A handfull of holesome
(though homelie)

gathered out
of the goodlie garden of Gods
most holie word; for the
common benefit and comfortable
exercise of all such as
are devoutlie

Collected and Dedicated
to all religious Ladies, Gentlewomen,
and others;

by Anne Wheathill, Gentlewoman.

Imprinted at London
by H. Denham.

A1v A2r

To all Ladies, Gentlewomen,
and others, which
love true religion and vertue,
and be devoutlie disposed;
Grace mercie, and peace,
in Christ Jesus.

For a testimoniall
to the world,
how I have and
doo (I praise God)
bestowe the pretious treasure
of time, even now in the state
of my virginitie or maidenhood;
lo heare I dedicate to
all good Ladies, Gentlewomen,
and others, who have a
desire to invocate and call upon
the name of the Lord, a a.ij. small A2v
small handfull of grose hearbs;
which I have presumed to gather
out of the garden of Gods
most holie word. Not that
there is anie unpurenes therein,
but that (peradventure) my
rudenes may be found to have
plucked them up unreverentlie,
and without zeale.

Whereupon of the learned
I may be judged grose and unwise;
in presuming, without
the counsell or helpe of anie,
to take such an enterprise in
hand: nevertheles, as God
dooth know, I have doone it
with a good zeale, according
to the weakenes of my knowledge
and capacitie. And although
they be not so pleasant
in taste, as they can find out, A3r
out, to whom God hath given
the spirit of learning: yet
doo I trust, this small handfull
of grose hearbs, holesome in
operation and workeing, shall
be no lesse acceptable before
the majestie of almightie God
than the fragrant floures of others,
gathered with more understanding.

But without pressumption
I may boldlie saie, they have
not sought them with a more
willing hart and fervent mind;
nor more to the advancement
of Gods glorie, & the desire of
acceptation, than I have doon.
Which if I may obtaine, with
the good judgement and liking
of all my brethren and
sisters in the Lord, I shall a.iij.thinke A3v
thinke my time most happilie
bestowed: for that thereby I
did avoid idlenes, to the pleasing
of almightie God; and
have gained those, whom I
know not, as well strangers to
me, as my acquaintance, to be
my freends, that shall taste
these grose hearbs with me.

The Lord Jesus Christ, who
moisteneth all his elect with
his most pretious blood, give
us all a sweete taste in him:
whome I humblie beseech,
from the bottome of my hart,
to give unto those that are
vertuouslie bent, a desire to
increase therein; and those,
which have not yet reached
thereunto, I praie the holie
Ghost to inspire their hearts from A4r
from above, that they and we
may be worthie to meete together,
in the blessed kingdome
of our heavenlie father,
which his deare sonne our savior
Jesus Christ did purchase
for us; whose blessed name,
with the living father, and
the holie Ghost, be praised
and magnified
now and for ever,
Amen, Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Anne Wheathill,

B1r Fol. 1

I. A praier for the

O mightie
maker & preserver
of all
things, God
which like a
diligent watchman, alwaies
attendest upon thy faithfull
people, so that whether they
sléepe or wake, live or die, thy
providence never forsaketh
them: looke favourablie upon
me, O Lord, thy poore and sinfull
servant, which am not
woorthie, but through thy
great mercies offered to me
in Christ, once to lift up mine B.j.eies B1v
eies unto thy mercie seat.

Wherefore in the name of
thy déere sonne my Lord and
Saviour, I offer unto thée,
through him, the sacrifice of
praise and thanks giving; that
thou hast preserved me both
this night, and all the time and
daies of my life hitherto, untill
this present houre. I beséech
thée of thy great mercie
to illuminate my understanding,
that I may lead and
frame my life as thou hast
taught me in thy holie word,
that my light may so shine
here on earth, that my heavenlie
father may be glorified in
me, through Jesus Christ our
Lord and redéemer; for whose
sake heare me deare father, and B2r 2
and send thy holie Ghost to
direct me in all my dooings.
To thée O glorious and blessed
Trinitie, the Father, the
Sonne, and the holie Ghost,
be given all honor and praise,
now and for ever more, Amen.

2. A praier for remission of
sinnes, for victorie against satan,
and for the inward light of
the soule.

O Mercifull Father
that art the sure
safegard and defense
of all that
earnestlie trust in thée, and desirest
not the death of sinners,
but their conversion and amendment
of life; I acknowledgeb.ij.ledge B2v unto thy highnesse, all
mine offenses by me committed,
which if I would hide from
thée Lord, I could not. I consider
the miserable estate,
whereto through sinne I am
brought: for thereby I have
worthilie lost thy favour, and
am fallen from thy grace,
which while thou withdrawest
from me, I can do no good
thing, nor thinke one good
thought. My sinnes have
caused thée to put me out of
thy remembrance, and to forget
me, delaieng to give me
that which is my strength and
comfort. But how long wilt
thou forget me, Lord? For ever?
How long wilt thou
withdraw thy grace from me?

Thou B3r 3

Thou knowest my hartie
contrition and sorrowe; for
that I have unkindlie forsaken
thy service, and served
thine enimies, the divell and
sinne. But trusting assuredlie
in thy promise made to me,
and all people, by the mouth
of thy prophet Ezechiel, that
is; If the sinner will turne awaie
from all his sinnes, that
he hath committed, and kéepe
all thy commaundements,
doubtles he shall live and not
die: as for all his sinnes that
he did before, thou wilt not
thinke upon them. I now most
entirelie beséech thée, that as
my sinnes were the cause, why
thou diddest put me out of thy
favour; so let my hartie repentanceb.iij.tance B3v
for them, cause thée to
put my sinnes out of thy remembrance

Suffer me not long to remaine
in this perplexitie of
mind, and to take sorrow inwardlie
in my hart from daie
to daie, continuallie fearing
the punishment due to my
sinne, and looking still for thy
comming into my soule by
grace to deliver me. Hope
hath caused me long to looke
for thée, that art my life and
my health; thy long delaie in
comming hath much increased
my desire; my fervent desire
at length is now turned
to a vehement paine. Wherefore
make hast Lord, I beséech
thée, to helpe my sicke soule, and B4r 4
and tarrie not.

Let not mine enimie the divell
long triumph over me,
whose propertie is to tread under
his féet, like a cruell prince,
all those that be vanquished,
even to the pit of hell. He did
long hold in captivitie all
mankind, untill the comming
and passion of Christ for our
redemption; and since, through
his craftie traines, he hath
brought to utter confusion
manie of those that professe
thy sonnes religion. Wherefore
behold Lord, and consider my
miserable estate, heare my
humble petition, touching my
deliverance from out of his

Lighten the eie of my hart b.iiij.and B4v
and understanding, with the
light of thy grace and comfort,
thereby expelling the darknes
of ignorance. Lighten also
one other eie of my soule, which
is the eie of the affection. The
sight of this eie is so dimme,
that it hath no perfect and true
judgement; yea it is so blinded
with the vanities of this
world, that one thing in appearance
séemeth to be twentie;
like the sight of the deceitfull
eies of glasse. I beséech thée
save my said eie, that it be not
put out by our enimie the divell;
and send me the light of
grace, while I have here time,
& space of repentance, that at
my latter end, mine enimies
saie not with joie, that they haue B5r 5
have the upper hand over me.

But all my trust is in thy
mercie: for though thou hide
thy selfe in a cloud, that my
praier should not go through it
unto thine eares; yet are not
thy mercies cleane gone, neither
dooth thy loving kindnes
cease. Thou art therefore Lord
my portion, and in thy mercie
still will I hope, and in none
other creature; knowing for
certaintie, that as God thou
onelie maist helpe me, and as
my loving father thou wilt
helpe. Wherefore in thée my
hart shall be joifull, and in thy
saving health, which is thy
sonne Christ our Saviour and

The Philistines, knowing b.v.the B5v
the presence of thine arke to
be in the campe of the Israelits,
on the daie of their battell,
were sore afraid, saieng; Who
shall deliver us out of the hand
of this mightie God? Much
more will I be glad, and take
sure trust, having the presence
and comfort of thy livelie
grace. And in token of the
victorie which thou hast given
me over mine enimies, I will
not cease (as I have good cause)
to sing the praises of the Lord,
that hath so lovinglie dealt
with me, and magnifie the
name of the most high,
all the daies of
my life, Amen.

3. An
B6r 6

3. An other praier for
the same.

O God give me the
excellent féeling
of thine aboundant
mercie, for
thou art my whole goodnes.
Who am I, that I dare be so
bold to speake unto theée? I
am thy most poore sinfull servant,
a vile worme, and much
more poore and miserable, than
I either know my selfe, or
dare tell unto thée: for my
sinnes sticke so fast to me, that
I have nothing, nor worthie
anie thing. Thou onelie art
good, thou just, thou holie, and
able to doo all things, and doost performe B6v
performe all things. Thou fulfillest
all things, leaving the
sinfull onelie void and emptie.

My consience accuseth me
so, that I can have no rest, till
I be reconciled unto thée O
God my saviour. Remember
thy mercies, O Lord, and fill
my soule with thy favour: for
how may I continue in this
life, unlesse thy mercie and favour
doo strengthen me? Give
me grace to put my whole
trust in thée, without grudging
or doubting: for I have,
and doo dailie waite for thy saving

Turne not awaie thy face
from me, neither withdraw
thy comforts from me, least
my soule doo séeme in thy sight like B7r 7
like unto the earth that is void
of moisture. Lord teach me to
doo thy will, learne me to
walke worthilie and humblie
before thée: for thou art my
wisedome, and knowest me
what I am in all respects, and
understandest my thoughts
long before.

Grant me alwaies to séeke
thée in singlenes of heart: for
the remembrance of thy favor
is more swéete unto me, than
all the pleasures and deinties
of the world. For my chéefest
comfort is in thée O Christ,
and not in anie worldlie
meanes, who hast said; Who
so overcommeth the world, to
them will I grant to féed upon
the trée of life. Which grant me B7v
me for thy holie name sake,
to whom with the father, and
the holie Ghost, be praise now
and for ever, Amen.

4. An Evening praier.

O everlasting light,
whose brightnesse
is never darkned;
looke favourablie
upon me thy poore and sinfull
servant, who hath not onelie
this daie, but all the daies and
times of my life hitherto, untill
this present houre, offended
thy divine Majestie, in
thought, word, and dèed; wherby
I have most justlie provoked
thy wrath and indignation
against me. And now I
bow the knées of my hart untoto B8r 8
thée most mercifull and heavenlie
father, beséeching thée
for Jesus Christ his sake, to
forgive me all my sinnes, negligences
and ignorances. For
I confesse how wickedlie I
have mispent the talent that
thou gavest me, abusing thy
gifts of grace manie waies,
burieng the same in obscure
darknesse, woorse than the servant
that hid his maisters
treasure, not putting it to anie
increase; for he delivered the
principall againe.

But I most miserable creature,
can shew unto thy majestie
no part of that which
thou gavest me, to use to thine
honor and glorie: for the which
I am most hartilie sorie, and doo B8v
doo unfeinedlie repent, having
no meane to helpe my
selfe, but onelie to lift up the
eies of my faith unto thy deare
sonne Jesus Christ, beséeching
him most instantlie to make
perfect my wants, and to renue
whatsoever is lacking in
me. For I commit my bodie
and soule, this night and evermore,
into his most holie
hands; hoping, O Christ, thou
wilt make me an acceptable
sacrifice unto thy father.

I have no place to flie unto,
but to shrowd me under the
wings of thine almightie
power, who wast so loving unto
us, that thou wast contented
to shed thy most pretious
bloud, for the sinnes of the whole B9r 9
whole world; for the which I
most humblie and hartilie
yéeld unto thée thanks, honor
praise and glorie.

O lambe of God, sonne of
the father, heare thou me,
thou that saiedst; I am thy
health and salvation, I am thy
peace and life; cleave fast unto
me, and thou shalt live. O
Lord I am the woonded man,
and thou art the good Samaritane:
powre oile into my
wounds, and bind them up.
Lord heale thou me, and I
shall be whole: for thou art my
God and Saviour.

Heare thou therefore my
supplications from heaven,
and have mercie. Take from
me all my sinnes and wickednesse,nesse, B9v
and give me thy grace
and holie spirit. Lighten mine
eies, that I sléepe not in death:
so shall I joiefullie, after this
sluggish sléepe of sinne, rise againe,
living in thy feare all
the daies of my life. Which
grant me to doo, O Father,
Sonne, and holie Ghost, thrée
persons and one true God,
world without end, Amen.

5. Against the temptation
of the divell, and for Gods
favour and grace.

O Lord preserve me,
that I fall not into
temptation, neither
let me be as
one of them that contemne thy B10r 10
thy word, falling from thée; but
arme me with an invincible
strength and constancie: so
shall I be sure, that all the
powers of the world shall not
overcome me. For there is
none in heaven, earth or hell,
that can doo anie thing, but as
thou givest them power. Séeing
that all are thy creatures,
thou must néeds governe and
guide them.

Thy mercie O God almightie
is also annexed to thy divine
nature, for when all mankind
was lost and dead in
sinne, then diddest thou, sitting
in thy celestiall throne, looke
downe to the earth upon our
miserable state, and loosedst us
from the bands of the divell, and B10v
and sendest downe thine onlie
begotten sonne, that by his
death he might deliver from
death, such as worthilie were
the children of death: for the
which I praise thée, and doo
confesse from the bottome of
my hart, that our deliverance
commeth onlie of thée O God,
and not by mans power.

Wherefore I will not come
emptie into thy presence, but
with all humilitie I offer unto
thée my troubled spirit for
mine offenses: and this sacrifice
I am sure thou wilt not
despise; for I confesse my selfe
ignorant, till thou hast taught
me, O Lord. My heart is also
variable, and separated from
thée. Joine my soule and bodie to B11r 11
to thée O God, and confirme
me in thine obedience: for I
desire not to live, but to serve
thée as I ought, which we cannot
doo aright, except thou open
our eies. I respect no
man, but set thée alwaies before
me, as the chéefe helper
and judge of my dooings.

Certeinlie we can doo nothing
of our selves: but when
thou O God doost inwardlie
instruct us by thy holie spirit,
then féele we thy graces swéeter
than the honie and the honie
combe. There is no acception
of persons with thée, but
all people that feare thée, and
worke righteousnesse, thou
wilt accept. If we be thine,
thou Lord wilt strengthen us with B11v
with all power, and blesse us
with all felicitie. But thy indignations
are most constant
against the wicked, and passe
all our understanding: for
thou O God never forsakest
anie that séeke unto thée. Therfore
man is cause of his owne

Give me thy favour, and be
mercifull unto me for thine
owne sake: grant me thy heavenlie
wisedome and grace
to be governed by thy holie
word, which if I follow, I shall
have all prosperitie, corporall
and spirituall, bringing foorth
such fruits as have life. I acknowledge
that all my acts,
thoughts, or anie part of my
life cannot be hid from thée O God, B12r 12
God, though thou séemest to be
farre off; so that they are evidentlie
knowne to thée: for
thou O God understandest
my meaning, before I speake;
and sendest the dewes of thy
grace upon me, which causeth
me to bring foorth the fruits of
good works, to thine honour,
and the helpe of my neighbor:
for it is of thy power, strength,
and grace, when I doo anie
thing that is good, and not of
mine owne power.

There is none good, but thou
alone; thou killest and givest
life; thou woundest, and makest
whole: neither is there anie
that can speake a word, except
thou give it him, nor none
can save himselfe by his owne labour, B12v
labour, nor anie worldlie
meanes. Wherefore I will rest
in thée, as mine onelie God,
through Jesus Christ our Lord
and Saviour, Amen.

6. A praier for faith, and
for Gods helpe and assistance
at his good pleasure.

O Lord God almightie,
which by
thy power & wisedome
hast made
all the world, and dooest governe
the same, and all that
therein is: from thy holie heavens,
wherein thou dwellest,
looke favorablie upon us, and
grant that in temptation we
may have faith to fight against the C1r 13
the divell, and all his false suggestions,
and to crie inwardlie
unto thée with groning, alwaies
aiding us with thy holie
spirit, to be humble in al afflictions,
with true repentance.
For when all mans
helpe dooth faile, thou O God
wilt helpe us, even as it were
by a miracle; if we call upon
thée with an upright conscience.

Lord grant us never to require
more of thée, than is necessarie;
neither to séeke to separate
thy power from thy
will, least we should tempt
thée: for though thy helpe dooth
not presentlie appeare, yet hast
thou sowen and laid up in store
for us. We will therefore be C.j.mind- C1v
mindfull of thy benefits, and
onelie trust in thy defense: for
though the wicked rage against
thée O God, yet those
that be thy children shall praise
thy name and mightie power.
For the more liberallie that
thou O God dooest deale with
thy people, the more doost thou
punish them that abuse thy benefits.
For thou O God hast
care over thine, and dooest chasten
them for their health, that
they should not perish for ever
with the wicked. For thou
wilt restore the governement
of good things to their use, and
then the godlie shall follow
thée chéerefullie.

Grant us we humblie beséech
thée to know thy waies, and C2r 14
and to ascend up unto the
throne of thy majestie by faith,
giving thée praise and glorie,
for thy fatherlie preservation
and health towards us continuallie.
For thou hast béene a
house and defense for us: thou
hast chosen us to be thy people,
before the foundation of the
earth was laid. Wherefore we
are sure that thou wilt heare
us, whensoever we call and
crie unto thée for mercie and
grace. Blesse us now and ever
with all goodnes, that we
may lead our lives according
to thy will, living in thy feare
all the daies of our life, that
after this course is ended, we
may dwell with thée, world
without end, Amen.

c.ij. 7. An-

7. Another for the

I make my humble
petition in thy
sight, O God
most holie, which
biddest us aske, and it shall be
given; séeke, and we shall find;
knocke, and it shall be opened
unto us; and be léeve onelie,
and we shall receive whatsoever
we desire. Lord I beléeve,
helpe thou mine unbeléefe, and
give me that faith which shalbe
most acceptable in thy sight.
Sowe in my heart, good Lord
the graine of stedfast faith,
which may aspire and spring
up unto the mercie seat of thine C3r 15
thine almightie majestie: for
without true faith and obedience
we cannot call upon thée
a right.

Give me therefore, good
Lord, that most pretious jewel
of faith, that thou maist thereby
heare me. And give me
comfort & salvation through
thy mercifull goodnesse, O
God, who never dooest forsake
thy faithfull servants, that
come to thée in humblenesse of
heart, looking upon Jesus
thy deare sonne our
Lord and Saviour: for he is
the trée of life, which standeth
in the middest of paradise, by
whom we have entrance unto
thée O déere father.

Whosoever séeketh anie otherc.iij.ther C3v
waie than this thy déere
Sonne, he is a théefe and a
robber, and shall never be partaker
of the benefits, which he
of his mercie hath most lovinglie
bestowed upon us:
which grant me Lord Jesu never
to forget, but evermore to
shew my selfe thankefull. For
it is thou O Lord that art
worthie to receive all glorie,
honour, and praise: for thou
hast created and redéemed all,
and without thée we cannot
doo anie thing that is good.

Wherefore Lord Jesus I
come unto thée, craving at thy
mercifull hand an humble
and contrite heart, a patient
mind, a quiet conscience, the
gift of faith, and of the holie Ghost. C4r 16
Ghost. O thou lover of soules,
heare me poore wretch, although
unworthie once to
thinke, much lesse to speake
unto thy majestie. But thou
art the same Lord, who dooest
most lovinglie saie; Come
to me all ye that are heavie loden,
and I will ease you.

Which comfortable saieng
of thine, O Christ, maketh me
bold to come into thy presence,
unloding my sinfull sacke of
corruption, before the face of
thine almightie power; not
doubting but thou wilt mercifullie
heare me, and ease me
with thy helpe: for I cast all
my burthen on thée, who art the
giver of life and salvation.
Wherefore I turne my selfe c.iiij.vnto C4v
unto thée O Lord Jesus Christ
desiring thée by praier to renue
whatsoever is amisse in me, either
by mine owne frailtie, or
malice of the divell.

For I acknowledge, O Lord,
that I am the most wicked, the
most fraile of all others, the
weakest to resist my ghostlie
enimie. But I trust, through
thy mercie, to be of the number
of them, for whom thou
hast overcome the divell and
the world: which grant me,
Lord Jesus, for thy bitter passions
sake, that after this life
I may enjoie the endles blisse
and glorie of heaven. To thée,
with the living Father, and the
holie Ghost, be given all honour
and glorie, all praise and C5r 17
and thanks, for ever and ever,
Amen, Amen.

8. A praier of the justice
of God, and of his mercie.

O God almightie,
Lord of heaven
and earth,
from whom nothing
can be hid or kept secret,
thou art the searcher of the hart
and reines, which knowest the
thoughts of all men: when I
remember thy just judgment,
I tremble and quake for feare,
considering the burthen, wait,
and filthines of sinne to be so
great, that for one proud
thought, a great number of
angels fell from heaven. The c.v.earth C5v
earth was not able to beare
the burthen of Corah, Dathan
and Abiram; but for the rebellion
against thée and thy servant
Moses, the earth opened,
and swallowed them quicke.

For the sinne and pride of
David, who mustered his
men, putting his trust in the
multitude of them, rather than
in thée that art the living God,
thou scourgedst him with the
plague of pestilence, so that
there died foure score thousand
of his people, within the space
of thrée daies.

Who would not then feare,
séeing we sinne dailie with
most gréevous sinnes? Now
have we no remedie to flie
from thy wrath, but to shrowd our C6r 18
our selves in the bosome of thy
most dearelie beloved sonne,
our Lord and Saviour Jesus
, making him our bulworke
and house our defense,
betwéene thine anger and us:
most humblie beséeching thée
for his sake, and for the bitter
paines that he suffered for our
redemption, to be mercifull
unto us, and rebuke us not in
thine anger.

Let not the sentence of everlasting
death take place, which
thou gavest against Adam,
and all his posteritie for his
disobedience. Thou art méeke,
gentle, and long suffering of
thy selfe. It is our gréevous
offenses, heaped one upon another,
that provoke thée unto anger. C6v
anger. Therefore, acknowledging
our offenses, we praie thée
most mercifull father, to have
compassion upon us: for we
are not able of our selves to arise;
it is thou Lord, and thy
blessed sonne that must heale
our infirmities.

We have no strength to
withstand the temptation of
our enimies, thy sonne Christ
must reach us his hand, as he
did to Peter,walking on the
water, when he was in perill
of drowning. His patience is
our medicine and health, thy
grace and his are sufficient remedies.
We are all carnall,
sold under sinne; so that the
good we would doo, that doo we
not; but the evill that we wold not, C7r 19
not, that we doo. We are all evill
of our selves. Consider O
God our contrite hearts, and
penitent minds, and heare,
heale, and amend us.

Hope biddeth us still to crie
and call upon thée for helpe, as
the woman of Canaan cried
still upon thy sonne Christ for
the helpe of of hir daughter, and
at the last was heard to hir
owne contentation: so we,
knocking and calling still,
doubt not but thou wilt grant,
through our importunacie,
our desires, as he that granted
his neighbour thrée loaves.

We doo now knocke, crie,
and will never cease, till thou
Lord turne towards us, and
deliver our soules. Turne, we hearti- C7v
heartilie beséech thée, from thy
wrath, to pittie and mercie; deliver
us from the manifold
troubles which we have in our
consiences. O save us for
thy mercie sake, for thy blessed
Sonne Jesus hath dearelie
bought us. Wherefore Lord,
we thy faithfull creatures, being
through thy grace, and the
battell of thy sonne upon the
crosse restored to thy favour;
and having the house of our
hearts and soules swept and
made cleane from all vices,
which were woont to inhabite
in us, we most humblie praie
thée to give us strength, to
kéepe our soulesfrom the invasion
of the wilie serpent.

Dwell in us still by the continualltinuall C8r 20
grace, make us to be
of thy houshold, that we may
live and praise thée in this
world, and after this life we
may enjoie the blessed presence
of thine eternall majestie,
one God in persons thrée,
and everlasting in unitie,
world without end, Amen.

9. A praier for humilitie,
and a confession of sinnes, with
a petition to have the
same remitted.

Lord give me humilitie,
being the
beautifull flowre
of vertue that groweth
in the garden of mans
soule; one of the most pleasant,sant, C8v
most necessarie, and most
acceptable, whose power was
so great, that it drue the sonne
of God, the second person in
deitie, from heaven, into the
wombe of the méeke virgine,
whom of all other he chose to
be his mother, for that she
was so humble and vertuous.
Thou O Christ our Saviour,
being Lord of all the world,
walkedst all the daies of thy
life in humilitie, and therein
endedst, humbling thy self unto
the vile death of the crosse.

The wise humilitie of Abigael
pacified the furie of David,
when he was minded to
kill all the men of the house of
hir husband. The humble submission
of wicked Ahab, asswagedswaged C9r 21
the wrath of God,
which was the cause that the
almightie preserved him all
the daies of his life. The great
goodnes of this vertue is made
manifest, by opening the heinousnes
of the vice contrarie
thereto, which is pride: which
appeared in the proud Pharisie,
when he made boast in his
praiers of his good déeds, and
despised his poore neighbour,
which caused his praier not to
be hard, when the poore Publican,
standing a farre off, with
humblenesse, durst not lift up
his eies to heaven, but with
heartie repentance knocking
his breast, said; Lord be mercifull
to me a sinner: which hartie
confession of his sinne, was cause C9v
cause of his justification, and
that he was made righteous.

Wherefore most gratious
Lord our heavenlie father,
considering the power of humilitie,
and the knowledge of
our sinnes, with hartie repentance,
to be of so great efficacie;
I thy poore creature, unworthie
to appeare before thy
majestie, doo powre downe
here, before thée, my sacke
that is full of sinne, which I
have committed even from
my youth, they are great and
manie, without number: neverthelesse,
trusting of thine
accustomed nature and propertie,
which is, to be mercifull
to all sinners, that be sorie for
their offenses from the bottom of C10r 22
of their hearts, turning to thée,
knowing that thou diddest
send thy loving sonne, not to
call those that séeme in their
owne sight to be just, but to
helpe those that confesse themselves
to be sinners.

I therefore, Lord, willing by
the helpe of thy grace, utterlie
to forsake sinne, and to fulfill
thy holie will hereafter, desire
thée humblie of forgivnesse,
and to admit me among the
number of those that are blessed,
and their unrighteousnes
forgiven. I will not cover
from thée my sinnes, neither
yet excuse them; but I praie
thée Lord hide them in the bloodie
woonds of thy sonne Christ,
where they shall be put in perpetuallpetuall C10v
oblivion. Blessed is
the man, unto whom thou doost
not impute sinne, and in whose
spirit there is no guile.

Wherefore from the bottome
of my heart, Lord, I am sorie
for all my sinnes, and doo aske
thée forgivnesse. I will acknowledge
all mine offenses,
and accuse my selfe unto thée
Lord. So soone as I was determined
no longer to hide
mine evill waies, thou Lord
straite forgavest me. Thine
eare was in my heart, before
my voice was in my mouth.
Thy mercies washed awaie
my sinnes, or ever my confession
was made. Thou art as
readie to heare and forgive, as
we to aske.

Where- C11r 23

Wherefore I will saie with
the prophet Daniel; It is I
that have offended and sinned
against thy majestie. I humblie
beséech thée cure my sicke
soule, for I have highlie sinned
against thée; yet doubt I not,
but thou hast and wilt forgive
the wickednes of my sinne. It
is thou Lord that must helpe
us; which thou wilt doo, if we
call upon thée, whilst we are
in this life, for after death, no
intreatie will be heard. It is
then too late.

Wherefore Lorde kéepe us in
the right waie, and suffer us
not to swarve on the right
hand, nor on the left. Thy eies
of protection and mercie are
ever firmelie fixed upon us; grant C11v
grant us to set the eies of our
minds upon thée. Lord call
me, plucke me Lord from
mine ungodlines, that I may
knowe thée, love thée, & put my
hope wholie in thée. O glorious
God, my maker, saviour, & sanctifier,
dwell in me and give me
grace to dwell in thée, Amen.

10. A praier for patience
in trouble, and constant expectation
of Gods goodnes.

O God almightie,
grant us never to
refuse thy chastening.
For though
thou make a wound, thou givest
a plaister; though thou
smite, thy hand maketh whole
againe. Thou shalt deliver us in C12r 24
in sixe troubles, and in the seaventh
there shall none evill
come unto us. In hunger thou
shalt save us from death; and
when it is war, from the power
of the sword; thou shalt kéepe
us from the evill toong; and
when trouble commeth, we
shall not néede to feare. In destruction
and death we shall
be merrie: for the stones of the
land shall be confederate with
us, bicause the Lord of hosts is
our defense & refuge for ever.

Let us therefore put our
whole trust in him, rejoising
with melodie of thanksgiving
unto his majestie, who onelie
is true, and can helpe us with
deliverance. Let us lift up our
eies unto God, who hath all power; C12v
power; and therefore ought to
be feared. For whatsoever he
be that feareth man, more than
God, falleth into a snare, and
is destroied. As for all our
sinnes and transgressions,
thou requirest nothing of us,
O Lord God, but to turne
unto thée, and to obeie thy holy
word, following thy precepts
and commandements.

For thou saiest, O Lord,
those that honour thée, thou
wilt exalt; and whosoever despiseth
thée, sall be despised.
For thou preferrest to honour,
and puttest downe, according
thy blessed will. The wicked
when they féele thy heavie
hand, grudge at the same: but
the godlie humble themselves, and D1r 25
and crie for mercie. For thou
O Lord wilt not heare hypocrits,
but those that praie unto
thée with an unfained faith,
and true repentance. For the
praier of the faithfull is a barre
to staie thine anger, that thou
consume not all.

Thy mercie is so great towards
thine, that thou wilt not
destroie them for their sinnes,
but correct and chasten them,
till thou have purged and pardoned
them. Thy favour O
God is cause of all prosperitie,
and thine anger of all adversitie.
For thy care is so much over
thine, that thou wilt cause
thier verie enimies to preserve
them. It lieth in thy
mightie power, to governe D.i.the D1v
the hearts of all, thou O God
preferrest and preservest them,
which are zealous of thy glorie,
and have a care and love towards
their brethren: as for
them that forget thée in prosperitie,
who art the giver of all
good things, they procure to
themselves utter perdition.
For thou dost cast them behind
thy backe; but thy loving
countenance dooth comfort the
troubled, that patientlie wait
on thée, constantlie putting
their trust in thy mercie.

In this world is continuall
trouble and disquietnes: in
heaven is perpetuall rest. Yet
manie there be, who love this
world, that could content
themselves, for lacke of faith, that D2r 26
that are loth to loose things
certein for things uncertaine.
But thy faithfull know, throgh
faith, that when in this world
the daie passeth awaie, then
commeth the night & darknes:
but in heaven all is there but
one daie eternall, a life everlasting,
which endureth for ever,
which the soule of the righteous
shall enjoie, through thy mercies
O God, bicause in this
world they walked before thée;
of which number make me
one, for his sake that died for
me; to whom with the Father
and the holie Ghost,
be given all honour
and praise, world
without end,

d.ij. II. A

11. A praier wherein the
bountifulnes of God is confessed
and praised.

O God eternall, the
giver of all felicitie,
whose love is
like the evening
and morning raine upon the
earth, whose mercies cannot
be numbered, whose wisdome
and divine providence is such,
that it reacheth from one end
of the earth unto an other:
most mightilie and lovinglie
dooest thou order all things.
Thy bountifulnesse, Lord, to
all mankind, is so manfest,
that no reasonable creature
can saie, but that he hath tsted thereof: D3r 27
thereof: for what good thing
hath man that he hath not received
of thée?

Thou art good to all men,
but speciallie to those that
have an upright conscience,
and straight heart, a mind not
bowing downe to carnall and
temporall things, but aspiring
unto heavenlie and eternall
things: for it is not enough, O
God almightie, to praise thée
with mouth, except our whole
hart agrée there unto, framing
our life unto the same; for whosoever
dooth otherwise than
thou hast commanded, dooth
pollute thy name. Wherefore
give us grace to feare thée,
and to obeie thy holie word.
Give us also a mind to praise d.iij.thée D3v
thée for thy benefits past, that
therby our minds may be
strengthened against all perils.
When I have grace, O
Lord, to take thée for my defense
& trust, I shall perceive
thy protection to be a most
sure safegard unto me. For
though I have not altogither
hitherto known thy Majestie,
as I ought to doo; yet I
most humblie thanke thée
Lord, that I went not from
thée; but did cleave fast to thée
by faith.

Though I had almost slipped
and fallen from thée, yet I did
not forsake thée. And thou full
mercifullie knowing my good
will towards thée, didst hold
me up by my right hand, as thou D4r 28
thou didst Peter, when he was
in jepardie of drowning; thy
goodnesse brought me to the
knowledge of mine infirmitie,
thy grace called me from
mine error into the right
waie, thou savest me as thou
didst Lot and his house, thou
didst lead me with thy counsel,
preserving my weakenesse in
this present life. Wherefore
my trust is, that thou wilt not
take thy spirit from me, but
wilt receive me into glorie: for
thy favor hath béen my guide.

Thy grace dooth direct me in
all my dooings, by which I am
that I am, and thy grace held
me still through faith. Wherefore
my trust is, that thou wilt
not leave me, but bring me to d.iiij.thy D4v
thine everlasting rest. What
wretched foole therefore was
I, to desire of thée, temporall,
fraile, and deceitfull prosperitie
and pleasure; knowing by
faith, that thou hast prepared
for me, and for all faithfull that
love thée, such rewards as neither
eie hath séene, eare hath
heard, nor hart can imagine?

What is ther then that is ordained
for me? Even thou thy
selfe Lord, and the fruition of
thy perfect Godhead, wherein
is included all the joie that
may be devised, a treasure that
is immortall, it indureth pleasant
for ever. Shall I then be
so mad, to desire of thée most
mercifull God, worldlie honor,
pleasure, ease, or riches, more D5r 29
more than is requisite for this
present life? Should I desire
of thée that lovest me, those
gifts, wherewith thou rewardest
thine enimies?

The most wicked upon the
earth have these trifles of thy
great goodnes and liberalitie,
but there is nothing upon the
earth that I desire save onelie
thée. The swéetnes of thy goodnes
hath made all evill to
cease in me: for thou Lord art
becom the strength of my hart,
thou art my portion for ever,
thou art my reward thine
owne selfe, wherwith my hart
is sufficed. For thou art the
verie life it selfe, in whom whosoever
beléeveth, shall live everlastinglie,
and shall not d.v. come D5v
come into damnation.

Wherefore it is good for me,
to hold me fast by thée, to draw
néere unto thée by faith, from
whence good works doo spring
towards my neighbour, and
then to put my hope and trust
wholie in thée, as in a sure and
unmooveable altar, from
whence no blast of winds of
temptation shall drive me.
Through hope I trust to to be delivered
from a corruptible bodie,
into thy heavenlie glorie:
and this by patience I now
abide and looke for. Wherefore,
whilest I live, I will not
cease to declare and set foorth
all thy noble works, which thou
hast wrought, to thine honor
and praise, and to the profit of them D6r 30
them that shall professe the
same Christs religion, while
the world indureth. As for me,
I have none other refuge but
thée, in whom my conscience
dooth rest: for thou O God hast
humbled me by affliction, that
I should crie unto thée, and receive
the fruit of thy promise:
which grant O father, sonne,
and holie ghost, to me and all
thy church to aspire unto, Amen.

12. A praier for grace
and repentance.

O Lord God, we are
ashamed, & dare
not lift up our
eies unto theée our God; D6v
God; for our wickednesse is
gone over our head, and our
trespasses are waxen so great,
that they reach up unto the
heavens. Since the time of
our fathers, we have sinned &
trespassed against thée, even
unto this daie: and now our
God, what shall we saie? Continuallie
doo we forsake thy
commandements, and harden
our harts in misbeléefe: but
thou O God open our eies, to
behold thée with a stedfast
faith; & the eares of our harts,
to heare thy words, and to understand
them, that we may
know thée the onlie true God,
and Jesus Christ whome thou
hast sent; for whose sake heare
us, O déere Father, and send thy D7r 31
thy holie Ghost, to confirme
this faith in us evermore. To
whom, with thée O Father,
& thy son our onlie saviour, be
all honor and glorie, power
and dominion, now and for
ever, Amen.

13 A praier wherein wee
desire the life to come.

O most high & mightie
prince of power,
Lorde of
hosts, God and
Lord of the heavenly armie of
angels, that are thy ministers:
when I consider the greatnes
of thy mightie Majestie, I am
so rapt with the desire thereof,
that my hart and my flesh reioi- D7v
rejoiceth in nothing but in
thée alone, that art the living
God. All earthlie tabernacles
and worldlie goods I nothing
estéeme, when I behold thine
everlasting felicitie, which although
I sée now but darkelie
as in a glasse; I hope to sée
thée face to face.

Grant me therefore O Lord,
whilest I am in this tabernacle,
to build upon faith, which
is the altar of thée that art the
Lord most mightie, my king
and my God, upon which we
give unto thée sacrifice, laud
and praise in the unitie of thy
faithfull Church, whereof thy
Sonne Christ is the sure rock.
The faithfull build on this
foundation. Blessed are they Lord D8r 32
Lord therefore, that dwell in
thy house, who have occasion to
praise thée. They are replenished
with aboundance of all
things that they desire, they
are made like unto thée, they
sée thée, even as thou art; of
which sight they shall never be
fullie satisfied: such joie and
love shall they conceive of the
sight of thy glorious majestie.

But to this beatitude can
we not atteine, mercifull God,
of our owne strength and
power; but through the helpe
of thy gratious assistance.
Thou must ingrave in our
harts thy lawes, and direct us
in thy waies; and when we are
brought to thée by the right
waie, we must be continuallie aided D8v
aided by thy grace, that thou
maiest staie and kéepe our féet
from slipping. Who so trusteth
to his owne strength or power,
or to the helpe of man, is
much deceived, and leaneth to
a rotten statte: contrariwise,
he that putteth his trust in thy
gratious power, wanteth never
succor at néed.

Thou hast put us into this
present world, to fight and to
strive with our enimies, who
doo continuallie assault us; but
thy grace maketh us able to
repell all their invasions. Thou
sufferest us not to be tempted
above our strength, and for
our triumph thou rewardest
us with a crowne of glorie and

The D9r 33

The ungodlie fall from thée,
descending downeward from
one vice to an other: but thy
faithfull and elect increase dailie
in godlines. For of thée
Lord commeth all our power
and strength to doo good, and of
thy sonne Christ Jesus, our
maister, our teacher and governour,
who promiseth, that if
we wéepe and morne heare in
this vale of miserie for our
sinnes; we shall hereafter
laugh and be joifull in eternall

If we sowe with heavines,
we shall reap with gladnes;
if we persevere good & strong
champions héere in batell, we
shall for our reward behold thy
glorious face, in thy heavenlie man- D9v
mansion; we shall sée also thy
sonne Christ, who is thy wisedome,
and thy power, which
who so séeth, enjoieth all pleasures:
to sée that delectable
sight, our hearts doo much desire
of thée, that art the Lord of

For this we make humble
petition to thée, that art the
God of Jacob, who wrestled
with thine angel, and prevailed;
whose name thou diddest
change, and calledst him Israel,
that is, the fear or beholder
of God. Even so make me a
strong wrestler against mine
enimies in this world, that I
may after this life behold thy
incomprehensible deitie, to the
full contentation both of my soule D10r 34
soule and bodie.

We are much unworthie to
obteine anie thing of thée, considering
our unkindnes shewed
unto thée, and our wretched
estate: wherein we remaine.
Neverthelesse Lord, we praie
thée to be our defender and
protector, through thy grace;
not for our merits, but for the
merits of thy most entirelie
beloved sonne Christ, thine
onelie annointed above all other,
with the oile of joie and
gladnes. He is our head, we
are the members of his bodie:
he dwelleth in his faithfull,
and they in him. Who so receiveth
anie of his elect, receiveth
him. He was incarnate for us,
suffered death for us, bare our in- D10v
iniquities on his backe, and
rose againe for our justification.

Wherefore we doubt not,
but that through the infusion
of thy grace, thou wilt looke upon
him in us, and shewe us
mercie for his sake; that we
may have aboundance of
grace through him, and casting
all the vanities of this world
behind our backes, we may
enter into the court of thy
bright heavenlie Jerusalem,
where one daies abiding is
better than a thousand in this
wretched world.

John Baptist (as witnesseth
our Saviour) was the greatest
and most perfect upon
earth: yet (said he) the least in the D11r 35
the kingdome of heaven is
greater than he. Wherefore
most mightie Lord, thy faithfull
doubt not, whilst they are
here in this vale of miserie,
but that thou wilt ever assist
them, guide them, and blesse
them that put their whole trust
in thée, who art the living God,
and givest to thine aboundantlie
all things uncessarie
to this present life; and afterwards,
the fruition of thy
Godhead in heaven
eternallie, there to
dwell with thée

14. A

14. A praier for comfort
in trouble.

The chiefest comfort
that I receive
in this miserable,
wretched, & troublesome
world, O heavenlie
Father, and God almightie,
is, when I call to mind the
truth of thy great promises,
made to me in Jesus Christ,
for whose sake onelie I doo acknowledge
and confesse, that
thou art my mercifull and loving
Father, and so carest for
me through him, that nothing
is able to remoove thy grace
and favour from me. Wherefore
I come unto thée in humblenes
of hart, craving at thy boun- D12r 36
bountifull hands the assistance
of thy holie spirit, to suppresse
my wicked affections, that I
may with a stedfast faith obeie
thy most divine Majestie, in
thought, word, and déed. For
thou disposest all things most
wiselie, and preservest thy children
in their greatest dangers.
Wherefore thy holie
name be praised now and for
evermore, through Jesus
our Lord and Saviour,

15. A praier for the prosperitie
of the Church.

O most holie, glorious,
and blessed
trinitie, thrée persons
in one Godhead,head, D12v
by whose goodnesse all
creatures have their being,
whose eies behold althings, as
well that are past, as that are
to come, and are accoumpted
as present to thy mightie Majestie:
we thy poore faithful subjects
of the Church here militant
upon earth, shew foorth
our lamentable praiers, beséeching
thée pitifullie to behold
the miserable estate thereof,
which never had more néed of
thy godlie assistance than at
this present it hath.

The nature of man is so corrupt
and abhominable in wickednesse,
that none dooth good
upon the earth; for many there
be that despise God, & oppresse
the poore. Wherefore, Lord, we beséech E1r 37
beséech thée, to arise up for the
trouble sake of the oppressed,
and at the complaint of the
poore, helpe him, and set him
at rest.

Thy Sonne Christ is our
saving health, in whom who so
trusteth, resteth in suertie, and
cannot be deceived. Arise up
we praie thée mercifull God,
and cast us not away for ever;
comfort thy small flocke, to the
confusion of thine enimies;
and make us able, through thy
grace, to kéepe thy lawes,
which are pure; even as the
silver, which is from the earth is
tried and purified seven times
in the fire.

Thou art néere Lord unto
all, that in this life call upon E.j.thée E1v
thée faithfullie; and thou kéepest
them from all dangers: for
in the midst of this world, we
are in manie temptations
and vices, and in the companie
of the proud and wicked
people, and in manie tribulations.
We sée the vanities of
this world readie to moove us,
we suffer persecution; yet
thou kéepest us from desperation,
and thy grace preserveth
us, that they come not néere
us. Their entisements we estéeme
not, bicause we hope in
thy mightie power, who art
our defense in trouble.

Thy sonne Christ is the
strong rocke, in the which all
birds that build doo rest out of
jeopardie; to him all sinners maie E2r 38
maie flie for succour and comfort,
being holden by him, they
may be eased. This rocke the
divell cannot undermine nor
scale: no water of tribulation
can drowne those that build
on this rocke. Pharao king of
Aegypt, with a great host pursued
the children of Israel, but
he could not hurt them: thou
Lord wast their defense, and
diddest destroie all their adversaries.
Even so art thou
our defense, our hope, and our

Thou wilt compasse us about
with joifull deliverance.
The house of our bodies is environed
with enimies, but thy
providence will defend us out
of all dangers. Thou wilt informee.ij.forme E2v
us, and shewe us the
waie wherin we shall go. This
life is a pilgrimage, and a
jornie for us to travell in.
Thou art the end of our waie,
O God. Thou art the marke
that we shoote at, when we
come to our jornies end, in
thée Lord we hope to have rest.
Thou givest knowledge and
instruction by faith, that if we
passe well through this world,
we shall have joie everlastinglie:
to the which
bring us all, thou
Lord that diedst
for us all, Amen.

16. A E3r

16. A praier, that we may
be heard of God.

Thy hand is not
shortened, O Lord,
that it cannot help;
neither is thine
eare stopped, that it will not
heare: but our misdoings have
separated us from thée our
God, and our sinnes have caused
thy face to be hidden from
us. Our hands are defiled with
unrighteousnesse, our lippes
speake leasings, our toongs
doo set out wickednesse. No
man regardeth righteousnes,
and none judgeth truelie: everie
one hopeth in vaine
things, and imagineth deceit, e.iij.con- E3v
conceiveth wearines, & bringeth
foorth evill. For our offenses
are manie before thée, and
our sinnes doo testifie against
us, and we acknowledge that
we have doone amisse, transgressing
and dissembling against
thée, Lord, and fallen awaie
from our God, using presumptuous

Neverthelesse, thou art our
God, and everlasting father,
our nourisher and defender,
which wouldest not the death
of a sinner, but mercifullie receivest
all those, that with repentant
harts come unto thée.
And now we set our eies and
face towards thée, lifting up
our hearts unto thy mercie
seat, who hast promised to unlodelode E4r 40
us, whensoever we come
unto thée. Heare us therefore,
and forgive us all our offenses,
which we have committed,
from the time of our birth, untill
this present houre. O blesse
us, and the works also of our
hands, that we may live and
praise thée, world without end,
through Jesus Christ our Lord
and saviour, Amen.

17. A praier against the
enimies of the church.

The sure ships, O
Lord, fléete in the
sea under their
sailes, and passe
through the stormie tempests
without drowning: so doo thine e.iiij.elect, E4v
elect, O God almightie, passe
through the fearefull perils of
all their enimies in this world,
by the meanes of thy ship the
church, and the true faith thereof;
of which ship our Saviour
Christ is the sterneman, the
guide, and the sure anchor, to
be cast in all necessities, who so
trusteth in him, shalbe brought
to the faire haven of perfect

Who so kéepeth him within
the boords of his faithfull
ship, néedeth not to feare the
dreadfull dragon, that sturdie
strong Leviathan, to whose
power no power on earth may
be compared: for he is so mad,
that he feareth nothing: he is
king over all the children of pride. E5r 41
pride. This is the Lucifer, that
fell downe from heaven; he is
the serpent that deceived in
paradise, and brought death to
all mankind.

Neverthelesse, when thy
faithfull people are penitent
for their offenses, resist his
temptations, and followe thy
lawes, putting their whole
trust in thée and thy blessed
sonne, then doo they mock and
deceive him; as Christ did
with his humanitie, which
when he thought to devoure, by
tempting the Jewes to put
Jesus to death, he was tripped
in his owne turne, and taken
into bondage by the vertue of
Christs divinitie. And whensoever
we that be his faithfull, e.v.be E5v
be caught (as this our enimie
thinketh) in his danger, we
turne to our head Jesus Christ
for refuge, and by his helpe doo
vanquish him.

Great, good Lord, is thy
mercie and goodnes, that suffereth
not thy faithfull to be
tempted above their strength;
but in the midst of their temptation
makest a waie for them
to escape out. The enimie hath
no power of himselfe, but as
thou sufferest him; he, with all
other creatures, hang upon
thy will & commandements:
all wait on thée, that thou
maist give them meate in due
season; when thou givest it
them, they gather it.

Thy works Lord are mercie and E6r 42
and forgivenes; thou art our
justice, whereby thou makest
us just, which before were most
wicked sinners; thou makest
us thine humble creatures, to
trmble for feare of thy mightie
power and justice: our
pride thereby is abated. We
account the good deedes, which
we have doone, to be of thy
gifts and goodnesse; nothing
presuming of our owne fraile
power: for we knowe that thy
holie spirit resteth upon those
that have a lowly troubled spirit,
and dooe stand in awe of
thy word.

The proud and stifnecked
people dooest thou touch with
scorpions and punishments,
& then they come to the knowledgeledge E6v
of thy Majestie; then
will they saie as Nabucadonosor
said, after his punishment;
Honour and praise be
unto thée O God of heaven,
whose power endureth alwais,
and thy kingdome from
one generation to another.
Then shall they be driven to
praise thy mightie Majestie,
as thou art worthie.

Cruell Saule was touched
of thy hand, and became Paule
a welbeloved apostle, through
the helpe of thy grace, and laboured
more aboundantlie
than all other of thine apostles;
such is the power of thy gratious
influence. This thy noble
grace send me, most mercifull
God, whereby I shall have a louing E7r 43
loving desire to honour thée, to
praise thée, my God and saviour,
so long as I have anie
being, I will not cease to confesse
my sinnes to thée, and to
lament mine iniquities: then
shall my words be plesant and
acceptable to thée.

And as I joie wholie in thée,
that art my creator; and in
thy sonne, which is my redéemer:
so shalt thou also delight
in me that am thy poore creature
and handie worke, granting
me the fruit of thy sonnes
passion, which he suffered for
my redemption: to whom,
with thée O Father, and the
holie Ghost, be all honour and
glorie, all power and dominion,
now and for evermore, Amen,men, E7v

18. A praier of the afflicted

O Lord God, thou
art just, and all thy
works and waies
are mercie & truth
and thou judgest trulie for evermore;
remember me, and
looke on me O Lord God, and
punish me not according to
my sinnes, or mine ignorance;
but deale with me as it séemeth
best unto thée. And now,
O Lord, worke thy will in
me, and command my spirit
to be received in peace, that I
may be dissolved of this fowle
fleshie masse, thorough the which E8r 44
which I doo nothing but offend
thée my Lord God.

Yet neverthelesse, if it be thy
blessed will, to give me longer
life in this vale of miserie;
forgive me all my sinnes for
Christs sake: for thou art a
mercifull God, slowe to conceive
wrath, and most readie
to forgive. Wherefore extend
thy favour upon me, O Lord,
which shall confirme the faith
of others. Though I deserve
destruction, yet let thy mercie
pittie my frailtie: for thou art
great, O Lord, for evermore,
and thy kingdome is world
without end.

Thou scourgest and healest,
thou leadest unto hell, and
bringest backe againe: and there E8v
there is none that may escape
thy hand. O give thanks unto
the Lord ye children of men,
for there is none holie, but he;
none almightie, but thou O
Lord God. Thou hast chastined
us for our misdéeds, and of
thine owne mercie sake thou
hast saved us: wherefore thée
will we feare and dread, and
magnifie the everlasting king
in his works.

As for me and my soule,
whilest I live will I praise thy
Majestie; as long as I have
anie being. For ever since I
was borne, thou hast given
me great cause to praise thée,
for thou hast béene the defense
of my just cause. Heare now
my vehement praier, my secretcret E9r 45
complaint, and my sighes
which I make before thée this
daie, into whose holie hands I
commit my bodie and soule:
for thou hast redéemed me, O
thou God of truth, Amen.

19. A praier of the justice
of God, and for the assistance of
Gods spirit, with an invocation
upon the

O Lord I confesse
thou dooest not punish
me without
my deserts, & therfore
I will never accuse thée of
rigour, as the wicked doo: for
I acknowledge that when
thou laiest thy hand heavie uponon E9v
anie, there is just cause why
thou shouldest so entreat them.
We are occasion of our owne
perdition, and can pretend no
ignorance to excuse us withall:
for thou O God callest us
by thy word and works, to follow
vertue, and flie vice; which
if we bend our selves unto, depending
onelie upon thée, thou
hast promised to be our schoolemaister
and protectour.

Thy providence, O God,
dooth not onelie watch over
thy church in generall, but also
over everie member thereof:
for thy word, O Lord, is easie
to find, if we have a desire
thereunto, if we be not blinded
by the prince of this world.
Thou most mightie hast powerer E10r 46
both of land and sea, stretch
foorth thy mercifull hand to
helpe them up that sinke, to
kéepe them up that stand; for
thou art above all, and over all
kingdomes of the earth. Thou
hast made the heaven and

Lord bow downe thine care
and heare, Lord open thine
eies and behold. Our true refuge
and succour in all temptations
and dangers is; to flie
unto thée by most earnest praier.
Thou wilt not here, O Lord
God, for manie words sake, or
often repetition, but thou doost
consider our faith and fervent
mind: for thou doost looke upon
the heart of man, and not
upon the outward appearance.

It E10v

It is great gréefe, O Lord,
unto thy children, when they
sée not the fruits of their praiers,
which causeth them to
thinke, that thou hearest not:
yet doost thou but defer them,
to cause them to praie more
earnestlie and often. For
when there séemeth to mans
judgement to be no recoverie,
but all things are brought to
despaire, then thou O God
doost shew thy mightie power,
there is nothing doone without
they providenrce and decrée.

Wherefore I will call upon
thée with a stedfast faith, being
assured of thy mercies; bicause
I have found thy helpe at néed
in my most danger: for thou
never forsakest them that put their E11r 47
their trust in thée, bicause of
nature thou art verie mercifull.
Therefore the faithfull reverence
thée, and are bold to
approch néere thy mightie Majestie;
most humblie beséeching
thée, for Jesus Christ his sake,
that thou wilt cast all our
sinnes behind thy backe; and
give us thy grace and holie
spirit, to lead the rest of our
lives in thy feare, dooing alwaies
that is righteous in thy

For whosoever walketh in
his vocation, and hath the
light of God for his guide, néedeth
to feare no danger: thy
rodde and thy staffe shall alwaies
hold him up. Guide me,
O Lord, and give me the most pretious E11v
pretious gift of faith, which is
the head spring of all good
works. Baptise me inwardlie
with the holie Ghost, burne
and consume all vice in me,
inflame my hart with the love
of thée, and cast thy favour upon
me, O Lord and holie father.

So doo likewise O Christ
my Lord and Saviour, who
wast contented to put off all
thy glorie, that thou wast in
before the beginning of the
world, to take our nature upon
thée, and to suffer most bitter
passion upon the crosse for
our redemption. Wash me
with thy pretious bloud, and
make me a chosen vessell to
they selfe: give me a thankefull hart E12r 48
hart to praise thy name with
continuall thankesgiving for
thy great mercies. Come holie
spirit, inspire my hart with
the true knowledge of the father
and the sonne, procéeding
from them both; one God in
Trinitie, and Trinitie in unitie,
world without end, Amen.

20. A praier for faith
and grace.

Lord give me faith
and grace, that I
may be wounded
inhart to séeke unto
thée for mercie: for thou, O
God, hast taught us in thy holie
word to looke for aide and helpe E12v
helpe of thee in all perils, and
that thou art the onelie giver of
victorie in all temptations of
our enimies, bodilie & gostlie.
For when thou givest sentence
against the wicked, they must
néeds confesse thée to be just,
and themselves sinners. For
thou O God, which lovest
purenes of hart, & maiest justlie
destroie man, who is by nature
a sinner: much more wilt
thou laie thine hand upon
them, whom thou hast instructed
in thy heavenlie wisdome.
Thy favour O God, is the
fountaine of all prosperitie, for
thou O Lord doost still behold
us. Thée will we reverence,
in what place soever we be.

Helpe me therefore, O Lord God, F1r 49
God, in my good purposes,
and holie worshipping, or serving
of thée; and grant unto
me to make a perfect enterance
and beginning in thée;
for I have bin an unprofitable
servant hitherto. O Lord
give me a mind never to shew
my selfe unthankful for all thy
benefits: for thou art the God,
which ever hath béene and shall
be; the God almightie, by
whom all thinges have their
being; full of mercie, mindfull
of thy promise. Who so
séeketh any other than thée, O
Christ, in whom dooth rest onlie
the salvation of our soules;
that creature shal find nothing
but miserie and sorrow. Wherfore
Lord make me rich in thy F.i.fauour F1v
favour and grace, conducting
me by thy power. Craft in
me a full trust in thy promises
for my deliverance, make me
one with thée in everlasting
love, that when it shall please
thée to call me out of this miserable
world, I may live with
thée and my Saviour Christ,
who died for me and all people:
whose name, with thée
O Father, and the holie
Ghost, be praised
now and for evermore;


21. A
F2r 50

21. A praier of the creation
of mankind, of the true Samaritane,
& for strength
against temptation.

O father of heaven,
of power almightie,
which with
thine onlie word
diddest create and make all
the whole world, and all for the
profit & service of man, whom
thou diddest create of all other
a most noble and perfect creature,
giving him power upon
earth, the waters, and all the
fowles and birds of the aire;
thou madest him also after
thine own similitude and likenes,
induing him with a f.ij.reaso- F2v
reasonable soule, and all the
powers thereof, thou also diddest
put him in the pleasant
garden of paradise, excepting
nothing from him, but the eating
of the onelie trée of knowledge
of good and evill: and
further, for his helpe, comfort,
and companie, of a ribbe of his
side thou madest for him a woman,
and gavest hir to him to
be his wife.

There had they instructions
given them, and the lawe of
life for an heritage. Before
them was laid both life and
death, good and evill, with a
fréewill given them to take
which liked them best. But
their frailtie was such, that
they, through a small intisement,ment, F3r 51
chose the evill, and left
the good: they left life, & chose
death. Thus Lord, through sin,
& breaking of thy commandements,
man lost the fréewill
that was given him in his
creation, and purchased death
to all his posteritie.

In the waie as he went to
Jerusalem and Jericho, he fell
in the hands of théeves, who
hurting and wounding him
sore, departed, leaving him
halfe dead; so that he could
have helpe of none, but only of
the good Samaritan, who, as
he passed by the same waie,
powred wine and oile into his
wounds, and tooke the cure of

This onlie Samaritan was f.iij.thy F3v
thy deare Sonne Christ, which
tooke upon him all the iniquities
of mankind, and laid them
on his backe by his death, purging
and clensing him, not onlie
from the originall sin of our
father Adam, but also from
all our sins which we commit
from time to time, by the vertue
of his passion, and the sacrament
of baptisme upon
our repentance. For as by
Adam, death came to mankind,
so by Jesus Christ was
mankind restored to life.

For this great and high benefit
of thy sonnes blessed passion
for our redemption, we
thy poore creatures praise and
thanke thée, most humblie acknowledging
his inestimable loue F4r 52
love towards us, in that thou
vouchsafedst to die for us, being
then sinners, & thy mortall
enimies. Neverthelesse, most
mercifull father, we are of our
selves not able to do any thing
that good is, no not so much as
to thinke a good thought, without
thine aid and assistance.
We wander here miserablie,
in the lowe parts of the vile
earth; our strength will not
serve us to clime to the high of
the hilles, where thou dwellest
in thy mount Sion, a place
prepared for thine elect, a chosen
inheritance of thy faithfull
servant Abraham, and his

Wherefore since we, being
burthened with the affects of f.iiij.world- F4v
worldlie pleasures, and also
with other cares and troubles,
can by no meanes ascend to
thée, that art on the top of so
high a mountaine, (so manie
legions of angels attending
on thy Majestie) we have no
remedie, but with the prophet
David now to lift the eies of
our harts and minds towards
thée, & to crie for helpe to come
down from thée to us thy poore
and wretched servants.

We wander here below, as
lost shéepe, having no shepheard;
we are assailed on everie
side with manifold enimies;
the divell ravening and
hungering, séeketh whom he
may devoure; the world allureth
us also to hir deceitfull vanities;nities; F5r 53
our flesh also, which we
carrie about us, is our enimie
readie and prone to drawe us
unto all vices and pleasures.
From this can we by no
meanes be defended, but by
thée Lord.

Send us therfore thy helpe
and holie angell, to assist and
strengthen us: for of thée most
mercifull Father floweth all
bountie and goodnes. Thou O
Lord God madest heaven and
earth for thine honour, and
mans commoditie; establish
therefore good Lord the chosen
works of thy hand with thy eternall
helpe: from heaven
send us downe the welspring
of thy grace, and thy strong
angell to aide us by his helpe, f.v. that F5v
that no assault of our spirituall
enimies doo prevaile against
us: but from all evils by thy
word defend us, Lord, both
touching the bodie, and also the
soule, that no temptation prevaile
against us.

Thou hast béene our protectour,
even from our mothers
wombe; and our trust is that
thou wilt so continue all the
daies of our life, and speciallie
at the houre of our death, that
we may ascend to the heavenlie
Jerusalem, where we shall
reast in the bosome of our father
Abraham, the father of all
faithfull beléevers, there to
praise thée, and thy loving
Sonne, and the holie Ghost,
world without end, Amen.

22. A
F6r 54

22. A praier and thankesgiving
unto God, for his manifold
gifts, with an acknowledgment
of our sinne, and
pardon for the

O praise the Lord
our God for ever,
and let us give
thanks unto the
name of his glorie, which excéedeth
all other thankesgivings
and praises: for thou art our
God alone, thou hast made the
heaven of all heavens, with
all the hoste of them; the earth,
and all the creatures, which
live by thée; the sea, and all
that move therein: thou preserveth
them all through thine omni- F6v
omnipotent power. For the
which all the host of heaven
praiseth thée, and we thy poore
children here on earth doo crie
unto thée; Holie, holie, holie,
art thou, which ever was, and
ever shall be, O Lord God of

Thou hast made good all thy
words and promises, for thou
art righteous and true, and
hast considered the miserie of
our forefathers: for they were
stubborne against thée, not regarding
thy precepts and
commandements, neither
were mindfull of thy wonderous
works that thou diddest
for them, whose footesteps we
are prone and readie to follow
in all ungodlines, in these our daies: F7r 55
daies: but thou O Lord art
mercifull, patient, and of
great goodnes, and forsakest
us not, whensoever we returne
unto thée.

Wherefore, O Lord, heare
us from heaven, and forgive
us all our unthankefulnes, and
give us faithfull hearts to followe
thy commandements;
which if we doo, we shall live in
them. For it is not in mans
power to order his owne
waies, nor to rule his owne
steps or goings: therefore chasten
thou us, O Lord, but with
favor, not in thy wrath. Bring
us not utterlie to naught, for
we have none other saviour,
neither can we helpe our
selves; for by our salvation thy F7v
thy name shall be praised.

Therefore Lord helpe us, séeing
that of thy mercie thou
hast made us a most deare posession
unto thée, and we
through our sinnes are worthilie
punished. Declare againe
thy love, and finish the
worke that thou hast begunne
in us; so shall we live and
praise thy holie name for
ever & ever, through
Jesus Christ our
Lord and redéemer,

23. A
F8r 56

23. A praier wherein the
hart poureth out it selfe before
God, with humble submission
and christian lowlines
in divers considerations.

The most pleasant
thing that I can
offer unto thy majestie,
O Lord, is
to give thée a thankfull heart
for all thy benefits, and to be
inwardlie sorie that ever I did
anie thing which should offend
thée; then, to mortifie the concupiscence
of the flesh, to put
off the old Adam, and put on
Christ; to leave to be carnall,
and to become spirituall.
Wherefore I will call on thy holie F8v
holie name, for thy gratious
aid and assistance; to helpe me
and strengthen me in these
my good purposes, not doubting
but thou wilt most gratiouslie
heare me.

My heart and my whole bodie,
I offer willinglie unto thy
service, which although it be of
small value indéed; yet I doo
not mistrust but it shall be accepted
in thy sight: as was the
offring of two mites, which the
poore woman threw into the
treasurie at Jerusalem, which
small summe of hir povertie
thou diddest more estéeme and
praise, than all the great gifts
of the rich men.

I humblie beséech thy highnesse
to accept this gift of my poore F9r 57
poore soule & bodie, which is a declaration
of my loving mind
towards thée; and vouchsafe
Lord so to worke in them by
thy grace, that they may will
and worke that which may be
acceptable in thy sight: so that
I may truelie performe my
vowes made unto thée, by kéeping
thy lawes and commandements
with my whole hart,
which I and everie true christian
professe to kéepe. For whosoever
he be that breaketh but
one of them, is guiltie of all.

It is not in mans power to
turne to thée O God, but thy
worke onelie to convert us:
for we consider thy Majestie,
and the weaknesse of our sinfull
flesh. Thy mercie worketh in F9v
in us sorrowe and repentance
for our former life. All things
are governed by thy providence
O God; if thou blesse us,
all creatures shall favour us.
Let thy holie spirit counsell
me how to come foorth of this
carefull and troublesome life,
that I may hide my selfe under
the shadowe of thy wings,
where I know I shall be defended
by thy power, which
shall be a signe of thy fatherlie
care towards me. Wherefore
I will resigne my selfe wholie
unto thée, trusting in thy protection.

Thou O God art onelie the
true felicitie, to heale me thou
art able, and to raise me to life,
though I were dead long ago, and F10r 58
and turned to dust. For I acknowledge
thée to be almightie,
and that there is nothing
done on earth without thy will
and ordinance: wherefore I
will not trust to anie worldlie
helpe. In the daies of my trouble
thou kéepest covenant and
mercie with thy servants that
walke before thée with all their
heart; and though thou correctest
from time to time, yet thy
helpe will not be farre off, if
we returne to thée.

Thy mercie is great to poore
sinners; for thou art more readie
to pardon them with long
suffering, rather than to punish
them. Thou shewest favor
towards the fatherlesse, which
walke after thy commandementsments. F10v
as thou art God, and
creator of the soule and body so
wouldest thou have us serve
thée with both, and that thy
people be continuallie subject
unto thée. For the greater
gifts that we receive at thy
mercifull hands O Lord God,
and the higher that thou dooest
preferre us, the more are we
bound to praise thée for the
same. And though we be high
or lowe in degrée, yet can we
not be exempted from dooing
our duties.

Thou O God art the giver of
all good things: wherefore I am
readie to bestowe all that I
have at thy commandement.
Give me grace, O Lord God,
that I never provoke thée to anger F11r 59
anger by my sinnes, that thou
maist mitigate thy punishments
towards me, & strengthen
me with thy holie spirit,
that I may leade an upright
life, with true faith and repentance,
unto the glorie of thy holie
name, through Jesus Christ
our Lord, Amen.

24. A praier wherein the
afflicted person praieth against
his enimies, that God would
turne upon them his

O Lord God or our
fathers, helpe me
poore desolate creature,
I beséech
thée: for thou hast don althings from F11v
from the beginning; and looke
what thine everlasting counsell
hath devised, it came ever
to passe: for all thy waies are
prepared, and thy judgements
are doone in thine everlasting
foreknowledge. O looke thou
now upon mine enimies, and
bring to passe, O Lord, that the
pride of them may be cut
downe: for thy power standeth
not in the judgement of men.
For there was never proud
person that pleased thée; but in
the praier of the humble and
méeke hath thy pleasure béene

O thou God of the heavens,
thou maker and Lord of all
creatures, heare and helpe me
calling upon thée, and putting my F12r 60
my trust in thy mercie: for I
have none other helper but
thée O Lord God. Thinke upon
me, and shew thy selfe unto
me, in the time of my distresses
and troubles, strengthen
me with patience in all aversities.
Thou Lord of all power
knowest all things. O thou
mightie God above all, heare
the voice of them that have
none other hope but onlie thée;
deliver me out of the hands of
mine enimies, and make me
not a scorne unto the foolish.

Heare thou my God, for I
am despised; turne their
shame upon their owne heads:
for they are puft up with pride,
as the stomach that is choaked
with fat. O Lord of hosts, thou F12v
thou righteous searcher, which
knowest the reines and the
verie heart; let me sée them
punished, if it be thy will: for
unto thée doo I commit my
cause. For though they wickedlie
provoked me to doo evill
for evill, yet thy word kept
me backe: for I behaved my
selfe uprightlie towards mine
enimies. Therefore I humblie
beséech thée, let them knowe
that thou art the defender of
my just cause.

Let my persecutors be confounded,
but not me; thou shalt
bring upon them the time of
their plague, and shalt destroie
them right soone. Wherefore O
Lord my saviour, let the same
shame and confusion light uponon G1r 61
them, which they intended
to have brought upon me, and
bicause thou hast all things in
thy hands and power, thou
wilt spéedilie reward them after
their deservings: for the
deapth of thy providence governeth
all things, and disposeth
them as it pleaseth thée.

Good Lord make me not a
mocking stocke unto the wicked,
nor wrap me up with the
deceitfull, when they are put
to shame: for séeing my troubles
come of thy appointment,
I will with thy helpe indure
them with patience, for I put
not my trust in anie worldlie
thing, but in thée O God my
maker and defender. I will
serve thée with a pure affectiōon, G.j. and G1v
and with the godlie that worship
thée in spirit and truth:
which that I may the better
fulfil, blesse me with thy grace,
now and for ever, Amen.

25. A praier for the increase
of faith, wherein also the
unmeasurable love of God
the father is recorded.

O mercifull God,
that art so good
and loving a Father,
make me
heire of thy heavenlie kingdome,
with thy blessed sonne
Jesus Christ; increse my faith
in thée O Lord, that I may
most faithfullie beléeve all that
thou hast commanded in thy holie G2r 62
holie word: for whatsoever is
not of faith, the same is sinne.
Faith is the sure and perfect
foundation of all christian religion,
wherby they faithfull hope
surelie, that all thy promises
made unto them of thy méere
goodnes and liberalitie, shall
surelie, and undoubtedlie be
fulfilled. Heaven and earth
shall perish, rather than thy
word and promise shalbe unperformed.

By faith Abraham was justified,
and by faith he was readie
to make sacrifice of his onlie
begotten sonne Isaac. Upon
those that were faithfull did
our Saviour worke his miracles,
in so much that in his
countrie of Galilie he did not g.ij. ma- G2v
manie, bicause of their unbeléef.
And by this faith, with the
helpe of thy grace at this daie,
and to the end of the world, are
and shall all thy chosen people
be saved, and that fréelie, without
anie deserving of theirs.

And being fullie persuaded
by thy holie scripture, I
beléeve in thée my most mightie
God, thrée persons in one
essence, and in all things conteined
in thy holie word; and
the same faith I will not let to
confesse before all the world. I
will not doo as manie of the
Jewes did, which beléeved on
thy sonne, yet durst they not
boldlie confesse him, neither
make their faith known, least
they should have béene expelledled G3r 63
out of the synagog. They
more estéemed the glorie of
this world, they did estéeme
the glorie of God.

But through the helpe of thy
grace, Lord, I will speake nothing,
but that I firmlie beléeve,
and that which I doo beléeve;
I will by no meanes
hide, but speake boldlie: for I
know, that who so dooth confesse
thée before men, him wilt
thou confesse before thy father
which is in heaven. Faith causeth
me to love thée for thine
own sake, above all creatures.
Love causeth me to confesse
thée before all the world, and
for thy sake to worke towards
my neighbour, as thou hasste
commanded me. It is thy g.iij. grace G3v
grace that maketh man vertuous
and good, which grace is
the nurse of all good things: it
leadeth man from one vertue
to another; it kéepeth us from
falling, lifting us up againe
when we are fallen. Thy loving
kindnesse hath béen from
everlasting, and endureth for

What shall I give againe
unto thée O Lord, for thy manifold
benefits, that thou hast
doone unto me? Great cause
have I to be thankfull, when
I remember thy tender love,
shewed unto man, in his first
creation, next in power, wisedome,
knowledge, and understanding
to the nature of angels,
made also touching the soule G4r 64
soule like unto thine owne image;
which he through frailtie
did abuse: yet nevertheles,
thou of thy mercifull pitie, being
willing that this noble
worke of thine should not utterlie
be lost, diddest send thine
onelie begotten sonne to become
man, and wiledst him to
suffer death for mans redemption.

What more love could be
shewed than thou hast shewed?
what more could be doon to thy
vineyard than thou hast doone?
thy charitie was fervent to us
when we were all sinners; few
men would now die for their
righteous fréend, but thou sendedst
thy sonne to suffer death
for thine enimies, that were g.iiij. sin- G4v
sinners: yea, when we dailie
now doo fall still from thée, by
committing all kind of vices;
yet dooest thou mercifullie suffer
us, and gentlie receive us,
so oft as we do returne againe
to thée by repentance.

We forgive our neighbours
scarscelie one or twise, when
they displease us: but thou
Lord forgivest us, not seven
times, but seventie times seven,
that is, so often as we fal.
Even so willest thou us to forgive
one another. Wherefore,
Lord, reach unto me thy helping
hand, as thou diddest unto
Peter; and as he was thereby
made able to walke upon
the water, so shall I be able
thereby to performe thy holie lawe, G5r 65
lawe, which my hart is desirous
to doo in the presence of
all the congregation, that other
may take example by my
dooings, and glorifie thy Majestie
for thy noble gifts.

Strengthen me, Lord, with
thy holie spirit; give me an
hart and will rather to choose
to suffer death, than to breake
anie of them: for right deare in
thy fight is the death of thy
saints. Thy name will I call
upon, and honour it all the
daies of my life. I will also,
as I have promised, fulfill my
vowes that I have made unto
thée. I will give up my selfe
to thée, as an oblation; and
séeing I am thy image, I will
declare unto the holie congregation,g.v. gation, G5v
how mercifullie thou
hast received me to thy grace.
I will honor thée in thy church
wherof I am partaker, through
the meanes of thy sonne Christ Jesus, my onelie Lord and saviour,

26. A praier unto God the
father, wherein the sinner openeth
his greefe of conscience.

O God I am not
worthie of the least
of thy mercies and
truth, which thou
hast shewed unto me thy servant:
for though thou hast, O
Lord assaide me with the one
hand, thou hast ever holden me vp G6r 66
up with the other: for thou art
ever present with us, to succor
us in our troubles. And if thou
O God diddest not open our
eies, we could neither sée, nor
use the meanes, which thou
hast set before us. As for me,
when thou openedst mine eies
and heart, I was readie to obeie
thée, being assured, that I
was written in the booke of
thine elect to this end: for thy
providence watcheth alwaies
to direct thy children, that they
slide not.

Wherefore now, O Lord,
call to remembrance the cares
and gréefes which we have
suffered; consider and sée our
confusion. Our inheritance
is turned unto strangers, we are G6v
are become carefull and fatherlesse;
our parents, which
now are gone, have sinned,
and we must beare their wickednesse.
Alas that they and
we have sinned so sore! Therefore
is our hart full of heavines,
but thou O Lord that remainest
evermore, and thy
seat world without end, doo not
forget us.

Let all the world sée thy
judgements, in that thou art
our God, and ruler over all:
which we will ever confesse,
bicause thou art so glorious;
and through thy mercifull aid
I will remaine stedfast, being
upholden by thy power O
God. For I have ever this
hope of conscience, that thou wilt G7r 67
wilt not impute unto me my
ignorance. Wherefore grant
unto me from hencefoorth, to
live in thy feare all the daies of
my life, and to end this pilgrimage
in faith and truth, to the
glorie of thy holie name. Which
grant us, O deare father, for
thy deare sonne Jesus Christs
sake, who is blessed with thée
O father. To whom with
thée, and the holie
Ghost, be given all
honour & praise,
world without
end, Amen.

27. A

27. A praier unto the sonne
of God, wherein the soule is comforted,
by the rehearsall of
Christs manifold

O my soule, inforce
thée with all thy
strength to set
foorth the noble
praises of the Lord thy God
and redéemer. Thou hast within
thée manie goodlie gifts of
nature and grace, which give
thée occasion never to cease
from giving of thanks. Forget
not these beneficiall gifts,
which he hath given thée: for of
forgetfulnesse commeth vn­
unthankefulnesse; which unkindneskindnes G8r 68
maketh thée not worthie
to enjoie that is given
thée. Consider my soule, first,
the miserable estate wherein
thou wast brought by sinne.

Thou wast the enimie of
God, the bond-servant of the
divell, and subject to death everlasting.
From this hath
thy mercifull brother Jesus
, being both God and
man, delivered thée, making
satisfaction for all thy sinnes,
through his death and passion.
What greater love could he
shewe, than to die for thée,
whereby he driveth awaie all
thine offenses.

If thou set before thine eies
the multitude of thy sinnes,
then shalt thou also behold the bene- G8v
benefits and goodnes of thy redéemer.
Give him therefore the
sacrifice of praise, and glorifie
him; for therein he delighteth:
not for his profit, but for thine;
not for that he is anie thing
thereby advanced, but that dooing
thy dutie by faith, thou
maist be made partakerof joie
everlasting with him.

And though he send thée manie
adversities in this world,
thinke that he loveth thée: for
if he did not, he would leave
thée to sinke in thine owne
sinne, to the utter losse both of
bodie and soule. But he hath
saved thy life from everlasting
destruction, he hath redéemed
thée with his most pretious
blood, he died for thy sinnes, and rose G9r 69
rose againe for thy justification.
Love him therefore my
soule, and magnifie him all the
daies of thy life. Put thy whole
affiance in him, and feare no
violence of enimies: for although
they assault thée, yet
can they not vanquish thée.

For he, that through his
mercie and loving kindnesse,
hath given thée power by him
to vanquish thine enimies;
will not faile, after thy fight
and victorie, to reward thée
with a crowne of glorie and
immortalitie. When death thy
last enimie shall be overcome,
the shalt thou be admitted to
the joifull companie of angels
and saints in heaven, there to
have more joie and comfort than G9v
than hart can wish. When the
glorie of the Lord shall appeare
then shalt thou be fullie satisffied,
to thy contentation. His
countenance shall replenish
thée with all joie.

Wherefore my soule, whilest
thou art in this present life, joined
with thy fraile and heavie
carcase, give thanks lovinglie
to thy gentle redéemer, for his
unspeakeable kindnesse. His
grce is readie at hand at thy
call, fight therefore manfullie
and mightilie, against all sinfull
concupiscence and vice;
put off the old man, and leave
all the works of darkenes; put
on the new man, & arme thée
with the armor of light.

Beginne a new life, and flie vnto G10r 70
unto Christ the strong tower
and sure rocke; leave all
worldlie pleasures and vanities,
and call for his grace, and
doubt not but he will make
thée live a new spirituall life,
and give thée immortallitie
both of soule and bodie in heaven
everlastinglie, where thou
shalt continuallie behold the
face of God, to the fulnesse of
all thy joie and contentation.

Stand fast in this hope, and
mistrust not the mercies of
God; call to remembrance
the ancient goodnes of thy heavenlie
father, which is all one
with the mercie of his sonne
and the holie Ghost. Behold
how mercifull and beneficiall
he hath ever bin to those that beléeue G10v
beléeve and trust in him. For
looke how high the heaven is
from the earth, so great is his
mercie also to them that feare

How much are we bound to
serve this our God in Christ,
by whom we have received redemption?
He is a God of all
gods, mightie and terrible,
which accepteth no persons,
nor taketh rewards. Thou doost
right unto the fatherlesse, and
helpest the stranger that is in
distresse. Come unto me most
loving God and saviour, helpe
and fight thou for me; let not
mine enimies have the victorie
over me.

Powre foorth thy grace upon
my corrupt nature, and I shall G11r 71
shall be purged from all wickednesse.
I am almost dead in
sinne; quicken me, and give
me life againe, sithence thou
art God the author of life and
health: for none can doo it but
thou alone, my God and saviour;
then shall my toong praise
thy righteousnesse, O Lord
God, without ceasing, Amen.

28. Another praier unto
the sonne, wherein the miseries
of this our mortall life
are remembred.

O most loving Lord
and Saviour Jesus
, that art
the verie naturall
sonne of the almightie heavenlielie G11v
father, God of God, light of
light, a God thou art without
beginning, a Lord from everlasting,
before the mountains
were brought foorth, or ever
the earth and the world were
made, whose kingdome likewise
shall endure world without
end. Thou Lord (I saie)
that art equall with thy father
in power and glorie, didest not
disdaine to become a man among
men, to the intent thou
wouldest by suffering painfull
passion, be the refuge of mankind,
from one generation to

The yoong chickens, when
the kite striketh at them, have
none other refuge but to run
dickering under the wings of the G12r 72
the hen: no more hath mankind
anie other defense against
his ravening enimies,
but onelie the covering of thy
grace, and the shadowe of thy
most pretious passion; which is
unto us a strong tower, and
sure shield of defense against
all invasions.

This grace, mercifull Lord,
we humblie beséech thée to
send us, that by turning thy
favourable countenance upon
us, we may knowe our owne
infirmities; and leaving all
pleasure in vile temporall
things, we may turne to thée
that art our Saviour, and redéemer,
our God and our brother.

Make us to knowe in what miserie G12v
miserie, in what trouble, and
in how manie kind of displeasures
we lead our lives here
continuallie, untill the time
that age or sicknesse commeth
upon us; at which time thou
wilt call us, saieng; Ye children
of Adam, returne ye now
againe into the earth from
whence ye came. This is the
debt due unto nature. Of
earth we came, in the earth we
travell, of earth we live, and
into earth we must returne againe.

For the life of man is to be
likened unto a night watchman,
that when his houre is
past, taketh his rest. Thus fareth
it by the life of man, who
first passeth awaie his childhood,hood, H1r 73
next in youth, the third in
manhood, the fourth in age,
which vanisheth awaie like
smoke that passeth awaie out
of the chimneie. For as soone
as men begin to live, they begin
to die; as soone as thy
plesure is, Lord, to have them,
they fade awaie suddenlie like
the grasse, which is in the morning
gréene, and growing,
and in the evening it is cut
downe and withered.

In youth we are pleasant
and merrie, lustie and strong,
springing up gréene as dooth
the corne: but when harvest
commeth, it ripeth, and withereth,
and is cut downe. When
age commeth, the body of man
drieth awaie; then death overtakethH.j. taketh H1v
us. Al this remembred,
who can take anie comfort?
who can be merrie, that remembreth
the last end? for we
bring our yeares to an end, even
as a tale that is tould.
Wherefore teach us, mercifull
Christ, to number our
daies, that we may applie our
harts unto wisedome.

Give us grace to have in
remembrance the short daies
of our life, with the dangerous
passage of our time in this
world: so that having no trust
or affiance in the uncertaintie
thereof, we may wholie applie
our selves to the contemplation
of thy heavenlie wisdome;
that we may consider earnestlie
thy goodnesse shewed unto vs H2r 74
us, who art the power and the
wisdome of God thy father.

Behold Lord our hartie repentance
for our sinnes, we
beséech thée, turne thy mercie
and loving kindnesse unto us,
be gratious to us that are thy
servants: for although we fall
often times from thée, through
frailtie of our nature; yet we
forsake thée not utterlie, but
return to thée, as the prodigall
sonne returned to his father
after long absence, & wa received
& well accepted of. We
are thy servants, redie to serve
thée by the helpe of thy grace.

Heare therefore our humble
petition, which is, to crave thy
mercie and grace: with the
same satisfie my soule, most h.ij. grati- H2v
gratious Lord, for the which
all thy faithfull doo sore hunger
and thirst, so long as they abide
in this life, but they shall be
perfectlie and faithfullie most
fullie satisfied, when thy glorie
shall be manifest unto them in
thy heavenlie habitation.

Then shall we rejoise and be
glad all the daies of our life.
With that joifull daie comfort
us, good Lord, in recompense
of the yeares wherein we have
suffered much adversitie. Let
thy grace shine upon us, let it
ever assist us, O mercifull Jesus,
which art the bright light of
God thy father. Then shall we
prosper in this world, and after
follow thée the lambe, wheresoever
thou goest: which grant for H3r 75
for thy mercie sake. To thée,
with the Father, and the holie
Ghost, be praise and glorie,
now and for ever, Amen.

29. A praier unto the holie
Ghost, wherein his glorie
is confessed.

O Holie Ghost, thou
art my strength,
power, and refuge
in time of my
trouble: thou diddest helpe me
in my youth, when I had more
strength; helpe me now, good
Lord, so much the more in my
old age and weaknes, for the
depth of thy providence governeth
all things. Thou art the
Lord of life, whose throne is
most excellent, with God the h.iij. Fa- H3v
Father and the Sonne, which
dwellest in the place of our holie
rest. Thou art the comfort
of thine elect, and the sevenfold
disposer of the works of God.
All they that forsake thée shall
be confounded, and they that
depart from thée shall be written
in earth, bicause they have
forsaken the Lord of life.

Turne ye therefore all ye
sinners, and doo righteousnes
before God, and be ye sure that
his holie spirit will not depart
from you. For he did not refuse
the praier of Abraham,
when he was entreated for the
wicked Sodomites, if there
could have béene found ten
righteous in the citie: how
much more wilt thou grant the praiers H4r 76
praiers of the godlie, when they
call upon thée, either for themselves,
or for the preservation
of the church? Wherefore, bicause
thou art just, O Lord,
lead me out of the danger of
mine enimies: for unto thée
doo I make my praier, O thou
most high possesser of heaven
and earth. Be not terrible unto
me, O Lord: for thou art
God my comforter, in whom
I hope, when I am in perill.
O thou finger of God, touch
my heart, and unlose the same
from all worldlie vanitie.

Inspire me with thy grace,
that I may confesse the father
and the sonne, with thée O holie
Ghost, to be one God in
persons thrée, and everlasting h.iiij. in H4v
in unitie; who guidest and governest
the world, through thy
omnipotencie, whose mercies
be praised for all thy benefits,
in the world of worlds, now
and for evermore, Amen.

30. A praier in the remembrance
of death, wherein the vanitie
of riches is touched, and
the revelation and reward of
mens works is promised.

Make us, O Lord,
to remember our
end, whereunto all
men by nature
must come: then shall we never
doo amisse. Instruct our
harts in thy godlie wisedome,
that we may applie our time
according to thy holie worde
and will. Defend us from the snares H5r 77
snares of our wicked enimie
the divell. Let us not be intangled
with the wicked
mammon of this detestable
world, nor boast our selves in
the multitude of our riches, for
they and we shall fade and fall
awaie, as the fresh flower
that kéepeth his colour and
swéet savour for a short space,
but the heate of the sunne maketh
it wither, his beautie to
perish, and his flower to fall awaie.
Even so shall it be with
all such as put their trust in
their riches; they shall perish
togither with their aboundance;
their goods maie serve
them here for a short space,
but no man can with monie
win his brother from death, or h.v. make H5v
make agréement unto God
for him, for it cost more to redéeme
their soules, so that they
must let that alone for ever.

Onelie thy sonne Jesus
was our redemption,
which price if it well not serve
the wicked, for that they end in
sinne, our saviour will not
paie for them a second death to
redéeme them withall, but
leve them to be tormented for
ever. Wherefore give us grace
Lord, that we may laie up our
riches in the hands of Christ,
the sure tresure house, that is,
in the hands of the poore; that
we may be sure to find it againe,
with greater gaine,
when we depart out of this
wretched world: so shall we lay vp H6r 78
up temporall things, and receive
againe eternall.

For if we will be rich in good
works, and readie to give and
to distribute, we shall laie up
for us a good foundation against
the time to come: contrariewise,
the wicked, which
are now here in great glorie;
whose dwelling is in the night,
their works are hid, and appéere
not; but at the great
judgement, when Christ which
is our life shall shew himselfe,
then shall the just appéere with
him also in glorie; then shall it
be cléere day light, all mens
works shall appéere as they be.

The trée that in the winter
sheweth no freshnesse, shall
then receive sap from the root, and H6v
& appéere beautifull, where the
flower and herbe that was in
sight pleasant for a while shall
wither awaie and fall. Then
shal the strength of the wicked
consume, hell shall be their
dwelling in perpetuall moorning.
Thus wilt thou destroie
all the ungodlie, yet have wée
a sure hope thou wilt deliver
our soules from the power of
hell, and receive us to thée by
grace, here in this world; and
after, when thou shalt come to
the last judgement, to take us
to thy selfe in glorie; that
where thou art, there may we
be with thée. For we are not
gréeved at the ungodlie, nor
afraid when they be made rich,
and the glorie of their houses increa- H7r 79
increased. We knowe that
their honour indureth but a
small season, & vanisheth awaie
as dooth the smoke; for
thou regardest them not: therfore
thou givest them things of
small estimation.

Abraham gave gifts to the
sonnes of his concubines, and
sent them awaie; but unto Isaac
he gave his possessions,
and all that he had: so Lord, to
the wicked thou givest temporall
things, but for thy faithfull
thou reservest thy everlasting
heavenlie inheritance. This
is a sure and permanent reward,
the otheer soone slippeth
awaie; their time here is but
short, and when they die, they
shall carrie nothing awaie with H7v
with them, neither shall their
pompe followe them. For
thou O Lord wilt drive them

As wax melteth at the heat
of the fire, so shall the ungodlie
perish at thy presence; then
shalt thou change their honour
into shame: for while they lived,
they were counted happie
men, and so long as they were
in prosperitie, men spake good
of them; but when they followe
their fathers generation, they
shall never sée light any more.
They were the children of Canaan,
come of a wicked progenie,
they have followed their
forefathers steps, their déedes
were evill, they loved darkenesse
better than light. Whereforefore H8r 80
they shall have everlasting
darknes with torments,
they shall have fire, but it shall
give them no comfortable

These paines are ordained
for them that were in honour,
and had riches in aboundance,
and did forget their estate, and
for lacke of knowledge were
led into captivitie. Wherefore
O good God, let us not be of
the number of them; but build
us upon thy blessed sonne Jesus
, the head corner
stone: in him whosoever is
builded, groweth unto an holie
temple in the Lord his
God. For of our selves we
have hard harts to beléeve, except
thou write thy law in our harts H8v
harts by they holie spirit. Now
is the acceptable time; Lord
let us find grace and favour
in thy sight, pardon our wickednes
and sinne, and take us
to thine inheritance, that we
may reigne with thée in glorie,
for ever and ever, Amen,

31. A praier that we may
heare the word of God
and keepe it.

I am thy servant,
Lord, give me understanding,
I may learne thy
lawe and decrées: incline my
soule to the words of thy
mouth, bicause thy talke flowetheth H9r 81
like unto dew. The Israelits
said unto Moses; Speake
thou unto us, and we will
heare thée, but let not the Lord
speake, least we die. Howbeit,
I praie not so, O Lord, but rather
with the prophet Samuel
I doo humblie and earnestlie
beséech thée thus; Speake on
Lord, for thy servant dooth
hearken, for thou art the giver
and inspirer of life, who art able
without anie to instruct

Thy Ministers speake for
thée thy secreates, but thou unlockest
the understanding of
the things pronounced; they
rehearse to us thy commandements,
but it is thy aid and
helpe that giveth strength to walke H9v
walke over the same, and givest
light unto the minds.
Wherefore, bicause thou art
the everlasting truth, speake
thou Lord my God unto me,
least I die, and be made unfruitfull:
for thou hast the
words of everlasting life.
Speake therefore that thing,
which may bring both comfort
unto my soule, and amendment
unto my life, and also
may cause glorie and immortall
honor unto thée. For man
dooth perish, but thy truth indureth,
O God, for ever.

Blessed are they therefore,
whom thou instructest and givest
knowledge unto O Lord,
and doost teach thy lawe, that
thou maist helpe them in time of H10r 82
of trouble, that they perish not.
Looke favourablie upon me,
O God, and grant (I praie
thée) that thy truth may teach
me, kéepe me, and bring me
unto a happie end. Let the
same deliver me from all wicked
lusts, and from inordinate
love. Thou hast infinit means,
and all creatures are at thy
commandement; therefore
good Lord shewe some signe,
whereby I shall be delivered,
and send thine holie angell before
me, to kéepe me in thy
waie, and to bring me to the
place which thou hast provided
for me, that I may live with
thée everlastinglie, world without
end, Amen.

32. A

32. A praier wherein the
word of God is praised, and what
things are thereby to be
wrought & accomplished,
his mercie and justice
also heare declared.

Grant me, good
Lord, to serve thée
with a perfect hart
and willing mind:
for thou Lord serchest the hart,
and understandest all our imaginations
and thoughts.
If we séeke thée, thou wilt be
found; but if we forsake thée,
thou wilt cast us off for ever.
If we depend onelie upon thée
O God, we shall not néed to
be troubled with these worldlie re- H11r 83
respects: for thou wilt give us
at all times that which shall be
necessarie for bodie and soule;
if we feare thée, and obeie thy
holie word, which thou wilt
have found true, and also magnified
for thine owne honour
and glorie, and for our commoditie.

Upon thée therefore will I
still call, trusting that thou
wilt shortlie heare and helpe
me; I will also call upon the
mightie name of thy sonne Jesus
, in whose name the
faithfull have and doo dailie
cast out divels from the possessed.
They have spoken and doo
speake with new toongs. And
though they drinke anie deadlie
thing, it shall not hurt them. H11v
them. By which also they are
procured to leave their wicked
minds, and divelish works, in
the which they before lead their

They speake thy holie word,
and also set foorth thy veritie,
leaving all lies and deceits.
They doo suppresse the old serpent
sathan, plucking out the
sting of his taile, wherewith
he was accustomed to wound
them. And if at anie time they
have consented to sinne, and
received his poison, this name
of our saviour shall kéepe them
from all hurts; because they
made invocation on his holie
name, which dooth purge them
cleane after their heartie repentance.
For thou O Christ wilt H12r 84
wilt deliver thine, though all
worldlie meanres faile. And
though we be committed by
tyrants unto temporall death,
yet through thée shall we vanquish
all our enimies: for the
death of thy saints is deare
and pretious in thy sight: they
néede not feare those that have
power onelie to kill the bodie,
but let us feare thy mightie
hand, which hast power to flea
both bodie & soule. This worldlie
death is a waie to bring us
from much trouble, to the haven
of everlasting health, into
the land of livers.

Neverthelesse Lord, of thy
justice let the unjust and
cruell enimies of the faithfull
stand in dread of thy stretched out H12v
out arme, wherewith in thine
anger thou wilt strike them.
Of thine infinite goodnes thou
sufferest long, abiding their
conversion; but after long forbearing
thou strikest verie
sore, throwing both bodie and
soule into the pit of hell, having
such measure of punishment,
as they gaine in this world.
For as thy mercies is unmeasureable,
so is thy justice unremooveable
to those that depart
this world in their wickednesse.

Make me, O Lord God, of
the number of those that be thy
faithfull children; let me not
waver nor fall from my hope,
but put on me the shield of
faith, that I may stronglie fight I1r 85
fight against my ghostlie enimie.
Grant me to vanquish
and overcome him, that after
triumphant victorie, I may
live and reigne with thée O
Father, Sonne, and holie
Ghost, thrée persons, and one
true and everlasting God;
through the merits & death of
thy Sonne my Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ, to the
which most glorious Trinitie,
be given all honor,
glorie, and praise,
now and for
ever, Amen.

I.j. 33. A

33. A praier to be said at
all times, wherein our frailties
are confessed, and request
made to have them redressed.

Blessed art thou O
God of our fathers,
and blessed
is thy holie name,
which is most glorious for ever.
Let the heavens blesse
thée, and all thy creatures, thou
art the Lord, strong and mercifull,
gratious, slow to anger,
and abounding in goodnesse
and truth, reserving mercie
for thousands, forgiving iniquities,
transgressions and sinnes, I2r 86
sinnes, making the wicked innocent,
if they will repent
with all their whole harts, and
returne unto thée.

Thou visitest the sinnes of
the fathers upon the children;
unto the third and fourth generation:
for as thou art mercifull,
even so goeth justice
from thée. For thou settest
so much store by man, that thou
hast a regard over him, and
dailie carest for us, O Lord
God, and makest proofe and
triall of him everie houre, beholding
those with a fatherlie
eie that serve thée in faith and

Thou hast used correction
unto us, but we gathered therby
no repentance; thou hast i.ij. correc- I2v
corrected us, to the end we
should amend, but we refused
thy fatherlie visitation. For
those that are thine enimies,
thou wilt declare thine heavie
judgments against them;
but thou wilt shew thy favourable
kindnesse towards thy
children. For thou hast said; I
wil punish them that serve me
otherwise than I have commanded
them, not sparing the
chéefe, that the people may
feare and praise my judgements.
For to the wicked and
carnall man thou appéerest as
a flaming fire, but unto them
that be drawne with thy holie
spirit, thou art like a pleasant
saphir to behold.

Holinesse perteineth unto thée I3r 87
thée O Lord God, and thou
O God art most holie,
and nothing unholie may
appéere before thée. Therefore
whosoever commeth unto thée,
must be washed from all sinne
and corruption. And séeing
thou governest all things by
thy providence, thou wilt put a
difference betwéene the godlie
and ungodlie. Wherefore we
humblie beséech thée O Lord
God, lighten our hearts
with thy holie spirit, that we
maie féele thy favour towards
us, as those that be
thine elect doo. The right hand
of thy majestie is glorious in

Grant us, O God, continuallie
to depend upon thy providence,i.iij. dence, I3v
with patience, from
daie to daie, with full trust in
thy promises for our deliverance.
For though we provoke
thée justlie to anger, O
God; yet wilt thou never forsake
us. Thou art our Lord
almightie, Jehovah is thy
name, which declareth that thou
art constant, & wilt performe
thy promise.

Grant us grace therefore,
that we may worship thée aright,
in the place which thou
hast appointed us: for thou
O Lord requirest puritie.
We cannot be thine, except
our sinnes be purged with the
bloud of Jesus Christ, by whose
grace we may learne to detest
all sinne. Which grant us all to I4r 88
to doo, O Father, for Christes
sake, whose figure we represent,
on him we laie all our offenses,
who is able to beare the
burthen of them for us all. We
present him to thée O Father,
whom we know both can and
will make us cleane and perfect
before thée, whose mercies
we dailie praise, with thée O
father, and the holie Ghost,
now and for ever, Amen.

34. An humblie confession
of our sinnes before God, as also
a petition to have the
same remitted.

O Lord heare my
harty repentance,
for I am sorrowfull
and gréeved i.iiij.with I4v
with the burthen of my sins;
the remembrance of them is
intollerable. Wherefore looke
downe upon me with thy favourable
eies of pittie, and behold
me which lie here prostrat
before the sight of thy majestie:
for I confesse that I am waxen
old in sin and wickednesse,
wherin I first was conceived,
but now my most hartie desire
is to be borne anew, and
to be graffed in my Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ.

For thus my faith dooth persuade
me, that none can come
too late unto thée, who forgavest
the théefe all his wickednesse
at his last houre, when he
asked mercie of thée. And manie
other more examples I find I5r 89
find in thy most holie word,
how mercifull thou hast béene
alwaies to those thy servants,
that sought the same of thée.
And shall I then despaire, hearing
dailie thy voice crie out
unto me, saieng; Come all ye
that are heavie loden, and I
will ease you. Knocke, and it
is heard; aske, and it is given.

Who can yet thinke that he
shall misse of mercie, if he
crave it in faith; séeing thou
art so true and just in all thy
promises? Thy creatures faile
in their words and works, but
thou kéepest thy promise and
fidelitie, and thy word indureth
unremooveable for ever and ever.
O thou God almightie,
unto whom all things are knowen,i.v. wen, I5v
shew on me thy mercie,
even in the sight of the children
of men, that they may knowe
and sée how gratious and
mercifull thou art unto those,
that give over themselves un
to the hands of thy almightie

Thou art the helper of the forsaken
and fréendles, and there
is none that may be compared
unto thée that art so rich in
mercie, and loving kindnesse,
that diddest not spare thine onlie
begotten Sonne Jesus
, to give him a slaine sacrifice
for my sinnes, and the
sinnes of the whole world; but
also hast promised, that whosoever
dooth come unto thée in
his name, with full assurance in I6r 90
in his bloud, death, and passion,
shall not onelie receive remission
of all their sinnes and
iniquities that ever they have
committed, but also inherit
the crowne of everlasting glorie,
which thou wilt give unto
all those that be thine elect in
Christ. Of which number,
through thy grace, I account
my selfe for one, making me
most assured thereof, bicause
thou hast promised the same.

Which dooth imbolden me
at this present, to crave thy
most mercifull aid, and assisstance
of thy holie spirit, to
strengthen me in faith, to confirme
me in hope, to stablish
me in charitie, that I may be
knowen by thy cognisance and I6v
and badge, to be thy child and
faithfull servant; that I may
use the talent which thou hast
given me, to thine honor and
glorie, and the health of my

That when it shall please thée
to take a reckoning, how I
have spent the gifts of grace,
which thou hast lent me, I may
yéeld a just account, with much
advantage, so that I may be
worthie to heare thy voice, saieng
unto me; Come thou true
& good servant, thou hast béene
faithfull in a little, I will
make thée ruler over much;
enter thou into thy maisters

O blessed and happie are
they that shall be so placed of thée; I7r 91
thée; they have fought a good
fight, and thorough Jesus
have overcome the battaile,
and prince of this world.
Therefore shall they live and
reigne with the same Christ,
their grand capteine; bicause
they tooke him for their guide,
in all their dooings, and fought
manfullie under his banner.
Thy poore soldier I am, Lord,
and fight dailie. Lord helpe me
for thy mercies sake, to overcome
all mine enimies.

Give me, O Lord, a waking
mind, and understanding hart,
and renue in me a right spirit,
which may lead me unto thée,
who art the waie, the truth and
the life, whose mercies remaine
for ever, whose truth indurethdureth I7v
from generation to generation.
Glorie be to the father,
who so mercifullie created
us; and to the sonne, who
lovinglie redéemed us; and to
the holie Ghost, who sanctifieth
us, and maketh us blessed,
thrée persons and one God,
whose name be praised for evermore,

35. A thankesgiving unto
God for the redemption of the
world, wherein is shewed
from what graces he fell, and
how he was restored.

O most holie father
of heaven, the onelie
living God, of
power inestimable,ble, I8r 92
of wisdome incomprehensible:
to thée be honour, and
glorie, and thanks, for thy noble
works, in the creation of
mankind, and also for our redemption
out of captivitie,
and thraldome of the divell, by
the passion of thy most deare
beloved sonne Jesus Christ.
For thou madest Adam the
first man, and gavest him frée
will to obeie thy commandements;
from the which he fell
by the intisement of the divell,
and by his owne stubbornes,
whereby he spoiled himselfe
and his after commers, of
those godlie gifts, which thou of
thy mercie haddest bestowed
upon us.

Howbeit, thou of thy fatherlielie I8v
goodnesse diddest not utterlie
leave him, but gavest him
faith to beléeve thy promises
made unto him, and to us all,
in Jesus Christ, with grace
and obedience to kéepe thy
lawe. By faith we beléeve in
thée, by charitie we worke towards
our neighbour, according
as thou hast commanded.
No man liveth without
sinne, but happie and blessed
are they to whom thou givest
thy grace, not to abide and
sléepe in sin, but by penitence
to come to a godlie conversation.

Lord give us faith, and a
willing heart to follow thy holie
word, so that we may exercise
our selves in it all the daies I9r 93
daies of our life. Make us, O
Lord, like unto the wise virgins,
that were provided of
oile in their lampes, against
the comming of the bridegroome.
Then wilt thou know
us to be thy faithfull children
by election, and open the gate
to us, that we may enter in, to
our comforts. Which grant us
Lord for thy blessed sonnes
sake, who to save us suffered
bitter passion, whose mercies
be praised for his goodnes,
with thée O father, and
the holie ghost, in the
world of worlds,
now and for
ever, Amen.

36. A

36. An other praier of
praise and thankesgiving to
the same purpose

What living creature
can give condigne
most gratious &
heavenlie father, for the manifold
gifts which thou of thy infinite
mercie and goodnes hast
given him? First for his noble
creation, wherein he excelleth
all other earthlie creatures;
& then for his redemption,
through the bitter passion
and resurrection of thy most
loving sonne. For the which I,
as one of thy poore creatures, most I10r 94
most humblie give thée
thanks. For had not our redemption
ensued our creation,
it had béene much better for
us that we had never béene

The love above all other
was most fervent, when thou
diddest not spare to give thine
onelie begotten sonne for us,
washing awaie all our filthines
in the blood of that méeke
lambe, thine onelie naturall
sonne, who being God, was
made man, to the intent that
we, who naturallie are the
sonnes of men, by him (through
grace) might be made the
sonnes of God.

And not being contented
with this kindnesse, thou also Lord, I10v
Lord, considering our weake
and fraile nature, readie to
sinne, dooest with thy grace,
guide us and governe us, as
the shéepheard dooth his shéepe,
suffering us not to want anie
thing, defending thy poore
flocke from the ravening
woolves, that would else devoure
us. Thy blessed sonne
hath put us to féed in the pleasant,
gréene, and beautifull
pasture of his holie church, making
us to rest in the unitie
thereof, by a livelie faith and
hope in him.

Which church is verie plentifull,
abounding with all spirituall
meate of the word of
God, which nourisheth and giveth
life to the soule, as bread and I11r 95
and other food féedes the bodie.
With this food thou diddest
féed the prophet Ezechiel, when
thou diddest cause him to eate
a booke, wherewith his bowels
were filled, and it séemed in
his mouth swéeter than honie.

In this pasture runneth also
a fresh and pleasant river
of running water of godlie
doctrine, wherewith we often
doo refresh our soules. In this
also is a water of spirituall
washing, by baptisme, whereby
we were woonderfullie refreshed
in our youth. For our
soules being made foule,
through the divell and sinne,
by baptisme are repaired and
made beautifull, according to
the first creation, that is, to thy I11v
thy likenesse and image: and
by this water we are replenished
with thy holie spirit.

This water saw the prophet
Ezechiel long ago, gushing
foorth of the right side of the
temple, and grew to a great
river, that no man could
wade over; to which water
whosoever we come, was
made whole. Even so, in the
water of our baptisme, we
were borne againe, in the water
of godlie doctrine we are
nourished, and without these
we are but dead in sinne and
wickednesse, and at the end
shall go to everlasting death:
but these waters are to us a
well springing up unto everlasting
life. And if at anie time I12r 96
time by our frailtie we fall into
sinne; yet is thy mercifull
sonne readie to receive us to
his grace, and quicken our
soules; if we be sorowfull and

By which grace he maketh
us also to know how to love
him, and not to estéeme the
pleasures of this world, but to
have our eies onelie fixed upon
him. So that with thine apostle
Paule, we account all
things but losse, that we may
winne Christ, and be found in
him, not having our owne
righteousnesse, but that which
springeth of the faith which is
in Jesus Christ. Whose grace
if we have, though we walke
in the vallie and shadow of death, I12v
death, yet we feare none evill;
for thou art with us.

This life is a shadow of
death, after which we trust by
faith to dwell with thée. Neverthelesse,
whilest we are here,
thou art with us, and thy sonne
hath also promised to be with
us unto the end of the world;
his rod of discipline and correction
dooth chasten us, when
we swarve at anie time out of
the right waie: by which we
judge that he dooth love us; for
whosoever he be that he loveth,
him he dooth chasten. Christs
strong shéepheards staffe dooth
staie us, when we are weake,
as a sicke man is by his staffe.

In Christ thy sonne is the
fulnes of grace, from whom distillethstilleth K1r 97
all goodnesse that we
have; through his holie spirit
is our cup filled full of pure liquor:
it causeth us, for joie of
heavenlie contemplation, to
forget all the troubles and miseries
of the world, the dregs
of worldlie pleasures, and carnall
affections. For as thy
mercie hath gone before us,
plentifullie giving us aboundance
of thy great graces: so
we trust, and doubt not, but it
will followe us all the daies of
our lives, and kéepe us that
we fall not from faith.

Thou Lord must helpe our
house, or else we labour in
vaine; thou must be our beginning
and end, and then we
be sure to dwell in the house of K.j. the K1v
the Lord for ever. For we
know surelie, that if our earthlie
mansion, wherein we now
dwell, were dissolved, we have
a building ordeined of God, an
habitation not made with
hands, but eternallie in heaven,
where is perpetuall joie
and beatitude, world without
end, Amen.

37. A breefe confession,
that we receive all goodnes
from God.

Arise up O Lord
God, and let thine
enimies be scattered
before thée, and
let them that hate thée be
brought to confusion. Declare O K2r 98
O Lord thy might and power,
for thou art a consuming
fire and a gelous God, visiting
the sinnes of the fathers
upon the children, unto the
third and fourth generation.
For thy governement is so
just, constant, and without
change or repentance, that thy
verie enimies shall be compelled
to confesse the same.

O God almightie, thou doost
punish thine elect by measure,
& givest them grace to beare
it; but to the reprobate, it is thy
just vengeance, to drive them
headlong to all madnesse. For
thy omnipotencie hath all power
in it selfe, to execute thy
terrible judgement against obstinate
sinners: as thou art k.ij. rich K2v
rich in mercy to comfort them
which obeie thy word and love

The faithfull, in all their adversities,
doo knowe that all
shall go well with them: for
God will be mercifull and
just, and though they want for
a time, yet thou wilt send them
comfort in due season. For thy
Majestie is so great, that it filleth
both heaven and earth,
and there is no power so high
that can let thée, when thou
wilt deliver thine. The wicked
rise up suddenlie to honour,
and perish as quicklie;
but the inheritance of the children
of God continueth for ever.
For thou O God wilt
take vengance upon the wicked,ked, K3r 99
and measure them according
to their dealings.

Thus thou O God canst
plucke backe the bridle of tyrants,
and deliver thine owne
out of the lions mouth: for
though the wicked swell never
so much, yet we feare them
not. They cannot utterlie destroie
us, for thou Lord hast
promised to abide with thy
faithfull people, to the end of
the world. Thy grace will not
leave us, nor anie that love
thée and serve thée with a faithfull
heart. Thy favour O
God resteth on thine, for thy
sonne Jesus Christs sake, that
from him we might receive
thy blessings. For we deserve
nothing of our selves, but k.iij. thy K3v
thy wrath and indignation.

Wherefore grant us, good
Lord, first to séeke thy glorie,
and above all things reigne
thou over us al, and let us render
to thée perfect obedience,
as thine angels doo, whom thou
hast commanded to take
charge of thy children. For the
which if the wicked despise
them, thou of thy mercie wilt
revenge their cause: for thou
wilt preserve the faithful branches
of thy vineyard; but the
rotten stocks wilt thou destroie,
according to their hypocrisie.
For there is none
like unto thée in heaven above,
or in the earth beneath.
Thou dooest blesse the labour of
the poore, and consumest the goods K4r 100
goods of them which are negligent,
bicause they boast and
thinke they have enough.

The wicked wallow in their
riches, yet are they but slaves
to the godlie that are true professors
of the gift of God. The
cup which thou gavest to me
wicked to drinke, is much bitter
than that thou doost bestow
on thine own: them thou measurest
by mercie, the other by
justice. And though thou suffer
thy children to live under the
crosse, least they should imbrace
wickednesse; yet thou
wilt not suffer it to rest upon
them, that it should drive them
from their hope: for all thy
promises are true. Wherefore
we are sure of thy helpfull deliverance,k.iiij.liuerance, K4v
séeing the earth and
all creatures remaine in that
estate, wherein thou hast created
them; much more thy truth
indureth constant and unchangeable.
Blessed be thou O
God of truth, and blessed be the
glorie of thy holie name, world
without end, Amen, Amen.

38. A praier wherein is
shewed, that there is none
omnipotent, but
God alone.

O Lord God almightie,
it is not
in mans power or
counsell to hinder
that thou hast determined
shall come to passe: for as the in- K5r 101
insensible heaven is not subject
to anie alteration and
change, so shall the truth of thy
promises be unchangeable, sith
our infirmities cannot in any
wise comprehend thée in thy
majestie. There is none like
thée, neither is there anie God
besides thée: thou killest, and
givest life; thou woundest,
and makest whole. Wherefore
blessed are they that confesse
thée, and obeie they word: to
them thou givest life and felicitie.

The joies that are stedfast
and perdurable, are given of
thy goodnesse, to those that are
méeke and humble in spirit.
Thou dooest grant to the faithfull
of thy goodnesse, both grace k.v.and K5v
and glorie; so that no good thing shall be withholden
from them that live in thy
feare: for thou castest awaie
none that will séeke thée in
righteousnes. And though thou
suffer the world to hate thine
elect, it is bicause thy children
should forsake the filthines of
this world, and cleave unto
thée. Wherefore grant us, O
Lord, that we may alwaies
have the eies of our faith fixed
upon thée: for whatsoever thou
O God hast promised, shall
surelie be performed. For as it
was thy frée mercie, O God,
that did choose us: so is it thy
frée mercie that must save us.
Thou doost call us by thy rod, to
consider the shortnes of our life: K6r 102
life: for our sinnes have abridged
our daies, which be not onlie
short, but miserable, bicause
we are so sinfull, that we doo
nothing but provoke thée to
wrath; so weake we are, so
fraile, and unable of our selves
to doo that good is, inclining
alwaies to things forbidden.
There is nothing so secreatlie
doone on earth, but thou O
God doost sée it, who dooest fulfill
both heaven and earth.

Grant us, O Lord, alwaies
thy feare, which shall be a bridle
to staie us from all wickednesse.
For as thou hast created
all people, even so dooest
thou governe the hearts of all,
joining the salvation of thine
with thine owne honour, so that K6v
that they cannot perish, unlesse
thy glorie should be diminished.
For thou art so mercifull,
that a sinner can no sooner
humble himselfe, but thou receivest
him to mercie, waiting
as it were with patience, to
call him to repentance.

Wherefore we crie now unto
thy majestie, from the depth
of our hearts; most humblie
beséeching thée to put all our
wickedes out of thy remembrance,
and give us grace to
put our onelie trust in thée,
from whom we looke for our
deliverance, who shalt change
our bodies, and make them
like to the most glorious bodie
of thy sonne Jesus Christ;
to whom, with thée, & the holie Ghost, K7r 103
Ghost, be given all praise, honour,
and glorie, now and for
ever more, Amen.

39. A praier of lamentation,
wherein the sinner lamenteth
his miserable estate, and
crieth for mercie.

My God, when I do
earnestlie behold
mine owne state,
whereunto I am
brought through sinne, not onlie
being naked and bare of all
goodnes, but also to be overwhelmed
in the depth of all iniquitie;
I cannot but lament,
moorne, and crie for helpe, as
dooth a woman, whose time
draweth néere to be delivered of K7v
of hir child; for she can take no
rest, till she be discharged of hir

No more can I, Lord, as
long as I féele my selfe loden
with my heavie burthen of
sinne, the weight whereof draweth
me downe to the déepe bottome
of all miserie from
whence I can by none be delivered,
but onelie by thée, that
art the guide and the eie to
those that are blind through
ignorance, the succor of the oppressed,
the comfort of the
weake, the life of those that are
dead; so that they repent and
turne unto thée.

It is not the long distance
of us from thy highnesse. which
kéepeth our praiers from thée; thine K8r 104
thine eares are readie in the
hearts of all that are willing
to crie for the help of thy grace.
Who so is made farre from
thée, through sinne, by repentance
is made néere unto
thée. He that is in the bottom
of the sea of miserie, if he beginne
to call for thy helpe, he
shall not be suffered to sinke.
From all déepe dangers most
mercifull God deliver me.

I crie and call pitiouslie unto
thée, which art onelie able to
helpe me. Heare therefore, I
most hartilie praie thée, my
sorowfull praier, and let my
poore petition pearse the eares
of thy Godhed. And since thy
sonne Christ died for to release
us of sinne, let not my sinnes be K8v
be a staie, whereby my praiers
should not be heard, but wipe
them cleane awaie, that they
never more appéere. For I
miserable sinner doo flie to the
gentlenes of they favourable
mercie, whose nature and propertie
is to have pitie & compassion.

From thée floweth all mercie
and grace, which was so
great unto us, that it mooved
thée to send thine onlie Sonne
to die for our redemption;
whereby thy justice was satisfied,
and thy mercie found that
it sought. O how fervent was
this thy noble charitie to us
vile wretches! It tooke root &
beginning in thy mightie deitie,
& from thence it was derivedued K9r 105
to mankind; being an example
that we thy christian
people should, like loving brethren,
beare one anothers burthen.

Wherefore I am most willinglie
contented, to remit all
injuries doon to me; as it hath
pleased thy goodnes to forgive
me much greater offenses
committed against thée. And
whensoever it shall please thée
to scourge and punish me, I
will gladlie receive thy chastisement,
for that I knowe it
procéedeth of love for my
wealth and suretie; trusting
that after my long abiding &
suffering in this life, I shall
surelie obteine thy reward, by
thy promise, that is; If we sufferfer K9v
with Christ, we shall also
reigne with him.

Such sure hope have I ever
had in thée Lord, and by the
same hope I trust to have thy
favour, and live for ever. For
blessed are they that trust in
thée, most mercifull Father;
and cursed are they that trust
in man. Of thy grace and
mercie onelie commeth all
goodnes; they mercie forgiveth
onelie our sinnes dailie and
hourelie, & the painfull death of
thy sonne Christ delivereth us
from all the paines due for our
sinnes. Thou boughtest us not
with gold and silver, but with
the pretious bloud of that
lambe without spot, thy blessed
Sonne, whose death had béene suf- K10r 106
sufficient for thousands of

The greatnes of thy love
caused the plentifull paiment
of the price of our redemption.
The charitie of our Lord Jesus
hath burnt up, and consumed,
by his death, all our
iniquities. Wherefore the
faithfull, being thus delivered
from all dangers, by thine onlie
goodnesse, may now give
thanks unto they mightie Majestie,
resting in hope to have,
after this life, everlasting joie
and felicitie; thorough Jesus
our mercifull Lord and
redéemer; to whom with thée
O deare Father, & the holie
Ghost, be given all honor, glorie,
and praise, now and for euer K10v
ever, Amen.

40. A praier, wherein the
fatherlie love and preservation of
God is set foorth, and a request
that we may continue
faithfull and constant unto
the end.

Grant us, O Lord
that we may constantlie
beléeve in
thée; that being
certified by thy justice, taught
by thy wisedome, governed by
thy power, we may stedfastlie
persevere even unto the end,
in hope of that joie that is set
before our eies, framing our
lives continuallie in christian
exercises, that we may shew our K11r 107
our selves thankful to thée our
God, with dutifulnesse to our
neighbour. For thy judgements
appéere manifest in
this world, against those that
suppresse thy word, and persecute
thy servants. For thou
dooest disappoint the lot and
expectation of the wicked, turning
their joie into sorrowe,
and the teares of the godlie
into gladnesse, dwelling in
the harts of thy faithfull by thy
holie spirit, who are called thy
glorie, bicause thy image, and
the token of thy grace shineth
in them.

Thou art a light to comfort
thy people, and a fire to consume
thine enimies. Thou art
he, O Christ, that touchest the harts K11v
harts of all thy servants, mortifieng
their concupiscence:
but to the wicked thou art the
savour of death. Wherefore
the faithfull desire of thée to be
delivered, that thou by them
maist be glorified: for thou hast
promised to be true and just
unto all that trust in thée.
Wherefore we will take thée
for our defense against all our
enimies, what danger soever
we fall into.

Thy word giveth life unto
man, causing him to sée and
trie the secrets of his darke
heart. For thou shewest thy
selfe most liberall to thine,
when they séeme to be most destitute,
kéeping them under
thy protection, that they may be K12r 108
be safe against all dangers,
and frée from the cruelties of
their enimies. For as to the
elect all things turne to their
profit; so to the reprobate, even
those things that are good,
turne to their damnation.

As for me, I will never boast
of mine owne vertues, O
God; but confesse that thou of
thy frée goodnes, hast ever bin
mercifull unto me, and given
me power against mine enimies,
as to one of thine household.
Wherefore grant me alwaies
to make my praier unto
thée, from the fountaine of
my heart, that I offend thée
not through hypocrisie.

And though the wicked deale
rigorourslie with me, yet I beséech K12v
beséech thée let me find comfort
from thée; for hitherto hast
thou strengthened me against
my outward and inward enimies,
so that all the world shall confesse, that thou hast wonderfullie
preserved me, and
performed thy promise. For
thou dooest ever guide me with
thy hand, that I can turne no
waie but where thou appointest
me. Thy providence doth so fast
hold me, that I cannot by anie
meanes escape from thée.
Thou hast made me in all
parts, and therfore must néeds
know me. Wherefore, considering
thy wonderfull worke in
forming me, I cannot but
praise thée, and feare thy mightie
power, who art the creator of L1r 109
of all things, the kéeper of justice,
the lover of right, the
hater of malice; beholding
from the high throne of thy
Majestie the children of men.

Bow downe thine eare, O
mercifull Father, I humblie
beséech thée, and heare me thy
servant, whom thou hast hitherto
brought up frōom my tender
age, and delivered me untill
this daie from the hands of
the wicked, whose rage was
furious, untill thou brakest
their force. I set my hope in
thée O God, and life everlasting,
knowing that these
earthlie things shall perish,
having a sure hope, that both
my soule and bodie shall injoy
thy presence, O God of my L.i. salua- L1v
salvation, in the last resurrection.
The shall I féele thy
mercies, and answere when
thou callest me.

Wherefore I set all my felicitie
and joie in that I am united
with thée O God, and
shall injoie thy presence; so
that I reject all other things
save that which furthereth me
to attaine to thy heavenlie
treasures, which is sure, and
cannot be found in anie
but in thée alone, whose
praise shall indure
for ever, world
without end

41. A
L2r 110

41. A praier, wherein the
sinner praieth for grace, that he
may make a godlie

Blessed Father of
heaven, fountaine
of all grace and
goodnes, that art
rich in mercie, and plentifull
in giving the same to all that
doo faithfullie call upon thy holie
name. O good God, thou
having a sonne no lesse rich in
power, wisedome, knowledge,
and mercy, than thou art thine
owne selfe, diddest not spare to
send him from thy heavenlie
palace, downe to the earth,
into the wombe of a virgine, l.ij.for L2v
for the salvation of mankind,
to declare thine aboundant
love towards us.

Thou diddest for our sakes
make him poore, which before
was rich; to the intent that
we, which before were verie
poore, should by his povertie be
made rich; that he which before
was all one with thée, in thy
divine substance, might now
be made one with us, that are
members of the bodie, whereof
he is the head. Hearken good
Lord, give eare unto my praier,
let my petition ascend up
before the sight of thy Majestie.
The comming of thy mercifull
son did make me thine,
but the vilenes of mine owne
acts hath cast me downe, and made L3r 111
made me verie miserable. The
greatnes of mine offenses
hath caused thée to turne awaie
thy face from me, withdrawing
thy grace, which was
the cause of the good works I

Thou canst find no good thing
in me, worthie of thy favour;
wherfore, Lord, behold the face
of Christ thy deare Sonne, my
mediator; for his sake give me
that which of my selfe I am
much unworthie to obteine of
thée. Looke on me with thy pitifull
eie, and in the time of my
trouble incline thine eare and
heare me. My old enimie daily
assalteth me and vexeth me.
Wherefore I will not cease to
call upon thée dailie: but specialliel.iij. allie L3v
at the houre of my death
Lord heare me & defend me,
at which time my cruel enimie
will most busilie invade me.
At that instant Lord looke upon
me with the eie of thy mercie,
now whilest I am in this
wretched world.

I crave not of thée aboundance
of earthlie goods, but as
honest necessitie dooth require,
but the aboundance of thy
grace in this life. This hast
thou of thy méere li liberalitie
promised to grant, to all that
in stedfast faith call upon thée.
This hastie calling upon thée
dooest thou delight in, for thou
art as redie to answer me, as
I am to call upon thée. Wherefore
make spéed in hearing, as L4r 112
as I am bold to call upon thée
for I confesse O Lord I have
left thy holie word and commandements,
which is as
bread unto the soule, giving
nutriment and moisture by
faith and charitie, and have eaten
of the trée which thou forbadest

I have, with our father Adam,
followed the illusions of
the serpent, & tasted of sin; but
thy blessed sonne my saviour
Jesus Christ hath shed his
bloud for us, whereby we are
restored unto thy grace, mercie,
and favour, through the
sacrament of baptisme, if we
hartilie repent. He quickneth
us, which before were dead in
sinne; he slaieth, and can raise l.iiij. againe; L4v
againe; he striketh and healeth:
as he did Panule in his

How much therefore are we
bound to his grace, that without
anie deserving on our
parts, willinglie offered himselfe
to the death for our redemption:
and to thy majestie
also, who diddst not spare thine
onelie begotten sonne, but of
thy pure pittie, sentedst him
downe to suffer the most vile
death of the crosse for our

Wherefore I am much ashamed
to lift up my eies to heaven
towards thy highnesse, being
so unkind to thée againe so
manie waies. I have loved the
works of darkenes, and thereforefore L5r 113
I fled from the light of the
bright sunne of justice: for
which cause doo I sigh, sorrowe,
and bewaile my wretchednes,
in the bitternesse of such
thoughts for feare of thine anger
towards me; knowing
that at the time of thy comming
to the dreadful generall
judgement, the storme of thine
indignation shall go forth, and
fall downe upon the heads of
the ungodlie.

Thou liftest me up of a great
hight, in that thou thou madest
me like unto thine image,
touching my reasonable soule,
and hast given me power, by
thy grace, to inherit everlasting
joies of heaven, both bodie
and soule, if I lived here l.v. after L5v
after thy rcommandements.
What greater gift canst thou
give me, Lord, than to have
the fruition of thée? But alas
I beare so heavie and erthlie
fraile bodie, joined to my noble
soule, that my heart and
mind is drawne downe from
the consideration of thy goodnes,
and from well dooing, unto
all kind of vices.

Wherefore, Lord, grant me,
that in the shadow of this life,
I may have grace to sée light,
and to know thée, thy waies,
and thy holie word, which giveth
light and understanding
unto babes: for after this life,
there is no place nor time left
of repentance. And since my
time is here but short, continuenue L6r 114
thy grace towards me,
that I may live in thy feare all
the daies of my life, and end
my life in thy favour, who doost
indure for ever, and thy remembrance
through all generations,
world without end,
Amen, Amen.

42. A praier against the
offenses of this world.

My hart shall praise
thée O God, for
my soule is in
love with thy majestie,
for the which I despise all
earthlie things, in respect of
of thée the everlasting God,
without measure, who féedeth
all things. Thou art the comfortfort L6v
of the soule, and the true
joie of the heart. Wherefore
Lord continue thy graces towards
us, and helpe our present
necessities: for we are far
unworthie of thy great benefits,
which thou bestowest upon
us and all people, who appointest
the earth to bring foorth to
mans use. Thou art a most
nourishing father, providing
for all creatures their dailie
food; for none is able to do anie
thing, but as thou appointest
them, sith they are but instruments
to doo thy worke,
though intentions be divers.

Thou O God art the sender
of peace and warre, prosperitie
and adversitie, punishing
whole nations for their sinnes. How L7r 115
How can we then so foolishlie
persuade our selves, that we
shall escape unpunished for
our offenses? Séeing thou hearest
and séest all things, who
hast in all ages plagued all
such as maliciouslie and contemptuouslie
depart from thy
truth. For who so forsaketh thée
O God, shall be punished, and
made wearie of his sinnes,
wherein he delighteth. As for
me, I hate them, O Lord, that
presumptuouslie dare attribute
unto themselves, that
they can guide their owne
harts; séeing it lieth in thy omnipotencie
to give the will,
and further the worke. For
there is none able to speake a
word, except thou give it him; neither L7v
neither is anie able to thinke
a good thought, without thée:
much lesse may anie doo the
thing that good is, without the
assistance of thy holie spirit.

Wherefore regenerate me,
O Lord God, by the same spirit,
and restore me to thine image,
giving me grace, and
an assured faith, to thinke & doo
that which is righteous in thy
sight. For I desire to live but
onelie to please thée, as thy
servant Moses did, who was
brought up with the daughter
of Pharao, and taken as hir
sonne; where he might have
lived still in much wealth, if he
would. But when he was
great through faith, he refused
to be called hir sonne, & chose rather L8r 116
rather to suffer adversitie with
the people of God, than to enjoie
the pleasure of sinne for
a while; and all for that he had
respect to the reward to come
in thy heavenlie house.

Which grant me to aspire
unto, for thy mercie sake, whatsoever
vexation or trouble my
bodie bide. For what should all
the world gaine me, if I lose
my soule? Better I were in
this world to féed upon the
bread of teares, and to wash
my cup with moorning, than
to live in all prosperitie, wallowing
in worldlie wealth,
and forget thée my God, as the
rich glutton did. For assuredlie
it is thy plague, when the rich
man hath not a liberall hart to vse L8v
use his riches, to thine honour
and glorie. For there is no
power so high or mightie, but
thou O God canst visit him
with thy rod; neither is there
anie mountaine or hill so
strong or mightie, that it can
preserve the wicked from thy
wrath, O most mightie, when
thou wilt strike; for thine office
is to take vengeance on the
wicked, and to reward them
according to their wickednes
and deserving. Blesse me, O
God, and make me of that
number, which regard not the
pleasures of this world, with
the temporall commodities
thereof: but make me strong
against my spirituall enimie,
that I may be thy well belovedued L9r 117
child and servant: for I
have no other refuge but thée
O Lord, in whom my conscience
is at rest. Thou art named
mercifull, gratious, and long
suffering: Lord shew thy selfe
so unto me thy poore creature,
who is most weake and fraile
of all other.

Lord I have confessed all
mine offenses and imperfections
unto thy Majestie: and
now I depend wholie on thée,
resting still on thy most holie
word; beséeching thée to strengthen
my poore soule, which sigheth
and groneth unto thée, with
gréefes that cannot be expressed,
untill thou have mercie
upon me. Which grant me for
thy deare sonne Jesus Christ our L9v
our Lord and saviour, Amen,
So be it.

43. A praier for the good
estate of the church and
congregation of

Arise O Lord
, and have
mercie upon thy
church and faithfull
congregation. Give us
that be of the houshold of faith,
joie and consolation. Thou didest
ever shew mercie unto thy
servants; for ever since the
fall of angels, unto the end of
the world, thy mercie hath ever
béene, and shall be aboundantlie
shewed to all mankind: but L10r 118
but chéefelie it was shewed
when thy sonne was sent into
this world, to suffer death,
whereby the gate of heaven
was opened, which before was
shut, that no man might enter.
This time was the beginning
of grace, and was certeinlie
appointed, when the fulnes
of time was come, which
was before sinne, by the everlasting
wisdome of thy deitie,
whereby thou dooest all things
in most perfect order. This
time of grace, we trust, shall
continue for ever, to those that
are penitent.

Wherefore we praie thée
without ceasing, to have mercie
upon the church: for we
faithfullie build upon a sure rocke, L10v
rocke, thy sonne Jesus Christ
is our foundation. Wherefore
most loving father, turne thée
unto the praiers of us that are
poore & destitute of any helpe;
but onelie of thy helpe, through
thy mercie. Despise not, we
humblie beséech thée, our humble
desire. Behold our petitions
with thy fatherlie eie,
wherewith thou didst looke upon
the oblation of Abel, and
receive it thankfullie, wherewith
also thou beheldest the
the praier of the Israeltiites, being
in bitter bondage in Aegypt,
and deliveredst them:
with those same mercifull eies
vouchsafe to looke upon us,
and our praiers, whereby the
noble fame and praise of thy mercie L11r 119
mercie shall be written for
those that come after, which
shall be borne in faith by baptisme,
and may praise thée. For
those that be thy children, shall
have a power above nature,
& in their age shall they bring
foorth most swéet and pleasant

Thou wilt ever declare thy
selfe the preserver of the church
in destroieng thine enimies,
as thou diddest in thy red sea.
Thou O God art mercifull,
and wilt not forsake us, neither
destroie us: nor forget the
appointment of our Fathers,
which thou swarest unto them.
And forsomuch as thou O God
hast appointed that thy church
in this world shal be under the crosse, L11v
crosse, both bicause we should
learne, not to put our trust in
anie worldlie thing, and also
féele thy comfort when all other
helpe faileth. Therefore we
humblie beséech thée O Lord,
gather thy church which is dispersed,
and give us constancie
under the manifold crosses
which we suffer, that we may
with one consent all togither
praise thée for ever. For thou
hast promised, by the mouth of
thy swéet sonne Jesus Christ,
that thy power, and thine assistance
shall be with hir unto
the end of the world.

Strengthen us therefore
with thy grace and holy spirit,
that we may sowe the séed of
good works in this world, that they L12r 120
they may declare us to be thy
faithfull servants, and that
they may be acceptable fruit
in thy sight: for thou dooest trie
our faith, and teachest us to
forget the world, and to depend
on thée O father of all goodnes.
Thy promise never faileth,
thou governest, by thy holie
spirit, as séemeth best to thy
godlie wisedome: for thou O
God art rich in mercie and
truth, which féedest all things,
and none can justlie complaine.
For as by thy presence
all things have life; so if thou
withdraw thy blessing, we all

Thou hast a little flocke, féed
them with thy spirituall foode,
and governe thy church, séeing thou L12v
thou hast chosen them out of
the world: joine it unto thy
selfe, that thy faithfull may
continue for ever. For thou
art everlasting, thou hast ever
loved truth, thou art veritie it
selfe, all thy promises are unremooveable.
Thou diddest
promise to Abraham to multiplie
his séed, as the stars of heaven,
and as the sands upon
the sea side; which promise at
the last he enjoied: even so diddest
thou promise Isaac and
Jacob. When Ezechias was
sicke unto the death, thou diddest
promise him life fiftéene
yéeres more, which thou didst
performe for thy names sake.

Even so Lord kéepe thy
promise with us, that are thy poore M1r 121
poore shéepe, so shall we praise
thée, and thy Sonne our saviour
Christ, which is our good
shéepeheard; who suffered
death for his flocks sake, to
make them triumph over
their enimies. And as he rose
againe for our justification, so
grant that we may rise in
newnes of life, and aspire unto
the same place whither our
saviour is gone before;
whose name be praised,
with thée O déere father,
and the holie Ghost,
now and for evermore,


M.i. 44. A

44. A praier, wherein is
shewed, that the wisedome of
God is to be praised; as also
how he trieth his servants
is declared.

Thou, O most
mightie God art
the creator & maker
of all things,
whose power is everlasting,
which shal never be put down;
whose kingdome indureth incorrupt
for ever, and thy going
out hath béene from everlasting.
Great art thou, high &
unmeasureable; thou onelie
knowst the waies of wisdome
none other is there that can
find hir paths, but thou the mightie M2r 122
mightie God, which hast found
hir out with thy foreknowledge;
& by the same thy godlie
wisedome hast created all
things, according to thy noble
will and pleasure. This thine
omnipotent power, Lord, I
thy sinfull servant and subject
doo honour, and thy excéeding
wisedome I have in great reverence.
By the one thou madest
all things, and by the other
thou knewest what thou
wouldest make, long before
they were made; in both these
hast thou declared thy selfe to
be the living God.

And although our acts, which
be past, present, and to come,
be all open before thine eies,
and our thoughts manifest in m.ii.the M2v
the sight of thy divine presence;
yet dooest thou dailie
search and proove thine elect
people, sometimes by adversitie,
sometimes by prosperitie,
to cause us thereby to be knowen
to other. After this sort
diddest thou proove Abraham,
in the oblation of his sonne, to
the intent his obedience
might be an example to all
that should come after him.
Thus also diddest thou proove
thy servant Job, and he was
found both faithfull, constant,
and just. Thou knowest what
men be, before thou triest
them. But after the triall, thou
hearest them & their praiers,
and allowest their good actes
and intentions: by such proofe, Lord, M3r 123
Lord, hast thou tried me both
within and without.

And though through frailtie
I have erred, wandering
from thée; yet at length have
I béene found to returne againe
to thée, that art the perfect
waie, and to beléeve faithfullie
in thée, as in my verie
God, to trust wholie in thée, &
to love thée as my mercifull
father: and all through the gift
of thy grace, not of mine
owne strength or will. For
what were I sillie wretch, if I
were destitute of thy helpe?
I doo consider thy goodnes, and
thy godlie providence, by which
thou wast the cause of my first
being; and still am I much
bound unto thy Majestie, for m.iij.the M3v
the great love thou barest unto
me. First for my creation,
and also for thy mervellous
protection, assistance, inspiration,
redemption, and reconciliation,
which the eie of my
soule dooth right well consider.

Wherefore I most humblie
praie thée Lord, to regard what
shall redound to thy glorie: for
thine honour is more advanced
in saving one poore miserable
and sinfull creature,
through thy mercie, than in the
damnation of a thousand, by
the rigour of thy justice. For
in hell none can praise thée, but
cursse, waile, moorne and lament
their miserable estate.
Now, O my God, I most hartilie M4r 124
hartilie beséech thée, to give
me grace to flie the companie
of all such as speake untruelie
of thée, and of thy holie will
and word; & also of them that
exalt themselves presumptuouslie,
least being conversant
in their wickednesse, I
might fall from that right
way, in the which it hath pleased
thy gratious goodnes to direct
me: for whosoever is familiar
with the proud, shal be clothed
with pride.

He that dooth evill is worthie
of death; so are all those
that communicate with him
that hath pleasure in evill. As
for such as decline from thée,
I will abhorre: those that doo
me anie wrong, I cléerelie forgivem.iiij.giue, M4v
and forget whatsoever
they doo unto me; yea I doo
praie unto thée my most mercifull
father, even from the bottome
of my hart, to forgive
them. But those, Lord, that
maliciouslie resist thée, and thy
holie word, I hate them, even
as though they were mine enimies.
Neverthelesse, I doo
praie thée for amendment of
their lives, and salvation of
their soules.

Consider Lord the frailtie
of our nature, none can stand
in the right waie, but shall
slide and fall, unlesse thou give
him the staffe of thy grace, to
staie himselfe thereby. As for
me, I have wandered from
thée, as a shéepe that is straied from M5r 125
from the flocke: but they goodnes
hath found me out again,
and brought me unto the fold.
Lead me therfore, out of mine
owne wicked waie, into thie
blessed waie of truth, through
the merits of thy déer beloved
Sonne Christ, who is the very
true perfect path to all beatitude,
by whose helpe I may
so direct my steppes, in the
waie of this life, that I
may kéepe the waie
unto life everlasting,

m.v. 45. A

45. A praier wherin is shewed
how stranglie preserved, and
how blessed they are, that
trust in God: the mercie of
God also toward sinners
is declared.

O Lord almightie,
father of mercie,
& God of all comfort,
which in the
treasure of thine infinit mercies,
disposest all things, not
onlie among us thy poore creatures
upon earth, which is
bountifullie replenished therewith;
but also among thy holy
angels, and blessed spirits in
heaven, who are all preserved
by thy grace. Lord God, whose
nature and propertie is to haue M6r 126
have mercie upon all those
that love thée, and in faith call
on thée; thou saiest by thy prophet
Esaie, that the mountaines
shall remoove, and the
hilles shall fall downe, but thy
loving kindnesse shall not
moove from those that trust in

Thou Lord, of thy mercie,
savedst Noa frōom the generall
floud; and Abraham in his voiage;
Lot, from sinking among
the sinfull Sodomites;
Joseph, from the danger of
his wicked ladie and mistres;
the Israelites, from the bondage
of Pharao; Daniel, from
the lions; Jonas, from drowning,
being thrée daies & thrée
nights in the whales bellie; the thrée M6v
thrée yoong men, from burning,
that were put into the
flaming fornace; with manie
thousands more, whom of thy
naturall accustomed mercie
and goodnesse, thou dooest preserve,
and ever wilt doo, all
those that it pleaseth thée to
drawe unto thée, thorough

I most miserable and wretched
sinner doo now call upon
thée for mercie and grace, acknowledging
my selfe gréevouslie
to have offended the
eies of thy deitie, so manie
waies, that I am not worthie
to beare the name of a christian;
the burthen of mine offenses
is so great. Wherefore
discharge me of them, Lord, accor- M7r 127
according to thine infinit mercie.
For small sinnes, thy
small mercie sufficeth; but
my great sinnes require thy
great mercie. And as my offenses
are manie in number,
so is there of thy mercies a
great multitude: yea they
cannot be numbred. But of
one thing I am sure, that it lieth
not in mans power so
much to offend, as it is in thy
mercifull power to forgive.
My woonds cannot be so great
and noisome, but thy medicines
are most pretious and
healthsome: wherefore heale
thou me, and I shall be whole
from my sinnes.

The children of Israell
might not come into thy sight, M7v
sight, being once defiled with
anie uncleannesse, till they
were sanctified; and the priests
also durst not come to thy presence,
till they were washed,
for feare least they should perish:
how much more néed I
then to desire thée Lord to
wash my uncleane soule? For
my soule hath néed of manie
dews of thy grace, and manie
secret drawings to thée with
spirituall violence, or ever it
can be made cleane. The leprosie
of Naaman of Syria could
not be clensed, till he had waed
himselfe seaven times in
the river of Jordan: how manie
waters have I néed to be
washed with, or I be purged
from my uncleannesse? But thy M8r 128
thy mercie, O Lord, is as
great as thy selfe. Thy grace
maketh a stonie heart to be a
fleshie heart; in a sturdie stomach,
it bréedeth an humble
spirit; of a fierse lion, it maketh
a méeke lambe. Whie should
I then despaire of thy goodnes,
considering that thy justice
willeth me to trust in thée?

Thy promise is to have mercie
on all those that be penitent
for their offenses, so that
thou wilt no more remember
them. This promise no doubt,
shall stand fast and sure, when
both heaven and earth shall
passe awaie. Wherefore I offer
now to thy majesty a hart contrite,
being sorie for the wickednes
by it conceived, with a bodie M8v
bodie subject to thée with all humilitie,
and sorowfull for all
the sinnes by it committed. I
acknowledge my faults, and
my sinne is ever before me; I
punish my selfe with contrition,
bicause thou Lord shouldst
give me grace and remission.
I have it ever in remembrance,
and set it up in my
sight, bicause thou shouldst forget
it, and put it out of thy
sight. Consider Lord (I praie
thée) the fraile metall whereof
I am made, receive me thy
poore creature into thy favour:
for before thée I accuse my
selfe, to the intent thou shouldest
shew mercie, as thou hast
promised, who hast ever béene
found just in all thy saiengs.

I M9r 129

I have long straied from
thée, yet now am returned to
thée, with all my whole heart.
Make me therefore upright.,
and so to aspire to heavenlie
things, that neither adversitie,
nor worldlie pleasure plucke it
downeward. Cast awaie my
sinnes behind thée, but cast not
me from thy mercifull countenance,
as thou diddest king
Saule for disobedience. For if I
loose thy gratious presence, I
am then sure thou wilt also
take me from thy holie spirit,
as thou diddest from Saule. O
how gratious and swéet is thy
spirit in all things, it passeth
all other swéetenes, it leadeth
those that love thée, into the
land of righteousnes.

This M9v

This thy holie spirit I desire
may remaine still with me, to
teach me all veritie, to confirme
me in goodnes, to make
intercession for me unto thée
in all my necessities and infirmities.
Give me therefore againe
the comfort of thy helpe,
and stablish me with thy principall
spirit. For thou onelie
art mightie, faithfull, and constant,
and never failest them
that call upon thée in faith and
truth. Wherefore I offer unto
thée the sacrifice of praise and
thankesgiving, for all thy mercies
and benefits, putting my
whole trust in thée, who hast never
failed me; for which cause I
am bound to praise thée, now
and for evermore, Amen.

46. A
M10r 130

46. A praier of the majestie
of God, and of his bountifull
liberalitie towards

O Lord, thou art my
God, and my
king, my hope
and my comfort,
who hast by so grat providence
created and ordained
all thy creatures, that the
beautie & excellencie of them
declare thy mightie magnificence,
to us all which are thy
reasonable creatures. The
power of thy majestie to us
knowne before, is by the contemplation
of them made manifest,
causing us to praise and mag- M10v
magnifie thée with all our
powers. We acknowledge thy
power, thy wisedome, thy honour
also, and thy great glorie,
wherewith thou art garnished.
Thou art the everlasting
light, and thy wisedome is the
brightnesse thereof, which shall
never be quenched. Thou art
compassed about with bright
angels, and with thy saints
shining in clearnesse, whose
inheritance is to enjoie light.

As for us thy poore creatures
on earth, great cause
have we to praise thée world
without end; bicause thou hast
so mercifullie declared thy
great goodnes to mankind, in
this world, to his most comfort
that could be devised, givinguing M11r 131
unto us all things to doo
us service. All beasts thou madest
subject for his use; which
to nourish and to féed, thou
causest the ground naturallie
to bring foorth grasse, and all
kind of hearbes, replenishing
the earth with all kind of
fruit, to the comfort of mans

But above all things, Lord,
féed us with thy holie word,
whereby our soules are made
strong and comforted. For in
a miserable case doo they live,
from whom thou takest awaie
thy holie word, which is the
true bread, which came downe
from heaven: which whosoever
eateth of, shall live for ever.
Lord never take the same awaiewaie M11v
from us againe, but evermore
féed us with this
bread. Thy word maketh our
enimies afraid, they have no
further power to hurt thy faithfull,
than thou permittest them.
Wherefore, although the wicked
swell never so high, yet we
feare them not; they may invade
thy church, and manie of
the elect members of the same,
but they shall never have power
to destroie them. For thou
Lord hast promised to abide
with thy faithfull, unto the end
of the world; they grace will
not leave them that love and
serve thée.

Send us, good Lord, this
grace, that we may ferventlie
imbrace that spirituall food of our M12r 132
our soules, that it may cause
us to forget our wanton and
idle lives, that we have hitherto
lead, and now beginne to
frame a new, spirituall, godlie
life, building the house of our
soules on the sure rocke, which
is thy sonne Jesus Christ, resting
in him as a sure habitation.
For it is he, Lord, that thou
hast annointed above all other,
to be our mediatour and
mercie seat, who is so gentle,
mercifull, and loving, that he
is most readie to receive us,
whensoever we come unto
him. O glorious God, how excellent
art thou? How noble
and manifest be thy works,
passing farre the capacitie of
all thy creatures to comprehend?hend? M12v

But thou full wiselie hast
wrought all things, by the
same wisedome that hath bin
with thée before anie thing
was created, and before all
times, by the which thou hast
numbred the sands of the sea,
the drops of raine, the daies of
time. By it hast thou measured
the height of heaven, the
breadth of the earth, and the
déepnesse of the sea. This wisedome
is thy verie sonne, our
Lord and Saviour, the second
person in Trinitie, he is the
power, in whom are hid all the
treasures of wisedome and
knowledge. By him hast thou
wrought the worke of our redemption,
and delivered us from N1r 133
from eternall damnation.

And although thou be sometimes
angrie with us for our
wickednes; yet neverthelesse,
if we call upon thée in thy sons
name, thou wilt shew us
mercie: for it is thy nature and
his to be mercifull. Lord kéepe
our enimie farre from us,
let him not devoure those, for
whose redemption and salvation
thou vouchsafedst to send
thy most entirelie beloved son,
to suffer death and passion.
Bring them also (we humblie
beséech thée) into the true faith
of thy holie church, that they
may knowe thée, and him
whom thou hast sent for the
salvation of the world; that
there may be on both sorts one N.j.shéepe- N1v
shéepeheard, and one flocke.
Send us all, most mercifull
father, thy gratious favor, and
open thy liberall hand, and fill
us all with thy goodnes, hide
not thy face from us for our offenses.

O send forth, good Lord, thy
swéet breath upon us, make
us new againe, that we may
leave our old naughtines, and
become new creatures. We
acknowledge our selves to be
dust and ashes, send therefore
thine holie spirit to renew our
soules, making it conformable
to thine image, according
as thou diddest first create it;
which through sinne we have
made verie foule and deformed.
Then shall we give glorierie N2r 134
unto thy majestie, which
indureth for ever, and thy
kingdome from one generation
to another, world without
end, Amen.

47. A praier, wherein is
shewed how blessed they are that
feare the Lord.

O Lord Lord, thou
art a great God,
mightie in power
whom no man
may overcome. Let all thy
creatures praise thée, for thou
spakest the word, and they
were made; thou sentest thy
spirit, and they were created,
and there is none that may
withstand thy voice. The n.ij. moun- N2v
mountaines shall remoove
from the foundations, and the
waters shall melt like wax;
but they that feare thée, shall
be great with thée in althings.
For thou dooest abhore the sacrifice
of the ungodlie, but the
praier of the righteous is acceptable
unto thée: and whosoever
followeth righteousnes,
him thou dooest love.

The feare of thée O Lord
God, is a well of life, and the
right waie to avoid the snares
of death: for thou preserveth the
welfare of the godlie, and defendest
them that walke innocentlie,
and kéepest them in
the right path, preserving
still the waie of thy saints, and
never suffering their soules to N3r 135
to féele hunger, but giving
them long life. As for the ungodlie,
thou puttest him from
his desires, shortening his
yeares with gréefe.

Lord grant me therefore to
put my trust in thée, with all
my hart, that I never leane
unto mine owne understanding;
but in all my waies to
have respect unto thée: so wilt
thou order my goings. For it
is thou O Lord, that givest
wisedome, & out of thy mouth
commeth knowledge and understanding.
O God my father,
thou art he that hast
brought me up, and lead me
from my youth; therefore of
thy mercie have regard unto
me, and kéepe me stedfast in n.iij. the N3v
the feare of thée, in mine age,
untill I depart in peace, according
to thy word. For mine
eies doo dailie sée thy salvation
which thou hast prepared for
all thy people, which is thy
deare sonne Jesus Christ.

He is my mercifull mediator,
advocate, and intercessor,
by whom I hope to have pardon
of all my sinnes: in him
I live, moove, and have my
being; and after I am dissolved
of this my corruptible bodie,
I beléeve, through his
mercie, to rise againe an incorruptible
bodie: for that I
knowe my redéemer liveth by
whom I shall live, and shall sée
him face to face, not with other
eies, but with the same eies N4r 136
eies which I doo now, O God
my saviour, lift up with a sorrowfull
and repentant heart,
for my most gréevous sinnes
and iniquities, unto the seat of
thy majestie.

Beséeching thée, O my most
swéet Lord Jesus, to wash me
cleane, with thy most pretious
blood, and make me one with
thée, as thou and thy heavenlie
father art one; and as thou
overcamest, so grant me to
overcome all the temptations
of the divell, that I may be a
piller in the temple of my
God, and sit with thée on thy
seat, as thou hast promised to
all that overcome the world,
and die in the faith of thée.
Thou art the waie, the truth, n.iiij. and N4v
and the life. No creature
commeth to the father, but
by thée; and none can trust in
thée, except the father drawe

O déere father, which art the
good husbandman, graft me in
the true vine thy son. O Lord
Jesu Christ, nourish me a true
branch in thée, that I may abide
everlastinglie, and bring
forth much fruit. O holy ghost,
water me with the dew of thy
grace, that I may be gréene,
and growe in the love and favour
of my father and redéemer.
O thou, which art the
finger of Gods hand, touch
my hart, and unlose the same
from all blindnesse and hardnesse,
that I may heare the voice N5r 137
voice of Gods heavenlie
word, and bring foorth much
fruit, untill I be come unto
my full perfection, that I may
be worthie to be placed among
thy chosen and elect people:
through the pretious death and
blood shedding of Jesus Christ,
my onelie Lord and saviour;
to whom, with thée, and the father,
be all honour and glorie,
now and for ever, Amen.

48. A praier, wherein is
shewed, that God dwelleth in
the harts of the righteous,
though his seat be
in heaven.

The mightie power
of thy divine
majestie, O Lord
of Lords, and God n.v. of N5v
of all gods, with the plentifull
aboundance of thy goodnesse
daily declared unto mankind,
inforceth me to consider
mine owne weakenes, and insufficiencie,
in yeelding to thée
anie recompense. Thou Lord
art omnipotent, and madest al
things of naught: I am thy
simple creature, made with
thy hand, and without thy
help I am able to doo no good
thing. Thou art the God
eternall, besides whom there
is no god; I am a woorme of
the vile earth, not worthie to
beare the name of a christian,
for that through mine own sin,
I have defaced the beautie of
the principall part of man,
which is my soule, made to thy godlie N6r 138
godlie image.

Neverthelesse, since thou
art the reformer of all our
harts, and the inspiror of all
grace and goodnesse, I most
humblie beséech thée, to correct
by thy power, that which
through my frailtie is amisse.
Redres by thy pitie that which
I have mard through my follie;
make me able to yéeld unto
thée, that which thou requirest
of me, acknowledging
mine owne unworthines; and
to render unto thée noble praises,
and loving thanks for thy
manifold gifts of grace, wherby
thou hast, of thy méere liberalitie,
indued both my soule
and bodie. Make me worthie
to laud thée, which I cannot doo vnlesse N6v
unlesse thou give me grace, to
wipe awaie all mine iniquities.
For thy praises be not
séemelie in the mouth of a sinner.

Yea Lord, I praie thée inflame
my hart with the love of
thée, so that from the bottome
thereof, I may speake them,
and not to love anie thing in
this world but thée, & for thée.
Thou art the true God and saviour,
and there is none but
thou O Lord. Out of thy
mouth commeth the word of
righteousnes, which no man
may turne. Wherefore, all
other gods set I asside, to thée
onelie will I sing praises, and
confesse thée onelie to be the living
God, which I will acknowledgeknowledge N7r 139
before the whole
congregation of the faithfull.

Thou knowest the inward
intent of the heart; for in the
hearts of the beléeving is thy
seate, and resting place. The
soules of the just are the temples,
wherein thou dooest inhabit.
To this temple, good
Lord, will I turne my selfe,
by pondering the state of mine
owne soule; for strength whereof
I call most humblie unto
thée, most mercifull God, that
I may be able to vanquish the
illusions of the subtill serpent.

Performe in me, that which
thou hast promised; for all thy
waies are mercie and truth.
Thy mercie reacheth unto the
heavens, and thy faithfulnesse vnto N7v
unto the clouds: & thy righteousnes
stands like the strong
mountaine. When thy goodnes
is considered, all the rulers
of the earth must néeds
confes, that great is thy might
and thy glorie. Neverthelesse,
although thou dwellest above
the heavens, yet hast thou a loving
respect unto the lowlie
and méeke of spirit, and dooest
behold them, as one looketh on
his friend, if they trust in thée.

Thou drawest néere unto
them that séeke thée, to heare
their praiers; yea thou art their
shéeld and protection, in all
their necessities: as for the
proud workers of iniquitie,
thou séest them a far off, thou
beholdest them with a fearse looke, N8r 140
looke, to their confusion, to destroie
and roote out their memoriall
out of the everlasting
beatitude. Who so therefore will
have thy majestie come néere
unto him, must plucke downe
his mind, and become lowe in
heart. For the méeke & humble
people be those that shall enjoie
the hevenlie countrie. And
though they walke in the middest
of trouble, yet shalt thou
refresh and quicken them.

This world is a place ordeined
for trouble, and not for
rest. Here we are appointed
to travell, in this place is no
want of tribulation: but thou
ever gratiouslie comfortest the
faithfull, thou sufferest them
not to be overcome in any tribulation;bula- N8v
for through thée they
vanquish all their enimies.
Wherefore, Lord, powre out
thy mercies (I beséech thée) upon
thy flocke; deliver us from
all our enimies, spirituall and
temporall; let thy right hand
save us, and lead us through
thy grace, into eternall felicitie.
As for riches, ease, honor,
or any kind of temporall pleasure,
which be thy gifts also,
but of thy left hand, we nothing

Manie times thou bestowest
these benefits upon thine enimies,
the other thou reservest
for thine elect, to receive after
manie tribulations. And the
same, Lord, I humblie beséech
thée, to kéepe in store for me, thy N9r 141
thy poore servant. Regard not
the wickednes which I dailie
commit, but looke upon the
merits of thy son Jesus Christ,
my God and my saviour: for
it is he that hath paied my
debt, and thou Lord hast sealed
the acquitance: grant me
to honour thée therefore, as I
ought to doo, now and for ever,
Amen, Amen.

49. A praier, wherein is
shewed, that God is alwaies our
protection, if we trust in his
sonne Jesus Christ.

O Lord, thou art my
God; I will praise
thée and magnifie
thy name, and thy word N9v
word above all things. Thou
bringest marvelous things to
passe, according to thy will
and pleasure. Thou art the
poore mans helpe, & a strength
for the néedfull in the time of
trouble, defending them against
all weathers, and their
shadowe in the time of heate.
Likewise to the presumptuous,
thou art like a strong
whirle wind, that casteth
downe the boasting of the ungodlie,
bicause they know not
thée to be the everlasting
strength: but the righteous
Lord, have a respect unto the
waie of thy judgements, and
thy name and remembrance
rejoiseth their hearts. As for
my soule, it thirsteth after thée, both N10r 142
both daie and night; and my
mind hasteth fréelie unto thée,
bicause thou art so mercifull
unto all them that séeke thée in
singlenesse of heart: for thou
wilt be found of them that
thirst after thée.

Thou art the well of pleasant
waters, wherewith whosoever
is filled, they shall never
be a thirst: for thou O lambe
of God, that dwellest in the
middest of the throne, wilt
lead thine unto the founteine
of living waters, and give
them everlasting rest; bicause
that in this world they made
themselves white in thy blood,
bearing thy crosses with willing
minds, and confessed thée
before men on earth. For this cause N10v
cause wilt thou acknowledge
them before God thy father in
heaven, where they shall praise
thée and him, world without
end. O God most holie, I acknowledge
that I am none of
those that have deserved halfe
such mercie at thy hands: but
I hope, through the mercies
and merits of thy deare sonne
Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour, to be made as perfect
before thée, O heavenlie father,
as if I had never sinned.

For thus I stedfastlie beléeve;
if I come unto him, he
will not refuse me; and if I
praie heartilie, desiring his
helpe, he will heare me, and
cloath me with his righteousnes,
and take from me all the sinnes N11r 143
sinnes that ever I have committed,
from my birth untill
this present houre, as he hath
promised in his holie word.
Come Lord Jesus, for thou
art true and just in all thy
waies, and wash me with thy
most pretious blood. Sanctifie
me with thy bitter passion, pretious
death, and glorious resurrection.
Restore me to those
joies, that thine elect doo find in
thée, & powre thy holie spirit into
my heart, that he may draw
my mind continuallie unto
thée: for thou art the waie, the
truth, and the life. Blessed are
they that trust in thée, and with
a stedfast faith make thée their
onelie staie and refuge; they
shall be sure of all happinesse in this N11v
this world: and when it shall
please thée to call them hence,
they shall enjoie with thée, the
crowne of glorie, who hast all
power given thée, both in heaven
and earth: for the father
judgeth no man, but hath committed
all unto thée, who art
the verie wisedome of God.

Wherfore, Lord Jesu, make
me blessed with thée, like as
thou art blessed; for I commit
my selfe, both bodie and soule,
into thy mercifull hands, who
hast redéemed me, O thou God
of truth. Thou O Lord, art
worthie to receive all glorie,
and honour, and might: for
thou hast created all things,
and for thy willes sake they
were and are created. O most noble N12r 144
noble creator of light, shine into
my hart, that it may cléerlie
sée the excellencie of thy majestie;
and quicken my soule
and sirit , that they may continuallie
be stirred to honour
and glorifie thée, as thou art
worthie, which by thy grace I
shall not cease to do, with hart
soule, mind, and strength, among
thy faithfull congregation,
which of thy mercie, Lord
preserve and kéepe, that we
may praise thée, one God in
persons thrée, and everlasting
in unitie, world
without end,


Printer’s seal: top: 2 cherubim hold a shield with a simple cross on it; middle: large oval containing a sun-like figure, with the words “sublime dedit is homini” around the edge of the oval; to the left and right of the oval, scroll-like figures with the initials H and D (for the printer: Henrie Denham); bottom: 2 female angelic figures hold a shield with a sun and several books on it.

Sublime dedit is homini.

Imprinted at London, by Henrie
, dwelling in Pater
noster Rowe,
at the signe
of the Starre.

Cum privilegio.