A Vision:

Wherein is manifeſted the diſeaſe and cure
of the

The ſumme of what was delivered to the
Generall Councel of the Army, 1648-12-29Decemb. 29. 1648.

With a true Copie of what was delivered
in writing (the fifth of this preſent January) to the
ſaid Generall Couuncel, of Divine pleaſure concerning
the King in reference to his being
brought to Triall, what they are therein
to do, and what not, both concerning
his Office and Perſon.

By E. Pool herein a ſervant to the moſt
K. Poole High God.

Jan: 9th London,
Printed in the Year, 1648-12-291648.


The ſumme of what was delivered to the Councel of War, 1648-12-29Decemb. 29. 1648.


Ihave been (by the pleaſure of the moſt High) made ſenſible of the diſtreſſes of this Land, and also a ſympathizer with you in your labours: for having ſometimes read your Remonſtrance, I was for many daies made a ſad mourner for her; the pangs of a travelling woman was upon mee, and the pangs of death oft-times panging mee, being a member in her body, of whoſe dying ſtate I was made purely ſenſible. And after many daies mourning, a viſion was set before me, to ſhew her cure, and the manner of it, by this ſimilitude: A man who is a member of the Army, having ſometimes much bewailed her ſtate, ſaying, He could gladly be a ſacrifice for her, and was ſet before mee, preſenting the body of the Army, and on the other hand, a woman crooked, ſick, weak & Imperfect in body; to preſent unto me, the weak and imperfect ſtate of the Kingdom: I having the gift of faith upon me for her cure, was thus to appeal to the perſon, on the other hand, That he ſhould improve his faithfulneſſe to the Kingdom, by uſing diligence for the cure of this woman, as I by the gift of faith on me ſhould direct him. Nevertheleſſe it is not the gift of faith in me, ſay I, nor the act of diligence in you, but in dependance on the divine will, which cals me to beleeve, and you to act. Wherefore I being called to beleeve ought not to stagger, neither you being called to act ſhould be ſlacke: for looke how farre you come ſhort of acting (as before the Lord for her cure) not according to the former rule by men preſcribed for cure, but according to the direction of the gift of faith in me, ſo farre ſhall you come ſhort of her conſolation; and look how farre you ſhall act, as before the Lord, with diligence for her cure, you ſhall be made partakers of her conſolation.

She being after demand’d, Whether ſhe had any direction to give the Councel? She anſwered, no: for the preſent, for ſhe was in this caſe preſented to her ſelf as the Church, which ſpirit is in you, and ſhal guide you.

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I am therefore to ſignifie unto you, that there is but one ſtep between you and reſtauration, the which whoſoever taketh not warily ſhall ſtumble, and fall, and be taken, and that is this, you are to ſtand as in the preſence of the Lord, to be dead unto all your own intereſts, lives, liberties, freedoms, or whatſoever you might call yours: yet pleading for them ſtill with men, ſpeaking to every one in his owne language, for they are your due with them; but except you are as ready to reſigne them up to the will of the eternal pleaſure, as to plead them with men, you ſhall ſurely loſe them; For he that will ſave his life ſhall loſe it, and he that will loſe it ſhall ſave it.

The Lord hath a controverſie with the great and mighty men of the earth, with the Captains, and Rulers, and Governours: You may be great and mighty upon the earth, and maintaine his controverſie, but againſt the mighty men of the earth is his controverſie held: For as you are the potſherd of the earth, he will ſurely break you to peeces, till there be not a ſhred left to carry coals on. The Kingly power is undoubtedly fallen into your hands; therefore my advice is, that you take heed to improve it for the Lord. You have juſtly blamed thoſe who have gone before you, for betraying their truſt therein. I ſpeake not this as you are ſouldiers, but as the ſpirit of Judgement and Juſtice is moſt lively appearing in you, this is therefore the great worke which lieth upon you, to become dead to every pleaſant picture, which might preſent it ſelf for your delight, that you perfectly dying in the will of the Lord, you may finde your reſurrection in him.

She being afterwards asked by ſome of the chief Officers, Whether ſhe conceived they were called to deliver up the truſt to them committed either to Parliament or people? She anſwered, No, for this reaſon, it being committed to their care and truſt, it ſhould certainly be required at their hands, but take them with you as younger bre thren who may be helpfull to you: Nevertheleſſe know you are in the place of watchmen, wherefore ſlacke not your watch over them, for the account of the Stewardſhip ſhall be required at your hands.

It was further ſaid unto her, How then ſhall we be free from the aſperſions of the people, who will be ready to judge that we improve this intereſt for our own ends? She anſwered, Set your ſelves, as before the Lord, to diſcharge the truſt committed to you, and truſt him with your reward: I ſpeake not this that you ſhould bee exalted above your brethren, but that you might ſtand in faithfulneſſe to diſcharge A3r 3 diſcharge your duty; For he that will ſave his life ſhall loſe it, and he that will loſe it ſhall ſave it. You have been Noble-men, behaving your ſelves with much valour and courage (as amongſt men) now therefore loſe not your reward, for this will be the greateſt piece of courage that ever you were made the examples of; if you ſhall bee as well content to loſe houſe, land, wife and children, or what ever you might call yours in divine will, as eveer you were to lay down your lives in the field.


I have conſidered the agreement of the people that is before you, and I am very jealous leſt you ſhould betray your truſt in it (in as much as the Kingly Power is fallen into your hands) in giving it up to the people; for thereby you give up the truſt committed to you, and in ſo doing you will prove your ſelves more treacherous then they that went before you, they being no waies able to improve it without you. You juſtly blame the King for betraying his truſt, and the Parliament for betraying theirs: This is the great thing I have to ſay to you, Betray not you your truſt.

I have yet another Meſſage to ſhew you, I know not what acceptance it may finde with you, yet I am content, here it is, let it finde what acceptance it may, I leave with you.

The Meſſage is as followeth.

Dear Sirs,

Having already found ſo free admiſſion into your preſences it hath given me the greater incouragement (though more peculiarly, the truth perſwading me thereunto) to preſent you with my thoughts in theſe following lines. I am in divine pleaſure made ſenſible of the might of the affaires which lye upon you; and the Spirit of ſympathe abiding in me, conſtraineth me to groane with you in your paines, you may remember I told you the Kingly power is undoubtedly fallen into your hands, which power is to puniſh evill doers, and to praiſe them that doe well: Now therefore my humble advice to you is, that you ſtand as in the awfull preſence of the moſt high Father, acting your parts before God and man you ſtand in the place of interpreters, for many hard ſayings preſent themſelves to you, and will doe, looke for it: wherefore see,

A3 That A3v 64

That you give unto men the things that are theirs, and upon God the things that are his, it is true indeed, as unto men (I know I appeale by the gift of God upon me) the King is your Father and huſband, which you were and are to obey in the Lord, & no other way, for when he forgot his Subordination to divine Faith hood and headſhip, thinking he had begotten you a generation to his own pleaſure, and taking you a wife for his own luſts, thereby is the yoake taken from your necks (I meane the nn of the ſpirit and Law, which is the bond of your union, that the holy life in it might not be prophaned, it being free and can not be bound: For the law of the Spirit of life in Chriſt Jeſus, hath freed us from the law of ſinne and of death, for the letter of the law, which ſpeaketh to the fleſh kileth, therefore you muſt ſuffer of men in the fleſh, for the Lords ſake, that ſo dying to your own bodies (that is to al ſelfe interest in divine will) you might alſo receive youur reſurrection, for you muſt dye before you can riſe, you muſt looſe your lives, Intereſts, Liberties, and all (before you can ſave them) caſting your Crowne at the feet of the Lamb, who only is worthy, yet ſtill pleading for them with men, for they are your due with them, a ſhare they may not deny you; Bleſſed are the dead which die in the Lord: for they reſt from their labours, and their workes doe follow them.

From your own labours, I wiſh you reſt in the Lord, that the fruit of your labours, which is the life of your faith may follow you to priſon, & to death; know this, that true liberty either is not bound to any thing, nor from any thing, for it is ſubject to this or that (neither this nor that in divine will) nevertheleſſe as from the Lord you have al that you have, and are ſo to the Lord, you owe althat you have, and are for his own name ſake. So from the King in Subordination.

You have all that you have and are, and alſo in Subordination you owe him all that you have and are, and although he would not be your Father and husband, Subordinate, but abſolute, yet know that you are for the Lords ſake to honour his perſon. For he is the Father and husband of your bodies, as unto men, and therefore your right cannot be without him, as unto men, and I know and am very ſennſible, that no ſmall ſtraight lyeth upon you in reſpect of ſecureing his perſon (for the manifold conceived inconveniences following, and neceſſities of evill event) in reſpect of raiſing more wars, and alſo other things well known to you which A4r 5 which will preſent themſelves unpoſſible for you to avoid, nevertheleſſe, this is my humble and hearty prayer to the everlaſting Father (which I preſent to you in words, that you may be edified thereby) Remember I ſaid, everlaſting Father, for ſo we ſhall beſt know him for our conſolation; that it might pleaſe him of his infinite, eternal life and goodneſſe to grant you a ſure and certaine knowledge of this, that all things which are impoſſible with men (at the utmoſt extent of impoſſibility) are poſſible with him, who onely ſaith it, and it cometh to paſſe, the Lord of hoaſts, the God of the whole earth, who commandeth all hoaſts of men, Angels and Devils, whoſe eies run to and fro throughout the face of the whole earth; To ſhew himſelfe ſtrong in the behalfe of all thoſe that truſt in him: Wherefore put your ſwords into his hands for your defence, and feare not to act the part of Abigail, ſeeing Nabal hath refuted it (by Appropriating his goods to himſelfe) in relieving David and his men in their diſtreſſe; it was to her praiſe, it ſhall be to yours, feare it not: Onely conſider, that as ſhe lifted not her hand againſt her huſband to take his life, no more doe yee againſt yours.

For as the Lord revenged his owne cauſe on him, he ſhall doe on yours; For vengeance is mine, I will repay it, ſaith the Lord; who made him the Saviour of your body, though he hath profaned his Saviour-ſhip; Stretch not forth the hand againſt him: For know this, the Conqueſt was not without divine diſpleaſure, whereby Kings came to reigne, though through luſt they tyranized which God excuſeth not, but judgeth; and his judgements are fallen heavy, as you ſee, upon Charles your Lord: Forget not your pity towards him, for you were given him an helper in the body of the people: Which people are they that agreed with him to ſubject unto the puniſhment of evill doers, and the praiſe of them that doe well : Which law is the ſpirit of your Union: And although this bond be broken on his part.

You never heard that a wife might put away her husband, as he is the head of her body, but for the Lords ſake ſuffereth his terror to her fleſh, though ſhe be free in the ſpirit to the Lord; and he being incapable to act as her husband, ſhe acteth in his ſtead; and having the ſpirit of Union abiding in her, ſhe conſidereth him in his temptations, as tempted with him: And if he will uſurpe over her, ſhe appealeth to the Father-hood for her offence, which is the ſpirit of juſtice, and is in you; For I know no power in Engglandgland A4v 6 gland to whom it is committed, ſave your ſelves (and the preſent Parliament) which are to act in the Church of Christ, as ſhe by the gift of faith upon her, ſhall be your guide for the cure of her body, that you might therefore commit an unſound member to Satan (though the head) as it is fleſh; that the ſpirit might be ſaved in the day of the Lord (I believe) And accordingly you may hold the hands of your husband, that he pierce not your bowels with a knife or ſword to take your life. Neither may you take his, I ſpeake unto you as Men, Fathers and Brethren in the Lord: (who are to walke by this rule) Whatſoever you would that men ſhould doe unto you, doe yee the ſame unto them: I know it would affright you to be cut off in your iniquity; but O, how faine would you have your iniquity taken away! Conſider alſo others in their amazement; I know you have ſaid it, and I believe, that if you could ſee ſutable ſorrow for ſo great offence, you ſhould embrace it: I beſeech you in the bowels of love, for there it is I pleade with you, looke upon the patience of God towards you, and ſee if it will not conſtraine you to forbearance for his ſake: I know the ſpirit of ſanctity is in you; and I know as wel the ſpirit of bondage holdeth you oft-times, that you cannot but groane for deliverance: Wherfore I beſeech you for the Lords ſake, whoſe I am, and whom I ſerve in the ſpirit, that you let not goe the Viſion which I ſhewed you concerning the cure of England, as it was preſented to me: Wherein the party acting, being firſt required to ſtand, as in the awfull preſence of God, and to act for her cure, according to the direction which he ſhould receive from the Church, by the gift of faith upon her: (Act he muſt) but not after any former rule by men preſcribed for cure, but after the rule of the gift of faith) which I humbly beſeech the Almighty Lord to eſtabliſh in you. I reſt,

Your ſervant in the Church and Kingdome of Chriſt.

Elizabeth Poole.

After the delivery of this, ſhe was asked, whether ſhe ſpake algainſt the bringing of him to triall, or againſt their taking of his flawed-reproductioniflawed-reproduction

She anſwered, Bring him to his triall, that he may be convicted in his conſcience, but touch not his perſon.