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When the Lord Jeſus came to Jeruſalem, he beheld the City, and wept over it, with this lamentation: Oh that thou hadſt known in this thy day the things that belong to thy peace! The ſame tenderneſſe is witneſſed now in them which the Lord hath enlightned. I cannot but mourn over you, to ſee how you lye wallowing in your filth, and joyne hand in hand, and ſmite with the fiſt of wickedneſſe, and yet lean upon Chriſt for ſalvation: Know you not that many ſhall ſay in that day, Lord, Lord? but remember what will be your anſwer; Go you curſed into the lake, I know you not. Oh that thou wouldſt but ſtand ſtill a little, and turn thy eye inward; Sit downe a little, and conſider thy poore ſoul that lyes in death: What will become of thee, thou murdereſt the juſt in thee, there is a Talent to be improved in thee, how wilt thou give an accompt of it; the Steward is now come: In the coole of the day, then Adam heard the voyce of God, and then he ſaw his nakedneſs, and ſo mayeſt thou; If thou wilt turn in thy minde to the light of Chriſt in thee, the light will diſcover to thee thy fallen ſtate, and how thou art turned out from the preſence of God, and art in the gall of bitterneſſe, and the earth is curſed for thy ſake: Now if thou wilt minde the light, and waite in it, which is the grace of God that hath appeared to thee, there is the firſt ſtep to pure redemption: And if thou take diligent heed to this light in thee, thou ſhalt finde it checking thee continually for all thy evill deeds, and it will teach thee to be ſober minded and upright in all thy dealings as in the ſight of God: and ſo thou wilt come to ſee the ſtraight gate and narrow way that leads to life; but thou wilt ſay, Chriſt hath done all this for me, I have nothing to do but believe: but it will be ſaid unto thee, when thou thinkeſt to ſit downe with thy Lord; Friend, how cameſt thou hither without a wedding-garment? then know what thy portion will be. Faith is another thing then thou takeſt it to be; He that hath Faith, if it be never ſo little, ſhall witneſſe Chriſts words to be true, he ſhall remove mountains: Now in the ſtill ſilence, in the light that ſhines in darkneſſe in thee, thou wilt come to reliſh that little grain of Faith which is held in a pure conſcience, and ſo feele the mountains remove, which preſſeth downe thy foule: but ye will not come unto me that ye may have life, ſaith Chriſt Jeſus; It is thy will that hinders thee, for in thy will the Devill lodges. Adam when he diſobeyed the minde and will of God, then he entred into his own will, and ſo was turned out into the Devils Kingdome. Now Chriſt Jesus the ſecond Adam, who is God manifeſt in fleſh, condemning ſinne in the fleſh, if thou live in him in thee, and believe in him in thee, then thou ſhalt witneſſe his power to the cutting down of thy will; for thy will muſt come to death, that the will of God may be done, and ſo that Scripture comes to be fulfilled in thee, which are the words of Chriſt; Loe I come, in the volume of thy booke it is written of me to doe thy will O God, which is the book of conſcience in thee, there the will of God is to be done: And as thou comeſt to love the light, and live in it, thou wilt come to ſee the righteous law of God fulfilled in thee, Death reigns in thee. Now Death reigned from Adam till Moſes and when Moſes came, then was the Law given forth; and ſo Moſes and the Prophets till John: But thou wilt ſay, thou art not under the Law, but under Grace? let the light ſearch thee, and it will aske thee, how cameſt thou to be under Grace? Is not the law for cleanſing; When waſt thou cleanſed? or where doſt thou think to be cleanſed ? Doth not Chriſt Jesus ſay, that he is come to fulfill the Law, and that one jot nor tittle ſhall paſs unfulfilled, and wilt thou ſpeak of his words, and not believe him? Yea, thou ſhalt know, that for that very end is there a meaſure of Chriſt given unto thee; that if thou deny thy ſelfe, and yeeld obedience to his will, thou ſhalt witneſſe the whole Law fulfilled in thee, but it is through judgment, and through burning, for through judgement is Zion redeemed: but hearken a little, and conſider, hear and thy ſoule ſhall live. If thou be willing to take up the Croſſe of Chriſt, and deſpiſe the ſhame, thou ſhalt witneſſe pure peace of conſcience: and though it may ſeem hard to the world, yet there is living refreſhments: Yea, glorious is the worke of redemption, but none can ſee it but thoſe that come through it: And now the way of eternall life is laid before thee, if thou ſlight it, it ſhall lye at thy doore: and therefore take heed what thou doſt; for when the booke of conſcience is opened, thou ſhalt witneſſe thou haſt been warned in thy life-time.

Martha Simmonds

1655-04-25Aprill 25 1655 given about by Quakers omitted