A1r A1v

Oval portrait of a woman (probably represents the author, but the picture has no caption).


Choice Manuall,

Rare and Select

Collected, and practised
by the Right Honourable, the
Countesse of Kent, late

Whereto are added several
Experiments of the Virtues
of Gascon ponuder, and Lapis contra
, by a Professor
of Physick.

As also most Exquisite waies
of Preserving, Conserving,
Candying, &c.

The Second Edition.

Printed by G. D. and are to be
sold by William Shears, at the Sign
of the Bible
in St. St. Pauls
, 16551655.

Image of a coat of arms surmounted by a cherub head and surrounded with architectural scrolling. Circle at bottom with face in profile and “Georgiun D. G. Mag.
B. R. Fret Hirrex F. D.”
in a circle and “Munificentia
Regia. 17151715.”
on the outside.

Georgiun D. G. Mag.
B. R. Fret Hirrex F. D.
Regia. 17151715.


To the Reader.

Courteous Reader.

Well remembring that we are
all born for the weal-puublike
good: I here tender to thy
perusall this small, and yet most
Excellent Treatise, Entituled, A
choice Manual of Rare and Select Secrets
in Physick
: If thereby thou
suck abundance of Profit, I shall
be superlatively glad, but if any, or
perchance many unlooked for mistakes,
for want of a due application,
bid thee entertain contrary thoughts,
the effect not answering thy curious
expectation, upon a more serious
reflex, know, that nothing is absolutely
perfect, and withal, that the
richest and most soveraign Antidote
may be often misapplied: wherefore
the fault not being mine, excuse &
cease to censure: For which just, &
but reasonable favour, thou shalt
deservedly oblige me,


W. Jar.

B A B1v

A Table of the Contents.

  • A

    • For an Ague. 27. 64. 137. 146.
    • For an Ach. 28. 39. 59. 61.
      120. 127.
    • Aqua Composita 114. 126. 137.
    • For an Ach in the Back. 129.
    • For a tertian Ague. 155.
    • For the stinging of an Adder. 156.
    • Mr. Ashleys Ointment. 162.
    • For an Ach in the joynt. 164.
    • The vertue of Aqua Bezoar. 191.
    • Sp. of Confection of Alkermes its
    • Extract of Ambergreice. ib.
  • B

    • For a Bruise. 10. 30. 56. 77. 95.
      104. 110.
    • For restoring Breath. 19.
    • A strengthening meat for the same. 20
    • A Cor- B2r
    • A Cordial for a Breakfast. 21.
    • For griping of the Belly. 22.
    • To clear the Bloud. 31.
    • For burning in the Back. 33
    • For weaknesse in the Back. 34. 78.
      79. 103.
    • For a Sore Breast. 38.
    • For a stinking breath. 39.
    • For one that pisseth bloud. 48.
    • For the bone-ach. 72. 148.
    • For a burning by lightning. 83.
    • To stanch Bloud. 85.
    • For the black Jaundice. 89.
    • For burning with Gunpouder. 96.
    • A Plaister for the Back. 115.
    • To make Balm water. 146
    • For an inward Bruising. 150
    • For a Blast. 168
    • Balsamum. 169
  • C

    • For a Consumption and Cough of the
      1. 20. 29. 133. 178.
    • To make a jelly and glister for the
    • For an extream cough and cold. 11.
      34. 178.
    • China broth for a Consumption. 23.
    • B2 Another B2v
    • Another broth for a Consumption. 25
    • For Cornes. 51
    • For a Canker. 52. 103. 118. 153
    • For pain after Child-birth. 68
    • For swollen Cods. ib.
    • For the Collick. 81
    • For all manner of Cuts. 86
    • For a dead Child in a woman. 91
    • To deliver a Child in danger. 133.
    • To cool Choler. 136
    • For the Collick passion. 137
    • For Children that are troubled with
      an extream Cough.
    • For a Cold. 168
    • Pouder of Crabs Claws. 186
    • The Vertues of a root called Contra
      188. 189. 190
    • Vertues of Spirit of Clary. 191
    • Vertues of sp. of Comfrey. 196
  • D

    • For the Dropsie. 31
    • For the biting of a mad Dog. 63.
      72. 156
    • Vertues of sp. of Diasatyrion. 194
  • E For B3r
  • E

    • For all Infirmities and Diseases of the
      30. 33. 49. 50. 109. 149
    • For pin and web and rednesse in the
      36. 75. 147. 148.
    • For the Emeroids. 95. 128. 152
    • For Rheum at the Eyes. 127. 131
    • For sore Eyes. 172. 174. 175
    • Several Experiments made of the
      Conntess of Kents pouder.
  • F

    • For a faintnesse. 3
    • For Flegm. 11
    • To know whether he that hath the
      Flux shall live or die.
    • For the Falling sicknesse. 56. 172
    • For the bloudy Flux. 56. 138. 173
    • To kill a Felon. 64
    • To break a Felon. 65. 122. 129
    • Oil of Foxes its Vertues. 104
    • Jelly of Frogs. 177
    • For a red Face. 182
  • G

    • For the Gout. 43. 91. 92.
    • For the Green sicknesse. 84
    • Gascons pouder. 183
    • B3 Gascons B3v
    • Gascons pouder by the Apothecaries.
  • H

    • To make Horse Radish drink. 7
    • To take away Hoarsnesse. 13
    • To take away Head-ach. ib.
    • A Cordial for the Heart. 16. 87
    • For coldnesse in the Head. 34
    • For the Hearing. 44. 91. 122
    • For the breaking out of Childrens
    • For the swelling of the head with a
    • For a new hurt. 72
    • To cleanse the Head. 74
    • For singing in the Head. 97
    • For a Heat, burning or scalding. 125
    • Oil of Hypericon. 170
    • For a scald Head. 173
    • For heat of the soles of the Feet. 183
  • I

    • For the Itch. 10. 95. 174
    • Oil of St. Johns Wort. 80
    • For a strain in the joints. 161
  • K

    • For Kibes. 126. 172
    • The Countess of Kents pouder. 186
  • L For B4r
  • L

    • For the Liver. 11. 111
    • For a Lask. 69 95. 112. 119
    • Against grief of the Lungs. 73
    • To cause easie Labour. 77
    • To keep ones body Loose. 181
  • M

    • Against Melancholy. 4. 8. 111
    • Aqua Mirabilis with the vertues. 4. 5
    • To prevent miscarrying. 26
    • For the Mother. 119. 153
    • The Vertues of Aqua Mariæ. 192
    • The Vertues of sp. of Mints. 193
    • The composition of Oleum Magistrale.
  • P

    • For the Plague. 9 99. 107. 108.
      139. 154. 155. 176. 180
    • For the Plurisie. 26 74
    • For a dead Palsie. 38. 102
    • A good Purge. 59
    • For a prick with a Nail or Thorn.
      96. 107. 117
    • To make the Leaden Plaister. 105
    • The Vertue of the plaister. 106
    • For the Ptisick. 121
    • For B4v
    • For pricking and burning in the soles
      of the feet.
    • For a push. 130
    • The best Paracelsus Salve. 157
    • An excellent Plague water. 166
    • A defensive Plaister against the
  • R

    • Running of the Reins. 35. 68. 82. 125
    • Pectorall Rowles. 37
    • For the Reins of the back. 61
    • For Rheum in the head. 95
    • For one that hath a Rupture. 99 100.
    • Vertues of floures of Rosemary. 192
    • Vertues of Sp. of Roses. 194
  • S

    • For Stone in the Kidneys. 12. 6. 75
    • For a Stitch. 10. 62. 99
    • For Scabs. 10
    • For the Scurvie. 31
    • To Strengthen the Stomack. 33. 130
    • For Sun-burnt. 35
    • For a swelling. 39. 51. 52. 53. 71.
      73. 115
    • For B5r
    • For Spitting bloud. 46. 72
    • Against Surfetting. 49. 60. 111. 175
    • For Sinewes that are shrunk. 63
    • Dr. Stevens Water. 65. 146
    • To cause one to sleep. 71. 103. 119.
    • For pain in the Stomack. 76
    • A Cordial for the Sea. 78.
    • For the Stone. 81. 94. 112. 134. 135
    • For an old Sore. 81. 89. 90. 93. 101.
      119. 128. 145
    • To make oil of Sage. 87
    • For the tooth-ach. 88
    • For a Scald. 97. 123. 152
    • To make oil of Swallowes. 116
    • A Water for the sight. 121
    • For the stiffnesse of Sinews. 138
    • For the Spleen. 151
    • Vertues of Spirits of Saffron. 193
    • Vertues of Sp. of Strawberries. 195
  • T

    • For stopping in the Throat. 11
    • To distill Triacle Water. 12
    • For a Tetter. 56. 97. 180
    • To keep Teeth clean. 86
    • To cure the Garget in the Throat. 90
    • To B5v
    • To quench thirst. 120
    • For the Tooth-ach. 178
    • To fasten the Teeth. ib.
    • To make one Taste their meat. 179
    • The Vertues of Aqua Theriacalis.
  • V

    • To stay Vomiting. 33
    • To stop the bleeding of a Vein. 47
    • For a Vein ill smitten. 48.
    • For Ulcers. 55
    • Flos Unguentorum. 57
    • Against biting of Venomous beasts. 70
    • Against falling of the Uvula. 182.
  • W

    • A Cordial for Wind in the stomock.
      16. 146. 156.
    • Restoratives for the same. 16. 17.
      18. 41.
    • For a green Wound. 27. 54. 69.
      70. 83. 108. 124. 133.
    • For one that is Weak. 39. 42. 98
    • To stanch bleeding of a Wound. 46.
      96. 168
    • For a Woman traveling with Child.
      48. 79
    • For B6r
    • For a Wen. 44
    • For cankered Wounds. 62
    • Dr. Willoughbies Water. 66
    • To draw an Arrow head, or any iron
      out of a Wound.
    • For a Woman that hath her flowers too
    • To cause a Woman to have her sicknesse.
    • To kill Wormes. 94. 153
    • For the Wind Collick. 102
    • For one that cannot make Water. 114.
    • To take away Warts. 121
  • Y

    • Yellow Jaundice. 37.
A B6v
C1r 1

Choice Manual,

Rare and Select

By the right Honorable
the Countesse of Kent.

A very good medicine for a Consumption,
and Cough of the Lungs.

Take a pound of the best Honey
as you can get, and dissolve
it in a Pipkin, then take
it off the fire, and put in two penniworth
of flower of brimstone, and C two C1v 2
two penniworth of powder of Elecampana,
and two penniworth of the
flower of Liquorice, and two penniworth
of red Rose-water, and so
stir them together, till they be all
compounded together, and put it
into a gallie pot, and when you use
it, take a liquorice stick beaten at
one end, and take up with it as much
almost as halfe a Walnut
, at night
when you go to bed, & in the mornings
fasting, or at any time in the
night when you are troubled with
the Cough and so let it melt down
in your mouth by degrees.

Sr. John Digbies Medicine for the
stone in the Kidnies.

Take a pound of the finest Honey,
and take seven quarts of Conduit
water, set them on the fire, and
when it is ready to seeth, scum it,
and still as the froth doth rise, scum
it, and put in twenty whole Cloves,
and let them seeth softly for the space
of halfe an hour, and so bottle it up
for your use, and drink it morning and C2r 3
and evening,& at your meat,& use
no other drink untill you are well.

A Medicine for the falling sicknesse.

Take a pennie weight of the powder
of gold, six pennie weight of
Pearl, six pennie weight of Amber,
six pennie weight of Corral, eight
of Bezar, half an ounce of
Pionie seeds: Also you must put
some powder of a dead mans scull
that hath been an Anatomie, for a
woman, and the powder of a woman
for a man, compound all these
together, and take as much of the
powder of all these as will lie upon
a two pence
for nine mornings together
in Endive water, and drink
a good draught of Endive water
after it.

For Cordials and Restoratives use
these things following.

In any faintnesse take three drops
of oil of Cinnamon, mixed with
a spoonful of Sirrup of Gilliflowers,
and as much Cinnamon water,
drink this for a Cordiall.

Against C2v 4

Against Melancholie.

Take one spoonfull of Gilliflowers,
the weight of seven barley
of Bever-stone, bruise it as
fine as flower, and so put it into
two spoonfulls of Sirrup of Gilliflowers,
and take it four hours
after supper, or else four hourse after
dinner, this will cheer the heart.

If you be sick after meals use this.

Take of the best green Ginger is
preserved in Sirrup shred it in small
pieces, put it into a gallie pot,& put
Cinnamon water to it, then after
dinner or supper, eat the quantity of
two nutmegs upon a knifes point

Aqua Mirabilis.

Take three pints of white wine,
one pinte of Aqua vitæ, one pint
of juice of Salendine, one drachm
of Cardamer, a drachm of Mellilot
flowers, Cubebs, a drachm of
Galingal, Nutmegs, Mace, Ginger
and Cloves, of each a drachm,
mingle all these together over night,
the next morning set them a stilling
in a glasse Limbeck.

The C3r 5

The Vertues.

This water dissolveth swelling of
the Lungs, and being perished doth
help and comfort them, it suffereth
not the bloud to putrifie, he shall
not need to be let bloud that useth
this water, it suffereth not the heart
burning, nor Melancholy or Flegm
to have dominion, it expelleth urine,
and profiteth the stomack, it preserveth
a good colour, the visage,
memorie, and youth, it destroyeth
the Palsie.

Take some three spoonfulls of it
once or twice a week, or oftner,
morning and evening, first and last.

Another way to make Aqua mirabilis.

Take Galingal, Cloves, Quibs,
Ginger, Mellilip, Cardamonie,
Mace, Nutmegs, of each a drachm,
and of the juice of Mints
and Balm, of each half a pint more,
and mingle all the said Spices being
beaten into a powder with the C3 juice C3v 6
juice, and with a pint of good Aqua
, and three pints of good white
wine, and put all these together into
a pot, and let it stand all night
being close stopt, and in the morning
still it with a soft fire as can
be, the still being close pasted, and
a cold still.

A Medicine for the Stone in the

Take a good handful of Pellitorie
of the wall, a handful of Mead
Parsley, or saxifrage, a handfull of
wild Thime, a handfull of garden
Parsley, three spoonfuls of Fennel
seeds, six Horse Raddish roots sliced,
then shred all these thogether, and
put them in a gallon of new milk,
and let them stand and steep in a
close pot one whole night, and then
still them milk and all together,
this must be done in May or June,
for then hearbs are in their best
state, and when it is taken, you
must put to two or three spoonfuls
of this water, as much White wine as Renish C4r 7
Renish, and if you please a little
Sugar, and to take it two dayes
before the change, and two dayes after,
and two dayes before the fall,
and two dayes after, continuing
taking the same all the year, and
the patient undoubtedly shall find
great ease, and void many stones,
and much gravel with little pain.

To make Horse-Raddish drink.

Take half a pound of Horse-Raddish,
then wash and scrape them very
clean, and slice them very thin,
crosse waies on the root, then put
them into six quarts of sflawed-reproductionone or two wordse,
such as is ready to flawed-reproductionone to three wordswhich
being put into a Pipkinflawed-reproductionone to two wordscover’d
set on the embers, keeping it
little more than bloud warm for
twelve hours, then take it off the fire,
and let it stand to cool untill the
next morning, then pour the clear
liquor into bottles, and keep it for
your use, drinking a good draught
thereof in the morning, fasting two
hours after, and the like quantity C4 at C4v 8
at four in the afternoon, this drink
is excellent good against windes,
as also for the scouring, and dropsie
being taken in time.

An excellent Sirrup against Melancholy.

Take four quarts of the juice of
Pearmaines, and twice as much of
the juice of Buglosse, and Borrage,
if they be to be gotten, a drachm of
the best English Saffron, bruise it,
and put it into the juice, then take
two drachms of Kermes small beaten
to a powder, mix it also with the
juice, so being mixt, put them into
an earthen vessel, covered or stopt
fourty eight hours, then strain it,
a shallow pound of Sugar to every
quart of juice, and so boile it to the
ordinary height of a sirrup; after
it be boiled, take one drachm of the
spices of Diamber, & two drachms
of the spices of Diamargariron frigidum,
and so few the same slenderly
in a linnen bag, that you may put
the same easily into the bottle of sirrup,rup, C5r 9
and so let it hang with a thread
out at the mouth of the bottle; the
spices must be put into the sirrup in
the bag, so soon as the sirrup is off
the fire, whilst it is hot, then afterwards
put it into the bottle, and
there let it hang: put but a spoonfull
or two
of Honey amongst it,
whilst it is boiling, and it will make
the scum rise, and the sirrup very

You must adde to it the quantity
of a quarter of a pint of the juice
of Balm.

An excellent receipt for the Plague.

Take one pound of green Walnuts,
half an ounce of Saffron,
and half an ounce of London Triacle,
beaten together in a morter, and
with a little Carduus, or some such
water, vapour it over the fire, till
it come to an electuary: keep this
in a pot, and take as much as a
, it is good to cure a Feaver,
Plague, and any infection.

C5 An C5v 10

An excellent Cordiall.

Take the flowers of Marigolds,
and lay them in small spirit of
Wine, when the tincture is fully taken
out, pour it off from the flowers,
and vapor it away till it come
to a consistence as thick as an Electuary.

For a bruise, or Stitch, under the

Take five or six handfuls of Cabbage,
stamp it, and strain it, after it
is boiled in a quart of fair water,
then sweeten it with Sugar, and
drink of it a wine Glasse, in the
morning, and at four in the afternoon,
for five or six dayes together:
then take a Cabbage leaf, and between
two dishes stew it, being wet
first in Canary wine, and that lay
hot to your side evenings & mornings.

An excellent Receipt for an Itch,
or any foul Scabs.

Take Fox-gloves, and boil a
of them in posset drink, and C6r 11
and drink of it a draught at night,
& in the morning, then boil a good
quantity of the Fox-gloves in faire
running water, and annoint the places
that are sore with the water.

A Receipt good for the Liver.

Take Turpentine, slice it thin,
and lay it on a silver, or Purslane
plate, twice or thrice in the Oven
with the bread till it be dry, and so
make it into powder, every day
take as much as will lie on a sixpence
in an Egg.

For Flegm, and stopping in the
throat, and stomack.

D. T.

Take oil of Almonds, flawed-reproductionone or two wordsd
oil, buds of Orange flowers, flawed-reproductionone word
all these in Milk and annoint the
stomack well with it, and lay a
scarlet cloth next to it.

For an extream cold, and a cough.

Take of Hylop water six ounces,
of red Poppy water four ounces, six
Dates, ten Figs, and slice them
small, a handfull of Raflawed-reproductionthree letterss of the
Sun, the weight of a shilling of the powder C6v 12
powder of Liquorice, put these inthe
aforesaid waters, and let them
stand five or six hours upon warm
coals close covered, and not boil,
then strain forth the water, and
put into it as much sugar of Roses
as will sweeten it, drink of this in
the morning, & at four of the clock
in the afternoon, and when you go
to bed.

To distill Triacle water.

Take one ounce of Harts-horn
shaved, and boil it in three pints of
Carduus water till it come to a
, then take the roots of Elecampane,
Gentian, Cipresse, Tuflawed-reproductionone or two lettersmentil,
and of Citron rinds, of
each one ounce Borrage, Buglosse,
Rosemary flours, of each two ounces,
then take a pound of the best
old Triacle, and dissolve it in six
of white Wine, and three
of Rose-water, so infuse altogether,
and distill it.

It is good to restore spirits, and
speech, and good against swouninging, C7r 13
faintnesse, agues, and worms,
and the small pox.

Triacle Water.

Take three ounces of Venice Triacle,
and mingle it in a quart of
spirits of wine, set it in horse-dung
four or five daies, then distill it in
ashes or sand twice over, after take
the bottom which is left in the Still,
and put to it a pint of spirit of wine,
and set it in the dung till the tincture
be clean out of it, and strain
the clear tincture out of it, and set
it on the fire till it become to be a
thick consistence, it must be kept
with a soft fire. And so the like with

To take away a Hoarsnesse.

Take a Turnip, cut a hole in the
top of it, and fill it up with brown
Sugar candy, and so roast it in the
embers, and eat it with Butter.

To take away the head-ach.

Take the best Sallade oil, and
the glasse half full with tops of Poppy
flours which groweth in the Corn, C7v 14
Corn, set this in the Sun a fourtnight,
and so keep it all the year,
and annoint the Temples of your
head with it.

For a Cough.

Take Sallade oil, Aqua Vitæ,
and Sack, of each an equall quantity,
beat them altogether, and before
the fire rub the soles of your
feet with it.

To make a Jelly of Harts-horn.

Take a quart of running water,
and 3 ounces of Harts-horn scraped
very fine, then put it into a stone Jug
and set the Jug in a Kettle of water
over the fire, & let it boil two or three
hours untill it jelly, then put into
it three or four spoonfulls of Rose-
water, or White-wine, then strain
it: you may put into it Musk,
or Ambergreice, and season it as
you please.

To make a Glister.

Take half a quart of new Milk,
or three quarters, set it on the fire,
and make it scalding hot, then take it C8r 15
it off, and put into it the yoalk of
a new laid Egg beaten, two ounces
of brown Sugar-candy, or black
Sugar, give it to the party bloud

To make a Glister.

Take the bone of a neck of Mutton,
or Veal clean washed, set it
on the fire to boil in three pints of
fair water, and when it is clean
scummed, then put in the roots of
Fennel and Parsley clean washed
and scraped, of either of them the
roots bruised a handfull, of Cammomile,
and Mallowes a handful,
let all these boile together till half be
wasted, then strain it, take three
quarters of a pint
of this broth,
brown Sugar-candy two ounces,
of oil of Flax-seed two ounces,
mingle all these together, and take
it for a glister bloud-warm, when it
is in your body keep it half an hour,
or three quarters of an hour, or an
hour if you can.

A Comfor- C8v 16

A Comfortable Cordial to chear
the heart.

flawed-reproductionone wordone ounce of conserve of
flawed-reproductionone or two wordsrs, four grains of the
flawed-reproductionone or two wordsusk bruised as fine as
flawed-reproductionone or two wordsr, then put it into a little tin
pot, and keep it till you have need
to make this Cordial following,
Viz. Take the quantity of
one Nutmeg
out of your tin pot,
put to it one spoonfull of Cinnamon-water,
and one spoonful of the
Sirrup of Gillifloures, Ambergreice,
mix all these together, and
drink them in the morning, fasting
three or four hours, this is most

A Cordial for wind in the Stomack,
or any Part.

Take six or eight spoonfuls of
Pennyroyal water, put into it four
of oil of Cinnamon, so drink
it any time of day, so you
fast two hours after.


Take a well flesht Capon from the C9r 17
the barn-door, and pluck out his
Intrals, then wash it within with a
little White-wine, then flea off all
the skin, and take out his bones,
and take the flesh, onely cut it in
little pieces, and put it into a little
stone bottle, and put to it an ounce
of white Sugar-candy, six Dates
slit, with the stones and piths taken
out, one large Mace, then stop the
bottle up fast, and set it in a Chafer
of water, and let it boil three hours,
then take it out, and pour the juice
from the meat, and put to it one
of red Rose-water, and
take the better part for your breakfast
four hours before dinner, and
the other part at three a clock in
the afternoon, being bloud-warm.

Another Restorative.

Take half a pint of Claret-wine,
and half a pint of Ale, and make a
Caudle with a new laid Egg, put
in half a Nutmeg, cut into two peices,
then take it off the fire, and
put in seven graines of Ambergreice,greice C9v 18
drink this for two breakfasts,
for it will increase bloud and

Another Restorative.

Take two new laid Eggs, and take
the whites clean from them, and
put the yolks both in one shell, then
put in two spoonfuls of Claret-
wine, seven grains of Ambergreice
small bruised, and a little Sugar-
candy, stir all these together, and
make them bloud-warm, and sup
them up for a breakfast three or
four hours before dinner.

Another Restorative.

Take a young leg of Mutton,
cut off the skin, and the fat, take
the flesh being cut into small pieces,
and put it into a stone bottle,
then put to it two ounces of raisins
of the Sun stoned, a large Mace,
an ounce and half of Sugar-candy,
and stop the bottle very close, and
let it boil in a Chafer three houres,
and so put the juice from the meat,
and keep it in a clean glasse, it will serve C10r 19
serve for three breakfasts, or if he
will, he may take some at three a
clock in the afternoon being made

A restoring Broath.

Take two ounces of Cheneroots,
first slit very thin, then put it
in a new Pipkin with five pints of
running water, being close covered,
and so set it upon embers all night
long, where it may be very hot,
but not seeth, then put to that water,
a great Cock Chicken, and
when it is clean scummed, put into
it two spoonfuls of French
Barley, six Dates slit, with the
pithes and stones taken out, two
of Raisins of the Sun
ston’d, a large Mace, let all these
boil together till half be consumed,
then take out the Cock, and beat
the flesh of it in a clean Motter, and
a little of the broth, then strain it
altogether throughout a hair Collender,
then put in two spoonfuls of
red Rose water, and sweeten it with C10v 20
with white Sugar-candy, drink of
this broth being made warm half a
in the morning early fasting;
and sleep after it if you can, drink
a good draught at three of the clock
in the afternoon, this broth is very
good for a Consumption, and the
longer they taste it, it is the better.

A strengthening Meat.

Take Potato roots, roast them,
or bake them, then pill them, and
slice them into a dish, put to it
lumps of raw marrow, and a few
Currans, a little whole Mace, and
sweeten it with Sugar to your taste,
and so eat it in stead of buttered

Broath for a Consumption.

Take three Marrow-bones,
break them in pieces, and boil them
in a gallon of water till half be consumed,
then strain the liquor
through a Collender, and let it
stand while it be cold, then take off
all the fat clean, and put the broth
into a Pipkin, and put to it a good cock- C11r 21
cock-Chicken, and a knuckle of
Veal, then put into it the bottome
of a white loaf, a whole Mace, two
of Raisins of the Sun stoned,
six Dates slit, let all these boil
together till half be consumed, then
strain it, in stead of Almonds take
a few Pistaties kernels, and beat
them and strain them with your
broths as you do Allmond milk, and
so sweeten it with white Sugar, and
drink half a pint early in the morning,
and at three a clock in the afternoon,
and so continue a good
while together, or else it will do you
no good.

Another Cordial.

Take a preserved Nutmeg, cut
it in four quarters, eat a quarter at
a breakfast, and another in the afternoon,
this is good for the head
and stomack.

A Cordial for a Breakfast fasting.

Eat a good piece of Pomecitron
preserved, as big as your two
fingers in length and breadth
, and so C11v 22
so at three of the clock in the afternoon.

A restoring Breakfast.

Take the brawn of a Capon, or
Pullet, twelve Jordan Almonds
blanched, beat them together, and
strain out the juice with a draught
of strong broath, and take it for a
breakfast, or to bedward.

A Medicine for any gripings of
the Belly.

Take a pint of Claret wine, put
to it a spoonfull of Parsley seed, and
a spoonful of sweet Fennel seed, half
a dozen
Cloves, a branch of Rosemary,
a wild Mallow root clean
washt and scrapt, and the pith taken
out, with a good piece of Sugar, set
this on the fire, and burn the Claret
very well with all these things in
it, then drink a good draugt of
it in the morning fasting, and at
three a clock in the afternoon.

To keep the Body Lapintine.

Take half a pint of running
water, put it in a new Pipkin with a cover, C12r 23
cover, then put into the water two
of Manna, and when it is
dissolved, strain it, and put to it
four ounces of Damask Prunes,
eight Cloves, a branch of Rosemary,
let all these stew together while
they be very tender, then eat a dozen
of them with a little of the liquor
an hour before dinner or supper,
then take a draught of broth
and dine.

To make the China Broth for a

Take China root thin sliced two
, steep it twenty four hours
in eight pints of fair water, letting
it stand warm all the time, being
close covered in an earthen Pipkin,
or Iron pot, then put to it a good
Cockrel, or two Chickens clean
dressed, and scum it well, then
put in five-leaved grasse two handfuls
Maiden-hair, Harts tongue,
of either half a handful, twenty
Dates sliced, two or three Mace, and
the bottome of a Manchet, let all these C12v 24
these stew together, untill not above
one quart remaines, then
strain it, and take all the flesh, and
sweet bones, beat them in a stone
Morter, and strain out all the juyce
with the broth, the sweeten it with
two ounces of white Sugar-candy
in pouder, and take thereof half a
at once, early in the morning
warm, and sleep after it if you can,
and two houres before supper at
your pleasure, when you steep the
root, slice two drachms of white
Sanders, and as much red Sanders,
and let them boyle in the broth.

A gentle Purge.

Take one ounce of Damask
Roses, eat it all at one time, fast
three quarters of an hour after,
then take a draught of Broth, and

Another Purge.

Take the weight of four or five
of Rubarb, cut it in little pieces,
and take a spoonfull or two
of good Currans washt very clean, so D1r 25
so mingle them together, and so
eat them, fast an hour after, and
begin that meal with broth, you
may take it an hour before if you

Broth for a Consumption.

Take a course Pullet, and sow
up the belly, and an ounce of the
conserves of red Roses, of the conserves
of Borage, and Bugless
floures, of each of them half an
, Pine apple kernels, and
Pistaties, of each half an ounce
bruised in a Morter, two drachms
of Amber Pouder, all mixed together
and put in the belly, then boyle
it in three quarts of water, with Egrimony,
Endive, and Succory, of
each one handfull, Sparrow-grasse
roots, Fennell roots, Caper roots,
and one handfull of Raisins of the
Sun stoned, when it is almost
boyled, take out the Pullet, and beat
it in a stone Morter, then put it
into the liquor again, and give it
three or four walmes more, then D strain D1v 26
strain it, and put to it a little red
Rosewater, and half a pint of white
Wine, and so drink it in a morning,
and sleep after it.

To prevent miscarrying.

Take Venice Turpentine, spread
it on black brown paper, the
breadth and length of a hand
, lay it
to the small of her back, then give
her to drink a Caudle made of
Muskadine, and put into it the
husks of twenty three sweet Almends
dried and finely poudered.

For Boiles, or Kibes, or to draw a

Take strong Ale, and boyle it
from a pint to four spoonfuls, and
so keep it, it will be an Ointment.

To make Cammomile Oyle.

Shred a pound of Cammomile,
and knead it into a pound of sweet
Butter, melt it, and strain it.

A Receipt for the Plurisie.

Take three round Balls of
Horse dung, boil them in a pint of
white Wine till half be consumed, then D2r 27
then strain it out, and sweeten it
with a little Sugar, and let the Patient
goe to bed and drink this, then
lay him warm.

For an Ague.

Take a pint of Milk, and set it
on the fire, and when it boiles put
in a pint of Ale, then take off the
curd, and put in nine heads of Carduus,
let it boyle till half be wasted,
then to every quarter of a pint put a
good spoonfull
of Wheat flower,
and a quarter of a spoonfull of
gross Pepper, and an hour before
the fit, let the Patient drink a quarter
of a pint
, and be sure to lye in a
sweat before the fit.

An excellent Balm for a green

Take two good handfuls of
English Tobacco, shred it small,
and put it into a pint of Sallade
oil, and seeth it on a soft fire to
simper, till the oile change green,
the strain it, and in the cooling
put in two ounces of Venice Turpentine.

D2 For D2v 28

For an Ach.

Take of the best Gall, white
Wine Vinegar, and Aqua vitæ, of
each a like quantity, and boil it
gently on the fire, till it grow clammy,
then put it in a glass or pot, and
when you use any of it, warm it against
the fire, rub some of it with
your hand on the aking place, and
lay a linnen cloth on it, doe this
mornings and evenings.

To make a Searcloth.

Virgins Wax, Sperma Cæti, Ve
Turpentine, oyle of White
Poppy, oyle of Ben, oyle of sweet

For Wind in the stomack, and
for the Spleen.

Take a handfull of Broom, and
boyle it in a pint of Beer or Ale till
it be half consumed, and drink it
for the wind, and the stomack,
and for the Spleen.

A D3r 29

A most excellent VVater for a
Consumption and Cough of the

Take a running Cock, pull him
alive, then kill him, when he is almost
cold cut him abroad by the
back, and take out the Intrals, and
wipe him clean, then cut him in
quarters, and break the bones, put
him into such a Still as you stil
Rosewater in, and with a pottle of
Sack, a pound of Currans, a pound
of Raisins of the Sun stoned, a
quarter of a pound
of Dates, the
stones taken out, and the Dates cut
small, two handfuls of wild Thyme,
two handfuls of Orgares, two handfuls
of Pimperbal, and two handfuls
of Rosemary, two handfuls of Buglosse
and Borage floures, a pottle
of new Milk of a red Cow, still
this with a soft fire, put into the
glass, that the water doth drop into,
half a pound of Sugar-candy beaten
very small, one book of leaf gold
cut small among the Sugar, four BD3 grains D3v 30
of Amber-greece, twelve
of prepared Pearl, you must
mingle the strong Water with the
small, and drink four spoonfulls at a
time in the morning fasting, and an
hour before supper, you must shake
about the glasse when you drink it.

For a Bruise.

Take six spoonfuls of Honey, a
great handfull
of Linseed, bruise
these in a morter, and boyl them in
a pint of Milk an hour, then strain
it very hard, and annoint your
breast and stomack with it every
morning and evening, and lay a
red hose upon it.

The Eye-water for all the infirmities
and diseases of the Eye.

Take of the distilled water of
the white wild Rose half a pound,
of the distilled water of Celendine,
Fennel Eyebright, and Rue, of each
two ounces, of Cloves an ounce and
a half
, of white Sugar-candie one
, of Tutia prepared four
, pulverise all these, ingredientsents D4r 31
each by themselves, saving
that you must bruise the Camphire
with your Sugar-candy, for to it
breaks best, then mix all the pouders
together in a paper, put them
in a strong glasse, pour the distilled
waters upon them, and three pints
of the best French white Wine that
can be had, shake it every day three
or four times long together for a
moneth, and then you may use it:
remember to keep it very close stopt.
This is verbatim, as it was had from
the Lord Kelley.

A Medicine very good for the
Dropsie, or the Scurvie, and
to clear the Bloud.

Take four gallons of Ale, drawn
from the tap into an earthen Stand,
when the Ale is two dayes old, then
you must put in four handfuls of
Brook lime, four handfuls of
Watercresses, four handfuls of
Water-Mints with red stalkes, half
a peck
of Scurvy-grasse, let all these
be clean picked, and washed, and D4 dryed D4v 32
dryed with a cloth, and shred with
a knife, and then put into a bag,
then put in the Ale, and stop it close,
so that it have no vent, stop it with
Rie paste; the best Scurvy-grasse
groweth by the water side: it must
be seven dayes after the things be in
before you drink it. Take two
of water, and put in four
of Guaiacam, two ounces of
Sarsaparilla, one ounce of Saxifrage,
put it into a Pipkin, and infuse
it upon the embers for twelve
houres, and then strain it, and put
it into the Ale as soon as it hath
done working, this being added
makes the more Caudle.

For sore Eyes.

Take half a pint of red Rosewater,
put therein four penniworth
of Alloesuckatrina, as much Bole
in quantity, let this lie
four and twenty houres in steep,
then wash your eye with it evenings
and mornings with a feather,
and it will help them.

A D5r 33

A Sirrup to strengthen the stomack
and the brain, and to make a
sweet breath.

Take Rindes while they be new
one pound, of running water the value
of five wine pints
, then seeth it
unto three pints, then strain it, and
with one pound of Sugar seeth it to
Sirrup, and when you take it from
the fire put to it four graines of

For the burning in the Back.

Take the juyce of Plantain, and
Womans Milk, being of a woman
Childe, put thereto a spoonfull of
Rosewater, and wet a fine cloth in
the same, and so lay it to your back
where the heat is.

A very good Medicine to stay the

Take of Spare-Mints, Wormwood,
and red Rose leaves dried, of
each half a handfull, of Rye bread
grated a good handfull, boyle all
these in red Rosewater, and Vinegar,
till they be somewhat tender, D5 then D5v 34
then put it into a linnen cloth, and
lay it to the stomack as hot as you
can endure it, heating it two or
three times a day with such as it
was boyled in.

For weaknesse in the Back.

Take Nix, and Clary, and the
Marrow of an Oxe back chop them
very small, then take the yolks of
two or three Eggs, and strain them
all together, then fry them, use this
six or seven times together, and after
it drink a good draught of Bastard
or Muskadine.

To make a Cap for the pain and
coldness in the head.

Take of Stopix, and Benjamine,
of both some twelve penniworth,
and bruise it, then quilt it in a
brown paper, and wear it behind
on your head.

To make pectorall Rowles for a

Take four ounces of Sugar finely
beaten, and half an ounce of searated
Liquorice, two grains of Musk, and D6r 35
and the weight of two pence of the
Sirrup of Licorice, and so beat
it up to a perfect paste, with a little
Sirrup of Horehound, and a little
Gum dragon being steeped in Rosewater,
then roule them in small
Roules and dry them, and so you
may keep them all the whole year.

For the running of the Reines.

Take the Pith of an Oxe that
goeth down the back, a pint of red
Wine, and strain them together
through a cloth, then boile them a
little with a good quantity of Cinnamon,
and a Nutmeg, and a large
Mace, a quantity of Ambergriece,
drink this first and last daily.

For Sun-burnt.

Take the juyce of a Lemon, and
a little Bay salt, and wash your
hands with it, and let them dry of
themselves, wash them again, and
you shall find all the spots and
staines gone.

For D6v 36

For a Pin and Web, and rednesse
in the Eye.

Take a pint of white Rosewater,
half a pint of white Wine, as much
of Lapis calaminaris as a Walnut
bruised, put all these in a glasse, and
set them in the Sun one week, and
shake the glasse every day, then take
it out of the Sun, and use it as you
shall need.

A speciall Medicine to preserve the

Take of brown Fennel, Honeysuckles
of the hedge, of wild Dasies
roots picked, and washed, and dried,
of Pearl-wort, of Eye-bright, of
red Roses the white clipped away,
of each of these a handfull dry gathered,
then steep all these Hearbs in
a quart or three pints of the best
white Wine in an earthen pot, and
so let it lie in steep two or three
dayes close covered, stirring it three
times a day, and so still it with a
gentle fire, making two distillings,
and so keep it for your use.

A D7r 37

A proved Medicine for the yellow

Take a pint of Muskadine, a
pretty quantity of the inner Bark of
a Barberry tree, three spoonfuls of
the greenest goose-dung you can
get, and take away the white spots
of it, lay them in steep all night, on
the morrow strain it, and put to it
one grated Nutmeg, one pennyworth
of Saffron dried, and very
fine beaten, and give it to drink in
the morning.

To make pectoral Rowles.

Take one pound of fine Sugar,
of Liquorice and Anniseeds two
, of Elecampane one spoonfull,
of Amber and Corral of each
a quarter of a spoonfull, all this
must be very finely beaten and searced,
and then the quantity that is set
down must be taken, mixe all these
powders together well, then take the
white of an Egg, and beat it with a
pretty quantity of Musk, then take
a brazen Morter very well scoured, and D7v 38
and a spoonfull or two of the powders,
and drop some of the Egg to it,
so beat them to a paste, then make
them in little rowles, and lay them
on a plate to drie.

A Plaister for a sore Breast.

Take crums of Whitebread, the
tops of Mint chopped small, and
boil them in strong Ale, and make
it like a poultesse, and when it is almost
boiled, put in the powder of
Ginger, and oil of Thyme, so spread
it upon a cloth, it will both draw
and heal.

A Medicine for the dead palsie
and for them that have lost their

Take Borage leaves, Marigold
leaves, or flours, of each a good
, boil it in a good Ale Posset,
the Patient must drink a good
draught of it in the morning, and
sweat, if it be in the arms or legs,
they must be chafed for an hour or
two when they be greived, and at
meals they must drink of no other drink D8r 39
drink till their speech come to them
againe, and in winter, if the hearbs
be not to be had, the seeds will serve.

An approved Medicine for an
Ach, or swelling.

Take the floures of Cammomile,
and Rose leaves, of each of them
a like quantity, and seeth them in
white-Wine, and make a Plaister
thereof, and let it be laid as hot as
may be suffered, to the place grieved,
and this will ease the paine and
asswage the swelling.

An approved Medicine for a stinking

Take a good quantity of Rosemary
leaves and floures, and boil
them in white-Wine, and with a
little Cinnamon and Benjamin
beaten in powder, being put therein,
let the Patient use to wash his
mouth very often therewith, and
this will presently help him.

A good broth for one that is weak.

Take part of the neck of Lamb,
and a prettie running fowl, and set them D8v 40
them on the fire in fair spring water,
and when it boileth, scum it well,
so done, put in two large Mace, and
a few Raisins of the Sun stoned, and
a little Fennel root, and a Parsley
root, and let them boil, if the party
be grieved with heat or cold in the
stomack; if heat, put in a handfull
of Barley boiled before in two waters,
and some Violet leaves, Sorrel,
Succory, and a little Egrimonie;
if cold, put in Rosemary, Thyme,
a Lillie, Marigold leaves, Borrage,
and Buglosse, and boil this from
four pints to lesse then one.

A Receipt for Purging.

D. T.

Take the leaves of new Sene six
, of chosen Rubarb one ounce
and half
, leaves of Sage, red Dock
roots of each an ounce, of Barberries
half an ounce, Cinnamon and
Nutmegs, of each an ounce, Anniseeds
and Fennel seeds, of each
six drachms, of Tamarisk half an
, Cloves and Mace, of each
half a drachm, beat them into a grosse D9r 41
grosse pouder, and hang them in a
linnen Bagge, in six gallons of new
Ale, so drink it fasting in the morning,
and at night.

To comfort the stomack, and help
Windinesse and Rheum.

Take of Ginger one penniworth,
Cloves four penni-worth,
Mace seven penni-worth, Nutmegs
four penni-worth Cinnamon
four penni-worth, and Gallingale
two penni-worth, of each an ounce,
of Cubebs, Coral, and Amber,
of each two drachms, of Fennelseed,
Dill seed, and Carraway seed,
of each one ounce, of Liquorice
and Anniseeds, of each an ounce,
all beaten into fine pouder, one
pound and a half
of fine beaten Sugar,
which must be set on a soft fire,
and being dissolved, the pouders being
well mixed therewith till it be
stiffe, then put thereunto half a pint
of red Rose-water, and mixe them
well together, and put it into a gallie
pot, and take thereof first in the morn- D9v 42
morning, and last in the evening, as
much as a good Hasel-Nut
, with a
spoonfull or two
of red Wine.

To make a Callice for a weak Person.

Take a good Chicken, and a
piece of the neck end of Lamb or
Veal, not so much as the Chicken,
and set them on the fire, and when
they boil and are well scumed, cast in
a larg Mace, and the pieces of the
bottome of a Manchet, and half a
of French Barlie boiled in
three waters before, and put it to the
Broth, and take such hearbs as the
party requireth, and put them in
when the broth hath boiled half an
hour, so boil it from three and a
half to one, then cast it through a
strainer,& scum off all the fat, so let
it cool, then take twenty good Jordan
Almonds, or more, if they be
small, and grind them in a Morter
with some of the broth, or if you
think your broth too strong, grind
them with some fair water, and strain D10r 43
strain them with the broth, then set
it upon a few coals, and season it
with some Sugar, not too much,
and when it is almost boiled, take
out the thickest, and beat it all to
pieces in the morter, and put it in
againe, and it will do well, so there
be not too much of the others flesh.

For the Gout.

Take six drachms of Cariacostine
fasting in the morning, and
fast two houres after it, you may
roule it up in a Wafer, and take it
as Pils, or in Sack, as you conceive
is most agreeable for the Stomack;
this proportion is sufficient for a
Woman, and eight drachms for a
man, and take it every second day
untill you find remedy for it, it is a
gentle purge that works onely upon
winds and water.

The Poultesse for the Gout.

Take a penni-loaf of Whitebread,
and slice it, and put it in fair
water, two Eggs beaten together,
a handfull of red Rose leaves, two penni- D10v 44
of Saffron dried to
pouder, then take the bread out of
the water, and boyle it in a quantity
of good Milk, with the rest of the
Ingredients, and apply it to the
place grieved as warm as you can
well indure.

For them that cannot hear.

Put in their eares good dried

A Soveraign water good for many
Cures and health of Bodies.

Take a gallon of good Gascoigne
wine, White or Clarret, then take
Ginger, Galingal, Cardomon,
Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Graines
Cloves, Annise seeds, Fennel seeds,
Carraway seeds, of each of them
three drachms, then take Sage,
Mints, red Rose leaves, Thyme,
Pellitory, Rosemary, wild Thyme,
wild Majoram, Organy, Pennymountain,
Pennyroyall, Cammomile,
Lavender, Avens, of each of
them a handful, then beat the Spices
small, and the Hearbs, and put all into D11r 45
into the Wine, and let it stand for
the space of twelve houres, stirring
it divers times: Then still it in a
Limbeck, and keep the first water
by it self, for it is best, then will
there come a second water which is
good, but not so good as the first;
The Virtues of this Water be these,
It comforteth the Spirit vital, and
preserveth greatly the Spirit vital,
and preserveth the youth of man,
& helpeth all inward diseases coming
of cold, and against shaking of
the Palsie, it cureth the contract of
Sinnues, and helpeth the conception
of the barren, it killeth the worms
in the Belly, it killeth the Gout,
it helpeth Tooth-ach, it comforteth
the stomack very much, it cureth a
cold Dropsie, it breaketh the
stone in the back, and in the
reins of the back, it cureth the
Canker, it helpeth shortly the stinking
breath, and whosoever useth
this water oft, it preserveth them
in good liking; this water will be the D11v 46
the better if it stand in the Sun all
the Summer, and you must draw of
the first water but a pint, and of the
second as farre as it will run, untill
the whole gallon of Wine and
Hearbs be all done out, but the last
water is very small, and not half so
good as the first; if you do draw
above a pint of the best water, you
must have all things more as is aforesaid.

To stanch the bleeding of a wound.

Take a Hounds turd, and lay it
on a hot coal, and bind it thereto,
and that shall stanch bleeding or else
bruise a long Worm, and make pouder
of it, and cast it on the wound,
or take the eare of a Hare, and
make pouder thereof, and cast that
on the wound, and that will stanch

For spitting of bloud after a fall or

Take Bittanie, Vervain, Nosebleed,
and five leaved grasse of each
alike, and stamp them in a morter,ter, D12r 47
and wring out the juice of them,
and put to the juice as much Goats
milk, and let them seeth together,
and let him that is hurt drink of it
seven daies together, till the waxing
of the Moon, and let him drink also
Osmorie and Cumferie with
stale Ale, and he shall be whole.

For to heal him that spitteth bloud.

Take the juice of Bittanie and
temper that with good Milk, and
give the sick to drink four daies, and
he shall be whole.

For to know whether he that hath
the Flux shall live or die.

Take a penni-weight of Trefoile
seed, and give it him to drink in
Wine or Water, and do this three
daies, and if it cease, he shall live,
with the help of Medicine, if not,
he shall die.

For to stanch the bleeding of a

Take Rue and seeth it in water,
and after stamp it in a morter, and
lay it on the Vein, then take Lambs wool D12v 48
wool that was never washed, and lay
that thereon, and that shall stanch

For a Vein that is evill smitten.

Take beans, and peel away the
lack and seeth them well in Vinegar,
and lay them on the Vein hot
in manner of a Plaister.

For one that pisseth bloud.

Take and seeth Garlick in water,
till the third part be wasted away,
let him drink of the water and he
shall be whole.

For a woman travelling with

Take and give her Titany to
drink in the morning, and she shall
be delivered without peril, or else
give her Hysop with water that is
hot, and she shall be delivered of the
child, although the child be dead and
rotten, and annon when she is delivered
give her the same without
Wine, or bind the hearb Argentine
to her nostrils, and she shall be soon
delivered, or else Polopodie and stamp E1r 49
stamp it, and lay that on the womans
foot in manner of a Plaister,
and she shall be delivered quick or
dead, or else give her Savourie with
hot water, and she shall be delivered.

Against Surfeiting, and digesting.

Take the bottome of a wheaten
loafe, and toste it at the fire, till
it be very brown and hard, and
then take a good quantity of Aqua
and put upon the same so tosted,
and put it in a single linnen
cloth, and lay it at the breast of the
Patient all night, and with the help
of God, he shall recover, and he
shall vomit or purge soon after.

A water to comfort weak eyes, and
to preserve the sight.

Take a gallon and a half of old
wheat fair and clean picked from all
manner of soyl, and then still it in
an ordinary Still with a soft fire, and
the water that comes of it must be
put in a glasse, then take half a
of white Sugar-candy, and
bruise it in a morter to pouder, and E after E1v 50
after three dayes, when the water
hath been in a glasse, then put in the
pouderd Candy, then take an ounce
of Lapis Tutiæ prepared, and put it
into the glasse to the rest of the
stuffe, then take an ounce of Camphire
and break it between your fingers
small, and put it into the glass,
then stop the glasse close, and the
longer it stands, the better it will be.

For tender Eyes, or for Children.

Take a little piece of of white Sugar
Candy, as much as a Chesnut, and
put it into three or four spoonfulls
of White wine to steep, then take
it out againe, and dry it, and when
it is dry, bruise it in a clean Morter
that must taste of no spice, then put
it upon a piece of white paper, and
so hold it to the fire that it may be
thorough dry, and then searce it
through a little sieve.

For hot Eyes and red.

Take slugs, such as when you
flawed-reproductionone word them will turn like the pum-
flawed-reproductionone word swords, a dozen or sixteen, shake E2r 51
shake them first in a clean cloth,
and then in another, and not wash
them, then stamp them, and put
three or four spoonfuls of Ale to
them, and strain it through a dry
cloth, and give it the party morning
and evening, first and last.

For Cornes.

Take fair water half a pint, Mercury
Sublimate, a penni-worth, Allum
as much as a Bean, boyle all
these together in a glass Stil, till a
be wasted, and alwayes
warm it when you use it, this water
is also good for any Itch, Tetter,
Ringworm, or Wart.

A Searcloth for a Sore or Sprain,
or any Swelling.

Take Vervain seven ounces, of
Siros seven ounces, of Camphire
three drachms, of oile of Roses ten
, let the Wax and the Oyle
boil till the Wax be melted, then
put in your Siros finely beaten,
stirring it on the fire till it look
brown; Then put in the Camphire E2 finely E2v 52
finely beaten, and let it boil two or
three walmes, and then dip in your

A Poultess for a Swelling.

Take a good handfull of Violet
leaves, and as much Groundsel, of
Chickweed & Mallows half a handful
cut all these with a knife, and so
seeth them well in Conduit water, &
thicken it with Barlie meal, being
finely sifted, and so roule it sure,
and lay it to the swelled place, and
shift it twice a day.

To make a strong Water good for a
Canker, or any old Sore, or to eat
any lump of flesh that groweth.

Take of Celandine a handful,
of red Sage a handful, and of
Woodbind leaves a handful, shred
all these together very small, and
steep them in a quart of white-
Wine, and a pint of Water,
letting it stand all night, and on the
morrow strain it, and put therein
of Borax nine penni-worth, of
Camphire nine penni-worth, and of E3r 53
of Mercury four penni-worth, and
set them on a soft fire, boiling softly
for the space of an hour, and
when you will use it, warm a little of
it, dip it in a cloth, and lay it to
the Sore, or in any Cotten.

To heal any Bruise, Sore, or

Take two pound of Wax, and
two pound of Rosin, and two
pound and a half
of Butter, and
four spoonfuls of Flower, and two
good spoonfuls
of Honey, put in
your Wax, Rosin, and your Butter
altogether, boil all these together
and clarifie it, then put in two ounces
of Carmerick, and when it hath
thus boiled a quarter of an hour,
put a little water in a dish, and put
it in, and let it stand till it be cold,
and when you will use it, you may
melt it on a soft fire, and put in
your clothes, and make Searcloth,
& you may spread it plaister-wise to
heal any Wound.

E3 A Me- E3v 54

A Medicine for any wound old or

Take a pint of Sallade oil, and
four ounces of Bees Wax, and two
of Stone pitch, and two
of Rosin, and two ounces
of Venice Turpentine, and one penni-worth
of Frankincense, and a
of Rosemary tops, and a
of Tutson leaves, and a
of Plantaine leaves; these
Hearbs must be stamped, and the
juyce of them put to the things aforesaid,
and let them boil together
about a quarter of an houre, or
thereabouts, this being done, put it
into an earthen pot, and when it is
cold you may use it as you have occasion,
and keep it two year, a most
excellent Medicine.

A Medicine for a Wen.

Take black Sope, and unquencht
Lime, of each a like quantity, and
beat them very small together, and
spread it on a woollen cloth, and
lay it on the Wen, and it will consume
it away.

For E4r 55

For breaking out of Childrens

Take of white-Wine, and sweet
Butter alike, and boil them together
till it come to a Salve, and so
annoint the head therewith.

For to mundifie, and gently to
cleanse Ulcers, and to break new

Take Rosin eight ounces, Colophonia
four ounces, Era, & Oliva,
one pound, Adipis ovini, Gum
Ammoniaci Opopanaci, ana.
one ounce,
fine Eruginis aris, boil your Wax,
Colophony, and Rosin, with the Oil
together, then strain the Gums,
being first dissolved in Vinegar,
and boil it with a gentle fire, then
take it off, and put in your Vertigriece,
and fine powder, and use it
according to Art.

A Fomentation.

Take the liquor wherein Neats
feet have been boiled, with Butter,
and new Milk, and use it in manner
of a Fomentation.

E4 For E4v 56

For the falling Sicknesse, or Convulsions.

Take the dung of a Peacock,
make it into a pouder, and give so
much of it
to the Patient as will lie
upon a shilling
, in Succory water

For a Tetter, proceeding of a salt
humour, in the Breast and

Annoint the sore place with Tanners
Owse .

For the bloudy Flux.

Take the bone of a Gammon of
Bacon, and set it up an end in the
middle of a Charcoale fire, and let it
burn till it looks like Chalk, & that
it will burn no longer, then pouder
it, and give the powder thereof unto
the sick.

A Plaister for all manner of Bruises.

Take one pound of mede Wax, &
a quartern of Pitch, half a quartern
of Galbanum, and one pound of
Sheeps Tallow, shred them, and
seeth them softly, and put them to a little E5r 57
little white-Wine, or good Vinegar,
and take of Frankincense, and Mastick,
of each half an ounce in pouder,
and put it to, and boil them
altogether, and still them till it be
well relented, and spread this salve
upon a mighty Canvas that will over-spread
the Sore, and lay it thereon
hot till it be whole.

To make Flos Unguentorum.

Take Rosin, Perrofin, and half a
of Virgin Wax, Frankincense
a quarter of a pound, of Mastick
half an ounce, of Sheeps Tallow
a quarter of a pound, of Camphire
two drachms, melt that
that is to melt, and pouder that that
is to pouder, and boil it over the
fire, and strain it through a cloth
into a pottle of white-Wine, and
boil it altogether, and then let it
cool a little, and then put thereto a
of Turpentine, and stir
all well together till it be cold, and
keep it well. This Ointment is
good for Sores old and new; it E5 suffereth E5v 58
suffereth no corruption in the
Wound, nor no evill flesh to be
gendered in it, and it is good for
head-ach, and for all manner of
Imposthumes in the head, and for
wind in the brain, and for Imposthumes
in the body, and for
boyling eares and cheeks, and for
sauce-flegm in the face, and for
Sinewes that be knit, or stiffe, or
sprung with travell; it doth draw
out a thorn, or Iron, in what place
soever it be, and it is good for biting
or stinging of venomous
Beasts; it rotteth and healeth all
manner of Botches without, and
it is good for a Fester, and Canker,
and Noli me Tangere, and it draweth
out all manner of aking of the
Liver, and of the Spleen, and of the
Mervis, and it is good for aking
and swelling of many members,
and for all members, and it ceaseth
the Flux of Menstrua, and of Emetoides,
and it is a speciall thing to
make a fumed cloth to heal all manner E6r 59
manner of Sores, and it searcheth
farthest inward of any Ointment.

An Ointment for all sorts of Aches.

Take Bettony, Cammomile,
Celendine, Rosemary, and Rue, of
each of them a handfull, wash the
Hearbs and presse out the water,
and then chop or stamp them very
small, and then take fresh Butter
unwashed and unsalted a quart, and
seeth it untill half be wasted, and
clarified, then scum it clean, and
put in of oyle Olive one ounce, a
piece of Virgins Wax for to harden
the Ointment in the summer time,
and if you make it in the Winter,
put into your Ointment a little
quantity of Foot-fenne instead of
the Virgins Wax.

An excellent Sirrup to purge.

Take Sena Alexandrina one
, Polipodium of the Oak
four ounces, Sarsaparilla two ounces,
Damask Prunes four ounces,
Ginger seven drachms, Annise
seeds one ounce, Cumminseed half an E6v 60
an ounce
, Carraway seeds half an
, Cinnamon ten drachms,
Aristolochia rotunda, Peonia, of each
five drachms, Rubarb one ounce,
Agarick six drachms, Tamarisk
two handfuls, boyle all these in a
of fair water unto a pottle,
and when the liquor is boyled half
away, strain it forth, and then put in
your Rubarb and Agarick in a
clean thin handkercher, and tie it
up close, and put it into the said
liquor, and then put in two pound
of fine Sugar, and boil it to the
height of a Sirrup, and take of it the
quantity of six spoonfuls or more,
or lesse as you find it worketh in

To make Drink for all kind of

Take a quart of Aqua, or small
Aqua vitæ, and put in that a good
of Couslip floures, Sage
floures a good handfull, and of
Rosemary floures a handfull, sweet
Marjoram a little, Pellitorie of the wall E7r 61
wall a little, Betonie, and Balm, of
each a pretty handfull, Cinnamon
half an ounce, Nutmegs a quarter
of an ounce
, Fennel seed, Annise
seed, Coriander seed, Carraway
seed, Gromel seed, Juniper berries,
of each a drachm, bruise your
Spices and Seeds, and put them into
your Aqua or Aqua vitæ, with
your Hearbs together, and put to
that three quarters of a pound of
very fine Sugar, stirre them together,
and put them in a glasse, and
let it stand nine dayes in the Sun,
and let it be stirred every day, it is
to be made in May, steeped in a
wide mouth’d glasse, and strained
out into a narrow mouth’d glasse.

A Medicine for the Reins of the Back.

Take Housleek and stamp and
strain it, then dip a fine linnen cloth
into it, and lay it to the Reines of
the Back, and that will heal it.

A Medicine for the Ach in the Back.

Take Egrimony, and Mugwort,
both leaves and roots, and stamp it with E7v 62
with old Bores grease, and temper
it with Honey and Eysell, and lay it
to the Back.

For a Stitch.

Take Roses, and Cammomile,
of each a handfull, and oyle of Roses,
and oyle of Cammomile, of
both together a saucerfull, and a
quantity of Barly flower, boyle all
these together in Milk, and then
take a linnen bag, and put it therein,
and lay the plaister as hot as
may be suffered where the stitch is.

To make a Salve for Wounds
that be cankered, and doe burn.

Take the Juyce of Smallage, of
Morrell, of Waberd, of each alike,
then take the white of Eggs, and
mingle them together, and put
thereto a little Wheat flower, and
stirre them together till it be thick,
but let it come nigh no fire but all
cold, let it be laid on raw to the
sore, and it shall cleanse the wound.

A Medicine for Bone-ach.

Take Brooklime, and Smallage, and E8r 63
and Daises, with fresh Sheeps tallow,
and try them together, and
make thereof a Plaister, and lay it
to the sore all hot.

For Sinews that are shrunk.

Take young Swallows out of the
nest, a dozen or sixteen, and Rosemary,
Lavender, and rotten Strawberry
leaves, strings and all, of each
a handfull, afeer the quantity of the
Swallowes, the feathers, guts and
all, bray them in a morter, and fry
all them together, with May Butter,
not too much, then put it into an
earthen pot, and stop it close nine
dayes, then fry it again with May
Butter, and fry it well, and strain it
well, when you shall use it chafe it
against the fire.

A Water for the biting of a mad

Take flawed-reproductionone lettereabios, Matsiline, Yarrough,
Nightshade, wild Sage, the
leaves of white Lillies, of each a
like quantity, and still them in a
common Still, and give the quantitytity E8v 64
of three or four spoonfuls
of the
Water mingled with half a spoonful
of Triacle, to any man or beast
that is bitten, within three dayes
after the biting, and for lack of the
Water, take the juyce of these
Hearbs mingled with Triacle, it
will keep the sore from rankling;
take Dittany, Egrimony, and rusty
Bacon, and beat them fine together,
and lay it unto the wound, and it
will keep it from rankling.

A proved Medicine for any one
that have an Ague in their breast.

Take the Patients own water, or
any others that is very young, and
set it over the fire, put therein a good
of Rosemary, and let it
boyle, then take two red clothes, and
dip them in the water, then nip it
hard, and lay it on the breast as hot
as it may be indured, and apply it
till you see the breast asswaged, then
keep it very warm.

To kill a Felon.

Take red Sage, white Sope, and bruise E9r 65
bruise them, and lay it to the Fellon,
and that will kill it.

To break a Fellon.

Take the grounds of Ale, and as
much Vinegar, the crumbs of leavened
bread, and a little Honey,
and boyle them altogether till they
be thick, and lay that hot to the
joynt where the Fellon is, and that
will heal it.

Doctor Stevens Soveraign Water.

Take a gallon of good Gascoign
Wine, then take Ginger, Gallingal,
Cancell, Nutmegs, Graines,
Cloves, Annise seeds, Carraway
seeds, of each a drachm, then take
Sage, Mints, red Roses, Thyme,
Pellitory, Rosemary, wild Thyme,
Cammomile, Lavender, of each
one handfull; then bray both the
Spices and the Hearbs, and put
them all into the Wine, and let
them stand for twelve houres, divers
times stirring them, then still
that in a Limbeck, but keep that
which you still first by it self, for that E9v 66
that is the best, but the other is good
also, but not so good as the first.

The Vertues of this water are
these; It comforteth the spirits Vitall,
and helpeth the inward diseases
which come of cold, and the shaking
of the Palsie, that cureth the
contraction of sinnews, and helpeth
the conception of women that be
barren, it killeth Wormes in the
body, it cureth the cold Cough, it
helpeth the tooth-ach, it comforteth
the stomack, it cureth the cold
Dropsie, it helpeth the Stone, it
cureth shortly the stinking breath,
and who so useth this water enough,
but not too much, it preserveth
him in good liking making
him young.

Doctor Willoughbies Water.

Take Gallingall, Cloves, Cubebs,
Ginger, Melilot, Cardamome,
Mace, Nutmegs, of each a drachm,
and of the juyce of Celendine half
a pint
, and mingle all these made in
pouder with the said juyce, and with E10r 67
with a pint of good Aqua vitaæ, and
three pints of good white Wine,
and put all these together in a still
of glasse, and let it stand so all night,
and on the morrow still it with an
easie fire as may be.

The Vertue is of secret nature,
it dissolveth the swelling of the
Lungs without any grievance, and
the same Lungs being wounded or
perished it helpeth and comforteth,
and it suffereth not the bloud to
putrifie, he shall never need to be
let bloud that useth this Water, and
it suffereth not the heart to be burnt,
nor melancholy or flegm to have
dominion above Nature, it also
expelleth the Rheum, and purifieth
the stomack, it preserveth the visage
and the memory, and destroyeth
the Palsie, and if this Water be given
to a man or woman labouring
toward death, one spoonfull relieveth:
In the Summer time, use
once a week fasting the quantity of
of one spoonful
, and in Winter
two spoonfuls.

A E10v 68

A Medicine for them that have a
pain after their child-bed.

Take Tar, and fresh Barrows
grease, and boil it together, then
take Pigeons dung, and fry it in
fresh grease, and put it in a bag.

For the drink: Take a pint of
Malmsey and boil it, and put Bay
berries and Sugar in it, the Bay
berries must be of the whitest, and
put therein some Sanders.

Take some fair water, and set
it over the fire, and put some
ground Malt in it, when they use
these things they must keep their

For running of the Reines.

Take Venice Turpentine rouled
in Sugar and Rosewater, swallow
it in pretty roules, and put a peice of
Scarlet warm to your back.

For Codds that be swollen.

Stamp Rue, and lay thereto.

To draw an Arrow head, or other
Iron out of a wound.

Take the juyce of Valerian, in the E11r 69
the which you shall wet a Tent,
and put it into the wound, and
lay the same Hearb stamped upon
it, then your band or binding as
appertaineth, and by this meanes
you shall draw out the Iron, and
after heal the wound as it requireth.

A Plaister for a green wound.

Take Flower and Milk, and
seeth them together till it be thick,
then take the white of an Egg, and
beat them together, and lay it to
the wound, and that will keep it
from rankling.

For a Lask.

Take an Egg, and Aqua vitæ,
and boil it with the Egg till it be
dry; then take Cinnamon and Sugar
and eat with the Egg.

For him that hath a bunch or knot
in his head, or that hath his head
swollen with a fall.

Take one ounce of Bay Salt,
raw Honey three ounces, Turpentine
two ounces, intermingle all this E11v 70
this well upon the fire, then lay it
abroad upon a linnen cloth, and
thereof make a plaister, the which
you shall lay hot to his head, and it
will altogether asswage the swelling,
and heal it perfectly.

Against the biting of any venomous

As soon as the person feeleth
himself bit with any venomous
Beast, or at least, as soon as is possible,
let him take green leaves of a
Fig-tree, and presse the milk of
them three or four times into the
Wound: And for this also serveth
Mustard seed mingled with

A perfect Remedy for him that is
sore wounded with any Sword or

Take Taxus barbatus and stamp
it, and take the juyce of it, and if the
Wound bleed, wipe it and make it
clean, washing it with white Wine
or Water, then lay the said juyce
upon the Wound, and the Hearb, whereof E12r 71
whereof you take the juyce, upon
it, then make your band, and let it
abide on a whole day, and you shall
see a wonderfull effect.

A Bag to smell into for Melancholly,
or to cause one to sleep.

Take dry Rose leaves, keep them
close in a glasse which will keep
them sweet, then take pouder of
Mints, pouder of Cloves in a grosse
pouder, and put the same to the
Rose leaves, then put all these together
in a bag, and take that to bed
with you, and it will cause you to
sleep, and it is good to smell unto at
other times.

For spitting of bloud.

Take the juyce of Bettony tempered
with Goats Milk, and drink
thereof three or four mornings together.

An Ointment for all Sores, Cuts,
Swellings, and Heat.

Take a good quantity of Smallage,
and Mallowes, and put thereto
two pound of Bores grease, one pound E12v 72
of Butter, and oil of Neatsfoot
a quantity, stamp them well
together, then fry them, and strain
them into an earthen pot, and keep
it for your use.

A Salve for a new Hurt.

Take the whitest Virgins Wax
you can get, and melt it in a pan,
then put in a quantity of Butter
and Honey, and seeth them together,
then strain them into a dish of
fair water, and work it in your
hands, and make it in a round ball,
and so keep it, and when you will
use it, work some of it between your
hands, and strike it upon a cloth,
and lay it upon the Sore, and it will
draw it and heal it.

Against the biting of a mad Dog,
and the rage or madnesse that
followeth a man after he is

Take the Blossomes or Floures
of wild Thistles dryed in the shade,
and beaten to pouder, give him to
drink of that pouder in white Wine half F1r 73
half a Walnut shell full, and in
thrice taking it he shall be healed.

Against the grief in the Lungs,
and spitting of Bloud.

Take the Hearb,. called of the
Apothecary Ungula Caballina, in
English Colts-foot, incorporate
it well with the Lard of a Hog
chopped, and a new laid Egg, boyle
it together in a pan, and give it the
Patient to eate, doing this nine
mornings you shall free a marvellous
thing, this is also good to make
a man fat.

Against the spitting of Bloud by reason
of some vein broken in the

Take Mise-dung, beaten into
pouder as much as will lye upon a
, and put it in half a glasse ful
of the juyce of Plantain with a
little Sugar, and so give the Patient
to drink thereof in the morning
before breakfast, and at night before
he goe to bed, continuing the
same, it will make him whole and

F For F1v 74

For to cleanse the Head.

Take Pellitory of Spain, and
chew the roots three dayes, a good
quantity, and it will purge the head,
and doe away the ach, and fasten
the teeth in the gums.

A good Remedy against the Plurisie.

Open a white Loaf in the middle
new baked, and spread it well
with Triacle on both the halfes on
the crown side, and heat it at the
fire, then lay one of the halfes on the
place of the disease, and the other
half on the other side of the body
directly against it, and so bind
them, that they loose not, nor stirre,
leaving them so a day and a night,
or untill the Imposthume break,
which I have sometimes seen in two
houres or lesse, then take away the
bread, and immediately the Patient
will begin to spit and void the putrefaction
of the Imposthume, and
after he hath slept a little, yee shall
give him meat, and with the help of F2r 75
of God hee shall shortly heale.

For a Pin or Web in the Eye.

Take two or three Lice out of
ones head, and put them alive into
the eye that is grieved, and so close
it up, and most assuredly the Lice
will suck out the Web in the eye,
and will cure it, and come forth
without any hurt.

A Remedy to be used in a fit of
the Stone when the water stops.

Take the fresh shels of Snails,
the newest will look of a reddish
colour, and are best, take out the
Snails, and dry the shels with a moderate
heat in an oven after the
bread is drawn; likewise take Bees
and dry them so, and beat them severally
into pouder, then take twice
so much of the Bees, pouder as the
Snails, and mix them well together,
keep it close covered in a glasse,
and when you use it, take as much
of this pouder as will lie upon a
, and put it into a quarter
of a pint
of the stilled water of F2 Bean F2v 76
Bean floures, and drink it fasting,
or upon an empty stomack, and eat
nor drink nothing for two or three
houres after.

This is good to cause the party
to make urine, and bring away the
gravell or stone that causeth the
stopping, and hath done very much

A Sirrup for the pain in the stomack.

Take two good handfuls of
young Rue, boyle it in a quart of
good white Wine Vinegar till it be
half consumed, so soon as it is
thorough cold, strain it, and put to
every pint of the liquour a pound
and a quarter
of loaf-Sugar, and
boyle it till it come to a Sirrup,
when you use it, take a good spoonfull
of this in the morning fasting,
and eat nor drink nothing for two
or three houres after, it is good for
pain in the stomack that proceeds of
windy vapours, and is excellent
good for the Lungs, and obstructions
of the breast.

Re- F3r 77

Receipts for Bruises, approved by
the Lady of Arundell.

Take black Jet, beat it to pouder,
and let the Patient drink it
every morning in beer till he be

Another for the same.

Take the sprigs of Oak trees,
and put them in paper, roast them,
and break them and drink as much
of the pouder as will lye upon a
every morning, untill the
Patient be well.

To cause easie Labour.

Take ten or twelve dayes before
her looking six ounces of brown
Sugar-candy beaten to pouder, a
quarter of a pound
of Raisins of the
Sun stoned, two ounces of Dates
unstoned sliced, half an ounce of
Annise seeds bruised, a quarter of
an ounce
of Couslip Floures, one
of Rosemary floures, put
these in a fine lawn bag with a
flint-stone, that it may sink into a
of white Wine, let it steep F3 four F3v 78
four and twenty houres, and after
take of it, in the morning, and at
four in the afternoon, and in the
evening, the quantity of a wineglasse

A Cordiall for the Sea.

Take one ounce of Sirrup of
Clove-Gillifloures, one drachm of
Confectionflawed-reproductiontwo charactersborflawed-reproductiontwo charactersis, one ounce and a
of Borrag water, and the like
of Mint water, one ounce of Mr.
water, and as much of
Cinnamon water, temper all these
together in a cordiall, and take a
at a time when you are at

A Plaister to strengthen the Back.

Take eight yolkes of Eggs new
laid, one ounce of Frankincense
beaten into a fine powder, mingle
them well together, put in as much
Barly flower as will make it thick
for a plaister, spread it on leather,
lay it to the small of the back, letting
it lye nine houres, use four
plaisters one after another, you must F4r 79
must slit the plaister in the midst,
so as it may not lye on the back

A present Remedy for a woman
with child, that hath taken harm
by fall, or fright, or any mischance.

To stay the Child and strengthen
it, take one ounce of Pickerell
jawes, fine beaten and searsed, of
Dates stones, and Bole armoniack,
of each one ounce, of Sanguis draconis
half an ounce, give of these, being
well searsed and mingled together,
a French Crown weight in
Muskadine or Malmsey, and let the
woman keep her very warm.

For a weak Back.

Take of red Lead half a pound,
of white Lead half a pound, boyle
these in three pints of Sallade oyle
in a Pipkin, stirring them continually
with a piece of Iron, untill
it be of a gray colour, then roule
it up in roules, and keep it for your

F4 Oyle F4v 80

Oyle of Saint Johns Wort.

Take a quart of Sallade oyle, put
thereto a quart of the flours of Saint
wort well picked, let them lye
therein all the year till the seeds be
ripe, the glasse must be kept warm,
either in the Sun, or in water all
the Summer untill the seeds be ripe;
then put in a quart of Saint Johns
wortflawed-reproductionone to three lettersds whole, and so let it stand
twelve houres then you must seeth
the oyle eight houres, the glasse
being kept open, and the water in
the pot full as high as the oyle is of
height in the glasse, then when it is
cold strain it, that the seeds may
remain not in the oyle, and then
put up the oyle for your use.

A green Salve for an old Sore.

Take a handfull of Groundsell,
as much Housleek, of Marigold
leaves a handfull, pick and wipe
these Hearbs clean, but wash them
not, then beat all these Hearbs in a
wooden boul as small as is possible,
then strain out all the juyce, and put F5r 81
put in a quantity of Hogs grease,
as much as two Eggs, beat all these
together again, and then put in the
juyce again, and put in ten Eggs,
yolkes and whites, and five spoonfuls
of English Honey, and as
much Wheat flower as will make
all this as thick as a salve, and so
stire it very well together, and put
it close up in a pot that it take no
aire, and so keep it for your use.

A most excellent Pouder for the
Collick and Stone.

You must take it morning and
evening before you goe to bed,
Sperma cæti one ounce and half,
Cloves and Mace one quarter of
an ounce
, Annise seeds, and Perstone,
of each two ounces, Cinnamon,
and small Pepper, of each one
quarter of an ounce
, Date stones a
quarter of an ounce
, Liquorice,
Fennel, red Sage, Bay berries, of
each three quarters of an ounce,
Acornes one quarter and half of an
, Lilly roots two drachms, F5 the F5v 82
the white of Oyster shels burned in
the fire one quarter of an ounce;
beat all these into fine pouder, and
drink as much thereof in Ale or
Beer, as will lye on a sixpence, and
fast one hour or two after it: If
the party before grieved, take one
of Parsely, and seeth it in
Ale untill half be sod away, with
twenty or thirty Prunes therein
strain’d and put thereto two spoonfuls
of this pouder, and drink it
mornings and evenings somewhat

A present Remedy for the running
of the Reines.

Take an ounce of Nutmegs,
half an ounce of Mastick, then slice
the Nutmegs, and put them in
steep in Rose Vinegar all one
night, then lay them in a dish to dry
before the fire, then take the Mastick
and lay it in Papers, and beat
it with a hammer very small, and
put a little Corrall well beaten unto
it, and as much Ambergriece, then F6r 83
then mingle these things together
with Sugar, and make it pleasant to
eat, and so take a good quantity
morning and evening.

A Salve for a green Wound.

Take two handfuls of Water
Dittany, two handfuls of Rosemary
shred very small, a quarter of a
of Turpentine, half a pound of
yellow Wax, a quart of Sallade oil,
half a pint of white Wine, boyle all
these together while the white Wine
be quite consumed, then it will be
green, and come to the height of a

A proved Medicine for a burning
or scalding by lightning or

Take Hogs grease, or Sheeps
Treacles, and Alehoof, beat these
very well together, then take more
Hogs grease and boil it to a Salve.

To use it.

Annoint the place grieved with
this Ointment, and then lay upon
the sore so annointed Colewort leaves, F6v 84
leaves, which must be boyled very
soft in water, and the strings made
smooth, with beating them with a

A Pouder for the green Sickness,
approved with very good successe
upon many.

Take of Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs,
of each one quarter of an
, beat them severally, and
then altogether very well, fine Sugar
very small beaten one quarter
of a pound
, and then mix and beat
them all four together, Pearl the
fixt part of half an ounce
beaten, mingle it with the rest, and
beat them altogether again, the
filing of Steel, or Iron one ounce
and a quarter
, sift it very fine, and
mingle it with the rest, but if so
small a quantity will not serve,
adde a quarter more of the mettall,
let it be sifted before you weigh it,
but if all this will not serve the turn,
put in a little Rubarb, or a little
Aloe sucentrina.

The F7r 85

The manner of using this pouder.

In the morning when you rise
take half a spoonfull of it, as much
at four a clock in the afternoon, and
as much when you goe to bed, walk
or stirre much after the first takings
of it, I mean every morning
and evening, fast one hour after
the taking of it, or more, and
then eat some Sugar-sops or thin

The Patients Diet.

She must forbear Oatmeal in
broth or any other thing, Cheese,
Eggs, Custards, or any stopping
meat. Take care that this be not
given to any woman that hath conceived,
or is with child.

A Drink to stanch bloud inwardly.

Take the juyce of one handfull
of Shepherds purse, of Parsley, and
Five finger, of each as much, take
five slips of Egrimony, strain all
these juyces into the milk of a red
Cow, and drink thereof early and
late warm.

A F7v 86

A pouder to keep the Teeth clean,
and from worm-catch.

Take Rosemary burned to ashes,
Cuttles Bone, Harts-horn burned
to pouder, Saligemmie twelve penny
, the floures of Pomegranets,
White Cornil, of each six
penny weight
, make all these in
pouder, and with a little Rosewater
and a Sage leaf rub the Teeth.

A Salve to heal all manner of Sores
and Cuts.

Take one pint of Turpentine,
one pint of Oyle olive, a quarter of
a pint
of running water, nine branches
of Rosemary, one ounce of
unwrought Wax, two ounces of
Rosat, seeth all these together in a
little pan over the fire, let it seeth
untill there arise a little white scum
upon it, then stirre it with a stick,
suffering it to boyle untill one quarter
be consumed, then take it from
the fire, strain it through a course
cloth, but it must be done quickly
after it be taken from the fire for cooling, F8r 87
cooling, after you have strained it
into an earthen pot, let it cool, and
keep it for your use.

To make Oil of Sage, good for the
grief in any joynt or for any ach.

Take Sage and Parsley, seeth
them in the oil Olive till it be thick
and green.

A Medicine to purge and amend
the Heart, Stomack, Spleen,
Liver, Lungs, and Brain.

Take Alexander, Water cresses,
young Mallows, Borage, and Fennel
roots pared, Marcurie, Harts-
tongue, and Clarie, and make of
these Pottage.

To drive infectious Diseases from
the Heart.

Take Mithridate, and Centurie,
of each two ounces, eight spoonfuls
of Dragon water, one pint of white
Wine, seven spoonfuls of Aqua vitæ,
boil all together a little, strain
it, then set it on the fire againe a
little while, and drink of it morning
and evening.

For F8v 88

For the Tooth-ach.

Take Pepper, and Grains, of
each one ounce, bruise them, and
compound them with the water of
the diseased, and make it of a good
thicknesse, and lay it outwards on
the cheek, against the place grieved,
and it will help it for ever after.


Take dryed Sage, make pouder
of it, burnt Allum, Bay Salt dryed,
make all in fine pouder, and lay it
to the tooth where the pain is, and
also rub the gums with it.

For the Strangullion or the Stone.

Take the inner rind of a young
ash, between two or three years of
growth, dry it to pouder, and drink
of it as much at once, as will lie on
a sixpence
in Ale or white-Wine,
and it will bring present remedy:
The party must be kept warm two
hours after it.

For the Stone.

Take the stone that groweth within
the gall of an Oxe, grate it, and drink F9r 89
drink of it in white Wine, as much
as will lie upon a sixpence
at once,
for want of white Wine make a posset
of Ale, and clarifie the Ale from
the curd, then boil one handful of
Pellitorie therein, and drink of the
pouder with it.

For the black Jaundies.

Take earthen Wormes, wash them
in white Wine, then dry them, and
beat them into pouder, and put to a
little Saffron and drink it in beer.

A drawing Salve for an old

Take Rosin half a pound beaten
to pouder, Sheeps tallow, one quartter
of a pound
, melt them together,
and pour them into a Baton of water,
and when they begin to coole a
little, work them well with your
hands in the water, and out of the
water, drawing it up and down the
space of one hour till it be very white
then make it up in rouls, and reserve
it to strike thin Plaisters upon old

A Wa- F9v 90

A Water to wash Sores withall.

Take Wormword, Sage, Plantaine,
a flawed-reproductionone word of each one handfull,
Allum one ounce, Honey two
sawcers full
, boil all these together
in three parts of water, till half be
consumed, then strain it, and reserve
that liquor to wash the sore

A Medicine to cure the Garget in
the Throat.

Take a pint of May butter, and
put it on the fire in a postnet, and
put into it of the inner bark of Elder
one good handful, and some
Daisie roots, seeth it to half the
quantity, and strain it, and so keep
it cool, take this ointment and annoint
your throat, then take the ointment,
and strike a long plaister
with it very thick of the ointment,
then strike upon the ointment the
best Jane Triacle, and upon that
strew grosse Pepper very thick, strike
it on with a knife, warm the plaister,
and bind it round your throat to your F10r 91
your ears, renew it once a day with
the ointment, and the Triacle and
Pepper, and lay it on againe; Before
you use this ointment scour the
mouth and throat with the pouder
of Roch Allum burned, mix it with
the pouder of Madder or Pepper.

For the Hearing.

Take one Onyon, take the core
out of it, fill it with Pepper, slice it
in the midst, being first wrapt in
Paper, and rosted in the Embers,
lay it to each ear.

For a dead Child in a Womans

Take the juice of Hysop temper
it in warm water, and give it the
Woman to drink.

For a Woman that hath her Flowers
too much.

Take a Hares foot, and burn it,
make pouder of it, and let her drink
it with stale Ale.

A Medicine for the Gout.

Take Tetberrie roots, and wash
and scrape them clean, and slice them F10v 92
them thin, then take the grease of a
Barrow hog, the quantity of either
alike, then take an earthen pot, then
lay a lane of grease in the bottom,
then a lane of roots, then the grease
againe, and so roots and grease till
the pot be full, then stop the pot very
close, and set it in a dunghil one
and twenty daies, then beat it altogether
in a boul, then boil it a good
while, then strain it, and put in a
of Aqua vitæ, then
annoint the place griev’d very warm
against the fire.

A Diet drink for the running Gout,
ach in the joynts, and for all infections.

Set seven quarts of Water on the
fire, and when it boileth, put therein
four ounces of Sarsaparilla bruised,
and let it boil two hours very
softly, close stopped or covered,
then put in four ounces of Sene,
three ounces of Liquorice bruised,
of Stæcados, Hermodactill, Epithymum,
and of Cammomile flours, of F11r 93
of every one half an ounce, and so
boil all these two hours very softly,
then strain it and keep it in a close
vessel close stopped: when it is cold,
then boil again all the aforesaid ingredients
in seven quarts of water,
four hours with a soft fire close covered,
then strain it and keep it as
the other by it self, and take of the
first a good draught one hour before
you arise in the morning, and
a draught at the beginning of dinner,
and another at supper, and going
to bed, and at all other times,
drink of the latter when you list,
and eat no meat but drie rosted
Mutton, Capon, Rabbet, without
Salt, and not basted, but to your
Breakfast, a poched Egg, no bread
but Bisket, or dried crust, and at
night Raisins of the Sun, and bisket
Bread, drink no other drink but

A Plaister to heal any Sore.

Take of Sage, Herb-grace, of
each a like quantity, Ribwort, Plantain,taine F11v 94
& Daisie roots, more than half
so much of each of them, with
Wax, fresh grease, and Rosin make
it a Salve, if the flesh grow proud,
then put alwais upon the plaister,
before you lay it to the sore, burnt
Allum, and it will correct the

To cause woman to have her sicknesse.

Take Egrimonie, Motherwort,
Avens, and Parsley, shred them
small with Oatmeal, make Pottage
of them with Pork, let her eat the
the Pottage, but not the Pork.

For the Stone.

Take the green Weed of the Sea,
which is brought with Oysters, wash
it and dry it to pouder, drink it with
Malmsey fasting.

To kill Wormes.

Take Aloe succatrina two ounces,
let it stand in a quart of Malmsie
eight hours, drink it morning and

For F12r 95

For a hot Rheum in the head.

Take Rosewater, Vinegar, and
Sallade Oil, mix them well together,
and lay it to the head warm.

For a Lask.

Take the nether jaw of a Pike,
seeth it to pouder and drink it.

For an Itch or dry scurf of the

Take Elecampane roots or leaves,
stamp them and fry them with fresh
grease, strain it into a dish, and annoint
the Patient.

For one that is bruised with a fall.

Take Hors dung, and Sheeps
suet, boil them together and apply
it to the same place, being laid
upon a cloth.

For the Emeroids.

Take Hops and Vinegar, fire
them together, and put it into a little
bag, and lay it as hot as it may
be endured to the Fundament, divers
bags one after another, and let
one continue at it.

For F12v 96

For one that is burned with Gunpouder,
or otherwise.

Take one handfull of Groundsel,
twelve heads of Housleek, one
of Goose dung, as much Chickens
dung, of the newest that may be
gotten, stamp the Hearbs as small
as you can, then put the dung into
a morter, temper them together with
a pottle of Bores grease, labour
them together half an hour, and
strain it through a Canvas bag with
a close stick into an earthen pan, and
use it when need requireth, it will
last two year.

To heal a prick with a Nail or

Take two handfuls of Salendine,
as much Oflawed-reproductionone letterp flawed-reproductionone lettern, cut it small, and
boil it with oil Olive, and unwrought
Wax, then strain it and
use it.

To stop the bleeding of a Cut or

Take Hop, stamp it, and put
it into the wound, if hop will not do G1r 97
do it, then put to it Vinegar with
the Hop.

For a Scald.

Take the leaves of ground Ivie,
three handfuls, Housleek one handful,
wash them and stamp them in
a stone Morter very small, and as
you stamp them put in one pint of
Cream by little and little, then
strain it, and put it in a pot with a
feather, take of this and annoint
the scalded place, and then wet a
linnen cloth in the same ointment,
and lay it on the place, and over that
roul other clothes.

An Ointment for a Tetter.

Take Sal armoniack one ounce,
beat it into fine pouder, then mix it
with Sope, and fresh Grease, of each
two ounces, make an ointment, and
annoint the place.

For the singing in the head.

Take one Onyon, cut out the
core, and fill that place with the
pouder of Cummin, and the juice
of Rue, set on the top again, and G rost G1v 98
rost the Onyon in embers, then
put away the out-side, and put it in
a cloth, wring out the juice, take
black Wooll and dip it in, put this
in thine ear where the singing is,
and if it be on both sides, then serve
one after another.

A Drink for one that is weak, and
misdoubting a Consumption.

Take three handfuls of Rosemary,
bruise it a little, and close it
in paste, bake it in an Oven untill
it be well dryed, then cut the paste,
and take forth the Rosemary, infuse
it in two quarts of Claret Wine,
with 2 ounces of good Triacle, one
of Nutmegs, of Cinnamon,
and Ginger, of each half an ounce
bruised, let them stand infused two
nights and one day, then distill it
in a Limbeck, drink hereof one
spoonful or two
next your heart.

A Drink for the Plague.

Take red Sage, Hearb-grace,
Elder leaves, red Briar leaves, of
each one handful, stamp them and strain G2r 99
strain them with a quart of white
Wine, and then put to it Aqua vitæ
and Ginger, drink hereof every
morning one spoonful, nine mornings
together, & it will preserve you.

For a Bruise or Stitch.

Take the kernels of Walnuts
and small nuts, Figs, Rue, of each
one handful, white Salt the quantity
of one Walnut
, one race of Ginger,
one spoonful of Honey, beat
them, altogether very fine, and eat
of it three or four times every day,
make a plaister of it, and lay it to
the place grieved.

A Drink for one that hath a Rupture.

Take Comfery one good handful,
wild Daisie roots as much, and
the like of knotted grasse, stamp all
these together, and strain it with
Malmsey, and give it to the Patient
to drink morning and evening nine
daies bloud-warm: If it be a man
that hath been long so, he must lie
nine daies upon his back, and stir
as little as he can: If he be a G2 child G2v 100
child, he must be kept so much lying
as you may for nine daies; if
you think the drink too strong for
the child, give it him but five daies
in Malmsey, and the rest in stale
Ale; have care that the party have
a good Trusse, and keep him trussed
one whole year at the least.

A Plaister for a Rupture.

Take the juice of Comfrey, wild
Daisie roots, and knotted Grasse of
each a like quantity, fresh butter &
unwrought Wax, of each a like
quantity, clarifie them severally,
then take of the root of Comfery,
dry it, and make a pouder of it, take
the pouder of Annise seed, and
Cummin seed, but twice as much
Cummin seed as Annise seed, boil
these pouders in the Butter and unwrought
wax, on a soft fire, a good
while, then put in your juice, let it
boil a walm or two, so take it from the
fire, stir it altogether till it be cold,
take thereof, & spread it, and lay it to
his Codds as hot as he can suffer it, and G3r 101
and use this till he be whole: this
plaister is most excellent for a Child
that is burst at the Navil.

Gratiosa Cura.

A Water for a Cut or Sore.

Take Honeysuckles the knots
nipt off, floures of Celendine, flouers
of red Sage, of each three spoonfuls,
Five-finger, Camphery such
as is to knit bones, Daisies with the
roots thereon, Ladder of Heaven,
blossomes of Rosemary, Setwell,
Hearb-grace, Smalledge, red Roses
with the knots on, or else red
Rose-cakes, Adders-tongue, of each
of these one handfull, seeth all together
in six gallons of water that
runneth towards the East, untill
two gallons be fed in, then strain
them, and put to the water three
of English Honey, one
of Roch Allum, one penniworth
of Madder, one penniworth
of long Pepper, seeth all together
untill one gallon be consumed,
then cleanse the water.

G3 For G3v 102

For the Wind-Collick.

Take the floures of Wallnuts,
and dry them to pouder, and take of
them in your Ale, or Beer, or in your
Broth, as you like best, and it will
help you.

To make a soveraign Oil of a Fox,
for the nummed Palsie.

Take a Fox, new killed, cased,
and bowelled, then put into the body,
of Dill, Mugwort, Cammomil,
Campits, Southernwood, red
Sage, Origanum, Hop, Stæcad,
Rosemary, Costmary, Cowslip
floures, Balm, Bettony, sweet-Majoram,
of each a good handfull,
chop them smal, and put thereto of
the best oil of Castor, Dill, and
Cammomil, of each four ounces,
mix the Hearbs and Oils together
and strew over them Aphronitum a
good handful
, put them all into the
Fox, and sew up his belly close, and
with a quick fire rost him, and
the Oil that droppeth out is a most
singular Oil for all Palsies or numnesse.

To G4r 103

To comfort the Brain, and procure

Take brown bread crums the
quantity of one Walnut
, one
Nutmeg beaten to pouder, one
of Cinnamon, put these
into a Napkin, with two spoonfuls
of Vinegar, four spoonfulls of
Rosewater, and one of womans

For the weaknesse in the Back.

Take the Pith of an Oxe back,
put it into a pottle of water, then
seeth it to a quart, then take a handfull
of Comphelly, one handfull
of knotted grasse, one handfull of
Shepherdspurse, put these into a
of water, boil them unto a
, with six Dates boiled therein.

For a Canker in any part of the

Take Filberd Nut leaves, Lavender-cotton,
Wormwood, Sage, Woodbine
leaves, sweet-Bryar leaves, of each G4 a like G4v 104
a like quantity, of Allum, and Honey
a good quantity, seeth all these
till they be half sodden, wash the
sore with it.

For an old bruise.

Take one spoonfull of the juice
of Pansie, and as much Nip, two
of Sperma Ceti, put it
into a little Ale, and drink it.

Oil of Foxes, or Badgers, for Ach
in the Joints, the Sciatica, diseases
of the Sinews, and paines
of the Reines, and Back.

Take a live Fox, or Badger, of a
middle age, of a full body, well fed,
& fat, kill him, bowel & skin him,
some take not out his bowels, but
onely his excrements in his guts,
because his guts have much grease
about them, break his bones smal that
you may have all the marrow, this
done, set him a boiling in salt brine,
and Sea water, and salt water, of
each a pint and a half, of Oil three
, of Salt three ounces, in the
flawed-reproductionone word of the decoction put thereto the G5r 105
the leaves of Sage, Rosemary, Dill,
Origany, Majoram, and Juniper
Berries, and when he is so sodden
as that his bones and flesh do part in
sunder, strain all through a strainer,
and keep it in a vessel to make
Linaments for the ach in the joints,
the Sciatica, diseases of the Sinnews,
and paines of the reines and

To make the Leaden Plaister.

Take two pound and four ounces
of oil Olive of the best, of good
red Lead one pound, white lead one
well beaten into dust, twelve
of Spanish Sope, and incorportate
all these well together in an
earthen pot well glazed before
you put them to boil, and when they
are well incorporated, that the Sope
commeth upward, put it upon a
small fire of coals, continuing the
fire for the space of one hour and a
half, still stirring it with an Iron
Ball upon the end of a stick, then
make the fire somewhat bigger, untilG5 til G5v 106
the rednesse be turned into a gray
colour, but you must not leave stirring
it till the matter be turned into
the colour of oil, or somewhat darker,
then drop of it upon a wooden
trencher, and of it cleave not to the
finger it is enough, then make it up
into rouls, it will keep twenty years,
the older the better.

The Virtue of the Plaister.

The same being laid upon the
stomack provoketh appetite, it taketh
away any grief in the stomack,
being laid on the Belly is a present
remedy for the Collick, and laid
unto the reins of the Back it is good
for the bloudy flux, running of the
Reins, the heat of the Kidnies, and
weaknesse of the back, the same
healeth all swellings, bruises, and
taketh away ach, it breaks Felons,
pushes, and other Imposthumes,
and healeth them, the same draweth
out any running humour without
breaking the skin, and being applied
to the fundament, it healeth any disease G6r 107
disease there growing, being laid
on the head is good for the Uvula,
it helpeth the head-ach, and is good
for the eyes.

For a pricking of a Thorn.

Take fine Wheat flower boulted,
temper it with Wine, and seeth it
thick, lay it hot to the sore.

A Medicine for the Plague.

Take a pint of Malmsie and
burn it well, then take about six
thereof, and put to the
quantity of a Nutmeg
, of good
Triacle, and so much spice grains
beaten, as you can take up with the
tops of your two fingers
, mix it together,
and let the party sick drink
it bloud-warm, if he be infected it
will procure him to cast, which if he
do, give him as much more, and so
stil again and again, observing still
some quantity, till the party leave
casting, and so after he will be well,
if he cast not at all, once taking is
enough, and probably it is not the
the sicknesse; after the party hath flawed-reproductionone word G6v 108
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 wordsting, it is good to take a com-
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 word draught of burnt Malmsie
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 word with Triacle and grains, it
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 wordmfort much.

Another Medicine for the Plague.

Take of Setwell grated one root,
of the Triacle two spoonfuls, of
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 word Vinegar, three spoonfuls, of
flawed-reproduction1 word three spoonfuls, make all
flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 wordse than luke-warm, and
flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 words off at once well steeped
flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 words, sweat after this six or seven
houres, and it will bring forth
the Plague sore.

To break the plague sore.

Lay a tosted Onion, also seeth a
white Lillie root in milk, till it be
as thick as a Poultesse, and lay it to
the same, if these faile, launce the
sore, and so draw it and heal it with
salves for Botches, or Biles.

To make a Salve to dresse any

Take Rosin and Wax of each
flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 words pound, of Deer Suot, and
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 words incense, of each one quarter of G7r 109
of a pound
, of Mastick in pouder
one ounce, boil all these in a pint
of White Wine half an hour with a
soft fire, and stir it in the boiling,
that it run not over, then take it
from the fire, and put thereto half
an ounce
of Camphire in pouder,
when it is almost cold put thereto
one quarter of a pound of Turpentine,
after all these be mingled together,
then put it into white Wine,
and wash it as you wash Butter, and
then as it cooles make it up in

A most excellent Water for Sore

Take a quart of spring water,
set it upon the fire in an earthen
Pipkin, then put into it three spoonfuls
of white salt, and one spoonful
of white Coperas, then boil
them a quarter of an hour, scum it
as it doth boil, then strain it through
a fine linnen cloth, and keep it for
your use.

When you take it you must lie down G7v 110
down upon the bed, and drop two
of it into your eye, so rest one
quarter of an hour, not wiping your
eyes, and use it as often as need shall

If the eye have any Perle or Film
growing upon it, then take a handful
of red double Daisie leaves, and
stamp them & strain them through
a linnen cloth, and drop thereof one
into your eye, using it three

A Plaister for one that is bruised.

Take half a pint of Sallade oil
or Neatsfoot oil, half a pint of
English Honey, two or three penniworth
of Turpentine, a good quantity
of Hogs grease, two or three
of Bole Armoniack,
half a pint of strong wine Vinegar,
half a dozen of Eggshels, and all
beaten very small, one handfull of
white Salt; put all these together
into an earthen pot, and stir and
mingle them together exceeding
well, then as much Bean flowre, or Wheat G8r 111
Wheat flower as will thicken it
plaister-wise, then with your hand
strike it on the grieved place once
a day, and by Gods help it will
case any sore that cometh by meanes
of striking, wrinching, bruising, or
other kind of swelling that proceedeth
of evill humours.

Balm Water for a Surfeit.

Take two gallons of strong Ale,
and one quart of Sack, take four
of young Balm leaves, and
shred them, then take one pound of
Annise seeds, and as much Liquorice
beaten to pouder, put them all
into the Ale & Sack, to steep twelve
hours, put it into a Limbeck, and
so still it, it is good for a Surfet of
choler, for to comfort the heart, and
for an Ague.

A Restorative Water in Sicknesse,
the Patient being weak.

Take three pints of very good
new Milk, & put thereto one pint of
very good red Wine, the yolks of 24
Eggs, and beat them together, that done, G8v 112
done, put in as much fine Manchet
as shall suck up the Milk and Wine,
then put the same into a fair Stillatory,
and still it with a soaking fire,
and take a spoonful of this water in
your Pottage or drink, and this in
one or two moneths will prevent the

To make a Caudle to prevent the

Take half a pound of unblanched
Almonds, stamp them, and strain
it into a quart of Ale, and set it on
the fire, then take the yolkes of four
Eggs, and make it for a caudle, and
so season it with a good quantity
of Cinnamon and Sugar, and eat
it every morning at breakfast.

For one that cannot make water,
and to break the Stone.

Pare a Raddish root, and slice
it thin, and put it into a pint of
white Wine, and let it infuse six or
seven houres, then strain it, and set
it on the fire, and put thereto one
Parsley root, and one spoonfull of Parsley G9r 113
Parsley seed, and half a handfull of
Pellitory of the wall, and seeth it
untill half be wasted, and give it
luke-warm to drink.

The Diet against Melancholy.

Take Sene eight ounces, Rubarb
six drachms, Polipodie of the Oak,
Sarsaparilla, and Madder roots; of
each four ounces, Annise seeds,
Fennell seeds, Epithimum, of each
one ounce, Mace, Cloves, and
Nutmegs, of each two ounces,
Egrimony, Scabios, and red Dock
roots, of each one handfull, make
them all small, and put it into a
long narrow bag of boulter, hang
it in a vessel of Ale that containeth
six gallons, when it is a week old,
drink it morning and evening for
the space of one fortnight, keep
you all that time warm, and a good

A Sirrup to open the Liver.

Take Lungwort, Maidenhair,
Egrimony, Scabios, of each one
, Chamepitis, Hysop, of each G9v 114
each a dozen Crops, Endive, and
Succory, of each three or four
, of young Fennel and Parsly,
of each one root, one stick of Liquorice,
one spoonfull of Barberies
clean washed, one spoonfull of Annise
seeds, twenty Raisins of the
Sun stoned, boil all these in a pottle
of water to a quart, then strain
it, and put thereto of the best Sugar
one quarter of a pound, conserve
of Violets one ounce, and so
boil it as long as any scum ariseth,
then strain it again, and use this
very warm.

For one that cannot make water.

Take the seeds of Parsly, of red
Fennell, of Saxifrage, of Carrawayes,
of the kernels of Hip berries,
of each a like quantity, put in some
pouder of Jet, mingle these, being
beaten to pouder, well together, and
drink it in stale Ale luke-warm.

To make Aqua Composita.

Take of Annise seeds, and Liquorice
bruised, of each half a pound, G10r 115
, Thyme, and Fennell, of
each half a handfull, Calamint two
, Coriander, and Carraway
seeds bruised, of each two
, Rosemary, and Sage, of
each half a handfull, infuse these a
whole night in three gallons of red
Wine, or strong Ale, then still it in
a Limbeck with a soft fire.

An Oointment for any Swelling.

Take of Marsh Mallowes, of
Wormwood, of Smallage, of each
one handful, boil it with one pound
of the grease of a Barrow Hog untill
it be very green, then strain it,
and keep it very close.

Lady Pawlet.

A Plaister for the Back.

Take half a pint of Oyle of Roses,
four ounces of white Lead
ground into fine powder, put your
Oyle into a clean Posnet, and set
it on the fire, and when it is warm
put in your white Lead, ever stirring
it, then put into it of your
Wax one quarter, stirre it untill it be G10v 116
be black, then take it from the fire,
and in the cooling put thereto two
of Camphire, of white
Sanders, and yellow Sanders, of
each the weight of fourpence, fine
Bole, and Terra figillata, of each two
penny weight
, in fine pouder all,
still stirring it till it be almost cold,
and so make it up in roules: use
it as need requires, for all weaknesse,
wasting, or heat in the Kidneyes.

To make Oyle of Swallowes.

Take one handfull of MotherThyme,
of Lavender-cotten, and
Strawberry leaves, of each a like,
four Swallowes, feathers and altogether
well bruised, three ounces of
Sallade oyle, beat the Hearbs, and
the Swallowes, feathers, and all together,
untill they be so small that
you can see no feathers, then put in
the Oyle, and stirre them well together,
and seeth them in a posnet,
and strain them through a canvas
cloth, and so keep it for your use.

For G11r 117

For a Thorn, Fellon, or Prick.

Take the juyce of Fetherfew, of
Smallage, of each one Saucer full,
put to it as much of Wheat flower
as will make it somewhat thick,
and put to it of good black Sope
the quantity of one Walnut, mingle
them together, and lay them to
the sore.

A Drink for one that hath a Rupture.

Take of Comsili, otherwise called
Bonesell, a pretty handfull, of
Woodbitten as much, Bread, Plantun,
and leaves of Cammock, somewhat
more than a handfull
, of Vervin
as much as of the Cammock,
of Daisie roots a small quantity, of
Elder tops, or young buds, the
least quantity, stamp all these together,
and put unto them, being
stamped, one pint of pure white
Wine, then strain it, and drink of it
morning and evening, one hour
or more before breakfast or supper,
a good draught bloud-warm.

If G11v 118

If it be a sucking Child, let the
Nurse drink posset-ale of the aforesaid
drink, and let the Childe suck
immediately: If it be an old body,
let him take it lying in his
bed nine dayes, if it may be conveniently,
or otherwise to use no

For the Lask, or Flux.

Take one quart of red Wine, as
much running water, one ounce
of Cinnamon, seeth these half away
and give the Patient six spoonfuls
to drink morning and evening, flawed-reproduction1 word
you think it be too harsh, put in a
piece of Sugar.

A Lotion water for the Canker.

Take one gallon of pure Water,
four handfuls of Woodbine, of
Marigolds, and Tetsall, of each
two handfuls, of Celendine, Rue,
Sage, and Egrimony, of each one
, boyle all these to a quart,
then strain it, and put thereto two
great spoonfuls
of the best English
Honey, and one ounce of Roch Allnum, G12r 119
Allum, boyle them all again as
long as any skum ariseth, then take
it off, and put it in a close bottle,
and use it bloud-warm when need

For the Mother.

Take three or four handfuls of
Ferne that groweth upon a house,
seeth it in Rhenith Wine till it be
well sodden, then put it in a linnen
cloth, and lay it to her Navell, as
hot as she may suffer it, four or five

A Water for an old Sore.

Take Honeysuckles, water Betony,
Rosemary, Sage, Violet
leaves, Elder leaves, cut them all
small together, and seeth them in a
of running water, put thereto
two spoonfuls of Honey, and a little

For one that hath a great heat in
his Temples, or that cannot

Take the juyce of Houseleek, and
of Lettice, of each one spoonfull, of womans G12v 120
womans Milk six spoonfuls, put
them together, and set them upon a
Chafing-dish of coales, and put
thereto a piece of Rose-cake, and
lay it to your Temples.

To quench or slack your thirst.

Take one quart of running
Wate out of the Brook, seeth it,
and skum it, put thereto five or six
of Vinegar, a good quantity
of Sugar and Cinnamon, three
or four Cloves bruised, drink it

For one that hath a great heat in
his Hands and Stomack.

Take four Eggs, roast them
hard, peel them, lay them in Vinegar
three or four houres, then let
the sick man hold in either hand
one of them, and after some space
change them and take the other, and
it will allay the heat.

Against all Aches, and especially
of a Womans Breast.

Take Milk, and Rose leaves, and
set them on the fire, put thereto Oat- H1r 121
Oatmeal, and Oyle of Roses, boil
them till they be thick, and lay it
hot under the sore, and renew it so
that it be alwayes hot,.

For the Ptisick and dry Cough.

Take the Lungs of a Fox, beat
them to pouder, take of Liquorice,
and Sugar-candy, a good quantity,
a small quantity of Cummin, mix
these all well together, and put them
in a Bladder, and eat of it as often
as you think good in the day.

To take away Warts.

Take Snails that have shells, pick
them, and with the juyce that
cometh from them rub the Wart
every day for the space of seven
or eight dayes, and it will destroy

A perfect Water for the sight.

Take Sage, Fennell, Vervin,
Betony, Eyebright, Pimpernell,
Cinquefoil, and Hearbgrace, lay
all these in white Wine one night,
still it in a Stillitory of glasse, this
water will restore the sight of one H that H1v 122
that was blind three yeares before.

To restore the Hearing.

Take Rue, Rosemary, Sage,
Vervin, Majoram, of each one
, of Cammomile two
, stamp them, and mould
them in Rie-dough, make thereof
one loaf, bake it as other bread, and
when it is baked, break it in the
midst, and as hot as may be suffered
bind it to your eares, and keep them
warm and close one day or more,
after it be taken away forbear yee to
take cold.

For a Fellon in the Joynts.

Take Rue, Fetherfew, Bores
grease, Leaven, Salt, Honey, six
leaves of Sage, shred them altogether
small, then beat them together, and
lay it to the sore place.

To comfort the Braines, and to procure

Take a red Rose cake, three
of white Wine Vinegar,
the white of one Egg, three spoonfulsfuls H2r 123
of Womans milk, set all these
on a chafing dish of coales, heat
them, and lay the Rose cake upon
the dish, and let them heat together,
then take one Nutmeg, and strew
it on the Cake, then put it betwixt
two clothes, and lay it to your
forehead as warm as you may suffer

A Medicine for a sore head with a

Take one peck of Shoomakers
threds, set them over the fire in a
Brasse pan, put water to them, and
seeth them so long as any Oyle will
arise, and evermore be scumming
off the Oyle, then take Plantain,
Ribwott, Housleek leaves, ground
Ivie, knotted grasse, wild Borrage,
Tutsan, hearb Bennet, Smallage,
Setwell leaves, of every one a like
quantity, and beat them in a morter
and strain them, then take half a
of Rosin, half a penniworth
of Allum, a little Virgins
Wax, beat them, and put them intoH2 to H2v 124
a pan, and set it over the fire, put
thereto the Hearbs and the Oyle;
let them seeth till all be melted, then
strain them into a pan, and stirre
them till they be cold, and put it into
a box for your use, when you
dresse your head heat a little in a
saucer, annoint it every day twice,
pull out the haires that stand upright,
and with a linnen cloth wipe
away the corruption.

A Salve for a green wound – or
old Sore.

Take the leaves of green Tobacco
two pounds, of Valerian two
, beat them very small, then
strain them, and take the juyce
thereof, put one pound of yellow
Wax, one pound of Rosin, one
of Deer suet, boyle them together
till they be very green, and
when it is half cold, put to it a quarter
of a pound
of Turpentine, and
keep it for your use.

For H3r 125

For the running of the Reines,

Take the Rows of red Herrings,
dry them upon the coales till they
will beat to pouder, then give it to
the Patient to drink in the morning
fasting, as much as will lye
upon a shilling
in five spoonfuls of
Ale or Wine, be he nver so weak.

For the burning and pricking in the
Soles of the Feet.

Take half a pound of Barrows
grease, two handfuls of Mugwort
chopped very small, boyle it with
the Barrows grease upon a soft fire,
by the space of four houres, then
strain it from the Mugwort, and
put it up in an earthen thing for
your use, and annoint your feet as
you goe to bed.

A Medicine for any Heat, Burning,
or Scalding: Approved.

Take half a pint of the best
cream you can get, and set it in a
fair Posnet upon the fire, then take
two good handfuls of Daisie roots, H3 leaves H3v 126
leaves and all, clean washed, and
very finely shred, put them into the
same Posnet, and boyle it upon the
fire untill it be a clear ointment,
then strain it through a cloth, and
keep it for your use.

To make Aqua Composita to
drink for a Surfet, or a cold
Stomack, and to avoid flegm,
and glut from Stomack.

Take one handfull of Rosemary,
one good root of Elecampane, one
of Hop, half a handfull of
Thyme, half a handfull of Sage, six
good crops
of red Mints; and as
much of Pennyroyall, half a handfull
of Horehound, six crops of
Majoram, two ounces of Liquorice
well bruised, and so much of Annise
seeds, then take three gallons of
strong Ale, and put all the aforesaid
things Ale and Hearbs, into a brass
pot, then set them upon the fire, and
set your Limbeck upon it, and stop
it close with paste, that there come
no air out, and so keep it with a soft H4r 127
soft fire, as other Aqua vitæ.

For an Ach in any Joynt.

Take clarified Butter a quarter
of a pound
, of Cummin one pound,
black Sope a quarter of a pound,
one handfull of Rue, Sheeps suet
two ounces, Bay Salt one spoonfull,
bray these together, then fry
them with the gall of an Oxe,
spread it on a Plaister, and lay it
on as hot as you can, and let it lye
seven dayes.

A Plaister to lay to the head for
a Rheume which runneth at the

Take the pouder of Rose leaves,
Rosewater, and Betony water, of
each a like quantity, and a little Vinegar,
put your pouders into the
Water and Vinegar, stir them and
temper them, and make them in a
Plaister, and put to it a little pouder
of Terra figillata.

A Water to be used with the Plaister
abovesaid for the same purpose.

Take one quart of new Milk, H4 two H4v 128
two pound of green Fennell, a
quarter of a pound
of Eyebright,
put the Hearbs and Milk into a
Stillatory, cast half an ounce of
Camphire thereon, and with this
Water wash your Eyes and Temples.

For the Emeroides: Approved.

Take a piece of tawny cloth,
burn it in a frying-pan to pouder,
then beat it in a Morter as fine as
may be, searce it, then lay it on a
brown paper, and with spittle
make it plaister-wise, and lay it
to the place, and trusse it up with

To break any Sore.

Take hot bread to the quantity
of a farthing loaf
, grate it, put thereto
Sallade oyle three or four spoonfuls,
and a pint of Milk, and seeth
them together to a good thicknesse,
spread it on a cloth and lay it to the
sore, in stead of Sallade oyle you
may use Deer suet.

A H5r 129

A Bath for an Ach in the Back
and Limbs.

Take Mugwort, Vervin, Fetherfew,
Dill, Rosemary, Burnet,
Tunhoof, Horehound, and white
Mints, Senkill, and Sage, of each
one handfull, seeth all these in four
of running water, and let it
seeth till one gallon be wasted, then
bath your leggs with it five nights

A Medicine for any joynt that
is numbe with any Ach: Approved.

Take Virgin Wax one ounce,
Verdigrease half a quarter of an
, Brimstone, Sope, Oyle of
Eggs, of Allum, of Honey, of each
a like quantity, temper them altogether,
and lay it upon the place
grieved somewhat warm.

A Medicine for a Fellon of any

Take as much bay Salt as an
wind it in gray Paper, lay it
in the Embers a quarter of an hour H5 then H5v 130
then beat it in a morter very fine,
then take the yolk of a new laid
Egg, beat it with this pouder untill
it be very stiffe, spread it upon a
cloth, lay it upon the joynt grieved
twenty four houres, and so dresse it
three times.

For a Boil or Push.

Take the yolk of a new laid Egg,
a little English Honey, put it into
the shell to the yolk, put in as much
Wheat meal as will make it to
spread, then take one branch of
Rue, and one of Fetherfew, shred
them very fine, and put it to the
same Medicine, stirre them very
well together, spread it upon a
piece of leather, and lay it to the
place grieved.

An Electuary to cause good digestion,
and to comfort the Stomack.

Take Setwell, and Gallingal, of
each three slices, Nutmegs, Ginger,
and Cinnamon, of each two
, three Bayberries sliced fine and H6r 131
and husked, three slices of Liquorice,
half a spoonfull of Annise
seeds clean dusted, one long Pepper
cut small, white Pepper six graines,
as much black Pepper, beat them
all into a grosse pouder, then put
thereto two graines of Musk, one
of Amber-griece, then take
Mint water and Sugar, boyle them
together, and when they are come
to the right perfection of thicknesse,
put in those Pouders above mentioned
in the cooling, with a little
conserve of Rosemary floures, of
this take the quantity of a Nutmeg,
half an hour before you eat or drink
at meales.

A Pouder for the Rheume, or sore

Boyle one pint of Hop-water,
made when the Hop is in the flour,
till it be scalding hot, then put into
it half a pound of Liquorice in very
fine pouder, the Water being taken
from the fire, for the Liquorice
must not boyle in the Water, stirre them H6v 132
them together till the Water be
clean consumed, then adde to them,
of Annise seeds, and Fennel seeds,
of each half a pound made into
very fine pouder through a Searce,
Angelica roots, Elicampane roots,
and leaves, and floures, of Eyebright
made into very fine pouder,
of each one ounce and a half, mingle
these together, and so keep it
close, and when you eat of this
Pouder weigh out of the whole
quantity two ounces, whereunto
adde as much good Aqua vitæ as
will moisten it, or Angelica-water,
or Rosafolis, to keep it from being
musty, set it near the fire; eat of
this Pouder at any time as much as
you may take up with a groat
, and
it is speciall good for the Rheume,
for Cold, or for sore Eyes.


A Salve for any Wound.

Take Rosin, Perrofin, Wax, of
each eight ounces, of Sheeps suet,
flawed-reproduction2 words incense, of each four ounces, H7r 133
, one ounce of Mastick made
in pouder, boyle all these in a pint
of white Wine half an hour, then
take it from the fire, and put thereto
half an ounce of Camphire in
pouder; when it is almost cold
put thereto four ounces of Turpentine,
and make it up in roules, but
before it be rouled you must wash
it up in running water.

A. T.

To deliver a Child in danger.

Take a Date stone, beat it into
pouder, let the Woman drink it
with Wine, then take Polipody and
emplaister it to her feet, and the
Chid will come whether it be quick
or dead; then take Centory, green
or dry, give it the Woman to drink
in Wine, give her also the Milk of
another Woman.

A most singular Sirrup for the
Lungs, and to prevent the Consumption.

Take Egrimony, Scabios, Borrage,
Buglesse, of each twenty
, Pole-feet, Lungwort, Maiden- H7v 134
Maidenhair, of each half a handfull,
Succory, and Endive, of each six
, of Carduus benedictus,
Horehound, Nip, of each four
unset, Hop half a handfull,
Fennell roots, Parsly roots, Smallage
roots, of each three roots sliced
and the piths taken out, Elecampane
four roots sliced, Iris roots
half an ounce sliced, Quince seeds
one ounce, Liquorice three good
scraped and sliced small,
twenty Figs sliced, Raisins of the
Sun one good handfull sliced, and
the stones taken out, boyle all these
in a gallon of running Water till
half be consumed, then take it from
the fire and let it settle, then strain
it, and boyle it again with as much
white Sugar as will make it thick
as Sirrup, that it may last all the

A Pouder for the Stone.

Take Hawes, and Hips, of each
a good handfull, Ashen keyes half
a handfull
, three or four Acornes, the H8r 135
the shels of three new laid Eggs,
Grumwel seeds, Parsley seeds, of
each half an ounce, Perstone a good
, Camock roots half a handful,
make all these into a fine pouder,
then put thereto two ounces of Sugar-candy
beaten something small,
take a sixpenny weight of this pouder
at a time in the morning fasting,
and drink not after it one

For the Collick and Stone.

Take one handfull of Philipendula,
of Rosemary, of Saxafrage,
of Ivy growing in the wall, of
Harts-tongue, of Thyme, of Parsly,
of Scabiaos, of each four handfuls,
of Marigolds one handfull, of Majoram
three handfuls, of brown
Fennel, of Longdebeefe, of Spernits,
of Borage, of each two handfuls,
of Maidenhair three handfuls,
still all these in May, keep it in a
glass till you have need of it, then
take of it five spoonfuls, and three
of white Wine, and of clean pouderder H8v 136
of Ginger half a spoonfull,
put these together, and warm it
luke-warm, and let the Patient drink
it in the morning two hours before
he rise out of his bed, let him lay
more clothes upon him, for it will
provoke him to sweat, after the sweat
is gone, let him rise and walk whither
he will.

A good Water to drink with
Wine, or without to cool Choler.

Take Borage roots, and Succory
roots, of each two, wash and scrape
them faire and clean, and take out
their cores, then take an earthen pot
of two gallons fill it with fair spring
water, set it on a fire of charcoal,
put the roots in it, and eight penniworth
of Cinnamon; when it beginneth
to seeth, put into it four
of fine Sugar, and let it
seeth half an hour, then take it off,
let it cool, and drink hereof at your

To H9r 137

To make Aqua Composita for
the Collick and Stone.

Take of strong Ale one moneth
old, as many gallons as your pot will
, and for every gallon take two
of Liquorice, and as much
Annise seeds, and of these Hearbs
following two handfuls of each to
every gallon
, of Birch leaves,
Burnet, Pasphere, Pellitory of the
wall, Watercresses, Saxifrage,
Grumwel, Philipendula, Pennyroyal,
Fennel, half a root of Elicampane;
of Hawes, of Hips, of
Berries, and Brambles, and Berberries
of each half a pint, distill
them as you do other Aqua vitæ.

A medicine for the Collick passion.

Take the smooth leaves of Holly,
dry them, and make them into
pouder, of Grumwel seed, and of
Boxseed, of each a little quantity,
let the patient drink hereof.

To take away the fervent shaking
and burning of an Ague.

Take the rind of the Wilding tree, H9v 138
tree, with the leaves in Summer, of
each half a handfull, as much Bettonie,
three crops of Rosemary,
seeth them in a quart of posset Ale
to a pint, and let the sick drink of
this as hot as he can, and so within
three times it will ease him.

For the hardnesse and stiffenesse of

Take twelve fledgd Swallowes
out of the nest, kill them, beat
them feathers and all in a Morter,
with Thime, Rosemary, and Hop,
then seeth them with May butter, a
good while, then strain them
through a Strainer as hard as you
can, and it will be an ointment,
rake the strings that grow out of the
Strawberries & beat them amongst
the rest.

To stay the Flux.

Take white Starch made of Wheat
two or three spoonfuls, and take also
new Milk from the Cow, stir these
together, and let them be warmed a
little, and give it to the party grievedved H10r 139
in manner of a glister: a present

An approved Medicine for the
Plague, called the Philosophers
Egg, it is a most excellent Preservative
against all Poysons, or
dangerous Diseases that draw
towards the Heart.

Take a new laid Egg, and break
a hole so broad as you may, take
out the white clean from the yolk,
then take one ounce of Saffron and
mingle it with the yolk, but be careful
you break not the shell, then cover
it with another piece of shell so
close as is possible, then take an
earthen pot with a close cover, with
warm embers, so that the shell be
not burned, and as those embers do
cool, so put in more hot, and do so
for the space of two daies untill you
think it be drie, for proof whereof
you shall put in a Pen, and if it come
out dry it is well, then take the Egg
and wipe it very clean, then pare
the shell from the Saffron, and set it before H10v 140
before the fire, and let it be warm,
then beat it in a Morter very fine,
and put it in by it self, then take as
much white Mustard seed as the
Egg and Saffron, and grind it as
small as meal, then searse it through
a fine Boulter, that you may save
the quantity of the Egg so searced,
then take a quarter of an ounce of
Dittany roots, as much of Turmentil,
of Nuces Vomicæ one
, let them be dried by the
fire as aforesaid, then stamp these
three last severally, very fine in a
Morter, then mix them three well
together, after that take, as a
thing most needfull, the root of
Angellica and Pimpernel, of each
the weight of a sixpence, make them
to pouder, and mix them with the
rest, then compoud therewith five
or six simples
of Unicorns horn, or
for want thereof of Harts horn, and
take as much weight, as all these
fine pouders come to
, of fine Triacle,
and stamp it with the pouders in H11r 141
in a Morter, untill all be well mixt
and hang to the Pestle, and then it
is perfectly made, then put the Electuary
in a stone pot well nealed,
and so it will continue twenty or
thirty yeares, and the longer the

How to use this Electuary.

First when one is infected with
the Pestilence, let him take, so soon
as he can, or ever the disease infect
the heart, one crown weight in gold
of this Electuary, and so much of
fine Triacle, if it be for a Man, but
if it be for a Woman or Child,
take lesse, and let them be well mixed
together, and if the disease come
with cold, give him this Electuaary
with half a pint of white Wine
warm, and well mixed together,
but if it come with heat, then give
it him with Plantain water, or Well
water and Vinegar mixt together,
and when he hath drunk the same,
let him go into his naked bed and
put off his shirt, and cover him warm H11v 142
warm, but let his bed be well warmed
first, and a hot double sheet
wrapped about him, and so let him
sweat seven, eight or ten hours, as
he is able to endure, for the more
he doth sweat the better, because the
disease fadeth away with the sweat;
but if he cannot sweat, then heat
two or three Bricks or Tiles, and
wrap them in moist clothes wet
with water and Salt, and lay them
by his sides in the bed, and they
will cause him to sweat, and as he
sweateth, let it be wiped from his
body with dry hot clothes being
conveyed into the bed, and his sweat
being ended, shift him into a warm
bed with a warm shirt, and all fresh
new clothes, using him very warily
for taking of cold, and let his clothes
that he did sweat in be well aired
and washed, for they be infectious;
and let the keeper of the sick beware
of the breath or aire of the
party in the time of his sweating,
therefore let her muffle her self with double H12r 145143
double old cloth, wherein is Wormwood,
Rue, Fetherfew, crums of
soure bread, and Vinegar and a
little Rose-water, beat all these together,
and put it into the muffler,
made new every day while you do keep
him, and let the sick party have of it
bound in a cloth to smel on while he
is in his sweat, then after do it away
and take a new and because he shall
be faint and distempered after his
sicknesse, he shall eat no flesh, nor
drink Wine the space of nine dayes,
but let him use the Conservatives
for his health, as Conserve of Buglosse,
borrage, and red Roses, and
especially he shall drink three or four
daies after he hath sweat, morning
and evening, three ounces of the
juice of Sorrel mixed with an ounce
of Conserve of Sorrel, and so use
to eat and drink whatsoever is comfortable
for the heart; also if one
take the quantity of a Pea of the said
Electuary with some good Wine, it
shall keep him from the infection: therefore H12v 146144
therefore when one is sick in the
house of the Plague, then so soon as
you can, give all the whole houshold
some of this Receipt to drink, and
his keeper also, and it shall preserve
them from the infection, yet keep
the whole from the sick as much as
you can, beware of the clothes and
bed that the sick party did sweat in.

To make Balm water.

Take four gallons of strong Ale
and stale, half a pound of Liquorice,
two pound of Balm, two ounces
of Figs, half a pound of Annise
seeds, one ounce of Nutmegs,
shred the Balm and Figs very small,
and let them stand steeping four &
twenty houres, and then put it in a
Still as you use Aqua vitæ.

To make Doctor Stephens Water.

Take one gallon of good Gascoine
Wine, of Ginger, Galingal,
Nutmegs, Grains, Annise seeds,
Fennel seeds, Carraway seeds, Sage,
Mints, red Roses, garden Thyme,
Pellitory, Rosemary, wild Thyme, Penni- I1r 145
Penniroyall, Cammomil, Lavender,
of each one handful, bray your
Spices small, and chop the hearbs
before named, and put them with
the spices into the Wine, and let it
stand twelve houres, stirring it very
often, then still it in a Limbeck,
closed up with course paste, so that no
air enter, keep the first water by
it self, it is good so long as it will

An Ointment for any Strain in the
Joints, or for any Sore.

Take three pound of fresh Butter
unwashed, and set it in an Oven
after the bread be drawn out, and
let it stand two or three houres, then
take the clearest of the butter and
put it into a Posnet, then take the
tops of red nettles as much as will
be moistened with the butter, and
chop them very small, and put them
into the butter, set it on the fire,
and boil it softly five or six hours,
and when it is boiled, put thereto
half a pint of pure oil Olive, & then I boil I1v
boil it a very little, and take it off,
and strain it into an earthen pot,
and keep it for your use.

If you think good instead of
Nettles onely, you may take these
hearbs, Cammomile, Rosemary,
Lavender, Tun-hoof, otherwise
Ale-hoof, Five-finger, Vervin,
and Nettletops.

For an Ague.

Take the inner bark of a Walnut
tree, a good quantity, boil it in
beer untill the beer look black, and
then take a good draught and put it
into a pot, then take six spoonfuls
of Sallade oil, for an extream Ague,
brew it too and fro in two pots,
then drink it, and let the party labour
at any exercise untill he sweat,
then let him lie down upon a bed
very warm until he hath done sweating,
this doe three times when the
Ague cometh upon him.

A Pouder against the Wind in

Take Ginger, Cinnamon, and Gallingal, I2r 147
Gallingal, of each two ounces,
Annise seeds, Carraway, and Fennel
seeds, of each one ounce, long
Pepper, Graines, Mace, and Nutmegs,
of each half an ounce, Setwel
half a drachm, make all in pouder,
and put thereto one pound of
white Sugar, and use this after your
meat, or before at your pleasure, at
all times it comforteth the Stomack
marvellously, carrieth away wind,
and causeth good digestion.

For a Pin and Web in the Eye.

Take the white of an Egg, beat
it to oil, put thereto a quarter of a
of English Honey, half a
of Daisie leaves, and in
winter the roots, half a handful of
the inner rind of a young Hazle,
not above one years growth, beat
them together in a Morter, and
put thereto one spoonful of womans
Milk, and let it stand infused
two or three houres, and strain all
through a cloth, and with a feather
drop it into the eye thrice a day.

I2 For I2v 148

For bloud shotten, and sore Eyes,
comming of heat.

Take Tutty of Alexandria, or
Lapis Tutty one ounce, beat it into
fine pouder, and temper it with a
of white Wine, put thereto
one ounce of dried Rose leaves, and
boil them altogether with a soft fire
untill one half be consumed, then
strain it through a fine linnen cloth,
and keep it in a glasse, and use it
evening and morning, and put it
into the sore eyes with a feather or
your finger.

If the Tutty be prepared it is
the better, which is thus done, steep
the Tutty in Rose-water, and let it
lie half an hour, then take it forth,
and lay it on a white paper to dry,
then take it when it is dry, steep it,
and dry it againe, as before twice or
thrice, and then use it as before.

For an ach in the Bones.

Take Southernwood, Wormwood,
and Bay leaves, of each one
, one Oxe Gall, one pint of I3r 149
of Neat-foot oil, put all these together,
and let them stand two or
three daies, and let them boil upon
a very soft fire, then put in of Deers
suet a good quantity, strain them
and put them into a pot, and so annoint
the Patient, put to this a good
quanitity of Tarre, and as much
Pitch as the bignesse of a Walnut,
and of the juyce of Pimpernel a
good quantity.

For Children that are troubled with
an extream Cough.

Take Hysop water, and Fennel
water, of each half a pint, of sliced
Liquorice, and Sugar, of each
a pretty quantity, seeth them easily
over a good fire, strain it, and let
them take a little hereof at once,
and often you may dissolve pellets
therein, and you may annoint their
chast with oil of Almonds, and a
little Wax.

A Medicine for sore Eyes.

Take red Fennel, and Cellendine,
of each one handful, stamp I3 and I3v 150
and strain them, that done, take five
of Honey, and white
Copperas the quantity of one Pea,
Rose-water five spoonfuls, boil all
these together in an earthen pot,
skum it well, and clarifie it with
the white of an Egg; this is an excellent
Medicine to cleare the sight
of the eye, if there be any thing in
the eye superfluous to hinder the
sight, but if there be nothing but
heat, it is nothing so good.

To help one that is inwardly bruised.

Take of Borrage, and red Sage,
of each a handful, stamp these together
and strain them, and put
thereto as much Claret Wine, as
the juice there of, and let the party
drink it warm, and if it keep within
him four and twenty houres after
he will recover; if he be bound
in the body, let him take three
of Sirrupe of Damask
Roses, and two spoonfuls of Sallade
oil, and drink it fasting, and an hour after I4r 151
after let the party take some warm

For the Spleen.

Take of Lavender, Fennel, Parsly,
Cammomile, Thyme, Wormwood,
Angelica, of each one handful,
of Sage, and Rue, one handful,
of Annise seeds and Fennel
seeds, of each one handful of Cummin
seeds two handfuls, of Cloves
four spoonfuls, and of Mace two
, gather these hearbs in the
heat of the day, and dry them in the
Sun two daies, laying them very
thin on a sheet, and bruise the seed
grossely, and steep them in as much
Sallade oil as will cover all these
things, and somewhat more, and
set them in the Sun ten daies, which
being done, strain your oil from
your Hearbs, and your Spices, and
then infuse it new againe as before
with Hearbs & Spices in like manner,
and to that oil thus infused or
strained, add bitter Almonds, and
oil of Capers half a pint, then take I4 a I4v 152
a quarter of a spoonful of the said
oil, and put it in your hand, your
hands being warm, rub them together,
and annoint and rub the Patient
grieved with both your hands,
the one on the right side, the other
on the left, from the loines down to
the bottome of the belly, drawing
your hands as hard as you can, and
make them to meet at the bottome
of the belly, and continue in continuall
rubbing, about a quarter of
an hour.

For a burning or Scald.

Take a quantity of Sheeps Suet,
the white of Hen dung, and fresh
Grease, boil all these together, strain
it & annoint the party with a feather.

For the Emeroides and Piles.

Take juice of Elder, May Butter,
and Deeres Suet, melt them,
letting the Juyce and the Butter
temper, and then put the Suet to
them, make them into pills, and if
you make a Suppositor, you must
put in more Deeres Suet.

For I5r 153

For the Canker in the mouth or Nose.

Take the ashes of green leaves of
Holly, with half so much of the
burnt pouder of Allum, blow
with a quill into the place grieved,
& it will help Man, Child, or Beast.

A Remedy for the Mother.

When the fit beginneth to take
them, take the pouder of white Amber,
and burn it in a chafingdish
of coales, and let them hold their
mouthes over it, and suck in the
smoak, and annoint their nostrils
with the oil of Amber, and if they
be not with child, take two or three
of the oil of Amber in white
wine warm or cold, but the oil of
Amber must be taken inward but
once a day and, outward as often as
the fit taketh them.

A Medicine for the Wormes.

Take one penniworth of Alloes
with the like quantity of Oxe gall and
Mithridate, mix them together, and
lay them to the childs navel upon a

I5 A I5v 154

A Preservative against the

Take one dry Walnut, take off
the shell and peel, cut it small, and
with a branch of Rue shred fine,
and a little Wine Vinegar, and Salt,
put all into a sliced Egg, take it up
fasting, and then you may drink a
little Wormwood after it and go
where you list.

A Pill for those that are infected.

Take of Alloes succatrine half
an ounce
, of Myrrh, and English
Saffron, of each a quarter of an
, beat them into small pouder
with Malmsey, or a little Sack, or
Dioscordion, make two or three
small pills thereof, and take them

A Poultesse to break a Plague

Take a white Lilly root, and
seeth it in a penni-worth of Linseed,
and a pretty quantity of Barrowes
grease, beat the Linseed first
very soft, afterwards beat altogetherther I6r 155
in a Morter, make thereof a

An Electuary for the Plague.

Take the weight of ten graines
of Saffron, two ounces of the kernels
of Walnuts, two or three Figs,
one drachm of Mithridate, and a
few Sage leaves stamped together,
with a sufficient quantity of Pimpernel
water, make up all these together,
in a masse or lump, and
keep it in a glasse or pot for your
use, take the quantity of twelve
fasting in the morning, and
it will not onely preserve from the
Pestilence, but expel from those
that be infected.

Against a Tertian Ague.

Take Dandilion clean washed,
stamp it and put it in Beer, and let
it stand all night in the Beer, in the
morning strain it, and put half a
of Triacle into it, make
it luke-warm, and let the Patient
drink of it fasting, upon his flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 lettersil
flawed-reproduction1 letteray, and walk upon it as long as he I6v 156
he is able, this hath been approved
good for an Ague that commeth every
second day.

Against the Wind.

Take Cummin seeds, and
steep them in Sack four and twenty
houres, dry them by the fire, and
hull them, then take Fennel seed,
Carraway seed, and Annise seed,
beat all these together, and take every
morning half a spoonful in broth
or beer fasting.


Take Enula campana, grate
it, and drink half a spoonfull

For the Sting of an Adder.

Take a head of Garlick and
bruise it with some Rue, add some
Honey thereto, and if you will
some Triacle, and apply it to the

For the biting of a Dog.

Take Ragwort, chop it, and boil
it flawed-reproduction3 wordsto an ointment.

A I7r 157

A Medicine for a Woman that
hath a dead Child, or for the after-Birth
after deliverance.

Take Date stones, dry them and
beat them to pouder, then take
Cummin-seed, Graines, and English
Saffron, make them in pouder,
and put them altogether in like
quantity, saving lesse of the Saffron
then of the rest, then searce them
very finely, and when need is to
drink it, take a spoonfull at once
with a little Malmsie, and drink
it milk-larm, it is good to bring
forth a dead child, or for the after-
birth, or if the woman have any
rising in her stomack, or flushing
in her face during her childbed, the
Date stones with round holes in the
sides are the best, if you put a quantity
of white Amber beaten amongst
the pouder it will be the better.

To make the best Paracelsus salve.

Take of Litharge of Gold and
Silver, of each three ounces, and
put to it one pound and half of good Sallade I7v 158
Sallade oyle, and as much of Linseed
Oyle, put it into a large earthen
vessell well leaded, of the fashion
of a milk boul, or a great bason, set
it over a gentle fire, and keep it stirring
till it began to boyle, then put
to it of red Lead, and of Lapis Caluminaris,
of each half a pound, keep
it with continuall stirring, and let
it boil two houres, or so long till it
be something thick, which you may
know by dropping a little of it upon
a cold board or stone, then take
a sskillet, and put into it a pound of
yellow Wax, as much black Rosin,
half a pound of gum Sandrach, of
yellow Amber, Olibanum, Myrrh,
of Aloes hepatica, of both the kinds
of Aristolochias round and long,
of every of these in fine pouder
searced one ounce, of Mummia one
ounce and a half
, of oyle of Bayes
half a pound, of oyle of Juniper
six ounces, dissolve all these together
in the aforesaid sskillet, and
then put them to the former Plaister,ster, I8r 159
set it over a gentle fire, and
keep it with stirring till it boyle a
little: Then take your five gums,
Popanax, Galbanum, Sagapenum,
Ammoniacum, and Bdellium, of
each of these three ounces, which
must be dissolved in white Wine
Vinegar, and strained, and the
Vinegar exasperated from them
before you goe about the Plaister,
let there be three ounces of each of
them when they are thus prepared,
then when the Plaister hath gently
boyled, about half the bignesse of
a Nutmeg
at a time, continuing
that order untill all the Gums be
in and dissolved, then set it over
the fire again, and let it boyle a
very little, but before it boyle be
sure that the gums be all dissolved,
for else it will run into lumps and
knots, after it hath boiled a little
take it from the fire again, and
continue the stirring of it very
carefully, and put to it these things
following, being in readinesse, take of I8v 160
of both the Corals red and white,
of Mother of Pearl, of Dragons
bloud, of Terra lemnia, of white
Vitriel, of each of them one ounce,
of Lapis Hematitis, and of the Loadstone,
of each of them one ounce
and a half
, of the floures of Antimony
two drachms, of Crocus Martis
two drachms, of Camphire one
, of common Turpentine
half a pound, mix all these together,
but first let those things that
are to be poudered be carefully
done, and fully searced, then put
them all together among the former
things, and again set it over
the fire with a moderate heat and
gentle to boyle, till it be in the form
of a plaister, the which you may
know by dropping it on a cold
piece of Wood, or Stone, or Iron:
you must also remember to keep
it with continuall stirring from the
beginning to the ending, when you
make it up, let your hands and the
place you roul it on be annointed with I9r 161
with the oyle of Saint Johns Wort,
and of earth Wormes, and Juniper,
Cammomile and Roses together,
wrap it in Parchment, or Leather,
and keep it for your use.

Memorandum, That the Camphire
be dissolved in the oyle of
Juniper, mix them together with
the Gum Sandrach, and put them
in towards the latter end.

An Ointment for any strain in the
joynts, or for any sore.

Take three pound of fresh Butter
unwashed, and set it into an
Oven after the bread be drawn out,
and let it stand two or three houres,
then take the clearest of the Butter,
and put it into a posnet, then take
the tops of red Nettles, and chop
them very small, and put so many
Nettles to the Butter as will be
moistned with the Butter, and so
set it on the fire, and boil it softly
five or six houres, and when it is
so boyled, put thereto half a pint of
the best oyle Olive, and then make it I9v 162
it boyle a very little, and take it off
and strain it into an earthen pot,
and keep it for your use.

Mr. Ashley’s Ointment.

Take six pound of May Butter
unsalted, one quart of Salade oyle,
four pound of Barrows grease, one
of the best Rosin, one
of Turpentine, half a pound
of Frankincense; To this rate take
these Hearbs following, of each a
, viz. Smallage, Balm,
Lorage, red Sage, Lavender, Lavender-cotton,
Hearb-grace, Parsely,
Cumfery called Boneset, Sorrell,
Laurell leaves, Birch leaves, Lungwort,
Majoram, Rosemary, Mallows,
Cammomile, Saint Johns
Wort, Plantain, Allheal, Chickweed,
English Tobacco, or else
Henbane, Grumsell, Woundwort,
Betony, Agrimony, Carduus
, wild Wine, or white
Wine called Bryan, Adderstongue,
Mellilot, pick all these
Hearbs clean, wash them, strain them I10r 163
them clean from the water, all these
must be gathered after the Sun rise,
then stamp all these Hearbs in a
stone or wooden morter so small
as possible may be
, then take your
Rosin, and beat it to pouder with
your Frankincense, and melt them
first alone, then put in your Butter,
your Hogs grease and Oyle,
and when all is melted put in your
Hearbs, and let them all boyle together
half a quarter of an hour,
then take it from the fire, and leave
stirring of it in no wise a quarter
of an hour after, and in that time
that it is from the fire put in your
Turpentine, and two ounces of
Verdigrease very finely beaten to
pouder, and when you put in your
Turpentine and Verdigrease stirre
it well, or else it will run over,
and so stirre untill it leave boyling:
Then put it in an earthen pot, stopping
the pot very close with a cloth
and a board on the top, and set it in
a dunghill of horse muck twenty one I10v 164
one dayes, then take it up and put it
into a kettle, and let it boyle a little,
taking heed that it boil not over,
then strain all through a course
cloth into an earthen or gally pot,
and when all is strained, put to it
half a pound of Oyle of Spike, and
cover the pot close untill you use
it, and when you use it make it
warm in Winter, and use it cold in

An approved Medicine for any Ach
in the joynt whatsoever.

Take half a pound of Rosin, half
a pound
of Frankincense, Olibanum,
and Mastick, of each one
, Wax, Deer Suet, Turpentine,
of each two ounces, Camphire,
two drachms, beat the Olibanum,
Mastick, Rosin, and Frankincense,
and Camphire in pouder, then put
it in a brasse pan with a pottle of
white Wine, and put in the Wax
and Deer Suet into it, and when it
doth boyle put in your Turpentine,
and let it boyle a quarter of an hour, I11r 165
hour, then take it from the fire, and
let it stand and cool untill the next
day, then work it with your hand to
work out the Wine, annointing
your hands first with Oyle, then
make it up in roules, then as need
shall serve, take thereof and spread
it with a warm knife upon a fleshie
side of Sheeps skin, and apply it
warm to the grieved place, and take
it not off untill it fall off of it self,
pricking the Plaister full of holes.

A Searcloth to be used against
Carbunkles, red Sores, Bites
Swellings, or any hot Causes.

Take a wine pint of pure Sallade
oyle, and put it into an earthen pot
that is very large, and set it upon a
very soft fire of Charcoal, and when
it beginneth to boyle, stirre it with
a Hasell stick of one yeares shootag,
then put into it two ounces of
Venice Sope that is pure white, half
a pound
of red Lead, one quarter
of a pound
of white Lead, letting
it boyle very softly, stirring it continuallytinually I11v 166
with this Hazle stick for
the space of two or three houres,
you shall know when it is boyled
by this drop one drop thereof upon
a board, and it will be stiffe when
it is enough, then take it from the
fire, and put into it half an ounce
of oyle of Bayes, then let it boyle
again a little, then let your clothes
be ready cut of a reasonable size to
dip them in it, then you must have
two sticks which must be hollow
in the middle, to strip the clothes
through, then lay them abroad untill
they be cold upon a board, then
roul them up and keep them, and
when you use them, lay them upon
the place grieved, and let them lie
twelve houres, then take it off and
wipe it, and lay the other side, and
let it lie as long.

Plague Water to be taken three
times, for the first helpeth not.

Take a gallon of white Wine,
Ale or Beer, and to that quantity
take a quarter of a pound of each of these I12r 167
these Hearbs following, Rosewater
a quarter of a pint, Rue, Sage, Vervin,
Egrimony, Betony, Celendine,
Carduus, Angelica, Pimpernell,
Scabios, Valerian, Wormwood,
Dragons, Mugwoart, all these
Hearbs must you shred in grosse
together, and steep it in the aforesaid
liquor the night before you
distill it in a Rosewater Still, and
then keep the first water by it self
being the weaker, and therefore
fitter for Children; it helpeth all
Fevers, Agues, and Plagues, being
thus taken seven spoonfuls or thereabout
of the strongest bloud-warm,
and give it to the party to drink in
an Ague or Fever an hour before
the Fit come, and so to sweat, either
by exercise or in your bed, but
your stomack must be empty, and
if it be taken for the Plague, then
put into it a little Diascordium
or Mithridate.

A defensive Plaister.

Take the white of an Egg, and I12v 168
and Bole Armoniak, spread it on

A Sirrup for a Cold.

Take Colts foot, Water Hysop,
Water and Honey, put Liquorice,
Annise seeds, and Elecampane, put
thereto the juyce of Fennell, and
boyle them.

To stay the bleeding of a Wound.

Take Charcoal red hot out of
the fire, and beat it to pouder.

A Poultesse.

Take Milk, Oatmeal, and red
Rose leaves, and a little Deers

For the running of the Reines.

Take cups of Acornes and grate
them, and grate some Nutmeg, put
this in Beer, and drink.

For a Poultesse.

Take Linseed and beat it to pouder,
boyle it in Milk with Mallows
and Sheeps Suet.

For a Blast.

Take a good quantity of Vervin,
and boyle it in milk, and wash the Blast K1r 169
Blast therewith very well, then bind
the Hearbs very close to it some
few houres, after wash it again the
milk being warmed, and so bind
it up again, the oftner it is done
the better, and in a day or two it
will be well, if it be taken before it


Take a good quantity of Vericon
being green, with as much
Dill, chop them together, and boyle
them in Bores grease as much as
will cover them, and for want thereof
so much May Butter, and when
they be boyled together, let them
stand two or three dayes, and then
boyle it a little, and so strain it
through a cloth.

A Balsamum.

Take in the latter end of September
good store of Honeysuckle
berries, and put them in a body of
a glasse Still stopped, and set it in
hot horse-dung eight dayes, distill
it in Balneo, then when you have K drawn K1v 170
drawn the water forth, pour the
water into the stuffe again, stop it
close, and put it into the dung four
and twenty houres, then set it in
ashes, and distill both water and
oyle with a great fire as much as
will come forth, and at last separate
the Water from the Oyle in

To make an excellent Oyle of Hypericon.

Take floures, leaves, and seeds
of Hypericon as much as you lift,
beat them together, and infuse
them in white Wine that they may
be covered therewith, and set them
in the Sun for ten dayes, then put
thereto so much Oyle Olive as all
the rest doth weigh, and let it stand
ten dayes more in the Sun, but look
that you weigh the Oyle to know
how much it is, then put thereto for
every pound of Oyle two ounces
of Turpentine, and one drachm of
Saffron, and of Nutmegs, and
Cloves, of each half an ounce, of Mirrh, K2r 171
Mirrh, and Rosin, of each an ounce,
and of the root of Briony two
, put them all in a vesseel of
glasse, and mix them well together,
and set them in a vessell of hot water,
and then set thereto a head of
glasse and Receiver well shut, and
boyle it so long untill no more
will distill from it, which will be
about twenty four houres, then take
it out, and strain it whilest it is hot,
and keep it in a vessell of glasse,
and when you use it first heat it
well, and apply it upon a wound
without using any tent at all, this
is excellent for a green wound,
especially if there be veines, sinewes,
or bones offended or cut, it keepeth
wounds from putrifaction, it
cleanseth them, and easeth pain, and
doth incarnate and skin them;
it helpeth bruises, paines, aches,
or swellings in any part, and is
wonderfull good against venome
or poyson.

K2 For K2v 172

For the Falling Sicknesse.

Take the roots of single Pionies,
grate them, drink them, and wear
some of them about your neck.

For Kibed heels.

Take a Turnip, make a hole in
the top of it, take out some of the
pith, infuse into that hole oil of
Roses, then stop close the hole,
roast the Turnip under the embers,
when it is soft, apply it plaisterwise
warm to the Kibe, bind it

Lapis Prunellæ.
A Medicine for sore Eyes.

Take one pound of Saltpeter,
boil it in a Goldsmiths earthen pot
with a very hot fire round about it,
let it boil till it be very black and
melted, then take a quarter of an
ounce, or sixpenny weight
of Roch
Allum, and a quarter of ounce of
Brimstone, break them, and put
them in the Saltpeter by little at
once as it boyleth, and let it burn
till the flame goe out of it self, then pour K3r 173
pour it into a brasse Ladle, or into
a Chafer, and so let it stand till it
be cold, and when you use it,
scrape it very fine with a knife, and
put a little of it to the sore eyes,
hold down the eye-lid till the pain
be gone, then let water drop out of
the eye: This Medicine taketh
away the Pearl, the Pin, the Web
in the eye, and all sores and bloudshed,
it allso helpeth the tooth-ach,
being put into the hollow tooth
with a little lint, if the tooth be not
hollow rub it outward; finally, it
helpeth a stinking breath, being
eaten in the morning fasting.

For a scald Head.

Take a handfull of Glovers
shreds; and a handfull of Dock
roots the pith taken out, and boyle
them in strong Ale untill they be
reasonable thick, and annoint the
head therewith.

For a bloudy Flux.

Take Rubarb and toast it, then
grind it to pouder, and take as much K3 as K3v 174
as will lye upon a sixpence
, and keep
warm that day, the next day eat
conserve of Roses mixed with Corrall,
and drink that day if yee will
posset Ale made of Cammomile.

For the Itch.

Take one pound of Butter unwashed,
and unsalted, three good
of red Sage, and as much
Brimstone beaten into pouder as a
, boyle these well together,
and strain it, and put in half an
of Ginger beaten small.

For sore Eyes.

Take new Hens dung out of the
nest, and put it into an Oven almost
cold, let it lye there all night,
then take the white of it, and beat it
being dryed, and take as much of
the pouder of Ginger finely beaten,
and put to that half the like quantity
of Sugar-candy, all which must
be beaten very well and searced,
then put it into the sore eyes every
night, and in the morning wash it
out with the water.

A K4r 175

A Water for sore Eyes.

Take a pint of fair running Water,
of wild Daisies, and three
leaved Grasse, of each a good handfull,
wash the Hearbs very clean in
a Collender, and put them into a
clean Skillet of Water, let them
boil very well over the fire untill
the Water look green, then take a
little peice of Allum, and put into
the Water, and when it is boiling,
then taste of the Water, and when
it sticks to the mouth, take as much
Honey as will make it very sweet,
then after it hath boiled a little while
take it off the fire, strain it and
drop a little every night into the

An approved Application against
any Surfeit.

Take the bottome of a Muncorn
loaf, cut it about an inch thick,
and as broad as the palm of your
, toast it very well, then take
of Sallade oil and Claret Wine, of
each a like quantity, as much as K4 will K4v 176
will wet the toast well and throughly,
warm it hot, then put the toast into
it, when the toast is well soaked,
strew the pouder of Cloves and
Mace thereupon thick, then apply
it to the stomack of the Patient as
warm as he can endure it, it will
purge upwards and downwards so
often as you apply a fresh toast made
as aforesaid, this may be applied so
often as any one findeth their stomack
ill at ease, although then it
will not purge, except in case of a

A Medicine against the Plague.

Take of the root called Setwel,
the quantity of half a Walmut, and
grate it, of Triacle green one good
, of fair water three spoonfuls,
make all these more than lukewarm,
and so drink them off in
Bed, and sweat six or seven houres,
and in your sweat drink small posset
Ale made of small drink as you
need, but not till an hour and half
after taking of the Potion, and it K5r 177
it will bring forth the Plague, for
if you cast the Medicine, you may
take it the second, third, or fourth,
time by the whole, half, or lesse
, as your stomack will bear
it: if any do take it, and thereupon
happen presently amendment, or a
rising, or sore, you may think it to
be the sicknesse, for the nature of
the Medicine is to prevent the
Plague, and in others to expell the
sore, if it be not taken too late, in
which case the stomack will not
brook it easily, nor after two or
three times taking, if you minister
it to any, let it be at their first sicknesse,
least if their disease be other
they may receive harm thereby.

Jelly of Frogs.

Take the Jelly of Frogs in
March, and still it in a glasse Still,
it is a good Medicine to stop bloud.
and for the heat and rednesse of the
face, and good to ease green

K5 For K5v 178

For the Tooth-ach.

Take of Sparemints, and ground
Ivy of each a handful, and a good
of Bay Salt, stamp all
these very well together, and boil
them in a pint of the strongest Vinegar
that you can get, let these
boil altogether untill they come to
a quarter of a pint, then strain it
and put it into a glasse, and stop it
very close, when your teeth doth ake,
take a spoonful of it bloud-warm,
and hold it in your mouth on that
side the pain is.

For to make teeth stand fast.

Take roots of Vervin in old
Wine, and wash the teeth therewith.

For the perillous Cough.

Take white Horehound, stamp it,
wring out the juice, and mingle it
with flawed-reproduction1 wordy, and seeth it, and give
it the sick to drink, or else Sack,
flawed-reproductionapproximately 1 word Garlick seed, and rest it in
flawed-reproductionapproximately 2 words and take away the peel
flawed-reproductionapproximately 3 words the rest with Honey, or K6r 179
or else take Sage, Rew, Cummin,
and pouder of Pepper, and seeth
all these together in Honey, and
make thereof an Electuary, and
take thereof a spoonful in the morning,
and another at night.

For a man that hath no taste in meat
or drink.

Take a pottle of clear Water,
and a good handfull of Dandilion,
and put it in an earthen pot, and
seeth it till it come to a quart, and
then take out the hearbs and put in
a good quantity of white Sugar,
till you think it be somewhat pleasant,
and then put it into a vessel
wherein it may cool, and then take
twenty or thirty Almonds, blanch
them and beat them in a Morter,
and when the Water is cold put it
to the Almonds, and then strain it
through a clean Cipris bag without
compulsion, and if it be thick,
let it run through again, and so keep
it in a vessel, and drink of it often,
at all times as you please.

To K6v 180

To preserve a man from the Plague.

Take Aloe epaticum, and Aloe
, fine Cinnamon, and
Myrrh, of each of them three
, Cloves, Mace, Lignum
, Mastick, Bole Armoniack, of
each of them half a drachm, let all
these things be well stamped in a
clean Morter, then mingle them together,
and after keep them in some
close vessel, and take of it every
morning two penny weight, in half
a glasseful
of white Wine, with a
little water, and drink it in the
morning at the dawning of the day,
and so may you, by the grace of
God, go safely into all infection
of the air and Plague.

For a Tetter, or Ring-worm.

Take Mercury, a quarter of an
, Camphire one penny weight,
make them into pouder, and rub
them in a fair porrenger, then take
and mix them with the water of the
vine four or five spoonfuls, stir
them well together, then put as much K7r 181
much more water to that, then strain
it through a cloth, and take Poppey
seeds one quarter of an ounce, beat
that in a stone Morter, with a spoonful
of the water of the Vine, putting
a little and a little till you have
spent the quantity of a pint, then
put to half an ounce of the Milk
of a Coker-nut, so mix them well
together with your first Receipt, and
strain them as you make Almond
milk through a fair cloth, then keep
it in a glasse for your use.

To keep ones body loose whensoever
you need.

Take two ounces of Sirupe of
Roses, one ounce of Sene, one pennyworth
of Annise seeds, one stick
of Licorice, one pint of Posturn
water, seeth them altogether till it
seeth to half a pint, then strain
them forth, then boil the two ounces
of Sirupe of Roses, and drink
it warm.

For K7v 182

For a red Face.

Take Brimstone that is whole,
and Cinnamon, of either of them
an even proportion by weight, beat
them into small pouder, searse it
through a fine cloth upon a sheet of
white paper, to the quantity of an
ounce or more
, and so by even proportions
in weight mingle them together,
in clean clarified Capons
grease, and temper them well together,
untill they be well mollified,
and then put to a little Camphire
to the quantity of a Bean, and
so put the whole confection in a

For a young Child to make water.

Boil Organy in fair water, and
lay it warm to the Childs Navel.

A Medicine for the falling of the
Uvula into the Throat.

Take a red Colewort leaf, whereof
cut away the middle rind, then
put the leaf into a paper, and let it
be burnt in hot embers or ashes,
then take the leaf out, and lay it hot K8r 183
hot on the top or crown of the bare
head, and it will draw it up into his
place, and rid you of your pain.

A Medicine for the heat of the
soles of the feet, that cometh by
Rheum or bloud.

Take a quantity of Sflawed-reproduction1 words of the
garden, and boil them in staid Urin,
then let the Patient bath and set his
feet therein, and using that often he
shall be cured.

Gascons own Pouder.

Take of pouder of Pearl, of red
Corral, of Crabs eyes, of Harts-
horn, and white Amber, of each
one ounce, beat them into fine pouder,
and searce them, then take so
much of the black toes of the Crabs
clawes as of all the rest of the pouders,
for that is the chief worker,
beat them and searce them finely as
you do the rest, then weight them
severally, and take as much of the
toes as you doe of all the
rest of the five pouders, and mingle
them well together, and make them up K8v 184
up into balls with jelly of Harts-
horn, whereinto put or infuse a
small quantity of Saffron, to give
them colour then let them lie till they
be dry and fully hard, and keep
them for you use.

The Crabs are to be gotten in
May or September, before they be

The dose is ten or twelve grains
in Dragon water, Carduus water,
or some other cordiall water.

The Apothecaries in their composition
of it, use to put in a drachm
of good Oriental Bezar to the other
pouders, as you may see in the prescription

This is thought to be the true
composition invented by Gasconn,
and that the Bezar, Musk, and Amber-griece,
were added after by some
for curiosity, and that the former
will work without them as effectually
as with them.

The K9r 185

The Apothecaries Gascon Pouder,
with the use.

Take of Pearles, white Amber,
Harts-horn, eyes of Crabs, and
white Corral, of each half an ounce,
of black thighes of Crabs calcined
two ounces, to every ounce of this
pouder put a drachm of Oriental
Bezar; reduce them all into very
fine pouder, and searce them,
and with Harts-horn jelly with a
little Saffron put therein, make it
up into a paste, and make therewith
Lozanges or Trochises for your

You must get your Crabs for
this pouder about May, or in September,
before they shall be boiled;
when you have made them, let them
dry and grow hard in a dry air,
neither by fire nor Sun.

Their dose is ten or twelve
, as before prescribed in the
former page.

The K9v 186

The Pouder prescribed by the
Doctors in their last London
Dispensatory, 16501650. called the
Pouder of Crabs clawes.

Take of prepared Pearles, eyes
or stones of Crabs, or red Coral,
of white Amber, of Harts-
horn, of Oriental Bezar stone, of
each half an ounce, of the pouder
of the black tops of the clawes of
Crabs to the weight of all the former;
make them all into pouder,
according to Art, and with jelly
made with the skins or castings of
our Vipers, make it up into small
Tablets, or Trochises, which you
must warily drie as before prescribed,
and reserve for your use.

The Countesse of Kents Pouder,
good against all malignant and
Pestilent Diseases, French Pox,
Small Pox, Measels, Plague,
Pestilence, malignant or scarlet
Fevers, good against Melancholy,
dejection of Spirits, twenty
or thirty grains
thereof being exhibitedhibited K10r 187
in a little warm Sack or
Harts-horn jelly to a man, and
half as much, or twelve grains
to a Child.

Take of Magistery of Pearls,
of Crabs eyes prepared, of white
Amber prepared, Harts-horn, Magistery
of white Corral, of Lapis
contra Yarvam
, of each a like quantity,
to these pouders infused put
of the black tips of the great clawes
of Crabs, to the full weight of the
rest, beat these all into very fine pouder,
and searce them through a fine
Lawn Searce, to every ounce of this
pouder add a drachm of true Oriental
Bezar, make all these up into a
lump, or masse with the jelly of
Harts-horn, & colour it with saffron,
putting thereto a scruple of Ambergriece,
and a little Musk also finely
poudered, and dry them (made
up into small Trochises) neither
by fire nor Sun, but by a dry
air: you may give to a man twenty K10v 188
twenty graines of it, and to a child
twelve graines.

The Virtues of a Root called Contra
, being made into fine

  • 1.

    It withstands the Plague being
    taken in Triacle water.
  • 2.

    It is good in all Pestilent diseases,
    taken in posset drink with
  • 3.

    It is good against a Fever, taken
    in Carduus water.
  • 4.

    It is a great Antidote against
    all poysons, taken in Sallade oil.
  • 5.

    It doth cure the biting of a
    mad dog, drunk in Rose vinegar,
    and then drink nothing else but
    spring water during the Cure.
  • 6.

    It causeth a speedy delivery,
    given in Balm-water, Bittony-water,
    or in burnt Wine.
  • 7.

    It doth take away the afterthrowes,
    given in the same liquors,.
  • 8.

    It is a good Cordial in all fits
    of the Mother, given in Rue-water.
  • 9.

    It is very soveraigne in swouninging K11r 189
    fits, given in Sack, or Borragewater.
  • 10.

    It is very powerful to withstand
    all Melancholly, given in
  • 11.

    It doth help Convulsions in
    Children, given in Spring-water.
  • 12.

    It helpeth the Worms, given
    in Goates milk.
  • 13.

    It is good for a short breath,
    given in Rue-water.
  • 14.

    It helpeth the Head pain,
    given in Rue-water, or Rosemary-
  • 15.

    It helpeth the yellow Jaundice,
    give in Celendine-water.
  • 16.

    It is very powerful in the
    Palsie, given in Sage-water.
  • 17.

    It is a good Antidote against
    the Gout, given in Sage-water.
  • 18.

    It withstandeth the growing
    of the Stone in the Reines, given in
    Renish Wine.
  • 19.

    It causeth a good and quiet
    sleep taken in white wine.
  • 20.

    It is a great preserver of Health, K11v 190
    Health, and meanes of long Life,
    taken sometimes in Mede.
  • 21.

    It may be used as Triacle or
    Bezar, against Surfeits.
  • 22.

    It is a general upon all occasions,
    and may be given at all
    times when you do not know what
    the disease is, in any of the aforesaid

The dose for a man or woman is
from one scruple to two scruples,
& a boy or girle, twelve or fourteen
, in convenient liquors,.


The Epistle.


Being given to understand; that
you flawed-reproduction3 words the Countesse
of Kents Manuall; I thought good
to communicate unto you, for the more
accomplishment of your second Impression,
the vertues of some select
Cordiall Spirits, of very great use
in weak and sickly persons, which
were first composed by Sir Walter
, during his Imprisonment
in the Tower, and dispersed by him
to divers worthy Personages, in their
severall occasions and necessities, and
were imparted to me by Captain
Samuell King
, who lived long time
with him in the Tower, and in his
expeditions, this King being my
loving Friend, and Schoole-fellow,
both in Canterbury and Westminsterster K12v
Schooles. I have also inserted
hereunto certain Experiments of
Gascons Pouder, or the Countesses,
for their operations are much of the
same nature, which have many times,
with very happy successe, been tryed
upon severall persons, by my self, and
divers others by my directions, assuring
my self, it will be of very great
use and benefit to such persons as shall
have need of such helpes and comforts,
and so rest,

Your Friend

W. J.

The L1r 191

The Vertues of Aqua Bezoar.

It is good against contagious diseases,
as Plague, Purples, spotted
Fever, Small Pox, and Measels.

The order to take it, is with Carduus
, or Angelica, in
posset Ale, and to sweat moderately
upon the taking of it. It is good
against Surfets, and easeth the stomack
opprest with wind, crude
flegm, and superfluities, and helpeth

The dose is from two to three
at one time.

The Vertues of Spirit of Clary.

It is good to restore one in any
weaknesse, chiefly of the back; It
preserveth against the Consumption
and Ptisick; It comforteth the
heart, and increaseth radicall moisture;
It also strengtheneth Childbearing
Women after their delivery.

L The L1v 192

The dose is one or two spoonfuls
morning and evening.

The Vertues of Aqua Mariæ.

It is good for all infirmities of
the Spleen, and to open the obstructions
thereof; It comforteth
the vitall parts, and is good against
all passions of the heart; It preserveth
the meat in the stomack
from putrifaction, It helpeth digestion,
and expelleth wind.

The dose is one spoonfull at one

The Vertues of Floures of Rosemary.

It is good against all infirmities
of the stomack, and to suppresse all
offensive fumes rising up from
thence to the head, keeping them
down; and helpeth memory; It
openeth all stoppings of the Liver
and Milt; It preventeth Vertigo,
Scotomia, Palsies, Apoplexies, and
diseases of that kind arising from
cold humours; It breaketh wind,
and easeth the Collick.

The L2r 193

The dose is one spoonfull at one

The Vertues of Spirit of Mints.

It is good for the stomack, and
strengthneth the retentive faculty,
good against vomiting, and all
passions of the heart; It comforteth
the vitall spirits, and is good
against the Consumption; It expelleth
wind, and helpeth digestion,
and is an infallible help for melancholy.

The dose is from one to two

The Vertues of Aqua Theriacalis.

It is good against all diseases of
the Spleen whatsoever; It preventeth
and helpeth contagious,
and suddain oppressions, and
qualmes of the heart.

The dose is one spoonfull to
prevent, and three to the infected,
who ought to sweat after taking it.

The Vertues of Spirit of Saffron.

It is good to comfort the vitall
Spirits, passions, trembling, and L2 pen- L2v 194
pensivenesse of the heart, and helpeth
all malignity oppressing it, and
expelleth wind; It suppresseth
fumes which arise from the Spleen
and goe up to the head, and openeth
the obstructions of it; It is
excellent against all melancholy;
and very good for women in travail,
for it comforteth, and hasteneth

The dose is morning and evening
one spoonfull, for three dayes

Virtue of Spirit of Roses.

It is good to open the obstruction
of the Lungs, and preventeth
Consumptions, and other infirmities
of that nature; It preserveth
from putrifaction, and keepeth the
breath from being corrupted.

The dose is a spoonfull at noon,
at four in the afternoon, and as
much at bed time.

The Vertues of Spirit of Diasatyrion.

This Spirit made of Diasatyrion magis L3r 195
magis gratum
, prescribed in the last
London Dispensatory, comforteth,
and much restoreth decayed nature,
strengthneth the weak back,
increaseth seed, and advanceth generation,
being taken thrice a day
a spoonfull at a time, that is, in
the morning fasting, at four in the
afternoon, and last at bedward;
with this caution that the weak parties
abstain from venereall acts till
after their first sleep.

The dose is one spoonfull at one

The Vertue of Spirit of Strawberries.

It is excellent good to purifie
and cleanse the bloud; It preserveth
from, and also cureth the yellow
Jaundies, and deoppillateth
the obstructions of the Spleen; It
keepeth the body in a sweet temperatenesse,
and refresheth the

The dose is a spoonfull at a
time, when need requireth any of those L3v 196
those helpes for the aforesaid diseases.

Spirit of Confection of Alkermes

It is an excellent comforter of
the Spirits vitall, naturall, and animall,
in weak and delicate persons,
and against all trembling, pensivenesse,
and suddain qualmes of the

The dose is one spoonfull at one

The Vertues of Spirit of Comfrey.

It hath all the vertues which Spirit
of Clary hath, onely it is of
greater efficacy in inward hurts,
bruises and ruptures.

The dose is a spoonfull at one

Extract of Ambergriece.

Take a drachm of Ambergriece,
grind it very small on a Painters
stone, then put it into a boll head;
then take of the best Spirit of Wine,
either Canary or Maliflawed-reproduction1 lettero Sack,
half a pound, Spirit of Clary two ounces; L4r 197
; mingle them well together,
and pour of the Menstrua one
to this proportion of Amber,
set them to difest in a gentle Balneo
about eight houres, shaking
it together three or four times,
then take it out, and being cold,
pour it forth, and put almost as
much more of the mixed Spirits
digested as before in a gentle heat
by Balneo; then put it forth to the
first extracted; and adde half as
much more Spirits the third time,
and digest it again; and then have
you extracted all the speciall part
of the Amber, and leave nothing
but a black dead earth of no valew,.

Then take a pint of the Spirit of
what Hearb you will use, and dissolve
therein one pound of pure
white Sugar-candy, or at the least
twelve ounces, very finely poudered
and searced through a fine Searcer,
for the speedier resolution thereof,
it is best to dissolve it in cold; this
resolution must be twice filtered L4 thorough L4v 198
thorough a thin cap paper, to make
it very perfect clear: Then take
three parts of this dulcified Spirit,
to one of your Extract of Amber
drawn with Spirit of Wine, then
shake them well together, and let
them stand in a square glasse very
close stopped, untill it shall be perfectly
clear; one drachm of this
Extraction of Amber will serve to
dulcifie and make fit two quarts
of Spirit of Mints, or Clary, or
the like, and give it a most excellent
taste, and efficacious vertues.

Severall Experiments made of the
Countesse of Kents, or of Gascons
Pouder, by a Professor of

  • 1.

    A Childe aged about five
    yeares, troubled much with flegm,
    and drawing on (as the Parents
    conceived) to his end, with ten
    of this Pouder exhibited in
    a specificall vehicle, to the proportion
    of one spoonfull, about seven of L5r 199
    of the clock at night, with the like
    dose exhibited the next morning,
    was within three dayes space perfectly
    recovered, and went abroad.
  • 2.

    A Childe aged about fourteen
    yeares, being suddenly surprised
    with dangerous Fits and
    trembling of the heart, with twelve
    of this Pouder exhibited in
    a spoonfull of Aqua Theriacalis,
    was that very day recovered.
  • 3.

    A Stationers Childe aged
    about five yeares, being suddainly
    taken so ill, that the Parents feared
    the life of the Child, with ten grains
    of this Pouder exhibited in a spoon
    of a Cordiall Spirit, being laid
    down, and well covered (we suspecting
    it would prove to be the
    Small Pox) became within two or
    three houres somewhat chearfull,
    and with this Medicine continued
    once a day, the Pox broke forth, and
    the Childe mended.
  • 4.

    A Boy aged about sixteen,
    being taken with suddain qualmes L5 about L5v 200
    about his stomack and heart, with
    ten graines of this Pouder exhibited
    in a spoonfull of Doctor
    water upon his Fit,
    and the like quantity exhibited again
    when he went to bed, was the
    next day recovered.
  • 5.

    A Childe about three yeares
    old, being troubled with grievous
    torments, and gripings in his belly
    with wind, with nine graines of
    this Pouder exhibited with two
    of specificall Oyle against
    the Collick, in a spoonfull of Stomack
    Water, was eased in few
  • 6.

    A Childe about seven yeares
    old, being troubled with Convulsion
    Fits, with ten graines of this
    Pouder, mixed with Spirit of Castor,
    and one drop of Oyle of
    Amber, in a few spoonfuls of black
    Cherry water, annointing the
    two neck veines near the eares,
    with a few drops of Oyle of Amber
    and Cloves, was suddainly recovered L6r 201
    recovered of his Fitt.
  • 7.

    A Gentlewoman near forty
    yeares old, being oppressed with
    crude and flatuous humours, so
    that her friend thought her departing,
    was with twelve graines
    of this Pouder, and two drops of
    a Cordiall Oyle, exhibited in a
    of Cordiall Water, being
    had to bed, within three dayes
    recovered and followed her domestick
  • 8.

    A Youth about twenty years
    old, much oppressed with wind
    and crudities of stomack, with
    twelve graines of this Pouder exhibited
    in two drops of a specificall
    Collick Oyle, as in the fifth Experiment,
    with a Cordiall Water was
    speedily recovered.
  • 9.

    A young Maid about eighteen
    yeares old troubled with Fits
    of the Mother, and Convulsive
    Fits, with twelve graines of this
    Pouder given her in a few spoonfuls
    of Piony water, gathered and distilled L6v 202
    distilled in due season, with
    a drop of Oyle of Cinnamon, and
    two of Amber mingled together,
    being held upright before a warm
    fire, within four houres recovered
    out of her Fit, and went up to her
    Chamber (though her teeth were
    set in her head, and small appearance
    of life) but that onely her
    feet were warm was discovered
    in her.
  • 10.

    A Gentlewoman aged about
    fifty, being very much troubled
    with flatuous and crude humours
    oppressing the stomack, with
    sixteen graines of Gascon Pouder,
    and with three drops of Oyle of
    Oranges, duly prepared, exhibited
    in an ounce of Aqua Theriacalis,
    being well shaken and mingled together,
    being exhibited at two severall
    times, that is, at night when
    she went to bed, disposing for rest,
    and betimes the next morning,
    found much ease and comfort,
    and gained some quiet rest that night, L7r 203
    night, and shortly recovered.
  • 11.

    A young woman aged about
    four and twenty, not without
    some suspition of the Plague, having
    a tumor long while arising on
    her groin, with three severall doses
    of Gascons Pouder, exhibited at
    three evenings when she disposed
    for rest; by twelve graines for every
    dose in a spoonfull of Triacle water,
    drinking every morning a
    of Spirit of Saffron for
    those three dayes together, was
    perfectly recovered, and followed
    her domestick busines.

These and many other Experiments
have I with good successe
tryed, and with Gods blessing recovered
divers severall Patients.

This Pouder is good against
Small Pox, Measels, spotted, or
purple Fever, exhibited in specificall
Waters, fit for their severall
diseases; It is good in swounings
and passions of the heart,
arising from malignant vapours, or L7v 204
or old causes, as also in the Plague
or pestilent Fevers, always observing
to keep the persons upright,
warm, and well covered after their
taking it.

The dose of this Pouder in
Children, is from eight to twelve
; in Persons more aged
from twelve to fourteen graines,
but exhibite the dose twice or thrice
if need require: In the Plague
you may use a greater quantity,
with such Medicines as are prescribed
in the Child bearers Cabinet,
and it will not be anuffe to
mingle it with some Aqua Theriacalis.

The Composition of the Oyle called
Oleum Magistrale, said to be
invented by one name Aparitius,
a Spaniard, being speciall
good to cleanse and consolidate
wounds, especially wounds to the

Take a quart of the best white
Wine you can get, of pure old Oyle of L8r 205
of Olives three pound, then put
thereto these floures and hearbs following,
of the floures and leaves of
Hypericon half a pound, of Carduus
, of Valerian, of the least
Sage, of each a quarter of a pound;
if it be possible take the leaves and
floures of every one of these, then
let them all steep twenty four hours
in the aforesaid Wine and Oyle;
the next day boyle them in a pot
well annealed, or in a copper vessell
over a soft fire, untill such time as
the Wine be all consumed, stirring
it alwayes with a spattle; after you
have thus done, take it from the fire,
and strain it, and put to the straining
a pound and a half of good Ve
Turpentine, then boyle it again
upon a soft fire the space of a quarter
of an hour, then put thereunto
of Olibanum five ounces, of Mirrh
three ounces, of Sanguis draconis one
, and so let it boyle till the
Incense and Mirrh be melted, then
take it off, and let it stand untill it be L8v 206
be cold, then put it into a glasse-
bottle, and set it eight or ten dayes
in the Sun, and keep it for your use.

This Oyle, the older it is, the
better it is, it must be applyed to
the Patient wounded as hot as may
be endured, first washing the wound
with white Wine, boyled with a
of Incense to comfort, and
wiping it clean with a linnen cloth
before you dresse it, which must be,
if it come to any bruisings or bitings
twice a day, that is, about
eight of the clock in the morning in
winter, and at summer about nine
in the morning, and about four in
the afternoon, but if they be green
wounds you shall not need to
change it again untill the next day,
neither need the Patient observe
any precise diet.