Humble Address
Of The
Widow Whitrowe
King William:

With a
Faithful Warning
To the
Inhabitants of England,
Haste and Prepare by True Repentance, and
Deep Humiliation, to meet the
Before His Indignation burns like Fire, and
breaks forth into a mighty Flame, so that
none can quench it.

Printed in the Year, 16891689.

A2r 3

Humble Address
Of the
Widow Whitrowe
King William, &c.

“God save the king for ever”:
For that is the desire of my Soul to God for
thee, and for all Mankind, which is the chief
end of my Writing to the King at this time: And my
humble Petition and Request to the King is, that his delight
may be in the Law of the Lord, and in His
Law to have thy Meditation day and night.

For this was the Word which God put into my
Heart for thee, when I was going on the Way near
Putny; and hearing the King was to come that way, I
stood still to see him; and whilst I stood still, these were
the Words that did rise in my Heart to thee, Oh King.

“Blessed is the Man that doth not walk in the Counsel of
the Wicked, nor stand in the Way of Sinners, nor sit in the
Seat of the Scornful; but his delight is in the Law of the
Lord, and in His Law doth he meditate Day and Night;
For this is he that shall be as a Tree planted by the Rivers
of Water, that will bring forth his Fruit in due season, whose
Leaf shall not fade; so that whatsoever he shall do, it shall
prosper: but the Wicked are not so, but are like the Chaff
which the Wind driveth away.”

These were the weighty Words; but I saw not thy
Face at that time: But another time, as I was going by A2 Water A2v 4
Water, I met thee going to land at Whitehall, and our
Boat standing still, I felt the power of God’s Love so
to thee, that it transported my Spirit into a Heavenly
Joy; I was drawn forth into Prayer, and these were
some of the Words; “Lord be Thou his Counsellor:
Lord be Thou his Directer”
. And so I departed in this
holy Extasie, making my request to God for thee: But
after this, I saw thee upon East-Sheen-Common, where
thou wast taking thy pleasure in Hunting: I was much
grieved to see the King spending his precious time in
such a vain Exercise, in such a day as this, when the Nation
lies bleeding, the People wallowing in their Blood
of Uncleanness, and all manner of Abominations, whose
Sins are of a Scarlet Dye, and cries aloud in the Ears of
the Lord God for Vengeance: Oh King! is this a
day for Pleasure, when the Righteous God is oppressed
under the Sins of the People as a Cart is pressed with
Sheaves? I beseech thee consider the end of the Lord,
in bringing thee into this Nation, was it to do thy own
Will, or the Will of Him that sent thee? For thou hast
lived to see some of the great Acts of the Lord in this
thy day, as others did in the days of old, when one chased
a thousand, and five put ten thousand to flight; yea,
how did the Mighty fly before thee, when none persued
them? And if God prolong thy days, thou wilt see
greater things then these; for the Lord will work
Wonders in this the day of His mighty Power, as He did
in Egypt, and at the Red-Sea; and for this end, to get
Himself a Name above every Name, to exalt His glorious
Name in the Earth, that all may know that He is
the Lord, and that man is but man: As thou, O King,
art a witness, that it was not thy Sword, nor thy Might
that brought thee hither, but the Lord’s own Arm
which He made bare in the sight of all. And now I beseech
thee consider how highly thou art ingaged to the Lord A3r 5
Lord for all his Goodness; and what wilt thou return
to the King of Eternal Glory, but to love Him with
all thy Heart and Soul, Strength and Might, and thy
Neighbour as thy self; and to do Justice, and love Mercy,
and to walk humbly with the Lord; for this is the
whole Duty of Man, to love God and keep his Commandments,
to visit the Widow and Fatherless in their
Afflictions, and to keep thy self unspotted from the
World; to love our Enemies, to do good for evil, to
overcome evil with good; as our blessed Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ commanded, “Whatever ye would that
men should do unto you, do ye that unto them”
: Oh these are
blessed Rules for men to walk by, for the King and his
Nobles to put into practice: These are the Rules that the
holy men of God gave forth as they were moved by
the Spirit of God, as the holy Apostle saith, “That the
man of God be perfect, and intire, wanting nothing,
but furnished for every good Work”
. And saith our Lord
and blessed Saviour, “Be ye merciful as your Heavenly
Father is merciful.”
And King David saith, “Lord with
the merciful Thou wilt shew Thy Self merciful, and with the
pure Thou wilt shew thy self pure”
. This made David call
upon God so earnestly, to make him pure, even as
God is pure; and this made him merciful to forgive his
Enemies so often; for he knew the benefit would return
to him again, both from God and Man; and as there
was great Goodness in it, so there was great Policy, for
it won the Affection of the People, so as that there
Hearts were bowed to him, as the Heart of one man.
And now O King, seeing thou art compassed about with
so great a Cloud of Witnesses, incourage thy self in
God, as David did, and let the Power of the Lord
God be strong in the King, to throw down Sin, and
to root out Wickedness out of this Nation: For be it
known unto thee, O King, this Nation at this time is fitter A3v 6
for Judgment then for Deliverance: for how doth all
manner of Wickedness reign, both in Professors and Prophane,
for the one is given to their fleshly Pleasures, as
Drunkenness, Feastings, Whoredom, and all manner of
beastly lacivious Talking, Swearing and Lying, Cheating,
and all manner of Deceit: It would amaze one to
see how Youth and little Children are debaucht, their
Mouthes filled with Cursing and Swearing, and all manner
of wicked Words, as “Dam”, and “Rot them”, and such
Hellish Words; and the Professors of Religion out-strip
the Prophane: for O the Deceit, the Double-dealing,
Cheating & Cousening: and if their evils are not answered,
then the Malice they are filled with, even seeking
to destroy one another: And the ground wherein all this
mischief grows, is Covetousness, which is Idolatry, and
the root of all Evil, every one seeking themselves, and
not the things of Christ, who said, “Ye cannot be my Disciples,
except ye deny your selves, and take up my daily Cross,
and follow me”
: But instead of this, they are become Enemies
to the Cross of Christ, “whose God is their Belly”,
as saith the Apostle, “whose Glory is their Shame, who mind
Earthly things”
. And is it not a shame that men that
call themselves Christians, should mind their Honours
and Preferments into great Places? Did Christ and his
Followers leave such a Pattern? Let them bring their
Lives to the Life of Christ, and see how like they are
to His; this is the cause why they do not profit the
people, because their minds are in the Earth; and behold,
oh King, what preaching and praying here is in
this Land, but how little practising? What Fruits are
brought forth to God by all this praying and preaching?
did ever pride abound as it doth now? the holy
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the end, when they were departed from the Law of
God they went a Whoring after the Abominations of the A4r 7
the Heathen, and one of their Whorish Inventions was,
they made them “Round Tyers like the Moon”; for which
the Prophet proclaims the heavy Judgments of God
against them.

But what may we call the Dresses of the profest
Christians of our Time? the Tower of Babel, or the
Whore of Babylon’s triple Crown? Oh ye Rebellious
Daughters, who have Ears but hear not, Hearts but do
not understand, that the long Suffering of the Lord
should lead you to Repentance; Oh ye Proud stiffnecked
and Rebellious People, do you thus requite the
Lord for all his kind and gentle dealing, which
should humble you in the dust before Him; ye Rebellious
Ones, with what face or pretence of Piety can you
appear before the pure and holy God in your Congregations
to worship? with your proud Hearts, your staitly
Carriages, your lofty looks, your towered Thoughts,
thinking you are Gods with your high towered Heads,
which makes you look exalted to the Skies, with all the
rest of your rich & gorgious Attires, fitter for the Heathen
Stage-Players than for Christians: I say, can you approach
before this great and Almighty God, and not
be abased and confounded before Him? Know you
not that His all-seeing Eye beholds your Idolatry? and
if his Majesty looks upon you in Anger, ye are
consumed to nothing, and must return to the Dust from
whence ye came, for the Worms to feed on your delicate
Carkasses, for which your precious time hath been
spent in taking care for to feed it Voluptuously, and to
adorn it excessively, and then to love and admire it so,
as to worship and adore it: Now which are the greatest
Idolaters, they that worship the Sun, Moon and
Stars, the glorious Creatures, which represent the Glory
of God, or you that worship your sinful Flesh? Ye
great Idolaters, do you think that God created you for this A4v 8
this purpose, to Love your selves, Admire your selves, to
Kiss your own Hands, saying to your proud Flesh,
I will Honour and Worship thee, thou art my God,
(for this know, “his Servants ye are, whom you obey”) and
then go and stand in your Idols Temple, to Mock God,
and bid Defiance to His Spirit of Grace, saying, we are
delivered to do all these Abominations!

I speak this to all sorts of Professors, from the highest
in profession to the lowest of them that call themselves
Christians, for the one is as deeply guilty of loving
themselves, their own Ways and evil Works of earthly
Mindedness and Coveteousness, which is Idolatry; as the
Prophain is of their Prophainness: “Oh Everlasting God,
what Lamentation shall be taken up for both these, which are
gone away from thy Ways like lost Sheep!”
But oh ye Idolaters,
who call your selves Christians; go you to the Wars
of Jerusalem, and read there what the Lord did for the
wickedness of that People who were call’d Jews: & do you
think to escape the just Judgments of God for your Sins,
because you are call’d Christians, though out of His Life, No,
No, that Covering will be too short in the Day of Account;
and though some of you may say, “We have Eaten
and Drunk in Thy Presence, and in thy Name done many
wonderful Works”
, yet not persevering to the end of all
Iniquity, this will be your Portion, “Depart from me ye
Workers of Iniquity, I know you not”

And now having in some measure cleared my Conscience,
by doing as I am commanded, to speak the Truth to
my Neighbours, I Expect the same measure from those
that are guilty in this matter to cast a Stone at me,
as they did at the faithful Servants of the Lord of
old: Poor suffering Jeremiah, was so sorely tryed, that
he said, “Wo is me, my Mother, that thou hast born me, a
Man of Contention and Strife to the whole Earth”
. And that
holy Prophet Isaiah, who said to the Scoffers of his time, Isa. B1r 9
INTERNAL ERROR. Please report to wwp@neu.edu that regMe is unmatched.Isa. 57. 3. “O ye Sons of the Sorceress, the Seed of the Adulterers,
&c. On whom have ye jested? upon whom have ye gaped and
thrust out your Tongues?”
Are not ye Rebellious Children
and false Seed inflamed with Idols? And my blessed Saviour,
the Everlasting God manifest in Flesh, when He
went to Dye upon the Cross for their Sins, they beat Him
and mocked Him, saying, “Prophesie who smote Thee”; so I
must take my Lot among these blessed Ones, though unworthy;
but I will get me into the secret of His Pavilion,
under the Shadow of the Almighty, where I shall be
hid from the strife of Tongues.

And now, O King. I hope thy Goodness will pass by
my Trespass in this long Discourse, wherein I have been
ingaged to bear my Testimony against the Sins of the
people of this Nation, which cries aloud in the Ears of
the Lord for Vengeance; and seeing I intend nothing
but what is good for the King and his People, I desire to
have Liberty to ease my self of the burden which hath
lain upon me many years before thou camest into this Nation.
For be it known unto the King, I have feared the
Lord, and loved the holy Scripture from my Youth
up until this day; and in my searching after the Lord
I past through many things, which would be too tedious
to mention here.

About a quarter of a Year before the Plague began in
London, the Lord commanded me to go to Bristol, and
call them to Repentance, before the terrible Day of the
Lord, and so I went a Foot, and when I came thither,
at the Command of God I put on Sack-cloth on my Body,
and Ashes on my Head; and when I had delivered
my Message, the next day I returned towards London,
where I came to my Husband and Family. iIn ten Days
time, or the tenth Day of my parting from them, leaving
a young Child of a Year old that suck’d at my Breast, B and. B1v 10
and found all things well, my self also, so well as if I
had not gon one Mile, although a weak Woman of Body,
and not able to go two Miles without Pain, yet in the
strength of the Lord I went almost two Hundred
Miles a Foot, Glory be to God forever.

And after a great Exercise of Fasting & Prayer which
lay upon me, I was commanded to go out of my own House
Sack-cloth and Ashes, and proclaim the terrible Day of
the Lord, that should burn as an Oven; crying “Wo,
wo, wo unto the Inhabitants of this City, Desolation upon
Desolation, and Wo upon Wo”
; then presently the Plague
began in the City; and for too Weeks after the Plague
began, I thought I should never have had rest more, for
day and night I was like a Woman in strong Travel, all
over in racking Pain, I trembled that my Knees struck
one against another, and as the weight of a Mill Stone
upon my Spirit, I cryed bitterly to the Lord, and
said, “Oh Righteous Lord, if Thou remove not this burden,
then I cannot live”
; then the Lord answered, and
said, “It is the burden of the Inquities of the Nation I have
laid upon thee, and thou must bear my Indignation, for thou
art their Sign of the Repentance and Humiliation I require
of them”
: then I knew what the Prophet Habakkuk meant
when his Lips quivered, his Belly trembled, and rottenness
had entered his Bones; then I had a little ease for
the present, but the great Exercise remained still, going
in Sack-cloth and Ashes, and calling the People to Repentance;
but when I had performed my Service, and
done all that the Lord required of me; Oh the sweet
melting consolating Love my Heart and Soul was filled
with to God for His goodness, in giving me strength to
do His blessed Will, and was so humbled, I could have licked
the Dust; then I threw my Body upon the ground,
and my Mouth in the Dust, that God might be Exalted; then B2r 11
then I had Beauty given me for Ashes, yea, the Beauty of
His Holiness; I had the Garment of Praise for the Spirit
of heaviness, for my Mouth was filled with Praises,
and my Heart with Heavenly Halalujah’s; I went about
doing Good, visiting the Sick, and relieving the Poor;
I had the Word of the Lord to many Families, to tell
them that their Visitation drew near, calling them to
Repentance, Praises be to Him that lives forever; for
the Lord had not only shed his Love in my Heart,
but filled my Heart and Rains so full, that it run as a River
to all mankind, for their Redemption out of their
fallen Estate; but this encreased my outward Afflictions,
and the inward Travel of my Soul, so that I never
heard of any that went through the like in this latter
Age: I was much exercised with fasting, at the Command
of the Lord I Fasted three days, and three
nights, without any Sustenance; and eat Bread and
drank Water six days together, for a Witness against
their Feasting and Drinking high Spirits, to keep the
Plague from their Hearts, but alas, they were Phisitians
of no value; but it pleased the Lord to preserve me
and mine, at that Time, and for many years after, until
it pleased him to prepare my dear Children for Himself,
and then He took them out of all the Saares and Temptations
of this sinful Life, to their everlasting Joy and
His eternal Praise, World without end, Amen. Then I
enquired of the Lord why He took them away in
their youth; and He said, Because of their Fathers evil
Life, and in order for my deliverance to the Work He
had called me to; then the Lord Commanded me to
depart from the Multitude, and from all the concerns
of this World, to seek Him apart; to give up Name
and Fame, and whatsoever was dear to me in this Life,
Body, Soul and Spirit, to serve the Lord as he requiredB2 quired B2v 12
me, (that was in Fasting and Prayer) which was
also to be a sign to the Multitude, of the Worship
which the Lord required of them; but the Afflictions
I went through at that time, is beyond my Tongue of
Flesh to declare; then after all this the Lord commanded
me to go in Sackcloth and Ashes three days, and
to wear Sackcloth three years, which I did, till after the
death of King Charles the second.

And now, O King, I am required to visit thee, and
to lay before thee what the Lord requires of thee,
which is, “To do Justly, and to shew Mercy, and to walk
humbly with thy God, and not to fear Man, whose Breath is
in his Nostrils, nor to put thy trust in the Arm of Flesh,
but in the living God”
; for it is written, “Wo unto them
that go down into Egypt for help”
; It is also written, “Blessed
be the Man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope
the Lord is, for he shall be as a Tree that is planted by
the Waters, which spreadeth out her roots by the Rivers, and
shall not feel when the heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green,
and shall not care for the year of drowth, neither shall cease
from yielding Fruit, yea, Blessed shall he be in his going out,
and in his coming in”
; for the Lord shall bless him with
an everlasting Blessing, which shall be better than the Blessing
of his Ancestors: Therefore O king, be Valiant
for the Truth upon Earth, and give not thy Strength
unto others, nor thy Power and Wisdom to Men, but serve
the Lord with all thy Strength, and with all thy Might, for
this the Lord requirs of thee, and give it not to Men to
serve their evil ends.

And in order to the carrying on of this great Work
which I have been treating of, my humble Request to
the King is, that he would be pleased to take Christ for
his Example in this thing, to with-draw often from the
Multitude, and to retire into his own Soul, there to at.tend B3r 13
tend upon the Lord very deligently in Fasting and Prayer,
asking Counsel of the Lord how to order his Affairs as
may be most for the Glory of God, and then “The God of
Peace make the King perfect in all good Works, to do His
most acceptable Will, working in him that which is pleasant
in His sight, to whom be Everlasting Praise for evermore,

From one that is of no Sect or gathered People whatsoever,
yet I love the good in all, but the evil I abhor; so
I walk alone as a Woman forsaken; I have fellowship
with them that Lived in Caves, and in Dens, and desolate
places of the Earth, of whom the World was
not worthy.


Postscript. O Ye Church and People of England! what did you
send for King William out of his own Country,
and turn out King James? You said it was to set up the
Christian Religion, and to Establish it: Why is it not
done? What have you been a doing all this while, making
provision to set up your selves? For the Christian
is not set up: you know what that is, “To forsake
the Devil and all his Works, the Pomps and Vanities of
this wicked World, and all the sinful Lusts of the Flesh, and
to keep God’s Will and Commandments, and to walk in the
same all the days of your Lives”
. So you see the Christian
Religion shews you what the Devil’s Works are, that
they are “the Pomps and the Vanities of this wicked World, and B3v 14
and the sinful Lusts of the Fles h”
. And Christ’s command is,
“Learn of me, for I am Meek and Lowly, and you shall find
Rest to your Souls”
: And Christ’s command is, “Love your
Enemies, do good to them that hate you”
: And Christ’s command
is, “Let your Light so shine, that men may see your
good Works, and glorifie your heavenly Father”
: These are
the Commands of Christ, with all the rest that I have
been treating of. And these are the Vows you have
vowed in the Name of God, in your Baptism, “To forsake
the Devil and all his Works, the vain Pomps and Glory
of the World, with all the Covetous Desires of the same, the
Carnal Desires of the Flesh”
, saying, “I will not follow, nor
be led by them: I forsake them all”
: This is your Pomise.
Therefore, oh ye Church and People of England, perform
your Vows which you have vowed to the God of
Heaven, and put into practice what you have promised
the Lord; but if you will not, then will it appear to
all the World, that you did not all this to set up the Christian
an Religion
, but to set up your selves, which if you do,
God will pull you down; for saith the Lord, “Them
that Honours me I will Honour: but they that despise Me
shall be despised”
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And oh ye Church and People of England, I am to
acquaint you, that the last Lord Mayors Day I bore a
heavy burden for your Feasting: The Lord calls
for Fasting, and you go to Feasting: so that ye are
guilty of the same Iniquity that your fore-Fathers
were, for said Isaiah the Prophet in that day, “Did
the Lroord God of Host call into Weeping and Mourning,
and Baldness, and to girding with Sack-cloth; but behold
Joy and Gladness, slaying Oxen and killing Sheep, eating
Flesh and drinking Wine, Eating and Drinking, for
tomorrow we shall dye”
: That was all that presumptious
Generation valued, either the command of the Lord, or B4r 15
or His just Judgments, to make a mock at that weighty
Message; and yea do the same in your Actions, breaking
Christ’s commands, who said, “When thou makest a
Dinner or Supper, call not thy Friends, not thy rich Neighbours,
lest they bid thee again: But when thou makest a
Feast, call the Poor and Distressed, for they cannot Recompence
thee again, but thou shalt be Recompenced at the
Resurrrection of the Just”
. So remember your Vows
which ye have vowed, oh ye Church and People! to
keep God’s “holy Will and Commandments, and to walk in
the same all the dayes of your Lives”
. And now, oh ye
Churches and Inhabitants of England of all sorts and
Sects, be it known unto you, that thus far I am clear of
your Blood by performing my Service to God, and my
Duty to my Neighbours, whom I desire the welfare of
as my own Soul; yea, I can call Heaven and Earth to
witness, that this is my end, even your Salvation, which
will be more to you then all earthly Crowns.
And that this Message to you may prove so effectual
by the Power of God, that you together with me in
the Humility of our Souls, may cast our selves with all
Self-interest at the Feet of Christ Jesus, as a second Mary
, washing His Feet with our Tears, and wiping
them with the Hairs of our Heads, that our cries
may pierce through the Heavens to the Throne of his
Grace, to move His holy and glorious Majesity to be
merciful to us, and this poor Nation, that is may not be
made an utter Desolation for the Sins of them that live
Your Friend, ready to serve you to the utmost of my
Power according to the Will of God.
J. Whitrowe