Work of God
in a
Dying Maid:

A ſhort Account of the Deallings
of the Lord with one
Susannah Whitrow.

About the Age of Fifteen
Years, and Daughter of Robert
, inhabiting in Covent-
, in the County of Middleſex.

Together with her Experimental
Confeſſions to the Power and Work
of the Lord God, both in Judgments
and Mercy to her Soul.

Publiſhed for the Warning and Good of others,
who are in the ſame condition ſhe
was in before her Sickneſs.

Printed in the Year 1677.

A1v A2r 2

The Work of God in a Dying Maid.

Friends and People, to whom theſe following Lines may come, theſe may give you knowledge, that being ſpoken unto by a Friend, of the State of Sickneſs, and Wonderful Expreſſions that were uttered by this Maid now Deceaſed, made me deſirous to ſee her, and as a Mother fearing God, knowing what Joy it muſt be to have a Child that had Tranſgreſſed, to turn to the Lord with all the Heart, and to find Acceptance with A2 the A2v 3 the Almighty, as I have cauſe to believe ſhe did; for he was with her, and I felt a living Power to opperate in her, that neither her Youth, nor Comlineſs, wtiith any other outward Expectation, that ſhe formerly had or might have of the Glory of this World, left a place in her to deſire any longer Life in this World, but as ſhe had before I came, cryed out againſt her ſelf, for loving and going to theſe Vanities and Pariſh Places of Worſhip; ſo now in my hearing ſhe was much raiſed in her Spirit, in the Senſe of the Joy that ſhe believed ſhe was entring into, praying and praiſing the Lord with a pleaſant Melody, and deſiring alſo that her Mother might be taken out of this Wicked World: I felt the Loving-kindneſs of God unto her, and ſhe was brought near to me; the Lord ſhewed me ſhe muſt Dye, and being the A3r 5 the Only Child of her Parents; and having heard this tender-hearted Mother, had buried her Only Son not a Quarter of a Year before, which by relation was an excellent Child for his Years, not being Six and an Half, for Wiſdom and Learning, and Outward Comlineſs a very Beautiful Child, and one of a great Courage, yet of a very tender, ſweet, loving Nature, and more than all, in Soberneſs purſuing of the better part, ſo I felt and know in theſe ſudden and renewing Trials there was Judgment; and beholding her Mother’s Quiet and Patient bearing of it, had this brought to my Remembrance, That they are bleſſed that can ſtand in Judgment; and none but a Tender Mother can tell what it is to have Hopeful Children ſo ſoon taken from them, and ſee the Lord is Righteous in what he doth; and I that have drunk intoA3 to A3v 6 to this Cup, and a more bitter one, muſt confeſs, The Lord is Righteous in all, and his Judgments are true, but his Mercies are over all his Works, and his Love Everlaſting, and who lives therein, gives Thanks for all things; and this appears to me worthy to be known and retained, that ſo Young a Hopeful and Beautiful Maid ſhould be taken off from her Vanity, yet that the Mercy of the Lord ſhould ſo freely extend it ſelf unto her, that ſhe might teſtifie againſt her own, and the World’s Vanities and Worſhips; and tho’ but in the laſt Hour, the Lord of Goodneſs granted her an Entrance into his Vineyard, and Power ſhe received to magnifie his Juſtice and Mercy, that out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings will perfect his own Praiſe: And ſure I am, the Dealings of the Almighty God with her on her Dying-Bed, was Forewarningwarning A4r 7 warning ſome, and Inſtruction to others, that all might believe, and come to the Obedience of the Life, where all may profit, and be built up unto Eternal Life, over Death and Hell, in the Life of Jeſus our Lord, which is the Deſire of Her that through Grace is a Lover of all your Souls, called

Rebecca Travers

Svſanna Whitrow ſickned 1677-03-05the 5th Day of the 3d Month, 1677. and lay until 1677-03-09the 9th Day, under great Judgment and Terrors of the Lord for Sin and Iniquity, and about Four in the Afternoon ſhe broke forth in exceeding Earneſtneſs, crying to the Lord for Mercy, with Wonderful Words, till about three hours, then did the Lord hear her Cries, and anſwered the Deſire of her Soul; and when ſhe had obtainedA4 tained A4v 8 tained Mercy from the Lord, then did ſhe fall into an exceeding travil in Soul and Spirit, praying mightily to the Lord in the behalf of her Father, and ſo lay four or five Hours crying earneſtly to the Lord for her Father, before we writ down any of her Words. Her Natural Spirits were almoſt ſpent before theſe Words were taken as follow.

Lord, Remember not his Offences, let me bear them, Lord, let it be eaſie to him, Lord, make the Way eaſie; make his Friends to be Enemies unto him, that thou mayſt have Mercy on him: Lord his Temptations are great; Lord, carry him through, O let him not periſh with the World; Lord, do thou ſupport him over this World: Should a little ſilly Dirt of this World draw away his Mind? O Lord, ſatisfie me whether thou wilt grant me my Deſires: Bleſſed ‘Lord A5r 9 Lord, hear me; O Lord, hear me; O Lord, let his Mind be ſet on things above; Lord, fix his Mind upon thee; Lord, let me never reſt (unſatisfied) Lord, help him; turn him, Lord, and he will be turned; Lord, if I leave him behind me: O Lord, help me; O Lord, help him: O Lord, hear me; O my Lord, I have not ſtrength left; O Lord take him to thee; but Lord, grant me my Requeſt; O Lord, help me; Lord, take not away my Strength before thou haſt granted my Deſire. O Lord, my Deſire is not to live in this Abominable World: Lord, if thou take me not to thy ſelf the Tempter will come again: O Lord, my Heart can never reſt, until thou haſt turned him to thy ſelf: O Lord, muſt I be taken away without any Satisfaction? O Lord, ſhall I have no help for my A5 ‘Diſtreſs? A5v 10 Diſtreſs? O Lord, Lord, there is no way for him but to Watch and pray continually, leſt the Tempter prevail. Lord, are my Sins forgiven? O Lord, had not my Eyes been in thoſe Vanities, my Heart had not gone after them: Lord, ſtrengthen thou me, but to ſee my Deſires: O Lord, can I pray no longer? O Lord, how hath my Strength failed, and my Heart decayed? O Lord, let all conſider what it this Kingdom: O Lord, thou comeſt as a Theif in the Night: O Lord, I beſeech thee to tell me, if thou haſt granted my Deſire? O Lord, thou wilt take me: O Lord, muſt I go before my deſire be Anſwered? O, muſt I go? O, is there no delay? O Lord, let me but ſtay to hear an Anſwer. I am very happy that I ſhall not live in this Wicked World: O Lord, I am going; O Lord A6r 11 Lord, take me. Then to her Relations, O why will you keep me ſo long? I ſhall be kept longer.

Robert Whitrow Joan Whitrow her Father. Mother. William Naſh, Suſanna Meurs, Nurſe.

Sarah Ellis her Teſtimony concerning Suſanna Whitrow, To her Mother.

A few Words which were expreſſed by this precious Child in the time of her Illneſs.

Inot thinking ſhe was ſo near her End, did not bear in memory as many of her Words as I might have done: I can truly ſay, I A6v 12 I was much refreſhed in ſeeing the great Work and Power of the Lord upon her, and hearing the precious Words that proceeded out of her Mouth: When firſt I came to ſee her, ſhe had lain about a Week ill; ſhe ſeemed to be in much Extremity of Pain, and crying out to the Lord, ſaying, O Lord, the Enemy has wounded my Heart, he has wounded my Head, and he has wounded my Hell; Come Lord, I make room, I make room, my Heart is open: O rip me up, and ſet me in thy Boſome, as thou didſt the laſt Night: O, I feel the Enemy coming in like a Flood; Lord, drive him out.

Another time I went to viſit her, when ſhe was in great Conflict of Spirit and Body, and her Mother withdrew from her, to ſeek the Lord, leaving her Father by her Bed-ſide, in which time ſhe uttered little or nothing, but lay Groaning B1r 13 Groaning (ſhe would hardly ſuffer her Mother to be from her, if ſhe could help it) after a while her Mother came again, and ſhe ſaid, O Mother Ceaſe not, Ceaſe not, though no one had told her, that her Mother was a praying to the Lord, but only as ſhe had a ſence of it in her ſelf; and when her Mother came to her again, ſhe was in a ſweet ſtill Frame of Spirit, and cryed out, Ah! my dear Mother, O my bleſſed Mother, the Lord has ſhewed me, my Mother ſhall have a double Portion of his Spirit, yea, my Mother ſhall have a double Portion. This ſhe ſpoke ſeveral times over, with many more precious Words, that are paſt out of my Mind.

Another time I came to ſee her, a Day or two before ſhe dyed, and her Countenance was changed, and ſhe looked very ſweetly, and lay praiſing the Lord, ſaying, Oh my Saviour, B1v 14 Saviour, my bleſſed Saviour.

Another time her Mother went out of the Room, in to the next Room about ſome Buſineſs, and ſhe called earneſtly to her Mother, and ſaid, Ah! Mother, I had much in my Heart to have ſpoke to thee: Care not for this World; a little will ſerve us, we ſhall not want; the Lord will feed his People as he did Eliſha by the Ravens; yea, the Lord will feed us as he did Eliſha.

Sarah Ellis.

Concerning that Falſe Report that was raiſed by ſome Envious Perſons, which ſhe formerly kept Company with, hearing of her Change from that Vain Converſation ſhe had formerly lived in, they reported, That ſhe was in love, and that that was the Cauſe of her Diſtemper. When her Father came home, and had given me a Relationon B2r 15 on of what thoſe Perſons had infuſed into him, although I was ſatisfied to the contrary, I went to my dear Child, and examined her concerning it, and becauſe I would be clear, of what-ever might happen hereafter concerning it, I ſaid unto her, My dear Child, thy Father and I will give our Conſent freely for thee to Marry him, and we will do the uttermoſt of our Power for thee, to make thy Life comfortable with him all thy days. Then ſhe ſaid, My dear Mother, I thank you; but that Man is no more to me than one I never ſaw with my Eyes, neither will I ever him, if he had all the Poſſeſſions of the Earth: It’s true, there was ſomething betwixt us, he being very urgent with me upon the account of Marriage, proffering to ſettle a conſiderable Eſtate on me, and my Father at that time being a little harſh to me, B2v 16 me, I thought I would ſet myſelf at Liberty; but upon better Conſideration, I told him, I would do nothing without my Father and Mother’s Advice, which he was unwilling to; in that and ſome other things I was diſ-ſatisfied; I conſidered, if I ſhould have him, I ſhould be ruined; ſo, that ſmall Affection I had to him, I withdrew; and before I fell ſick this laſt time, I did deſire never to ſee him more: And now, my Mother I am clear of him, and all Men living.

Oh, my bowed down and broken-hearted Mother! What hath been thy Sufferings in this Family? Oh! how haſt thou been oppreſſed with our Iniquities? Ah, bowed down! Ah! how often haſt thou told my Father, The Lord would viſit him with ſore and grievous Judgment if he did not Repent, and turn B3r 17 turn from the Evil of his Ways? Ah! how often haſt thou ſaid, The Lord would plead thy Righteous Cauſe with us? Now the Day is come, thou haſt ſo long warned us of; now the Lord is riſen; now the Lord is broke in upon us. Oh how great hath been thy Care and Pains, which thou haſt taken to bring us into the Fear of the Lord? Oh, thou Bleſſed of the Lord! Great ſhall be thy Reward, the Lord will give thee Beauty for Aſhes, and the Garment of Praiſe for the Spirit of Heavineſs: Bleſſed be thou my Mother.Her Mother being at that time Praiſing and Magnifying the Lord; then ſhe ſaid, My bleſſed Mother, now is that Viſion fulfiled, which the Lord ſhewed thee concerning me, That my Soul ſhould bleſs thee, and thy Soul ſhould bleſs the Lord. Then ſhe broke forth into ſweet Melody, ſinging Praiſes unto the Lord.

‘Bleſſed B3v 18 Bleſſed are the Poor in Spirit; Lord, I am Poor, I am Needy, I need thy Strength continually to withſtand the Tempter. O Lord, ſtand by me, move not from me; for if thou go, the Tempter will come; I will hold the faſt; thou art my Saviour; thou ſhalt ſave me from the Tempter. My dear Mother, ſend for that dear Friend (meaning R. T.) that prayed by me the other day; ſhe is a precious Woman; her Heart is upright before the Lord, the Lord hath ſhewed it me; I love her; let her pray by me to the Lord againſt the Tempter: And ſend for that faithful Servant of the Lord W. P. The Lord will hear the Prayers of the Faithful; but I have been Unfaithful. O, how often have I ſinned againſt my Saviour, the Light in my Conſcience, which ſhewed me the Way I ſhould walk in? B4r 19 in? O, how often hath he knocked at my ſtony Heart, ſaying, This is my bleſſed Truth, which the Quakers Preach, by which all Souls that I have made ſhall be ſaved in? Then I have ſaid in my Heart, After ſuch a thing and ſuch a thing is accompliſhed, I will leave off my Life of Vanity, and become a new Creature. Oh! I was ſhe that truſted in Lying Vanities; I thought I ſhould have had Long Life, and then I did intend to ſerve the Lord in my Old Age. Oh! how have I been againſt a Woman’s ſpeaking in a Meeting? but now, whether it comes from Man, Woman or Child, it is precious indeed. O that I could be with my Mother, the Lord is with her, that I might have a little time longer, that my dear Mother and I might go in the Country, and walk ‘in B4v 20 in a Wood together, that we might ſeek the Lord, and never lay our Eyes to-gether till we have found him.
Witneſſed by me

Ann Martin

O Lord, my Strength faileth, I wait upon thee, renew my Strength: O my holy Lord, be pleaſed to reſtore me to my former Health, then will I wait diligently upon thee; I will ſit on the Ground, with my Head in the Dunghil; I will never lift up my Soul to Vanity; my Heart ſhall never go after the Sight of my Eyes. My dear Mother, pray for me; for whatſoever thou askeſt of the Lord, it ſhall be given thee.

My dear Mother, thou often haſt told us of the Terrible and Dreadful Day of the Lord God that is B5r 21 is at hand; O, it will be a dreadful day to the Wicked of all ſorts, the Lord hath ſhewed it me! O Wo, Wo, Wo to the Children of Scoffers; for as it was in Eliſha’s day, ſo ſhall it be in this the day of the Lord’s Power, the Bears out of the Wood ſhall devour them. And treambling ſhe ſaid, O I feel thy terrible Power, O God, ſtrike Dread, Terror and Aſtoniſhment in the Hearts of thy Enemies; O in all Workers of Iniquity, who make a mock at Sin, and a Deriſion of thy People, and take pleaſure in their abominable Ways, which thou abhorreſt; O thou wilt make all Fleſh tremble. O, my Mother, I have heard God’s thundering Power rattle, rattle, rattle upon the Heads of his Enemies; and the Lord hath ſhew’d me he will deſtroy this Place: A Wo will be to the Children of ‘Pride B5v 22 Pride in that day; and Wo, Wo will be to the Blind Guides that wear the long Robes, the falſe Teachers of this Nation: O did not our Bleſſed Lord ſay, If the Blind lead the Blind, both ſhould fall in to the Ditch: Ah Lord! how ſhould it be otherwiſe? for they hate the Light, and count it an inſufficient thing. O did not our Bleſſed Saviour ſay, Believe in the Light, that you may be Children of the Light; and bid them all, Watch and Pray, leſt they enter into the Enemies Temptations? And how could they watch without Light? for they could not ſee the Tempter when he came in the Dark. Ah, that Scripture is fulfilled upon this People, That Darkneſs ſhould cover the Earth, and groſs Darkneſs the People; and then Night ſhould be unto them, that they ſhould not have Viſions, and the Day ſhall be ‘Dark B6r 23 Dark that you ſhall not Divine. And this was Egypt’s Darkneſs; Ah! but the Children of Iſrael had Light in the Land of Goſhen: O extoled be thy Name thou God of Power; O, if thou wilt be pleaſed to reſtore me to my former Strength, O then I will ſpeak of thy wonderful Power; yea, my Voice ſhall be as the ſound of a Trumpet, which ſhall Convert Sinners unto thee; yea, I will ſit in the Duſt, and cover my Head with Aſhes, and put on Sack- cloth within and without.

Then ſhe taking ſome-what to Drink, lay ſtill a little time after, but immediately broke forth with Joy in her Heart, making ſweet Melody to the Lord, and ſo lay half an hour ſinging unto Lord, but not uttering any Words; then ſhe broke forth into Praiſing and Magnifying his great Works.

‘O B6v 24

O that curſed Place, that Houſe of Abominations, that Play-Houſe, that abominable Houſe, where they commit their abominable Whoredoms; God will deſtroy it. Her Mother ſaid unto her, What Houſe my dear Child? ſhe anſwered, That Church, as they call it, in Covent-Garden, the Members thereof are Proud Perſons, and Covetous, and Deceitful, Lyars, Drunkards and Whoremongers: Ah! my bleſſed Saviour ſaid, We ſhould know them by their Fruits. O theſe were my Curſed Fruits which I brought forth when I was a Hearer of that Church, Pride and Diſobedience to my Parents: How often have I adorned my ſelf as fine in their Faſhions as I could make me, yet they have looked upon me with Scorn, and deſpiſed my Dreſs, and ſaid unto me, How like a Taudrey you have dreſt your ſelf? You are not at all in the Mode: ‘then C1r 25 then I came home on their Sabbath Day, and gone immediately up into my Chamber, and locked the Door, and altered all my Laces, and ſo I have gone to their Worſhip in the Afternoon Dreſt in their Mode, and then I have pleaſed them. Pray my dear Mother call my Father, I have ſomething to ſay to him, I deſire my Body may not be laid in that abominable place, but among the People of the Lord called Quakers; for now I am a true Quaker, now I tremble before the Lord and his Holineſs; Come ye holy Prophets, who were Quakers and Tremblers at the Word of the Lord; come Moſes, Jeremiah; come holy Habakkuk, now I am one with thee, now my Belly Trembles, my Lips Quiver, and my Heart Drops, becauſe of the Lord, and the greatneſs of his Majeſty.

C ‘O C1v 26 O my Lord, yea my Lord; for ſo I can call thee, becauſe thou ruleſt in me, and my Soul is ſubject to thee: But they have many Lords and many Gods; they have Gods of Silver, and Gods of Gold, the Work of their own Hands. O Lord, my Strength fails; my Father, my heavenly Father; I wait upon thee; renew my Strength, my holy Father; be pleaſed to reſtore me to my former Health; then I will wait diligently upon thee, I will ſit on the Ground with my Head in the Dunghil, my Heart ſhall never go after the ſight of my Eyes. My dear Mother, pray for me; for whatſoever thou askeſt of the Lord it ſhall be given thee. The reaſon why I deſire to live is, becauſe I have ſo greatly diſhonoured the Lord in my former Life, and now I would live the reſt of my time to his praiſe: ‘For C2r 27 For now if I live, I ſhall be as one raiſed from the Dead, to declare his Wonders: But what ſhall I ſay? Tho’ one ſhould riſe from the Dead they would not believe.

She was exceedingly filled with the Indignation of the Lord againſt the Prieſts, and ſpoke very much againſt their Idle Practices and their Abominable Ways, which is not taken in Writing, but theſe Words the Maid Servant writ down as ſhe ſpoke them; ſhe cryed out aloud and ſaid, Father, O Father, theſe Prieſts that deceive the People they ſtudy all the Week what to ſay when Sunday cometh: O Father, but the day of the Lord is coming, that he will confound all their Study and all their Wiſdom, and in that day they ſhall not be heard for their much ſpeaking, they are Phyſitians of no Value.

My dear Mother, I fear I ſhall ‘not C2v 28 not have a place ſo near the Lord as my Soul deſires; for I am ſenſible, there are degrees of Glory, and as the Creature acts here for the Lord, ſo ſhall its Reward be hereafter: I have done nothing for the Lord, but he hath done all for me, therefore I deſire to live, that I might live a Holy and Righteous Life, that my Converſation might be in Heaven, though my Body be here on the Earth, that I might invite all, as David did, to taſte and ſee how good the Lord is: They have taſted of their periſhing Life of Vanities, yea they have drunk a full Cup, their Meaſure is running over; O, but they never taſted the Joys, the unſpeakable Raviſhments of Soul that attend the humble holy Life of Jeſus: Oh, if they had ever taſted the leaſt Mite thereof, they would bid adue to all their dirty Life of Vanity; ah, they ‘would C3r 29 would not dare to ſpend their precious Time in adorning themſelves like Jezabels, Patching and Painting, and Curling their Monſtrous Heads; but O the Chriſtian Life is another thing, they muſt not give themſelves the liberty to think their own Thoughts, much leſs to act ſuch Abominations as theſe.

After ſhe had lain a while Praiſing and Magnifying the Lord, then ſhe ſpoke very deep and weighty things, which are not ſet down, concerning the Wiſe Virgins and their Lamps burning, and exhorted all to keep very diligently upon their Watch; for ſaid ſhe, The Lord will come as a Thief in the Night, and in a Day when he is not looked for; therefore Watch and Pray continually; here the Tempter cannot enter; this is the way my Saviour ſpake off, when he ſaid, You muſt take up your daily C3 ‘Croſs; C3v 30 Croſs; this is that Flaming Sword, which is ſpoken of, you muſt paſs through mark that, you muſt paſs through, it before you can come to the Tree of Life; this is the Cup my Saviour asked if you could drink off; and this was that Baptiſm he asked if you could be baptized withal: Come all you that call your ſelves Chriſtians, what of the Life of Holy Jeſus is in you? who was a Man of Sorrows; you light and airy Ones, you wild and wanton Ones, you that are Lovers of Pleaſures more than God, you Workers of Iniquity who are always crying, Lord, Lord, but do not the things that I ſay, this ſhall be your dreadful Doom, that you are Saters, but not Doers; you Workers of Iniquity, that think you can never have enough of the Pride of Life, the Luſt of the Fleſh, and the Luſt of the Eye, which is not of my heavenly ’Father; C4r 31 Father; and ſo you are of your Fathor the Devil; for his Servants you are whom you obey. At another time ſhe ſaid, I have heard them ſay, that my Mother is ſo grounded in her Religion, that it is impoſſible ever to turn her. My Mother is grounded indeed, ſhe is eſtabliſhed upon the Rock that ſhall never be moved; my Mother ſhall never be moved; her Name is written in Heaven; yea, in the Lamb’s Book of Life; it is ſealed, it is ſealed, the Lord hath told me ſo, and bid me tell her, There ſhould none be able to pluck her out of his Hand.

Come my bleſſed Mother, I have ſomething to ſay to thee, thou art Mary, thou art Mary; my Mother, thou haſt choſen that good part which ſhall never be taken from thee; thou ſhalt ſit continually at the feet of thy Lord; Ay, this is my Mother’s Portion; O what Portion C4v 32 Portion is like this? this is more than to ſit in the Thrones of Princes.

Be ye holy as I the Lord your God am holy; this they ſay is Impoſſible. O, would the holy, juſt and true Lord command that which is impoſſible? In this they count the Lord a hard Maſter: O but what can my Soul ſay of thy Power, when I ſought thee, but could not find thee, I knocked hard, but none would open? for my Sins ſtood like Mountains, that I could not come near thee, I would fain have prayed, but could not; I lay ſeveral days and nights proſtrate before thee, ſtrugling for Life, but could find none; and I ſaid, There is no Mercy for me; then ſaid I, I will never leave thee; if I periſh, I will periſh here; I will never ceaſe crying unto thee: Then I heard a Voice ſay, Jacob wreſtled all night ‘before C5r 33 before he obtained the bleſſing: O then thy Word was ſtrength to my Soul; O then my ſtony Heart was broken to pieces before the Lord; and then the Spirit of Prayer and Supplication was poured into my Soul; and now I can ſing, as David did, of Mercy and Judgment; unto thee, O Lord, will I ſing; O with a rended Heart, and my Mouth in the Duſt will I ſing Praiſes unto thee my bleſſed Saviour. &c.

For ſeveral days ſhe had a very great conflict in Soul and Spirit concerning the Tempter; and ſtrong were her Cryes to the Lord for ſtrength to overcome the Enemy; ſhe was ſo deeply engaged in the holy War of the Lord againſt the Enemy, that ſhe would not ſuffer her Head to be removed from the Pillow, but ſaid, It muſt be, as it were, nailed there till ſhe had overcome the Tempter; C5v 34 Tempter; ſhe ſaid, I would not ſuffer a thought to wander, if I move I ſhall be drawn off my Watch, and then the Tempter will prevail; then ſhe had a Viſion, and as it were the appearance of an Angel, giving us the full deſcription thereof, which we have forgot, only that it was arrayed in White; ſhe had alſo a Viſion of the Tempter, which ſhe ſaid ſtood before her bound in Chains; then ſhe ſaid, It is finiſhed, I have overcome, my Saviour hath bound him; then ſhe broke forth into Bleſſing, and Praiſing, and Magnifying the Lord, that it is beyond the Tongue of Utterance to give a Relation thereof; for many Days and Nights together ſhe would hardly ſuffer her ſelf to Slumber, but would waken her ſelf to ſing Praiſes unto the Lord, and to declare of his wonderous Works that he hath done for her Soul.

Some C6r 35

Some Friends came into the Room, but ſhe ſaw them not, and after many ſweet and precious Words, ſhe ſaid, Don’t you Feaſt, but Faſt; you are the People that muſt Faſt and Pray; and be you contented with mean things; O what matter for fine Houſes, or ſilken Apparel; O remember him that ſate on the Ground, but wore a Garment without a Seam, our bleſſed holy Lord, who went up to the Mountain to Pray, that with-drew himſelf into Gardens and Deſolate Places of the Earth, my Soul hath Fellowſhip with him. O my dear Mother, if it pleaſe our dear and heavenly Father to ſpare me this time, we will get us into the Country to ſome little remote Place, amongſt the Woods, where none can hear us: O then ſhall our Crys pierce thro’ the Heavens, which ſhall make ‘the C6v 36 the Earth to Ring, and the Birds ſhall hear the Eccho thereof: O, there, my bleſſed Mother, will we ſing Praiſes, Praiſes, Praiſes with rended Hearts, and our Mouthes in the Duſt, to the one holy, holy Lord. O thou Glorious One, thou haſt overcome my Heart, thou haſt raviſhed my Soul; O thou pure, pure holy One, what ſhall I ſay of thee? or what ſhall I render to thee, for thy loving-kindneſs to me? O my Heart is overcome with thy love, Praiſes be unto thee for thy loving-kindneſs to me. O how ſhall I do to ſet forth thy Goodneſs; for my Heart drops before thee?

Lord, if it be thy holy Pleaſure to take me out of this Life, then let me have, I beſeech thee, one whole Day, that my Tongue may never ceaſe Praiſing thee. And the Lord anſwered her Requeſt.

All that Day ſhe was wonderfullyly C7r 37 ly filled with the ſweet Solace of the heavenly Life, ſinging Praiſes and Hallelujahs to the Lord, and ſpoke very much concerning the Lamb and his Followers, which had waſhed their Robes and made them White in the Blood of the Lamb; and towards the evening, while the Power of the Lord was upon her, there came in two Perſons to ſee her, and ſhe uttered many precious heavenly Words, which were not taken in Writing at which time theſe Words were ſpoken by her, O what matter for fine Houſes and ſilken Appearel: and ſo went on above half an hour, and with a very great weight upon her Spirit, ſaying, O Iſrael, what hath thy God done for thee? & then uttering many deep & weighty Words, ſhe ſaid, The Daughters of Sion are Haughty, they go with their out-ſtretched Necks, and their wanton Eyes; uttering many more C7v 38 more deep Words; then taking up an inward Lamentation, ſhe ſaid, O what ſhall we do for the Daughters of Jeruſalem?

After ſeveral Days lying in the ſweet Solace and heavenly Life of the Lord (in which time ſhe uttered many heavenly things, which were not taken in Writing) ſhe did expreſs theſe Words, O thou Beloved of my Soul! what ſhall I ſay of thee? for thou art too wonderful for me: O Praiſes be unto thee: O come all ye holy Prophets, praiſe you the Lord with me: O praiſe the Lord O my Soul, upon the loud-ſounding Inſtrument; ye Glorious Angels, you that excel in Glory, ſing praiſes to him that ſits upon the Throne: O how am I overcome! Ye Stones in the Street why riſe ye not up to praiſe him that lives forever? O thou Light, praiſe thou the Lord; and :thou C8r 39 thou Darkneſs, praiſe and exalt him above all things forever: O thou Son and Moon, ye Stars in the Firmament of his Power, magnifie the Lord above all forever: O all ye Fiſhes in the Sea, why come ye not forth to praiſe the Lord, the mighty God, who gives you Breath and Being? I will praiſe thee my holy Lord God, whileſt I have any Breath O praiſe the Lord O my Soul, ſing praiſes to the God of my Salvation: O my holy One, my holy One, thou haſt overcome my Heart: Ah! thou haſt raviſhed my Soul. My dear Mother, I ſhall be as a new born Babe; I ſhall be very ſimple; but bear with me; for the Lord is with me.

My dear Mother, I muſt lay down this Body, the Lord will not truſt me longer in this wicked World; happy am I, my Saviour, : my C8v 40 my Soul loves thee dearly; thy love is better then Wine; my Saviour, my holy One; how Glorious art thou? I have ſeen thy Glory; I am overcome, my Heart is overcome with thy ſweet Countenance: O how lovely art thou! I am raviſhed, my Heart is raviſhed with thy innocent looks, with the ſweet ſmiles of thy glorious Countenance: O come away, come away; why doſt thou ſtay? I am ready, I am ready.

Then lying ſome time very ſtill I heard her in a heavenly Harmony, in which frame of Spirit ſhe departed without either Sigh or Groan.

Joan Whitrow her Teſtimony concerning the Loving-kindneſs of the Lord.

Oh Lord! Did I ever ask Riches or Honour of thee? But I have asked Wiſdom and Underſtanding; for I ſaid D1r 41 ſaid in my Heart, The Marchandiſe of that, is better than the Marchandiſe of Gold and Silver; O Lord, thou art that Wiſdom my Soul asked, which cometh from above; that is firſt pure, and then holy, and thou art that Underſtanding my Heart ſought for, more than for hidden Treaſures; and did I ever ask Silver or Gold, or Houſes, or Lands, for my Childrens Portion? but I have asked the Fear of the Lord; for I know rightwell, if they had that, they had all Treaſures: Ah! Glory, Glory, Glory be unto thee for what thou haſt given me; O my Soul doth magnifie the Lord, & my Spirit doth livingly rejoyce in the God of my Salvation, who hath had regard to the low Eſtate of his Hand-maid, Oh! what ſhall I render unto thee for all thy Mercies towards me? but to ſtand continually upon my Watch- Tower, and to keep in my Wards whole Nights, that when my Lord comes in the ſecond Watch, or in the third Watch, he may find me with my Loyns girded, and my Light burning, that ſo I may be ready in Body, Soul & Spirit, to enter into the Joy of my Lord. Oh my D Soul! D1v 42 Soul! what hath the Lord been to thee here? even a place of broad Rivers: O the Height and Length, & the Depth and Breadth of the Love of God to my Soul, in this State: Oh! how haſt thou come in and Supped with me, and cauſed me to eat of the Banket that thou hadſt prepared, and cauſed me to drink of the Wine of thy Kingdom; ſo that my Cup hath overflowed, as it doth at this time, in the remembrance of thy gracious Goodneſs, what thou haſt been to me in the day of Tryal, and in the many Tribulations, how thou didſt ſet my Feet upon a Rock, and didſt eſtabliſh my Goings, Praiſes be unto thee; and yet this was a ſmall thing of thy glorious Goodneſs, and bountiful Loving-kindneſs, but thou haſt alſo given my Children a Name amongſt the Living, and Crowned them with Eternal Life: Oh, Eternal Praiſes, and endleſs Hallelujahs be given unto thee, our everlaſting Father: Oh did I ever think in the day when thou led’ſt me down into the Deep, that I ſhould have thus beheld thy Wonders in this the day of thy mighty Power, wherein thou haſt returned me the D2r 43 the Anſwers of my Petitions, when I ſaid unto thee, Let my Children be thy Children, otherwiſe I deſire none; for one Child in thy Fear, O Lord, is more to me, than a Thouſand in the Spirit of this World: Then did thy Preſence over-ſhadow me, & my Soul was ſweetly ſolaced in thy Love; Oh! then thou anſwered’ſt me and ſaid I will be a Father to thy Children, and a Husband unto thee. Oh, thou Faithful One! who is a God like unto thee, keeping Covenant with them that Fear thee? for now thou haſt performed thy Word unto thy Servant, Glory be to thee forever. Oh, thou Holy One! what haſt thou done for me? no Heart can conceive, no Tongue can expreſs the Riches of thy Love; for thou haſt given me my Children again in the Reſurrection of thy moſt holy Life, though their Tabernacle be gone to its place, yet they live with me in the Spirit, for our Communion is with the Holy One. And now, O lord, what am I, or what is my Family, that thou ſhouldſt ſhew this great Kindneſs to? not unto me, O Lord, not unto me, but unto thy Name be the Praiſe; for what am I D2 that D2v 44 that I ſhould offer up an Offering unto the Lord? for out of the Willingneſs of my Heart have I offered my Children unto the Lord, although my Children were as dear to me as my Life, and I could have laid down my Life for theirs, if the Lord had required it; yet I durſt not ask their Life of the Lord, although my dear Child ſo much deſired it; but I ſaid unto the Lord, Glorifie thy Name, let thy Will be done in my Earth, as it is in Heaven: And now, O Lord, by thy Hand thou haſt brought this to paſs, and for the Exaltation of thy glorious Name, thou powerful God, art ſtriking Dread and Terror into the Hearts of thy Enemies; and all that will not bow to thee ſhall be ſlain before thee; for, O thou long-ſuffering God, how is the Throne of Iniquity eſtabliſhed, and thou diſpoſſ eſſed of thy Princely Dominion, whoſe right it is to Reign in the Hearts of the Sons and Daughters of Men; but they have robbed thee of thy Right, and entertained thy Enemy in thy room; but now thou art come, now thy Day is come thou ſo long ſpake of by the Mouth of thy holy Prophets, That thou wilt diſmountmount D3r 45 mount the Man of Sin out of his Throne, and ſet thy Son upon thy holy Hill; yea the Mountain of the Lords Houſe ſhall be eſtabliſhed on the top of all Mountains; for thou haſt determined to deſtroy all Iniquity, and to bring in Everlaſting Righteouſneſs, Amen, Amen, ſaith my Soul; all Glory, Glory, and Eternal Praiſes be given unto thee, thou King of Glory.

Joan Whitrow.

Concerning my dear Son Jason.

Ineed not ſpeak much; for moſt that knew him, did know what manner of Child he was; both in Perſon and Parts natural; therefore I ſhall only give a ſmall Relation of ſome of the ſenſible Words that came from him before he fell ſick, for the Satisfaction of ſome that deſire it. Before he went to the Latine School, he was in a moſt ſweet heavenly frame of Spirit, and had ſuch a Zeal for Truth, that if any Lightneſs or Airyneſs did appear in any, at that time he was a continual Reprover of ſuch; the precious Words that came from him at that time are paſt out of Mind; I writ down D3v 46 down ſome of them, but they are loſt, he delighted exceedingly to hear me rehearſe the noble Acts of the Lord, and would be exceedingly broken; he would often pray when he was alone; he did earneſtly deſire his Father upon his Death-bed, That he would let him go from him to the Wall, that he might pray to his God: He deſired much to converſe with me concerning God and his Kingdom, and would ask me deep Queſtions, with ſuch heavenly Expreſſions, to the Aſtoniſhment of the Hearers, that I have often ſaid in my Heart, This is the Inſpiration of the Almighty that gives my Child this Underſtanding: He loved the Lord and his People, and would often ſay, when he ſaw any that he thought were good Friends, It made his Heart glad to ſee them: He would often ſay, If I live, I ſhall be a good Quaker; I ſhall go forth, and declare the Word of the Lord; I ſhall be a true Miniſter; I will not Preach for Hire; I will proclaim the dreadful Day of the Lord againſt the Wicked. About three days before he fell ſick, he ſaid unto me, Mother, the next time I go to the Tavern they D4r 47 they will bid me preach a Sermon to them in Latine; then I will ſay unto them, I will preach you a Sermon in Engliſh; and they will bid me ſay on; then I will ſay, Wo to the proud Perſons, Wo to the Scoffers, Wo to the Drunkards of England; Wo unto them that riſe early to follow Drunkenneſs, and to them that continue until Night, till the Wine doth enflame them; you Workers of Iniqnuity, what will you do in the dreadful Day of the Lord, that is coming upon England? for becauſe you have waſted the good Creatures upon your Luſt, the Lord will bring a Famine upon England. Mother, ſometimes I have ſuch a Trouble in me, that I am not ſo good as I would be, that I play ſo much, and do not every thing as you would have me; I pray to the Lord, and I ſay, Lord, deſtroy this wicked One in me, and put thy fear into my Heart, that I may never do any thing that ſhall diſpleaſe thee; yet for all this, the Devil will come in, and take my mind off the Lord; oh, then I am ſo troubled that I ſay, Lord have Mercy upon me. The day before he fell ſick, he did take me by the hand, and ſaid, Mother, I ſhall dye D4v 48 dye, oh, that you might dye with me, that we might both go to the Lord together: Then I ſaid, my dear Child, why doſt thou deſire to dye? He anſwered, That I might be always with my dear Lord God, and out of this Wicked World. When at any time he had ſeen me retired unto the Lord, he hath ſate down by me, and would be mightily broken, and hath often ſaid, weeping, Oh that I did enjoy that that you enjoy Oh, that I did know what the Fear of the Lord was, that my Heart might be made glad, as yours is. The Lord ſhewed me when he was three Years of Age, he was his beloved Child, and he would take him; and from that time I have expected his Death.

He departed this Life, not being Six Years and a half Old.

Joan Whitrow.

The End.