A speech
made by
Queen Elizabeth,
(Of Famous Memory) In

1593Anno 1593. And in the 35th Year of her reign,
The Spaniſh Invaſion.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

This Kingdom hath many Wiſe, Noble, and Victorious Princes; I will not compare with any of them in Wiſdom, Fortitude, or any other Vertues: But ſaving the Duty of a Child, that is not to compare with his Father in Love, Care , Sincerity, and Juſtice, I will compare with any Prince that ever you had, or ſhall have.

It may be thought Simplicity in Me, that all this time of My Reign I have not ſought to advance My Territories, and enlarge my Dominions; for Opportunity hath ſerved me to do it. I acknowledge my Womanhood and Weakneſs in that Reſpect; But though it hath not been hard to obtain, yet I doubted how to keep the the things ſo obtained: And I muſt ſay, My Mind was never to Invade My Neighbors, or to Uſurp over any; I am contented to Reign over My Own, and to Rule as a Juſt Princeſs.

Yet the King of Spain doth Challenge Me to be the Quarreller, and the Beginnner of all theſe Wars; in which he doth Me the greateſt Wrong that can be, for My Conſcience doth not accuſe My Thoughts wherein I have done him the leaſt Injury: But, I am perſuaded in my Conſcience, if he knew what I know, he himſelf would be ſorry for the Wrong that he hath done Me.

I fear not all his Threatnings; his great Preparations and mighty Forces doth not ſtir Me: For, though he come againſt Me with a greater Power than ever was, his Invincible Navy, I doubt not (God aſſiſting Me, upon Whom I always truſt) but that I shall be able to defeat and overthrow him. I have great Advantage againſt him, for My Cauſe is juſt.

I heard ſay, when he attempted his laſt Invaſion, ſome, upon the Sea-coaſt, forſook their Towns, and flew up higher into the Country, and left all naked and expoſed to his Entrance: But, I ſwear unto you, if I knew thoſe Perſons, or any that ſhould do ſo hereafter, I will make them know and feel what it is to be ſo fearful in ſo urgent a Cauſe. The Queen proteſts She will puniſh Cowards.

The A1v

The Subſidies you give Me, I accept thankfully, if you give Me your good Wills with them; but if the Neceſſity of the Time, and your Preſervations, did not require it, I would refuſe them: But, let Me tell you, that the Sum is not ſo much, but that it is needful for a Princeſs to have ſo much always lying in Her Coffers, for your Defence in time of Need, and not to be driven to get it when We ſhould uſe it.

You that be Lieutenants and Gentlemen of Command in your Countries, I require you to take Care that the People be well Armed, and in Readineſs upon all Occaſions. You that be Judges and Juſtices of the Peace, I command and ſtraightly Charge you, That you ſee the Laws to be duly Executed, and that you make them living Laws, when We have put Life into them.

A Second Speech
Queen Elizabeth

(Of Famous Memory) 16011601, in the 44th Year of Her Reign.

Mr. Speaker,

We have heard your Declaration, and perceive your Care of Our State, by falling into the Conſideration of a Grateful Acknowledgment of ſuch Benefits as you have received; And that your Coming is to preſent Thanks unto Us, which I accept with no leſs Joy, than your Loves can have deſire to offer ſuch a Preſent.

I do aſſure you, there is no Prince that loveth his Subjects better, or whoſe Love can countervail Our Love. There is no Jewel, be it of never ſo rich a Price, which I ſet before this Jewel; I mean, Our Love: For I do more eſteem of it, than of any Treaſure or Riches; for that We know how to prize, but Love and Thanks I count unvaluable.

And, though God hath raiſed Me high, yet this I count the Glory of My Crown, That I have Reigned with your Loves. This makes me that I do not ſo much rejoice, That God hath made me to be a Queen, as, to be a Queen over ſo thankful a People.

Therefore, I have Cauſe to wiſh nothing more, than to Content the Subjects; and that is a Duty which I owe: Neither do I deſire to live longer days, than that I may ſee your Proſperity; and that’s My only Deſire.

And as I am that Perſon that ſtill (yet under God) hath delivered you, ſo I truſt (by the Almighty Power of God) that I ſtill ſhall be His Inſtrument to preſerve you from Envy, Peril, Diſhonour, Shame, Tyranny, and Oppreſſion; partly by means of your intended Helps, which We take very acceptably, because it manifeſts the largeneſs of your Loves and Loyalty to your Soveraign.

Of My Self, I muſt ſay this, I was never any greedy ſcraping Graſper, nor a ſtraight, faſt-holding Princeſs, nor yet a Waſter. My Heart was never ſet on worldly Goods, but only for My Subjects good. What you do beſtow on Me, I will not hoard it up, but receive it to beſtow on you again: Yea, My own Properties I count yours, and to be Expended for your good; and your Eyes ſhall ſee the beſtowing of all, for your good. Therefore render unto them from Me, I beseech you, Mr. Speaker ſuch Thanks as you imagine My Heart yieldeth, but My Tongue cannot expreſs.

With Allowance.

London, Printed by D. Mallet, next Door to the Sign of the Star between
Fleet-bridge and Bridewell-bridge.16881688.