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Strange and Wonderful _
Newes 3

The Mighty Viſions

From Miſtris Anna Trapnel, to divers Collonels, Ladies,
and Gentlewomen, concerning the Government of the Commonwealth
of England, Scotland, and Ireland; And Her
Revelations touching his Highneſs the Lord
Protector, and the Army.

With her Declaration touching the State-Affairs of Great-Brittain;
Even from the Death of the late King Charles, to the
Diſſolution of the laſt Parliament.

And the manner how ſhe lay eleven dayes, and twelve nights in a
Trance, without taking any ſuſtenance, except a cup of ſmall
Beer once in 24 hours: during which time, ſhe uttered
many things herein mentioned, relating to the Governors,
Churches, Miniſtry, Univerſities, and all
the three Nations; full of Wonder and Admiration,
for all that ſhall read and
peruſe the ſame.

Printed for Robert Sele, 1654Mdcliv.

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Strange and wonderful Viſions from White-hall.

Upon the 7 day of the 11 month called Ianu. being the 6 day of the week, or Fryday, Mr. Powel Miniſter of the Goſpel in Wales, being brought before the Council at White hall, to give an account of ſome things by him delivered in his publike Exerciſes: Among many other friends who came to ſee what would be done with him, thetre came a maid, Mrs. Anna Trapnel by name, who waiting in a little room neer the Council door, where there was a fire; amongſt many others ſhe ſtaid for Mr. Powels coming forth, and then intending to return home, ſhe was beyond yer own thoughts or intentions, having much trouble in her thoughts; and being as it were ſeized by the Lord, ſhe was carryed forth in illegible Spirit of prayer and ſinging from noon till night, and went down into Mr. Roberts Lodging, who kept the Ordinary in White-hall, and finding her natural ſtrength going from her, ſhe took her bed about eleven of the clock in the night, where ſhe lay from that day being the 7 day of the month, to the 19 day of the ſame month, in all 12 dayes together: the firſt five dayes ſhe neither eat nor drank: and the reſt of the time, once in 24 hohours: ſometimes a very little toaſt in ſmall beer; ſometimes onely chewed it, and took down the moyſture; ſometimes ſhe drank of the ſmall beer, and ſometimes onely waſht her mouth therewith, and then caſt it forth, lying in bed with her eyes ſhut, and her hands ſeldom ſeen to move: She delivered in that time many and various things, ſpeaking every day 3 or 4 hours, and ſometimes praying both night and day, and ſinging ſpiritual ſongs; which many eminent perſons hearing of, amongſt 4 χ2v 4 amongſt the reſt, came Col. Sydenham (a member of the Council) Col. Weſt, Col. Bennet, with his wife, Col. Bingham, the Lady Dercy, the Lady Vermuden, and divers others; who heard her declare as followeth, to wit, That 7 years ſince ſhe being ſick of a Feaver, and given over by all her friends as one not like to live, the Lord then gave her faith to believe from that Scripture, After two dayes I will revive thee, and the 30 day I will raiſe thee up, and thou ſhalt live in my ſight; which two days I underſtood to be two weeks that I ſhold lye in that Feaver; and at that very time and hour that it took her, that very hour it left her; and accordingly from which time, the Lord made uſe of her for refreſhing of afflicted ones, and ſuch as were under temptation: and when that time was ended, ſhe being in her chamber, deſired of the Lord to know whether ſhe had done that which was off, and from himſelf, Reply was made to her, That ſhe ſhould approve her heart to God, and for that ſhe had been faithful in a little, ſhe ſhould be made an inſtrument of much more; for particular ſoules ſhal not onely have benefit by her, but the Univerſality of Saints ſhal have diſcoveries of God through her: whereupon ſhee prayed that ſhe might be led by the ſtill waters, and honour God ſecretly, being conſcious to her ſelf of the deceitfulneſs of her own heart, looking upon her ſelf as the worſt amongſt God’s flock: whereupon the Lord told her, that out of the mouthes of babes and ſucklings he would perfect his praiſe. After which ſhe had many Viſions, and Revelations touching the Government of the Nation, the Parl.Parliament Army, and Miniſtry, and having faſted nine days, nothing coming within her lips, ſhe had a moſt ſtrange Viſion of horns; ſhe ſaw fair Horns which were 4 Powers: the firſt was that of the Biſhips, which firſt Horn ſhe ſaw broken in two, and thrown aſide: then appeared the ſecond Horn, and joyned to it an head, and although it ſeemed to bee more white then the firſt, yet it endeavouring to get aloft it was ſuddenly pulled down and broken to pieces. The third Horn had many ſplinters joyned to it like to the skales of a fiſh, and this was preſented to be a Parl.Parliament conſiſting of many men, having very fair and plauſible pretences of love: yet this Horn ſhe ſaw broken to pieces, and ſo ſcattered that no ſo much as one bit remined. Then ſhe ſaw the 4.4th Horn, and that was very ſhort, but very ſharp, and full of variety of colourslours 5 χ3r 5 lours ſparkling red and white, and it was ſaid to her, that this laſt horn was different from the other three, becauſe of great proud and ſwelling words, and great promiſes of kindneſs ſhould go forth to it from all people, like unto that of Abſolom, ſpeaking good words to the people in the gate to draw their affections away from honeſt David. After this ſhe had a Viſion, where in ſhe ſaw many Oaks, with ſpreding branches full of leaves; and preſently ſhe ſaw a very goodly tree for ſtature and compleatneſs every way, before which great Tree the reſt of the Oaks crumbled to duſt; which ſhe perceiving, deſired Scripture to make known to her the Viſion: whereupon Reply was made in the firſt of Iſaiah, ―― They ſhall be confounded in the Oakes which they have choſen.

Another Viſion ſhe had two nights before the Lord Protector was proclaimed; at which time ſhe ſaw a glorious Throne with winged Angels flying before the throne, and crying, Holy, holy, holy, unto the Lord; the great one is coming down with terror to the enemies, and glory and deliverance to the ſincere, and them that are upright in the earth. In another Viſion ſhe ſaw a great company of little children walking on the earth, and a light ſhining round about them, and a very glourious perſon in the midſt of them, with a Crown on his head, ſpeaking theſe words: Theſe will I honour with my Reigning preſence in the midſt of them, and the Oppreſſor ſhall dye in the wilderneſs.

When ſhe was at White=-hall ſhe ſaw as it were great darkneſs on the earth, and a marvellous duſt like unto a thick miſt, or ſmoak, aſcending upward from the earth; and at a little diſtance a great company of cattel, ſome like Buls, ſome like Oxen, and ſome leſſer cattel, their faces and heads like men, having on either ſide their heads a horn: for the foremoſt, his countenance was perfectly like unto ---s and on a ſudden there was a great ſhout of thoſe that followed him, he being ſingled out alone, and the foremoſt and he looking back, they bowed themſelves unto him, and leaped up from the earth, and ſhewed much joy that he was become their Supream; and immediatly they fawning upon him, he ſeemed to run at her; and as he was neer to her breaſt with his horn an hand and arm graſped her ground, and a voice ſaid to her, I will be thy ſafety; and then he run at many precious Saints 6 χ3v 6 Saints that flood in his way, and that durſt look boldly in his face, he gave them many puſhes, ſcratching them with his hornes, and driving them into ſeveral houſes: he ran along ſtill; at length there was a great ſilence, ahnd ſuddenly there brake forth great fury in the earth, and they were preſently ſcattered, their horns broken, and ſo tumbled into graves: With that ſhe brake forth, and ſang praiſe, and the Lord ſaid to her, Mark that Scripture, three horns ſhall ariſe, and a fourth ſhall come out different from the former, which ſhal be more terrible to the Saints than others that went before: though like a Lamb, as is ſpoken in the Revelations, in appearance a Lamb; but puſhing with his horns, like a Beaſt: being not onely one, but many, and much ſtrength joyned together.

Upon the tenth of Feb. or eleventh month, the Relator came into the chamber where ſhe lay, where he heard her making melody with a ſpiritual Song, and after ſhe had done ſinging, ſhe brake forth into theſe and the like words: It is not all the force in the World that can ſtrike one ſtroak againſt thine, but thou ſuffereſt them to come forth to try thine, Oh that thine could believe thee for the breaking of thine enemies as well as for the binding up of thine own people, all things under the Sun, all things before, in or round about you, ſhal work for your good, when you come to know more of the myſtery and life of the Scrliptures, how will you praiſe his Highneſs? the Enemy is ſtrong, Satan is ſtrong, Inſtruments are ſtrong, Temptations are ſtrong: but what ſtrengths are againſt thy flock, they cannot be without the Lyon, and Lyon-like Creatures; But oh! if thy ſervants ſuffer, let them not ſuffer through paſſion, or raſh words, but as Lambes: there is a zeal which is but from Nature, that a mans own Spirit may prompt him to: but the zeal of God is accompanied with meekneſs, humility, grief for Chriſt: and ſeeing thou haſt taken thine Handmaid into the Mount who can keep in the ruſhing wind, who can rule the influences of the Heavenly Orizon; yea, who can ſtop thy Spirit; it is good to be in the Territories, in the Regions, where thou walkſt before thy ſervant: Oh, how glittering, how glorious are they: what ſparklings are there flawed-reproduction Thou haſt yet a great Guſt to come upon the earth, a great Wind that ſhal ſhake the Trees that now appear upon the Earth, that are full of the leaves of Profeſſion; but they have nothingthing 7 χ4r 7 thing but outward beauty an outward flouriſh; but thy Trees, Oh Lord, are full of ſap. A great number of people have ſaid, O let our Oaks ſtand, let them not be cut down: But ſayes the Lord, I will make you aſhamed in the Oaks that ye have choſen; and becauſe ye will have thoſe, I will now give you other Oaks: and what are they? a firſt, a ſecond, and a third Power, and they are broken one after another: But oh thine own have had a great hand in theſe things: thine have ſaid, We will have Oaks and Gardens, how have they run to and fro, ſaith the Lord? and now I will give you Gardens, but they ſhall have no Springs in them; but they ſhal be as dry chopt ground; yea, as Fallow-ground: What lovelyneſs is there, to walk upon Fallow ground? you may have ſtumbling walkings upon them: you ſhal have no green graſs in theſe Gardens: what have all the Gardens of the Earth been? they have been as ſtumbling blocks to thine: But oh, thou wilt by theſe ſtrange wayes, draw up thine into thy upper and nether Springs: thou haſt deceived thy Saints once more about theſe Gardens, let them now run after them no more: but be aſhamed and abaſhed, we have hankered from Mountain to Hill; We have ſaid Salvation is in this Hill, and in that Mountain: but let us not ſay ſo any longer: When we ſhal be drawn up to thee, then we ſhal proſper; and thou wilt give us a Vinyard, and Gardens, and fruitful Trees of thine own, which ſhall abide.

And after ſome repoſe ſhe ſang divers Hymnes, or ſpiritual Songs; and among other things ſpake as followeth:

Lord, let it be founded in their Ears, and let them mark, it will be as great ſuperfluity as ever, as great luſt, as great wickedneſs, as great enmity as ever; yea, and greater then before. Oh, they are all for themſelves; and doth not Sathan appear in their Feaſts, and in their Garments, and in their Locks: yea, O Gideon, when in thine own Family there are thoſe that are naked and wanton, Oh let not this be found in thy Family. David had not ſuch in his Family; and if thou muſt rule the Nation, then be ſure to look into thine own Family, and rule that; but perhaps thou mayſt ſay, thou canſt not rule them: O then remember, what God ſaid to Ely of old becauſe of his Sons, How can any go and cry out to King Jeſus, if he have him not in his own boſome. But oh, he is a ſealed One; then how beautiful will his Walks be; and if the Spirit 8 χ4v 8 Spirit of Chriſt reign in his ſoul, then he may reign for Chriſt. Otherwiſe not. Therefore, you doubting Chriſtians, have a care that you have courage given into your harts, before you go out to plead againſt Antichriſt, the Devil and Wickedneſs, and come you Army-men, and acquaint your ſelves with the Lord Jehovah, for if you have not acquaintance with him, then all you have is nothing. Oh do juſtice, and do it for Juſtice-ſake, and not for by ends or reſpects: And then, oh Gideon, who art in the higheſt place, thou art not onely to do juſtice thy ſelf, but thou art to ſee juſtice done in all Places, Courts, or councels, and Committees, that they may not feed upon the Poor. Thou art not onely to receive pleaſure at home, but to eſtabliſh Righteouſneſs abroad. Oh by your diligence make it manifeſt that you love juſtice and mercy, as youu ſeem to do. Oh remember Abſolom, who was of a fair and gentle courage, and of a lovely nature, but it was to ſteal away the hearts of the people from his Father David. But God forbid your Honour ſhould be ſtain’d with the leaſt Guilt thereof. And thus ſoon after ſhe ended in prayer and ſinging, having lain in bed 11 dayes and 12 nights together. After which time, ſhe roſe up in the morning, and the ſame day travelled on foot from White-hall to Hackney; and from thence back to Mark-lane in London in health and ſtrength.