The Cry of a Stone

or a
Something ſpoken in Whitehall,

by Anna Trapnel, being in
the Viſions of God.

To the Governors, Army, Churches,
Miniſtry, Univerſities
: And
the whole Nation.
In Prayers and Spiritual Songs, by an Inſpiration
extraordinary, and full of wonder.

1654-01In the eleventh moneth, called January. 1653.

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London Printed. 16541654.

a1v a2r

To all the wiſe Virgins in Sion, who are for the work of the day, and wait for the Bride-grooms coming.

It is hoped in this day, a day of the Power of God, a day of wonders, of ſhaking the heavens and the earth, and of general expectation of the approachings of the Lord to his Temple, that any thing that pretends to be a Witneſs, a Voice, or a Meſſage from God to this Nation, ſhall not be held unworthy the hearing and conſideration of any, becauſe it is adminiſtred by a ſimple and unlikely hand; far be that from us, who have ſeen the fooliſh things of the world to confound the wiſe, babes and children to bring to nothing the Scribes and Diſputers of this world, the firſt to be laſt, and the laſt firſt: far be it from us, who are and ſhall yet be named the Vally of Viſion, to bind up the goings forth of the moſt free and Eternal Spirit at any time, eſpecially in theſe laſt dayes, within any Law, cuſtom, order, or qualification of man, how antient or accuſtomed ſoever; or within any compaſs narrower then the Promiſe it ſelf, Job.7.37. who may binde where God hath looſed? canſt thou binde the ſweet influences of the Pleiades, or looſe the bands of Orion? he openeth, and no man ſhutteth; and let it be conſidered, if upon this ſtumbling ſtone of the Spirits freedom, the wiſe and learned Ones, both in the dayes of Chriſt and of the Apoſtles , and in our dayes, have not ſtumbled and fallen, and been broken to pieces?

Two things are foretold by all the Prophets, ſhall be brought to paſs, which ſeal up the Propheſies and finiſh the myſterie of God; The Lords appearing in his Glory upon Mount Sion, and the darkning of Sun and Moon, that is, the ſhaming, confounding and caſting out of all wiſdom and power, and whatſoever is but the excellency and glory of man; now a2 if a2v if we ſee theſe high and precious effects beginning to put forth either in ſons or daughters, in handmaids or ſervants, let us rejoyce and be glad, for the ſummer is nigh at hand: It was the deſire of this Maid to preſent this her Teſtimony to you, though it is not for you only, but for all.

If any may be offended at her Songs; of ſuch it is demanded, If they know what it is to be filled with the Spirit, to be in the Mount with God, to be gathered up into the viſions of God, then may they judge her; until then, let them wait in ſilence, and not judge in a matter that is above them.

There being various reports gone abroad concerning this Maid, too many being ſuch as were not according to truth, whereby it comes to paſs that the things ſhe ſpake, do not appear to men as they came from her, but as deformed and diſguiſed with the pervertings and depravings of the Reporters; therefore it was upon the heart of ſome that heard her, (as judging it might be a ſervice done to many, hurt to none but ſuch as fear the Light) to preſent to publick view a true and faithful Relation of ſo much as for ſome 7 or 8 dayes could be taken from her by a very ſlow and unready hand; whereby a fair opportunity is laid before offended and unſatisfied ſpirits to examine, try and judge, and happily to correct their Cenſures; and alſo the things herein related may come to the knowledge, and reach the hand of them whom they eſpecially concern, if ſo be they will in meekneſs ſearch and enquire, whether it be the Lord that hath ſpoken to them in it.

A1r 1
A vase, centered, with two peacocks and two angels surrounding it.

Upon the 1655-01-07ſeventh day of the eleventh month, called January. 1654. being the ſixth day of the week, Mr. Powel Preacher of the Goſpel in Wales, being according to Order from the Council now ſitting in Whitehall, come thither to give an account before them of ſome things by him delivered in his publique Exerciſes in London, among other friends who came thither to ſee what would be done with him, there came a maid, Mrs. Anna Trapnel by name, who waiting in a little room near the Council, where was a fire, for Mr. Powells coming forth, then with a purpoſe to return home: She was beyond and beſides her thoughts or intentions, having much trouble in her heart, and being ſeized upon by the Lord: She was carried forth in a ſpirit of Prayer and Singing, from noon till night, and went down into Mr. Roberts lodging, who keeps the Ordinary in Whitehall; And finding her natural ſtrength going from her, ſhe took her bed at eleven a clock in the night, where ſhe lay from that day, being the 1654-01-07ſeventh day of the month, to the 1654-01-19nineteenth day of the ſame month, in all twelve days together; The firſt five days neither eating nor drinking any thing more or leſs, and the reſt of the time once in 24. hours, ſometimes eat a very little toaſt in ſmall Bear, ſometimes only chewed it, and took down the moyſture only, ſometimes drank of the ſmall Bear, and A ſometimes A1v2 ſometimes only waſht her mouth therewith, and caſt it out, lying in bed with her eyes ſhut, her hands fixed, ſeldom ſeen to move, ſhe delivered in that time many and various things; ſpeaking every day, ſometimes two, three, four and five hours together; and that ſometimes once a day, and ſometimes oftner, ſometimes in the day only, and ſometimes both in the day and night. She uttered all in Prayer and Spiritual Songs for the moſt part, in the ears of very many perſons of all ſorts and degrees, who hearing the Report came where ſhe lay; among others that came, were Colonel Sidenham, a member of the Council, Colonel Weſt, Mr. Chittwood, Colonel Bennet, with his wife, Colonel Bingham, Captain Langdon, Members of the late Parliament; Mr. Courtney, Mr. Berconhead, and Captain Bawtrey, Mr. Lee, Mr. Feak the Miniſter, Lady Darcy, and Lady Vermuden, with many more who might be named: The things ſhe delivered during this time were many; of the four firſt days no account can be given, there being none that noted down what was ſpoken. For the reſt of the time, from the fifth day to the laſt, ſome taſte is herein preſented of the things that were ſpoken, as they could be taken by a ſlow and imperfect hand.

And to hold out all juſt and full ſatisfaction to thoſe Queſtions, Scruples or Demands, which a Relation of this nature is apt to beget; touching the condition of the Party, where? or what ſhe is? to whom is ſhe known? is ſhe under Ordinances? what hath been her converſation formerly? &c. Before you come to the Relation it ſelf; Here is firſt offered to you an account of the Parties condition in her Relations, her acquaintance, her converſation, the diſpenſations of the Lord to her in Clouds and bitter ſtorms of Temptations, in Manifeſtations of light and love, in Viſions and Revelations of things to come; all this is preſented to you in the following Narration, taken from her own mouth.

I A2r 3

Iam Anna Trapnel, the daughter of William Trapnel, Shipwright, who lived in Poplar, in Stepney Pariſh; my father and mother living and dying in the profeſſion of the Lord Jeſus; my mother died nine years ago, the laſt words ſhe uttered upon her death-bed, were theſe to the Lord for her daughter. Lord! Double thy ſpirit upon my child; Theſe words ſhe uttered with much eagerneſs three times, and ſpoke no more; I was trained up to my book and writing, I have walked in fellowſhip with the Church meeting as All-hallows, (whereof Mr. John Simpſon is a Member) for the ſpace of about four years; I am well known to him and that whole Society, alſo to Mr. Greenhil Preacher at Stepney, and moſt of that ſociety, to Mr. Henry Jeſſe, and moſt of his ſociety, to Mr. Venning Preacher at Olaves in Southwark, and moſt of his ſociety, to Mr. Knollis, and moſt of his ſociety, who have knowledge of me, and of my converſation; If any deſire to be ſatisfied of it, they can give teſtimony of me, and of my walking in times paſt.

Seven years ago I being viſited with a feaver, given over by all for dead, the Lord then gave me faith to believe from that Scripture. After two days I will revive thee, the third day I will raiſe thee up, and thou ſhalt live in my ſight: which two days were two weeks that I ſhould lye in that feaver, and that very time that it took me, that very hour it ſhould leave me, and I ſhould riſe and walk, which was accordingly: From this time, for a whole year after, the Lord made uſe of me for the refreſhing of afflicted and tempted ones, inwardly and outwardly. And when that time was ended; I being in my Chamber, deſired of the Lord to tell me whether I had done that which was of and from himſelf. Reply was, thou ſhalt approve thy heart to God, and in that thou haſt been faithfull in a little, I will make thee an Inſtrument of much more; for particular ſouls ſhall not only have benefit by thee, but the univerſality of Saints ſhall have diſcoveries of God through thee: So upon this I prayed that I might be led by the ſtill waters, and honor God ſecretly, being conſcious to my ſelf of my own evil heart, looking upon my ſelf as the worſt of all Gods flock; the Lord upon it told me, that he would out of the mouth of babes and ſucklings perfect his praiſe; then I remained ſilent, waiting with prayer and faſting, with many tears before the A2 Lord A2v 4 Lord for whole Sion: And upon that day called Whitſon-monday, which was ſuddenly after, I finding my heart in a very low dead frame, much contention and crookedneſs working in my Spirit; I asked of God what was the matter, he anſwered me thus; I let thee ſee what thou art in thy ſelf to keep thee humble, I am about to ſhew thee great things and viſions which thou haſt been Ignorant of: I being thus drawn into my Chamber: after this there was a day of thankſgiving that I kept with the Church of All-hallows in Limeſtreet, for the Army that was then drawing up towards the City, in which I had a little diſcovery of the preſence of the Lord with them, in which day I had a glorious Viſion of the New Jeruſalem, which melted me into rivers of tears, that I ſhrunk down in the room; and cryed out in my heart, Lord, what is this? it was anſwered me, A diſcovery of the glorious ſtate of whole Sion, in the raign of the Lord Jeſus, in the midſt of them, and of it thou ſhalt have more viſions hereafter; So then when the day was ended, I retired to my Chamber, at that time living in the Mineries in Aldgate Pariſh, where I converſed with God by prayer, and reading of the Scriptures, which were excellently opened to me touching the Proceedings of the Army.

It was firſt ſaid to me that they were drawing up toward the City (I not knowing any thing of it before) and that there was a great hubbub in the City, the ſhops commanded to be ſhut up; Upon this I went down, and enquired of the maid of the houſe, whether there was any ſtir in the City; She anſwered me, you confine your ſelf to your Chamber, and take no notice of what is done abroad; We are commanded, ſaid ſhe, to ſhut up our ſhops, and there are great fears amongſt the Citizens; what will be the iſſue, they know not; With that I anſwered, bleſſed be the Lord that hath made it known to ſo low a ſervant as I; Then repairing to my Chamber again, I looked out at the window, where I ſaw a flag at the end of the ſtreet; this word I had preſently upon it, thou ſeeſt that flag, the flag of defiance is with the Army, the King of Salem is on their ſide, he marcheth before them, he is the Captain of their Salvation; At the other end of the ſtreet, I looking, ſaw a hill (it was Black-heath) it was ſaid to me, thou ſeeſt that hill, not one but many hills riſing up againſt Hermonhill, They ſhall fall down and become Vallies before it: It was then ſaid unto me, Go into the City, and ſee what is done there: where I ſaw various things from the Lord in Order to his appearance with the Army; as I was going, hearing of a Trumpeter ſay to a Citizen theſe A3r 5 theſe words, we have many Conſultations about our coming up, but nothing yet goes on; preſently it was ſaid to me, the Councels of men ſhall fall, but the Councel of the Lord ſtands ſure, and his works ſhall proſper: So repairing home, I had many Viſions, that the Lord was doing great things for this Nation.

And having faſted nine days, nothing coming within my lips, I had upon the ninth day this Viſion of horns; firſt I ſaw in the Viſion the Army coming in Southwark-way, marching through the City with a great deal of ſilence and quietneſs, and that there ſhould be little or no bloud ſpilt; this was ſome weeks before their coming in.

Then broke forth another Viſion as to the horns; I ſaw four horns, which were four Powers, the firſt was that of the Biſhops, that I ſaw was broken in two and thrown aſide; the ſecond horn more white had joyned to it an head, endeavouring to get up a Mount, and ſuddenly it was puſhed down and broken to pieces; the third horn had many ſplinters joyned to it, like to the ſcales upon the back of a fiſh, and this was preſented to be a Power or a Repreſentative, conſiſting of many Men, having fair pretences of love to all under all forms; this I ſaw broken and ſcattered, that not as much as any bit of it was left. As to the fourth horn, that was ſhort but full of variety of Colours, ſparkling, red and white; it was ſaid to me, this is different from the three other, becauſe great ſwelling words and great offers of kindneſs ſhould go forth to all people from it; like unto that of Abſalom, ſpeaking good words to the people in the Gate to draw them from honeſt David.

I was judged by divers friends to be under a temptation, as H. I. and Io. S. to be under a temptation for not eating; I took that Scripture, neglect not the body, and went to the Lord and enquired whether I had been ſo, or had any ſelf-end in it to be ſingular beyond what was meet; it was anſwered me, no, for thou ſhalt every way be ſupplyed in body and ſpirit, and I found a continual fulneſs in my ſtomack, and the taſte of divers ſweet meats and delicious food therein, which ſatisfied me, that I waited to ſee the iſſue, which was exceedingly to be admired; I remaining ever ſince in much health.

Some years after, when the Army was deſigning a war with Scotland, I was diſſatisfied, judging many that were godly in thoſe parts might be cut off ignorantly; and upon this I ſought the Lord, and the Lord after prayer directed me to the 9th of Zechariah verſe 11. The A3 eyes A3v6 eyes of the Lord ſhall be ſeen over them, and his Arrow ſhall go forth as the Lightning, the Lord God ſhall blow the trumpet, and ſhall go through with the whirlewinds of the South; The Lord ſaid, that his eye, not only his al-ſeeing eye, which runs to and fro through the Earth, but an eye of Grace and Love to them as his peculiar treaſure, was over them of the Army, and not only ſo, but they ſhould ſee it; and as to his Arrow, it was that ſharp dealing of his with the enemy; as to the Lightning, it was thoſe burning devourings of thoſe ſeveral places that ſhould be ruinated by the Army in thoſe Parts; and as to the Trumpet, that the Lord would ſhew forth a mighty alarm to his people, before whom many high and great ones of the Scots ſhould tumble down, and that he had raiſed up a Gideon, bringing that of Judges 7. to me, to prove Oliver Cromwell, then Lord General, was as that Gideon, going before Iſrael, blowing the trumpet of courage and valour, the reſt with him ſounding forth their Courage alſo; that as ſure as the Enemy fell when Gideon and his Army blew their trumpets, ſo ſurely ſhould the Scots throughout Scotland be ruinated: Upon this I praiſed for ſome hours together, that God had provided a Gideon, and this I ſaw both by Viſion, and Faith, and Prayer and Praiſes, that God had appointed him for the work of that preſent day to ſerve this Nation; and told me that great things ſhould be done, and that he ſhould take his circuit through Scotland, and the Enemy ſhould draw neer to us, even to the gates of the City, and there be defeated.

So I remained praying, keeping many faſting days in my Chamber, till ſix weeks before Dunbar fight; and then I had Viſions given me concerning that firſt overthrow of the Scots, where I ſaw my ſelf in the fields, and beheld our Army, and their General, and hearing this Voice, ſaying, Behold Gideon and the lapping ones with him! with that I was much taken, that they were likened unto that old Gideon and his Company; and then I ſaw them in a very ill poſture for war, and much diſmayed, looking with pale countenances, as if affrighted at the multitude of the Scots that were come out againſt them; whom I ſaw at a little diſtance from them, the light of the sky being over their heads, which prompted them the more to the Battail, ſeeing our Army with darkneſs over them and much diſheartned, and they thinking that our Army was running away, they marched up with very great fury againſt them, and ſuddenly as our Army turned, who ſeemed but a little while to ſtand before them, the light of the Sky beingA4r7 being drawn from the Scots to our Army, they were encouraged, and immediately I ſaw the Scots fall down before them, and a marvelous voice of praiſe I heard in our Army: then was I taken weak in my outward man, keeping my bed fourteen days, neither drinking nor eating but a draught of ſmall Beer, and a bit of toaſt once in twenty four hours; and as ſoon as this Viſion was over, I broke forth to the ſinging of their deliverance in Scotland; in which time many reſorted to me of them that were for the Presbyterian Government, viz. Dr. French’s Wife, Mrs. Bond, who was then Mrs. Kendal, Mrs. Smith, who all lived in Hackney, and Mrs. Sanſom of Tower-hill, and they related this Viſion to Mr. Aſh the Miniſter, who waited till they ſaw it accompliſhed, and then admired.

Upon the 1652-11-05fifth of November laſt ſave one, 1652. The Lord brought that Scripture to me, Who is a God like unto thee, glorious in Holineſs, fearful in Praiſes, working Wonders? from which the Lord ſhewed me, that his Glory, and Praiſe, and Wonders he was bringing forth as upon the Land, ſo now upon the Seas; and the Lord again ſhewed me in a Viſion, that many men of account ſhould be taken away in the firſt great Battail; and I lay in this Viſion from the firſt day of the week at night, untill the ſecond day at night, and ſtirred not, nor ſpoke, but ſometimes ſang of a great Victory that I ſaw upon the Seas, Ships burning, bones and fleſh ſticking upon the ſides of the Ships, the Sails battered, and the Maſts broken, and many ſuch dreadful things as to the Hollander; ſeeing many godly friends alſo dropping into the Sea, and their bodies beaten in pieces, it remained a long while to my view, but the Victory that I ſaw in the Concluſion, produced many Songs, crying out, oh, Who is God like unto thee? according as thou ſaidſt thou wouldſt be, ſo Lord I ſee thee: At this time, I keeping of my bed ſeven whole days and eight nights in Mark-lane, at widdow Smiths, Glaſier, where were many Spectators of account, both ſea-Captains and others; Mr. Allen a Common- Councel-man, Mr. Smith, Mr. Radcliffe, Captain Palmer, Mr. Knollys, and ſeveral other men of account in the City; at this time for ſeventeen days I eat nothing but two broyled Herrings, and drunk Water and ſmall Beer.

Two moneths after this, in the 1654-02twelfth moneth, called February, 1653. The Lord ſuffered Sathan to buffet me, yet I queſtioned not the truth of any of my Viſions and Revelations, but ſaid, if I ſhall be thrown into hell, yet they were the truths of the Lord God, and ſhould A4v 8 ſhould certainly come to paſs: but I remained in grievous bitterneſs, being hurried by Sathan, and he prevailing over me in a very high nature, moving me to blaſpheme; but the Lord kept me from uttering any ſuch thing, though I was tortured in my body, as if he had the full poſſeſſion thereof, and being perſwaded that he had power over my body, and natural life to make an end of it, though I believed from the ſeal that I had had eight years before, that I ſhould be ſaved through the fire: This temptation remained with me from the 1654-02-01firſt of the twelfth moneth, 1653. till the latter end of the 1654-04ſecond moneth, called April, lying in the Mineries ſeven days, in which time I had two Godly men, and a Godly woman watched with me every night; temptations of all ſorts were ſo violent upon me: And at the end of thoſe ſeven days, my body was freed from that torture cauſed by Sathan, and I repaired home to Hackney, to my Kinſmans houſe, Mr. Wythe, and there I remained till the latter end of 1654-04April under very bitter ſtorms, being forced by Sathan to walk up and down the fields, attempting to throw my ſelf into a Well, ſaying, God ſhall not be diſhonored; For it ſhall be thought, ſaid Sathan, ſome put thee in, and ſo thou ſhalt be in happineſs preſently; For what can pluck thee out of thy Fathers hand, he hath made an everlaſting Covenant with thee, Ordered in all things, and ſure, and this is all thy deſire, and all thy Salvation, which thou haſt made mention of to many; and I was forced to lye in ditches frequently, till it was dark night, that ſome found me, and led me home; And again frequently I took Knives to bed with me, to deſtroy my ſelf, and ſtill they were ſnached out of my hand, I know not how, not by any Creature: I durſt not eat nor drink for four days together, becauſe it was ſaid to me, If thou doeſt, thou worſhippeſt the Devil; For in every thing give thanks, whether thou eateſt or drinkeſt, do it all to the glory of God: but thou canſt do nothing to the glory of God, therefore thou gratifieſt Sathan; And do not add ſin to ſin by ſo doing; In this time ſtill Sathan came as an Angel of light, though I was ſo full of terror, he ſtill affrighted me in every thing; If I did ſo and ſo, I ſhould ſin, that I durſt not ſpeak to any that feared the Lord, nor I durſt not have any prayer, becauſe he ſaid, I ſinned if I prayed, or ſuffered any to pray for me; and I was exceeding affraid to ſin, though he drew me abundantly by his falſe pretences to vow againſt coming ever among the Saints, or into inſtitutions more; and ſaid to me alſo, That if I did, I were the moſt notorious lyer that ever ſpake; and that made me affraid, becauſe of that dreadful B1r 9 dreadful Scripture in the laſt of the Revelations, where the fearful are ranked with thoſe that ſhall have their portion in the Lake. Many other dreadful aſſaults I had, and caſting my ſelf at length down on the ground, ſaid, Lord there is no recovery, I ſhall ſurely go out like a ſnuff; preſently there ſhone a light round about me, and this ſaying, Ariſe, why lyeſt thou upon thy face, pray and eat, this day is Salvation come to thy houſe, behold this is the day of Salvation, this is the acceptable time; Ask now what thou wilt in the height or in the depth, and ſee whether God will not give thee the deſire of thy ſoul; I replyed and ſaid, I would not tempt the Lord; he anſwered me, it is not a tempting of God, when he requires this of thee; I ſaid, then Lord, give me an humble, broken, melting frame of Spirit, pour upon me a Spirit of prayer and ſupplication, which immediatly the Lord did in abundant meaſure, and many ſingings concerning the excellent nature of faith: And now having procured a very terrible ague and feaver upon my body, in locking my ſelf up in ſuch bitter cold weather, coming at no fire, nor among any, leſt they ſhould ſpeak to me of my former experiences, which I found did aggravate my ſorrow very much; But the Lord as he had cured me in my ſpirit, ſo by faith he reſtored my body; and as to that Temptation mentioned, never to come among the Saints again, which was that grand temptation that drew in the other; It being firſt ſetled in my heart, I deſired that the Lord would give me a Scripture to enform me that this was ſlain, and ſhould no more have the leaſt puttings forth in me: at which time, opening my Bible, this was given to me in Job, Thou haſt been tied in Fetters, and holden in Chains of Affliction, and it is that the Lord might ſhew thee thy work, and thy transgreſſion which hath exceeded in this time of thy Aſſaults; Now he openeth thine ear to diſcipline, and he commandeth that thou return from iniquity; Lord ſaid I! what is my work? Reply was, to go forth to the tempted, and whatever their temptations were, I ſhould have to ſpeak forth to them; And alſo he having opened mine ear to Diſcipline, I ſhould go among the Saints, and that company that I walked in fellowſhip with, and there I ſhould manifeſt a departing from that iniquity that Sathan had led me into, in drawing me from all inſtitutions, making me believe that I ſhould find the preſence of God in reading and praying, and in the book of the Creature, and that ſhould ſatisfie me; But I found him a lyer to purpoſe; though he told me that God had delt all along ſingularly with me; and though I were not to forſake the Aſſemblies of the B Saints, B1v 10 Saints, yet if God would deal in a ſingular way with me, it ſhould not go upon my account, but the Lord might do what he pleaſed; And ſo he endeavoured to bring me into thoſe Familiſtical ranting Tenents, that I had almoſt ſpent my lungs in pleading againſt: the Lord having thus freed me, he hath kept this upon my heart to begg the life of faith, and ſelf denyal, to hold forth theſe his diſpenſations towards me, both in Gath and Aſhkelon, whom he bid me tell them unto.

After my ſtorms, I went down into the Countrey, to Hillington, near to Uxbridge, and ſo ſoon as I came thither, at one Mr. William Atcrofts houſe, the Lord filled me with many ſpiritual Hymns, as to my temptations, promiſing me that my joy ſhould abundantly outpaſs my ſorrow: And while I was thus ſinging and triumphing over Sathan, challenging now a battel, and ſeeing the Lord ſo glorious before me; I was drawn into my Viſions, as the calling in of the Jews, the overthrowing and ſhaking all Nations; And a Viſion I had concerning the Diſſolution of the Parliament about four days before it was, not knowing any thing of that nature was intended, which I ſung; the manner of it, that ſuddenly Gideon (as I called him) and M. G. Harriſon came into the Parliament-houſe and deſired removal of them; deſiring Mr. Speaker to deliver up his Commiſſion, and ſo I ſaw ſuddainly a departure of them, though they were very loath thereunto; And this many in the Country can witneſs: the Miniſter of Hillington, Mr. Taverner by name, whoſe wife ſent me word of it within four days after I had the Viſion of it: In theſe Viſions I lay ſeven days, and then aroſe, having ſtrength as formerly.

Nine weeks after this, coming up to London, Mr. Smith a Linnendraper in Newgate-Market, at the golden Anchor, asked me what I thought of this New Repreſentative that was then in choice? I anſwered, that I had faith to believe that little good ſhould be done to the Nation by their ſitting.

So after this I had divers Viſions at times; wherein I ſaw their breaking up; I lying frequently, ſometimes ten days together, ſometimes ſeven, ſometimes eight days or thereabouts; The time I lay ten days was at Hackney, at my Kinſmans habitation, where the Lord gave me Viſions of their breaking up, and of the deadneſs of Gideons ſpirit towards the work of the Lord ſhewing me that he was laid aſide, as to any great matters, the Lord having finiſhed the greateſt buſineſs that he would employ him in; And I ſinging forth their breaking up, Colonel B2r 11 Colonel Bingham, which was one of them, being preſent, hearing what I ſpake, as to Gideon, and to the reſt of the Repreſentative, he was pleaſed (as I was told) to call it a Propheſie; ſaying, that he was glad of that Propheſie of their breaking up, for he thought little good would be done by them; This Viſion I had the 1653-09-03third of the ſeventh moneth, called September, at Hackney, 16531653.

Then again, within one moneth after I had at Mr. Barrats houſe at Dowgate, more viſions concerning the breaking of the ſame Repreſentative, and many other Viſions I had concerning the Nation.

And then again, about fourteen days before the breaking up of them, I had clear diſcoveries of the departure of thoſe from the houſe, whom I had called the Linſey-wolſey-Party, which the Lord ſaid, he would not have in his Tabernacle-work; But if thoſe whoſe hearts were upright ſat for Temple-work, and for the building of that latter houſe; which Chriſt ſaith, ſhall be more glorious then that of the former, if they come from among them, the Lord will make them glorious inſtruments for himſelf in thoſe great concernments that he had ſpoken forth in his word; And upon it I ſaw their coming from them, and I ſung the Paſſing-bell between them: ſinging forth another Paſſing-bell to thoſe that are in preſent power now; Nominating him that was the Chair-man, Mr. Rowſe, the Lord ſhewing me that his heart was very hypocritical, and that he was not for the work of the Lord; So that I had many ſongs and diſcoveries from the Scripture againſt him, not hearing the leaſt word, but that he was a very Godly man, as Creatures ſaid; But what I had againſt him, it was from the Lord, which I ſpake then in the hearing of many; ſaying, though he and the reſt of them (which are now a Councel) ſaid, let us ſeparate from that factious Part, caſting them out with the prayers of Chriſts poor flock; Reporting that God thereby ſhould be glorified, according to that Scripture in the laſt Chapter of Iſa. But I ſaid, God will appear to your comfort, and they ſhall be aſhamed; This Viſion I had at Mr. Marſh’s houſe at Dowgate.

After this I went home to Hackney, and the firſt week I came home, not knowing any thing of the diſſolution which was then drawing near, I had theſe Viſions: Firſt I ſaw a great Tower, and the rooms thereof were like to the Counſel-rooms at Whitehall, which I ſaw ſtrawed thick with Gun-powder; And at a little diſtance I ſaw a white Tower, for whiteneſs and ſparkling glory, I never ſaw any B2 thing B2v 12 thing to parallel with it; and looking into it, I beheld many very precious Saints with their eyes fixed toward Heaven, their countenances ſhining as the Sun; and neer to them, between that white Tower and the other Tower, were a great many of the Colonels and Chief of the Army, with their Piſtols cock’d, and lighted Match in their hands, beating the fire upon the gunpowder, endeavouring to drive it up toward the white Tower, but they could not, for the fire would not take; preſently upon this, it was ſaid to me, whereas thou ſeeſt this high Tower whereon the gunpowder is, it is a great many of men of the wiſe and politick, grave and judicious ſo called, that are drawing up together, and their Wiſdom, Power and policy is that gunpowder that thou ſeeſt, and the match and Army-men, or the chiefeſt part of the Army that ſhall aſſent and joyn with that Tower, and gunpwder againſt the white Tower, ſaying, it was not to deſtroy the white Tower that they were come forth, but the factious ones that ſat therein; Preſently this Scripture likened them to thoſe of the Old World, that ſaid, let us build a Babel that may reach to heaven, and God came down and confounded their language; ſo he will do by theſe that were riſing up againſt the white Tower, as it is written in the Proverbs, The Name of the Lord is a ſtrong Tower, wherein thoſe factious ones, as they called them, ſat in ſafety, and ſhall be preſerved all their days.

Another Viſion I had at the ſame time, of many Oaks, with ſpreading branches full of leaves, very great limmed; I looking to the root, which lay but very little in the ground, & look’t dry, as if it were crumbling to duſt, and above the ground was only a little dry bark, on which limmed and ſpreading Oaks were ſet; a few ſhrubs which being by, were very lovely and green, theſe great Oaks fell ſuddenly down, and cover’d the other; preſently I ſaw a very lovely tree for ſtature & compleatneſs every way not to be paralleld by any thing that ever I ſaw, and before which the great Oaks crumbled to duſt, and the little ſhrubs were raiſed up, growing and thriving exceedingly; then I deſired Scripture to this Viſion; Reply was, in the firſt of Iſaiah it is ſaid, They ſhall be confounded in the Oaks that they have deſired: And as to that lovely Tree, it was declared to me to be the Lord Jeſus, which I had ſometimes ſeen in the new Jeruſalem, which is ſpoken of in the Rev. ult. That that Tree was the very ſame that is there mentioned whoſe fruit ſhould be very many and beautiful, held forth to the Shrubs, which they feeding upon, ſhould immediately grow upB3r13 up to a lovely Stature; which ſaid the Lord to me, thou here ſeeſt, that no ſooner doth this Tree appear, which repreſents my Son, but immediately thoſe deſpiſed Shrubs that the great Oaks endeavored to ſcatter and hide in their holes, they ſhall come forth, and all the Oaks ſhall crumble into duſt; this is not by Might, nor by Power, or Arms, but brought in through the pourings out of my Spirit.

Two nights before the Protector was eſtabliſhed, I had a glorious ſight of a Throne, Angels winged flying before the Throne, crying, Holy, holy, holy unto the Lord; The great One is coming down with terrour to the Enemies, and Glory and Deliverance to the ſincere, and them that walk uprightly; hearing of this, I broke forth with much Melody, ſinging alſo Halleluiah, Praiſe and Honour unto thee O Lord, will I render with them that thus cry holy.

Then another Viſion followed, A great company of Children walking on the Earth, a Light ſhining round about them, a glorious Perſon in the midſt of them, ſpeaking theſe words; theſe will I honour with my raigning preſence in the midſt of them; others ſhall dye in the Wilderneſs, which Wilderneſs I will ſhew thee by and by; So that departed.

A third viſion followed, wherein I ſaw great darkneſs in the Earth, and a marvellous duſt, like a thick ſmoak aſcending upward from the Earth; and I beheld at a little diſtance a great company of Cattel, ſome like Buls, and others like Oxen, and ſo leſſer, their faces and heads like men, having each of them a horn on either ſide their heads; For the foremoſt, his Countenance was perfectly like unto Oliver Cromwels; and on a ſuddain there was a great ſhout of thoſe that followed him, he being ſingled out alone, and the foremoſt; and he looking back, they bowed unto him, and ſuddenly gave a ſhout, and leaped up from the Earth, with a great kind of joy, that he was their Supreme; and immediately they prompting him and fawning upon him, he run at me, and as he was neer with his horn to my breaſt, an arm and an hand claſped me round, a Voyce ſaid, I will be thy ſafety; he run at many precious Saints that ſtood in the way of him, that looked boldly in his face; he gave them many puſhes, ſcratching them with his horn, and driving them into ſeveral houſes, he ran ſtill along, till at length there was a great ſilence, and ſuddenly there broke forth in the Earth great fury coming from the Clouds, and they preſently were ſcattered, and their horns broken, and they tumbled into Graves; with that I broke forth, and ſang praiſe, and B3 the B3v 14 the Lord ſaid, mark that Scripture, Three horns ſhall ariſe, a fourth ſhall come out different from the former, which ſhall be more Terror to the Saints then the others that went before; though like a Lamb, as is ſpoken of in the Revelation, in appearance a Lamb, but puſhing like a beaſt, being not only one, but many and much ſtrength joyned together.

Thus far it was conceived meet and requiſie to repreſent the ſpirit and condition of the party; Not from thence to borrow the more eſteem, or belief to the Relation following, let that adventure forth upon its own ſcore, and ſtand or fall in that ſpirit that gave it being; But that the truth may ſhine forth, as to the particular ſtate and condition of the Party, through that cloud of unchriſtian condemnings, odious cenſures, and black defamations of unſatisfied, intereſted, envious, and unbelieving perſons which are gone forth; whereby, that in this diſpenſation, which to many that were witneſſes of it ſeems to be the Glory and Beauty of it, may be confounded and darkned, and the eyes of them that would ſee, be blinded in judgement.

Now concerning her ſpeaking in Whitehall, this account we have to Offer of the ſtate and condition of her ſpirit in that work; which was received from her own lips in the hearing of ſome then preſent, in anſwer to the Queſtions which the Relator moved unto her; One Queſtion was asked her ſome weeks after ſhe left Whitehal, and was this. What frame of ſpirit was upon you in uttering thoſe things in Whitehall, was it only a ſpirit of faith that was upon you, or was it Viſion wrapping up your outward ſenſes in trances, ſo that you had not your ſenſes free to ſee, nor hear, nor take notice of the People preſent? She anſwered, I neither ſaw, nor heard, nor perceived the noiſe and diſtractions of the people, but was as one that heard only the voice of God ſounding forth unto me; beſides her own word, the effects of a ſpirit caught up in the Viſions of God, did abundantly appear in the fixedneſs, and immoveableneſs of her ſpeech in prayer, but more eſpecially in her ſongs: notwithſtanding the diſtractions among the people occaſioned by rude ſpirits, that unawares crept in, which was obſerved by many who heard her, who ſeemed to us to be as one whoſe ears and eyes were locked up, that all was to her as a perfect ſilence.

Another Queſtion was, what moved you to ſilence at any time when you ceaſed from ſpeaking? was it with you as with other good men, Miniſters, &c. who ceaſe at diſcretion, either having no more B4r 15 more to ſay, or having ſpent their ſtrength of body, or having wearied the people? She anſwered in theſe words, It was as if the Clouds did open and receive me into them: and I was as ſwallowed up of the Glory of the Lord, and could ſpeak no more. To give you the Relators obſervation for the further perſwading him of the truth of this; He took notice twice in her ceaſing from ſpeaking; Once ſhe ended with prayer, wherein being ſweetly and highly raiſed in her admirings of the glory that ſhe ſaw, ſhe uttered theſe, or like words: Oh what brightneſs! what glory! what ſweetneſs! what ſplendor! which laſt word ſhe hardly expreſſed in a full ſound, and ſaid no more; Another time ending with a Song, in three or four of the laſt words, in the laſt verſe, her voice ſunk into her breaſt, that they could not be underſtood, like the words of a man falling aſleep.

Now follows the Relation of ſo much of her Prayers and Songs, as by a very ſlow hand could be taken for eight days.

Upon B4v 16

Up on the 1654-01-10Tenth day of the Eleventh Moneth, 1653. The Relator coming into the Chamber where ſhe lay, heard her firſt making Melody with a ſpiritual Song, which he could not take but in part, and that too with ſuch imperfection, as he cannot preſent any account of it to the underſtanding of others: After her Song, ſhe without intermiſſion uttered forth her Spirit in prayer, wherein among many other, ſhe expreſſed the paſſages following.

What is marvellous or can be in the eys of the Lord? the reſurrection of Jeſus was marvellous in our eyes, but not with the Lord, for nothing could keep down a Jeſus; thy people could never have come out of their graves, had it not been for the Reſurrection of Jeſus; as thou riſedſt, ſo ſhould they, as thou dyedſt, ſo ſhould they, thou wilt make all things death before them; what endeavourings were there to have kept thee in the Grave? oh, but what faſtneſs, what locks, what bolts that could keep in a Jeſus? oh, but they thought that the Lord Jeſus was but a man, they underſtood not that the Divine Nature was wrapt up in him in the Humane Nature; when thy time came the Sepulchre was open, and the Lord Jeſus came forth with great Power and Majeſty; oh bleſſed be the Lord that brought forth the Son, the Heir, him that was victorious over his enemies; ſo ſhall there be a Declaration againſt all things that would keep thine down; faith is that Victory; how ſo? becauſe faith brings into the boſom, and it draws forth the Death and Reſurrection of Jeſus upon us: thou art a bringing forth a great Reſurrection: Jeſus Chriſt is upon his appearing; there are ſome do think ſo, but they ſay it is not yet begun, God will bring it about another way, and another time; but the Lord ſays, he will cut ſhort his work in Righteouſneſs; thou knoweſt who are the Babylonians that are now about thine; as thou didſt to thy people of Old, thou wilt come forth ſpeedily,――thy thoughts are ſo exceeding high and glorious that none is able to reach them; Man cannot bring forth his own thoughts, they are ſo tumultuous, and run unto the ends of the Earth; oh then what are thy thoughts O Lord,――though the Enemy begin to jeer them concerning thoſe bleſſed ſongs; well ſays God, are my people jeered concerning their Excellencies, their Songs, their Hallelujahs that are of my own making, that are before my Throne? the Lord cannot endure that theſe Excellencies of his Saints ſhould be trampled upon, which are ſo perfect, ſo pure; how pleaſant are the ſongs of thine, when C1r 17 when they are brought forth out of the Churches of thine Enemies: ――Tis not all the force in the world that can ſtrike one ſtroak againſt thine, but thou ſuffereſt them to come forth to try thine; oh that thine could believe thee for thy breakings of them, as well as for thy bindings up; all things under the Sun, all things before you, in you, ſhall work for your good; when they come to underſtand more of the Myſterie, and of the entrals of Scripture, how will they praiſe thy Highneſs? The Enemies are ſtrong, Satan is ſtrong, Inſtruments are ſtrong, Temptations they are ſtrong, what Strengths are againſt thy flock! They cannot be without the Lyon, and Lyon-like creatures: Oh if thy Servants ſuffer, let them not ſuffer for paſſion or raſh words, but as Lambs; there is a zeal which is but from Nature, a mans own ſpirit may prompt him to, but the zeal of God is accompanied with meekneſs, humility, grief for Chriſt.――Since thy Handmaid is taken up to walk with thee, thy Handmaid always deſired that ſhe might be ſwift to hear, ſlow to ſpeak; but now that thou haſt taken her up into thy Mount, who can keep in the ruſhing wind? who can bind the influences of the Heavenly Orion, who can ſtop thy Spirit? It is good to be in the Territories, in the Regions, where thou walkeſt before thy Servant; oh how glittering, and how glorious are they, what Sparklings are there!――Thou haſt a great guſt to come upon the Earth, a great wind that ſhall ſhake the trees that now appear upon the Earth, that are full of leaves of Profeſſion; but they have nothing but outward beauty, an outward flouriſh; but thy trees O Lord, they are full of Sap: A great number of people ſaid, oh let our Oaks ſtand, let them not be cut down: oh but ſays the Lord, I will make you aſhamed in the Oaks that you have choſen; and becauſe you will have theſe Oaks, I will now give you other Oaks, and what are they? A firſt, a ſecond and a* third Power, and thou breakeſt them one after another; oh thine own have had a great hand in theſe things; thine have ſaid, we will have Oaks and Gardens, how have they run too and fro! ſays the Lord now, I will give you Gardens, but they ſhall have no ſprings in them, they ſhall be as dry chapt ground, they ſhall be as the falllow ground: what lovelineſs is there to walk upon fallow ground? you ſhall have ſtumbling walkings upon them, you ſhall have no green graſs in theſe Gardens; what have all the Gardens of the Earth been? they have been to thine places of ſtumbling: O thou wilt by theſe thy ſtrange ways, draw up thine into thy upper and nether ſprings: thou haſt deceived thy C Saints C1v 18 Saints once again about theſe Gardens: let them now run after them no more, but be aſhamed and abaſhed: we have hankered from mountain to hill, we have ſaid ſalvation is in this hill and in that, but let us ſay ſo no longer: when we ſhall thus be drawn up to thee, then we ſhall proſper, and thou wilt give us Vineyards, and Gardens, and Trees of thine own, which ſhall abide.――Thou calledſt thy ſervant to come ſometimes neer this place, to witneſs againſt ſome, who ſaid that the Kingdom was already given up to the Father, and contemned the Man Chriſt: but now haſt thou ſent thy Servant again to witneſs for thee, for the Kingdom of thy Son.

Having C2r 19

Having uttered much more in Prayer, which the Relator, becauſe of the preſs of people in the Chamber, could not take; She delivered the further enlargements of her heart in a Song, ſo much whereof as could be taken, is preſented to you as follows.

When Babylon within, the great and tall,

With tumults ſhall come down:

Then that which is without ſhall fall,

And be laid flat on ground.

Oh King Jeſus thou art longed for,

Oh take thy power and raign,

And let thy children ſee thy face,

Which with them ſhall remain.

Thy lovely looks will be ſo bright,

They will make them to ſing,

They ſhal bring offerings unto thee,

And myrrhe unto their King.

For they know that thou doſt delight

To hear their panting ſoul;

They do rejoyce in thy Marrow,

And eſteem it more then gold.

Therefore thou hearing their hearts cry,

Thou ſayeſt, Oh wait a while!

And ſuddainly thou wilt draw near,

The worlds glory to ſpoile.

Oh you ſhal have great Rols of writ

Concerning Babylons fall,

And the deſtruction of the whore,

Which now ſeems spiritual.

Come write down how that AntiChriſt,

That is ſo rigid here,

Shall fall down quite, when Chriſt comes forth,

Who ſuddenly will appear.

Come write down how thoſe ſparkling ones,

Which Antichriſt are too:

Thoſe Notioners, Oh do write down,

How he will make them rue.

Come write alſo that great Powers ſhall,

From off their thrones be caſt:

Oh the Lord he will batter them,

Though they mount up ſo faſt.

Oh write that thoſe great Counſellors,

That now againſt Chriſt agree,

How Chriſt will never own at all,

Nor give them any fee.

Write how that Protectors ſhall go,

And into graves there lye:

C2 Let C2v 20

Let pens make known what is ſaid, that,

They ſhall expire and die.

Oh write alſo that Colonels

And Captains they ſhall down,

Be not affraid to pen alſo,

That Chriſt will them caſt down.

Becauſe they have not honored God,

They have not paid their Vows:

But only bluſtring Oaks have been,

Great tall branches and boughs.

Which have no ſpirit nor moiſture, then,

How can they longer ſtand,

Though a while they have active been:

Yet they muſt out o’th’ Land.

The Lord will reckon with them all,

And ſet their words before:

They have not brought forth Righteouſneſs,

Nor relief to the poor.

Which they ſaid they would chiefly eye,

But their words do not ſpeak:

But all unto their own Nets, they

Do ſtretch themſelves and creep.

Pen down how all their Gallantry,

Shall crumble into duſt:

For the Lord he hath ſpoken, that

To duſt they vaniſh muſt.

Come Serjeants, what wil then you do;

When your Maſters are caſt,

What will become then of your pay,

Which you run for ſo faſt?

Oh Serjeants, ſome of you I have,

Look’t on to be ſuch which

Would not have taken ſuch a place,

Your hands forth for to reach.

Poor Serjeants that were honeſt men

Oh how are you fallen,

Oh how are you now taken with

The vanity of men?

Oh Serjeants leave off this your work,

And get ſome other thing,

Your pay’l be ſweet to follow him,

Who is your Lord and King.

Oh bread and water is more ſweet,

Then Roaſt meat of this ſort,

Oh meat of herbs betters for you,

And of better Report.

You come and crave pardon of them,

While you diſſemble in heart,

Oh call for pardon from a Chriſt,

When to his bar you come.

And leave thoſe other wayes, which will

Prove injurious to you;

The Lord doth hate ſuch practiſes,

And he will out them ſpue.

Oh keep thy poor Saints, that they may

Not run away from their Lord,

Oh let them be contented with

Th’ morſells thou doſt afford.

Oh C3r 21

Oh that they may not now ſet hands

To engagements that come,

But rather engage for the Lord,

Who is the onely Son.

Oh mind the Saints, how engagements

Have become to them a ſnare,

That others they may not them take,

But up to thee repair.

Let them know tis but a ſhort time,

That men thus ſhall abide,

Tis but a while that theſe ſtormy winds,

Shall bring forth ſuch great tyde.

Though winds and waves they boiſtrous are,

Yet Chriſt them will rebuke,

He will ſpeak to them to abate,

And they’l go at his look.

After ſhe had breathed forth this Song with more enlargement then could be noted by the Relator; She proceeded in Prayer, which for the preſs of people crowding and darkning the Chamber, could not be taken; She continued that day in prayer and ſinging four or five hours together, and was then ſilent.

The next day, being the eleventh day of the moneth, the Relator came in and heard her in prayer, wherein ſhe delivered many things: ſome whereof being of publique nature were taken: And are preſented in the account following.

C3 Muſt C3v 22

Muſt thy Servant that now is upon the Throne, muſt he now die and go out like a candel? Oh that thy ſervant could mourn day and night for him! Oh that he might be recovered out of that vain glorious Counſel, out of their Traps and Gins! Oh his ſoul is in bondage, he will not hear New Jeruſalems Sermons if thou convince him not! Oh that he might be laid in thy boſome, that he might not refuſe to come among thy people! Oh that he might hearken to a praying people, rather then to a wicked Counſel, rather then to a Politique crue about him! Father, that he might Lord God come out of thoſe Fetters and Chains; And then do thou ſhew him his work, and his tranſgreſſion wherein he hath exceeded, and open his eyes to receive inſtruction; He is in Chains by reaſon of that outward glory and pomp that is round about him: Oh he thinks he is taught by thee thus to go and to act! Oh, but bleſſed Lord, let thy handmaid intreat thee to perſwade him; For thy perſwaſions are more then the perſwaſions of all the great Doctors and Rabbies that are about him! Oh that they alſo might conſider what they do, they have been Preachers of free Grace to thy people: Let them not now come forth with the voice of Haman, but with the voice of Mordecai; let them be faithful, and ſay unto him, thou art but a man that doth thus; let them not joyn with that that thou art breaking in pieces; Thou wilt not have thine to ſit upon thrones now, till all thine ſhall ſit together upon thoſe twelve Thrones; Is it not better that he ſhall pry into the Laws of King Jeſus, then of thoſe that are about him? he little thinks that they would bring him into jeopardie; Let him not entertain any upon the account that they are grave, wiſe, judicious men; But let him look whether Godlineſs be in them: Oh, but he will ſay, they are Godly too! Oh, but let him look at actions, whether theſe actions do ſpeak them Godly! Oh, this is a day of Jacobs trouble, thine looked for refreſhment, and behold greater trouble, they looked for a birth, and behold it is yet in travel; Many of thy children are put to a ſtand, and know not what to do; though he doth repulſe them, yet let them tell him of his ſins, and tell him with humility, and with tears; not as thoſe deluded ſpirits, that go running about the ſtreets, and ſay, we have ſuch Viſions and Revelations, who come out with their great ſpeeches of vengeance, and judgement, and plagues: Oh, but thine that come from thee, thou giveſt them Humility, Meekneſs, Bowels and Tears. Pluck out thoſe of the Counſel that are thy Children, tell themC4r 23 them that thou doſt not love linſey wolſey garments, linnen and wollen mixed together, neither in the thrones, nor in any building, or Temple, or Concernment of thine. It is true, Authorities and Powers are by the permiſſion of the moſt high; He gave Commiſſion to the Aſſyrian to be a rod to Iſrael, till he had accompliſhed his work upon Mount Sion; But here is the difference, that was an enemy, whom God would deſtroy with eternal fire, and perpetual burning; But theſe come forth as brethren, as thy children; and therefore thine do not know how to bear it from them: Oh, it is a grief to the heart that they ſhould ſmite and grieve thy Saints; Beſides, the Kingdom of the Lord Jeſus is at hand, all the Monarchies of this world are going down the hill: Now is a time that thine ſhould look off from theſe things, and lift up their head, for their Redemption draws near; Now thou requireſt a greater going forth of the Spirit; What manner of perſons ought ye to be in all holy converſation? we are not to be for our ſelves but for Chriſt; Now the treaſury is open, and every one is to caſt into it; now all is ſpread open, for all to come, to caſt in ſomething: Oh come forth thou great Builder in thy glory! Oh what ſheddings of blood have there been in order to this work! Let there be days of Glory; Hear the voice of thine, yea, thou doſt hear them, though thou wouldeſt have them to wait, they ſhall not be aſhamed; they that tarry and reſt upon thee, thou wilt come and lead them with thy ſweet ſpices: Oh that the ſouldiery might now come forth out of their bravery, and ſay, ſhall there be ſome that ſhall come up to that glorious building, ſhall they reign in that day, and ſhall we that have gone forth for the Lord thus far come ſhort thereof, and be laid aſide! Oh help them to entreat thee that thou wouldſt not ſpue them out of thy mouth as luke-warm ones, nor let them not be caſt out of thy Temple; Now is a meaſuring time that thou art meaſuring thy own Temple, not the world, but thine own Saints, there is a little ſilence from Trumpet and Battels, and now is a time of ſilence: Oh but there is a time of the ſhooting of bullets, and they will come forth again! Oh that thy Temple might not fall to pieces, the ſtones that are joyned to the Corner ſtone, that they may not have the hammer come upon them; no, nor any Iron tool come into thy work.

Oh let him be willing to part with ſuch things as may hinder the proſperity of his ſoul; make him out of love with the wine and feaſts below, and bring him in love with thy liquors and flagons from heaven! Oh but their vains are ſo full of blood before, that they have no room,C4v24 room, but do thou caſt the overflowing blood, and then what can hinder thy work! Oh but can theſe dry bones live? give thy handmaid leave to tell thee that thy children are like dead bones now in the Valley; But thine ſay Lord, thou canſt make them live, thou canſt bring nerves and bones, and knit them together again; Let thy ſervant never be ſilent till they be brought out of the Valley, out of the ſlimy pit! Oh do thou fill their pools, thou cauſeſt rain to come and fill the pools! Oh fill all places, all things with water from above, that thine may drink thereof; bring forth that water, that may make them Warriours for thee, and not any longer for themſelves, and let them know that thy ſervant doth abundantly tender them! Oh let all that thy ſervant hath go for Sion; Firſt, Second and laſt breath; Were it not for thine, thou wouldeſt ſend the Nations into this Nation; thou haſt a people in this Nation, who have thy name upon them, therefore thou wilt not let out the boars, and the wild beaſts againſt them, for they would ſpare none; Thou haſt a few names that are cloathed in white, whom thou doſt abundantly delight in, and they delight in thee; they commit their way unto thee, and thou wilt not deſtroy them, though they live in Sodom; thou haſt many precious lights in this Nation, in this City, or it would be ſuddainly burnt with fire: Oh how beholding is this tumultuous City to thine inheritance!

Oh D1r 25

Oh ſing for Sion Songs my ſoul,

And magnifie that Grace,

Which will bring Sion back again

Into the glorious place.

Oh I will pray while that he doth

Appear here on the Earth,

The ſparkling glory of thoſe that

Are thy moſt lovely flock.

I will rejoyce while I do breath,

Becauſe I do believe,

Thou wilt ſome of the Souldiery

Again to thee receive.

Oh Lord when that thou comeſt forth,

Scales ſhall fall off their eyes,

And then thy will look unto thee,

And ſtill they more ſhall riſe.

When th’haſt brought them into thy ſweet ways,

And Paths of pleaſure too,

Where they may recreate their Souls,

And behold joys moſt new.

Oh Lord it is delight to me

To hear thy pleaſant voice,

Concerning ſome of the Soldiery

That their Pikes up ſhall toſs;

And go forth ſhall fully againſt

All foes they have within,

As well as againſt thoſe without,

And Canons they ſhall bring.

Their Armour ſhall moſt lovely look,

In thoſe thou doſt appear,

Thou art their Colonel indeed,

Every troop for to chear.

Oh every Regiment of thine

Thou ſweetly wilt them ſpeak,

And oh all eyes ſhall then run down,

They ſhall eke mourn and weep.

That they have diſobeyed the Lord

In bravery ſo rich,

And in their dainty diſhes that

They have with them inrich’d.

When others would have been glad of

Crums that fall from their board,

Many do ſay ſtill they muſt have,

Oh theſe thine will record

Againſt themſelves, and mourn for it,

The Lord will then paſs by,

And he will draw them forth again

And ſpeak them graciouſly.

Oh when thou comes, with ſhamefaſtneſs,

Oh ye Colonels great,

And Captains too, do ye fall down

Before the Mercy ſeat.

Then he will welcome all of you,

And ſay, oh here is that,

Which is more coſtlie food for thee,

And far more delicate

D Then D1v 26

Then all thou haſt of that thou ſtol’ſt

From the Commonweal-poor,

For to feaſt thy carkaſs withall,

Which is to be no more.

Oh Souldiers ſhall I tell you of

Great Victories indeed!

Oh come and hearken unto it,

For t’will ſupply all need!

You ſhall no great alarms then,

Nor drums hear from your foes,

You ſhall not ſee their ſpears nor bullets fly,

At all you to oppoſe.

If you will hearken to the Lord,

Which calleth for your hearts,

If you will ſay, oh take them, then

You ſhall not feel foes darts.

Oh when Chriſt ſpeaks to you, as well,

If ſoon you do reply,

Not with a flattering ſpeech, but with

Sound words to his Glory.

Then oh he will give unto you

That which will be much more;

Oh the pay that ſhall come from a Chriſt,

It will throughout thee ſtore.

It will weigh down all fleſh ſurely,

It is heavier then you think,

It is more precious then your Oar,

Then do not from it ſhrink.

O Soldiers all, that now you were

Upon the Mount with me,

That ſo your Songs they may be heard,

When that you come to ſee.

Oh it will be well worth your time

To follow the ſweet Lamb

Whereever he goes, oh after him ſay,

Oh Lord we come, we come.

Oh here is a Generul, and he

Is a King of them too,

A Protector, Conſervator,

Oh draw neer him up to.

He will be all things to Souldiery

That their hearts can deſire,

Oh he will be weapons to them,

He will be their match and fire.

Oh hee’l be alſo Cannons great,

Granado pieces too,

O muskets he himſelf brings forth,

To put your hands into.

Oh he will be Pikes for you, to

Go after enemies ſtrong;

Oh he will be a Sword for you

Againſt ſuch would you wrong.

O he will beat your drums for you,

And your Alarms ſound,

He will give watchword unto you,

That none ſhall you confound.

Oh D2r 27

Oh he will alſo trumpet out

An harmony ſo ſweet,

Which ſhall make you on geldings mount,

And walk upon your feet.

He will be for Souldiers that ſtand

And cleave to Iſrael,

With the horſemen he will go forth,

And open wide their breach.

It is better to ſide with him

Which is a King for ever,

Then to the earthly Kings below,

Whom pale Death ſhall ſoon ſever.

A Soldier he will remain

Till all Nations are caſt,

And til the Remnant doth come in,

Which ſoon ſhall draw full faſt.

When he calls them then they ſhall run,

And draw neer unto him,

He ſpeaks the word, oh come you forth,

Then do you anſwer; when?

His voyce it is moſt powerful,

They cannot it gainſay,

But muſt reply, oh we come forth

To thee our brighteſt Day.

Oh Soldiers do you love alwaies

Him which will go before,

And ſlaie all Giants in the world,

And make them roll in their gore.

You have not only to Scotland gone,

But to Holland alſo,

He ſounded forth his voice ſo high,

And whirlwinds made to blow.

And on the Seat oh there he hath

Moſt gallantly appear’d,

When you were ſtruck with ſorrows great,

He then your heart upbear’d.

For he then undertook the ſtroke,

And ſmote thoſe foes ſo high,

Though they did brag, and boaſt, and ſay,

They were great Almighties.

But oh the Mighty which is true

Did their might then confound,

He ſunk their ſhips and ſlew their mmen,

Much treaſury he drown’d

Oh t’was the great God on that Land

A General was, before

The ſame Highneſs did go on ſea,

And did appear much more.

A Pilot he went in the Ships,

Stil did remain and ſtaie,

And turn thēem about for this Land,

Much kindneſs to convey.

O he it was that drew them on,

And fought for us before,

Oh he it was that broke their maſts,

And humbled the great ſhips all.

O he it was that made them run,

And made them hide their head,

D2 It D2v 28

It was thy ſtrokes, oh thou great God

That laid their bodies dead.

Oh twas the Lord himſelf I’m ſure,

That ſtopt the Holland’s ſhips,

That did maintain our Land-ſhips, when

Thoſe Hollanders he ſplit.

And is not theſe things for to be

Declared, and writ down,

When th’ haſt on our Nation ſo ſhone,

And them how haſt thou crown’d?

With mercy and deliverance,

Which is exceeding great:

The loſs of many precious ones,

And ſplitting of great ſhips.

Oh but the loſs of thy dear ones,

Oh is not that to be

Thought on by you that are great ones,

And of the Soulderie.

Oh think! oh remember theſe things,

Oh, again call them to mind,

That you may freſh have Gods goodneſs,

And feel his ruſhing wind.

That ſo more of you may be wiſe,

Here in this Nation great,

That ſo you may no longer ſtretch

Your ſelves, and lye and ſleep.

Our Father, wilt thou bring to mind,

And faſten it on their hearts,

That they may not themſelves, that they

Harden not to thy ſmarts.

Who have been brought along the work,

By thee the Lord of Glory,

That they may get up to the Lord,

And to his territory.

Oh thou dear General alſo,

I would fain have thee to hear,

The Lord Jeſus does ſpeak to thee,

Oh come therefore and hear.

Oh hearken unto Chriſt and hear,

Let not his ſound go forth:

But oh do thou gently receive

What he will thee counſel.

Do not hearken to vain Spirits,

Nor to Counſellors great,

Which wicked are and falſe ones, which

Did drive thee to thy ſeat.

But hearken to ſound words which come,

From him that is ſo rich;

Oh liſten what the Lord holds forth,

And what he thee doth teach.

That thou ſhouldſt not aſſume to thee

Higher Power then Chriſt doth give:

But thou ſhouldſt ſay unto all Saints,

Oh come let us here live

In D3r 29

In honor and great Dignity,

Which Chriſt here doth afford;

Oh let us have one only King,

Alwaies t’write our Record.

Oh do not thou aſpire, for to

So high a title have;

As King, or Protector: But oh

Unto Chriſt that do leave.

Oh let him be advanced, and

You he will then up raiſe;

Oh he will give unto thy ſoul

Moſt comfortable dayes.

Therefore Father teach him, let him know that he may reign as one of thine: Oh, is it not a ſweet thing to be crowned by thee? and that is ſweeter then to be crowned by man: Oh ſays Gideon! I will not be your King, the Lord ſhall reign over you: Oh it is enough for him to be one of thy Kings! Oh let him now deny, and caſt it down, and ſay; Without theſe Dignities, and great Titles, I will ſerve the People and Commonalty; and then wilt thou ſay to him, thou art my Gideon; Let him conſider that thine ſhall rule over all Nations; and let him ſay, why may not this be the time that it does draw near? Let not him ſay as they ſaid of old, who put the day far from them, that the Viſion was for many days; for a time yet afar off; But let them accept of the day and time that thou haſt put into their hand; The Lord is building his Temple, it is no time now for them to build Tabernacles; Now thou art upon thy Temple-work, ſhall they be building great Palaces for themſelves? The Souldiers ſlight thy handmaid, but ſhe matters not, they ſhall and muſt conſider in time; they ſay theſe are Convulſion-fits, and Sickneſs, and diſeaſes that make thy handmaid to be in weakneſs; But oh they know not the pouring forth of thy Spirit, for that makes the body to crumble, and weakens nature; In theſe extraordinary workings thou intendeſt to ſhew what is coming forth hereafter; ſomething is a coming forth, there is ſo Lord; and oh how does thy handmaid bleſs thee!

D3 Having D3v 30

Having Prayed for, and made much mention of the Merchants, ſhe Sings the following Hymn to them.

Oh merchants! oh turn to the Lord!

What he to you reports,

Look into the written word ſo ſure,

And ſee what he brings forth.

Oh do not grieve at loſſes great,

Though all your ſhips do ſplit,

Oh look to that bottom wherein

Cannot come any leak.

Oh take up now your time for that

Which is precious and moſt ſweet,

And ſhall be given forth to you,

That will receive meat.

Oh Merchants! I fain would that you

Might have true gold indeed:

Oh I deſire ſweet preſerves, which

Chriſt unto you doth leave.

The ſweet preſerves come from the Seas,

And from thoſe forrain parts,

Which are made by thoſe Indians

That are ſo full of Arts.

You have your Canded Ginger, and

Your Preſerved Nutmegs too:

That ſo you may delight therein,

And your mouthes overflow.

But! oh there’s canded things indeed,

Which is covered with Gold,

There is not ſuch preſerves as they

Which ſhall be turned to mould.

But theſe preſerves continue ſhall,

No mouldy skins ſhall be

At all of them; But the longer

You keep them, you ſhall ſee

They are as freſh and lovely as

They were when firſt he brought,

They do not looſe their taſt at all,

Oh that you would have ſought.

Theſe things indeed as pleaſant, all

That you would feed upon

Them which will ſtrengthen you always

And lead you to mount Sion.

Oh Merchants cloath your ſelves with robes,

Which will never be wore

Not that which will to raggs be turn’d,

Nor that which can be tore.

But here is Cloathing ſubſtantial,

Oh it is coſtly too!

Oh it is white! Oh it is that

Which Chriſts blood bought to you!

That you might be cloathed herewith,

And herein ſtill may go,

No nail nor ſplinter can theſe tear,

Nor can remove the ſhow.

Tis glorrious and ſubſtantial too,

And it abides for ever,

No enemy can rent it from,

Oh none can it you ſever.

Oh D4r 31

Oh merchants thēen lift up your heads

Though loſſes you may have;

Oh the more of Chriſt do you now beg

Which will make you moſt brave.

Oh you that are proud, and with ſtout necks,

And mincingly do go,

With your black ſpots and powdred locks,

Thinking to make a ſhow.

And ſo you go unto thoſe which

Are carnal hearts with you,

But oh the ſpiritual do ſee,

They do hate it, and ſpue.

They cannot endure your company,

Oh cover then your skins:

Remember when that Adam fell,

He covered was leaves in.

His nakedneſs with leavy skins,

At length muſt be his cloaths;

Oh therefore all you naked ones,

Oh do not Scripture oppoſe.

Oh you that ſport it forth with that

Which is jeſting moſt vile,

The Lord himſelf does to you ſay,

That he will you rob and ſpoil.

Oh you that think to do that which

Is injury to Saints:

Oh the Lord he draws them more unto

His lovely open gates.

Where he takes them into himſelf,

When others are ſhut out,

Then Mordecai muſt be cal’d in,

Haman muſt hang without.

Oh thou dear Lord, they chains would do

Thine injury therein,

They cannot, for the Lord their God

He is their only King.

Oh ſing! oh ſoul! that I am fain,

And do lift up my heart,

Unto thy beloved ſo high,

Which is exceeding great.

Hallelujah unto Jehovah,

I will without fear ſing,

Unto him which creatures al brings forth,

Oh! thou art the great King.

That ſtore and plenty art to thine,

Rivers and ſtreams are there,

Oh thou doſt ſo much love unfold,

That does the heart ſo chear.

While it ſings ſongs to others, and

At the mentioning

Of the perfumes and coſtly things,

Which are eſteemed dear.

They muſt eſteem, and count them dear

That receive from a Chriſt:

For it coſt his moſt precious blood,

To bring forth intereſt.

Into theſe Royalties it was,

A Saviour led therein,

Thy going to the grave oh Lord,

And riſing up a King.

Oh he was willing for to be

Crown’d with a thorny one,

That crowns unto his children might

Be brighter then the Sun.

Oh D4v 32

Oh he was willing to drink gall

And vinegar ſo ſharp,

That ſo his Saints might drink ſweet wine,

For to revive their heart.

He willing was, that they ſhould with

Their ſpears that then were ſharp,

Run into his own ſides, that ſo

His children might not feel ſmart.

But that water and blood might come,

For to cleanſe, and throw out

All their defilemēents that came whēen

Man he was driven out

Of that old Paradiſe, before

A Chriſt a new one brings,

Which ſhall abide for evermore,

Where thine ſhall in it ſing.

Oh how greatly then are thoſe Saints

Eſtabliſhed by thee,

That haſt a reſt brought forth to them,

Where they ſhall alwaies be.

Oh it is much more better, ſure

Then Adams ſtate before;

Oh here is one that is ſo ſtrong,

None can it rend nor tore.

Oh Saints, love Chriſt, love him dearly,

That hath for you thus ſhown

Great dignity, and his power,

Which ſet you on his Throne.

Oh Saints rejoyce! Oh take your harps

Down from your willows now:

And play your tunes unto the Lord,

For none ſhall make you bow.

Great Babylon it ſhall not mock,

Nor injure your ſweet ſongs,

In the enjoyment of a King,

That caſt out hath thoſe throngs.

Oh you Saints that Chriſt tarry on,

When he hath taught you play,

His melody ſhall you ſound forth,

In the ſun-ſhiny day.

Therefore deſire, and wreſtle too

By faith and prayer, while

The Lord hath brought you forth from al

That endeavor you to ſpoil.

Oh fear not! do not tremble, but

Go on couragiouſly.

Let Prayer, let Faith, let Zeal go out,

And through your tongues let flye.

Oh Prophets all, do you ſpeak out,

With bold courage for him,

For unto you he ſhall draw near,

And appear even when

That the rotten walls are thrown down,

And the great Chaos falls,

A fabrick then that you ſhall have,

That by faith on him calls.

Oh he will not be ſlack, though men

They ſhift and put you off,

Yet he will ſuddenlie relieve,

And let his Cannons of,

That ſhall all forts and bulwarks here,

All foes that do upſtand,

Shall be laid flat upon the ground,

And thine ſhal enter the land.

Oh F1r 33

O, Canaan, Saints you are gone into

that is the pleaſant Land,

Where you ſhall eat his grapes moſt ſweet,

and that in his due time.

Oh they are fruit that are moſt ſweet,

they are not rot within

They have no blemiſh, in them all,

he will fill you to the brim.

You are my Joſhua’s, and are

my Calebs, that I love,

And you alſo do ſhew to me

that you climb up above,

Oh unto you I now do speak

they ſhall go on apace,

And enter into Canaans Land,

and dwel in thoſe ſweet rayes.

Therefore take heed oh Iſraelites,

how you do ſpeak and pray

Unto the feebleſt of the flock,

to keep them from the way,

Wherein they ſhall green things behold,

and milk and hony eate,

Oh therefore awaken them not

do not the ſickly beat.

But like true Calebs do go forth

with courage bold and ſtout,

And ſpeak well of Gods Canaan

which other ſeek to rout.

Oh do go tell the goodneſſe of

the place, and might therein,

The fortifications thereof

which are made by our King,

Oh ſpeak well of your Canaan,

and of its Bulwarks there,

Oh tell of its moſt gliſtering wals,

and tell what can compare.

What rooms, what wals, what hangings can

ſet forth of what is there,

What meat & drink can be to that

which is ſo ſweet and clear?

I tell you, God will take it well,

when well you do report,

Concerning his ſweet Canaan,

and his ſalvation cups.

Another Hymne.

Oh bleſſed Lord be thy great Name,

that Priſoners ſhall go free,

Out of the priſon-houſe thou brings

redemption comes from thee.

Oh thoſe that are thine Enemies

and Rebels were alſo,

Thou haſt captiv’d captivity,

that forthwith they may go.

Though in that inner priſon yet

thou ſayeſt oh come you foes,

For here is redemption ſpoken,

by Jeſus is broke out.

Oh come to him though you have been

ſlaves and vaſſals to ſin,

Yet his Fathers free grace he doth

unto your ſouls eke bring.

F And F1v 34

And ſaith Oh Rebels I came forth

that ſo you might be chang’d,

And of rebellious made ſuch which

ſhall with Chriſt ever reign.

Oh come ſaith Chriſt, you captives bin

that Satan hath held under,

Oh if you look upon a Chriſt

your foes ſhal not you plunder.

That he to his enemys ſhould come

and make them his dear friends,

Calling them not his ſervants more,

but choice and onely friends.

Oh report of your Saviour,

that is a Prophet too,

And hath treaſures provided with

for every moment new.

Oh ſpeak well of your Saviour

which as a King appears;

Go declare him that is the Lord,

and wipes away your tears.

Oh goe forth Saints, expreſſe your love

to this dear Jeſus Chriſt,

Though ſome may deſpite ſhow to him

yet open wide your eyes

Unto him, for to you hee’l come,

and alſo ſhall to others,

That with temptations are ſcorcht,

and are ſo full of ſmothers.

O that thy Saints that are cleanſed

would to others the oath

Publiſh of grace & goodneſſe which

in perſon he breath’d forth

Oh notioners they ſhall go down,

at the ſound of him which

Wil not them fail who do him love

but he to them will reach

His arme for their ſalvation, and

puts them in his boſom,

Though ſin and Satan would moſt fain

yet they cannot there come.

For thou haſt hedged thine about

and thou haſt lockt them in,

Oh none can fetch and drive them forth

from the moſt mighty King

Oh the longings of poor Souls ſure

to ſee thy countenance!

Oh if the world did him behold

oh they would prize his glance.

When creatures are in Dungeon dark

they prize one beam of light,

Much more do thine when they do ſee

beams of thy luſtrous light.

Oh they that have a while been ſtarv’d

& pin’d with hunger bin

Oh they will prize any relief

from it they will not fling,

But eate it gladly, and will praiſe,

and then what may they do,

whom thou haſt brought frōom chains & from

ſatan who would them rue?

Oh Lord then thy ſpirituall ones,

the more of thee they eate

The more of thee they do deſire

thou art ſo excellent ſweet.

Such F2r 35

Such hony and ſuch wine as which

does drop from thy ſweet ſpring

Oh they deſire to reach forth, and

moſt kindly take it in.

Oh they Lord, that have felt the cold

and in the ſtorm have bin,

Oh how they will breath after thee

and crowd under thy wing!

And thou their Lord wilt cover them

from all the bitter ſtorms,

They ſhall be kept under thy wing

and freed from the worlds harms.

Oh it is Lord, Oh it is ſweet

to draw thee forth at length,

It is thou Lord that muſt draw out

thy ſelf, thy height, and breadth.

For when thou haſt drawn up to thee

oh the large field thine is in

And the many paths wher they may walk

hand in hand with their King.

Who lovingly doth walk and tell

of things that ſhal break forth,

And of the new Jeruſalem,

gloriouſly thou doſt afford.

Oh when thou takeſt ſuch from below

to thee that art ſo high

Hallelujahs muſt go forth thorow

the Heavens and the Skies.

Hallelujah when the ſentence ſhal come forth

of dread againſt al thoſe

That are againſt ſuch a lovely God

and do thy Name oppoſe.

Theſe were uttered and ſung the 1654-01-12twelfth day of this eleventh month. Upon the 1654-01-13thirteenth day ſhe uttered many precious things in Prayer and Songs, which the Relator could not for the preſs of people write down.

Here followes ſome ſhort account of ſome things ſhe uttered the 1654-01-1414th. day, as the Relator could take them in ſome ſcattered expreſſions.

Let thy Servant beg high ſprings for Saints; come in with full ſprings in ſuch a time as this, when that the waters are brought ſo high, that thy poor children are ready to be overwhelmed by them, in their ſnares and entanglements; they ſay theſe waters are very clear and ſweet that come from men, but at length they make the Soule very muddy; Why is thy Handmaid ſo long with thee upon the Mount, ſeeing thy ſparkling glory, and thoſe reviving ſprings, but that thy Handmaid may plead with thee concerning thy Saints, thine Inheritance, and that her heart may take in the things concerning thy Saints. There is now a great deale of proviſion for a poore man, and yet hee will wither and come to nothing; certainly folly will be writ upon his labour, Thou wilt not commend it as a peece of wiſdome, Thou wilt not give it a badge of honour, Thou wilt rather put a blot upon it, Thou F2 wilt F2v 36 wilt never write faire concerning it; Thou art coming to write faire concerning the Palace of the Lord Jeſus, and the Glory of that Kingdome; oh, but they have a veil over their eyes that they cannot ſee it; Oh, but ſaies God I have a Jacob, a dew, a Lyon, and they ſhall know it: I have but a few names among you, in whom my Name is found, though I have a great many ſoules; Thou wilt find, Lord, but a few that have kept themſelves undefiled from the world, that are pure Religious ones; there are may fleſhly, nationall, formall religious ones, but the poore, fatherleſſe and widow are the companions of the pure religious ones. They think it ſcorne if one ſhould tell them they are not Religious, they will ſay you are cenſoririous, Oh, but thou wilt tell them, that they doe not doe that which is pure Religion, that is ſo before God; who is ſuch a burning and ſhining light as John was, who gives forth ſuch a Teſtimony of Jeſus as John did? Is it not ſaid, that they who faint in adverſity, it is an argument that their ſtrength is ſmall? When they are in proſperity then they can ſpeake large and high things of Jeſus Chriſt, but then to hold out in time of temptation, that hath a good report with God; God ſaith, I will judge righteous Judgement, I will not judge what you doe, when you meet, and ſpeake and pray together, but I will follow you into your ſecret places, your Houſes, your Callings, your Offices, &c. thoſe that breath after thee Lord, they are ſearching after their ſecret ſins, for thou commeſt into the heart; they cannot proſper that cover their ſecret ſins; there is ſuch a covering of ſecret ſins, that proſperity flyes from us, and takes wings and flies away.――

It is not a time now to raiſe States, and Names, and great things, for thou art now pulling downe, they will ſet up their Beacons upon their owne hills, when thou ſayeſt thou wilt have thy Beacon upon thine own hill, and thy Standard ſet up there; oh how do men ſet up their poſts by thy poſts?――

When thou doſt make Bars and iron gates they will endeavor to break them open, and beat them down, that the enemie may come in among us; they think if they have armied men about them, it is well with them; O, but to have thy armed men which are Chariots of fire about them that were ſafe indeed: When thou commeſt with thy hand, what are all theſe before thee? they are cruſhed on a ſudden. Take away Lord all that ſowre leaven that is upon the earth, it favors all the meal, that it has a brackiſh taſte; though many of thy children in their affections and judgements may bee ſowred by this leaven, yet thou haſt ſome intoF3r37 into whom this ſowre leaven cannot enter: Take it out of thy Children that are in the midſt of the earth, and keep thy lump that it may not be infected; many are infected, their language is infected, it was ſweet before, but now it is confuſed, it had an harmony, but now it hath no relliſh.――

Thou haſt declared the comming of the Lord Jeſus, that he ſhall come ſuddenly, ſo the tranſactings of things here below do come ſuddenly, and poore man, how is he confounded, he is in a ſmoother in his own judgement, he is in the ſmoak, and cannot find the door! Let not thy Children be blinded and blood ſhed, oh take them out, and let them take heed that they do not return into ſuch ſmoaky houſes againe; oh, let thine bleſſe thy Name, that thou haſt proved a cleare flame for their eyes, a burning flame, that ſhall burn up all ſmoaking things, as crackling thorns under their feet

Oh, that thy Children ſhould drink up inflaming Wine, not like thy inflaming wine, for that’s a beautifull inflaming, but an inflaming to redneſſe and burning.――

Thine that thou keepeſt from ſuch things, they ſhall walk with thee, thou wilt make them partakers of glorious Priviledges, thou wilt bring them into thy Territories above, into thy ſweet Walks, how wilt thou hang them about with Hony Suckles? not like the hony that is of the earth, that is clogging, but pure hony that is reviving; thy Ezekiels that behold thee by the River Chebar, Oh what ſights, what glories, what rivers, what ſprings do they enjoy! and yet thy children are affraid to ſuffer; Oh what a ſpirit of ſlaviſh feare hath ſeized upon thy own children! though thou haſt ſaid the Lord will be with you in the fires and in the waters, yet what pale faces are there amongſt thine, oh, is this to profeſſe Jeſus!――

Thou wilt make the whole earth to be thy children, and wilt make them to be the honourable ones, and yet they will not know, nor conſider it; Oh this is a time not for man to reign, but for the Lord Jeſus, and this voyce ſounds out here and there by a Son or a Daughter; Oh, but when ſhall all the Sons, and all the Children cry for King Jeſus? the Reaſon is, Becauſe of the infirmities of the fleſh, and becauſe thine are of a ſtammering ſpeech, and of ſtuttering tongue, but thou haſt promiſed that the time ſhall come that there ſhall not be a people of a deeper ſpeech then thy people, and they ſhall not be of a ſtammering tongue. Come O all you Diſputants, Monarchs, Scribes F3 and F3v 38 and Rabbies of the world, come forth now, and let us ſee what Arguments you can bring forth againſt the Spirit, the pourings forth of it, the riſing of the Sun of Righteouſneſſe upon the world, againſt the influences of the heavenly Orion; oh, you ſhall be the men that ſhall be of a ſtammering lip and of a ſtuttering tongue.――

Oh what a doubting is there now among thine, what diſputing, what reaſoning, what they ſhall doe, whether they ſhall cry up a Man or King Jeſus! let them take the engagements of Man, and lay them under their feet, and take the engagement of Jeſus, and lay that to their heart; Let thy ſervants now be of a publique ſpirit, let them now flie high above the Skies, not into vaine conceits, vaine ſpeculations, and high notions; oh but thou calleſt to an exalting high through Jeſus unto thee; they that have kept to a crucified Jeſus, they are thine: Oh, here are good words, great allegories, and high expreſſions, oh, but they that honour thy Sonne, thou wilt honour them; they that honour the Son honor the Father; Oh, they that ſay they will honour the Father alone, and live in the Father alone, and lay aſide the Son, they are deceived, thou wilt have them keep within thy bounds, and not to ſtretch the Point beyond the Compaſſe. Oh, let thine take a thorow view, and not raſhly take up any thing: Thou wilt have thine try the gold as well as the droſſe; thou wilt not have thine take up any thing, while thy know not the life of it.

Oh, But who is he or ſhe that admires the Lord Jeſus through all, in all, and above all; He is all in nothing-Creatures, the Creature is nothing, but thou haſt ſaid, thou doſt great things through nothing: Oh, that thine were taken with Truth for Truths ſake, that they would ſeek into the bottome, and goe into the golden Mine, and not onely gather up the ſhavings thereof, let them not take up the ſparks but the fire it ſelfe.

That a poor Creature ſhould ſubſiſt without ſuſtenance, what a gazing is there at this poor thing, while you forget the glory that is in it, go into the Marrow, what matters it for the bone, let them have the Spirits, it is no matter for any thing elſe,――

Oh that thy poor ſervant ſhould thus long converſe with thee, and ſo long ſit at thy fire, and feele the warmth thereof, and ſo beare teſtimony againſt all falſe fires, and all things that are againſt King Jeſus.

Then F4r 39

Then ſhe uttered forth this Song, the greateſt part whereof, as much as the Relator could take, runs as followeth.

Oh, it is that light that burneth bright,

a flame that is ſo clear,

The Soul and tongue, yea every part

unto thee ſhal draw near,

And praiſeth his free grace for all,

and ſets out Jeſus too,

Who came forth from the Fathers ſeat

to bring that love unto,

Which is a fire ſo hot, and which

its warmth gives forth moſt clear;

Oh, it is a fire that is brought forth

by him that paid full dear;

Oh, when thy love ſent out thy Son,

he ſweetly did reply,

That he would haſten through the earth,

and on the Croſſe would dye.

Oh, when love did warm his boſome

there was no ſtay at all,

But the Lord Jeſus he did reach

forth that which was royal,

And ſaith, that love had ſent him forth

to dye for Rebels great,

That they might come that enemies were

unto this Mercy-ſeat;

And he did fulfill his great work

with courage that was bold,

That there might come forth unto his

that pure and beaten gold,

Which was for to inrich them that

before were poor and mean,

Who hath beſtowed here on them

a glory pure and bright.

Which none can purchaſe by their worth,

nor treaſuyre that is here,

For Free Grace it is to them rich,

and bids them come full near,

Where they may have that which will make

them rich for evermore,

And will be alwaies unto them,

a bright and golden Oare.

Where no droſſe ſhall at all it reach,

nor cover it from ſight

To thoſe that Chriſt do, bring it for,

who tels them ’tis their right.

And therefore ſaith, receive of him

who purchaſed hath for thee,

Redemption out of all thy filth

and from thy ſlavery,

Rather then all Crownes or Palaces

wherein you do delight,

Oh covet more the brightnteſſe of

him which doth make us white.

Oh ’twas indeed great love that ſuch

which are ſo black below,

Full of the ſpots of filthineſſe,

that thou ſhouldſt them love ſo.

He F4v 40

He that was God-man underſtood

the love was in the Father,

Whom none can ſee, nor can ſhew forth

but he that was his Luſtre.

O thou moſt deare and only Lord,

that lookeſt down below,

Who in thy love thy Spirit brings forth,

and it doth on us blow.

Oh, it is it which doth maintaine

all vitals that are within,

Oh, it repairs all parts throughout,

and filleth to the brim.

Then raiſing her note ſhe proceeds as followes.

O King Jeſus, King Jeſus, thou

in apparrel art rich,

A Diadem about thy neck,

and forth it thou doſt reach;

Of thy rich Diademe to thine,

and of thy Crowns of Pearl,

And thou ſayeſt unto thy poor Flock,

Oh, I will make you Earls,

Oh, I will make you Potentates,

and then believe my word;

For it is true ſayes Jeſus Chriſt,

looke into my records

And ſee whether I have not declar’d

what you are unto me;

Alſo what I am for your ſakes,

and that you ſhall me ſee;

And look into the written Word,

and there you ſhall behold

How I have beautified, and have

made you as bright as gold.

O look into the written Word,

and there drink you of me,

For I am flagons of Wine, and

you ſhall partake of me.

O ſit down at my Table, ſayes

the Lord who is ſo high,

And I wil come and fill you, and

I’le open wide your eyes,

That you ſhall me behold therein,

in all my Counſels here;

You ſhall ſee how I am the chiefe,

and your moſt choyceſt deare.

O looke into the written Word,

and ſee the bleſſings there

To Servants, that doe waite for him,

that is ſo high and deare.

He ſayes he wil come forth to them,

and gird himſelfe about,

And ſet him down on them about

where none ſhall caſt them out;

O when that Chriſt he forth doth come,

as a Servant he doth ſpeake,

That he will waite upon them,

while they eate upon his meat;

He’l fill their Cups and Flagons too,

he will ſay, Drink O friends,

O drinke, O drinke abundantly,

for oh, I will you ſhend:

Oh G1r 41

Oh draw, draw near ſays Jeſus Chriſt,

and come and now reply,

Oh ſay unto the loving Lord,

that up on high you’l flye.

You are my rare ones, and you are

the Darlings that I love,

Oh come, oh come ſaies Chriſt the Lord

go up with me above.

Come hither, come hither ſaies Jeſus to

the Regions that are high,

Oh draw up to the Mount of God

to Jeſus Chriſt on high.

And you ſhall ſee devouring fire

upon your enemies,

But I will be a light to you

and up you ſhall ſtraight riſe.

Oh you ſhall riſe, indeed you ſhall,

when others they ſhall down,

Then you ſhall be raiſed up with me

when I my ſelfe ſhall crown.

Did they beleeve what in thy word,

reported is and penn’d down,

They would not then to men forth run,

and cry them up and crown.

Oh if they did beleeve the Lord,

what he doth them declare

Concerning the coming of Chriſt,

oh then they would him fear.

Oh if they did beleeve the Lord,

what thou doſt ſay to them,

Concerning that true holineſſe

which ſhall appear as then,

When thou comſt out then holineſſe

abundantly ſhall flow,

Sincerity and righteouſneſſe,

oh they then up ſhall go.

But now hère is great tranſgreſſion

in men, they are corrupt,

Oh they are taken with fleſh-pots

and with their ſinful cup.

Oh bleſſed Lord do thou draw near,

do thou ſpeak to them that

Which may now raiſe them up againe,

and may lay all fleſh flat.

Having uttered forth this Song (as ſhe did all the reſt) with melodious voice, ſhe proceeded to prayer without any intermiſſion, ſomethings wherein were, as followes.

It is not now as it was in times paſt, that a Kingly Progeny ſhould reigne, for that was but for a time, and then after they ſhould be judged, deſtroyed, and taken off, and be no more, and then ſhould the Kingdome of the Lord Jeſus come forth, and all the Kingdomes of man throwne downe before it; And how has thy Servant diſputed, declared, remonſtrated and appeared in the field againſt Antichriſt, and how is his language now confounded? it was the language of Canaan, but now it is the language of Aſhdod.――

Oh thy Servant (ſpeaking of her ſelfe) muſt now come forth againſtG gainſt G1v 42 gainſt the great Rabbies of the world: Oh, thou knoweſt that thy Servant hath often wraſtled with thee that thou wouldſt employ ſome other, but thou haſt over-ruled her, and haſt put her to ſilence? and ſhall I not be willing to do or ſuffer thy Will?

And thou giveſt ſtrength unto her, and beareſt up the Spirit of thy ſervant to go thorow with the Work, thy ſervant is not an enemy to theſe men, thou knoweſt, but a friend; Oh, it is for thy ſake, and for thy ſervants ſakes, that thy Servant is made a voyce, a ſound, it is a voyce within a voyce, anothers voyce, even thy voyce through her; Thy Servant knew that ſhe was beloved of thee, and that ſhe lay in thy boſome from a child, and there ſhe might have lived without the condemnings or reproaches of men, or of this Generation; but ſince Father thou wilt have it ſo, thy Will be done. If the body ſuffer never ſo much, if it be for thy Selfe, thy Saints, thy Kingdome, it is better for her then to be in her own Habitation, and in pleaſant Gardens; and when thy Servant has done thy work, ſhe ſhall be willing to lock up her ſelfe in her Cloſet againe, and not to be ſeen of men; Oh Lord, thy ſervant knows there is no ſelfe in this thing.

Having further in prayer made mention of the Univerſity-learning and the National Clergy (as they are called) ſhe proceeded unto ſinging, ſeven or eight of the firſt verſes of the Song could not bee taken by the Relator, it being Evening, and no light in the Chamber: The reſt were as follows.

For human Arts and Sciences,

becauſe you doat on them,

Therfore the Lord wil others teach

whom you count but Lay-men.

For you have ſet too high a price

upon your Learning here,

Oh that makes Chriſt for to come out

and from you it to tear.

Becauſe you have the honour receiv’d,

ſo much fleece from Chriſts flock,

Therfore now you ſhal be by Chriſt

oh made a ſtumbling block.

Christs Scholars they are perfected with learning from above,

To them he gives capacity

to know his depths of love

Oh you becauſe have not kept in

within your bound and Sphear,

Therefore the Lord hath declared

he’l put you in great fear.

Though learning it be very good,

when in its place it ſtands,

But when it gaddeth forth thereout

it looſeth its great bands.

For in the Chimny the fire is

uſeful and precious,

But when the rafters it doth reach,

it ſets on fire the houſe.

And G2r 43

And ſo is Learning, when you keep

it within its true bound,

But when you joyne it unto Chriſt

he wil then it confound.

O you have been ſo gallant, and

you have in ſilken walk’d,

O you in dainty food have been,

that hath made you to talk;

But when that they ceaſe putting in

to your wide mouthes that gape,

O then you’l ceaſe ſpeaking that, which

before you did relate,

Concerning the ſweetneſſe of Chriſt,

your ſtudies had drawn out,

O Chriſt I’me ſure he wil you try,

whether you truly ſpoke out.

For your triall wil be, when that

your Revenues ſhal goe,

Then it ſhal be made manifeſt

whither your wind ſhal blow;

But I wel know that thoſe that are

true Prophets of the Lord,

Wil live upon that pay which he

declared in his Word;

And if they’l truſt and venture him

O he wil them provide,

They ſhal not wait, nor be athirſt

that ſwim within Chriſts tide.

Oh, is it not better to have

your pay from Jeſus Chriſt,

Then from thoſe which do rome unto

the poore his intereſt.

The Lord Chriſt doth againſt them ſpeak,

they ſhal not long endure,

The Lord wil ſet his fire to them,

and it ſhal them devour,

And ſhal upon them fly about,

and unto aſhes goe,

And by the flouds it ſhal be waſht,

flouds ſhal it over-flow.

O doe not then, O reſt not in

your greatneſſe you have here,

For every one that’s high wil Chriſt,

he’l put into great feare.

She proceeded againe unto Prayer, and among many other, expreſſed theſe following paſſages.

They that are thy true Seers ſhal ſtand, when they that are falſe Seers ſhal fall, and wither, and dye; the true Seers they ſhal goe on and proſper, thou wilt provide for them ſufficient maintenance; Oh, let not men thinke that thine doe cry downe the Miniſtry of them that are full of the Miniſterial Office, and of thy Spirit, and doe ſpeake from thee; but there are that are called Miniſters, that doe deny Jeſus Chriſt his coming to ſet up his Kingdome, O thine would have them throwne downe before thee, the Lord wil not let there be a famiſhing of the Word in the Land, and he wil take care of them; let there not be a cry amongG2 mong G2v 44 mong them, that if maintenance goe downe, the Miniſtery wil downe; let them know that thy ſervants are not enemies to them that are truly taught of thy Spirit; let them looke into the Scripture, and there ſee what is the true Miniſtry, and what is their pay; let them ſee what thoſe were who were thy true Miniſters, were they ſuch as did pamper their bellies, and their backs? were not thine willing to feed upon any thing, to goe in Skins, to bee any thing for the Goſpel of Jeſus Chriſt? Has not their fulneſſe brought blindneſſe upon them? Oh, where has been that marrow and fatneſſe flowing forth from them? Oh, let there be more of that, thou wilt delight in ſuch as delight in thee, they that delight to ſerve Tables more then thee, and thy flocke, thou wilt not ſerve them, what ever judgement or opinion they are of.―― Is not the Narrative come from Heaven concerning what thou art a doing? Oh, let all thine know it in time; they that are ſuch as are true Students, doe thou fill them more and more, let them come forth as Trumpeters with a ful ſound, for if they give forth an imperfect ſound, how ſhal the Horſe prepare to the Battel? let them not goe forth with the ſound of their owne mindes, and their owne carnal ſtudies, but with the ſound of thy Spirit, and that is a right ſound, and ſuch wil follow thee with Timbrels, and with Muſick; O let ſuch rejoyce evermore, and let them pray continually; oh, they love alwayes to be praying, they can never be weary; not that Prayer that is called a Gift, or an Habit, but it is a ſpirit, it is the out-goings of thy Spirit, it is an Harmony that they that have only a Gift cannot underſtand, and it is but like a beating of braſſe; true Prayer is an excellent talking to the moſt High, it kindles up the affections, and ſokes into the judgement; for thy people are accounted by the world a people of much affections, but of little judgement; but by this thou doſt try thy People, for they that have little affections doe ſoone change their note; but they that have ſound judgements, ſoaking judgements, and then the affections right ſet, they Center then in thee alone, every way the Soule is raiſed that is indeed wrapt up in thee; there are raptures in the Tongue, and in the Braine, but the raptures of the Heart no flouds can drowne, no fire can quench; the Tongue, and the Fancy, and the Natural life may be taken away, but the Spiritual ſenſe that returnes into the Sun; oh what is the Carcaſſe, the Veſſel? they are no-G3r45 nothing, but when theſe are gone, then where am I but there where I am made perfect in thy ſelfe; thou wilt bring thine into the Grave before thou raiſeſt them up to live; til thou commeſt and putteſt a ſentence of death upon all things here below, they wil not look upon that which is glorious.

Here ſhe paſſed off from Prayer to Singing, ſome, or moſt of the Song was taken, and was as followes.

O That they may ſay unto Death,

O Death, where is thy ſting,

O Grave, where is thy victory?

over them thine ſhall ſing.

When they doe thorow death up mount

unto eternall life,

O then their hearts and ſpeeches too

ſhal run to thee moſt riſe.

O till they ſee grim Death before,

and its moſt gaſtly lookes,

They would not mount up unto thee,

to ſee thy pleaſant lookes.

Till they doe feele his biting teeth,

their tongues will not ſing to thee,

O therefore let them it behold,

Pale-faced death let them ſee.

They wil then pray to thy rich grace,

thereto they then wil fly,

They wil to the moſt high then mount,

and that with open eye.

They ſhal look on the Sun ſo bright,

and on its beames of grace,

Which doth appeare, and cometh forth,

and on them caſts its rayes.

The foure laſt words of the laſt Verſe are added by the Relator, who could not take the Maids owne words, her voyce as it were dying, and ſinking into her breaſt, with which ſhe cloſed for that time.

The fifteenth day being the ---01firſt day of the Weeke, ſhe began with Prayer, the principall things whereof are noted in the following account, in the Language they were delivered by her, though much more largely then the Relator did, or could take them from her.

He that is entred into reſt, hath ceaſed from his owne workes, as God did from his. Where Lord doſt thou take up thy reſt? O Lord, doeſt thou take up thy reſt in man? thou art the Center of reſt, yet the out-goings of thy reſt were upon man; man muſt have thy Breath breathed into him, other Created pieces muſt have thy Name, but he muſt have thy Breath; O how great is his Fall, and thou haſt ſhowne kindneſſe to him, yet he doth not conſider, he doth not take notice what he fell from, and what thou haſt reſtored to him; Oh, thy Servant loves to travel with G3 thee G3v 46 thee in theſe created Pieces, to ſee thee the Alpha and Omega, the great beginning, and the end; O what ſights of the world, what faſhioning of curious Wits can compare with that infinite Wiſdome! O that thy Breath ſhould be life to Man, that thou ſhouldeſt come and breath upon him, that thou ſhouldeſt give forth ſubſtance about a poor ſhadow, and take counſel about a poor ſhadow. Oh Father, what diſputes there are about the Souls mortality and immortality? Oh, it is becauſe they do not thorowly ſearch into things, they do ſee no more then the breath: Oh, who can ſet it out, who can give a definition of mans ſoul, which is the breath of God? Thou Lord alone knoweſt what it is! Thine that have converſed with thee in it, do ſee it is a moſt excellent out-going of God into a poor carkaſs: It is a moſt excellent breath of God into a poor creature: Mans life as conſidered as the breath of God, and the work of the Counſel of God, Oh how watchful ſhould they be over their breath, that they do not breathe againſt their Eternal Breath, againſt the Work and Language of God. When thou hadſt made Man, then thou ſaidſt thou hadſt finiſhed thy work, and wouldſt take thy reſt: Who was this Reſt? why Jeſus was this Reſt from the beginning; he was the prepared Reſt from the Creation: Thou broughteſt forth a Seventh-day, wherein thou ſaidſt thou reſtedſt, and a work wherein thou reſtedſt, and all to ſhew that Jeſus Chriſt is the true Reſt; who is the true Sabbath-day, the prepared Reſt, the Eternal Reſt; Oh, that there might be no more wallowing in Satans fires and quagmires! Oh they do miſs of their Reſt; they do not enter into their true Sabbath; they do not ſee their firſt-day: Let them ſee Jeſus Chriſt to be the true Reſt, the true firſt-day: Thou firſt appeared as the firſt-day to poor contemptible Creatures, to poor Women. Oh Mary, I am thy Reſt, and ſhe anſwered, Rabboni. When thou appearſt to be Reſt, then how do they take thee into their boſom, then they ſee no Peace under the Sun but in thee? if he be gone, Reſt is gone, Sabbath is gone, Peace is gone; that bright day of the Reſurrection which is brighter then the riſing of the Sun, does not then appear: When a poor ſouIl knows not what to do, temptation weighs them down, corruption ſinks them; they know not what way to turn from Bryars and Thorns. Oh, then, thou appears and gives Reſt, and makes them go forth with joyand leads them forth with peace, and then thou makes all melodylody G4r 47 lody before them. Tempted ſouls can tel what it is to enjoy theitr Maker, they can ſay he is their onely Reſt. Oh, who would not make thee their Reſt?

Thou ſingledſt out a Day, becauſe thou kneweſt mans cruelty, and covetouſneſſe, that he would not give reſt to Man or Beaſt; but what is a day, if thou in a day wert not the Reſt? The time will come that the whole Creation ſhal have a Reſt and Redemption which ſhall abide not for a day, but ſhall continue.

Lord it is a Faſting day, indeed when thou art a Reſt, when thou commeſt out with a ſparkling reſt; if thou hadſt given a reſt in thy Ordinary way, that had been very ſweet, oh but a reſt in the Mount with thy ſelfe, a transfiguring Reſt among Angels with the brighteſt ſun, oh can there be eclipſes upon this Sun, the Sun of Righteouſneſſe? who is the ſame, and there is no alteration, no cloud can cover it.

Who can mix Water and Oyle together? will not the Oyle be always above? ſo thou dear Jeſus wilt ſtil be above upon the top; if trouble come, thou ſayeſt begone; Surely Lord, I will make mention of thy Reſt for ever; thy Reſt hath ſo many Companions with it, Peace, and Quietneſſe, and Regulation throughout the whole Man, all is put to ſilence before it.

Thy Servant wondered at thoſe words, the Lord is riſen, let all the earth keep ſilence; What art thou a coming forth? art thou putting a ſtop to all the Nations of the earth, their deſigns and projects, all enemies both by Sea and Land?

But I will put to ſilence (ſaith the Lord) all enemies within; O ariſe againſt all inward Enemies, and let them be put to ſilence; Let there be no more the voice of the Earth heard in thine; thou haſt put the earth in thy poor Servant to ſilence, thou haſt made thy Heavens to come down into her Earth.――

Whom the Son makes free, they are free indeed; Oh freedome indeed, other freedom what is it? a poor freedom; but this freedom within is through the reſurrection of thee riſing in the ſoul; there is ſuch an harmonious company, there is ſuch an abundance of thine, when thou puteſt the earth to ſilence: Oh put the earth to ſilence, that ſo they may come to the glorious ſtature of the Lord Jeſus, which none can fathom nor reach the depth thereof:――

Oh that poor creatures might not heare of a Jehovah of Righteouſneſſe, but that they might alſo receive thee; thou ſenteſt down aG4v48 a Ladder to the earth, the humane nature of Chriſt, to gather up our Nature to the Divine: Oh how did that humane Nature appear at the bottom of the Ladder upon the earth? oh what ſteps did he tread, what ſteps in the Divine Nature to gather up Humane Nature into it? thy poor ſhall lead up to the top, you are kept by the mighty power of God unto ſalvation.

Oh it is good to walk up that Ladder, where there is ſuch precious Aire, and ſuch ſparkling Stars, where there is not only ſeven daies light, but ſeven thouſand ſuch as none can number; Oh how can any get near unto thee, if they will throw away the Ladder? poor hearts, they marvellouſly miſtake, you cannot come to the Father but by the Son, you muſt take both together, therefore this Reſt came forth, that ſo there might bee a compleatneſſe, that there might bee nothing wanting; every way what a perfect reſt is the Lord Jeſus? Oh dear Chriſt, dear Chriſt, can any that have taken thee in, hear thee vilified? couldſt not thou keep ſilence concerning them, and can they indure to hear thee contemned, to hear thee to be called onely a Form, and to cal themſelves a Chriſt? How can they chuſe but ſay wee will have a Scripture Chriſt? O dear Reſt, the declaration of thee is marvellous ſweet, the Declaration tels of thee that thou art the true reſt in the power thereof.

Here ſhe ſeemed to have over-flowings of joy and delight in ſpirit, and poured out her heart in a Song, as follows.

Oh thou art Reſt, eternal Reſt

unto thy chilidren dear,

Yea through the great Creation

thou brings thy Reſt them near.

Thou wouldſt have all things have a reſt

that in the earth do breath;

Yea, alſo a Reſt unto Fiſhes,

thou doſt to them bequeath.

Oh ſee and learn of Plants and Trees,

of Gardens and the Fields,

A reſt there’s from the mighty Lord

which he unto them yeelds.

The Creatures they have reſt, much more

ſuch that have ſenſe & breath,

Their reſt is higher then the other,

cauſe they are th’Commonwealth;

That they might be maintained for

the Sons of men herein,

Therefore a reſt thou doſt provide

and quietneſſe thou bringſt in;

Calling H1r 49

Calling the earth and all therein

to be in ſilence, and

To ſtay from gathering up the field

to accommodate the land.

O, what an increaſe through a reſt

there is in the wide ſea

An increaſe is in every thing,

brought forth out of the clay:

O land, thou doeſt through reſt come forth,

with great increaſe unto,

Of ſtrength, and otherwaies from ſuch

that thou bringſt men unto:

What are the birds and cattell there,

whereon man is fed?

Thou art a reſt to weary man,

who forth and in is led.

O ſhall all things that here do crall,

and beaſts that hang their head,

Be more in praiſes to the Lord,

then thoſe whom Chriſt is head.

For they after their kindes doe praiſe,

much more then ſhall enſue,

When that the Lord makes kindneſs come

thorow all he will renew.

Love he doth multiply indeed,

upon the ſons of men,

That he might ſcrew them to the top

of his glory in heaven

That they might not like muckworms be

and like ſuch creatures which

Have no ſenſe for to reach to him,

which is their king and liege.

O he is a reſt that requires,

all his to draw him neer,

And they ſhal have ful ſights of things

which in Creation are;

For he will ſhew that Sabbath and

firſt day he will bring out;

Unto his Saints, and he onely

ſhall draw the quinteſence out

Of all things they ſhall draw the ſap,

that runneth from the root,

And get up into the high tree,

where none ſhall go and pluck.

No, none ſhall be above to ſee

thine, when th’are in thy neſt;

For they are cloſed in ſo round,

they lodge within that breaſt,

That none can ſcar, nor them afflict;

no muſquet ſhot can come:

There is not any can draw their ſpears

or at all ſhoot their Canon.

Though neſts in trees may ſhaken be,

yet thine ſhall e’r remaine;

They reſt and neſt in Jeſus Chriſt,

his hand ſhall them ſuſtain.

Here cloſing her ſong, ſhe proceeded without any pauſe to prayer, therein uttering here and there as the Relatour could take them, the things following. The poore carcaſſe ſhall moulder before thy being, through a ſight of thy boſom thine are dazled; in thy neſt they ſee none of their own feathers, but a new neſt of thy own making: the very victualls dye before thee, that eternall life that is ſweeter than naturall life, than all ſtrength, all naturall parts, what are theſe to it? Father, when thou withdraweſt thy glory from thy handmaid, thou ſhalt leave ſo much heat as ſhall refreſh the body, and her health ſhall return again from thee to her, thou wilt give her ſtrength to perſevere to the end. Oh when ſhall men ſpeak forth from the demonſtration of thy Spirit? H when H1v 50 when ſhall they go forth in thy garments, not their garments, not with their Surplices and Tippets; Oh no, they ſay, theſe they have abhorred and put off, Oh but they ſpeak their Univerſity language, their head-piece language, their own ſenſe: Oh but where is the voice of the new Covenant-teaching, are not they hid and concealed: the Beaſt hath got in his foot, and hath mudded the waters; men are mudded, they ſpeak a little of the new Covenant, a little of thee, and a great deal of themſelves; but thine have hope in thee, they have confidence that way ſhall be made that ſhall be brought to light, which is thine indeed, men ſhall not alwayes be content with the outward relation of the word, without the whiſperings of thy ſpirit. Oh, ſaith Chriſt, when I come forth with my power, and ſpirit, and Majeſty, then there ſhall be more converted: now they think they have done a great matter, if they have ſpoken twice a day, Oh but have they had ſpirituall appetites? is there quickneſſe in them? is the Lord Jeſus more drawn and ſet forth by them: let them wait that the Lord will come forth more than he did upon the Primitive Saints, that there were longing and panting after thy coming.

Here ſhe cloſed for that day; upon the 16 day the Relatour came in and found her in prayer, wherein ſhe uttered among other things, theſe which follow, the chamber being, as at other times, full of hearers.

If he were not (ſpeaking of the Lord Cromwell) backſliden, he would be aſhamed of his great pomp and revenue, whiles the poore are ready to ſtarve, and art thou providing great Palaces? Oh this was not Gideon of old, oh why doſt thou come to rear up the pillars, the ſtones which are laid aſide? tell him, Lord, thou art come down to have a controverſie with him; Oh ſin will lay thee flat to the earth; Oh ſin will bring down a dark ſmoke into thy judgement, oh ſin will hinder that judgement thou intendeſt to bring forth in the earth oh Gideon, is it thy Statesman ſhall carry on the work of the Lord, when they are together in brain- work. What is an head-piece to an heart-piece? O doſt thou think to joyn hand in hand with head-pieces? Oh thou thinkeſt, (becauſe I cry out for heart-pieces for thee) thou thinkeſt hardly & jealouſly of me, Oh but thou art deceived, I am for the Lord Jeſus alone, it is neither advantage nor diſadvantage to me who is ſet up, or who is thrown down here below, for thy ſervant O Lord, is for that pure intereſt of Jeſus. Who would care a ruſh or a ſtraw, for theH2r51 the intereſt of man? What are they that are of his chief Councell? they are the chief men in the places of Judicature, but ſaith the Lord, I have ſaid, that the Righteous, who are choice, who are dead to all outward things, they ſhall be my Judges: but they will ſay, oh but they are godly too, but ſaith the Lord, they are ſuch godly as I will none of, for they are ready to joyn with any corrupt party that comes forth, they will own any thing, and ſay unto any, you are my King, ſo they may have their fat and Fleeces, and all bow down to them. Oh but know, the Lord is the great Redeemer in Iſraell, and he is riſen now, and will break all yokes as faſt as they can put them on.

Becauſe the Paſtors of Churches ſome of them do own thee; will the Lord therefore own thee. Oh no, the Lord will own ſuch only, who are true in heart, and in his ſight; ſome of theſe have made as great an Alarum as others, and have appeared as much as others; but now if they muſt ſuffer a little, they will flie, oh, this is a baſe frame of ſpirit, ſayes Chriſt, where is a ſpirit for me; thou art going up and down the earth to ſeek where is a ſpirit for thee that will caſt down the Jezabels, there are but a few ſuch, but they are beautifull ones; Oh, thy ſervant hardly knows a volunteere that will go forth, though they be ſlaſhed in the firſt going on; but thou knoweſt where ſuch are, oh fetch them out of their Cottages and holes where they lie in obſcurity; they have kept their garments clean.―― Iſrael would have a King, if you will have a King, ſaies God, you ſhall have him in my wrath; ſo it is now, people are of ſuch a mad frame of ſpirit, when the Lord ſayes, do not do thus, they ſay, they will do ſo, like old Iſrael, who were murmuring upon every occaſion: becauſe thou haſt declared concerning the coming of the Lord Jeſus, and wilſt give them Judges as at the firſt, therefore becauſe thou doeſt not give them preſently, therefore they will not ſtay, but will have their own firſt: when the Reſurrection did appeare, preſently the very Diſciples were doubting and begun to ſcruple; ſo it is now, thine have hardly faith to believe the ſecond coming of the Lord Jeſus: Oh ſay they, we thought it had been by this time, but now we ſee it is not yet, but for a longer time.――Lord, let it be ſounded in their ears, and let them mark it, there will be as great ſuperfluity, as great luſt and filthineſſe, as great wickedneſſe and enmity, yea and greater than were before, oh they are all for themſelves and Sathan, does not he appear in their Feaſts, in their garments, in their locks, yea, O H2 Gideon H2v 52 Gideon, when in thy own family there ſhall be that ſhall go naked and wanton; Oh this is found in thy family! David had not ſuch in his family as thou haſt, ſo many of theſe: and muſt thou rule a whole Nation, and canſt not rule thy own family: Oh, thou ſayeſt, I cannot rule them! canſt thou not, ſayes God? but I will make thee know what I did, to Eli of old, becauſe of his ſons.―― How can any go and cry out for King Jeſus, if they have him not in their own boſome? Oh, he is a ſealed one; and they that are ſealed ones can go forth for him! Oh Gideon, art thou one of thoſe ſealed ones? Then how beautifull would thy walks be? O, but he hath taken away thy glory here from among thy people? Oh Lord, help him to ſearch into his own family; let him conſider to have ſuch evil doings, & actings in his own houſe, and ſhall he be afraid to reprove in his own family? Oh then, where is his courage? will he blinde his eyes, and bawlk as to them? then he will blinde his eyes as to other things; if the Lord Chriſt doe not raign in his ſoule, he cannot raigne for Chriſt; therefore you doubting Chriſtians, have a care that you have courage given into your hearts from the Lord, and that the Throne of Chriſt be ſet up there, before you go out to plead againſt the Throne of Antichriſt, and the Devill and wickedneſſe.――Thou wilt not have thy ſon ſo deſpiſed, therefore come you mockers, your bands ſhall be made ſtrong, you that mock at the goings forth of the ſpirit of the Lord, at the wiſdome that comes forth through fools; I tell you O ye mockers, your bands ſhall be made ſtrong, the bands of filthineſſe, fleſh and carnality made ſtrong upon you. Oh is it not better to have the bands of man, than to have the Lord put bands upon you? Can you break the bands of the Lord from off you? O you that have given your ſtrength to the Delilahs of the earth; every thing ſhall overcome you, every threed ſhall bind you, every thing ſhall cloſe your mouths, you ſhall be as weak as water, but they that have kept their garments clean, they ſhall have ſtrength and might, and they ſhall ſtand up for the Lord, and ſhall have liberty, Oh but you will ſay, you were free men, and we were in bondage, oh but if ſo, where are then the works of zeal? of love and courage? the works of Abraham? Abraham was for five righteous ones: oh he breathed after ſuch as had deeds not words of righteouſneſſe, oh to be wrapt up in that glorious Royalty, to have that compleat garment, oh the effects of that are precious, quietneſſe and aſſurance for ever.――Come acquaint your ſelves with Jehovah. You great Profeſſours and Army H3r 53 Army-men, have you not acquaintance with God? then all you have is nothing: oh do Juſtice, and do it for Juſtice ſake, and thou Gideon, that haſt aſſumed the higheſt place to thy ſelf, thou art not onely to do Juſtice thy ſelf, but thou art to ſee Juſtice done in all places, Committees and Judicatures abroad, that they may not feed upon the poore; thou art not to wallow in pleaſures at home, but thou art to be labouring for the Lord; are theſe like to be thy Judges that take any into office whomſoever; thou art to go forth, thou counſel (as thou art called) go and ſee that the flock of Chriſt have Juſtice done them, oh look to the whole Iſrael, to the earth, to the whole earth, for the earth is theirs, and ſo manifeſt that you love Juſtice and Mercy, as you would ſeem to do; oh remember Abſalom, who was of a very fair carriage, and of good words, take him to thee, for thou ſhalt not have David, Abſalom he was of a lovely nature, that he might ſteal away the people from his father David, oh do not thou bring in that rubbiſh now, that thou haſt caſt out before; they have cryed down the King, the Court and ſuch things, and how are your tongues now tipt with their language, if your hearts had not now turned you aſide? Oh Gideon, in Scotland thou didſt read what great things were going forth againſt Jacob, annd thou waſt afraid, that thou waſt that Jacob, but in the latter end thou didſt take in, that Jacob was to overcome, to be a Conquerour; why? the Lord ſayes, if thou be the true Jacob, thou wilt do then as he did, act, and glorifie, and ſanctifie the Lord; he was not for great revenues, great increaſe, though the Lord gave him great increaſe; if the Lord gave in to your increaſe it were well, oh but you take it in from the poore, and from Gods Iſrael, oh that you would take up Jacobs practice, as well as you are willing to take in his comforts when you were in the fields.

Having added many other things, ſhe uttered forth a large ſong, ſome part and parcells whereof, the Relatour, as he could underſtand her words, did take, and they are as follow.

Oh you that are Gods diadems,

wherewith you here do ſhine,

Oh you ſhal ſparkle through the world,

in his moſt glorious clime.

Oh Gideon ’would that I could ſing

a triumph here for thee,

Oh would I could behold thy work

to be glorious indeed.

Oh that I could thee trembling ſee

before the truth indeed.

Oh that thy mouth moſt willingly,

On righteouſneſſe would feed.

H3 Oh H3v 54

Oh that thou wouldſt drink draughts of that,

which is pure Wine alſo:

That thou wouldſt of the truth ſo pure

drink, and thereby might’ſt grow.

Oh that thou wouldſt be like to him

that was the Ninivites king:

For to confeſſe thy ſin to God,

and to abhor thy ſin.

Oh do not rage, doe not thou fume!

when th’art plainly dealt with,

But rather embrace them then al thoſe

that brave it in their ſilk.

And tell thee that thou ſhal do well,

they do but flatteries ſpeak,

For be ſure the Lord hath ſaid that he

will ſpoil thy Gallantrie.

Oh he will cut it off from thee,

therefore do thou come up,

And beg of him that he ſhould take,

and with his hand thee pluck

Thee from that which diſpleaſeth him

that forth it thou mayſt go,

And walk in thoſe regions where thou

mayſt not feel’s heavy blows,

Oh deſire rather a diſh of herbs,

than this thy ſtalled ox

With thoſe rather deſire t’ ſit down,

that ſtrength may be in thy Locks:

That no Delilahs ſo great & ſtrange

with ſpeeches fair and ſweet,

May take thee from that wchwhich is true,

and exceeding compleat.

O wouldſt thou have a chaire of State,

and have love from a God,

Oh then cleave unto that which is

recorded in his word.

Let him not imitate thoſe Kings,

which knew nothing of God,

They did not regard what they ſaw

or read within thy word,

But he hath a great tone thereof,

he hath his tongue there tipt,

Oh he hath many Scriptures which

come thorow thoſe his lips.

Oh let not him do as thoſe,

but other things him ſhow

What doth belong unto one that

hath overcome his foes.

It is not his great chaire of State,

that ſhall ſecure from thee;

When thou, Lord, pluckeſt him from thence

thou ſayes, it ſhall not be:

Oh the Lord then will ſay to him,

he muſt not have ſuch food,

Which Queen-mother, as they did call

did drink up as a floud,

That ſwallowed up all in the pulpe;

ſhall he ſuch juyce here take?

Or ſhall he have ſuch gellies as

thoſe, whom thou didſt for ſake?

And take him Lord, and ſhow him it;

now that he thus begins,

Acquaint him that theſe flowings wil

increaſe his flame of ſin:

Oh, make him like to wiſe Agar,

not too much for to crave,

Leaſt that he be drawn from the Lord,

and his glory deprave:

Poore Gideon I did pray for thee,

when like Jacob ſo clean,

Thou haſt been valiant in the field,

and there thy foes haſt ſlaine.

Oh then! the flock of God lov’d thee

more than their earthly lives,

They could have given their all for thee

that in the world did riſe.

Their H4r 55

Their priviledges here below;

yea all they ſaid oh take!

So thou wilt keep thy Gideon then,

and him wilt not forſake:

Yea Lord thou knowſt thy ſervant did,

Lord, let her life go for

The life of that deare one abroad,

who is a man of War.

Thy ſervant ſaid, Lord, that ſhe would

lay aſide her intereſt,

And plead for him on his ſick-bed,

that he might ſee the breaſt,

Where he ſhould be reſtor’d to life,

and walk again on earth,

And manage the affairs for thine:

thy ſervant ſaid, Lord pluck,

Pluck him out of the Canon mouth,

and out from the ſharp ſpear,

Oh, take him from all muſquet ſhot,

Oh, is not he thy dear?

Thy ſervant ſaid further to thee,

oh, raiſe him from the grave,

And take away his feaver ſtrong

which makes his body rave.

Thy ſervant ſaid, oh Lord give him

Cordials from thy dear ſelf,

That he may come and drink of thee

who art his ſaving health.

Thy ſervant little thought, oh Lord;

when to Worc eſter he did come,

Where he did vow; & promiſes make

for the moſt bleſſed Son;

And for the flock of Jeſus Chriſt,

he would ſoon here draw forthe;

But when he came, he did forget

his Promiſe and his Oath.

Oh that he ſhould ſee ſuch a rout,

at Worceſter that laſt war,

And ſhould not mind what he did ſee

from thee who art ſo rare;

And when from thence that he did come

thy flock about his heels,

And they reach out their wedge of gold,

and brought their.――

Then into the City he muſt come

among the great ones there,

And their great Royalties of food

which, Lord, thou’l from him tear

Oh this food and theſe dainty things,

theſe pleaſures him did ſmother:

Oh they did darken his ſpirit,

when that he was brought over

From ruine & from that great ſtroke,

from red-ſhanks that were there,

When that a while he was at home,

he did forget his tears.

Oh you great Aldermen and Sheriffs,

you Lord Mayor alſo,

That have been in the City, you

have Gideon overflown:

For your entertainments and your baites

his ſpirit have ſo ſmoother’d

That he cannot go for a Chriſt

whom before he did honour:

O Aldermen, O, that you had

conſidered he was fleſh,

You would not have ſo nouriſht him

and brought forth your reliſh,

Which was a reliſh to proud fleſh,

which ſhall crumble to duſt,

For truly it hath in him and you,

raiſed up fleſhly luſt:

Oh tremble yee therefore, for you

have roaſted meat ſo dry;

His Wines you did mingle, whereby

you have blinded his eyes.

Much H4v 56

Much more ſhe uttered in her ſong, which the Relatour could not take, the preſſe and noiſe of people in the Chamber ſwallowing the voice of her words, that they could not be diſtinctly underſtood: After which ſhe proceeded to prayer, wherein were delivered, beſides, many other, the paſſages following,

O poore Souldiers, take heed that you never draw your ſword againſt the Saints; do not ſmite with your tongue, as they did againſt Jeremiah! oh poore ſouldiers, why do you appear againſt thoſe, you have had their breath, their tears, their prayers! do you think they are againſt you, when they would take you out of your quagmires, when they tell you, you are upon ſlippery places; they would not reſt night nor day for you; and will you now mock them, who are for the deſigne for the Lord Jeſus? Will you now ſpeak that againſt them, which you would have bit your tongue in the field, rather then to have ſpoken? Do not the hearts of thoſe pitty you, that you think are againſt you? If you draw ſpears againſt them, they will draw nothing but Faith and Chriſt againſt you, and can you then ſtand? Oh no, you will fall backward. When they came to ſeek Jeſus and take him, they could not look upon him, but fell backward: Jeſus Chriſt ſet his face like a flint againſt his enemies for you, that he might take you up and crown you, that ſo you might ſtand for him: Oh, the Lyon of the tribe of Judah calls upon you, will you not heare the voice of the Lyon? do men affright you to make you ſtoop and bow to them, oh here is the voice of the Lyon of the tribe of Judah, he will lend you priviledges, your golden cups and brave things you have in the earth; Oh Lord Jeſus come quickly. Do thou tell them what a Lyon thou art; Oh, Lord thou wilt not honour them with the great things thou haſt for thine that ſhall raign with thee. Oh that they would repent, that they would look with pale faces upon him.―― Thy ſervant will leave a Teſtimony within theſe wals, this Palace againſt them, for that they have jeered againſt the kingdome and raign of Jeſus Chriſt.

Oh you Serjeants! then your hearts ſhall tremble to put forth your hand againſt one of the Prophetss, or people of the Lord; muſt you Serjeants, that have propheſied and prayed with the people of the Lord, now put forth your hand againſt them? come Lord Jeſus and fill them with trembling, and let them rather feed upon cruſts, than to hold their places under theſe men: Know thatI1r57 that the glorious time is coming, when that bleſſed Tribe of Judah ſhall come in, what will become then of the ſwift motions of your feet, where you have run for them that build calves in Bethel. Oh when the Glory of that thy People ſhall appeare, what Language ſhall then come up; Oh! you will ſay, if that were coming it were well, but will you make no preparation for it? If you will not ſtand up for the deliverance of the People, deliverance ſhall come, though we know not from whence: If thou art afraid to goe into the Kings Palace; thou ſhalt be aſhamed when that day cometh: The Lord is bringing about a glorious Freedome, let them know that the time is drawing on, that your ſtaffe of beauty and bonds that have been broken, the Lord will bring them together againe, and thy ſhall be ſtronger than they were before―― Lord, thou wilt ſuddenly come to thy Temple, the fooliſh Virgins ſhall then cry, but ſaies the Lord, I have an open gate onely for mine that have oyle in their Lampes. You great Profeſſors, you who are but lamp ones, you ſhall not enter in, when he comes; he will not come as a torn, battered, cruſht Jeſus, but as a lovely king, as one full of favour; though many ſay, lo, here is Chriſt and there, but theſe are deceivers? but oh the children ſhall by thy ſpirit know the countenance of the true Chriſt, his true breath; his looks from all painted looks that are upon the earth. Jeſus Chriſt will not come flaſhily, but with ſuch a light as ſhall endure, ſuch a light as you ſhall ſee that all other lights are counterfeit to him; though never ſo many languages utter their voices; but when thou commeſt, thy language ſhall be diſcerned: Many are come forth into the world, but thou ſayeſt try the ſpirits, my Saints; it is not they can try the ſpirits that have read many volumnes: Univerſity men have great knowledge, but they cannot try the ſpirit; can thoſe that have the form without the power, that have great arguments? No, they onely can try the ſpirits that are children indeed; the other by virtue of their literall knowledge, their own underſtanding, their own apprehenſions, their own light, oh ſuch are taken with fleſh, and ſay, this is Chriſt, and that is Chriſt: but thy people will not onely try Ranters, for they are known in the face of the Sun, but they will try whether men be for a crucified Chriſt that ſuffered upon the Croſſe, or a Chriſt within? thine indeed are for Chriſt within them, and they doe love Chriſt as he ſufferedI fered I1v 58 fered at Jeruſalem, and manifeſt within them; Oh, but thine are too apt to run away from the ſimplicity of the Goſpel! though things be high, yet if they have not a footing in a crucified Chriſt, in God manifeſt in the fleſh, then let not thine embrace them.

Having with theſe uttered many other things, ſhe ſung of the glory of the new Jeruſalem, which eſcaped the Relators pen, by reaſon of the lowneſſe of her voice, and the noiſe of the people; onely ſome pieces were taken here and there, but too broken and imperfect here to relate: After her ſong, ſhe proceeded again to prayer, wherein ſhe uttered the words following:

It is now much, that great Ones do not tremble, that they have ſuch greedy mindes after things here below, if they did take things into their underſtanding, leaſt they ſhould not be entertained at thy Table: How do they think, that are in high places, to manage their proceedings aright, if they have not the preſence of God with them, if they have Prayer and Faith againſt them? O, ſaies Joſhua, I will rather have all the Armies of the world againſt me, than want the preſence of God! oh, if they were jealous, that they had many enemies within, then they would doe as Joshua did, they would ſet themſelves to ſeek the Lord, they would ſay, come ſouldiers, let us ſeek the Lord: thou haſt now put them to the trial, now let them examine whether their former prayers, promiſes and declarations came from a legal and ſlaviſh or a Goſpel-fear, a fear that they ſhould be ſmitten down to the earth, or a filial fear, a feare that the name of the Lord would fall upon the ground! O, what will become of thy great Name? had you had the name of God in your eyes, then you would have it ſtill; if the true fear of God wrought in you ſuch effects before, why does it not ſo now? why are you now ſo little for the name of the Lord, and ſo much for your own name? If you had acknowledged my ſupremacy then in truth, you would acknowledge it now? O, the Lord cannot endure hypocrites! Rational men themſelves abhorre that which is flattery and diſſembling, and what is not from and ingenious frame of ſpirit, and will not God much more? Now that you come to have fine houſes, warm beds, ſweet meats, doe you now pay your Vowes unto the Lord? Oh, let them not ſide with the crookedneſſe of this Generation; let them draw nigh to meet their God;I2r59 God; Oh, come, come, when you were trembling Ones, praying Ones; then Iſrael exalted you, and delighted in you, and went to God for your ſakes: and now you have offended in Baal, you are dead, your ſpirits are dead; will you not be told of it? You ſhall be told of it―― Come, O you, that are in any Authority, in any Office, ſtudy what you are to doe for the Lord? wherein you might redeem the time? wherein you might ſerve the Lord? though you have given up your members to ſerve ſin and vanitie; let the day ſuffice that you have recreated, ſported, filled, feaſted your ſelves: Now ſay, Lord, we will be for thee, and he will receive you: If they now ſet to Temple-work, thou wilt ſay to them, thou thoughteſt to have taken them away in the Wilderneſſe; becauſe they have done thus, and have gone back in the wilderneſſe; Yet the Lord will ſay to them, as to David, I accept of it at thy hand, of the thoughts of thy heart, yet thou ſhalt not build my houſe: Pray for your children, that they may not be taken with crowns, nor with the ſummers increaſe, as their Fathers have been; O let them not die without a repenting frame of ſpirit: Oh thou loveſt them that confeſſe their ſinnes; true confeſſion of ſin will go with an endeavour againſt it: Or as David ſaid, I have made the hearts of the righteous ſad, and to mourn, and grieve; Oh, that they might ſay ſo; Lord I have been a back-ſlider, but I will yet return: Let them not harden themſelves, and become accuſers againſt thine; let them not think much to be accounted Revolters, when you are ſo, you ſhall be called Revolters when you are ſo, when you act like Demas, doe you think you ſhall go untold of it; the Lord will make you to know it by a witneſſe within you: Doe thou recall them, they have been a pleaſant voice to thy people, but now they have a confuſed language, and chill and cold ſpirits, thou wilt make them to know it, Lord; If they ſin openly, then reprove them openly: Let not thy people feare to reprove them to their face; Let them do that which is juſt, Father; Shall they run into fiery Temptations, and ſhall we not tell them? They caſt out thy people, but thy people will not caſt them out; thy people pray that they might ſee thy kingdome, and partake of the breath of his noſtrils, and of the brightneſſe of his comming: Is it not pure Goſpel for thine to tell them, that they are groſſe ſinners againſt I2 free I2v 60 free Grace, againſt the Lord Jeſus, the Son. Oh, the Sun diſcovers all things: that which is thrown up againſt the Sun, that appears moſt clearly; the ſun will make you known what you are in ſecret? can you ſtand it out againſt the Lord himſelf? let not them that have given up their names to thee, be found ſlighters againſt thee; Shall thine, oh Lord, be ſwallowed up? Oh no, thou wilt but hiſſe, and Armies ſhall come even from heaven for thine; and then thoſe that do task and ſeek to lay on the burthens what ſhall they doe?

Having uttered theſe with ſome other things concerning the new Jeruſalem, ſhe ſung forth the further enlargements of her heart in the ſong following.

He that did wait theſe things to know

that penned was within,

That book concerning thy coming,

as Potentate and King,

Oh he did mourn till that the Lamb

did come with chearing there,

And ſaid he would open that book,

and thoſe ſeals he would tear,

Annd lay it wide open before,

that he might read therein,

Concerning ſongs of Hallelu jah,

which ſhall fill to the brimme,

And that he ſhould read there alſo

the downfall of the Whore

Of Babylon which ſure ſhall fall,

and ſink within her gore:

And that he alſo there ſhould read,

the downfall of the great Gog,

Gog and Migog, how they ſhall go,

and by Chriſt down be pluckt,

And he muſt read alſo how thou

wouldſt ſearch all Nations wide,

And gather in thy remnant there,

and others waſh with Tide,

With floods that ſhould riſe upon them,

and make them ſink for ever,

That ſo thy Sion might thee praiſe,

who art that High one, rather

Then that they ſhould exalt the praiſe

of men and things on earth,

For they know what thou doſt declare

and what thou doſt diſcover,

And John he read long ſince thereof

concerning the great fall

Of thoſe that ſtood out againſt him

who is the chief of all.

Oh I3r 61

Oh he read here, thou wouldſt dry up

Euphrates that river,

And make dry Land for thine to go,

and thither to appear

Before thy Throne where they ſhould be

and abide for evermore:

Therefore John read how that thou wouldſt

the earth again reſtore.

None ſhall hinder them from thoſe thrones

wchwhich John there did declare

Oh a Sea of glaſſe there chryſtal was

which none could it compare:

But oh your ſtanding on the earth,

on glaſſe that brittle is,

Which ſhall crumble under your feet

when that there comes forth this,

This Sea of glaſſe which is indeed,

that where thine thee behold:

Oh they may look up unto thee,

and thorow it extoll

Thy love that did a book write ſweet,

and many things there in ſtore

Of Royalties which ſhould come out,

and be given more and more,

Unto thoſe that deny thy foes,

and Antichriſt alſo,

They that go forth to ſtrike at him,

thou wilt upon them blow,

Thy ſpirit upon them ſhall come forth

and Antichriſt ſhall fall

Both in perſon, and alſo too,

in his coming principall.

Oh it is Lord, then ſweet ſurely,

to read of ſuch things here,

And John he mourn’d abundantly,

that th’ myſtery might draw near,

That new Jeruſalem above,

might come down here below,

And that they might ſee their High,

when that forth he doth go.

Here ſhe ceaſed and lay ſilent for the ſpace of ſome two or three hours, untill about eight of the clock in the evening, the company being all departed, excepting about four or five perſons, ſhe coughed, and being asked by a friend or two with the Relatour how ſhe did, with two or three ſuch like queſtions, ſhe anſwered in a very few words (this being the firſt time the Relatour had ſpeech with her) and ſuddendly was carried out in ſinging, and afterwards in prayer, wherein the Relatour left her about ten a clock in the night ſpeaking to God.

The day following being the 17th day of the Moneth and the laſt day ſhe ſpake, in White Hall, ſhe begun with prayer, wherein ſhe was very large, and amongſt many other, ſhe uttered the things following.

Though they (ſpeaking of the Souldiers) may build Tabernacles, and may ſtrengthen their cords, yet thou art riſen. O poore creaturesI3 tures I3v 62 tures that they ſhould have no heart to hear: O Lord, they are given up to blindneſſe, they will refuſe to hear, they will turn aand and go away. Bleſſed father, wilt not thou follow them and ſhake them? Though they may ſhake off faith and prayer, yet they ſhall not ſhake off thee: oh when the hand-writing is come up in their veins, will not their knees ſmite together? They ſhall ſee that an evill heart is in them, and that godlineſſe is another thing, than they thought on, though they ſpeak of light, yet they ſhall know that they are darkneſſe for they act nothing but darkneſſe, diſcover nothing but vileneſſe and evill, that ſuch creatures ſhould live in a time of ſo much Mercy, and trample them under feet, wilt not thou reckon with them? Doſt not thou reckon with the Nations throughout the whole earth? and wilt thou ſuffer them to go unreckoned with? it is not every one that hath a tongue to ſpeak great things of thee, that are thy friends; for if it were ſo, this Nation would be full of excellent ones, oh but their heart is deceitfull. When Ananinas and Saphira did ly againſt the Holy Ghoſt, they were ſtruck dead; oh but how often have they lyed againſt the Holy Ghoſt, and yet thou forbeareſt: oh thy ſervant will not let thee alone till thou riſeſt.

Up in thy glory and thy Majeſty, thou wilt make ſome to riſe that are feeble, poore, low creatures to utter forth againſt the wiſe ones of the world: oh they have not thy ſap, thy ſpirit, what ever they pretend. Wilt not thou come forth and confound their language? Oh! thou wilt ſay, what have you to do to take the name of God in your mouths, when you act for your bellies? If all thine ſhould hold their peace, thou wilt come thy ſelf and appear againſt them: Oh they ſhall be called the Jeraboams of the earth, they have made Iſrael to ſin: oh they would not be called Jeraboam, but the Iſrael of God, and therefore poore Iſrael is bowed under them, and drawn under their skirts, when Ephraim offended in Baal, then he died in ſpirit, in the affections of thine: oh then they will come off with a great deal of dammage and ruſts oh that they might now be aſhamed, now whiles they are peeping in at the crevice, let them ſee their abominations; oh take them aſide and tell them they ought not to do ſo; let them not go and aſſume that to them, which belongs to God; tell them thou wilt make them to ſmart and feel thy rod for it: if they had ſtooped to theI4r63 the powers before, the ſin would not have been ſo great; but to ſtoop to thoſe Powers that have appeared againſt the Lord Jeſus; Oh, who can be ſilent and hold their peace at this? Thou wilt poure out thy ſpirit upon ſons and daughters, and they ſhall witneſſe for thee againſt them: Thine may be Lambes and Sheep, meek and lowly; yet they ſhall be, as thou haſt ſaid; as a young Lyon, and ſhall teare all that riſe up againſt them―― Oh, where is thy voice, Lord, thou that ſpeakeſt with a mighty alarum, and thy voice breaks the Cedars; oh, thy voice comes forth with much power! oh, let that voice come forth concerning Reſtauration, and Generation-work; Oh, thou haſt put a price into the hand of thine, and they have no minde to it! You ſhew your ſelves to be very low; the Prophets of old were willing to look to the Lord, and he ſent fiery chariots round about them: Oh, if thine would go forth, who ſhould be able to ſtand before that wiſdome and ſpirit, by which they ſpeak―― Everlaſting burning ſhall come forth in righteouſneſſe againſt you that have put your ſhoulders to a power that is againſt the Lord: Shall they go about to reare up that, which thou haſt ſaid fights poſitively againſt the crown of the Lord Jeſus; It is not like the other, for them thou haſt taken out of the way: but oh, theſe have raked up their honour out of the grave; If you will have a Reſurrection of it again, you ſhall have prayer againſt you; and the voice of the Lord ſhall come forth againſt you: They think if they could get Nations on their ſide, then they were well enough! Oh but thou wilt ſcatter the Nations, thou wilt overturn them? and do they think they can hinder thine overturnings? Thine can rejoyce, though they mourn to ſee poore Iſrael cheated and cozened by them; the ſpirit blaſphemed by them, they can mourn for the ſin of the daughter of thy people; yet they can rejoyce, for new Jeruſalem is coming forth through all this: Thou wilt go on, Lord, and ſtrike down all their inventions, though they have a great company of great head-pieces together; yet a little true wiſdome ſhall break down all their Policy: What is all their wiſdome, if they have not thy feare, thy ſpirit among them? Thou haſt told them plainly, but they cannot abide to heare it, that the wiſdome of the wiſe ſhall periſh; and thy poore and contemptible ones ſhallI4v64 ſhall carry on thy work for thee in the world; the time is coming that they ſhall be fruit, that they ſhall bring forth no more fruit for thine; They pretend they will doe great things for thee and thine: Oh, but if the eyes were not blinded, they might ſee the partiality that is in them! Here is one, no ſooner were the Powers put to him, but he took them: Oh, poore creature, how haſt thou deceived us? if thou haſt free grace, that muſt be admired indeed in thee! oh but thou ſhalt have no more, for he will honour thee any more. The people of the Lord cry to the Lord againſt thee, though thou was a ſweet perfume and a lovely ſong to the people of the Lord; yet they doe not know how to ſpeak for thee; and if all ſhould come forth, and own thee, yet thy ſervant will never do it, ſhe cannot do it, for the work is on foot, and it is not men nor Devils can ſtop it: when thine take a view of thy great works in the Nation; how thou haſt taken away them that made the Nation nauſeous and ſtinking, and did build up Babylon, ſhall now refined ones come & build up Babylon again? oh thy love to thy handmaid wil not let her alone, but ſhe muſt cry unto thee, if thou loveſt thy Saviour then ſtand up, it is no matter if that be laid aſide and caſt into the Dungeon. There are a great many whoſe God is their bellie, and they are willing to be ſilent; oh but you Saints, do you go and ſpeak to ſuch as would ſhut this open door, as is open to the ſheep.―― Do you thus requite the Lord who laid down his life for you? O Souldiers, you ſaid you acted for Chriſt and his flock, oh but your heart is deceived, and hath turned you aſide. Come you mockers, you Army-men that are mockers, the Lord ſaith your bonds ſhall be made ſtrong, you do adde to the ſtrenth of that promiſe and vow-breaking which went before: you ſometimes ſaid, let us have the prayers of poore Saints, and now you can take turns in your Galleries, and ſay they are yours, you have fought for them? is it ſo? who gave you your life and fought for you? was it not the Lord Jeſus? it is not yours, but the poore’s and thy peoples, the Lord will caſt you out, and whereas you were expected to be Oaks, full of ſhelter, of fruits and of refreſhing, Oh but you have beene but bluſtering Oakes without root, without Sappe.

Oh K1r 65

Oh let thine be aſhamed, that they have ſo much looked upon man, which to day is, and to morrow withers; Oh thy people ſuffer even for their own ſin; for they have made Idols of men; and thou ſayſt, thou wilt not give thy glory to graven Images, and now thou wilt make thine to ſmart for it, and to ſmart a while; were it not for thine, that they ſhall be purged and purified to make them aſhamed, and lay them in the duſt, to mould them into thy faſhion, and to take away their ſowre leaven, were it not for this work, thou wouldſt make theſe to crumble ere a day come to an end; the Aſſyrian muſt be burned, when thou haſt done thy work upon Mount Sion. All you great Ones, you ſhall not at all fare the better for theſe manifeſtations of Grace which the Lords people ſhall have; oh that you might be humbled at the laſt breath; was there ever any laden with ſo many mercies, and yet ſo much tin and droſs found in them? Oh poor Soldiers, your errour was here, that while you did ſtrike down the Philiſtin without, you have not been watchful to draw your ſwords againſt that that is within; here you were not inquiſitive, and this hath made you to fal ſo flat, and this hath deadned you: thou wouldſt have thine full of eyes: poor Souldiers, you have had eyes without, but not as thoſe creatures recorded, have you had eyes within?―― Lord, they can reſiſt the holy one of Iſrael; come, can you reſiſt the Lord? you may ſhoot againſt the creatures mud-walls, but can you batter the Towers of the Lord? oh poor man, wilt thou contend with thy Maker? how wilt thou contend againſt ſo glorious a King? Doſt thou think to come with thy brazen face, and jeering countenance againſt the Lord of glory? though Chriſt when he came at firſt, was willing to become weak, and to be thrown into the Grave, but he will come in flames of fire; you Soldiers, he will come as the Meſſenger of his Temple.―― Oh poor creatures, this wine of the Earth will enflame your blood, but oh that you might have the wine from above, then would you be beautified, and then would he ſay, well done good & faithful ſervant.――O thy ſervant is come neer that Council, and thy ſervant will pray that they might ſee and hear, and be delivered from that great fury that is coming forth. Oh ſouldiers, can you ſtand againſt the ſword of the Lord, that great ſhield? can you pierce the Breaſtplate that is from on high? Oh, the Saints are able to fight with you, not with material weapons, but with the ſword of faith and the Spirit; oh where is the ſword of Goliah that can come and fight againſt that? oh poor Souldiers, the Lord hath ſent his ſervant K to K1v 66 to tell you of your wickedneſs, and to tell you what hath been done in Scotland, Ireland, and elſewhere: if you keep not Chronicles, others do; the Lord hath written them down, and he will bring them forth.―― Thou haſt a controverſie with all languages, and they only that have the language of Canaan ſhall be taken into thy Canaan, and ſhall have the honey drops there: They cannot believe ſuch great things are coming out, as the raign of Jeſus Chriſt; that thou art ſtaining the pride of all Glory, and that thou wilt have no more Monarchies till the Monarchy of Chriſt come forth: it is becauſe they are ſo much ſeeking one from another; they are ſo taken up and wrapt up in their own mantles, that they have no eyes to look up for Elias his Mantle: They have the ſpirit of Man, and the courage of Man, but what is all that courage? ſays Elihu, I have ſeen that for all that, Ages ſhould teach wiſdom, and Years give underſtanding; yet you could not bring forth an anſwer in wiſdom to the condition of Job; ſo I waited for others, and was afraid my ſelf to ſpeak, untill the Spirit came upon me, then I was carried forth to ſpeak beyond my own courage; Oh thy Spirit is above the ſpirit of man; thy Spirit informs and teacheth, and brings forth new things, and declares old things; thy Spirit brings forth what the ways of men are, it doth declare the great overturnings and diſappointments that men ſhall meet with; when thou openeſt, who can ſhut? it is not all their jealouſies and ſurmiſings concerning deſignings, and this and the other thing, it is not all theſe things that can ſtop the pipes of Chriſt that are golden; can you hinder the oyl that runs ſo ſweet? Bleſſed be thy Name for that glorious Priviledge that thine have, they are made partakers of thine Annointing, and he calls them fellows; oh they are poor Mortals that he ſhould call them fellows! oh ſome poor creatures call themſelves Chriſt: becauſe of this oneneſs with Chriſt, they will have no diſtinguiſhing, thou wilt make them to know that there is a difference between Head and Members: there is a wicked Generation that are riſen up about this place that do ſay ſo, that do pretend many ſpiritual things, who are enemies to Jeſus; others come out more openly, others more ſecretly, how are they ready to joyn their evil ſpirit with the Spirit of the Lord Jeſus? thy Servant ſometimes contended againſt them neer this place, and now ſhe is come to bear a greater teſtimony againſt them; when thy ſweet wine comes forth, and thy Spirit is poured out, then they bring in their falſe wine: oh but it ſhall never enter into thy treaſury,ry, K2r 67 ry, where thine are; they ſay, they (ſpeaking of ſome rude ſpirits which came to hear her) are one ſpirit with thy ſervant, but thy ſervant abhors it through the Spirit of that crucified Jeſus.―― This that thou haſt now done upon thy ſervant, they will not underſtand that it is an intimation to them of the pouring out of thy Spirit upon thine own, wherein they ſhall go forth againſt the world: thy ſervant was one that was ſimple, as Ideot, and did not ſtudy in ſuch things as theſe, and muſt thy ſervant now float upon the mighty and broad waters? [meaning of the Spirit] thou ſaidſt indeed that thy ſervant ſhould declare in Gath and publiſh in Askelon: They will ſay the ſpirit of madneſs and diſtraction is upon her, and that it is immodeſty; but thou knoweſt Lord, that it is thy Spirit; for thou haſt caſt thy ſervant where ſhe would not, and haſt taken her contrary to all her thoughts; ſurely thou ſhalt be glorified and advanced by it; it is the Lord that comes, and enlarges, and fils with his Spirit, and lays his foundation with precious ſtones and ſparkling colours; thy ſervant would not have any take it in without tryal: let them try whether it is from thy Spirit, or from what it is; Oh thy ſervant knows it is from thy Spirit; let them know that it is ſo too, by the language of it, by the Rule through which it comes: how is the written Word carried forth in it! thy Spirit takes the Scripture all along, and ſets the ſoul a ſwimming therein; oh, thoſe things that are concealed are made manifeſt, when thy Spirit comes forth; oh that they might know what is the true fountain, and what is pudled water; wilt thou dip them Father in the ſpiritual Baptiſm, this Baptiſm of Fire cleanſeth: Zeal is another thing then a paſſionate humour, where true Zeal is, there the flame of the Lord is; there is much in nature that may deceive; A fine curious nature may ſeem to be Grace, which is not: an amiable carriage and good words, theſe are all nature: Tell the ſons of Iſſachar that go forth to the work of the Lord, what qualifications, what manner of converſations ſhould be in them, and in the World, ſutable to ſuch a day as this; this is a day wherein thou calleſt up thine to glorifie thee in the fires: or that the names, Courtier and King ſhould never come up again; and though there be now a finer name yet there is the ſame thing, the ſame ſuperfluity and vanity as was among the Kings of old; they come forth in ſheeps clothing: you Councel, you think you have done well in this, but ſurely the paſſing-Bell ſhall ring for you: this is the ſaddeſt day that ever poor England had; formerly their Children had their black patches, andK2 naked K2v 68 naked necks, and powdered locks, and ſo it is now; Kings muſt then ſit alone, and ſo they do now; What David! thou whom I have raiſed up from the loweſt of men, from the duſt, wilt thou do this? theſe are crying things that are come up in thine ears oh Lord; how can they be fit to Rule and Judge a Nation, to reprove ſin in a Nation, when they cannot Rule, and Judge, and reprove their own Families? they that will not hear of their ſins, they ſhall feel of the ſmart thereof, That is, the ſins they are galled within their Conſcience; but it was not ſo with David; For when Nathan told him of his ſin, he ſtruck upon his breſt and mourned.――Though the name of Gideon was upon him (ſpeaking of the Supream Magiſtrate) in the field, yet now it is taken off from him, thou ſhalt no more be called Valiant, becauſe thou canſt not be contented with the name of thy righteous ones; therefore thy name ſhall not be long: As to the name General, thou haſt Lord, been with him, and haſt ſhewed him thy preſence; But in thy other name, where is thy Victory, thy Righteouſneſs, thy Zeal, thy Love, thy Conqueſt now? Will not the Lord ſhut thee out, thou that goeſt about to ſhut out the Saints? the Lord will ſhut out thee; It is a King, not Saints, but King Jeſus that thou haſt ſought to ſhut out; hadſt not thou better to have died in the field, to have fallen in thy Tent, then to come into this great Pallace which the Lord will rent from thee? Oh that he might be wrung out from among them, that he might not ſeek the living among the dead; He ſeeks to do living actions, and ſays he is not againſt us, but for us; How can he do any living things among dead men, dead things? Does not he confound himſelf in his own Language? do not his actions flye in his face? does not his conſcience ſay, thou tongue, thou ſaieſt not right? tell him Lord God, though he thinks he is ſo wiſe, and others about him; Yet tell him they are taken in their own wiſdom, they do not think what a Poiſon it will become unto them? Art thou a rational man, a wiſe and a valiant ſouldier? how can the Commonalty be relieved, and thou haſt ſuch great things for thy Table? Wars ſhall come out againſt other Nations, and what will you do then for pay, Souldiers? Oh you old Prophets! that you ſhould applaud him, and be Chaplains to him! I tell you the Lord God will Ecclipſe your Glory, he will put a ſtammering ſpeech into you, you ſhall not ſuck from Gods Wine-cellars, the Lord will not bring ſo much as a taſte of his Wine to you: You have turned his Wine into water, will you ſow your downpillows of fleſh under his Elbows? Haſt not thou a greatK3r69 great deal to reckon with them for that greatneſs thy have had above all other men? he hath now a greater controverſie with you then he had before; you amended the matter well indeed, when you gathered up a Magiſtracy that might uphold you, when you muſt both fall down into the ditch; The Lord hath ſaid, That both Prophet and Prieſt, and all that have cleaved together, they ſhall fall; You will ſay, why do you call us Prieſts? Indeed thy ſervant would not call you ſo, it is a grief to her heart; but you do their actions, and will not you be likened to them? You will not hear; you will ſay, do you think to contradict us who are wiſe, great Schollars, and Univerſity- men? Yea Lord, thou wilt make a poor ſilly Creature to come out againſt them, becauſe they have acted ſo ſillily, and thou Lord wilt now take away their glory out of this Nation: You will ſay, you are not to meddle with the Powers, but who meddles more then you, who have provoked the Magiſtrate to this, and have helped to lead them into the Pit? If you were the Daniels of the Lord, you would not care for the Kings Portion, as you do: Oh poor Clergy! you have put off the outward badge of Antichriſt, and you have retained the inward: What is become of your Zeal and Exaltations of Chriſt, have you ever a New-Covenant-Sermon to bring to your great Ruler? you will mud it before you come; the Lord will have it ſet out in the freeneſs, and fulneſs, and Glory of it in all the tendency and fruits of it; Are they like to the Sermons of the Saints formerly, to the Apoſtles Sermons which the Lord Jeſus brought forth? more of their own heads and fancies are in it, then of thy dainties; of their flowers, then of thine; Thou doeſt not, Lord, look at the curious decking of the diſhes; No, thou lookeſt at the meat in it: Flowers will ſoon wither, and their fine adornings will come to nothing, but the true meat, that will abide for ever: Lord, rowſe the poor Clergy; thy ſervant is perſwaded ſome of them are thy dear ones; wilt thou bring up them as thy great Alarm to battel? Let their Trumpet ſound forth, not with ſuch an uncertain ſound as they do, but with a compleat ſound, that we may prepare to the Battel, to ſtand, appear, and go forth for the Lord; If you bring forth true ſalt, then all unſavory ſalt ſhall be diſcovered by it; the unſavory ſalt now comes in, which is fit neither for the Land, nor for the dunghill.―― Hear oh houſe of Iſrael, you Clergy, and oh houſe of the King! Why is thy ſervant come forth in thy Spirit to proclaim your ſin, and lay open you iniquity, and is not this to be conſidered by you? Oh, you cannot abide K3 toK3v 70 to think it comes from God; for then you would tremble; they ſay, we will not own it to be from God, but from ſome evil Spirit, ſome Witchcraft, ſome deſign or hiring of men; But oh! ſays God, though you would not acknowledge it, yet you ſhall acknowledge it, Says the Lord; I would have it come againſt you at your firſt entring in; thoſe of the Clergy that are about you, they do not ſpeak plainly, and faithfully againſt you; therefore the Lord hath ſent a poor handmaid into the Pallace, and there ſhe ſhall declare it, and though you will not come your ſelves, yet your Servants ſhall declare it to you, and it ſhall be left upon the beams and walls of this houſe againſt you: I have brought my word into thy place, thy very Pallace, and it ſhall enter the very walls and hangings thereof againſt thee; and at ſuch a time, Lord, as now, if not now, it would not have been ſuffered; For when they had got in their great body, then ſhe muſt not have ſpoken here, that they might ſee, that it is thou Lord, that makes a cry to come out againſt their tranſgreſſion; The Lord would have your Proteſtations, Vows, Convenants and Narrrations brought into your Pallace againſt you, this ſhall be bitterneſs in your diſhes; You ſhall have plenty and fulneſs, but without comfort.

Here K4r 71

Here ſhe begun and continued her Song, much whereof the Relator did take, and was as follows.

Bleſſed be thy name oh thou Lord,

Which wilt break forth herein,

Thou wilt declare thy glory bright,

Againſt all them that ſin.

Enemies ſhall know their folly great,

Which Prayer and Songs do ſhow,

When Songs and Melody come forth,

Thy wind ſhall on them blow.

A wind Lord, that ſhall enter in,

Into their Pallaces great,

A bluſtring wind from the great God,

A whirlwind that’s compleat.

That will tear them up by the roots,

And caſt them on the ground,

Where they no greeneſs ſhall have here,

No ſap ſhall be there found.

Oh Clergy that you ſhould ſo wrong,

And extenuate your joy,

By bringing forth unto proud man

That which God doth not covey.

Oh that you ſhould ſo Nurture them,

And chear them in their ſin,

I tell you that Chriſt for this will

Not make your ſouls to ſing.

You ſhall not hear Sions ſongs ſo ſweet,

Nor their mirth which draws nigh,

But when it cometh forth to light,

You ſuddenly ſhall dye.

Oh when that harmony comes out,

In the Reign of a Chriſt,

Oh then you Clergy ſhall go down,

And in it have no Intereſt.

Oh when thoſe dear ſtreams from on high,

Come running out ſo clean,

They ſhall not enter into you,

Who in the dirt have lain.

But they ſhall float and ſpring forth on

The grounds that lovely are,

Oh K4v 72

Oh they ſhall have the ſweet ſpringings

From the Lord who is ſo rare.

They that would not any bawlk here,

But openly declare,

Oh it is they ſhall come to him,

Whom nothing can compare.

For they that Zealous have been for

A Chriſt as Lord and King:

He will himſelf open their mouth,

And make them for to ſing.

Oh therefore come! Oh come thou Chriſt!

Oh ſhew thy ſelf now here,

Oh come! come King Jeſus, declare

How thou art drawing near.

And that thine may from Sodom go,

And follow thee throughout,

Their travels in thoſe pleaſant plains

Do thou compaſs about.

And that fleſh may thine flye before,

That darkneſs may go out,

And that King Jeſus he may come,

And there himſelf ſet out.

The Lord is gone forth mightily,

He all might doth appear;

Oh come, Oh come you enemies,

The great God for to fear.

Oh tremble and aſtoniſh’d be,

To hear that he draws on,

Againſt you he comes forth apace,

The Oppreſſors of the Land.

Oh he hath ſaid that he will reign,

Therefore Rulers ſhall flye,

Oh he hath ſaid that he’l caſt out

The fourth great Monarchy.

Oh he will ſhew unto the pure,

And ſuch that are upright,

To manifeſt to theſe proud walls,

That now to you are in ſight.

Oh therefore Clergy, and you State,

Nothing at all you ſhall,

When that the Lord Chriſt he doth ſpeak,

You utterly ſhall fall.

What will you do then that have not

That wiſdom which is good,

And how will you abide that ſtroke,

And that eternal flood.

Oh how can you then ſay you ſtand

For thoſe that are Chriſts flock,

When that you do ſo much declare,

So much for this great Oak?

Oh L1r 73

Oh can you then ſtand out and ſay,

Oh will you not then ſtammer,

To hear the Lord, and alſo to

See his moſt glorious banner?

Oh but when he cometh, and when

You feel his ſtroke indeed:

Oh then you ſhall have no ſupply,

To comfort in your need.

Many of you ſhall only have

The earth to feed therein:

But you ſhall have no ſights of him

Which is that mighty King.

Oh he will rend you throughout,

That Lyon which is ſtrong,

He will you trample under foot,

Who is my joy and Song.

Having Sung this Song with ſome enlargment, She breathed forth in Prayer; A ſhort account of ſome things therein you have as follows.

L You L1v 74

You will ſay, have not our eyes ſeen this before, and have not our ears heard this before? Oh but when thou poureſt forth by a veſſell that is altogether unlikely that any ſuch liquor ſhould enter into it: though you that are the Great Ones, whom it concerned, would not lend your ears, yet the Lord hath accompliſhed his deſign in this work; and thy ſervant will leave this in the boſom of them that have heard theſe beatings of thy Spices, and have their ſenſes open to feel the ſmell thereof: let thy ſervant requeſt this of thee, that when ſhe is at a diſtance, they would hold up a hand of prayer for her, that nothing may betray or enſlave her; let them pray for the preſervation of thy poor worm, that ſhe may be delivered from all Satanical deluſions and evil beaſts: thy ſervant can as ſweetly ſolace her ſelf in thy boſom among the ſtill-waters, as upon the great Seas.――Now any thing is taken for holineſs, any thing is taken for the ſhining of the Sun, which is but the ſhining of a Glow-worm; theſe are but the ſhells and outſides, and the ſtorm is coming, and where will all theſe be?―― The Life of viſion here is excellent, and precious, and glorious, when it is according to the Scripture, and comes from thy Spirit; but thine for their life of Faith can forgo viſion, and live ſweetly in that boſom that the Lord Jeſus leads them forth unto; Viſion! the body crumbles before it, and becomes weak: men are miſtaken when they think that the great things of God will puff up; no, the more thou giveſt of thy ſelf, the more thy are humbled; they that have the flowings of thee, are ſelf-denying; humility ſhall make a difference between that which is not, and that which is; let then thy ſervant to the end of her dayes be an example to all round about her.

Having L2r 75

Having uttered ſome more words, ſhee concluded for that night with the Song following, and therewith finiſhed her teſtimony ſhe bore in White-hall.

Oh glorious Lord, thou doſt break forth

Unto thy ſervant here,

Oh the glorious ſhine of the great God

Moſt lovely doth appear.

Oh the Seal of God is glorious,

It is a Seal abides,

Oh, it doth ſeal the ſoul to thee,

That art its runing tydes.

Oh a Seal of the mightie Lord,

When others are gone, there comes

The freſh diſcoveries of that ſeal,

Given forth by thee the Son.

A broad ſeal ſure, oh Lord it is,

Which none can break in ſunder,

Yet is a ſeal that is within,

No foe can come it plunder.

A ſeal that is not by men here,

To be melted at all,

But it is a ſeal which thou doſt keep,

It never here ſhall fall.

Thy ſervant Lord ſhall be preſerv’d

By this thy ſeal of Love,

Which over and over thou bringeſt down,

From the Eternal Love.

Oh that all thine may know what tis,

That ſo they might up mount,

To magnifie the Lord their God,

And give of this Account.

For who can Lord, ſhew forth, but thoſe

To whom thou doeſt it bring,

Oh, who can with language ſet forth

The ſealing of their King?

Oh, thou dear Chriſt, firſt ſealed was,

That ſealed One indeed,

And through the thine they do partake,

A ſealing in their need.

When they are in great deſpairings,

And in great temptations lye,

Oh then comes forth the ſeal to them,

And draws them through the skie.

Through all Clouds they moſt ſwiftly fly

Unto their Saviour great,

Which bids them welcome unto him,

And to his Mercy Seat.

Where they ſhall ſee his loving heart,

And his embracing arms,

Where they ſhall be forevermore,

Taken up from all theſe harms.

Here- L2v 76

Herewith ſhe cloſed, having layn in bed eleven dayes and twelve nights together; in all or moſt of which time her weakneſs of body was ſuch, that after ſhe had kept her bed the firſt two dayes and nights, being raiſed up while her bed was made, ſhe was not able to go, but as ſhe was carried in a Chair to the fire, and was ready to faint in the place, though they made haſt to make her bed ready for her; notwithſtanding this weakneſs, after ſhe had kept her bed 11. dayes together, without any ſuſtenance at all for the firſt five dayes, and with onely a little toſte in ſmall beer once in 24 hours for the reſt of the time, ſhe roſe up in the morning, and the ſame day travelled on foot from White-hall to Hackny, and back to Mark-Lane in London, in health and ſtrength.