Being a Golden
Egge, to avoide Infection:

A Short Step Into

the Doctrine of laying on of hands, to
provoke such as have time, hart, and parts to
prosecute resting upon the promise, the tongue
of the stutterers shall speake plaine, and out of
the mouthes of babes, Jehovah shall
have praise.

Looke not to Scottish, nor Dutch, New-England, nor Olde,
Behold the paterne, the Apostles fellowship and so goe up by the
Tents of the Shepheards.

Printed in the yeare 16441644:

A1v A2r

Worthy D. Gouge,

Remembring your antient acquaintance with
mee and my Father long since at rest, I
presume to father this naked child without
Scholasticke phraises, or Schoole learning
to dresse it and garnish it, and so bring it
forth to further view, knowing by experience,
and also you were well reported of for
the opening of Doctrines, seeing you have
had a word of knowledge to preach the Doctrine
of Repentance from dead workes and faith towards God, and
have sweetly taught Christ in his Priestly Office, I beseech you leave
some good favour of your name before the close of your eyes concerning
Christs Kingly Office; open the Doctrine of the laying on of
hands, and rest not in the( ceremony which hath been used by the laying
on of hands of bloody persecutors, I hope you will be wary of new
inventions, to lay on fowle hands againe, leave not to their wisedome
that have so long erred, take the advice of the Assemblie of the
Saints, and so of the spouse of Christ who washeth her hands in innocencie
and compasseth the Alter, let her have her due benevolence
and so her right; as she is the Eldership to lay on hands by whom she
shall appoint.

Sir, there was much jelosie of you in the time of the Prelates, that
you wer too full of feares, And now the Lord hath shortned those
dayes of persecution; and you have a prise in your hand, being one of
the Maisters of the Assemblie, fasten some naile concerning the Doctrine
of laying on of hands, which will cleare up holy fellowship
and take off that aspertion layd upon your congregations, that they
are false; none of Christs, but Antichristian: Though I doe not for A2 my A2vmy part say so of them, yet the Doctrine of Baptisme and the Doctrine
of laying on of hands is left out of them, notwithstanding the
ceremonys have beene of Baptisme and laying on of hands with more
then needed which makes some to goe to a second Baptisme. And an
other forme, some are seekers out of a Baptisme looking for Elyas
as John the Baptist to bring it from heaven, forsaking all fellowship
till Christ shall send forth new Apostles to lay on hands; All
this is (as I conceive) is for want of the knowledge of those two middle
principalls, seeing these things are come to passe in your dayes,
before your end; labour in the word and doctrine to cleare up those
two principalls, so to our great Docter I leave you to teach you the
misteries of the Kingdome, resting ever to love the Saints.


I Printed a few for my owne use, because I would not loose my
thoughts, & for such as shal councell me for the best; for without
councell the thoughts perish. If herein I have failed, I hope it will be
easily passed by being the first fault upon that subject of laying on
hands desiring to provoke to love & good workes, so to him that hath
loves to bestow upon his beloved, who is the wonderfull councellor. I
leave all the worke.


Sions Lovers,

Being a Golden egg to avoyd
Infection, &c.

Christian Reader, I thought to have beene
silent, but this is a time of warre, the war
increaseth not onely in earth but also in
heaven, when the Lord will destroy his
enemies, hee provokes them to come out
against his people; and the Saints are as
a marke for many to shoote at, but this
is the comfort of the Saints, the Prince of peace, his Angells
the Ambassadors of peace fighteth for Sion and the hill thereof,
against the Dragon and his Angells, Blessed those that
helpe the Lord against the mighty, the Lord takes part with
Psal.Psalm 118.7. those that helpes the Saints, wherefore let those that
are against the Saints hold there peace; I will
Job 13.13. speake come what will; The enemies of the godly are forgers
of lies, and the Saints become their enemies because they
Jerem.Jeremiah 2.8. tell them the truth; wherefore deare friends of Christ harken
Jer.Jeremiah 15.19. not to lying vanities and so forsake your owne mercies;
joyne to the Saints in holy union, as Jehovah saith to the Prophet
let them returne to thee but returne not thou to them,
though it be hard to goe against the flood the Dragon casts
Jer.Jeremiah 51.15. out of his mouth, yet looke to him that guides the stearne the
Captaine of our Salvation, remember that the destroying
Rev. 12.20.revelation mountaine Babell is rowling downe as a burnt mountaine,
and the beast and the false Prophet is comming also with the
ebb into the lake, wherefore let the Saints take hart, though
they goe against the streame of the times, for their way is one A3 high, A3vhigh, and it will be easie for they of the world to goe downe
the streame with the lyers their companions, wherefore comfort
ye my people, comfort ye my people saith our God,
though there be pleaders against Gods people, and they are
not suffered to pleade for themselves, yet the Lord will pleade
Esa.Esaiah 51.12. their cause; the spirit may depart from seven and sevens, but
hee that hath the seven spirits will never depart from his
spouse, he will be with her to the end of the world, walking
in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, all the congregations
that puts away all abominations so farre as they
know and mingle not with drosse, what is not declared by
letter, must be cleared by the word that was before the letter;
Christ manifest in all his offices, and so measure the Temple,
the Altar, the worship, and the worshippers, put away all
humaine inventions that agree not with that rule; and so in
his armes I leave thee that lovest Sion.

Exhortations to Gods people.

Give glory to the Lord your God, before he cause darkenesse;
and before your feet stumble upon the darke
Jer.Jeremiah 13.16. mountaines, while you looke for light he turned it into the
shadow of death and make it grosse darknesse.

Heb.Hebrews 12.6.13. Let that which is halting be healed, least it be turned out of
Jer.Jeremiah 51.16. the way, Come out of her my people least your hearts faint
when you see the judgement: It is commendable for Gods
Acts 1.42. people to abide steadfast in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship.

Observations for Gods people.

Eze.Ezekiel 10.15. They that be ashamed of the iniquities, shall see the pattern
of the house of Jehovah, The labour of the foolish weary every
one of them, because he knoweth not how to goe to the

Comfort to Gods People.

Esa.Esiah 41.15. Behold I will make thee a new threshing instrument, haveinging A4r mouths wherewith thou shalt thresh the mountaines and
Psal.Psalm 149.8.9. beat them small and make the hills as chaffe, this honour
have all the Saints, they shall have a two edged sword in their
Cant.Canticles 6.4. hands, they shall be terrible as an Army with banners; great
are the Armies, many were the publishers all the Congregations
Psal.Psalm 68.11. of the Saints; as shee preachers hold forth Christ, publish
the Gospel, take in and cast out, exercising the power
of Christ

Admonishons to such as goe from mountaine to hill forgetting
their resting place.

Mich.Micah 2.10. Arise, this is not your rest, because it is polluted, Polluted
Jer.Jeremiah 2.36. Congregations is not the rest of the Saints; why gaddest thou
so much to change thy way, thou shalt be ashamed of Ægypt
Holy fellowships
are fenced
Cities, upon
all the glory
shall be a
as thou wast of Assyria, It may be thou maiest be ashamed
of the Presbytery as thou wast of the Hierarchie.

Wy doe we sit still? Assemble your selves and let us enter
into the defensed Cities, and let us be silent there, for the
Lord our God hath put us to silence and given us water of
gall to drinke, because wee have sinned.

EsayEsiah 4.5. Beware of doggs, for the leaders of this people cause them
Jer.Jeremiah 8.14. to erre, and they that are led by them are destroyed, they that
posesse them, slay them, and their teachers have Phil.Philemon 3.2. swallowed
up the old path.

Good councell to luke warme Congregations.

EsayEsiah 9.16. Zach.Zechariah 11.5. EsayEsiah 3.12. I councell thee to buy of me gold tryed in the fire that thou
maiest be rich, and white rayment that thou maiest be clothed,
Revel.revelation 3.18. that the shame of thy nakednesse doe not appeare, and
anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou maiest see, such as
see the evill of their way, will enter into holy fellowship with
silence and here the Saints: The Prelates in their time put the
godly to silence, and the time will come when God shall put
many to silence, and then they will heare what the spirit speaketh
to the Saints none dareing to speake against them.

Q.Question What may be the darke mountaines wee may avoyde falling
on them.

A.Answer This is a begging age, and there is Phisitians of no value
that beg questions but not for healing, but some have many
questions to beg, but before we fall upon querees, let us heare A4vhere what hath beene done against the Saints, There have
beene councellors of state that have councelled for their hurt:
I hope better things of some that are now clouded with
temptations; that they will dote upon questions of no
worth, and plead for a thing of naught, and against the
Saints, but were they grave councelors as healing Elders, they
would endeavour to heale Babell shee not being healed, or
come out of her into holy fellowship, as the straight gate by
Ezek.Ezekiel 42.8. reason of persecution, and so shine forth to the consuming of
Rev.revelation 22.2. Antichrist, and their holy fellowship and godly conversation
will be as the leaves of the trees of the sanctuary for the healing
of the nations. And if they were wise pleaders, they
would not plead against the Saints, who were companions
with them in sufferings, and in their adversitie, gave themselves
to prayer in holy fellowship for them, which they called
convinticles, who after the way they called heresie worship
they God abiding steadfast in the Apostles doctrine and
fellowship, and put away uncleannesse from them so farre as
they know, they doe not separate with shame, as some Congregations
like darke mountaines, those that abide in holy
fellowship doe not separate with whores, they doe not worship
with harlots as the people that doe not understand, but
may fall upon the darke mountaines; If those pleaders that
accuse the Saints of that they know not, were they wise pleaders
Hosea 14.4. they would plead the cause of the dumbe, who keepe silence
Psa.Psalmes 39.1. in evill times, the wicked being in sight: If they would
plead their own innocency after some that have been first as
seeming just, they are made dumbe and put to silence, for none of
their Complaints shall passe the Presse, but the Presses are filled
with their Letters, that open their mouthes wide to smite
the Saints with the tongue, and wound them with the Pen,
blotting them with their Inke, as if they would not
have the name of holy Ones among them; as in the time of
the Hirarchie, the pretious were put out, and the uncleane
kept in, and compelled to come to worship, though they relished
it no more then the White of an Egge: But now when
the name of Antichrist should be raised out, now they have a
prise in their hand to set upon reformation, now the judgementsment B1r of God are on the earth, should not the Inhabitants thereof
learne Righteousnesse”
; shall the hands of the wicked be strengthned,
and the hearts of the godly sadded, whom the Lord hath
not sadded: Remember what is said, “this is that king Ahaz
that sinned more and more in the time of distresse:” 2 Cor.Corinthians 18.22.
Oh that the
Saints were wise to gather into holy fellowship, the roote of
1 Cor.Corinthians 6.5. Jesse set up for an Ensigne, and so Thrones set up for Judgement
in the gates of Sion, executing the power of Christ to
judge each other; then there would bee little or no worke for
Lawyers, especially among the Saints; then evill reports of
the Saints would not be received and such as bring up an evill
report of the good way of God are not likely to see the pattern
of Jehovahs house.—Let such take heed they fall not upon the
1 Cor.Corinthians 10.5. darke mountaines, as they fell in the Wildernesse, but give glory
to God, confessing their sinne, be ashamed of Iniquities, so
shall ye see the Pattern of the House, and goe not so much as
neere the Corner of the Harlot, gad not from mountaine to
hill, forgetting the resting place, dayes without number: “Why
gaddest thou so much to change thy way,” Jer.Jeremiah 2.36.
If there be another Lord-
like power set up, you shall be ashamed of it, as you were of the
former Hirarchy, marke what the wise Preacher saith, “The labour
of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not
how to goe to the city.” Eccle.Ecclesiastes 10.15.
Is there not great labour lost in wrong reasoning,
strife about words, Presbitery and Independency which
the Saints in fellowship owne not? is there not much wearinesse
in reading many bookes to no profit, but to please the
flesh? is there not much wearying in carnall disputes, contending
for nought shewing lust which should not be the custome
of the Saints? the reason of their wearinesse is they know not
to goe to the city where the Saints sit together in holy fellowship
as in heavenly places, according to the doctrine of laying
on of hands, which hath not been tought, so farr as I know in
the confused congregations since the defection of Antichrist;
the doctrine of Baptisme and the laying on of hands hath been
as it were lost, as the book of the law which was found in good
2 Cor.Corinthians 34.14. Josias time of reformation, such as desire reformation now, may
doe well to pat to pen, and presse, pulpits and conferences to
cleare those two doctrines, the doctrine, of baptisme will cleare
the purities of the ordinances, the doctrine of laying on hands B will B1v will cleare holy fellowship, the laying on of foule hands, yea,
bloody hands of the Prelates hath beene taken for the doctrine
of laying on of hands as if the using of the ceremonie as a shell
to the kernell held forth in the doctrine, even as if the joyning
of the lips which is the ceremony were all that is required
Rom.Romans 16.16. to imbracing by love.

If there bee another power out and above the congregation
Heb.Hebrews 7.7. which is the Eldership above her stewards, for the losse is blessed
of the greater, so surely the congregations united together
in Covenant, by worship or agreeing in the name of Christ in
time of reformation having beene back—sliders, such as the tipicall,
Psal.Psalms 50.5. nationall, great congregation said, come let us joyne in
EsayEsiah 50.5. Covenant, what was meete for the tipicall Church as the generall
congregation of the first borne, the same is meete for every
visible congregation when they come to reformation, uniting
themselves together in holy union, to injoy holy communion
and so shine forth to the consuming of Anticrist, electing,
choosing out from among themselves, ordaining, investing
by her owne power given her from Christ shee being
in his stead the Eldership to appoint her Officers as her maides
Pro.Proverbs 9.1. to kill her fatlings, dwelling together in one Parish is not from
heaven to make one bread and one body but of men, but many
members becomes one body according to Gods, Ordinance to
have power to take in & cast out by uniting together by faith
& order agreeing in the name of Christ and so we are indowed
with power and order; as two parties husband and wife becomes
one by Covenant more or few partners becomes one by
covenant, civill fellowships many members becomes one congregation
by Covenant, so joyning to Christ by faith gives us
not a visible right to the ordinances, but uniting together according
Jer.Jeremiah 50.5. to the minde of Christ, joyning to the Lord in Covenant,
so in times of persecution holy fellowship will not falsefie their
Covenant, though the Parish Assemblies turne with the State
in evill times, but this is too great a labour for my selfe, I doe
Psal.Psalms 44.17. but hint it to the honored that labour in the word and doctrine
as a patient desire to be healed wherein I erre, I earnestly beg
these questions of the wise and learned, by what name or title
soever called or would be called; for of them is pretious Preachers
concerning the doctrine of repentance from dead workes and B2r
and faith towards God; but of them are those that have spoken
evill of the old and good way, of them there is that have
blasphemed the Tabernacle and dwellers in heaven, of them
there is hirelings to speake against the gathering of the Saints
in order, as Shemaiah was hired by Sanballat & Tobia to hinder the
Neh.Nehemiah 6.10. building of Gods Temple, of them there is not any that ever I
heard that opened the doctrine of laying on of hands, wherefore
though I honour them for the truth they teach, yet I submitt not
to them in that which is besides the text, wherefore turne my
questions to the more honored Christians, peculiars purchased by
Christs blood, such as have the tongue of the learned to speake a
word in season to the weary, honored before such as ashame their
name, as the righteous is better then his neighbour, such as through
John 2.38. beleeving out of whose bellies flow rivers of waters of life, such as
Psa.Psalms 25.14. feere Jehovah, with whom are his secrets, holy brethren such as are
Rev.revelation 3.8. made partakers of the Divine nature, I know no other Divines but
Jer.Jeremiah 2.8. brethren and sisters united together as godly Phyladelphian, and
Psa.Psalms 133. sweet Smyrna dwelling even together in unity honored Saints with
the double edged sword of those holy hearers, I begge these questions

  • Quest.Question 1.

    Whether the Congregations that know not the Doctrine
    of laying on of hands, that know not the power, or have given
    their power to the Beast, that know not how to weld the two edged
    sword, that know not how to speake each to other. 2 or 3 by
    Mat.Matthew 18.1516. course, and others to judge, that know not how to judge one another,
    that know not how to deale with one another, 1 by telling
    privately, 2 by two, or 3 & then to the Congregation, whereof they
    be members, that know not how to elect, choose, ordaine, invest
    Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Deacons, Male and Female, qualified according
    to holy writt, whether such congregations as these may
    not be said to be darke mountaines.
  • Q.Question2.

    Whether such as be tontosticated with the cup of fornicators,
    rayging and rangling drunke with pride and passion, also
    staggering are not like to stumble and fall upon those darke mountaines.
  • Q.Question3.

    Whether the Saints that withdraw from all that walke
    disorderly either brethren or congregations agreeing in the name
    of Christ covenanting to walke with God, and one with another to
    walke with God in all his waies, so farre as they know or shall
    know be not the way and order of the Gospell,
  • 2.4 Whe- B2 B2v
  • Q.Question4.

    Whether such Congregations as last aforesaid be not senced
    EsayEsiah 4.5. Cities which are walled by the power of Discipline, upon
    Psa.Psalms 51.18. all the glory shall bee a defence, and such for whom the Prophet
    prayes the walls may be built.
  • Q.Question5.

    Whether the mixt Congregations, that exercise not the
    power of Christ that he hath given them be not unfensed Cities.
  • Q.Question6.

    Whether that new threshing instruments having mouthes
    called new, as the new commandement which was from the beginning
    be not the ordinance of Dissipline to beat the mountaines into
    chaffe, the graine may appeare, behold I will make the tipicall congregation
    nation one congregation, behold I will make thee a very
    EsayEsiah 41.15. visible congregation under the Gospel a new threshing instrument,
    Psa.Psalms 68.11. so the power is given to her, nnot to her officers.
  • Mat.Matthew 28.19. INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that cb is unmatched.20.


    Whether the Congregations be not the shee preachers to
    whom the command is given, to whom the promise is made, goe
    Preach and Baptise, observe and doe all I command you, and I
    will be with you to the end of the world.
  • Q.Question8.

    Whether all the Saints shall not have honour, the power
    as the two edged sword, her overseers being one with her, not
    Lords over her.
  • Q.Question9.

    Whether the Saints that would have healed Babell, she not
    Cant.Canticles 5.6. being healed are not to come out from confusion and gather
    into order as flockes of sheepe goe up from washing.
  • EsayEsiah 11.10.


    Whether the Congregations that suffer Christ to reigne
    over them, the Roote of Jesse set up for an ensigne, exersing the
    power of Christ to take in what is serviceable, casting out what is
    offencive, would not be as terrible as an army with bannors, comly
    Cant.Canticles 6.4. as Jerusalem beautifull as Tirzah.
  • Q.Question11.

    Whether the Males in every Congregation be not to lift
    up pure hands, propheng one, by another, two or three by course,
    the rest judging.
  • Q.Question12.

    Whether such Preachers as speake against such as walke
    in order and are of the quiet of the land, such counsellers as adviseth
    to their hutt, such pleaders as pleade for a thing of nought
    Eph.Ephesians 5.21. shall not be called to the barre of Gods judgment if they repent not,
    Oh, that wee might submitt one to another in all that is good.

O that the time were come that the wolfe might lie with the lamb,
EsayEsiah 11.6. & 9 and a little childe should leade them.