The true copie
of a letter

the queenes majestie, to the

Lord Maior of London, and his brethren:

conteyning a
moſt gracious acceptation of the great joy which her Subjectes
tooke upon the apprehenſion of divers perſons, detected
of a moſt wicked conſpiracie, read openly in a
great aſſemblie of the Commons in the Guildhall
of that Citie, the 1586-08-2222. day of Auguſt. 1586.

Before the reading whereof, maiſter
James Dalton, one of the Counſellours
of that Citie, in the
abſence of the Recorder,
made this ſpeach hereafter

Imprinted at London by Christopher
, Printer to the Queenes moſt
excellent Majeſtie.

A royal crest with crowned lions and a dragon, inscribed with two phrases: Honi soit qui mal y pense, and Dieu et mon droit

By the Queene.

To our right truſtie and welbeloved, the Lord Maior of our Citie of London, and his brethren the Aldermen of the ſame.

Right truſtie and welbeloved, wee greete you well. Being given to understand how greatly our good and moſt loving Subjects of that Citie did rejoyce at the apprehēenſiōon of certaine deviliſh and wicked minded ſubjects of ours, that through the great and ſingular goodnes of God have bene detected, to have moſt wickedly and unnaturally conſpired, not onely the taking away of our owne life, but alſo to have ſtirred up (as much as in them lay) a generall rebellion throughout our whole Realme: we coulde not but by our owne letters witneſse unto you the great and ſingular contentment we received upon the knowledge thereof, aſsuring you, that we did not ſo much rejoyce at the eſcape of the intended attempt against our owne perſon, as to ſee the great joy our most loving Subjects tooke at the apprehenſion of the contrivers thereof, which, to make their love more apparant, they have (as we are to our great comfort informed) omitted no outwarde ſhewe, that by any externall acte might witneſse to the world the inwarde love and duetifull affection they beare toward us. And as we have as great cauſe with all thankfulneſse to acknowledge Gods great goodneſse toward us, through the infinite bleſsings he layeth upon us, as many as ever Prince had, yea rather, as ever Creature had: yet doe we not for any worldly bleſſing received from his divine Majestie, ſo greatly acknowledgeA.ii. ledge A2v ledge the ſame, as in that it hath pleaſed him to incline the heartes of our subjects even from the firſt beginning of our reigne, to carrie as great love towards us, as ever Subjects caried toward Prince, which ought to move us (as it doeth in very deede) to ſeeke with all care, and by all good meanes that appertaine to a Christian Prince, the conſervation of ſo loving and duetifully affected Subjects: aſsuring you that we deſire no longer to live, then while we may in the whole courſe of our governement carrie our ſelfe in ſuch ſort, as may not onely nouriſh and continue their love and good will towards us, but alſo encreaſe the ſame. Wee thinke meete, that theſe our letters ſhoulde be communicated in ſome generall aſsemblie to our most loving Subjects the Commoners of that Citie. Yeven under our Signet at our Castell of Windſor, the 1586-08-1818. day of August 1586. in the 28. yeere of our reigne.


Right worſhipful, my good countreymen & Citizens of this moſt noble Citie of Londōon. Since the late bruite and report of a moſt wicked and traiterous conſpiracie, not onely to take away the life of our moſt gratious Soveraigne, (whom God graunt long to live & reigne over us) but alſo to ſtirre up a general rebellion throughout the whole Realme: the great and univerſall joy of you all of this Citie, upon the apprehenſion of divers of that moſt wicked conſpiracie alate declared and teſtified, by many outward acts & ſhewes, hath wrought in the Queenes moſt excellent Majeſtie ſuch a gratious contentmēent, that it hath moved her Highnes, by her letters ſigned with her owne hand, to ſignifie unto my L.Lord Maior of this Citie and his brethren, her moſt Noble & Princely acceptation thereof, and that in ſuch ſort, as thereby may appeare, that her Highnes hath not more, no not ſo much rejoyced at the moſt happie eſcape of the wicked miſchiefe intended againſt her owne perſon, as at the joye which her loving Subjectes, and namely you of this Citie of London tooke at the apprehenſion of the practiſers of that intended Treaſon.

By occaſion whereof, her highnes brought to a thankefull Remembrance, and acknowledging of Gods infinite bleſſings beſtowed on hir, comparable with any Prince or creature in the worlde, no worldly thing more or like accompteth of, then of the heartie love of her loving & faithful ſubjects A.iii. many A3v many wayes and many times before now, but eſpecially by this our great joye in this fort, at this time, and upon this occaſion ſhewed.

And that her exceeding great love and acceptation of our Rejoycing may the more appeare unto you, it hath pleaſed her Highnes in the ſame letters to declare, that ſhe deſireth not longer to lyve among us, then ſhe ſhal maintayne, continue, nouriſh and increaſe the love and good will of her Subjects toward her. And this her Highnes hath willed to be made knowen unto you all, with this, that ſhee will not faile with all care, and by all good meanes that appertaine to a Chriſtian prince, to ſeeke the cōonſervation of you all ſo loving and duetifully affected Subjects.

This her Majeſties pleaſure in part now declared, and more to be made knowen to you by her owne letters, which you ſhall heare readde, my Lord Maior and his brethren have required mee to declare unto you all, that they doe heartily rejoyce and thanke God for the happie day of the good acceptation of this your great joy, and my L.Lord himſelfe hath willed me to give you all hearty thankes in his name, for that in the time of his ſervice your duetifull behaviours have gotten to the Citie ſo Noble and worthie a Teſtimonie of duetie and loyaltie, of ſo Noble and worthie a Queene.

Now for aſmuch as Gods bleſſings wonderfully abound, and one joye comes upon another, let us not be unthankefull to God, but acknowledge his goodneſſe, and attribute the ſame (as in deede we ought) to the ſincere Religion of Almightie God, moſt godly eſtabliſhed by the Queenes moſt excellent A4r excellent Majeſtie, which hath taught us to knowe God aright, our duetie to our Soveraigne, and to love our countrey, and hath made us duetifull and obedient Subjects, rejoycing at all good things happening to her Majeſtie, her Realme, or to any in her Noble ſervice, the true effectes of a true and good Religion: Whereas the contemners thereof, and immoderate affectors of the Romiſh religion and ſuperſtitions, being voyde of the true knowledge of God, have declyned from God, their allegiance to their Prince, their love to their Countrie, and have becomme Inventers of miſchiefes, bruters and ſpreaders abroade of falſe and ſeditious rumors, ſuch as joye at no good thing, but contrariwiſe rejoyce at every evill ſucceſſe, the badges and markes of their profeſſion, who have before this, in this Realme and in other her Highnes dominions, ſtirred up rebellion, forraine invaſion, and many times practiſed the very death and deſtruction of the Queene her ſelfe, the Ruyne and ſubverſion of the whole Realme, the proper effects of their Romiſh religion.

We have beheld all theſe things, and ſeene in our dayes the Ruyne and miſchiefes invented againsſt others, fall upon the Inventers themſelves: and have knowen the wicked and violent hands of divers of them, deviliſhly to kill and murther themſelves, when moſt trayterouſly they woulde, and moſt happilie they could not, flea the Lordes annoynted.

As we have knowen all theſe things, ſo God be thanked, that by a better Religion, having bene better A4v better taught, we have bene no partakers of their wicked diviſes, but have put to our helping hands as occaſion hath ſerved, and ever ready to overthrowe the auctors and deviſers thereof.

And I have no doubt, but we of this Noble Citie, who hitherto have bene alwayes readie duetifully and faithfully to ſerve her Majeſtie upon all occaſions, (her Highnes now ſo graciouſly accepting onely of our rejoycing at the apprehenſion of her enemies, evēen the leaſt part of the duty of a good Subject to ſo good a Queene) will be readie every one with all that we can make, and with the uttermoſt adventure of all our lives, ſpeedily to be revenged upon all ſuch as ſhall villainouſly and traiterouſly attempt or put in ure any miſchiefe to her Noble perſon, and in the meane time will have a better eye & eare to all ſuſpitious & miſcontented perſons, to their ſayings and doings, to their falſe bruites and reports, to the places and corners of their haunt and reſort, to their harborers, companions, ayders and mainteiners.

God uphold and continue his Religion among us, and increaſe our zeale therein, which hath made us ſo loving and loyall, and ſo beloved and acceptable Subjectes to ſo worthy a Prince, and roote out the wicked and Romiſh religion, That hath made ſo many diſloyall and traiterous Subjectes: to whom is both odious and irkeſome, the long life & proſperous Reigne of our moſt noble Queene Elizabeth. God confounde all ſuch traytors, and preſerve her Highneſſe long to live and reigne over us.