for the
Lost Sheep
Of the House of


With an Invitation to have them
turne in their minds to the true
Shepheard of their souls.

Something in discovery of the nakednesse of
all professions who are found in the words
without the life and power.

Written by one of the children of the Light, who is known to
the world by the name of Martha Simmons.

“I have seene also in the Prophets of Jerusalem a horrible thing,
they commit adultery, and walke in lies; they strengthen also
the hand of evill doers, that none doth return from his wickednesse;
they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants
thereof as Gomorah,”
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garments O Jerusalem, the holy City, for henceforth there shall
no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean,”

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London: Printed for Giles Calvert at the Blackspread
at the West end of Pauls. 16551655. --10-20Octob. 20.

B2r 1

For the lost Sheep of the
House of Israel.

Oh England England whobscured3 charactersere art thou;
groping in the darke and stumbling at
noon day; art thou grown so high in
thy fallen wisdome, and in the pride
of thy heart, that thou canst not stoop
to a measure of God in thee? thou
high professor, and thou wilde wanton
one, thou runst to fast over the field to finde the
Pearle; there is a Royall Diadem hid in thy uncleane
heart, which never consented to the evill thereof; Oh
that thou wouldst harken to it that thy inward eye might
be opened, then wouldst thou see the beauty of it: surely
if thou didst but see thy soule in death, and a measure
of the light and life of Jesus there, checking, calling, and
knocking, to have thee turne in they minde to it, that thou
mayest be purged and cleansed, and that it may shine forth
and bring up thy soule out of the horrible pit; then
wouldst thou begin to know indeed what pure redemption
is: And here mayest thou come to see that faith
which purifies the heart, which is the reall substance of
things hoped for, and this would be of more value to thee
then thousands of Gold and Silver: Oh vaine and foolishB2 lish B2v 2
man and woman that maketh not God thy trust, but
trusts in the arme of flesh, and in the multitude of thy conceivings;
how soone art thou affrighted and palenesse
strikes thee in the face, and the least stirring or rushing in
the creation makes thy knees smite together and thy countenance
fall, and this is because thou are in Caines condition,
and hast no habitation in God; and though thou
mayest offer a Sacrifice, and pray, and cry, and confesse
thy sinnes, and cover the Alter with teares, and give thy
body to be burnt, it in that nature it is not accepted.
But this I shall say to thee, Oh that thou couldst
but hear; if thou wouldst but submit thy neck
to the yoak of Christ, the measure of him in thee,
that thou mayest see him to work in thee and thy own
workes laid aside, thou wouldst finde more peace and
satisfaction both to soule and body; and then shouldst
thou see him who is the Rock of ages to be thy Rock,
and strong defence, and then shouldst thou see
a war begin contrary to thy will and him that brings into
the war and carries through, and then there would be nothing
to doe on thy part but to stand still and keep thy
minde in, girt up to him that workes, and then thou wilt
come to see what it is to follow the Lamb through the tribulation;
but if thou wilt not improve thy measure of
Light, but wilt run on in thy headstrong rebellion against
that little secret love that checks thee in private, and
shewes thee thy heart when none else can, and if thou
slight this day of small things, then will this precious
Pearl, the measure of Light, be taken from thee and given
to him that is more worthy; and the gnawing worme
will enter into thee, which will never die, but will torment
thee to all eternity, and then wilt thou be shut up in darknesse
and unbeliefe; where thou mayest say to thy soule,
“take thy thine ease, eate drinke and be merry, for to morrow
shall be as this day”
, and much more; but thou foole in this
night, of thy darknesse, shall thy soule be taken from thee,
and then what will thy small time of pleasures doe thee good B3r 3
good? will they not ad to thy torment? therefore I counsell
thee to prise thy time, and be still and staid and seek
dilligently for that messenger, who is one of a thousand,
who brings the glad tidings, who is the true teacher that
cannot be removed into a corner, the corner stone, who
if thou abide will break thy heart to peeces, and will convince
thee of thy sinne, and of thy righteousnesse, and
bring his pure Judgements upon it, that his righteousnesse
may appear.

And now to you high Priests of this Nation; and teachers
of all sorts of opinions, who have been groping and
hunting in your wisdome to finde out that precious Pearle
to defile in your filthy nature; but you have not yet found
it, nor cannot finde the doore to enter into the kingdome,
not get your starved hearers a litttlelittle bread of assurance of
eternal life; only this you can do to ad to your condemnation,
gather up the Saints conditions of sufferings and
patience, who were persecuted by the same proud high
flowne nature that you are in, and you add your meanings
to them, and so bring the curses that are written in that
book upon your heads, it is time for you now, seeing you
cannot finde a way, to give over stealing from your neighbour,
and be content with that you have, and let the people
alone to the measure of God in them, that that may
guide them into the way that they may finde bread for
their soules; and seeing you will not enter your selves, do
not shut the kingdome against them, in laying stumbling
blocks before them, and raising up false accusations against
the Light and those that walk in it, and casting a lie into
the mouths of the ignorant people, in saying the letter is
the word, when the letter declares that the word was in
the beginning, by which word the world was made, which
word all the Saints and servants of God was ever guided
by; which word enquired of your father Caine for Abels
blood, which word translated Enoch, which word called
Abraham out of his own country to follow the Lord in a
strange land, who was no vagrant person, which word called B3v 4
called Moses from the glory of Pharaohs house, which
word in due time was made manifest in flesh, who wandered
up and down nin dens and caves of the earth, who had
no certaine abiding place, and yet he was no vagabond,
whom your generation crucified, who is risen againe, and
hath taken upon him the seed of Abraham, who is now
appeared in this day of his power, to gather up his elect
into himselfe, and to rip off all your deceitfull coverings,
and lay you open to the shame of the Heathen; and this
is the word that we witnesse to lead and guide and command
us whose mindes are staid in it; and this word
moves us into your Idols temple, and to other private meetings,
to discover your Image of mixture of severall opinions,
untill you stop our mouths, and hale us forth, and deliver
us up to your Rulers, who second you in your persecution;
who imprison us, and scourge, and stock, and
stone, and despitefully use us, and by the power of this
word are we brought through these tribulations, and have
joy in the midst of them, and when we are reviled we revile
not againe taking patiently all that you have power
in your wills to inflict upon us, and we are made able to
desire the Lord not to lay these things to your charge, and
that he would open your eyes that you might see what you
are a doing, and then you would soon cease your rage and
finde enough to doe within in your own hearts; and by
this word we see the Scriptures were given forth from this
word, and as we come into these severall conditions and
measures that the Saints were in that spake forth this Declaration,
we can set to our seale that the Scriptures are
true, and they are ours that live in the life, and not yours
who despise the life, and feed your selves with words, and
gather up to your selves great riches, in that nature, you
eate greedily of the tree of knowledge, and now if you
could but get to eate of the tree of life you would soon be
above God; but that you cannot doe, for there stands a
flaming sword that turns every way to keep you out, so
that all that comes there comes through it and leaves all the B4r 5
the first wisdome behinde; and therefore if any of you be
found worthy to come down to the measure of Christ and
submit your necks to his yoak it will be good for you, but
not many rich nor many wise doe come to know these
things; and we have the Promise of this word, that he will
be with us unto the end of the world, and we know that
his Promise is yea and amen.

And now all people that hath sobriety, and love to your
souls, come out from among these Idoll dumb Shepheards
that feed themselves, but not you, and if you put not into
their mouths they will soon shew violence to you:
come out from among them, and be no longer partaker of
their uncleannesse, for they are broken cisterns that can no
longer hold water; and come into the fountaine that runs
forth freely, the streams whereof would refresh your hungry
fainting soules: in my fathers house there is bread enough:
Oh why will you perish for hunger? minde the light
the measure of Christ in you, that with it you may see
where you are, that you may see his eternal love, how he
calls and invites you into the Kingdome, that he may take
off your filthy garments, that he may cloath you with the
garment of righteousnesse, and marry you unto himselfe;
and now the day of his mighty power is appeared, and the
fountaine of life set open to wash and cleanse you from
your sinnes, and baptize you into his death and sufferings:
Oh be not stubborn and stiffe-necked against him, for we
that doe follow him doe find his paths pleasant pure and
sweet, and the further we follow him in the straight gate
and narrow way, we see that his love is past finding out:
And now in the tendernesse of my heart longing for your
soules good am I made open to you, having had a habitation
in this City of London sometime; for seven years together
I wandered up and down the streets enquiring of
those that had the Image of honestie in their countenance,
where I might finde an honest Minister, for I saw my soul
in death, and that I was in the first nature, and wandring
from one Idolls temple to another, and from one private meeting B4v 6
meeting to another, I heard a sound of words amongst them
but no substance I could finde, and the more I sought after
them the more trouble came on me, and finding none
sensible of my condition, I kept it in, and kept all close
within me; and about the end of seven years hunting, and
finding no rest, the Lord opened a little glimerings of light
to me, and quieted my spirit; and then for about seven
years more he kept me still from running after men, and
all this time I durst not meddle with any thing of God,
nor scarce take his name in my mouth, because I knew him
not, it living wilde and wanton not knowing a crosse to
my will I spent this time; it something I found breathing
in me groaning for deliverance, crying out, “oh when shall
I see the day of thy appearance”
; about the end of the last
seven years the Lord opened my eyes to see a measure of
himselfe in me, which when I saw I waited diligently in it,
and being faithfull to it I found this Light more and more
increase, which brought me into a day of trouble, and
through it, and through a warefare and to the end of it,
and now hath given me a resting place with him; “and this
is my beloved, and this is my friend O daughters of Jerusalem:”
And now all that have a desire to come this way
must lay down your Crowns at the feet of Jesus, for now
a profession of words will no longer cover, for the Lord
is come to look for fruit, all types and shaddowes is flying
away; and he that will come in may inherit substance,
and he that will not shall be left naked.