A Vision:

Wherein is manifested the disease and cure
of the

The summe of what was delivered to the
Generall Councel of the Army, 1648-12-29Decemb. 29. 1648.

With a true Copie of what was delivered
in writing (the fifth of this present January) to the
said Generall Couuncel, of Divine pleasure concerning
the King in reference to his being
brought to Triall, what they are therein
to do, and what not, both concerning
his Office and Person.

By E. Pool herein a servant to the most
K. Poole High God.

Jan: 9th London,
Printed in the Year, 1648-12-291648.


The summe of what was delivered to the
Councel of War, 1648-12-29Decemb. 29. 1648.


I have been (by the pleasure of the most High) made sensible
of the distresses of this Land, and also a sympathizer with
you in your labours: for having sometimes read your Remonstrance,
I was for many daies made a sad mourner for her;
the pangs of a travelling woman was upon mee, and the
pangs of death oft-times panging mee, being a member in
her body, of whose dying state I was made purely sensible. And
after many daies mourning, a vision was set before me, to shew
her cure, and the manner of it, by this similitude: A man who is
a member of the Army, having sometimes much bewailed her state,
saying, “He could gladly be a sacrifice for her,” and was set before mee,
presenting the body of the Army, and on the other hand, a woman
crooked, sick, weak & Imperfect in body
; to present unto me, the weak and
imperfect state of the Kingdom: I having the gift of faith upon me
for her cure, was thus to appeal to the person, on the other hand,
That he should improve his faithfulnesse to the Kingdom, by using
diligence for the cure of this woman, as I by the gift of faith on
me should direct him. Neverthelesse it is not the gift of faith in
me, say I, nor the act of diligence in you, but in dependance on
the divine will, which cals me to beleeve, and you to act. Wherefore
I being called to beleeve ought not to stagger, neither you being
called to act should be slacke: for looke how farre you come
short of acting (as before the Lord for her cure) not according to
the former rule by men prescribed for cure, but according to the
direction of the gift of faith in me, so farre shall you come short
of her consolation; and look how farre you shall act, as before
the Lord, with diligence for her cure, you shall be made partakers
of her consolation.

She being after demand’d, “Whether she had any direction to give the
She answered, no: for the present, for she was in this case
presented to her self as the Church, which spirit is in you, and shal
guide you.

A2 I A2v 2

I am therefore to signifie unto you, that there is but one step
between you and restauration, the which whosoever taketh not
warily shall stumble, and fall, and be taken, and that is this, you
are to stand as in the presence of the Lord, to be dead unto all your
own interests, lives, liberties, freedoms, or whatsoever you might
call yours: yet pleading for them still with men, speaking to every
one in his owne language, for they are your due with them;
but except you are as ready to resigne them up to the will of the eternal
pleasure, as to plead them with men, you shall surely lose
them; For he that will save his life shall lose it, and he that will lose it shall
save it

The Lord hath a controversie with the great and mighty men of
the earth, with the Captains, and Rulers, and Governours: You
may be great and mighty upon the earth, and maintaine his controversie,
but against the mighty men of the earth is his controversie
held: For as you are the potsherd of the earth, he will surely
break you to peeces, till there be not a shred left to carry coals on.
The Kingly power is undoubtedly fallen into your hands; therefore
my advice is, that you take heed to improve it for the Lord.
You have justly blamed those who have gone before you, for betraying
their trust therein. I speake not this as you are souldiers,
but as the spirit of Judgement and Justice is most lively appearing
in you, this is therefore the great worke which lieth upon
you, to become dead to every pleasant picture, which might
present it self for your delight, that you perfectly dying in the
will of the Lord, you may finde your resurrection in him.

She being afterwards asked by some of the chief Officers, “Whether
she conceived they were called to deliver up the trust to them committed
either to Parliament or people?”
She answered, No, for this reason, it
being committed to their care and trust, it should certainly be required
at their hands, but take them with you as younger bre thren
who may be helpfull to you: Neverthelesse know you are
in the place of watchmen, wherefore slacke not your watch over
them, for the account of the Stewardship shall be required at your hands.

It was further said unto her, “How then shall we be free from the aspersions
of the people, who will be ready to judge that we improve this interest
for our own ends?”
She answered, Set your selves, as before the
Lord, to discharge the trust committed to you, and trust him
with your reward: I speake not this that you should bee exalted
above your brethren, but that you might stand in faithfulnesse to discharge A3r 3
discharge your duty; For he that will save his life shall lose it, and he that
will lose it shall save it
. You have been Noble-men, behaving your
selves with much valour and courage (as amongst men) now
therefore lose not your reward, for this will be the greatest piece
of courage that ever you were made the examples of; if you shall
bee as well content to lose house, land, wife and children, or
what ever you might call yours in divine will, as eveer you were
to lay down your lives in the field.


I have considered the agreement of the people that is before you,
and I am very jealous lest you should betray your trust in it (in as
much as the Kingly Power is fallen into your hands) in giving it
up to the people; for thereby you give up the trust committed to
you, and in so doing you will prove your selves more treacherous
then they that went before you, they being no waies able to improve
it without you. You justly blame the King for betraying
his trust, and the Parliament for betraying theirs:
This is the great thing I have to say to you, Betray not you
your trust.

I have yet another Message to shew you, I know not what acceptance
it may finde with you, yet I am content, here it is,
let it finde what acceptance it may, I leave with you.

The Message is as followeth.

Dear Sirs,

Having already found so free admission into your presences it
hath given me the greater incouragement (though more peculiarly,
the truth perswading me thereunto) to present you with my
thoughts in these following lines. I am in divine pleasure made
sensible of the might of the affaires which lye upon you; and the
Spirit of sympathe abiding in me, constraineth me to groane with
you in your paines, you may remember I told you the Kingly
power is undoubtedly fallen into your hands, which power is to
punish evill doers, and to praise them that doe well: Now therefore
my humble advice to you is, that you stand as in the awfull
presence of the most high Father, acting your parts before God and
man you stand in the place of interpreters, for many hard sayings
present themselves to you, and will doe, looke for it: wherefore

A3 That A3v 64

That you give unto men the things that are theirs, and upon
God the things that are his, it is true indeed, as unto men (I know
I appeale by the gift of God upon me) the King is your Father
and husband, which you were and are to obey in the Lord, & no other
way, for when he forgot his Subordination to divine Faith
hood and headship, thinking he had begotten you a generation to
his own pleasure, and taking you a wife for his own lusts, thereby
is the yoake taken from your necks (I meane the nneck of the spirit
and Law, which is the bond of your union, that the holy life
in it might not be prophaned, it being free and can not be bound:
For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, hath freed us from the law of
sinne and of death
, for the letter of the law, which speaketh to the
flesh kileth, therefore you must suffer of men in the flesh, for the
Lords sake, that so dying to your own bodies (that is to al selfe
interest in divine will) you might also receive youur resurrection,
for you must dye before you can rise, you must loose your lives,
Interests, Liberties, and all (before you can save them) casting
your Crowne at the feet of the Lamb, who only is worthy, yet
still pleading for them with men, for they are your due with
them, a share they may not deny you; Blessed are the dead which die in
the Lord: for they rest from their labours, and their workes doe follow

From your own labours, I wish you rest in the Lord, that the
fruit of your labours, which is the life of your faith may follow
you to prison, & to death; know this, that true liberty either is not
bound to any thing, nor from any thing, for it is subject to this
or that (neither this nor that in divine will) neverthelesse as from
the Lord you have al that you have, and are so to the Lord, you
owe althat you have, and are for his own name sake. So from the
King in Subordination.

You have all that you have and are, and also in Subordination
you owe him all that you have and are, and although he would
not be your Father and husband, Subordinate, but absolute, yet
know that you are for the Lords sake to honour his person. For
he is the Father and husband of your bodies, as unto men, and
therefore your right cannot be without him, as unto men, and I know
and am very sennsible, that no small straight lyeth upon you in respect
of secureing his person (for the manifold conceived inconveniences
following, and necessities of evill event) in respect
of raising more wars, and also other things well known to you which A4r 5
which will present themselves unpossible for you to avoid, neverthelesse,
this is my humble and hearty prayer to the everlasting Father
(which I present to you in words, that you may be edified
thereby) Remember I said, everlasting Father, for so we shall best
know him for our consolation; that it might please him of his
infinite, eternal life and goodnesse to grant you a sure and certaine
knowledge of this, that all things which are impossible
with men (at the utmost extent of impossibility) are possible with
him, who onely saith it, and it cometh to passe, the Lord of hoasts,
the God of the whole earth, who commandeth all hoasts of men,
Angels and Devils, whose eies run to and fro throughout the face
of the whole earth; To shew himselfe strong in the behalfe of all
those that trust in him: Wherefore put your swords into his
hands for your defence, and feare not to act the part of Abigail, seeing
Nabal hath refuted it (by Appropriating his goods to himselfe)
in relieving David and his men in their distresse; it was to her
praise, it shall be to yours, feare it not: Onely consider, that as
she lifted not her hand against her husband to take his life, no
more doe yee against yours.

For as the Lord revenged his owne cause on him, he shall doe
on yours; “For vengeance is mine, I will repay it”, saith the Lord; who
made him the Saviour of your body, though he hath profaned his
Saviour-ship; Stretch not forth the hand against him: For know
this, the Conquest was not without divine displeasure, whereby
Kings came to reigne, though through lust they tyranized which
God excuseth not, but judgeth; and his judgements are fallen
heavy, as you see, upon Charles your Lord: Forget not your pity
towards him, for you were given him an helper in the body of
the people: Which people are they that agreed with him to
subject unto the punishment of evill doers, and the praise
of them that doe well : Which law is the spirit of your
Union: And although this bond be broken on his part.

You never heard that a wife might put away her husband, as he
is the head of her body, but for the Lords sake suffereth his terror
to her flesh, though she be free in the spirit to the Lord; and he being
incapable to act as her husband, she acteth in his stead; and
having the spirit of Union abiding in her, she considereth him in
his temptations, as tempted with him: And if he will usurpe over
her, she appealeth to the Father-hood for her offence, which is
the spirit of justice, and is in you; For I know no power in Englandgland A4v 6
to whom it is committed, save your selves (and the present
Parliament) which are to act in the Church of Christ, as she by
the gift of faith upon her, shall be your guide for the cure of her
body, that you might therefore commit an unsound member to
Satan (though the head) as it is flesh; that the spirit might be saved
in the day of the Lord (I believe) And accordingly you may
hold the hands of your husband, that he pierce not your bowels
with a knife or sword to take your life. Neither may you take
his, I speake unto you as Men, Fathers and Brethren in the Lord:
(who are to walke by this rule) “Whatsoever you would that men should
doe unto you, doe yee the same unto them:”
I know it would affright you
to be cut off in your iniquity; but O, how faine would you have
your iniquity taken away! Consider also others in their amazement;
I know you have said it, and I believe, that if you could
see sutable sorrow for so great offence, you should embrace it: I beseech
you in the bowels of love, for there it is I pleade with you,
looke upon the patience of God towards you, and see if it will not
constraine you to forbearance for his sake: I know the spirit of
sanctity is in you; and I know as wel the spirit of bondage holdeth
you oft-times, that you cannot but groane for deliverance: Wherfore
I beseech you for the Lords sake, whose I am, and whom I
serve in the spirit, that you let not goe the Vision which I shewed
you concerning the cure of England, as it was presented to me:
Wherein the party acting, being first required to stand, as in the
awfull presence of God, and to act for her cure, according to the
direction which he should receive from the Church, by the gift of
faith upon her: (Act he must) but not after any former rule by
men prescribed for cure, but after the rule of the gift of faith)
which I humbly beseech the Almighty Lord to establish in you.
I rest,

Your servant in the Church and
Kingdome of Christ.

Elizabeth Poole.

After the delivery of this, she was asked, whether she spake algainst
the bringing of him to triall, or against their taking of his
flawed-reproduction1 or 2 lettersiflawed-reproductionat least 1 character

She answered, Bring him to his triall, that he may be convicted
in his conscience, but touch not his person.