craft of the
Divell to prosper for by Peace and affected
pittie, and satisfying the ambitious mindes
of some Christians, he shall not only draw
them to denie the faith, but many others
following their example: Not by his owne
power, but by the Divells policie he shall be
mighty, whose looke is more stout then his
fellowes, But by the great day of the Lord,
he shall be broken without hand.

Now in those dayes, when the Goate was
come close unto the Ramme and had cast
him downe and stamped upon him; The
Prophet that beheld as by a perspective
these remote things, heard also one Saint
speaking, and an other Saint said unto that
certaine Saint that spoke, how long is the
time from this Vision to the end of the
world, that the holy Citie of God, and his
chosen People be no longer trodden under
foote; And hee said unto mee unto Two
Thousand Three hundred dayes Then
shall the Sanctuarie bee cleansed, and the
holy People Justified.

G1r 40 Pag.

The dayes bee so many yeares to the end
of the world, beginning at the Vision,
which was about the yeare of the world,

Of the certaine Saints speaking, or the
nomber of wonderfull secrets, I omit to
speake, that to the most part might appeare
(being in this Land, and these late dayes)
but some tale of a Phenix though to bee testified
of more then five hundred men and
women besides my selfe.

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After these Visions in the first yeare of
Darius the Son of Ahashuerus,
the Prophet understood by
Bookes and Computations, the nomber of
yeares whereof the word of the Lord came
to Jeremiah the Prophet, concerning
the desolation of Jerusalem, that seventie
yeares should be accomplished; And whilst
hee was speaking in Prayer and presenting
his supplication before the Lord for the holy Mountaine G1v Pag. 41
Mountaine the People of God, even for the
holy Citie the Church, that to the end of the
world must be trodden under foote, whereof
that ruinonus place the Citie of Jerusalem,
is a figure trodden downe at this day. Yet
was this Hebron built seaven yeares before
Zoan in Egipt.

The man Gabriel which was caused
to flie swiftly, touched him and said (alluding
to the former matter of his studie and
meditations, as of troublous, appetites, and
Cogitations somtimes Dreames are derived)
O Daniel I am come unto thee againe to
give thee more skill and understanding; Seventie
weekesare determined upon the holy
Citie, signifying the time, not onely when
the Sonne of God by his suffering should
make reconciliation for sinne, but a time
and times and part of time three dayes and
a halfe, halfe the mysticall Weeke, to make
an end of Sinnes to finish transgression, and
to make a new Heaven and a new Earth,
wherein dwelleth everlasting righteousnesse
to seale up the Visions and Prophecies with
the Seale of assurance, that all these things G G2r 42.Pag.
are past and true, and to annoint the most
holy King and Kings, and Lord and Lords,
the first and the last.

And here againe the Angell Gabriel
willeth him to know and understand the
things of which he shall informe him; The
first of this, that from the going forth of the
Commandement, which is the beginning of
the Creation to the building of the new Jerusalem,
the second comming of Messiah the
Prince the Sonne of God, it shall be Seaven
Weekes or Seaven Moneths as it is spoken
by Ezekiel the Prophet; Then the desolate
Citie the Sanctuary shall be walled in,
in a troublous time, to make a seperation
betweene the Sanctuary and the Prophane

And in the middest of this Propheticall
weeke, after Threescore and Two weekes,
Messiah shalbe cut off the Son of God shalbe
Crucified and be delivered unto the Gentiles,
; they shal scourge him & put him to death,
the People of the Prince (for it was not lawfull
for the Jewes to put any man to Death)
these People the Roman Nation shall destroy G2v Pag. 43.
the Citie of Jerusalem and the Sanctuary; at
the end of which Warre there shall begin a
floud of Fyre (kindled in our Saviours
dayes) during the Raigne of those Ethnick
Beares and the abomination of desolation
standing where it ought not; then let him
that is in Judea flye to the wilde Mountaines
for safety; for in those times Judgement did
begin at the house of God; and if first Justice
did begin at his Children and Servants
in this life, what shall the end bee of his Enemies,
whom hee hates in the world to
come, that have not obeyed the Gospell of

These Flouds the Serpent will cast out of
his Mouth a time and times & halfe a Time,
to trie them of the holy Covenant, their
boldnesse, what confidence they have concerning
the Lords oath, and whether they
will persever in this holinesse and righteousnesse
all their dayes to their lives end, and
not rather feare his power, who is Sathan
the Prince of this world, or at least the furious
cruell hands of his torturing Instruments.

Gij G3r 44.Pag.

Whose lives cannot satisfie their malice;
for had not the senselesse earth shewed more
pitty then they opening her Mouth to
helpe these poore outcasts, their torments
had beene endlesse; Sooner they may swim,
and sinke in their Blood, then daunt or foyle
their courage, not abashed for their Boasts,
threats, nor fiery Brands they feare them
not at all; their Triumphs are graven upon
the Palmes of the Lords hands, hee forgets
them no more, then a Mother forgets her
new-borne Sonne, her sucking childe, when
the Tongue cleaves to the roofe of the
Mouth for Thirst, to have compassion on
him; be of good cheere, you have peace in
Christ, though tribulation in this world;
persecutions are but like the Travell of a
Woman who hath sorrow because her
houre is come, but as soone as shee is delivered
of the Childe, shee remembreth
no more the anguish, for joy a man-childe
is borne into the world.

The Lambe, the Bread of life shall feede
them they shall hunger nor thirst no more;
hee shall wipe all Teares from the eyes of his G3v Pag. 45.
Children; these vildeBodyes, subject to all
infirmities, shall then be made like his owne
glorified Body, of more perfection then our
first Parents, a living Soule that shall not
dye to Sinne; neither shall the heate of the
Sunne smite them; for hee shall have mercy
upon them, and leade them to living Fountaines
of truth cleere as Christall; these
that come to him, or overcome the world,
hunger no more, they have rest and peace
for paine, and by their white Robes and
Palmes in their hands, the Ensignes of peace
and victorie; they shall be knowne, neither
to be Heretiques or Schismatiques, but his
servants that have fought for his Kingdome
that it should not be delivered up unto Antichrist.

The followers of him, who shall shortly
tread these Traiters in the great Wine-presse
of the wrath of God, who have turned away
their Eares from the wholsome Scriptures,
the Leaves of which are for the healing
of the Nations, that they might be rubbed
with the Prophane fables of Drunken
doting old wives.

Giij G4r 46 Pag.

But with all the faithfull the Lord shall
confirme his truth and Covenant for a
Weeke from the beginning of the world
untill the last end therof; This week is Seven
thousand yeares, consisting of yeares, Moneths
and weekes; finished when the Kingdomes
of this world, are become the Kingdomes
of our Lord, and of his Christ, and
hee shall Raigne for ever and ever: When
the Tenth part of the Citie fell the Tenne
dayes of Tribulation are ended; Seven thousand
names of men slaine in the great Earthquake,
Dies Solis, Dies Lunæ, Dies Martis, Dies
Mercurii, Dies Jovis, Dies Veneris, Dies Saturni

the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory
unto the God of Heaven.

For wee must not be ignorant of this one
thing, that one day with the Lord is as a
Thousand yeare and a Thousand yeare as
one day; In the middest of which Weeke,
the Lord shall cause the oblation and Sacrifice
to cease, saying, Sacrifice and Offering
thou wouldest not, but a Body hast thou
prepared mee without spot, for the redemption
of the transgressions that were under G4v Pag. 47
the first Testament. The Blood of which
first Testament of Beasts, God enjoyned to
purifie the patternes of heavenly things, the
Vessels of the Ministrie, but the heavenly
things themselves with better Sacrifices
(which are the Consciences to purge them
from dead workes, that they may be cleane
vessels to serve the living God.)

Thus hee once suffered, the uncreated in
likenesse of a Creature like feeble sinfull
flesh, sowne in weaknesse and dishonour in
the Dust, but raised in Power & the Brightnesse
of his Fathers Glory, the expresse Image
of his person, over whose excellent Nature,
voyd of violence and deceit, the Grave could
get no victory, no more then the wombe
can keepe backe a sonne at the time of perfection,
redeemed from the Bowels of the
Earth, and ransomed by the riches of his
owne unsearchable Treasure and quickning

This seeming ugly Serpent, rather some
shadow or his skin, at whose approach men
turne pale and quake more terrified then
hurt; But rocking Babes the faithfull a H1r 48 Pag.
sleepe, others run raving with staring frenzie
for feare, as if this once appointed so
were fits to be chased away, not calling to
minde the Resurrection of Jesus Christ,
hath opened his Jawes, his Sting cut out and
nayled to the Crosse, that bold Champion
scorning to be his executioner, setting his
victorious foot upon the Traytors head, by
spirituall alliance kinne to the Divell, proud
of advantage, bites the Heele of our Saviour
with his rotten Teeth, for want of his
Poysoned sting.

But heare ô Death unstop thine Adders
eares from whose Mole-sighted eyes, the
light of Repentance is hid, behold thy time
and Plague is at hand; thy pined crying
Prisoners, thou shall restraine their libertie
no longer, that say our Bones are dryed and
our hope is lost, when shall we dwell in the
Land of the living; behold, thy Caves and
Castles shall be destroyed & broken downe,
and the Earth that opened her Mouth and
swallowed up the Flood shall cast it up againe
in the twinkling of an Eye, thou shalt
give up thy accompts, for of the Sonnes and Daugh- Pag. 49 H1v
Daughters of the Lord, thou shalt not keepe
backe so much as the least, whose names are
written in the Booke of life.

And lastly, Viper, feed of the olde Serpent,
thy sentence is for that bold attempt; Fuller
of malice then hurt, thy house shall be burned
with unquenchable Fire, the Place
sowne with unsavory poysoned Salt, and thy
Carrion-carkasse swallowed up of thine
owne Brood the second Death.

All which mysticall Weeke or Seaven
Moneths formerly mentioned, as it is spoken
by the Prophet Ezechiel; The Land
of Israell shalbe burying of Gog that Sathan,
that the Land may be cleansed.

Hitherto are the matters talked of between
the man Gabriel and the Prophet.

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In the third yeare of Cyrus King of
Persia, a thing was revealed to Daniel
(whose name was called Belteshazzer)
and the thing was true but the time H H2r 50.Pag.
appointed was long. These are the things
not only come to passe, in this latter age of
the world, but at this time and in this day;
signified by the Son of God to the Prophet.

Prince of Persia.—I Can Pope Friers


I can Pope Friars. Man hold up my Traine?


Kings I Depose, and all their Race, to Raigne.


And Popes to Friers I can turne againe.

The Prince of the Kingdome of Persia,
(that Lord by whom the Lord of Lords
was withstood,) is Sathan the Divell, Michael
one of the first Princes that came
then to helpe him; This is James King
of Great Britaine, and the man who is raised
on high: The one and Twenty dayes the
Lord making no forfeiture, are so many
Hundred yeares, beginning at the Vision,
and ending this present, 16001600. And so long
the words of this Vision have been closed &
sealed up; Even till now the time of the end.

This most Blessed person the Saviour of
the world, remained with the Kings of
Persia, the Roman Emperors (signified so unto H2v Pag. 51.
Daniel being the present Monarchy)
till there arose up a new King in Egipt which
knew not Joseph, and said unto his People;
Behold, the People of the Children of
Israell are more, and mightier then wee;
Therfore set over thē Taskmasters to afflict
them with Burthens, but the more they did
afflict them, the more they multiplied and
grew. These Kings placed in the highest
Thrones, to walke in his Statutes to execute
his Judgements, but because they gave more
Eare, and harkened rather to false Prophets
then to Elias and Moses, for severitie
and meeknesse; Representing the Law
and the Gospell, suffering their Bodies to lye
dead in the streets in an unknowne Tongue,
even hee the Lord departed from them; and
with the sword of his Mouth will fight
with their Prince Sathan, renewing alwayes
his old quarrell against the Church of God.

And here these Kings forsaken of Jesus
, for one secret friend which is the
Divell, they have two open Enemies, the
Turke and the Pope, making their Crownes
his footstoole, this did not Cæsar, by Hij H3r 52.Pag.
these Three the Empire being devided
what can remaine but the bare Image; or
the Image of the Picture of him, whose
deadly wound was healed: Bearing at this
day, as Thunder goes before Lightning, for
their fatall device, the sad Fowle blazoned
with the ominous Colours of the blacke
Horse for feare, but halfe displaying her
wings, in stead of her beake shee casts her
heads, the Eagle hath Mued her Feathers;
Though thou exalt thy selfe as the Eagle
and though thou set thy neast amongst the
Starres, thence will I bring thee downe saith
the Lord.

These things hitherto mentioned concerning
the last Vision is the preamble for this
that followeth, for here the Sonne of God
whose eyes were like a flame of fire; and his
feet like fine brasse saith he will shew unto
the man greatly beloved, that which is noted
in the Scripture of truth, which is the
Revelation, the sayings of which are faithfull
and true, that there is none, or but one,
that holdeth with him in these things,
which is the true Interpretation of the Scripture, H3v Pag. 53.
but Michael our Prince of Great
Britaine and Ireland
, that fights and contends
with the Enemies of the Lord, about his
Body, disputing with them, have transubstantiated
& changed the truth of God into
a lye worshipping and serving the Creature
more then the Creator, for which cause God
gave them up, &c.

Now followeth that that is noted in the
Scripture of that Prince. After the Temple
of God was opened in Heaven, wherein
was seene the Arke of his Testament, overlaid
round about with gold, wherein was
the golden Pot that had Manna, and Arons
Rodde that budded, and the Tables
of the Covenant And over it the Cherubins
of glory, covering the Mercy-Seate,
and Lightnings and voyces, and Thunders,
&c. This is the Millitant Church that
brought foorth the Man-childe, the word
of God, caught up unto God, and to his
Throne, after which the Woman fled into
the Wildernesse where shee was fed A thousand
two hundred and threescore dayes,
which are so many yeares.

Hiij H4r 54 Pag.

The first accompt beginneth from the
destruction of Jerusalem, when the abomination
of desolation, did stand in the Holy
place, the yeares being the same spoken in
the last Vision of the Prophet Daniel,
though thirty yeares be taken away because
the Court without the Temple was left out,
given unto the Gentiles, for the Raigne of
the first Christian Emperour.

These yeares doe reach to the dayes of
those blessed Men, when the light of the
Gospell did first begin to shine, after the
great Mist, lasting a Thousand two hundred
and ninetie yeares, dayes of darknesse and
gloominesse of Cloudes, and thicke Mists,
when the third part of the Sunne was smitten
and the third part of the Moone, and
the third part of the Starres, which are innumerable;
After these dayes were past,
there was warre in Heaven, Michael
and his Angells, fought against the Dragon,
and the Dragon fought, and his Angells the
Jesuites and prevailed not, neither was their
place found any more in Heaven.

Heaven is here taken in this place for the H4v Pag. 55.
Church of God, the fray is fought by seconds,
by Michael is meant King
James; The Dragon needs little exposition,
It is the Pope, for Michael overcame
by the blood of the Lambe, and by the
testimony of so many Bishops, and other
faithfull, crowned with the Glory of Martyrdome;
Therefore rejoyce yee Church of
God, yee Congregations of the faithfull,
and ye Professors that dwell amongst them,
and woe to the Earth and to the Sea the
Congregation of the Sinagogue the Sea of
Rome, Sathans seate, where Sathan dwelleth,
for the Pope, the Dragon, the Divell is amongst
you, having great wrath, because he
knoweth he hath but a short time, two woes
are past, and behold the third woe commeth

Blessed are the Dead that dye in the Lord,
for they rest from their labours, and their
works follow them, and this is the truth noted
in the Scripture of Truth, of Michael,
And God make the name and Throne, of
the King of his Sonne, better, and greater then

I1r 56 Pag.

Though I owe no defence for the name of
an Angell given to a Mortall man (in this
Prophesie) yet to satisfie as well the Envious
as the Ignorant, they shall finde the Sonne
of God sometimes called by the name of the
first Adam, David who shall feede his
Flocke like a Shepheard, and gather his
Lambes with his arme, and carry them in
his bosome, stiled a man after Gods owne
Hart; and in another place from his owne
Mouth, holding it no derogation to his Divine
Nature, to apply to himselfe by Parables
the properties of an austere Master, a
Cruell usurer, or the uniust Judge, May by
the same Authoritie give the name of Michael,
or like unto God in some respects
unto this Prince who fought the battell of
the Lord, more like an Angell then a Mortall
Man; as to the other the name of Dragon,
because he spake as a Dragon.

As this young Dragon hath acted his
part, his Syer or Damme the old Dragon, his
markes may not be forgotten, whose Hornes
have been formerly mentioned in a Miter
and Diadem, his seaven Heads are so many Rulers, I1v Pag. 57
Rulers, as it were Husbands or severall sorts
of Magistracy, governing that Commonwealth,
and the seaven Crownes are seaven
Hundreth yeares, beeing the time from
Romes foundation to the first Emperour.
Equæua polo, Eterna, Antiqua, Caput Mundi,
Celsa. Deum locus. Cœlestis
. Names of Blasphemie.

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Darius the Med — I Dreamed Thus.

Besides this Prince of victorious and
blessed memory, who came to helpe
the King of Kings, that sate upon the
white Horse whose name is the word of
God, to fight the Battell in Heaven against
the Prince of the Kingdome of Persia, here is
an other of like happy memory, that hath
the Honour to have his name Recorded in
this holy antient Prophecie, Constantine
the Great, named, Darius the Mede,
raigning thirtie yeares. In the first times of
which renowmed Monarchy the Lord I I2r 58.Pag.
stood to confirme and strengthen him. After
whose time three Kings stood up together
in Persia, dividing the Empirewhich
breach, made way for the fourth, the fourth
Beast, corrupted with Riches and libertie;
Farre richer then they all, By whose strength
through his riches, Christian Princes were
stirred up against Mahomet, growing
not a little by their ruines.

And a mighty King shall stand up, the
great King of Tyre, the absolute Monarch
thereof, and all the dependences Northward,
that shall rule with great dominion,
and doe according to his owne will, and
when hee shall stand up the fundamentall
Lawes of his Kingdome shall bee broken
and infringed; And the Kingdome shall be
divided towards the foure windes of Heaven,
and not to his posterity, nor according
to his Dominion which hee ruled, for this
Kingdome shall be pluckt up, even for others,
besides those that were planted therein;
his naturall subjects by a dispensation
being freed from their oath of obedience.
I2v Pag. 59. “Caroli Magni Christianissimi Romanorum Imperatoris

Corpus hoc conditum est sepulchro.”

After this the King of the South was
strong, and he was strong above the King
of the North, and he had dominion, and
his Dominion is a great dominion.

These two Kings, the King of the North,
and the King of the South parting the ten
Hornes the Princes of Tyre and Ethiopia;
In the end of yeares they shall joyne themselves
together, for the Kings Daughter of
the South shall come to the King of the
North to make an agreement, but shee shall
not retaine the power of the Arme, neither
shall he stand nor his Arme, or they shall be
Childlesse and she shall be given up, And
they that brought her sent away destitute of
a Father, and for saken of her Brother.

But out of a branch of her rootes, which
are her Father and her Mother, signifying
their Incestuous Mariages One shall stand
up in his Estate very hardy, and shall come
with an Armie, and shall enter into the Iij I3r 60.Pag.
fortresse of the King of the North; or the
King of Tyre, and deale against them and
prevaile; And shall carry Captives into Egipt,
their Gods and their Prniinces, and with
their Pretious Vessells of Silver and Gold,
and hee shall continue more yeares then the
King of the North in the Monarchy; So
the King of the South, or the King of Ethiopia
shall returne into his owne Land, the
Land of Dust and Ashes, where his worst
Enemies doe not envie his quiet possession:
But his Sonnes who succeeded each other
in the Monarchy, shall be stirred up against
the King of the North, and shall assemble a
great multitude of Forces, and one of them
shall certainly come and overflow with a
floud of Fury, and shall passe through, and
prevaile against them of the Holy Covenant;
But after that hee shall returne and be
stirred up, even to his Fortresse or best Fenced
place by them.

And the King of the South, or one of
these Brothers shall be provoked with Choller,
and shall come forth and fight with the
King of the North, who shall set forth a I3v Pag. 61.
great multitude, but the multitude shall bee
given into the hands of his Enemies, and
himselfe shall be his Prisoner carried a Captive
into Ethiopia.

And when the King of the South, or this
Persian King hath taken away the multitude,
his heart shall be lifted up against God; and
he shall cast downe many of his servants
Tenne Thousands; but neither hee nor
those that come after shall bee strengthened

(For at the end of Yeares, which are now
expired, there shall certainely come a King
of the North, and hee shall set forth a multitude
greater then the former, a great Army
and with much riches, and hee shall doe
according to his owne will, &c.)

And in those former dayes there shall
many stand up against the King of the
South; also the Robbers of the Christians,
these Extortioners shall exalt themselves, to
establish the Vision of the Prophets, and the
Figures of the Law, which Prophecied untill
John; for the first things that are but
shadowes, are now vanished away, to Iiij I4r 62 Pag.
establish the second, but they shall fall, So
the King of the North shall come and cast
up a Mount and take the most fenced Cities;
and the Armes of the South shall not
withstand, neither his chosen People, neither
shall there bee any strength to withstand,
But hee that commeth against him,
shall doe according to his owne will, and
none shall stand before him; and hee shall
stand in the glorious Land which by him
shall be consumed; Hee shall also set his face
to enter with the strength of his whole
Kingdome, and upright ones with him;
thus shall hee doe.

And hee shall give him the Daughter of
Women, or a Queene by decent, whose
Royall blood was corrupted, and stayned
by the usurping authority of a Tyranous
Husband, but she shall not stand on his side,
neither before him, for hee dying shee was
brought home, and shortly after Married
to another,.

After which agreement dissolved, and the
League broken, his Successsor shall turne his
face unto the Brittish Iles, and shall take I4v Pag. 63
many Prisoners, but a Prince for his owne
behalfe, rather then the honour of God of a
happy daring shall cause the reproach offered
to cease without his owne reproach, hee
caused the shame to turne upon him that
opposeth and exalteth himselfe above all
that is called God. The Lord sometimes providing
the remedy before the sore, as carefull
Physitians have Drugs in store for all
diseases, preparing the disobedience of Vasthi,
and the unlawfull divorce for the
preservation of the Jewes, to hang proud
Hammon and all his wicked Sonnes, so this
Prince throwing under foote his Cappe of
Maintenance (whose visage was unmask’d,
by a Munke not long before) those Babel
Monasteries, unmeete Cages for such
Craignes, Ostriges, and chanting Owles digesting
not only all the thorney-Choaking
Heresie of false Prophets, but the rusty Purgatory
fictions of Heathen Poets The doings
of these uncleane and hatefull birds,
Though as the eating of doung I loathe
them in my Mouth, yet since our Saviour
and Lord himselfe vouchsafed to cast his K1r 64 Pag.
Eye towards those secret privie places, bidding
us take heed of their Deserts, I may not
stop my Nose or Mouth for nicenesse, but
rather thinke it my part to empty such houses
of office, if weakenesse did not prevent
and hinder my willingnesse.

Yet with mine owne hand according to
my might (God willing) I will throw one
stone at this Thracian Witch, the wicked Prophet
If I cannot breake his head, I will
breake his Harpe if I can, before hee passe
headlong downe to Hell the streame Neither
will omit her Holinesse (though her
native Soile and Sex may challenge some favour)
how they shall walke then, Inseparably
hand in hand togither; And as certaine
of their owne Poets mention, her untimely
Death, stung by the false Scorpion, that
lurk’d so close in the grasse, of his gamesome

This Beast (or rather Divell) for so hee
seemes by his description, by the stamping
of his Oxe feete. Long teeth of Iron, nayles
of Brasse, and ten Hornes or at least some
horrible Monster in his likenesse, takes upon him Pag. 65 K1v
him to give, by his Marke to all the world
most cursed Dispensations: To please Herod
it shall be lawfull to Marry his Daughter
to her Husbands owne Brother, the Uncle
to his Neece: Thus unnaturall he is not
satisfied in most prodigious manner to abuse
himselfe, but others must doe Incestuously
by his Example. These vomited things, are
now savory meate, neither can Sathan, cast
out Sathan: Then it is granted they can
Erre, which Cunning lesson had he not learned
of his lying Father his Kingdome long
since, had beene divided and broken in pieces.
Bee it never so unlawfull, like the Law
of the Medes and Persians, the Decree may
not be changed.

Thus out of the sentences of the holy Scripture,
this Spider sucks somtimes his poyson,
saying in his Hart, All the Kingdoms of the
“Earth are mine, My Father the Divell hath
given them unto me, and rather of my Estate
then abate a button; I will teach men
as many lyes to damne them, as wee can
both invent, that with the breath of my
Mouth I blow in and out the fire of Purgatory,K K2r 66.Pag.
where People beleeve some Soules
are blood-raw, others rosted to death, that
I make the Creator, sacrifice and sell their
Saviour, which puts me in minde of Judas
my Brother, whose hanging I could heartily
lament, had hee not like a passionate
foole, so ill playd his last part.

Admit of his weaknesse he did repent, is
a wise man the Trumpet of his owne
shame? to say he had Err’d to be his owne
accuser, what did he gaine by this; some
say forsooth, This Confession of friends
and foes, might be, to leave the subtill Elders,
and their generation the Jewes, without
excuse, though wee eate both of one
Sop, I like not the Example, I meane the
manner; It is olde and weake, and lame
Arguments will follow fast enough; Idle
Confessions, are no secrets to me, I like not
his tragicall speech, it was timorous, had
it beene by boasting, scoffing, or to advance
his service, as it proved earnest, more
might bee said in his defence. I doe the
same my selfe: but let it passe, my plot was
no pen to blot his name, and had it prevailed, K2v Pag. 67
the fire is witnesse, his frailtie had
never flowne so farre.

When I call to minde my predecessors,
no small puffe can blow my pride downe,
shall I degenerate, or not follow their
steps, Judas the Apostle, and Julianus
the Emperour, no Ring-leaders of
that Nazaren poore Sect that leave the
certaine Blisse of this world, to beleeve
Scripture promises made to the Fathers
had I beene in their dayes, though they
were couragious, both faithlesse, and false
enough, I can lift my heele as high as
theirs, I had gone before them in their
owne craft.

Yet since it was not remorce of Conscience,
but the ungratefull answer of the
chiefe Priests, and all his hopes frustrate,
this cast the Man away, my Pardon as beneficiall
to him as to others, shall cost h im
nothing, this accident upon that ill advised
answer: What is that to
us looke thou to that,
was the
first motive that made me coine Absolution,
which passeth now for currant Silver, Kij K3r 68.Pag.
being all the Fees the desperate Traitors
get of mee towards their hanging, this
ditch-water I give the poore soules for Aqua
vitæ when they goe to the Gallowes.”

If some will say this stone is cast too far,
I say but a Dreame of like, or lesse horror,
would have started, or as throughly awakened
themselves to behold so great a Tyrant,
a Prince so gratious & good, his Kingdome
with so much pride, and spitefully invaded;
All his naturall Subjects become disobedient
Rebells, except a Remnant of some few,
forsaking their lives, that lov’d not their
lives to the Second Death, suffering for their
loyalty & love unexpressable, fiery exquisite
bloody torments, his Cittizens amongst
whom hee Inhabited, with one voyce Crying
out all at once. Away with this Man,
saying, we will not have this Man to raigne
over us himselfe (ô gentle Dove) dumbe as
a Sheepe before the sheerer, hanged by the
hands as an off-scouring set up like a Marke
for an Arrow, reviled, made a derision, as
their Musicke, to his People, sweating drops
of blood downe to the ground, the barres K3v Pag. 69
of sorrow preventing the passage of Teares,
(all in vaine) in so strong an Agony, more
for griefe and anguish of them and their
Children? then his owne feare, of those unspeakable
paines and torments, Crying with
a lowde voice, unable to conceale that passion,
My God, My God, why hast
thou forsake mee
, my tongue cleaveth
to my jawes, thou hast brought me into
the dust of death through his tender Mercy,
shedding from his pierced side, blood
from the wound, for a sensible Testimony
of a true Sacrifice, and water to Baptise and
wash them, whose hard hearts could not
weepe for themselves. He wiste the Spirit of
the Lord, was departed from him.

Stones rent, the Earth quaking, not
Ghosts walking, but Graves opening, and
dead Bodyes amazed, and awaking, The
whole Globe Mourning in Sable blacknesse,
except Man, at the dreadfull Funerall of this
most mighty Prince; The Sonne as Chiefe,
covering and hiding his astonished face, with
hideous Cloudes, as blacke as Sackcloth of
haire, to utter the height and depth of silent Kiij K4r 70 Pag.
speaking sorrow, by whose darke vaile and
traine the shadow of Death, turning the
Day to Night, wherein all Creatures are a
Corps, and the world but a Tombe, detesting
and abhorring his Beames of light
should beare witnesse, the true light of Men,
by mankinde was so ungratefully and unkindely
extinguished, the expresse Pure Image
of the Maker, the Prince of life, The
Person of God, (not made) turn’d to a
lumpe of Clay, by a shamelesse accusation,
an unjust sentence, and a cursed Executoner.
To Slay these Lords that have dominion over
us, hee pulled the house downe upon his
owne head the mightie deliverer of Israel.

His God head and death being Incompatible,
choosing rather to forgoe, and forsake
the one, then forget his promise, leave the
will of his Father undone, or his worke unfinished;
His sufferings being by a vacancy
of Power, as sometimes cold, may abate and
abolish the sense of feeling, yet retayned
by the vitall parts, the losse is not irrecoverable.

Whose Hart would not melt, Haire stare, K4v Pag. 71.
and Hands become faint, to write or heare
such a story.

Yet here is not an end, what shall he doe,
now chased as a Bird betweene Heaven and
Earth since his resurrection, pull’d by Bitts
to peeces, throwne to hungry Hell-hounds,
the Divells Dogs, Caniballs; did not his
power to deliver his Darling, surmount the
greedy arrogant policie of these Barbarians;
spoken without aggravation both one
Spaune acting (in their Copes I might say,
party coloured fooles Coates) like painted
Peacocks, the part of Hecuba, the franticke
Troyan Wives and Pollixina; Such
pompe and gaudinesse of Masking garments
being fitter for the Theator then the
Temple, the state thereof requiring rather
Mourners with all their Baccus Savage
Ceremonies, apish and affected Fashions, No
Vice on a Stage, with senselesse jests to move
the vulgars laughter, good folkes ashamed;
So rediculous, without understanding babling
like Parrots or Children, a Tongue they
know not; yet no Babes or Children in
Mallice, Pyping without distinction; Pricketh L1r 72 Pag.
not this the hearts of the hearers, twanging
upon a Harpe, Instead of an Egge, asking
a Scorpion and saying Amen to any

Is there any sorrow like this, whose Mirth
is so great; whose heart so hard; as not to
be greeved for this affliction; can wee forbeare
to bow our selves, and not to Travell
for these paines; To heare the Arke not only
is taken but helpe Lord alas, to see the
Heire apparant of the living God so dishonoured
and mangled amongst his Enemies!
O the wonder of wonders, a lying Wonder,
to see creatures endued with sense and reason,
beleeve a senslesse Miracle; here is the
Doctrine or spirits of Divells, three uncleane
spirits Three Frogs forg’d one like another,
or a false lye spit up by the Divell, the Beast,
and the false Prophet from their uncleane
slimy Mouthes, Into the Ovens and kneading
Troughs of the Kings of the Earth,
and of the whole world, to gather them to
the Battell of the great Day of God Almighty;
Also to decide the question) with
full consent) when this doctrine working myracles Pag. 73 L1v
miracles was conjured up. When Transgressors
are come to the full; the water dried
up, that the way of the Kings of the East
might bee prepared; The Tartars whose
looke is more stout then his fellowes. Righteous
art thou ô Lord, which art, which
wast, and shall be, because thou hast judged
thus; for they have shed the Blood of Saints
and Prophets; and thou hast given them
up to blaspheme the God of Heaven, to
beleeve a lye, false teachers that teach, thou
hast given them Blood to drinke, the Blood
of the living God, as it were the Blood of a
Dead man; here is a sore lye, a grievous
Soare, well may such mad Dogs gnaw their
Blistered Tongues.

Then shall stand up in his estate, a raiser
of Taxes in the glory of the Kingdome;
but in few dayes hee shall bee destroyed in
the strength of his Age, neither in anger,
nor in Battaile, but in a sport of Tilting by a
splinter in his Eye

And in his estate shall stand up a vwilde
person, or a Luxurious, to whom they shall
not give the honour of the Kingdome, but L L2r 74.Pag.
he shall come in peaceably and obtayne the
Kingdome by Flatterie; and with the Armes
of a Flood, or as the sodaine inundation of
Nilus; so shall the Faithfull people be overflowne
from before him, they shall bee broken
by a cruell Massacre, yea, also the Prince
of the Covenant, and after the league made
with him, even the Great King of the North,
hee shall worke deceitfully with the holy
people; for hee shall come up and shall become
strong with a small people, he shall enter
peaceably even upon the fattest places of
the Province, for he shall doe that which his
Fathers have not done, nor his Fathers Fathers,
he shall scatter among them the prey,
spoyle and riches of the wicked; yea, and he
shall fore-cast his devices against the strong
Holds of Sathan for a time, not to the End;
And he shall stir up his Power and his great
Courage against the King of the South with
a great Army, & the King of the South shall
be stirred up to Battell with a very great and
mightie Army, but hee shall not stand for
they shall fore-cast devices against him; yea,
his owne Dogs (stiled Gods) that feed of L2v Pag. 75
the Portion of his meate shall destroy him.

After whose decease his Army shall overflow,
and many of the righteous shall fall
downe slaine, and both these Kings hearts
shalbe to doe mischiefe and they shall speake
lies against the knowne truth, both at one
Table, but it shall not prosper; for yet the
end of all things shall be at the time appointed,
Then shall hee returne into his owne
Land with great riches, and little profit; and
his hart shall be against the holy Covenant;
therefore the next blow was at the hart. And
he shall doe exploits, and returne to his own

At the time appointed, hee shall returne even
the King of the North spoken of before,
that should certainly come after certaine
yeares with a great Army, and a multitude
greater then the former with much riches,
and shall come towards the South, but it shal
not be as the former, or as the latter; for hee
shall wound as it were his owne sides. The
Ships of Shittim shall come against him;
therefore he shall be grieved and returne against
his owne strength, and have indignationLij L3r 76. Pag.
against the holy Covenants; So he shall
doe; he shall returne, and have intelligence
with them that forsake the holy Covenant;
these Ships built with pretious Wood, whose
Anchor is the Lord, tossed too and fro with
flouds of ungodly men in the Sea of Babilon,
and compassed with the Waves of Death;
but when they cry unto the Lord, and are at
their wits end. Hee who walketh upon the
Sea draweth nigh unto them, and bringeth
them out of their distresse; he maketh the
storme a calme, as a Childe, even so suddenly
he stilleth the roaring Waves of this Tempestious
Sea, lifted up with the stormy
windes of Sathans malice.

Therefore thus saith the Lord unto Tyrus,
O thou that art Scituate at the entry of the
Sea; which art a Merchant for the People
for many Isles. Thus saith the Lord God; O
Tyrus thou hast said, I am a perfect beautie.
Thy Borders are in the midst of the Seas, thy
buildings have perfected thy beautie; they
have made all thy Ship Boords all of Firre
Trees of Senir they have taken Cedars from
Libanan, to make Masts for thee; of the Okes L3v Pag. 77
of Bashan have they made thine Oares; the
Company of the Ashurites have made thy
Benches of Ivorie, brought out of the Isles
of Chittim; Fyne Linnen with broydered
worke from Egipt, was that which thou
spreadest forth to bee thy Sayle, Blew and
Purple from the Isles of Elishah, was that
which covered thee, &c.

And Armies of the ungodly shall stand
on his part; they shall pollute the Sanctuary
of strength, and shall take away the daily
Sacrifice and shall place therein the abomination,
that maketh the house of God desolate,
turning it into a Den of Theeves (the
daily Sacrifice, or the Lords Supper shall be
taken away to place the Divells Idoll, the
Supper of the Lord, instituted in remembrance
of our Redemption; as the Passeover
was a Commemoration that the Lord
passed over the houses of the Children of
Israel in Egipt, when hee smote the Egiptians
and delivered them. David a man after
Gods own heart, poured out unto the Lord,
the Water of Bethelem, that he so sore longed
to drinke, the blood of Mortall men, that MLiij L4r 78 Pag.
went in jeopardy of their lives, yet damned
people are told they drinke of God our Lord
Jesus Christ his heart-blood
themselves more thirsty after it, then the
greedy Jewes, these blood-suckers will have
it before his side be pierced.

And such as doe wickedly against the Covenant,
to breake the Commandements of
God, the vow, vowed in their Baptisme, by
which they forsake the Divell; with all the
Covetous and Carnall desires of the flesh;
these uncleane vwilde persons shall be corrupted
by flatteries, and easily drawne from the
truth, to beleeve a lye, that they may bee
damned, that hath pleasure in unrighteousnesse,
but the People that know God and
feare him, shall be strong, he shall cover their
heads in the day of Battaile, and they shall
doe exploits, yet they that understand among
the People, and their Teachers that
instruct them; these shall fall by the sword,
and by flame and imprisonment, and by
spoyle of their goods many dayes; yet feare
none of these things, for hee that neither
slumbers nor sleepes, will arise and take his L4v Pag. 79
owne quarrell into his hand, and you shall
be holpen with a little helpe; Therfore trust
not in multitude of Forces, neither them
that will cleave to you with flatteries, for
they will worke deceitfully, as they have
done in former times, nor expect a finall end
of these persecutions, Sathan will sift, the
tayle corne is his owne. If they call the Master
of the house Belzebub, what respect
can yee looke for that are of the houshold.
And the King shall do according to his will,
and hee shall exalt himselfe and magnifie
himselfe above every God, and shall speake
marvelous things against the God of Gods,
great words against the most High, and shall
weare out the Saints of the Most high, and
thinke to change times and Lawes, and shall
prosper till the indignation bee accomplished,
for that, that is determined shall bee
done, Neither shall he regard the God of his
Fathers, nor desire of Women, neither shall
she retaine the power of the Arme being a
branch of ungrafted Roots; nor regard any
God, but shall magnifie himselfe above all;
In his estate hee shall honour the God of M1r 80 Pag.
Forces and Battell, being terrible to the servants
of God and his Enemies; a God that
his fore-fathers knew not; or an Altar shall
he honour with Gold and Silver, and with
Pretious stones, and pleasant things; thus
shall hee doe in the most strong holds with
this God, a stranger for many yeares to the
Apostles and their followers, whom he shall
acknowledge and increase with glory; and
hee shall cause in stead of Shepheards, Dogs
and Wolves, in sheep-skins to rule over many,
as Lords over Gods heritage, and they
shall not onely devide the Land for filthy
lucre, but make Merchandizes of mens Consciences.
But if God spared not the Angels,
what shall become of these cursed Children,
that have not onely lost the Flocke, but gone
astray and runne away themselves, following
the way of Balam the Son of Bozer,
who loved the wages of unrighteousnesse,
having eyes full of Adultery; even when
they speake their great swelling words of
Vanitie and Absolution; at that time they
allure to the Lusts of the Flesh, and much
Wantonnesse, leading simple women into Capti- Pag. 81 M1v
Captivitie, promising libertie, that are themselves
the servants of Corruption, wallowing
in the Myre like filthy Swine to cleanse
themselves by wresting the Scriptures to
their owne destruction, licking up againe
the unsavorie meate themselves could ill disgest
not long agoe, and running downe
headlong into the deepe Lake of Fyre and
Brimstone whose latter end is worse then
their beginning; it had beene better for
these men to have continued Heathens as
they were at first in the pollutions of the
world, then after they have knowne the
way of righteousnesse, to turne from it, crucifying
the Sonne of God afresh, and putting
him to open shame.

And at the time of the End shall the King
of the South push at him with all his Spanish
Pikes and the King of the North shall
come against him like a whirlewinde, with
Chariots and with Horsemen, and with many
Ships, The Lord of Hosts send them Victorie;
and he shall enter into the Countries,
and shall overflow and passe over; hee shall
enter also into the glorious Land Domina M M2r 82. Pag.
, and many Countries shall be overthrowne;
but these shall escape out of his
hand, even Edom and Moab, and the chiefe of
the Children of Ammon his Confederates,
he shall stretch forth his hand also upon the
Countries, and the Land of Egipt shall not
escape; But hee shall have powers over the
Treasures of Gold and of Silver, and over all
the Precious things of Egipt, and the Libians
and the Ethiopians shall bee at his steps. But
tidings out of the East and out of the North
shall trouble him, therfore he shall goe forth
with a great furie to destroy and utterly to
make away many; And hee shall plant the
Tabernacles of his Cedars Pallace betweene
the Seas in the glorious holy Mountaine;
yet he shall come to his end, and none shall
helpe him.

Therefore take up a lamentation for the
King of Tyrus, whose Cedars are for the
building of both Houses; and say thou hast
beene in Eden the Garden of God; every
pretious Stone to garnish the foundation
was thy Covering, the Ruby, the Topaz,
and the Diamond, the Berill, the Onix, the M2v Pag. 83
Jasper and the Saphire these things were
prepared for thee. Thou art annointed the
Cherube that Covereth, thou wast upon the
holy Mountaine of God, and thou hast
walked up and downe in the middest of the
Stones of Fyre: but because thou hast lifted
up thy heart, and said; I am God, I have
subdued three Kings. I sit in the middest of
the Seas, and hast defiled thy sacred Houses,
I will bring thee to Ashes, and none shall
help thee. As I live, saith the Lord, I will even
doe according to thine anger, and according
to thine Envie, which thou hast used out of
thy hatred against them, and I will make my
selfe knowne amongst them, when I have
judged thee, and thou shalt know that I am
the Lord, and that I have heard all thy Blasphemy,
which thou hast spoken against the
Mountaine of Israell, Saying, they are layd
desolate by Massacre, they are given us to
consume by the sword; thus with thy mouth
thou hast Boasted against Mee, therefore
shortly when the whole Land of Israell rejoyceth,
I will make thee desolate, then thou
shalt know that I the Lord doe Sanctifie Mij M3r 84. Pag.
Israell, when my Sanctuary shall bee in the
middest of them for ever.

Therefore, ô King of the North, arise
from thy Throne, lay thy Royall Robe aside,
and cause a Decree through Tyrus to be
published; saying, Let them turne every one
from his evill way, and from the violence or
unnaturall; shedding of Blood, that is in their
hands, &c. Who can tell if God will turne
and repent, and turne away from his fierce
anger, that wee goe not into Perdition.

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James, Charles, — are Michaelss.

And at that time shall Michael
stand up, the great Prince that defends
the Faith, Charles King of
Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, which
standeth for the faithfull Children of our
Nation, the Saints of the most Highest. As
the Angell of God, so is my Lord the King,
to discerne good and bad; therefore the
Lord thy God will be with thee for ever.

M3v Pag. 85

And there shall be a time of trouble, such
as never was since there was a Nation, even
to that same time, blessings and great felicities,
being for the most part accompanied
with Corrections, and extraordinary Calamities;
Devotion and Religion of happinesse,
in this life the Highest, not exempt
from superstition and heresie; And at that
time thy People shall bee delivered; Every
one whose name is found written in the
Booke, &c.

A royal crown.

Al Truths Cesar

Behold the Lord is at the Dore as a man
come from a farre journey; All that sleepe
in the Dust of the Earth, shall heare his
voyce and awake, and come forth, those that
have done good to the Resurrection of life;
These have their part in the first Resurrection,
and those that have done evill unto the
Resurrection of Damnation. Then the Angell
came downe from Heaven, having taken
from the false Prophet the Key of the Miij M4r Pag. 86.
Bottomlesse pit having in his hand a great
Chaine, hee shall next lay hold on the Dragon
the Devill; and hee shall bee bound a
Thousand yeares, or one day, which is all
one with the Lord; he shall shut him up, and
set a Seale upon him, for the wrath of the
Lord that day, shall bee a sufficient marke
that the Nations be deceived no more.

This Thousand yeares is the great day of
the Lord, to poure out his wrath and just indignation
upon his Enemies; But the wise
Virgins with Palmes in their handsthat
have not beene deceived by the subtilty or
force of flatterers, shall shine in their Robes,
as the brightnesse of the Firmament; Kings
Daughters attended by honourable Matrons,
as Starres for ever and ever, prepared
for the Bridegroomes Marriage, whose Wife
the Bride and Queene, hath made her selfe
ready clothed in fine Linnen cleane and
white, arrayed in a Garment of Needleworke
wrought with Gold of Ophier the
Daughter of Tyre shall bee there with a Gift;
she shall be brought to the King, with gladnesse
and rejoycing, they shall enter into his M4v Pag. 87
Pallace, saying, O King, thy Throne is for
ever and ever, thou lovest righteousnesse and
hatest wickednesse; therefore God thy God
annoynt thee with gladnesse above thy fellowes.

After this Thousand yeares the great Day
of the solemnitie finished, the Bride being
safe in her closset and Marriage chamber,
Sathan the olde Serpent shall be loosed a little
season as Prisoners are set at libertie when
they goe to the place of Execution to receive
his finall sentence of everlasting Damnation;
yet hoping in his vaine imagination and
hart that cannot repent to deceive the Nations
that are at rest, to take a prey, to goe up
to the Citie that is in safetie that needs no
Wall, neither the light of the Sunne or the
Moone, &c.

Unto whom the just Judge frõfrom his Throne
of Glory with a terrible looke, for furie, jealousie
shall come up into his face, shall say
unto him; Art thou he whom I have spoken
of in olde time by my servants the Prophets
to give the Nations warning of thee, how
thou diddest not onely like a foole deceive N1r Pag. 88.
thy selfe, when thou saidst, I will ascend up
and be like the most highest, but like a cursed
creature didst deceive their innocent Parents,
be prepared therefore, and prepare thy
selfe and all thy Company, and see whether
thou canst be a guard unto them; or what
defence they can make for themselves who
could not be ignorant, and ought not to be
carelesse, because by mine owne Mouth I
gave them warning, that after many dayes
thou shouldst be visited and brought a Prisoner
into the Land which is now brought
backe from the Sword and cleansed, though
it lay waste a time, and the Villages thereof
unwalled. For these I commanded them
straightly to watch both concerning the
things I fore-told them should come to
passe; as also of this houre, left like a Theefe
or as the Flood came upon their fore-fathers
the Ungodly, they should be surprised unawares,
because I told you of these things
before depart, I know yee not, nor that Captaine
your false Prophet, are yee those that
eate my flesh and drinke my blood, whence
are yee, I never knew you more, then you knew Pag. 89 N1v
knew mine, or Me; cursed and deformed
crew, with stiffe neckes, double crooked
hearts, deafe Adders, and blinde People with
eyes, goe yee cursed into everlasting fire.

Wee have eaten and Drunke in thy presence,
all the world was taxed by the Prince
of our Nation and thou hast taught in our
streets; Their iniquitie is the greater, thrust
them out. Lord, Lord, come out Dogs and
Swine, Apes and Satiers hence here all Lyers,
Scoffers at the truth, uncleane; persons,
for here shall enter in no wise any thing that
defileth, neither whatsoever worketh Abomination,
or maketh a Lye, but they which
are written in the Lambes Booke of Life.

But thou ô Daniel, shut up the words
and seale up this Booke to the time of the
end; Now that the whole world might take
notice, and discerne when this Sealed Prophesie
shall be opened, the time is more then
once repeated, even at the time of the end,
when the King of the South shall push at
the King of the North, and the King of the
North shall come against him like a Whirlewinde,
for till then, though many shall run N N2r 90. Pag.
too and fro by the Art of Navigation, discovering
an other Hemisphere, Sayling by
the Compasse and the Needle, found out by
expert men, and knowledge increased, furnishing
Magnificent Libraries with printed
Bookes, By which two Arts, chiefly the Gospell
shall bee published to all Nations; yet
the Character of this Booke shall not bee
read, till the time of the end which time is
easie to be knowne, even without the Notice
of the yeares closed up in this Booke;
where Eagles are gathered together, you
suppose some Carcasse to be there: The Figtree,
when her Branch is yet tender, and putteth
forth her leaves, ye know that Summer
is neere Jerusalem when it was compassed
with Armies, the Desolation was nigh. In
like manner, when yee see these things come
to passe fore-told you, know the end is nie,
even at the dore; But of the day and houre
knoweth no man, no not the Angells that
are in Heaven; neither the Sonne but the
Father; the accompt in this Booke of note,
being by Centuries of yeares.

Then I Daniel looked, and behold N2v Pag. 91
there stood other Two; the two Olive Trees
the Tree of Life, either of them bearing
Twelve manner of Fruites, the Two Witnesses
into whom, after Three dayes and a
halfe, the Spirit of Life from God entred;
and they stood upon their feet. The one on
this side of the banke of the River; and the
other on that side of the bank of the River;
The foũdationsfoundations of the wall of the City, Jesus;
himself being the chiefe corner stone.

And one said to the man clothed in Linnen,
that was upon the waters of the Rivers,
that cryed with a loude voyce, as when a Lyon
Roareth; Lord wilt thou at this time restore
againe the Kingdome of Israell, how
long shall it be to the end of these wonders,
or tell us when these things shall bee, and
what shall bee the signe of thy comming,
and of the end of the world.

And he held up his right hand and his left
hand to Heaven, shewing his Resurrection
and Ascention, and sware by him that Liveth
for ever and ever, Heaven and Earth
shall passe away, but my Word shall not
passe, neither this froward generation; this Nij N3r 92. Pag.
Nation till all these things bee done spoken
of by my Mouth and the Prophets; there
be some standing here, which shall not taste
of Death till they see the Sonne of Man
comming in his Kingdome, his servants will
fight for him. So shall even all my words be

It is not for you to know the times and
seasons which the Father hath put in his
owne power; But goe thou thy way and
rest, and stand in the Lot. Seale up those
things which the Seven thunders uttered,
and write them not, it shall be for a time
and times and halfe, then all these things
shall be finished, as a Henne gathereth her
Chickens, or as a scattered Army in that day
the Holy People shall be gathered together,
in the meane time many shall bee purified
and made white by the fiery Tryall; The
wicked shall doe wickedly, and shall not understand,
but the wise, it is given unto them
to understand the misteries of the Kingdome
of Heaven.

And from the time that the daily Sacrifice
shall bee taken away, or the yearely N3v Pag. 93
Passeover by the destruction of Jerusalem, to
place the Abomination that maketh desolate;
there shall be a Thousand Two hundred
and Ninetie dayes; Heere is the Measure
of the Temple, and the Altar and them
that worship therein; And here is also the
breach of the first Commandements, spoken
of by our Lord; the abomination that
maketh desolate not only the Sanctuary but
the Citie; the first ripe Apples that hang so
high against the Sunne; The Divell thought
if hee could reach these, the rest were his
owne; therefore to plucke them downe in
the primitive times, he began to reare his
Ladder in the holy Places to set up his plurality,
adding the Images of living Mortall
men to be worshipped with Divine honour,
and vaine supplications, as if themselves were
present, making no doubt, having no egresse
and regresse in time to bring his owne amongst
them into the nomber, in which expectation
hee sayled not much; for who is
this here, that sits in the Temple of God, as
if there were Two Gods, besides his Pigmalion-like
Image the parts of which Niij N4r Pag. 94.
are seldome colde, if there bee heate in the
Kisses of such holy People.

The swiftnesse of time is such, I cannot
gather all the Spices and dropping Myrrhe
of this Tree, I can fixe no longer speaking
what manner God will sit alone in his holy
Temple, abhorring not only the people but
the place where a Coleague is joyned with
him in office; therefore of the next branch.

Suppose a man after his Marriage to a
young Virgin, should say, my experience is
more then yours, I cannot alwayes walke
hand in hand with you, neither may I
keepe you in a Cloister that will not be for
your health or my profit, neither must you
forget your Covenant to bee subject to my
desires not tending to the harme of either of
us; I love you as mine owne Body, if I
should not love you, I should not love my
selfe, you are tender and faire without blemish
or blot, so I would have your minde
also without spot or wrinckle like your face,
many strangers will strive to bee your Servants;
not all for your beautie but some for
malice and envie to me: Though your intent N4v Pag. 95
be good in all things, yet because I am
very jealous of mine honor, entertaine none
in that manner; though they be silent for a
time, and conceale themselves, in the end
they will draw your affection from me; Besides,
much resort though shee be never so
chaste, is dalliance the marke of a knowne
Harlot, which sort of women I would have
you differ from, and no marke I know more
fit to put a difference betweene you then
this; For much entertainment will not
only waste our substance, better imployed
upon more necessary occasions, but consume
time in unprofitable idlenesse.

Is there no consequent, yes doubtlesse, I
am the Lord thy God thou shalt have no other
Gods but me; thou shalt not make Images
of any likenesse to bowe or humble
thy selfe before them; for of my honor I am
a jealous God, you are mine, I bought you
to enjoy the libertie of my service; I brought
yee out of the house of bondage, which no
other God could doe; thou shalt love the
Lord thy God, and keepe his charge and his

O1r Pag. 96

When yee goe forth to shew the way of
truth to other Nations, this spirituall dalliance,
which in the end turnes to whoredome,
beware of it for it shall bee a marke
betweene them that hate mee and you that
keepe my Comandements; and though I
will not at any time bee farre from you, yet
you shall fall by Captivitie and persecution
to spread my name, or for the Triall of your
Faith, when you see their Idolatrie pull
downe their high Places, Preach against
them; say, Little Children, ignorant people
that understand not the slights of Sathan;
Beware of Idols, tender natures encounter
strongest motions; Top-sayles are first assaulted
No man so well knowes his owne
frailtie, as the Lord your God knowes how
prone Devotion is to Superstition.

Also when yee goe in and out amongst the
Heathen folke, or if the Lord give them into
your hands, as the Amalikites were given
into the hand of the Children of Israell, when
the Prophet said; what meaneth this bleating
in mine eares; Sauls excuse shall not
availe you; to say, we set them up for Saints beforeknew Pag. 97 O1v
before the Lord, the Images of Jupiter
for Jesus Christ; the Statue of Hercules for
Christopher; Venus and the little Lad
for the blessed Virgin, as holy as Scarcrowes
in a Garden of Cowcumbers

You that cannot make one haire white or
blacke, will yee goe a Whoring after your
owne inventions, to humble your selves before
Pageants, Pictures, Images with eyes
that see not, Eares without hearing, &c. More
senslesse then a Beast; yet these rare Mamets
the light of the Sunne is too darke for them
without Candles; when the Members of
Christ goe naked, these must bee cloathed,
not for warmnesse but for wantonnesse; and
these are the Babyes made and dressed by
the Divell, and decked to please his Children,
abhorred, and abominable in the sight
of the Lord.

Lastly, with these lines the Temple of
God is Measured, and them that worship
therein. Measuring is for Numbering; place
is put for time, and sometimes space a thousand
sixe hundred furlongs Signifying the
persecution of the Church so many yeares, O O2r 98. Pag.
reward her even as she rewarded you. To rise
therefore and Measure the time, begin from
the taking away of the daily Sacrifice or the
Destruction of Jerusalem, and count a thousand
two hundred and threescore yeares,
wherein for the absence of the Church in
the Wildernesse, the two Witnesses did Prophesie
clothed in Sackcloth, so many yeares
of Mists and darknesse, to these must be added
some dayes of faire weather, a hundred
forty and foure thousand amounting to
foure hundred yeares and odde, having their
fathers name written in their foreheads,
these sing as it were a new song; These are
Virgins not (defiled with women) Chaste
conversation, not commanding laciviousnesse,
by forbidding Marriage, waxing worse
and worse.

The Temple was not built in a day, it is
three Stories; the foure hundred yeares are
to be devided into three severall parts, Seventy
yeares and odde, untill the destruction
of Jerusalem, when the Apostles finished their
testimony, thirty yeares are restored for the
raigne of Constantine the great, the remaines O2v Pag. 99
remaine for these last times, being
the same eighteene thousand Measures spoken
by Ezekiel the Prophet, the Measure
of the Temple within are not summed up, I
presume not to looke into the account, the
Measure of it round about without, I heard
the number of them cast up, Eighteen thousand
Measures, every Measure sixe Cubits,
according to the Measure of a man. That is,
of the Angell, three hundred yeares & odde;
and the name of the City from that day shal
bee God is there, that said Son of Man, the
place of my Throne, and the place of the
soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the
middest of the Children of Israell for ever,
and my holy Name shall the house of Israell
no more defile, &c.

Blessed is he that waiteth and commeth to
the thousand three hundred and five and
thirty yeares, these are the blessed times of
John Wickliffe & John Hus, both famous
Martyrs, and burning Lights, set up to
shew forth the state and beauty of the truth,
one burnt alive, the other after hee was
dead, being hard to judge in which of these, Oij O3r Pag. 100.
the Devill the Father of lyes, Antichrist his
crucifying Sonne, and the Dragon, expressed
most malice; from which cursed triplicitie,
three Monsters of the bottomlesse Pit,
God deliver us, who will give us a Crowne
of life; Come Lord Jesus, the grace of
our Lord Jeus Christ bee with you all.

Last of all, the whole world is numbred
and those that worke abomination therein,
and the delights thereof, weighed in the balances,
are found lighter then vanitie it selfe.
There is nineteene yeares and a halfe to the
day of Judgement, 1625-07-28July the 28. M.DC.XXV.
Sixe hundred and threescore Moneths are
excluded, from this last Age of seventeene
hundred yeares. And I thinke that I have
also the Spirit of God.


“Hee that is unjust and filthy let him bee so still, and hee
that is righteous and holy, let him bee so still; for behold
hee will come quickly, and his reward is with him.
Blessed are they that doe his Commandements.”