1 A1r

Whitson Tyds
Last Feast:

the present, 16451645.

Lecesters Loss: revela. xi
The second woe is past: &c.
Acts the firſt:

The ſame Jesus ſhall come, in like manner as yee have ſeene him goe, &c.

Printed in the Yeere, 16451645.

2 A1v
3 A2r

The La:Lady Elea:Eleanor Her Creed or Confeſsion.

Verily as We all Beleeve in God, the ſole Creator of all Things that were made in the beginning: So according to His promiſe made alſo; Concerning the Womans seed, of which the A2 Serpent, 4 A2v 4 Serpent, on forfiture or pain of his head, forewarn’d to beware: do beleeve in our Lord Jesus hee the very God: alone Redeemer of the World, born of the Virgin, which Conceived by the Holy Ghoſt, our only Sanctifier.

Who after he had finiſhed on the ſixt day the worke of Our Redemption, and reſted the ſeventh, roſe againe; And was by the ſpace of ſix weekes ſeen, whoſe laſt Commandement was to wait for his Fathers promiſe, of the Holy Ghoſts comming in whom We alſo beleeve.

Wherfore of beleife not ſlow: in thoſe 5 A3r 5 thoſe Things written by the Prophets and Apoſtles, doe for mine own part Confeſse, how incredible ſoever it ſeems to Others, I farther beleeve the ſecond Comming of the holy Ghoſt, imediately before the day of Judgement acording to that ſpoken by the Prophet Joel, ſaying: God ſaith, afterward it ſhall come to paſſe, I will powre out my Spirit upon all fleſh, before the great and terrible Day of the Lord: Namely, on the Gentiles, their Sonnes and Daughters likewiſe: And I will ſhew Wonders in the Heavens (beſide a New Star, not long ſince never) more frequent ſignes, & in A3 the 6 A3v 6 the Earth Blood, and Fire, and pillars of Smoake, &c. Witneſſe ſuch warr, throughout the Chriſtian world.

Of which laſt dayes, give me leave to ſay, in Grace and Giftes of Learning; how Rich ſoever They eſteem themſelves: The Gentiles nevertheleſſe of a Comforter, more need had Never, how much ſoever preſume upon their Holineſse: Suppoſing like the Jewes a Saviour for them unneceſſary, which held themſelves ſo juſt: And ſo becauſe Chriſtians already cleanſed; likewiſe no more need to be beholding: Thus all concluded under unbeleif, & fearfull blindnes, unmindfullfull 7 A4r 7 full of that Charge, to feare by others wofull fall, and not to bee highminded, Rom. II. And ſo for farther juſtifying this point touching Prophecie for ever not extinguiſhed. But as the Latter raine no leſſe requiſit then the former, though for a time ceaſ’d: Shall proceed on with the everlaſting Goſpel, concerning the caſe of the Gentiles cut off, in caſe of unbeleife.

As even the two witneſſes comming againſt them with firie mouths, that thinke to quench or ſilence the Spirit of Prophecie, well called Spirituall Sodome and Egypt that Citie. And he the Beaſt as Bruitiſh, aſcended out of the Bottomleſſe pit (as it were 8 A4v 8 were) Judas ſpirit conjured up, or Herod that Fox, together with the Nations or Gentiles as outragious as the Jewes, becauſe theſe two Prophets tormented them, whoſe teſtimony publiſh’d, the Old and New Teſtament thoſe, Luke 21. There ſhall be ſigns, &c. who Maugre their enemies ſtood upon their feet again: the Spirit of life entering into them.

Intruth as much to ſay, the Prophet Daniel ſtiled greatly beloved: and this favourite Diſciple, their ſealed Bookes (reſerved for the end) open’d or to be interpreted, like themſelves lying dead and revived: by the Angels, touch or hand. And as thoſe ſent two and two: before the Lord 9 B1r 9 Lords face, even ſo the Meſſengers of the Reſurrection, the two witneſſes ſent to prepare the Judge of quicke and dead, his comming Revel. II. Whoſe foes incenſed ſo againſt them for the ſame. As the little Booke open in the Angels hand (Revel. 10) declares. Commanded to be eaten, verily no other then the Sacrament of the Lords returne ſworne in his wrath as it were even times finiſhed reigne, or dayes to be ſhortned.

And for this ſo diſtaſtfull to the world; therefore heavie judgements and Plagues and Warre appointed the day of Judgements forerunner as worthy of no other, when come to paſſe on earth ſuch B diſtra- 10 B1v 10 diſtraction, and the World ſix thouſand years aged too, as in the ſixt Century of Noahs age the Flood came upon the Earth, but ſo many dayes of the weeke (as it were,) in the Lords account.

And thus he one of the witneſſes John bidden to ariſe, and meaſure the Goſpels Progreſſe as it were, the Temple, how long until the riſing from the Dead, from his dayes bearing date 17001700. yeares as the halfe of ſeven gives it plainly, ſealed up in thoſe Propheticall Characters, the 42. Moneths given them to prophecie, or a thouſand two hundred & ſixty dayes, and ſo a time & time sandtimes and halfe agreeablegreea- 11 B2r 11 greeable to the preſent diviſion, & thus both agreeing in one, ſtiled by the Prophet Daniel, a time and times and the deviding of time, whoſe Commiſsion to continu ſo long: And then he whoſoever ſhall oppoſe it Though never ſo great: as here he ſtiled the God of the earth no leſſe, theſe two as freely to proclaime open warre ſo often as they pleaſe, to ſmite the Earth or Land with Peſtilence and ſuch Judgments, as thoſe Vials of wrath directed to the preſent Century ſhew, ſo much ſuffices: and how they were rewarded, their Sackcloth changed into a glorious cloud, and their Foes ſo much tormented with their teſtimony, how at the ſame time ſuch an Earthquak the City falling upon them, except a RemnantB2 nant 12 B2v 12 nant which upon Repentance or peace made, eſcaped.

And all theſe but ſpeaking one thing in ſeverall Languages (to wit) the Reſurrections loud voice, and that of the Aſcention: as aſcendite huc added to thoſe Propheticall firie tongues of theirs or fire proceeding out of their mouths, if any will harme them ſuffices for the inſuing feaſt alſo, when fully come or finiſhed wherefore with the 24 Elders that great Councell or States ſitting upon their ſeats forever with one conſent and voice Let great Brittain likewiſe ſay, Wee give thee thrice humble thanks O eternal Trenity, which art, and waſt, and art to come, becauſe thou haſt taken to thee thy great power and haſt reigned.

And I believe laſtly, though a Miſtery none of the leſt, like the grace of God beſtowed upon the Gentiles, held as imposſible a point with the 13 B3r 13 the Apoſtles: That after the laſt Period expird, ther is a Releaſe out of Hell, Redemption for all the Damned, Although granted that ſentence Irevocable, Goe yee Curſed, &c.

And the unpardonable ſinne, not in this world nor that to come ſo given: And the fire unextinguiſhed, yet proves their ſufferings not of like nature and condition: Notwithſtanding in danger, (were God extreame) of endleſſe torment: Therefore if Salt which preſerves be good, the fire alſo neceſſary like th1 letterflawed-reproductionſe better to enter maim’d into Heaven then otherwiſe goe into fire unquenchable which goes not out, to our dayes without doubt directed (Marke the 9.) where ſo often repeated th1 letterflawed-reproductionſe words concluded, have peace in your ſelves.

And 14 B3v 14

And therefore before that Parable where mentioned the gulfe or fixed ſpace, no other then a prefixed ſpace of time. (Luke 15.) his Elder Brother expoſtulating reproves like unnaturallnes in others, without compaſsion of thoſe undergoing the ſecond death, in the loſt Son inſtanc’d the ſecond brother, as thoſe words ſaying: It was meet, &c. For this thy Brother was dead, and is alive again, was loſt, and is found.

Approving of that Principle of every thing in the end, goes to its proper place from whence it came to returne. And ſo much for a doore in heaven opened; the mouth of Propheſie againe thundering out Judgements, (Revela. 4.) together with theſe, the Bottomleſſe pit opened alſo, hels 15 B4r 15 hels Epitomie & their King over them, where they not having the Seale of God in their foreheads (ſome name given as it were) Theſe not killed ſeeking death fleeing from them wher ſo many months impriſonment ſhewd: as priſons never ſo fild as in thoſe dayes: Shall not need to add what yeare of God ſeald with, &c. where ſuch innumerable Horſ-men diſcribed to the life: Currentium in bellum, beſide current Coine Half-Crown-peices, ſuper capita tanquam corone, & habebant capillos ſicut capillos mulierum: Revela. 9. viz &c.

And thus having canſel’d Purgatories numberleſse paſſes and pardons that take upon them to deliver others, and cannot out of ſuch utter ſpirituall Darkneſſe free them- 16 B4v 16 themſelves, deriv’d from hence: thou ſhalt not come forth thence untill paid the utmoſt mite. And hee without commiſſeration of his fellow-ſervant ſerved with the like measure: delivered to the Tormentors, till paid all was due.

Al ye take to your comfort thoſe armes diſplay’d, as ſaid to the one, this day Thou ſhalt be with me, &c. So inferr another like day for the Other: And therefore, as the Lord lives that ſhall rayſe us from the duſt of death ſo the Lord lives (let us ſay) that brings upus out of the Jawes of Hell backe to Paradice, and increaſe our Faith.