The markes of the children
of God,

and of their
comforts in afflictions.

To the faithfull of the
Low Countrie.

By John Taffin.
Overseene againe and augmented by the
Author, and translated out of French
Anne Prowse.

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The spirit beareth witness to our spirit that we are
the sonnes of God. If we be sonnes, then are
we also heires, the heires of God and joynt
heires with Christ: so that we suffer together
that we also may be glorified together.

At London,
Printed by Thomas Orwin,
for Thomas Man.

A1v A2r

To the right Honorable
and vertuous Ladie, The
Countesse of Warwicke.

Forasmuch as it hath pleased
almightie God of his
infinite goodnesse, to give
unto the glorious Gospell
of his eternall sonne, so long & prosperous
successe in this our Countrie;
it is now time (right Honorable
and my verie good Ladie) for everie
one that is a true professor of the
same, all carnall perswasions of humane
reason deluding the soule being
set aside, to prepare our selves to
the day of trial. For although it pleaseth
God sometimes, for the gathering
of his Church, to give unto it
as it were Halcyon daies: yet common
it is not, that it should any long
time continue in rest and pleasure.
Nay, by the word of God wee A2 know A2v know, & by experience sometimes
of our selves (her Majesties royall
person not excepted) and now of
our neighbours round about us we
see, that the Church of God in this
world, as it ever hath bin, so must it
ever be under the crosse. And therefore
if wee will bee compted of the
Church indeede, and glorie in that
excellent name of a Christian, let us
knowe assuredlie, that unto us, even
unto us (that have so long lived in
rest and pleasure, if wee be the children
of God) in some sort and measure
a triall must come. For, if God
chastise everie sonne whom he receiveth,
and every member of Christes
body must be fashioned like unto
the head, if the afflictions of this
world are manifest tokens to the
children of God, of his favour and
love towards them, and sure pledges
of their adoptiōon: how can we looke,
or how can we desire to bee exemptedted A3r from this common condition of
God his owne children and household?
To this end therefore (right
Honorable Ladie) I have translated
this little booke, first to admonish
some (who for lacke of experience,
never feeling other daies than these
full of peace and quietnes) that they
learne to applie unto themselves
whatsoever they heare or reade of
the triall of God his children, least
falselie imagining it to appertaine
either to the times that are past, or to
other Nations, it fall sodainlie upon
them as a theefe in the night, & they
be destitute of all hope and comfort.
Secondlie, to awake others abounding
both in knowledge and other
graces, whom notwithstanding, satan
(by the deceaveable lusts & vaine
pleasures of this wicked world) hath
so rockt a sleepe, that they seeme almost,
as they that are diseased with
the Lethargie, to have forgottēen both A3 them- A3v themselves, their holie calling and
profession. Last of all, to comfort an
other sort, whome it hath pleased
God so to presse downe with sorrowes,
and to exercise with the continuall
afflictions and calamities of
this mortall life, as no times seeming
favourable unto thēem, they can scarse
receive the words of any comfort.
And because your Honor hath been
of long time, not onlie a professour,
but also a lover of the trueth, whom
the Lord (exalting to an higher place
of dignitie than many other) hath
set up, as it were a light upōon an high
candlesticke, to give light unto manie,
I have especiallie dedicated unto
your Honour this my poore travaile,
humblie beseeching the Lord
to make it no lesse comfortable to
your Honour, and to those that shall
reade it, than it hath been unto me
who have translated it. Everie one
in his calling is bound to doo somewhatwhat A4r to the furtherance of the holie
building; but because great things
by reason of my sex, I may not doo,
and that which I may, I ought to
doo, I have according to my duetie,
brought my poore basket of stones
to the strengthning of the walles of
that Jerusalem, whereof (by grace)
wee are all both Citizens and members.
And now to returne to those
whōom experience hath not yet taught,
and whom prosperitie will not suffer
to awake: I earnestlie beseech
them both in the Lord, no longer to
deceive themselves with vaine imaginations,
neither to suffer their
hearts so to be tied to earthlie vanities,
that they should despise or neglect
those things that cāan truely make
them happie indeed. When it shall
please God to open their eyes to
discerne betweene heavenlie and
earthly, betweene things transitorie,
and things everlasting, I know they A4 will A4v will of themselves bee ashamed of
this their negligence. For what are
all the pleasant things of this world,
which most bewitch the minds of
men, if they be compared with heavenlie
and eternall things? If statelie
& sumptuous buildings do delight;
what building is so statelie and glorious
as newe Jerusalem? If riches;
what so rich as that, whose pavemēent
is of pure gold, whose foundations
and walls of precious stones, & gates
of orient pearles? If friends, kinsfolke
and neighbours; what Citie so
replenished as this, where God himselfe
in his Majestie, Jesus Christ the
head of the Church in his glorie, &
all the holie Angels, Patriarchs, Prophets,
Apostles and Martirs do dwel
together in happinesse for ever? If
honor; what honor comparable to
this, to be the servant and child of so
mightie a King, and heire of so glorious
a kingdome; where neither time A5r time doth consume, nor envie deprive
of honour, nor power of adversarie
spoyle of glorie, that is endles
& incōomprehensible? If then there
be no comparison betweene things
heavenlie and things that are earthlie,
and no man can attaine to the
things that are heavenlie, but by the
same way that Christ himselfe attained
unto them; which was by the
crosse: why (casting off all impediments
that presseth downe) doo we
not runne on our course with cherefulnes
and hope, having Christ so
mightie a King, for our Captaine &
guide, who (as the Apostle saith) for
the glorie that was set before him,
indured the crosse, and despising the
shame, sitteth now at the right hand
of the throne of God? How slowe
and dull of heart are wee, if as Esau,
(who for a messe of pottage sold his
birthright) wee are contented for a
small and short pleasure in this wickedked A5v world, to leese that incomparable
and everlasting glorie, which
Christ the sonne of God with so
great a price hath purchased for us.
The Lord give us wisedome to understand,
& grace to heare his voice
while it is saide to day, that when
daies and nights & times shall cease,
wee may (without time) enter into
his joye and rest which never shall
have end. The Lord ever preserve
your Honor; and adde unto a multitude
of happie yeares spent in his
feare, a continuall increase of al
spiritual graces to his glorie,
and your endles

Your Honors in the

most humble A.P.

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