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This Was Given To Major Generall Harriſon And The Rest.

Read this in the Fear of the Lord, and in the moderation of Your ſpirits, without prejudice.


This is the day of your viſitation, while ye have time prize it; God hath long holden forth a hand of love unto you, though you have for ſeveral years paſt ſlighted and rejected his council, and would have none of his wayes, Who is the eternal Light, the way, the truth, and the Life, and there is no other way nor name under Heaven by which any ſhall be ſaved, or come to the knowledge of the eternal Truth as it is in Jeſus, but by the Light of Christ Jeſus in whom is Life, and this Life is the Light of men, and though you have ſlighted this, and looked upon it as too mean and low, yet this ye muſt ſtoop unto, and come to, if ever you find peace and reconciliation with the Lord God, ye muſt have it in the Light which bears A teſti- A1v 2 teſtimony againſt all the works and deeds of darkneſſe; and if ever ye come to know or witneſſe Life and immortality to be brought to Light thorow the Goſpel of Jeſus, which is glad tydings to the poor, and liberty to the captive, then muſt you come to the Light of Jeſus that ſhines in your Conſciences, for his Immortality dwells in the Light, and the knowledg of him, and the witneſſe that every one can bear of him in the real truth, is in the Light that ſhines in their Conſciences, and in this knowledge is Life eternal to know the only true God, and Jeſus Christ whom he hath ſent a Light into the world, who hath ſaid, He that knows me, knows him that ſent me; I am come a Light, that he that believes on me ſhould not periſh, but have everlaſting life; and this is the record that he hath given us of his Son, even eternal life, and this life is in his Son, which is now riſen in his brightneſſe, and ſhining in the Conſciences of men, and he is purging the Conſcience from dead works to ſerve the living God, which all the types and the figures could not make any thing perfect as pertaining to the conſcience, No not the Tabernacle, nor the Golden Pot in which was the Manna, they were but a ſhaddow of the good things to come, the body and ſubſtance is Chriſt, which makes clean the inſide who is King of the Jews, not outward but inward, and the Miniſter of that Circumciſion which is of the heart, which worſhips him in the Spirit and in the Truth, having not confidence in the fleſh; and this is that you muſt all ſtoop to, if ever ye know or be partakers of the precious faith, which was once delivered to the Saints, which we are contending for, and are to contend for, even to the giving up our lives, and our deſire is that ye might partake with us, and taſt of that love which is in Chriſt Jeſus, which neithetr heigth nor depth, tribulation, nor anguiſh, Principalityes nor powers, life nor death can ſepatrate from, and that you might partake of our life which is hid with Chriſt in God, is the deſire of our ſoules, though you have long ſlighted the day of your viſitation, and often rejected the council of the Lord, and counted the Light a mean and a contemptible thing, by A2r 3 by which the Lord God doth and ever will teach his people; and this teſtimony I bear unto you in the preſence of the Lord God, though you may eſteem high of your ſelves, and of your knowledge, the living and the eternal God ye doe not know as he is, but as ye know him in the light, for his immortality dwells in the light, and if ye know him where he dwells, ye muſt know him in the Light, and if ye be the Children of the Lord, and taught of the Lord, ye muſt be taught by the Light of him in your Conſciences, and if ye be eſtabliſhed in righteouſneſſe you muſt be eſtabliſhed in the Light, and if ye be far from oppreſſion, ye muſt be found in the Light, and if you will be where your peace will be great ye muſt dwell in the Light, and if while ye have the Light ye beleeve in the Light, ye may may be the children of the Light, and this is Chriſts own words and exhortations whom ye highly profeſs, & yet ſlight his own words & exhorration; Oh! Friends, what wil profeſſion of him in words outwardly do for you now in the time of your diſtreſſe and ſad affliction, when that faith is wanting which ſtands in the power, and works by love, and is held in the miſtery of a pure Conſcience, which I know eternally never a one of you can witneſſe who denyes the Light of Jeſus that cleanſeth the Conſcience, which every one muſt walk in; which brings into the fellowſhip one with another, where the blood of Jeſus Chriſt cleanſes from all ſin; and what will your juſtification, in that one act which you ſpeak of, which was offered up at Jeruſalem, now do for you when you want your ſeal and your teſtimony of your being juſtified by it in your Conſciences? if ye have not your particular aſſurance, by being purged purifyed, and ſanctified, and ſo juſtified in your own conſcience? what will that Act doe for a defiled Conſcience? what will that act do for an unclean and an unſanctified heart being that he which was offered up at Jeruſalem once for all, thorow the eternall Spirit, is now riſen in his Spirit and Light, in the hearts and Conſciences of men, there to cleanſe and to purge, and to waſh by his own blood, and ſo to juſtifie and give aſſurance, that whoſoever believes on him ſhould A2 be A2v 4 be ſaved and have everlaſting life, now what will your profeſſing and talking of this act doe for you, while you are ſlighting and diſobeying, and tranſgreſſing againſt the Light (which ſhould give you teſtimony and true aſſurance) to your juſtification, and ſhould purifie your hearts by faith, for it is by the faith of the Son of God, which is Light and Life that the juſt lives, its not profeſſion, or high notions by which the Juſt lives, its not brain wiſdom nor comprehenſion in the underſtanding that raiſes the dead, it was that that crucified the Juſt; but it is the voyce of the Son of God that raiſes the dead, and there’s nothing that will avail in this day of the Lord but this new-creature, the image of the inviſible God, the firſt begotten from the dead, and he that doth not witneſſe this ſtate will ſuffer loſſe, for when his work is tryed by the fire it will be burned; and though men may ſpeak with the tongues of men and Angels, and want that love that paſſeth knowledge, it is but as the ſounding braſſe, and tinckling cymball, and ſo it will paſſe away and be no more ſeen; Nay further then that, though there may be propheſies and faith that could remove Mountains, and want this love that gives obedience, and keeps the Commandements of the Lord it is nothing; though they may give their goods to the poor, and their bodies to be burned, it is nothing while they doe not keep the Commandements of the Lord but ſlights his tenders of love, and his gracious mercies, and is exalted in a notion, in a conceiving or apprehenſion of a thing, and wants the ſound and ſure teſtimony of the thing it ſelf; in this they are utterly betrayd; though they may ſay or apprehend that their name is written in Heaven, yet if this Heaven be farre off them they may miſſe of their Name, For Satan falls from Heaven like lightning; He that can receive it let him; There’s none that enters into the Holy City, but whoſe name is written in the Lambs book of Life, ſlain from the foundation of the world, and this Name is written in Heaven, and here is Joy witneſſed and the Song of Moſes and the Lamb, but this ſtate is redeemed from the earth, and ſo the offering up of the naturall life in this ſtate is little.

Now A3r 5

Now the deſire of my heart is that you had faith in God, and might ſee your ſelves in the condemnation, and feele the hand of his Juſtice and Judgement, and that you are not come to this condition without the power and providence, and permiſſion of the Lord, that ſo you may be received into his boſome and mercy; for undoubtedly the ſame God as brought you to the ſeat of Juſtice, formerly has alſo brought you now to the Judgment, therefore now fall down under the hand of his Juſtice; whoſe hand of mercy is holden forth unto you; and conſider what great mercy you have abuſed, and opportunities of doing him ſervice; and how you have betrayed him and his cauſe into the hands of ſinners; and how you have incurred his Juſt hand of recompence upon your heads; oh conſider what yee have done againſt the Lord, what a great power you have abuſed, and turned the ſword againſt the Innocent, that ſhould have been for the evill doer, and ſlighted and contemned his living truth, and held up a rotten deceitfull profeſſion which now will faile you in the day of your troubles and tryalls; one houre of worſhipping the Lord God in his Eternall light and Spirit of Eternall life, were of more value to you then all your dayes and nights, that you have ſpent in prayers, and teares, and cryes, whileſt your hearts are corrupted, and your Conſciences defiled, and your minds carnall, where the Enmity ſtands againſt God and his Truth, which is not ſbject to the Law of God, neither indeed can be, but weepes Eſaus teares, and ſo muſt have Eſaus portion; you’l thinke this is hard, but truely you will finde it truth, and you will finde that all your goodneſſe will paſſe away as the Early due, and your righteouſneſſe as the filthy raggs. But I feele ſomething objecting in your minds, as if this might be a diſcouragement to you in your Condition; I anſwer, no; It’s the hand of his love is reached out unto you, and his boſome of love ſtands open unto you, to receive you into his mercy, if you would turne in your minds to the living witneſſe of the living God in your Conſciences, to which you muſt ſtand or A3v 6 or fall; This is the word which muſt Judge every one of you in the laſt day, and this is the word that reconciles unto God, and this is his name (who had his veſture dipt in blood) to which every knee muſt bow, and every tongue confeſſe; and if yee ſtand committed to this immortall and Eternall ingrafted word, this is able to ſave your ſoules; therefore to this word of faith which is nigh in the heart, which faith, Neither aſcend nor deſcend, but preaches righteouſneſſe very nigh; to this come though it were the laſt day that yee had to live; the call of this is not in vaine, you will find more comfort in turning in your minds unto this, and joyning your hearts and minds to this living Immortall word in your hearts; I ſay, you will finde more comfort being with this if it were but one houre, then yee have done with roving and rambling after things without you, and aſcending and deſcending in your Immaginations, apprehenſions, and comprehenſions all the dayes of your life; and whether yee can believe or no, this you ſhall finde to be Eternall truth, and it’s Gods love unto you, and Gods motion that is the cauſe of writing this, whether you can can receive it or no, whoſe mercy and long ſuffering continues unto you; and truely you cannot plead ignorance, nor deny but you have had many gracious invitations and tenders of his love. Oh that you would conſider in this your day the things that belongs to your everlaſting peace, and that you would turne unto him that hath ſmitten you, who has brought ſalvation neere, and is bringing forth righteouſneſſe as a light, and thither muſt you come if ever you finde peace with the Lord, yee muſt come to his ſwift witneſſe that teſtifies againſt all your wayes, and all your worſhips, and your beſt actions, that have not been acted from the light, is for condemnation with the light; for he is neere that condemnes, and he is neere that juſtifies, and then who can condemne, for God is greater who is one with him that juſtifies every one; and if the heart condemne, God is alſo greater, and ſo to this Maſter muſt you either ſtand or fall; if this righteous Judge condemne yee are condemned, and if this juſtifie, then A4r 7 then are you juſtified before the Lord; and if this righteous, juſt and faithfull witneſſe in you plead your Cauſe, and you come to be tryed and proved, ſearched and examined by this witneſſe, and you freely ſubmit to the Judgement of this, and what this condemns condemne, and what this Juſtifies Juſtifie no more, and owne no more to be truth but what this righteous witneſſe of God in you preſents to be truth; here you will come to a cleare conviction, and this will alſo worke your converſion, and change your minds, and redeeme you up to God, and there you will ſee when you are with God, and with his true and faithfull witneſſe in you, and that there all things is poſſible, and ſo your minds will be changed, out of the viſible periſhing beggerly rudiments of outward worſhips, which periſhes in the uſing of them, while they are performed by an unſanctified and an uncircumciſed heart; and you will come into the inviſible life. And ſo here I have ſet before you life and death, light and darkneſſe, good and evill, the righteous God is ſeparating betwixt the precious and the vile, betwixt him that ſerveth God and him that ſerveth him not, by his quicke and living powerfull word, which is ſharper then any two edged ſword, to the diſcerning of the ſecret intents of the heart; and unto this word which will give life unto your ſoules, which he that believes on, though he were dead, yet ſhall he live, unto him that is the reſurrection, and the life, I commit you and commend you; and conſider that this ſpirit will not alwayes ſtrive with man.

I am a true lover of all your ſoules, and deſires your Eternall peace and comfort of the Lord, who feeles the weight of your ſufferings and travells, with the ſeed of the Covenant, who am knowne by outward name;

Margret Fell.

London; Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and
neare Alderſgate. 16601660.