to the Dragon
and All His

Luke, XXI. Take heed to your ſelves, leſt at any time your hearts be Marke yee this wicked perſons, & yee friends of the unrighteous Mammon. over-charged with Surfetting and Drunkenneſse, and the Cares of this life, and ſo that day come upon you unawares. For as a Snare ſhall it come on all them, that dwell on the face of the whole Earth.
A snare o Devil

Printed. 1625M.DC.XXV.


A Generall Epistle,

To The fold and Flocke of Christ, and to them that are gone aſtray, that ſay they are Apoſtles and Catholiques and are not, &c.

Grace be to you and Peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himſelfe for our Sinnes; and in the abſence of his Body for a remembrance the Bleſſed Supper, till his ſecond appearing. As often as we taſte thereof, he takes it as a token we are not unmindfull of his tender mercy that taſted Death it ſelfe for us; ſo many melting trials and torments, the innocent Lambe for a brood of Vipers, whoſe damme is Death Aiij A3r whoſe ſting is Sinne, he that waſhed us in his owne Blood unto whome there is no acceſse but by Faith; Behold hee commeth, and every eye ſhall ſee him. To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

It ſeemed good unto me, having a perfect underſtanding given mee in theſe things, and the diſpenſation of them, an office not a trade; to roote out, to pull downe, to build, and to plant, by the grace and bounty of Jesus our Lord God. To preſent this Viſitation to your view, joyning you together of the firſt Arke, and univerſall great Houſe veſsels of Honor and diſhonor, ſome cleane and purified, others having need of purging.

Former things are come to paſse, and new things I declare unto you; no age ſo weake, nor ſex excuſing; when the A3v Lord ſhall ſend and will put his words in their Mouth. He powreth out his Spirit upon his hand-maidens; the rich are ſent emptie away even ſo Father for it ſeemed good in thy ſight.

Preſsed and conſtrained with obedience to him, and Duty towards you; ſaying no other things then the Prophets and Apoſtles did ſay ſhould come to paſse, that yee might know the certainty of thoſe things, wherein yee have beene inſtructed, whether you will heare or whether you will forbeare.

It is a ſalve to annoint and open the eyes of the blinde, to bring them that ſit in darkeneſse a light, to leade them out of the Priſon-houſe; others by meanes of remembrance, (whoſe annoynting long ſince teacheth them all thinges) to ſtirre them uppe; A4r It is a true looking-glaſse, a large houreglaſse, Phiſicke for the ſicke, wholſome for the whole, milke for the young, and meate for the ſtrong. It is upon Record due, an olde debt One and Twenty hunyeares ſince; Unto me is given this ſtone to poliſh, unto me this grace is given.

It is as it were a new Song to be ſung before the everlaſting Throne, a ſalutation for Strangers and the Brethren; if we love them that love us, if we ſalute the Brethren only, what doe wee more then others; yea but they come at the laſt houre, others having borne the heate and burthen of the Day.

Shall not the loſt Son be found againe, the Father of theſe that Blaſpheme and are found lyers; But in the eye of our weakeneſse their proſperitie will weave the webbe of envie; murmure not at the the A4v good-man of the Houſe. Is it not lawfull; is it not wrong (as he will) to diſpoſe the riches of his owne goodneſse; nay, rather may we not all ſay, we are unprofitable, we have both gon out of the way, there is none that doth good, no not one; nay, are not his Judgements according to truth; O man grudge not his grace, diſpute not his juſtice.

But they have bin, and will be to the worlds end, our perſecutors and ſlaunderers, need they not ſo much the more our Prayers; recompence no man evill for evill; Therefore let the Congregations of the faithfull Pray for them, poore, blind, diſtracted, naked, wretched people, and give glory to God, who hath done away the vaile from theſe hidden myſteries, that hindred our ſtedfaſt ſight, Though to blinde mindes and deafe harts, this vaile remaines ſtill untaken away.

a a1r

Wherein for mine owne part, I challenge little, not ſo much as thoſe that brought to the Tabernacle guifts of their owne ſpinning of Blew and other colours; But rather to be in the number of thoſe ſervants, that drew out the wonderfull Wine for the Bridegroomes Feaſt, to beare it to the Governor and the Gueſts; though to caſt in my myte with others I was never unwilling.

Finally, to thoſe that require a Signe, or thinke this Confidence; Boaſting that high ſtiles are not ſteps for the declining age of this weake world to climbe, my defence is no ſhorter then free.

Leaſt any ſhould thinke of me above or better then he ſeeth me to be, as others to ſuſpect a forged paſse; To preſent you with Pearles of that ſort or holy things, I forbeare at this time.


If the debt be paid the ſecret of the multiplyed oyle is to my ſelfe; Though I ſhut the Doore or ſhadow my name, I feare no faces, ſmiles nor frownes, for the hope of Iſrael, to me no chaines are heavie, it is no bought nor ſtolne fire, my ability nor boldneſse extending ſo high; yet a Candle too high mounted for Sathan, and all his attempts to blowe it out, thrived the Goſpell the leſse, rejected of the Jewes.

But all alike hit not the marke, they preſse forward, wranglers ſtarted aſide like a broken Bowe, the match is wonne, one Foord is not knowne to all Paſsengers; eleven ſtrikes the clocke ſaith he, twelve ſaith ſhe; doe theſe contradict thoſe that are not againſt us or with us; Antichriſtians thoſe that are not againſt us, are with us; Even ſo, glory be to him alone (the Set is ours) the houre and ſet aii B1r time of whoſe IudgementJudgement is at hand; and O Lord remember thy ſervants Abraham, Iſaac, & Jacob, & looke not to the ſtubbornnes, nor to the wickednes of this People, turne their harts, preſerve thy Church, and his victorious Matie. to tread downe the power of his enemies, our Soveraigne gratious Lord and the Queene, annoint them with thy holy Spirit, Crowne them with Grace; and forren Princes, eſpecially the Kings excellent Siſter with a happie life here, and eternall life hereafter. Be gratious to the remnant of Joseph, heare I beſeech thee the Prayer of thy ſervant.

The Servant of Jeſus Chriſt:

O A Sure Daniel Daniel, — I end Al.

Poſtſcript To maske my name with boldneſse to unmaske Error Icrave no Pardon, the manner let none diſpiſe; Dreames in times paſt have beene interpreted, our Fathers in divers manners have beene ſpoken unto, the Winde bloweth where it liſteth.

B1v Pag. 1.

Eleanor Audeley Reveale O Daniel, To the Great Prince, the Kinge of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith

The Interpretation of the Visions of the Prophet Daniel, revealing the Man of Sinne; And the Morning Starre, before the comming of the Day.

In the Viſions of this Prophet are revealed the ſame things contained in the Revelatiõ, which God gave to Jeſus Chriſt, to ſhew unto his Servants things which muſt ſhortly come to paſse; things that are not, to bring to nought things that are: And as he ſignified to his beloved Servant John, B B2r 2.Pag. the Contents of the ſecret Booke by his Angell; Even ſo the Lambe ſlaine by the eternall Decree purpoſed from the foundation of the world; Declared the ſame things to the man greatly beloved, his ſervant Daniel, unfolded in this preſent expoſition; drawing the juice of many ſorts wanting roome and leaſure, to lay things in order, wherein the Scripture will repaire the want of methode. Being not willing for the lighting of a Match to make a fire, when the ſtroke of a Flint is of more facilitie; Speaking not to a People of a ſtrange Speech and of a hard Language, but to the Houſe of Iſraell; Avoyding mans enticing words; things without life, give no life, that revealeth not the teſtimony of Jesus; at whoſe Name, a name above every name, Let every knee bowe. Heare all yee Children of my people harken O Earth!

The firſt viſion of this holy Prophet, was in the 1. yeare of the raigne of Belshazzer, King of Babilon; from which ſpirituall Babilon takes the denomination. One and Twentie hundred yeares ſince.

B2v Pag. 3.

Wherein he ſaw the foure Windes of Heaven, or the loſed Angels bound in the great River Euphrates the auntient bounds of the great Roman Empire, that ſtrove upon the great Sea, and the foure great Beaſts, that came up from the Sea divers one from another. Theſe blowing Windes had no power to hurt, till the ſervants of God were Sealed in the foreheads, at what time that Cõmonwealth became a Monarchy, perſecuting the Church of God being then with Child, Travailing in birth, crying and pained to be delivered of the man Childe, roaring like a Lyon, the whole Forreſt ringing, ruling all Nations with a Rod of Iron; that breaketh in pieces and ſubdueth all things: He is Alpha and Omega, ſo have the ſervants of God a Two-fold ſence. Beſides man including ſome other of his Creatures, bearing the names of men, yet being neither Man nor Beaſt; Praiſe yee him Sun and Moone, &c.

I heard the number of them: And here ended the Sealing of the firſt Covenant, a yoake which our Fathers were not able to beare, to eſtabliſh the ſecond which is Spirituall,Bii B3r 4.Pag. rituall, to put his Lawes in their mindes, with the Penſell of his Grace to write them in their hard harts, a light Burthen, for the letter of the Law, graven in ſtone is the ſentence of death; But the Spirit giveth life to ſtony harts, that were dead in treſpaſses and ſinnes; yea, the whole valley of dead Bodies, turn’d into Stones and Earth, from Abell the firſt Borne, to the laſt man taken up in the Field, they are all holy unto the Lord, their iniquitie is forgiven and forgotten, as a Father, hee remembreth their ſinne no more.

Of theſe were Sealed to bee of the ſeed of Abraham, one hundred forty and foure Thouſand, twelve times twelve Thouſand: Of which faithfull Number Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world, the only begotten Sonne of the living God, in the likeneſse of ſinfull Fleſh without Sinne, the Lyon of the Tribe of Judah, was ſealed on the Eight day of his Nativitie; The Lyoneſse bringing but one, and but once in her life.

That with the ſprinckling and ſhedding of his Blood, both Covenants might be ſealed; Theſe were the firſt Fruits unto God, B3v Pag. 5. and to the Lambe, having the Token of the everlaſting Covenant, of the great myſterie in thoſe times, concerning Christ and his Church, put in the Fleſh a Figure of the Heart.

Which firſt Covenant remaines to us a Patterne of tendernes, not made with hands, the Heart by a mutuall reſpect being now the Cloſet or ſecret part, whereby wee Gentiles are made the tender Spouſe, the habitation of God, fellow heires of the unſearchable Riches, joyned to Chriſt the head, that in times paſt were the Children of diſobedience and wrath, Aliens from the commonwealth of Iſraell, Strangers from the Covenants of promiſe, having no hope (without God) in the world, are now, who were ſomtimes farre off; of all Nations, Kindreds and Tongues; uncircumciſed Philiſtines not of his Brethren; not of the Houſe of his Father, By the blood of Jesus Christ made nigh members, of his Body, of his Fleſh, and of his Bones; greater love and felicitie can none expreſse.

Of which great myſterie, Hipocrites, next Biij B4r 6.Pag. Harlots, whoſe counterfeit beautie deceives not him, whoſe praiſe is of men, and not of God; falſe Gods, are no partakers; the outward Token, being common to both. To aſsure us of which, receiving the earneſt of his Spirit, that abideth, not crying Maſter; Careſt thou not, that wee periſh; but Abba Father.

Thus our tackling loſt without Anchor, to repayre the ruines and weakneſse of theſe decayed, ſunke weather-tempeſt driven bottomes ſuch Treaſures of Millions expended and beſtowed, what burthen, what prizes, what things God hath prepared to bee the lading of theſe veſsels of honour; Eye hath not ſeene, eare hath not heard, neither hath entred into the hart of man: To which, all the Tranſported affections felt or fained, injoyed without paines or feare, may ſeeme but light dotage as Light and Darkneſse compared, compared with the Crowne and weight of that Eternall bliſse.

The Foure windes prepared for an houre, and a day, and a moneth, and a yeare; are the powers of theſe foure great Beaſts ſhewing B4v 7. ing their degrees of reſidence; alſo the finall Blaſt is included; The Sea are the Nations of the Earth.

The beginning and the ending, thus ſaith hee to the Sea: Waves drowning one another, ſwelling into Mountaines, for glory foaming out your owne ſhame. Saying, haile to the Wood awake, according to your owne underſtanding, you have made Idols and Images, not by my direction, but after the invention of the Craftſman, and have exalted your hearts and forgotten mee, giving my Praiſe to graven Images, and my glory to another for your God, (not ſetting me before your eyes) you have gotten a Divell, a falſe Prophet, whom I ſent to prove you; that takes my lawes in his mouth, not of love, but for ſtrife and envie: Thinkes he to ſay; Lord, Lord, in thy Name wee have caſt out Divels, Preached, and Baptized; my anſwer is not unknowne to you both, though you thinke to plead ignorance, perſecuting and diſpiſing the number of my little ones.

You onely have I knowne, of all the Families C1r Pag. milies of the Earth, whoſe tranſgreſsions doe haſten your Judgement; Therefore I will puniſh you for your iniquities, you ſhall bee like the Morning Cloud, and the early dew that paſseth away as the Chaffe that is driven with a ſcattering whirle-winde out of the Flower, as ſmoake out of a Chimney vaniſhing away; And I will bee like a Lyon, as a Leopard by the way I will wayte and obſerve you, and as a Beare that is bereaved of her Whelpes, I will teare the Kall from your harts and devoure you; But to the faithfull I will bee a King, a Saviour; as an Eagle ſtirring up her Neſt, fluttering over her young, bearing them upon the wing; So I will preſerve mine inheritance, my Portion as the Apple of mine eye.

Theſe are the words of the Firſt, that was like a Lyon, his ſtrength ſhall overcome the reſt, and take their Dominion away, having no number of finite parts expreſsed; the time of whoſe undevided Kingdome is infinite and alwaies; As his yeares have no end, his Crownes are many; This is the Lyon of the Tribe of Judah, having of Fleſh a tender hart C1v Pag. 9 hart; a mans hart was given unto it; The Prince of the Kings of the Earth, the firſt and the laſt; And becauſe he is the roote, and made of the ſeed of David; Hee is here accompted amongſt theſe Beaſts; This is hee that ſate upon the white Horſe the Circle of the Earth, to judge and make War; beholding the Inhabitants like Graſshoppers; and a Bowe and a Crowne was given unto him; Hee is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and of his Kingdome there is no end.

The ſecond Beaſt like a Beare the Seaventh head, that had Three ribbes in the Mouth betweene the Teeth of it, ſignifying, Three hundred yeares; this is the devouring Raigne of the Heathen Romaine Emperours, which laſted ſo long, licked by the Divell; In the Infancie of which Empire, the Sonne of God was Crucified, and the Citie of Jeruſalem deſtroyed, wherein the yearely Sacrifice or feaſt of the Paſsover was ſolemnized, that in her might be found the Blood of Prophets and Saints, and of all that were ſlaine upon the Earth, in which C C2r 10.Pag. firſt ſeventie yeares, the Apoſtles and ſeventie finiſhed their teſtimony what they had ſeene and heard, after which followed the over-ſpreading of abomination ſpoken of by our Saviour, making the Sanctuary deſolate, defiled with Carkaſses which can neither ſee, heare, nor walke, abominable carrion the houſe of Prayer, made the Gallery of the Divell, for his devices ſtand in.

And this is hee that ſate upon the Red Horſe, Having a great Sword given unto; him, to make Warre with the Church of God, devouring much Fleſh, Burning, Scorching it with fire, Haile mingled with Blood, deſtroying Trees, and all greene graſse, ſmote every Herbe, and brake every Tree and here ended the firſt Woe with this ſecond Beaſt, all fire and horrible Cruelty ſuch as there was none like it in all the Land of ſpirituall Egypt ſince it became a Nation and ſhortly after began the next Woe, where the fire is not mentioned, becauſe the ſmoake is ſo great thicke darkeneſse or hereſie, falſe doctrine extinguiſhing the Light of truth, which ſhall continue untill the C2v Pag. 11. third Woe, Hell fire, and Brimſtone or Blaſphemy, iſsuing out of their Mouthes, a great crye from him that ſits upon the Throne, when Redneſse ſhall be turn’d into Paleneſse to the Maide behinde the Mill, the Captaine in the Dongeon, free and bond, becauſe of the laſt Plague the ſecond Death.

The third Beaſt that was like a Leopard, or halfe a Lyon, an Ape betweene Man and beaſt, whoſe feete or firſt footing, were as the feete of a Beare, that had upon the back of it foure Wings, like a Fowle or painted Bird: Two of the Eagle, and two of the Dragon; ſignifying his time, Foure hundred yeares before the comming in of Antichriſt, then came the King of Babylon to Jeruſalem, and beſieged it, taking the advantage of the Night, what Linkes or Torches brought him thither I reade not, but Moonlight there was little, though hee were on his way or Wing, but letted Two hundred yeares before.

Bearing alſo foure heads, foure ſtanding up for it, ſhewing the deviſion of the Empire into ſo many parts, being then too Cij C3r 12.Pag. large and great for the government of one man. This is the Dragon of Egipt; that Monarchy that began with the Chriſtian Emperours whoſe deadly wound (Death to the Soule) was waſhed in the Blood, and healed by the Stripes of the heavenly Samaritan There is now no healing of the Bruiſe, it is putrified the Wound is grievous; the Leopard cannot change his ſpots; binde thy Tyre upon thy head, forbeare to cry: O Virgin daughter of Egipt, in vaine ſhalt thou goe up into Gillead and take Balme, or uſe Medicines, thou doſt runne in vaine. And this is hee that ſate upon the blacke Horſe the Ethiopian cannot change his skinne, leſse man then the Minataure; more Monſter then a Centaure, ingendred of black Cloudes, carried about of every Winde, to whom is reſerved the Blackneſse of Darkneſse for ever: Blacke will take no other hew; having a payre of Ballances given into his hand without reſpect of perſons, to meaſure to all men, rich and poore, free and bond, a meaſure of Wheate for a penny, and three meaſures of Barley for a C3v Pag. 13. penny; Hoe! every one that thirſteth, and hee that hath no money, Come buy and eate, give not your money for ſtones in ſtead of Bread, ſay not Ignorance is better then Knowledge, Neither hurt the Oyle and the Wine Touch not the Lords annointed, and doe his Prophets no harme, that Nouriſh you with truth and underſtanding.

The laſt Beaſt the fourth, that is the Eight, and was Seven heads and is not, and is of the Seven, and goeth into perdition, that had great Iron Teeth, that devoured and brake in peeces, and ſtamped the reſidue with the feete thereof, and was divers from all the Beaſts that were before it; having a Miter of Tenne hornes, ſignifying alſo, though the Crownes be not here expreſsed, ſo many hundred yeares his Limitted time, the Tenne dayes of tribulation in the Apocalips, wherein the Divell ſhall have power to caſt the faithfull into Priſon; (After the Tribulation imediately of thoſe dayes; Two ſhall be in the field, &c.) Nine of which number are expired, and ſome part of the laſt hundred, but how many are Ciij C4r 14 Pag. to come; by theſe hornes preciſely cannot be aymed at without the Art or Science of Chronologie; This is Judas the Divell, the King of Babilon and Egypt, the raigne of Antichriſt Pope of Rome, count the Letters of his name for it is the nomber of his time, whoſe name is Death; hated mortally the King of Rome and Italie: This is hee that ſate upon the Pale Horſe the ſonne of Perdition, of all Complexions the darkeſt, neereſt to corruption, threatning alone, a hart charged with ſo much wickedneſse and malice as the Red Horſe, all the ſanguines in the Rayne-bow, and the Sword cannot ſet out more of Bruitiſh crueltie; had he winges to his will, and of time length to the height and bigneſse of his inſatiable minde; Nero, Titus, Domitianus, theſe beaſts of the Earth, their hearts and policies parraleld would ſeeme but a Curre coupled or compared with this greedy Woolfe. A Bull as bloudy as the Beare.

Whoſe land is covered with Locuſts and Darknes; even darknes that may bee felt riſing out of the depth of the bottomleſse pit C4v Pag. 15. of Sathans malice very grievous; yet had all the faithfull light in their dwellings that they might not looſe the way; for it was Commanded theſe Armies of Scorpions beſieging the holy City having pernitious ſtings, both wayes voluptuous and malitious, The power of the Enemy that they ſhould not hurt the graſse of the Earth, neither any greene thing, by any meanes nothing ſhould hurt them, but only drye Trees or boughs, bearing no fruite of repentance, thoſe men that have not the Seale of God in their graceleſse foreheads, that they ſhould not kill theſe wretched blinde miſerable People, but that they ſhould bee tormented five Moneths, as in thoſe dayes the moſt part, moſt Lamentable in the ſiege of Jeruſalem by Famine were tormented ſo long compaſsed with a Trench, kept in on every ſide, Seeking death, and deſiring to dye, &c.

This did the Lord becauſe the Princes of Egipt, harkened not to milde Moses; but hardened their harts, and did evill in the ſight of the Lord, after the Abominations of the Heathen; Therefore ſaith the Lord, D1r 16 Pag. I am againſt thee ô Dragon, which lyeſt in the Hart (the middeſt of the Rivers) which ſaid my Rivers ate mine owne, I have made it for my ſelfe; I will put hookes in thy Clawes, and leave the Throne into the Wilderneſse, where there is no water; and all the Inhabitants ſhall know that I am the Lord, becauſe they have beene a ſtaffe of Reede to the houſe of Iſrael, when they tooke hold of thee by the hand, thou didſt breake and Rent all their ſhoulder, and when they leaned on thee, thou brakeſt, and made all their loynes to be at a ſtand, with the Burthens of Bricke and Rubbiſh thy Officers did lay upon them.

Thou haſt given them Stubble for Straw vapor of ſmoake for Victuall; thou haſt made their lives bitter unto them; Therefore the Lord is againſt thee whoſe healed Wound is feſtred, turned wilde againe, become Antichriſtian and incureable, thou that haddeſt the Ballances in thine owne hand; Thou that art like a Leopard or a young Lyon of the Nations, as a Dragon; or a Whale in the Seas with thy Diadem of D1v Pag. 17 of Ten hornes, crowned with Ten Crowns, ſo many Antichriſtian hundred yeares, Nine of which accompt are caſt, paſt, and expired.

Troubling the waters with thy feete and fowleſt their Rivers; the whole Sea of Rome, the third part of the maine Sea is become Blood Behold the Lord is againſt thee and againſt thy Rivers, which are turned into Wormwood (woe due O Rome) and Hemlocke; Even the Third part of the waters, the ſtreames of Juſtice and Mercy are become poyſon and Bitterneſse; I hate and deſpiſe your Images, Feaſt dayes, Proceſsions, Solemne aſsemblies, ſaith the Lord; who required thoſe things: I cõmanded, Judgement ſhould runne downe free as water, and Righteouſneſse as a mighty ſtreame; Woe the Bloody Citie

You are impudent and diſobedient Children, as the day of your Viſitation, ſo are your ſinnes hidden from you, when you ſhall ſay for ſhame to the Mountaines Cover us and to the Rocks and Hills fall upon us; you will know your tranſgreſsion, the D D2r 18.Pag. long Wings of the morning, the Caves of Makadah ſhall not preſerve tening, Thundring Cannons, the whole Globe at a ſhot, ſhivering your Bodyes, ſinking your Soules, and making your harts to hop: Eare never heard, neither hath entred into the hart of man ſuch horror, forſaken of all, but the Divell and his Angells, burned and buried alive, of all the Creatures not a drop of water remaining, of Light not a ſparke, Rebells theſe terrors as Shot or Haileſtones from Heaven Pell-mell, ſhall drive you into a Bottomleſse gulfe headlong; the great day of his wrath is come, ſaying to the fiery Lake; Hide us from the face of him that ſits upon the Throne.

When the faithfull ſcattered People ſhod with the everlaſting Ghoſpell of Peace, after all their labours and travaile in this Wilderneſse, ſhall enter into the Land of Reſt: Here is the Body of the Beaſt deſtroyed; Pharoah and all his Multitude of unbeleeving Lowzie orders; even all his Hoſt of furious Horſemen as Locuſts, eating every herbe and all the fruite of the Trees D2v Pag. 19. the haile had left, drowned in Hell Fyre the bottomleſse red Sea, that may boaſt rather of their Blaines and Boyles then Vermin, which their owne Magitians denie not to be the manifeſt finger of God; vaunting they winne by their Coſening game term’d Chaſtitie the Joyes of heaven, and Secret boſome Almes in breeding Lice Such uncleane Ragges paſt mending, I did meane to caſt away, but ſince you will not heare Moses and the Prophets, I will beſtowe ſome labour to ayre them for you, and your patch’d Coates waxen olde and bad to make bags for heavenly Treaſure, well may they ſtoppe Bottles when your Reward is weeping and gnaſhing of Teeth; in thoſe dayes, all the Water I finde the Saints will ſupply you with, to coole your bliſtered Tongues.

Maſters though to ſimple People you ſeeme to make ſtraite ſteps, it is no newes to ſay you incline too much on the left hand. Thinke yee the Crownes like Gold can deceive us; or hayre as the hayre of Women; The vayle of ſhamefaſtneſse, ſhewing Dij D3r 20.Pag. ſobriety and ſubjection: Thinke yee thoſe long locks like ſeparited Nazarites can cover your notted crownes from the Raizer, or hide your pined Bodyes pinch’d of Provender like neighing Horſes prepared to the Battaile, It is not unknowne to us, the golden Cup, and theſe gilden counterfeit Crownes like falſe Haire to cover Baldneſse; Both came out of one Furnace: they are yet unpaid for.

Though Esau ſhould lend you Teares, yet ſhall yee come and worſhip before the feet of them, you now diſpiſe and perſecute; There is no bleſsing reſerved, the Mourning day is at hand, the Armour you beare ſhines with the Brotherly affection you beare us, wee feare not your furie; Go yee Curſed, heere is your farewell, receive the Portion of Hipocrites, and eate the fruit of Lyes rejoycing and truſting in your owne counterfeit Righteouſneſse, painted flames, ſuch falſe Coine will not paſse. Eternall life is free guift purchaſed by Grace; receive the wages of Sinne; venemous Armies, the power of the Enemie led by the Starre called Wormewood D3v 21. wood, To thoſe that have not or ſmoak’d out their eyes, as viſible as Lightning or a Lampe fallen from Heaven, threatning Warre, Famine, with Peſtilent Mortalitie; the fourth part, the whole Chriſtian world infected by that ſtrumpet Hagge Rome and Italie. Laſtly, the name of his Paleneſse was Death becauſe hee is the laſt, and Hell followed with them with deadly malice, Raigning till the day of Judgement, after which hee ſhall ſwimme with his fellowes, and bathe in the Lake that burnes with Fire and Brimſtone.

Theſe three Beaſts ſignified by the great Citie devided into Three parts, ſo many ſeverall perſecutions of the Church under great Babylon, With a bold ſtroake, the laſt is not drawne in cullours leaſt to the life; the fourth Beaſt (the falſe Prophet, their Popes falleth,) the bitter Starre turning Judgement into Gaule of Aſpes falne from Heaven, Signifying the loſing of his Keyes (pride will have a fall) for which hee was caſt out of the preſence of God: God and Mammon cannot be ſerved together; here Diij D4r 22 Pag. hath hee the command of the bottomleſse Pit, ſmoaking with Hereſie and ignorance; The Keys of the Kingdome of Hell, which truſt ſo much hee boaſteth of, given him by the Dragon the Divell, to deceive them that dwell upon the Earth; ſaying in the ſight and opinion of men; Let it be knowne this day, that I have done all theſe things at thy word; that theſe are thy Keyes; I am thy Apoſtle; and if I be the man of God, let fire come downe from Heaven and conſume all thoſe, that obey not my orders, and Lawes; and at what time yee heare the ſound of my Inſtruments; fall downe and worſhip the Image, that I Nabuchadnezar have ſet up, whoſe breath is in my hand, and whole are all my wayes to glorifie mee; and who ſo falleth not down, &c,

This Baals Prophet the laſt Beaſt, having devoured and broken in peeces the Roman Empire, exerciſing all the power of him whoſe Rome he uſurpeth; the Lord ſaying, I that forme the Light, and create Darkneſse; I that make Peace, and create evill, I will ſtrengthen the Armies of the King of D4v Pag. 23. Babilon, and put my Sword into his hand. But I will breake Pharoahs Arme and and he ſhall groane before him, with the groaning of a deadly wounded man; Moreover, thus ſaith the Lord of Hoſts that keepes backe no mans pay.

The King of Babilon cauſed his Army to ſerve a great ſervice againſt Childric King of Tirus, every head was made Bald of his Race, and every ſhoulder peel’d, yet had hee no wages for his Armie; Therefore the Land of Egypt ſhall bee his for his labour, becauſe they wrought for mee ſaith the Lord; for there ſhall be no more a Prince in Egypt whoſe brightneſse was Excellent, and the forme thereof terrible to all the world; But rather a painted Image, a Vaſsoll that the working of the poyſoned Potion in the golden Cup, the myſterie of iniquitie bee not hindred, A baſe Kingdome the baſeſt of all Kingdomes, neither ſhall it exalt it ſelfe any more above the Nations; for I will diminiſh them, it ſhall be no more the confidence of the houſe Iſraell.

Having now the ſpoyle of the Land for E1r 24 Pag. his Armie and the Sword and Ballances in his owne hand to make a prey of mercy and truth, with his Hornes and heeles as weapons to warre and weare out the Saints given into his hand untilla time and times; and the deviding of times Three dayes and a halfe Two and fortie Moneths Three yeares and a halfe, halfe the myſticall weeke, untill the Day of Judgement; to make Merchandize of every thing, that no man may buy or ſell without his Marke, marked with his fiends foote; which is his Seale, the ſignet of the Fiſherman that beareth the name of the Beaſt.

The nomber of his name is then the nomber of a man, which is the nomber of his Age or Dayes, but this is the nomber of his Moneths; Naturall Beaſts not living ſo long, the yeares being not ſo many as the dayes are to few. As one ſaith, the nomber of his Moneths are with the Lord; Alſo halfe the myſticall Weeke is delivered by the ſame meaſure. The latter Six Moneths added to the former Six hundred, making as compleat Fiftie, as Threeſcore make Five yeares; E1v Pag. 25 yeares Here is Wiſdome the counſell of times and ſeaſons revealed, according to the eternall purpoſe, which the wiſedome of the Father put in his owne power, God hath numbred thy Kingdome and finiſhed it thou art weighed in the ballances, thou tyrant, that boaſteſt of thy wit, and art found wanting graines innumerable, thy Kingdome is divided, and given to the people of the Saints of the moſt Higheſt, whoſe Kingdome is an everlaſting kingdome &c. Therfore let him that readeth count this number well, and well marke, the marke of the Beaſt, is the Signet of the Fiſherman, which men take in their right hand, wherewith his Band are branded in the foreheads, and this is the Caractor and colours that diſtinguiſheth his Traine-Souldiers from the followers of the Truth.

Therefore thus ſaith the Lord to the King of Babilon, Antichriſt thy dayes be few, The great day of my wrath is at hand, even for the Elects ſake, and the Soules that reſt under the Altar, crying for Execution and Vengeance upon thee, whoſe Bodyes thou haſt E E2r 26.Pag. beheaded, burned and buryed alive, ſlaine for the Teſtimony they held, the time is ſhortned, thy Biſhoppricke ſhall bee voyde, and become a habitation for Divells; and becauſe thou remembreſt not to ſhew mercy, by ſwift deſtruction thy memorie ſhall be cut off from the Earth, thy Damnation ſlumbreth not, as a theefe in the night, and as a ſnare it ſhall come ſhortly upon thee; Thou haſt loved curſing, in bleſsing thou haſt not delighted, but as a cloake for Covetouſneſse, ſelling to thy Marchants for money, thoſe foule oyntments to fill thy Bagge, calling and crying from thy Exchange and darke ſhoppe; if any man Thirſt to commit Whoredom ſpirituall or carnall, Treaſon, or Murther, let him come to mee and drinke of my Golden Cuppe, Inceſt or Parricide; Hoc miſterium firmiter profitemur what doe yee lacke; wee can ſell you for Gold, Silver, and pretious ſtones, thin Wood, Braſse, Iron, and Marble, all manner of Veſſells, in Nunneries or Stewes, what will yee give; Theſe execrable odors, and thy Brazen browed Bulls, caſting flakes of Fire and E2v Pag. 27. fulminations in the ſight of men from their noyſome Noſtrills and Thundring throates, as with a Garment thou haſt cloathed thy ſelfe, thou haſt robbed mee even of this whole Nation, therefore prepare thy ſelfe thou curſed for everlaſting fire, prepared for the Divell and his Angells, which ſhall enter into thy Bowells like water, and ſoake with thine oyntments, as oyle into thy Bones, and mingle with thy marrow; thus let the Enemies of the Lord bee rewarded, yea, in the meane time let them be their own executioners; let one Judas with Poyſon burſt out the Bowells of another; let their hope be as the giving up of the Ghoſt, and their righteouſneſse wherein they truſt, in thy remembrance as water that paſseth away; Let them curſe, but Bleſse thou ô Lord to whom vengeance belongeth, ſhew thy ſelfe, lift up thy ſelfe thou Judge of the Earth, and to this proude man of Sinne render a reward; let him not have the upper hand, ſitting upon the Throne of Iniquitie in thy Temple, ſhewing himſelfe that hee is God, Conſume him ô Lord with the Breath of Eij E3r 28.Pag. thy mouth, and deſtroy him quickly with the Brightneſse of thy comming.

Laſtly, this Beaſt his habitation is compared to a woman for Sorceries, ſhameleſneſse and gorgious trimming, arrayed in Purple and Scarlet, the Virgin daughter of the King of Egipt, is become the Whore of the King of Babilon, the faithfull Citie is become a Harlot, having in her hand a Cuppe full of abominations, Witchcraft and Blaſphemy, viz. worſhipping Idols of Gold and and Silver, Braſse, Wood, and Stone, mixing holy things with filthy excrements, remiſsion, the forgiveneſse of ſinnes, and calling the foule Sinagogue of Sathan, the Church of God, and theſe are the ſpices and ſpirits wherewith her Cup is brewed; and this is the Golden Cuppe wherewith the Kings of the Earth have been made ſo drunken with, a Cup of Sodome, Wine mixed with the Blood of Dragons, and ſtirred with the ſtings of Aſpes; Is this meate indeed, and drinke indeed, the ſawce commeth after; Is this the true Mother; is this the Woman ſhee is taken for, with Eagles wings her E3v Pag. 29. childe caught up unto God and to his Throne, and having a crowne of Twelve Starres in no wiſe in her there is no Bowells of a Mother, though they ſtrive to the end of the world.

Her Judgement followeth; And a name was written upon her forehead Babilon, The Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth the Print is not ſmall, yet not ſo large as the myſterie is deepe; It was written, and therefore to bee read: Thus, the hidden myſtery of this Enigmaticall writing is here, the ſecret of numbers to teach us to number her dayes; The numbers are theſe, and I heard the number of them, Two hundred thouſand thouſand horſemen having breaſt—pl fire and Gunpowder or hiacinth, force and furies in ſtead of faith and love, alluding to the double number of Ninus Horſemen wherewith he ſubdued ſo many Nations in Seventeene years: The double confirmation of this myſterie ſeventeene hundred yeares alſo, being the limited time fixed to finiſh her warre, which began with the Lambe, Biij E4r 30 Pag. and ended in ſubduing his Saints and Servants; And as the fiery Army needing no fuell, were to the Army of Ninuus, conſiſting of Twenty hundred Thouſand, amounting a hundred to one, ſo is the accompt of the time, when the ſpreading Vine of the Earth, the cluſters of her Grapes being ripe, ſhe ſhall be caſt into the great winepreſse of the wrath of God. Theſe Tyrants, (here is wiſdome to looke into theſe accompts) ſhall make her deſolate and naked, and eate her fleſh, and burne her with fire, for God hath put it in their hearts to fulfill his will, when Babylon the glory of Kingdomes, ſhall be as Sodome and Gomorah, the time is neere, the dayes ſhall not bee prolonged.

The Father of this goodly Baby, (yet auncient, no novice in her whoredome) for ſo hee nameth himſelfe, there is no need to name him (at whoſe entrance the Fourth Angell or Winde was looſed) as hee is ſufficiently notorious, ſo is he miſtaken Sathan that old Serpent, begetting the Impe of Fornication, before ever the Beaſt and his falſe E4v Pag. 31. ſpouſe came together, deceivers as ſeldome wanting cloakes of craft to hide their ſhame, as their of-ſpring faile in Lyneaments and likeneſse to their Parents, ſeven heads no leſse markes then Mountaines ſeeing as incredible as ſuperfluous and monſtrous, were it not the Evidence and demonſtration of that Sinagogue to prove her title and viſibilitie, drunken with the Blood of Saints and Martyrs, In ſteed of her Mothers milke and breaſt ſhee ſucks her hart-Blood, whoſe Father was a Lyer and a Murtherer from the beginning.

To Adminiſter the rites of their unrighteous miſtery; This City Bab hath Citie Goſsips, Ninevy is not invited; ſhe repented at the Preaching of the poore Prophet, ſhee is none of them; But Babylon for her Pride and impudency at this Antichriſtian ſolemnity or ſhew of Chriſtianitie; The Mother of Harlots; for her ſtiffe neck is preferred before her, whoſe name this ſhameleſse place, never to be outworne or blotten out, beares in her fatall brazen forehead.

F1r 32 Pag.

Beſides, this Lady ſitting upon her Beaſt, ſeventeene Kings to beare up her Traine, decked with Gold and pretious Stones, and Pearle, whoſe name is alſo Semiramis or Jeſabell, for magnificence millions of men, viz. a hundred times Twenty hundred Thouſand; Her Altars, Images, Sorceries, and Blood of Prophets and Saints, Saying in her hart, I ſit a Queene and am no Widow a Lady for ever, I am, and none elſe beſides mee; there are Seven Kingdomes.

Five are fallen downe dead drunke, upon whom the Lord hath poured out the ſpirit of deepe ſleepe, and cloſed their eyes, they ſhall revert nor riſe no more; After ſlumbering the other Two, (though they have falne from the truth,) ſhall ſtagger and come to themſelves againe; and that Muſt now growne ſower and ſtale, their luſt ſhall be little to taſte thereof againe; The firſt Kingdome or one is are the Brittiſh Iſlands, the right Inheritance of King James the firſt of that Name of Great Britaine and Ireland;for the Iles feared the Judgement of the Lord and ſaw it; Even the F1v Pag. 33 the ends of the Earth were afraid and drew neere. The other is not yet come and when it commeth, it can continue no long ſpace, the end of the world is ſo neere.

O ſenceleſse poore Beaſts who hath bewitched you; why lye yee ſtill, who hath bitten you; ariſe, chooſe not Death rather then life; how are yee ſwolne, why ſhould your Carcaſses be dung, and meate for the fowles of Heaven? Why will yee dye, ſtand up; why goe yee backward; what aſtoniſhment is this that hath taken you; be recovered, underſtand, halt not, yet heare the word of the Lord; curſt cattell, backſliding Heifers hee delighteth in Mercy; provoke not him with your ſtrange vanities and Brutiſh abominations; The day of the Lord is at hand.

Therefore awake yee Drunkards, weepe and howle all yee drinkers of Wine, becauſe of the new Wine the Deepe Cup, the day of the wrath of the Lord is at hand; yee Kings of the Earth and Rulers of Sodome, who have commited fornication, and lived delitiouſly with this indgulgent Witch, the F F2r 34.Pag. mother of Harlots; when yee ſee her brought to the ſtake and utterly burnt with fire; how will yee ſtand, for ſtrong is the Lord who Judgeth her; what will yee ſay; yee ſhall ſtand a farre off, or wiſh in vaine the Mountaines to cover you, howling and gnaſhing your Teethes for feare of her Torment, whoſe ſinnes as the ſmoake of her Burning have reached up unto Heaven; ſaying alaſse, alaſse, Sodome, alaſse, Babylon, Rome the great Citie, the head of the Monarchy; for in the twinckling of an eye, an houre unlookt for, thy Judgement is come, is that a time to caſt duſt on your heads?

Never more ſhall we heare in thee the voyce of Harpers and Pipers awaking and calling for rewards to Saints and our Lady; and Trumpeters when wee doe our Almes; Never more ſhall wee ſee in thee Idolls or Images ſo auntient, the curious device of the Craftſ-man, nor the ſound of the grinding Milſtone; our Altars decked as a ſhop, ſhining with the light of ſo many Tapers and Candles. Nor the voyce of the Bridegroome, called the head, and the Bride by F2v Pag. 35. Prelates and ſo many Kings our holy Mother; The Net is ſpread, ſhee is taken in the Snare, in grinding the face of the Poore, ſhee that ſo much glorified her ſelfe, in a day and an houre her Plague is come.

The Thrones of theſe Earthly Kingdomes caſt downe the auncient of dayes ſhall appeare his long Traine, and the great white Throne whereon he ſate, from whoſe Face the Earth and the Heavens uncleane in his ſight fled away, in whoſe preſence miniſtred Thouſand thouſands, and Ten thouſand times Tenne Thouſands; alſo the Two Witneſses are brought forth the Books of the Law and the Prophets, to Judge every man by his workes, or according to his faith, for if they beleeve not the writings of Moses; how can they beleeve his words of whom Moses wrote; Theſe Bookes ſhall accuſe them, the witneſses which God the Father beareth of his Sonne; The other Booke is the Booke of Life, written with the names of Saints that ſhall live for ever; To whom the iuſtjuſt Judge ſhall deliver the poſseſsion of that Kingdome that ſhall never Fij F3r 36.Pag. paſse away to be deſtroyed, but remaineth for ever, even for ever and ever.

The foule Beaſt, ſome of his purtenances will be wanting if his hornes be not farther Conſidered; foure came up out of the North part of his head, the French Emperours; of the South-ſide ſixe Spaniſh; before whom, there were Three of the firſt, their Race pluckt up by the Rootes; amongſt theſe came up an other little Horne about the midſt of the time: in this Horne were eyes, like the eyes of a man, in workmanſhip ſtriving to ſet Nature a patterne; curious in all Arts, and doing honour to vertue, but wanting the gift of grace, opened a fearefull Mouth; the King of the Eaſt, whoſe looke is more ſtout then the higheſt of his fellow Hornes.

Hitherto is the end of the matter of theſe earthly Monarchies, and the day of Judgement hath beene alſo declared the matter of the end: The Story is yet but chalked out, Therefore in theſe following Viſions is contained more at large, the occurrence of thoſe dayes before mentioned, even to the F3v Pag. 37 end of the world; Wherein my deſire is, not as hee that rowleth a ſtone to returne upon himſelfe but to make it a twiſted Threefold Cord, to draw up the weight that preſſeth ſo hard of infidelitie.

The Prophet beheld till the auncient of dayes did ſit to Judge the quicke and the dead, and the Beaſt caſt alive into the Lake Fire, his Body deſtroyed and given to the Burning flame, to be tormented day and night, for ever and ever.

Daniel. Chap. VIII.

In the third yeare of Belshazzer a Viſion appeared unto Daniel alone, even to himſelfe, and hee heard a mans voyce that called, ſaying; Gabriel, make the man underſtand the Viſion; ſo he came neere unto him, and ſaid; O Sonne of man, the time of this Viſion extends to the end of all things; behold therefore I will make thee know what ſhall come to paſse, even to the laſt day, the great day of Wrath Fiij F4r 38 Pag. and Indignation, for at the time appointed the end ſhall be.

Medes and Persians } { The roughe goate

Send mee Spaniards The Gothe roague.

The firſt matter given him to underſtand, is the breaking in peeces of the Roman Empire, which ſpiritually is called Sodome and Egipt; where alſo the members of our Lords Body are Crucified, ſignified by the Ram, the Hee Goate is the Turke; The Roman Emperours the Two hornes in the Eaſt and Weſt, are alſo ſignified by the Kings of Media and Perſia. The foure Kingdomes ſtanding vupp out of that Nation, are the Iſles of Great Britaine, France, Spaine, and Turky.

Laſtly, the Goate himſelfe ſhall be hunted by a King of a fierce Countenance, not regarding the perſon of the old, nor ſhewing favour to the young, caſting downe ſome of the hoaſt of Pharoah, and of the Starres to the ground: For the tranſgreſsion againſt the daily Sacrifice was the Hoaſt given over A King underſtanding darke ſentences which are ſome part of the F4v Pag. 39. holy Scriptures, through policie and ſuppoſed wiſdome, he ſhall cauſe the craft of the Divell to proſper for by Peace and affected pittie, and ſatisfying the ambitious mindes of ſome Chriſtians, he ſhall not only draw them to denie the faith, but many others following their example: Not by his owne power, but by the Divells policie he ſhall be mighty, whoſe looke is more ſtout then his fellowes, But by the great day of the Lord, he ſhall be broken without hand.

Now in thoſe dayes, when the Goate was come cloſe unto the Ramme and had caſt him downe and ſtamped upon him; The Prophet that beheld as by a perſpective theſe remote things, heard alſo one Saint ſpeaking, and an other Saint ſaid unto that certaine Saint that ſpoke, how long is the time from this Viſion to the end of the world, that the holy Citie of God, and his choſen People be no longer trodden under foote; And hee ſaid unto mee unto Two Thouſand Three hundred dayes Then ſhall the Sanctuarie bee cleanſed, and the holy People Juſtified.

G1r 40 Pag.

The dayes bee ſo many yeares to the end of the world, beginning at the Viſion, which was about the yeare of the world, 34253425.

Of the certaine Saints ſpeaking, or the nomber of wonderfull ſecrets, I omit to ſpeake, that to the moſt part might appeare (being in this Land, and theſe late dayes) but ſome tale of a Phenix though to bee teſtified of more then five hundred men and women beſides my ſelfe.

Daniel. Chap. IX.

After theſe Viſions in the firſt yeare of Darius the Son of Ahashuerus, the Prophet underſtood by Bookes and Computations, the nomber of yeares whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the Prophet, concerning the deſolation of Jeruſalem, that ſeventie yeares ſhould be accompliſhed; And whilſt hee was ſpeaking in Prayer and preſenting his ſupplication before the Lord for the holy Mountaine G1v Pag. 41 Mountaine the People of God, even for the holy Citie the Church, that to the end of the world muſt be trodden under foote, whereof that ruinonus place the Citie of Jeruſalem, is a figure trodden downe at this day. Yet was this Hebron built ſeaven yeares before Zoan in Egipt.

The man Gabriel which was cauſed to flie ſwiftly, touched him and ſaid (alluding to the former matter of his ſtudie and meditations, as of troublous, appetites, and Cogitations ſomtimes Dreames are derived) O Daniel I am come unto thee againe to give thee more skill and underſtanding; Seventie weekesare determined upon the holy Citie, ſignifying the time, not onely when the Sonne of God by his ſuffering ſhould make reconciliation for ſinne, but a time and times and part of time three dayes and a halfe, halfe the myſticall Weeke, to make an end of Sinnes to finiſh tranſgreſsion, and to make a new Heaven and a new Earth, wherein dwelleth everlaſting righteouſneſse to ſeale up the Viſions and Prophecies with the Seale of aſsurance, that all theſe things G G2r 42.Pag. are paſt and true, and to annoint the moſt holy King and Kings, and Lord and Lords, the firſt and the laſt.

And here againe the Angell Gabriel willeth him to know and underſtand the things of which he ſhall informe him; The firſt of this, that from the going forth of the Commandement, which is the beginning of the Creation to the building of the new Jeruſalem, the ſecond comming of Meſsiah the Prince the Sonne of God, it ſhall be Seaven Weekes or Seaven Moneths as it is ſpoken by Ezekiel the Prophet; Then the deſolate Citie the Sanctuary ſhall be walled in, in a troublous time, to make a ſeperation betweene the Sanctuary and the Prophane place.

And in the middeſt of this Propheticall weeke, after Threeſcore and Two weekes, Meſsiah ſhalbe cut off the Son of God ſhalbe Crucified and be delivered unto the Gentiles, ; they ſhal ſcourge him & put him to death, the People of the Prince (for it was not lawfull for the Jewes to put any man to Death) theſe People the Roman Nation ſhall deſtroy G2v Pag. 43. the Citie of Jeruſalem and the Sanctuary; at the end of which Warre there ſhall begin a floud of Fyre (kindled in our Saviours dayes) during the Raigne of thoſe Ethnick Beares and the abomination of deſolation ſtanding where it ought not; then let him that is in Judea flye to the wilde Mountaines for ſafety; for in thoſe times Judgement did begin at the houſe of God; and if firſt Juſtice did begin at his Children and Servants in this life, what ſhall the end bee of his Enemies, whom hee hates in the world to come, that have not obeyed the Goſpell of God.

Theſe Flouds the Serpent will caſt out of his Mouth a time and times & halfe a Time, to trie them of the holy Covenant, their boldneſse, what confidence they have concerning the Lords oath, and whether they will perſever in this holineſse and righteouſneſse all their dayes to their lives end, and not rather feare his power, who is Sathan the Prince of this world, or at leaſt the furious cruell hands of his torturing Inſtruments.

Gij G3r 44.Pag.

Whoſe lives cannot ſatisfie their malice; for had not the ſenſeleſse earth ſhewed more pitty then they opening her Mouth to helpe theſe poore outcaſts, their torments had beene endleſse; Sooner they may ſwim, and ſinke in their Blood, then daunt or foyle their courage, not abaſhed for their Boaſts, threats, nor fiery Brands they feare them not at all; their Triumphs are graven upon the Palmes of the Lords hands, hee forgets them no more, then a Mother forgets her new-borne Sonne, her ſucking childe, when the Tongue cleaves to the roofe of the Mouth for Thirſt, to have compaſsion on him; be of good cheere, you have peace in Chriſt, though tribulation in this world; perſecutions are but like the Travell of a Woman who hath ſorrow becauſe her houre is come, but as ſoone as ſhee is delivered of the Childe, ſhee remembreth no more the anguiſh, for joy a man-childe is borne into the world.

The Lambe, the Bread of life ſhall feede them they ſhall hunger nor thirſt no more; hee ſhall wipe all Teares from the eyes of his G3v Pag. 45. Children; theſe vildeBodyes, ſubject to all infirmities, ſhall then be made like his owne glorified Body, of more perfection then our firſt Parents, a living Soule that ſhall not dye to Sinne; neither ſhall the heate of the Sunne ſmite them; for hee ſhall have mercy upon them, and leade them to living Fountaines of truth cleere as Chriſtall; theſe that come to him, or overcome the world, hunger no more, they have reſt and peace for paine, and by their white Robes and Palmes in their hands, the Enſignes of peace and victorie; they ſhall be knowne, neither to be Heretiques or Schiſmatiques, but his ſervants that have fought for his Kingdome that it ſhould not be delivered up unto Antichriſt.

The followers of him, who ſhall ſhortly tread theſe Traiters in the great Wine-preſse of the wrath of God, who have turned away their Eares from the wholſome Scriptures, the Leaves of which are for the healing of the Nations, that they might be rubbed with the Prophane fables of Drunken doting old wives.

Giij G4r 46 Pag.

But with all the faithfull the Lord ſhall confirme his truth and Covenant for a Weeke from the beginning of the world untill the laſt end therof; This week is Seven thouſand yeares, conſiſting of yeares, Moneths and weekes; finiſhed when the Kingdomes of this world, are become the Kingdomes of our Lord, and of his Chriſt, and hee ſhall Raigne for ever and ever: When the Tenth part of the Citie fell the Tenne dayes of Tribulation are ended; Seven thouſand names of men ſlaine in the great Earthquake, Dies Solis, Dies Lunæ, Dies Martis, Dies Mercurii, Dies Jovis, Dies Veneris, Dies Saturni the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory unto the God of Heaven.

For wee muſt not be ignorant of this one thing, that one day with the Lord is as a Thouſand yeare and a Thouſand yeare as one day; In the middeſt of which Weeke, the Lord ſhall cauſe the oblation and Sacrifice to ceaſe, ſaying, Sacrifice and Offering thou wouldeſt not, but a Body haſt thou prepared mee without ſpot, for the redemption of the tranſgreſsions that were under G4v Pag. 47 the firſt Teſtament. The Blood of which firſt Teſtament of Beaſts, God enjoyned to purifie the patternes of heavenly things, the Veſsels of the Miniſtrie, but the heavenly things themſelves with better Sacrifices (which are the Conſciences to purge them from dead workes, that they may be cleane veſsels to ſerve the living God.)

Thus hee once ſuffered, the uncreated in likeneſse of a Creature like feeble ſinfull fleſh, ſowne in weakneſse and diſhonour in the Duſt, but raiſed in Power & the Brightneſse of his Fathers Glory, the expreſse Image of his perſon, over whoſe excellent Nature, voyd of violence and deceit, the Grave could get no victory, no more then the wombe can keepe backe a ſonne at the time of perfection, redeemed from the Bowels of the Earth, and ranſomed by the riches of his owne unſearchable Treaſure and quickning Spirit.

This ſeeming ugly Serpent, rather ſome ſhadow or his skin, at whoſe approach men turne pale and quake more terrified then hurt; But rocking Babes the faithfull a H1r 48 Pag. ſleepe, others run raving with ſtaring frenzie for feare, as if this once appointed ſo were fits to be chaſed away, not calling to minde the Reſurrection of Jesus Christ, hath opened his Jawes, his Sting cut out and nayled to the Croſse, that bold Champion ſcorning to be his executioner, ſetting his victorious foot upon the Traytors head, by ſpirituall alliance kinne to the Divell, proud of advantage, bites the Heele of our Saviour with his rotten Teeth, for want of his Poyſoned ſting.

But heare ô Death unſtop thine Adders eares from whoſe Mole-ſighted eyes, the light of Repentance is hid, behold thy time and Plague is at hand; thy pined crying Priſoners, thou ſhall reſtraine their libertie no longer, that ſay our Bones are dryed and our hope is loſt, when ſhall we dwell in the Land of the living; behold, thy Caves and Caſtles ſhall be deſtroyed & broken downe, and the Earth that opened her Mouth and ſwallowed up the Flood ſhall caſt it up againe in the twinkling of an Eye, thou ſhalt give up thy accompts, for of the Sonnes and Daugh- Pag. 49 H1v Daughters of the Lord, thou ſhalt not keepe backe ſo much as the leaſt, whoſe names are written in the Booke of life.

And laſtly, Viper, feed of the olde Serpent, thy ſentence is for that bold attempt; Fuller of malice then hurt, thy houſe ſhall be burned with unquenchable Fire, the Place ſowne with unſavory poyſoned Salt, and thy Carrion-carkaſse ſwallowed up of thine owne Brood the ſecond Death.

All which myſticall Weeke or Seaven Moneths formerly mentioned, as it is ſpoken by the Prophet Ezechiel; The Land of Iſraell ſhalbe burying of Gog that Sathan, that the Land may be cleanſed.

Hitherto are the matters talked of between the man Gabriel and the Prophet.

Daniel. Chap. X.

In the third yeare of Cyrus King of Perſia, a thing was revealed to Daniel (whoſe name was called Belteshazzer) and the thing was true but the time H H2r 50.Pag. appointed was long. Theſe are the things not only come to paſse, in this latter age of the world, but at this time and in this day; ſignified by the Son of God to the Prophet.

Prince of Persia.—I Can Pope Friers


I can Pope Friars. Man hold up my Traine?


Kings I Depoſe, and all their Race, to Raigne.


And Popes to Friers I can turne againe.

The Prince of the Kingdome of Perſia, (that Lord by whom the Lord of Lords was withſtood,) is Sathan the Divell, Michael one of the firſt Princes that came then to helpe him; This is James King of Great Britaine, and the man who is raiſed on high: The one and Twenty dayes the Lord making no forfeiture, are ſo many Hundred yeares, beginning at the Viſion, and ending this preſent, 16001600. And ſo long the words of this Viſion have been cloſed & ſealed up; Even till now the time of the end.

This moſt Bleſsed perſon the Saviour of the world, remained with the Kings of Perſia, the Roman Emperors (ſignified ſo unto H2v 51. to Daniel being the preſent Monarchy) till there aroſe up a new King in Egipt which knew not Joseph, and ſaid unto his People; Behold, the People of the Children of Iſraell are more, and mightier then wee; Therfore ſet over thē Taskmaſters to afflict them with Burthens, but the more they did afflict them, the more they multiplied and grew. Theſe Kings placed in the higheſt Thrones, to walke in his Statutes to execute his Judgements, but becauſe they gave more Eare, and harkened rather to falſe Prophets then to Elias and Moses, for ſeveritie and meekneſse; Repreſenting the Law and the Goſpell, ſuffering their Bodies to lye dead in the ſtreets in an unknowne Tongue, even hee the Lord departed from them; and with the ſword of his Mouth will fight with their Prince Sathan, renewing alwayes his old quarrell againſt the Church of God.

And here theſe Kings forſaken of Jesus Christ, for one ſecret friend which is the Divell, they have two open Enemies, the Turke and the Pope, making their Crownes his footſtoole, this did not Cæsar, by Hij H3r 52.Pag. theſe Three the Empire being devided what can remaine but the bare Image; or the Image of the Picture of him, whoſe deadly wound was healed: Bearing at this day, as Thunder goes before Lightning, for their fatall device, the ſad Fowle blazoned with the ominous Colours of the blacke Horſe for feare, but halfe diſplaying her wings, in ſtead of her beake ſhee caſts her heads, the Eagle hath Mued her Feathers; Though thou exalt thy ſelfe as the Eagle and though thou ſet thy neaſt amongſt the Starres, thence will I bring thee downe ſaith the Lord.

Theſe things hitherto mentioned concerning the laſt Viſion is the preamble for this that followeth, for here the Sonne of God whoſe eyes were like a flame of fire; and his feet like fine braſse ſaith he will ſhew unto the man greatly beloved, that which is noted in the Scripture of truth, which is the Revelation, the ſayings of which are faithfull and true, that there is none, or but one, that holdeth with him in theſe things, which is the true Interpretation of the Scripture, H3v 53. ture, but Michael our Prince of Great Britaine and Ireland, that fights and contends with the Enemies of the Lord, about his Body, diſputing with them, have tranſubſtantiated & changed the truth of God into a lye worſhipping and ſerving the Creature more then the Creator, for which cauſe God gave them up, &c.

Now followeth that that is noted in the Scripture of that Prince. After the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, wherein was ſeene the Arke of his Teſtament, overlaid round about with gold, wherein was the golden Pot that had Manna, and Arons Rodde that budded, and the Tables of the Covenant And over it the Cherubins of glory, covering the Mercy-Seate, and Lightnings and voyces, and Thunders, &c. This is the Millitant Church that brought foorth the Man-childe, the word of God, caught up unto God, and to his Throne, after which the Woman fled into the Wilderneſse where ſhee was fed A thouſand two hundred and threeſcore dayes, which are ſo many yeares.

Hiij H4r 54 Pag.

The firſt accompt beginneth from the deſtruction of Jeruſalem, when the abomination of deſolation, did ſtand in the Holy place, the yeares being the ſame ſpoken in the laſt Viſion of the Prophet Daniel, though thirty yeares be taken away becauſe the Court without the Temple was left out, given unto the Gentiles, for the Raigne of the firſt Chriſtian Emperour.

Theſe yeares doe reach to the dayes of thoſe bleſsed Men, when the light of the Goſpell did firſt begin to ſhine, after the great Miſt, laſting a Thouſand two hundred and ninetie yeares, dayes of darkneſse and gloomineſse of Cloudes, and thicke Miſts, when the third part of the Sunne was ſmitten and the third part of the Moone, and the third part of the Starres, which are innumerable; After theſe dayes were paſt, there was warre in Heaven, Michael and his Angells, fought againſt the Dragon, and the Dragon fought, and his Angells the Jeſuites and prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in Heaven.

Heaven is here taken in this place for the H4v Pag. 55. Church of God, the fray is fought by ſeconds, by Michael is meant King James; The Dragon needs little expoſition, It is the Pope, for Michael overcame by the blood of the Lambe, and by the teſtimony of ſo many Biſhops, and other faithfull, crowned with the Glory of Martyrdome; Therefore rejoyce yee Church of God, yee Congregations of the faithfull, and ye Profeſsors that dwell amongſt them, and woe to the Earth and to the Sea the Congregation of the Sinagogue the Sea of Rome, Sathans ſeate, where Sathan dwelleth, for the Pope, the Dragon, the Divell is amongſt you, having great wrath, becauſe he knoweth he hath but a ſhort time, two woes are paſt, and behold the third woe commeth ſhortly.

Bleſsed are the Dead that dye in the Lord, for they reſt from their labours, and their works follow them, and this is the truth noted in the Scripture of Truth, of Michael, And God make the name and Throne, of the King of his Sonne, better, and greater then his.

I1r 56 Pag.

Though I owe no defence for the name of an Angell given to a Mortall man (in this Propheſie) yet to ſatisfie as well the Envious as the Ignorant, they ſhall finde the Sonne of God ſometimes called by the name of the firſt Adam, David who ſhall feede his Flocke like a Shepheard, and gather his Lambes with his arme, and carry them in his boſome, ſtiled a man after Gods owne Hart; and in another place from his owne Mouth, holding it no derogation to his Divine Nature, to apply to himſelfe by Parables the properties of an auſtere Maſter, a Cruell uſurer, or the uniuſt Judge, May by the ſame Authoritie give the name of Michael, or like unto God in ſome reſpects unto this Prince who fought the battell of the Lord, more like an Angell then a Mortall Man; as to the other the name of Dragon, becauſe he ſpake as a Dragon.

As this young Dragon hath acted his part, his Syer or Damme the old Dragon, his markes may not be forgotten, whoſe Hornes have been formerly mentioned in a Miter and Diadem, his ſeaven Heads are ſo many Rulers, I1v Pag. 57 Rulers, as it were Husbands or ſeverall ſorts of Magiſtracy, governing that Commonwealth, and the ſeaven Crownes are ſeaven Hundreth yeares, beeing the time from Romes foundation to the firſt Emperour. Equæua polo, Eterna, Antiqua, Caput Mundi, Celſa. Deum locus. Cœleſtis. Names of Blaſphemie.

Daniel. Chap. XI.

Darius the Med — I Dreamed Thus.

Beſides this Prince of victorious and bleſsed memory, who came to helpe the King of Kings, that ſate upon the white Horſe whoſe name is the word of God, to fight the Battell in Heaven againſt the Prince of the Kingdome of Perſia, here is an other of like happy memory, that hath the Honour to have his name Recorded in this holy antient Prophecie, Constantine the Great, named, Darius the Mede, raigning thirtie yeares. In the firſt times of which renowmed Monarchy the Lord I I2r 58.Pag. ſtood to confirme and ſtrengthen him. After whoſe time three Kings ſtood up together in Perſia, dividing the Empirewhich breach, made way for the fourth, the fourth Beaſt, corrupted with Riches and libertie; Farre richer then they all, By whoſe ſtrength through his riches, Chriſtian Princes were ſtirred up againſt Mahomet, growing not a little by their ruines.

And a mighty King ſhall ſtand up, the great King of Tyre, the abſolute Monarch thereof, and all the dependences Northward, that ſhall rule with great dominion, and doe according to his owne will, and when hee ſhall ſtand up the fundamentall Lawes of his Kingdome ſhall bee broken and infringed; And the Kingdome ſhall be divided towards the foure windes of Heaven, and not to his poſterity, nor according to his Dominion which hee ruled, for this Kingdome ſhall be pluckt up, even for others, beſides thoſe that were planted therein; his naturall ſubjects by a diſpenſation being freed from their oath of obedience. I2v Pag. 59. Caroli Magni Chriſtianiſsimi Romanorum Imperatoris Corpus hoc conditum eſt ſepulchro.

After this the King of the South was ſtrong, and he was ſtrong above the King of the North, and he had dominion, and his Dominion is a great dominion.

Theſe two Kings, the King of the North, and the King of the South parting the ten Hornes the Princes of Tyre and Ethiopia; In the end of yeares they ſhall joyne themſelves together, for the Kings Daughter of the South ſhall come to the King of the North to make an agreement, but ſhee ſhall not retaine the power of the Arme, neither ſhall he ſtand nor his Arme, or they ſhall be Childleſse and ſhe ſhall be given up, And they that brought her ſent away deſtitute of a Father, and for ſaken of her Brother.

But out of a branch of her rootes, which are her Father and her Mother, ſignifying their Inceſtuous Mariages One ſhall ſtand up in his Eſtate very hardy, and ſhall come with an Armie, and ſhall enter into the Iij I3r 60.Pag. fortreſse of the King of the North; or the King of Tyre, and deale againſt them and prevaile; And ſhall carry Captives into Egipt, their Gods and their Prniinces, and with their Pretious Veſsells of Silver and Gold, and hee ſhall continue more yeares then the King of the North in the Monarchy; So the King of the South, or the King of Ethiopia ſhall returne into his owne Land, the Land of Duſt and Aſhes, where his worſt Enemies doe not envie his quiet poſseſsion: But his Sonnes who ſucceeded each other in the Monarchy, ſhall be ſtirred up againſt the King of the North, and ſhall aſsemble a great multitude of Forces, and one of them ſhall certainly come and overflow with a floud of Fury, and ſhall paſse through, and prevaile againſt them of the Holy Covenant; But after that hee ſhall returne and be ſtirred up, even to his Fortreſse or beſt Fenced place by them.

And the King of the South, or one of theſe Brothers ſhall be provoked with Choller, and ſhall come forth and fight with the King of the North, who ſhall ſet forth a I3v Pag. 61. great multitude, but the multitude ſhall bee given into the hands of his Enemies, and himſelfe ſhall be his Priſoner carried a Captive into Ethiopia.

And when the King of the South, or this Perſian King hath taken away the multitude, his heart ſhall be lifted up againſt God; and he ſhall caſt downe many of his ſervants Tenne Thouſands; but neither hee nor thoſe that come after ſhall bee ſtrengthened thereby.

(For at the end of Yeares, which are now expired, there ſhall certainely come a King of the North, and hee ſhall ſet forth a multitude greater then the former, a great Army and with much riches, and hee ſhall doe according to his owne will, &c.)

And in thoſe former dayes there ſhall many ſtand up againſt the King of the South; alſo the Robbers of the Chriſtians, theſe Extortioners ſhall exalt themſelves, to eſtabliſh the Viſion of the Prophets, and the Figures of the Law, which Prophecied untill John; for the firſt things that are but ſhadowes, are now vaniſhed away, to Iiij I4r 62 Pag. eſtabliſh the ſecond, but they ſhall fall, So the King of the North ſhall come and caſt up a Mount and take the moſt fenced Cities; and the Armes of the South ſhall not withſtand, neither his choſen People, neither ſhall there bee any ſtrength to withſtand, But hee that commeth againſt him, ſhall doe according to his owne will, and none ſhall ſtand before him; and hee ſhall ſtand in the glorious Land which by him ſhall be conſumed; Hee ſhall alſo ſet his face to enter with the ſtrength of his whole Kingdome, and upright ones with him; thus ſhall hee doe.

And hee ſhall give him the Daughter of Women, or a Queene by decent, whoſe Royall blood was corrupted, and ſtayned by the uſurping authority of a Tyranous Husband, but ſhe ſhall not ſtand on his ſide, neither before him, for hee dying ſhee was brought home, and ſhortly after Married to another,.

After which agreement diſsolved, and the League broken, his Succesſsor ſhall turne his face unto the Brittiſh Iles, and ſhall take I4v Pag. 63 many Priſoners, but a Prince for his owne behalfe, rather then the honour of God of a happy daring ſhall cauſe the reproach offered to ceaſe without his owne reproach, hee cauſed the ſhame to turne upon him that oppoſeth and exalteth himſelfe above all that is called God. The Lord ſometimes providing the remedy before the ſore, as carefull Phyſitians have Drugs in ſtore for all diſeaſes, preparing the diſobedience of Vasthi, and the unlawfull divorce for the preſervation of the Jewes, to hang proud Hammon and all his wicked Sonnes, ſo this Prince throwing under foote his Cappe of Maintenance (whoſe viſage was unmask’d, by a Munke not long before) thoſe Babel Monaſteries, unmeete Cages for ſuch Craignes, Oſtriges, and chanting Owles digeſting not only all the thorney-Choaking Hereſie of falſe Prophets, but the ruſty Purgatory fictions of Heathen Poets The doings of theſe uncleane and hatefull birds, Though as the eating of doung I loathe them in my Mouth, yet ſince our Saviour and Lord himſelfe vouchſafed to caſt his K1r 64 Pag. Eye towards thoſe ſecret privie places, bidding us take heed of their Deſerts, I may not ſtop my Noſe or Mouth for niceneſse, but rather thinke it my part to empty ſuch houſes of office, if weakeneſse did not prevent and hinder my willingneſse.

Yet with mine owne hand according to my might (God willing) I will throw one ſtone at this Thracian Witch, the wicked Prophet If I cannot breake his head, I will breake his Harpe if I can, before hee paſse headlong downe to Hell the ſtreame Neither will omit her Holineſse (though her native Soile and Sex may challenge ſome favour) how they ſhall walke then, Inſeparably hand in hand togither; And as certaine of their owne Poets mention, her untimely Death, ſtung by the falſe Scorpion, that lurk’d ſo cloſe in the graſse, of his gameſome villany

This Beaſt (or rather Divell) for ſo hee ſeemes by his deſcription, by the ſtamping of his Oxe feete. Long teeth of Iron, nayles of Braſse, and ten Hornes or at leaſt ſome horrible Monſter in his likeneſse, takes upon him Pag. 65 K1v him to give, by his Marke to all the world moſt curſed Diſpenſations: To pleaſe Herod it ſhall be lawfull to Marry his Daughter to her Husbands owne Brother, the Uncle to his Neece: Thus unnaturall he is not ſatisfied in moſt prodigious manner to abuſe himſelfe, but others muſt doe Inceſtuouſly by his Example. Theſe vomited things, are now ſavory meate, neither can Sathan, caſt out Sathan: Then it is granted they can Erre, which Cunning leſson had he not learned of his lying Father his Kingdome long ſince, had beene divided and broken in pieces. Bee it never ſo unlawfull, like the Law of the Medes and Perſians, the Decree may not be changed.

Thus out of the ſentences of the holy Scripture, this Spider ſucks ſomtimes his poyſon, ſaying in his Hart, All the Kingdoms of the Earth are mine, My Father the Divell hath given them unto me, and rather of my Eſtate then abate a button; I will teach men as many lyes to damne them, as wee can both invent, that with the breath of my Mouth I blow in and out the fire of Purgatory,K K2r 66.Pag. gatory, where People beleeve ſome Soules are blood-raw, others roſted to death, that I make the Creator, ſacrifice and ſell their Saviour, which puts me in minde of Judas my Brother, whoſe hanging I could heartily lament, had hee not like a paſsionate foole, ſo ill playd his laſt part.

Admit of his weakneſse he did repent, is a wiſe man the Trumpet of his owne ſhame? to ſay he had Err’d to be his owne accuſer, what did he gaine by this; ſome ſay forſooth, This Confeſsion of friends and foes, might be, to leave the ſubtill Elders, and their generation the Jewes, without excuſe, though wee eate both of one Sop, I like not the Example, I meane the manner; It is olde and weake, and lame Arguments will follow faſt enough; Idle Confeſsions, are no ſecrets to me, I like not his tragicall ſpeech, it was timorous, had it beene by boaſting, ſcoffing, or to advance his ſervice, as it proved earneſt, more might bee ſaid in his defence. I doe the ſame my ſelfe: but let it paſse, my plot was no pen to blot his name, and had it prevailed, K2v 67 vailed, the fire is witneſse, his frailtie had never flowne ſo farre.

When I call to minde my predeceſsors, no ſmall puffe can blow my pride downe, ſhall I degenerate, or not follow their ſteps, Judas the Apoſtle, and Julianus the Emperour, no Ring-leaders of that Nazaren poore Sect that leave the certaine Bliſse of this world, to beleeve Scripture promiſes made to the Fathers had I beene in their dayes, though they were couragious, both faithleſse, and falſe enough, I can lift my heele as high as theirs, I had gone before them in their owne craft.

Yet ſince it was not remorce of Conſcience, but the ungratefull anſwer of the chiefe Prieſts, and all his hopes fruſtrate, this caſt the Man away, my Pardon as beneficiall to him as to others, ſhall coſt h im nothing, this accident upon that ill adviſed anſwer: What is that to us looke thou to that, was the firſt motive that made me coine Abſolution, which paſseth now for currant Silver, Kij K3r 68.Pag. being all the Fees the deſperate Traitors get of mee towards their hanging, this ditch-water I give the poore ſoules for Aqua vitæ when they goe to the Gallowes.

If ſome will ſay this ſtone is caſt too far, I ſay but a Dreame of like, or leſse horror, would have ſtarted, or as throughly awakened themſelves to behold ſo great a Tyrant, a Prince ſo gratious & good, his Kingdome with ſo much pride, and ſpitefully invaded; All his naturall Subjects become diſobedient Rebells, except a Remnant of ſome few, forſaking their lives, that lov’d not their lives to the Second Death, ſuffering for their loyalty & love unexpreſsable, fiery exquiſite bloody torments, his Cittizens amongſt whom hee Inhabited, with one voyce Crying out all at once. Away with this Man, ſaying, we will not have this Man to raigne over us himſelfe (ô gentle Dove) dumbe as a Sheepe before the ſheerer, hanged by the hands as an off-ſcouring ſet up like a Marke for an Arrow, reviled, made a deriſion, as their Muſicke, to his People, ſweating drops of blood downe to the ground, the barres K3v Pag. 69 of ſorrow preventing the paſsage of Teares, (all in vaine) in ſo ſtrong an Agony, more for griefe and anguiſh of them and their Children? then his owne feare, of thoſe unſpeakable paines and torments, Crying with a lowde voice, unable to conceale that paſsion, My God, My God, why hast thou forsake mee, my tongue cleaveth to my jawes, thou haſt brought me into the duſt of death through his tender Mercy, ſhedding from his pierced ſide, blood from the wound, for a ſenſible Teſtimony of a true Sacrifice, and water to Baptiſe and waſh them, whoſe hard hearts could not weepe for themſelves. He wiſte the Spirit of the Lord, was departed from him.

Stones rent, the Earth quaking, not Ghoſts walking, but Graves opening, and dead Bodyes amazed, and awaking, The whole Globe Mourning in Sable blackneſse, except Man, at the dreadfull Funerall of this moſt mighty Prince; The Sonne as Chiefe, covering and hiding his aſtoniſhed face, with hideous Cloudes, as blacke as Sackcloth of haire, to utter the height and depth of ſilent Kiij K4r 70 Pag. ſpeaking ſorrow, by whoſe darke vaile and traine the ſhadow of Death, turning the Day to Night, wherein all Creatures are a Corps, and the world but a Tombe, deteſting and abhorring his Beames of light ſhould beare witneſse, the true light of Men, by mankinde was ſo ungratefully and unkindely extinguiſhed, the expreſse Pure Image of the Maker, the Prince of life, The Perſon of God, (not made) turn’d to a lumpe of Clay, by a ſhameleſse accuſation, an unjuſt ſentence, and a curſed Executoner. To Slay theſe Lords that have dominion over us, hee pulled the houſe downe upon his owne head the mightie deliverer of Iſrael.

His God head and death being Incompatible, chooſing rather to forgoe, and forſake the one, then forget his promiſe, leave the will of his Father undone, or his worke unfiniſhed; His ſufferings being by a vacancy of Power, as ſometimes cold, may abate and aboliſh the ſenſe of feeling, yet retayned by the vitall parts, the loſse is not irrecoverable.

Whoſe Hart would not melt, Haire ſtare, K4v Pag. 71. and Hands become faint, to write or heare ſuch a ſtory.

Yet here is not an end, what ſhall he doe, now chaſed as a Bird betweene Heaven and Earth ſince his reſurrection, pull’d by Bitts to peeces, throwne to hungry Hell-hounds, the Divells Dogs, Caniballs; did not his power to deliver his Darling, ſurmount the greedy arrogant policie of theſe Barbarians; ſpoken without aggravation both one Spaune acting (in their Copes I might ſay, party coloured fooles Coates) like painted Peacocks, the part of Hecuba, the franticke Troyan Wives and Pollixina; Such pompe and gaudineſse of Masking garments being fitter for the Theator then the Temple, the ſtate thereof requiring rather Mourners with all their Baccus Savage Ceremonies, apiſh and affected Faſhions, No Vice on a Stage, with ſenſeleſse jeſts to move the vulgars laughter, good folkes aſhamed; So rediculous, without underſtanding babling like Parrots or Children, a Tongue they know not; yet no Babes or Children in Mallice, Pyping without diſtinction; Pricketh L1r Pag. eth not this the hearts of the hearers, twanging upon a Harpe, Inſtead of an Egge, aſking a Scorpion and ſaying Amen to any Pater-Noſter.

Is there any ſorrow like this, whoſe Mirth is ſo great; whoſe heart ſo hard; as not to be greeved for this affliction; can wee forbeare to bow our ſelves, and not to Travell for theſe paines; To heare the Arke not only is taken but helpe Lord alas, to ſee the Heire apparant of the living God ſo diſhonoured and mangled amongſt his Enemies! O the wonder of wonders, a lying Wonder, to ſee creatures endued with ſenſe and reaſon, beleeve a ſenſleſse Miracle; here is the Doctrine or ſpirits of Divells, three uncleane ſpirits Three Frogs forg’d one like another, or a falſe lye ſpit up by the Divell, the Beaſt, and the falſe Prophet from their uncleane ſlimy Mouthes, Into the Ovens and kneading Troughs of the Kings of the Earth, and of the whole world, to gather them to the Battell of the great Day of God Almighty; Alſo to decide the queſtion) with full conſent) when this doctrine working myracles Pag. 73 L1v miracles was conjured up. When Tranſgreſſors are come to the full; the water dried up, that the way of the Kings of the Eaſt might bee prepared; The Tartars whoſe looke is more ſtout then his fellowes. Righteous art thou ô Lord, which art, which waſt, and ſhall be, becauſe thou haſt judged thus; for they have ſhed the Blood of Saints and Prophets; and thou haſt given them up to blaſpheme the God of Heaven, to beleeve a lye, falſe teachers that teach, thou haſt given them Blood to drinke, the Blood of the living God, as it were the Blood of a Dead man; here is a ſore lye, a grievous Soare, well may ſuch mad Dogs gnaw their Bliſtered Tongues.

Then ſhall ſtand up in his eſtate, a raiſer of Taxes in the glory of the Kingdome; but in few dayes hee ſhall bee deſtroyed in the ſtrength of his Age, neither in anger, nor in Battaile, but in a ſport of Tilting by a ſplinter in his Eye

And in his eſtate ſhall ſtand up a vwilde perſon, or a Luxurious, to whom they ſhall not give the honour of the Kingdome, but L L2r 74.Pag. he ſhall come in peaceably and obtayne the Kingdome by Flatterie; and with the Armes of a Flood, or as the ſodaine inundation of Nilus; ſo ſhall the Faithfull people be overflowne from before him, they ſhall bee broken by a cruell Maſsacre, yea, alſo the Prince of the Covenant, and after the league made with him, even the Great King of the North, hee ſhall worke deceitfully with the holy people; for hee ſhall come up and ſhall become ſtrong with a ſmall people, he ſhall enter peaceably even upon the fatteſt places of the Province, for he ſhall doe that which his Fathers have not done, nor his Fathers Fathers, he ſhall ſcatter among them the prey, ſpoyle and riches of the wicked; yea, and he ſhall fore-caſt his devices againſt the ſtrong Holds of Sathan for a time, not to the End; And he ſhall ſtir up his Power and his great Courage againſt the King of the South with a great Army, & the King of the South ſhall be ſtirred up to Battell with a very great and mightie Army, but hee ſhall not ſtand for they ſhall fore-caſt devices againſt him; yea, his owne Dogs (ſtiled Gods) that feed of L2v Pag. 75 the Portion of his meate ſhall deſtroy him.

After whoſe deceaſe his Army ſhall overflow, and many of the righteous ſhall fall downe ſlaine, and both theſe Kings hearts ſhalbe to doe miſchiefe and they ſhall ſpeake lies againſt the knowne truth, both at one Table, but it ſhall not proſper; for yet the end of all things ſhall be at the time appointed, Then ſhall hee returne into his owne Land with great riches, and little profit; and his hart ſhall be againſt the holy Covenant; therefore the next blow was at the hart. And he ſhall doe exploits, and returne to his own Land.

At the time appointed, hee ſhall returne even the King of the North ſpoken of before, that ſhould certainly come after certaine yeares with a great Army, and a multitude greater then the former with much riches, and ſhall come towards the South, but it ſhal not be as the former, or as the latter; for hee ſhall wound as it were his owne ſides. The Ships of Shittim ſhall come againſt him; therefore he ſhall be grieved and returne againſt his owne ſtrength, and have indignationLij L3r 76. Pag. tion againſt the holy Covenants; So he ſhall doe; he ſhall returne, and have intelligence with them that forſake the holy Covenant; theſe Ships built with pretious Wood, whoſe Anchor is the Lord, toſsed too and fro with flouds of ungodly men in the Sea of Babilon, and compaſsed with the Waves of Death; but when they cry unto the Lord, and are at their wits end. Hee who walketh upon the Sea draweth nigh unto them, and bringeth them out of their diſtreſse; he maketh the ſtorme a calme, as a Childe, even ſo ſuddenly he ſtilleth the roaring Waves of this Tempeſtious Sea, lifted up with the ſtormy windes of Sathans malice.

Therefore thus ſaith the Lord unto Tyrus, O thou that art Scituate at the entry of the Sea; which art a Merchant for the People for many Iſles. Thus ſaith the Lord God; O Tyrus thou haſt ſaid, I am a perfect beautie. Thy Borders are in the midſt of the Seas, thy buildings have perfected thy beautie; they have made all thy Ship Boords all of Firre Trees of Senir they have taken Cedars from Libanan, to make Maſts for thee; of the Okes L3v Pag. 77 of Baſhan have they made thine Oares; the Company of the Aſhurites have made thy Benches of Ivorie, brought out of the Iſles of Chittim; Fyne Linnen with broydered worke from Egipt, was that which thou ſpreadeſt forth to bee thy Sayle, Blew and Purple from the Iſles of Elishah, was that which covered thee, &c.

And Armies of the ungodly ſhall ſtand on his part; they ſhall pollute the Sanctuary of ſtrength, and ſhall take away the daily Sacrifice and ſhall place therein the abomination, that maketh the houſe of God deſolate, turning it into a Den of Theeves (the daily Sacrifice, or the Lords Supper ſhall be taken away to place the Divells Idoll, the Supper of the Lord, inſtituted in remembrance of our Redemption; as the Paſseover was a Commemoration that the Lord paſsed over the houſes of the Children of Iſrael in Egipt, when hee ſmote the Egiptians and delivered them. David a man after Gods own heart, poured out unto the Lord, the Water of Bethelem, that he ſo ſore longed to drinke, the blood of Mortall men, that MLiij L4r 78 Pag. went in jeopardy of their lives, yet damned people are told they drinke of God our Lord Jesus Christ his heart-blood themſelves more thirſty after it, then the greedy Jewes, theſe blood-ſuckers will have it before his ſide be pierced.

And ſuch as doe wickedly againſt the Covenant, to breake the Commandements of God, the vow, vowed in their Baptiſme, by which they forſake the Divell; with all the Covetous and Carnall deſires of the fleſh; theſe uncleane vwilde perſons ſhall be corrupted by flatteries, and eaſily drawne from the truth, to beleeve a lye, that they may bee damned, that hath pleaſure in unrighteouſneſse, but the People that know God and feare him, ſhall be ſtrong, he ſhall cover their heads in the day of Battaile, and they ſhall doe exploits, yet they that underſtand among the People, and their Teachers that inſtruct them; theſe ſhall fall by the ſword, and by flame and impriſonment, and by ſpoyle of their goods many dayes; yet feare none of theſe things, for hee that neither ſlumbers nor ſleepes, will ariſe and take his L4v Pag. 79 owne quarrell into his hand, and you ſhall be holpen with a little helpe; Therfore truſt not in multitude of Forces, neither them that will cleave to you with flatteries, for they will worke deceitfully, as they have done in former times, nor expect a finall end of theſe perſecutions, Sathan will ſift, the tayle corne is his owne. If they call the Maſter of the houſe Belzebub, what reſpect can yee looke for that are of the houſhold. And the King ſhall do according to his will, and hee ſhall exalt himſelfe and magnifie himſelfe above every God, and ſhall ſpeake marvelous things againſt the God of Gods, great words against the moſt High, and ſhall weare out the Saints of the Moſt high, and thinke to change times and Lawes, and ſhall proſper till the indignation bee accompliſhed, for that, that is determined ſhall bee done, Neither ſhall he regard the God of his Fathers, nor deſire of Women, neither ſhall ſhe retaine the power of the Arme being a branch of ungrafted Roots; nor regard any God, but ſhall magnifie himſelfe above all; In his eſtate hee ſhall honour the God of M1r 80 Pag. Forces and Battell, being terrible to the ſervants of God and his Enemies; a God that his fore-fathers knew not; or an Altar ſhall he honour with Gold and Silver, and with Pretious ſtones, and pleaſant things; thus ſhall hee doe in the moſt ſtrong holds with this God, a ſtranger for many yeares to the Apoſtles and their followers, whom he ſhall acknowledge and increaſe with glory; and hee ſhall cauſe in ſtead of Shepheards, Dogs and Wolves, in ſheep-skins to rule over many, as Lords over Gods heritage, and they ſhall not onely devide the Land for filthy lucre, but make Merchandizes of mens Conſciences. But if God ſpared not the Angels, what ſhall become of theſe curſed Children, that have not onely loſt the Flocke, but gone aſtray and runne away themſelves, following the way of Balam the Son of Bozer, who loved the wages of unrighteouſneſse, having eyes full of Adultery; even when they ſpeake their great ſwelling words of Vanitie and Abſolution; at that time they allure to the Luſts of the Fleſh, and much Wantonneſse, leading ſimple women into Capti- Pag. 81 M1v Captivitie, promiſing libertie, that are themſelves the ſervants of Corruption, wallowing in the Myre like filthy Swine to cleanſe themſelves by wreſting the Scriptures to their owne deſtruction, licking up againe the unſavorie meate themſelves could ill diſgeſt not long agoe, and running downe headlong into the deepe Lake of Fyre and Brimſtone whoſe latter end is worſe then their beginning; it had beene better for theſe men to have continued Heathens as they were at firſt in the pollutions of the world, then after they have knowne the way of righteouſneſse, to turne from it, crucifying the Sonne of God afreſh, and putting him to open ſhame.

And at the time of the End ſhall the King of the South puſh at him with all his Spaniſh Pikes and the King of the North ſhall come againſt him like a whirlewinde, with Chariots and with Horſemen, and with many Ships, The Lord of Hoſts ſend them Victorie; and he ſhall enter into the Countries, and ſhall overflow and paſse over; hee ſhall enter alſo into the glorious Land Domina M M2r 82. Pag. gentium, and many Countries ſhall be overthrowne; but theſe ſhall eſcape out of his hand, even Edom and Moab, and the chiefe of the Children of Ammon his Confederates, he ſhall ſtretch forth his hand alſo upon the Countries, and the Land of Egipt ſhall not eſcape; But hee ſhall have powers over the Treaſures of Gold and of Silver, and over all the Precious things of Egipt, and the Libians and the Ethiopians ſhall bee at his ſteps. But tidings out of the Eaſt and out of the North ſhall trouble him, therfore he ſhall goe forth with a great furie to destroy and utterly to make away many; And hee shall plant the Tabernacles of his Cedars Pallace betweene the Seas in the glorious holy Mountaine; yet he ſhall come to his end, and none ſhall helpe him.

Therefore take up a lamentation for the King of Tyrus, whoſe Cedars are for the building of both Houſes; and ſay thou haſt beene in Eden the Garden of God; every pretious Stone to garniſh the foundation was thy Covering, the Ruby, the Topaz, and the Diamond, the Berill, the Onix, the M2v Pag. 83 Jaſper and the Saphire theſe things were prepared for thee. Thou art annointed the Cherube that Covereth, thou waſt upon the holy Mountaine of God, and thou haſt walked up and downe in the middeſt of the Stones of Fyre: but becauſe thou haſt lifted up thy heart, and ſaid; I am God, I have ſubdued three Kings. I ſit in the middeſt of the Seas, and haſt defiled thy ſacred Houſes, I will bring thee to Aſhes, and none ſhall help thee. As I live, ſaith the Lord, I will even doe according to thine anger, and according to thine Envie, which thou haſt uſed out of thy hatred againſt them, and I will make my ſelfe knowne amongſt them, when I have judged thee, and thou ſhalt know that I am the Lord, and that I have heard all thy Blaſphemy, which thou haſt ſpoken againſt the Mountaine of Iſraell, Saying, they are layd deſolate by Maſsacre, they are given us to conſume by the ſword; thus with thy mouth thou haſt Boaſted againſt Mee, therefore ſhortly when the whole Land of Iſraell rejoyceth, I will make thee deſolate, then thou ſhalt know that I the Lord doe Sanctifie Mij M3r 84. Pag. Iſraell, when my Sanctuary ſhall bee in the middeſt of them for ever.

Therefore, ô King of the North, ariſe from thy Throne, lay thy Royall Robe aſide, and cauſe a Decree through Tyrus to be publiſhed; ſaying, Let them turne every one from his evill way, and from the violence or unnaturall; ſhedding of Blood, that is in their hands, &c. Who can tell if God will turne and repent, and turne away from his fierce anger, that wee goe not into Perdition.

Daniel. Chap. XII.

James, Charles, — are Michaelss.

And at that time ſhall Michael ſtand up, the great Prince that defends the Faith, Charles King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, which ſtandeth for the faithfull Children of our Nation, the Saints of the moſt Higheſt. As the Angell of God, ſo is my Lord the King, to diſcerne good and bad; therefore the Lord thy God will be with thee for ever.

M3v Pag. 85

And there ſhall be a time of trouble, ſuch as never was ſince there was a Nation, even to that ſame time, bleſsings and great felicities, being for the moſt part accompanied with Corrections, and extraordinary Calamities; Devotion and Religion of happineſse, in this life the Higheſt, not exempt from ſuperſtition and hereſie; And at that time thy People ſhall bee delivered; Every one whoſe name is found written in the Booke, &c.

A royal crown.

Al Truths Cesar

Behold the Lord is at the Dore as a man come from a farre journey; All that ſleepe in the Duſt of the Earth, ſhall heare his voyce and awake, and come forth, thoſe that have done good to the Reſurrection of life; Theſe have their part in the firſt Reſurrection, and thoſe that have done evill unto the Reſurrection of Damnation. Then the Angell came downe from Heaven, having taken from the falſe Prophet the Key of the Miij M4r Pag. 86. Bottomleſse pit having in his hand a great Chaine, hee ſhall next lay hold on the Dragon the Devill; and hee ſhall bee bound a Thouſand yeares, or one day, which is all one with the Lord; he ſhall ſhut him up, and ſet a Seale upon him, for the wrath of the Lord that day, ſhall bee a ſufficient marke that the Nations be deceived no more.

This Thouſand yeares is the great day of the Lord, to poure out his wrath and juſt indignation upon his Enemies; But the wiſe Virgins with Palmes in their handsthat have not beene deceived by the ſubtilty or force of flatterers, ſhall ſhine in their Robes, as the brightneſse of the Firmament; Kings Daughters attended by honourable Matrons, as Starres for ever and ever, prepared for the Bridegroomes Marriage, whoſe Wife the Bride and Queene, hath made her ſelfe ready clothed in fine Linnen cleane and white, arrayed in a Garment of Needleworke wrought with Gold of Ophier the Daughter of Tyre ſhall bee there with a Gift; ſhe ſhall be brought to the King, with gladneſse and rejoycing, they ſhall enter into his M4v Pag. 87 Pallace, ſaying, O King, thy Throne is for ever and ever, thou loveſt righteouſneſse and hateſt wickedneſse; therefore God thy God annoynt thee with gladneſse above thy fellowes.

After this Thouſand yeares the great Day of the ſolemnitie finiſhed, the Bride being ſafe in her cloſset and Marriage chamber, Sathan the olde Serpent ſhall be looſed a little ſeaſon as Priſoners are ſet at libertie when they goe to the place of Execution to receive his finall ſentence of everlaſting Damnation; yet hoping in his vaine imagination and hart that cannot repent to deceive the Nations that are at reſt, to take a prey, to goe up to the Citie that is in ſafetie that needs no Wall, neither the light of the Sunne or the Moone, &c.

Unto whom the juſt Judge frõfrom his Throne of Glory with a terrible looke, for furie, jealouſie ſhall come up into his face, ſhall ſay unto him; Art thou he whom I have ſpoken of in olde time by my ſervants the Prophets to give the Nations warning of thee, how thou diddeſt not onely like a foole deceive N1r Pag. 88. thy ſelfe, when thou ſaidſt, I will aſcend up and be like the moſt higheſt, but like a curſed creature didſt deceive their innocent Parents, be prepared therefore, and prepare thy ſelfe and all thy Company, and ſee whether thou canſt be a guard unto them; or what defence they can make for themſelves who could not be ignorant, and ought not to be careleſse, becauſe by mine owne Mouth I gave them warning, that after many dayes thou ſhouldſt be viſited and brought a Priſoner into the Land which is now brought backe from the Sword and cleanſed, though it lay waſte a time, and the Villages thereof unwalled. For theſe I commanded them ſtraightly to watch both concerning the things I fore-told them ſhould come to paſse; as alſo of this houre, left like a Theefe or as the Flood came upon their fore-fathers the Ungodly, they ſhould be ſurpriſed unawares, becauſe I told you of theſe things before depart, I know yee not, nor that Captaine your falſe Prophet, are yee thoſe that eate my fleſh and drinke my blood, whence are yee, I never knew you more, then you knew Pag. 89 N1v knew mine, or Me; curſed and deformed crew, with ſtiffe neckes, double crooked hearts, deafe Adders, and blinde People with eyes, goe yee curſed into everlaſting fire.

Wee have eaten and Drunke in thy preſence, all the world was taxed by the Prince of our Nation and thou haſt taught in our ſtreets; Their iniquitie is the greater, thruſt them out. Lord, Lord, come out Dogs and Swine, Apes and Satiers hence here all Lyers, Scoffers at the truth, uncleane; perſons, for here ſhall enter in no wiſe any thing that defileth, neither whatſoever worketh Abomination, or maketh a Lye, but they which are written in the Lambes Booke of Life.

But thou ô Daniel, ſhut up the words and ſeale up this Booke to the time of the end; Now that the whole world might take notice, and diſcerne when this Sealed Propheſie ſhall be opened, the time is more then once repeated, even at the time of the end, when the King of the South ſhall puſh at the King of the North, and the King of the North ſhall come againſt him like a Whirlewinde, for till then, though many ſhall run N N2r 90. Pag. too and fro by the Art of Navigation, diſcovering an other Hemiſphere, Sayling by the Compaſse and the Needle, found out by expert men, and knowledge increaſed, furniſhing Magnificent Libraries with printed Bookes, By which two Arts, chiefly the Goſpell ſhall bee publiſhed to all Nations; yet the Character of this Booke ſhall not bee read, till the time of the end which time is eaſie to be knowne, even without the Notice of the yeares cloſed up in this Booke; where Eagles are gathered together, you ſuppoſe ſome Carcaſse to be there: The Figtree, when her Branch is yet tender, and putteth forth her leaves, ye know that Summer is neere Jeruſalem when it was compaſsed with Armies, the Deſolation was nigh. In like manner, when yee ſee theſe things come to paſse fore-told you, know the end is nie, even at the dore; But of the day and houre knoweth no man, no not the Angells that are in Heaven; neither the Sonne but the Father; the accompt in this Booke of note, being by Centuries of yeares.

Then I Daniel looked, and behold N2v Pag. 91 there ſtood other Two; the two Olive Trees the Tree of Life, either of them bearing Twelve manner of Fruites, the Two Witneſses into whom, after Three dayes and a halfe, the Spirit of Life from God entred; and they ſtood upon their feet. The one on this ſide of the banke of the River; and the other on that ſide of the bank of the River; The foũdationsfoundations of the wall of the City, Jeſus; Chriſt himſelf being the chiefe corner ſtone.

And one ſaid to the man clothed in Linnen, that was upon the waters of the Rivers, that cryed with a loude voyce, as when a Lyon Roareth; Lord wilt thou at this time reſtore againe the Kingdome of Iſraell, how long ſhall it be to the end of theſe wonders, or tell us when theſe things ſhall bee, and what ſhall bee the ſigne of thy comming, and of the end of the world.

And he held up his right hand and his left hand to Heaven, ſhewing his Reſurrection and Aſcention, and ſware by him that Liveth for ever and ever, Heaven and Earth ſhall paſse away, but my Word ſhall not paſse, neither this froward generation; this Nij N3r 92. Pag. Nation till all theſe things bee done ſpoken of by my Mouth and the Prophets; there be ſome ſtanding here, which ſhall not taſte of Death till they ſee the Sonne of Man comming in his Kingdome, his ſervants will fight for him. So ſhall even all my words be fulfilled.

It is not for you to know the times and ſeaſons which the Father hath put in his owne power; But goe thou thy way and reſt, and ſtand in the Lot. Seale up thoſe things which the Seven thunders uttered, and write them not, it ſhall be for a time and times and halfe, then all theſe things ſhall be finiſhed, as a Henne gathereth her Chickens, or as a ſcattered Army in that day the Holy People ſhall be gathered together, in the meane time many ſhall bee purified and made white by the fiery Tryall; The wicked ſhall doe wickedly, and ſhall not underſtand, but the wiſe, it is given unto them to underſtand the miſteries of the Kingdome of Heaven.

And from the time that the daily Sacrifice ſhall bee taken away, or the yearely N3v Pag. 93 Paſseover by the deſtruction of Jeruſalem, to place the Abomination that maketh deſolate; there ſhall be a Thouſand Two hundred and Ninetie dayes; Heere is the Meaſure of the Temple, and the Altar and them that worſhip therein; And here is alſo the breach of the firſt Commandements, ſpoken of by our Lord; the abomination that maketh deſolate not only the Sanctuary but the Citie; the firſt ripe Apples that hang ſo high againſt the Sunne; The Divell thought if hee could reach theſe, the reſt were his owne; therefore to plucke them downe in the primitive times, he began to reare his Ladder in the holy Places to ſet up his plurality, adding the Images of living Mortall men to be worſhipped with Divine honour, and vaine ſupplications, as if themſelves were preſent, making no doubt, having no egreſse and regreſse in time to bring his owne amongſt them into the nomber, in which expectation hee ſayled not much; for who is this here, that ſits in the Temple of God, as if there were Two Gods, beſides his Pigmalion-like Image the parts of which Niij N4r Pag. 94. are ſeldome colde, if there bee heate in the Kiſses of ſuch holy People.

The ſwiftneſse of time is ſuch, I cannot gather all the Spices and dropping Myrrhe of this Tree, I can fixe no longer ſpeaking what manner God will ſit alone in his holy Temple, abhorring not only the people but the place where a Coleague is joyned with him in office; therefore of the next branch.

Suppoſe a man after his Marriage to a young Virgin, ſhould ſay, my experience is more then yours, I cannot alwayes walke hand in hand with you, neither may I keepe you in a Cloiſter that will not be for your health or my profit, neither muſt you forget your Covenant to bee ſubject to my deſires not tending to the harme of either of us; I love you as mine owne Body, if I ſhould not love you, I ſhould not love my ſelfe, you are tender and faire without blemiſh or blot, ſo I would have your minde alſo without ſpot or wrinckle like your face, many ſtrangers will ſtrive to bee your Servants; not all for your beautie but ſome for malice and envie to me: Though your intent N4v 95 tent be good in all things, yet becauſe I am very jealous of mine honor, entertaine none in that manner; though they be ſilent for a time, and conceale themſelves, in the end they will draw your affection from me; Beſides, much reſort though ſhee be never ſo chaſte, is dalliance the marke of a knowne Harlot, which ſort of women I would have you differ from, and no marke I know more fit to put a difference betweene you then this; For much entertainment will not only waſte our ſubſtance, better imployed upon more neceſsary occaſions, but conſume time in unprofitable idleneſse.

Is there no conſequent, yes doubtleſse, I am the Lord thy God thou ſhalt have no other Gods but me; thou ſhalt not make Images of any likeneſse to bowe or humble thy ſelfe before them; for of my honor I am a jealous God, you are mine, I bought you to enjoy the libertie of my ſervice; I brought yee out of the houſe of bondage, which no other God could doe; thou ſhalt love the Lord thy God, and keepe his charge and his Statutes.

O1r Pag. 96

When yee goe forth to ſhew the way of truth to other Nations, this ſpirituall dalliance, which in the end turnes to whoredome, beware of it for it ſhall bee a marke betweene them that hate mee and you that keepe my Comandements; and though I will not at any time bee farre from you, yet you ſhall fall by Captivitie and perſecution to ſpread my name, or for the Triall of your Faith, when you ſee their Idolatrie pull downe their high Places, Preach againſt them; ſay, Little Children, ignorant people that underſtand not the ſlights of Sathan; Beware of Idols, tender natures encounter ſtrongeſt motions; Top-ſayles are firſt aſſaulted No man ſo well knowes his owne frailtie, as the Lord your God knowes how prone Devotion is to Superſtition.

Alſo when yee goe in and out amongſt the Heathen folke, or if the Lord give them into your hands, as the Amalikites were given into the hand of the Children of Iſraell, when the Prophet ſaid; what meaneth this bleating in mine eares; Sauls excuſe ſhall not availe you; to ſay, we ſet them up for Saints beforeknew Pag. 97 O1v before the Lord, the Images of Jupiter for Jeſus Chriſt; the Statue of Hercules for Christopher; Venus and the little Lad for the bleſsed Virgin, as holy as Scarcrowes in a Garden of Cowcumbers

You that cannot make one haire white or blacke, will yee goe a Whoring after your owne inventions, to humble your ſelves before Pageants, Pictures, Images with eyes that ſee not, Eares without hearing, &c. More ſenſleſse then a Beaſt; yet theſe rare Mamets the light of the Sunne is too darke for them without Candles; when the Members of Chriſt goe naked, theſe muſt bee cloathed, not for warmneſse but for wantonneſse; and theſe are the Babyes made and dreſsed by the Divell, and decked to pleaſe his Children, abhorred, and abominable in the ſight of the Lord.

Laſtly, with theſe lines the Temple of God is Meaſured, and them that worſhip therein. Meaſuring is for Numbering; place is put for time, and ſometimes ſpace a thouſand ſixe hundred furlongs Signifying the perſecution of the Church ſo many yeares, O O2r 98. Pag. reward her even as ſhe rewarded you. To riſe therefore and Meaſure the time, begin from the taking away of the daily Sacrifice or the Deſtruction of Jeruſalem, and count a thouſand two hundred and threeſcore yeares, wherein for the abſence of the Church in the Wilderneſse, the two Witneſses did Propheſie clothed in Sackcloth, ſo many yeares of Miſts and darkneſse, to theſe muſt be added ſome dayes of faire weather, a hundred forty and foure thouſand amounting to foure hundred yeares and odde, having their fathers name written in their foreheads, theſe ſing as it were a new ſong; Theſe are Virgins not (defiled with women) Chaſte converſation, not commanding laciviouſneſse, by forbidding Marriage, waxing worſe and worſe.

The Temple was not built in a day, it is three Stories; the foure hundred yeares are to be devided into three ſeverall parts, Seventy yeares and odde, untill the deſtruction of Jeruſalem, when the Apoſtles finiſhed their teſtimony, thirty yeares are reſtored for the raigne of Constantine the great, the remaines O2v 99 maines remaine for theſe laſt times, being the ſame eighteene thouſand Meaſures ſpoken by Ezekiel the Prophet, the Meaſure of the Temple within are not ſummed up, I preſume not to looke into the account, the Meaſure of it round about without, I heard the number of them caſt up, Eighteen thouſand Meaſures, every Meaſure ſixe Cubits, according to the Meaſure of a man. That is, of the Angell, three hundred yeares & odde; and the name of the City from that day ſhal bee God is there, that ſaid Son of Man, the place of my Throne, and the place of the ſoles of my feet, where I will dwell in the middeſt of the Children of Iſraell for ever, and my holy Name ſhall the houſe of Iſraell no more defile, &c.

Bleſsed is he that waiteth and commeth to the thouſand three hundred and five and thirty yeares, theſe are the bleſsed times of John Wickliffe & John Hus, both famous Martyrs, and burning Lights, ſet up to ſhew forth the ſtate and beauty of the truth, one burnt alive, the other after hee was dead, being hard to judge in which of theſe, Oij O3r Pag. 100. the Devill the Father of lyes, Antichriſt his crucifying Sonne, and the Dragon, expreſſed moſt malice; from which curſed triplicitie, three Monſters of the bottomleſse Pit, God deliver us, who will give us a Crowne of life; Come Lord Jesus, the grace of our Lord Jeus Christ bee with you all. Amen.

Laſt of all, the whole world is numbred and thoſe that worke abomination therein, and the delights thereof, weighed in the balances, are found lighter then vanitie it ſelfe. There is nineteene yeares and a halfe to the day of Judgement, 1625-07-28July the 28. M.DC.XXV. Sixe hundred and threeſcore Moneths are excluded, from this laſt Age of ſeventeene hundred yeares. And I thinke that I have alſo the Spirit of God.


Hee that is unjuſt and filthy let him bee ſo ſtill, and hee that is righteous and holy, let him bee ſo ſtill; for behold hee will come quickly, and his reward is with him. Bleſsed are they that doe his Commandements.